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SST V. O. Palmer is oar Advertising Agent, J. W.
earner Ta'uA and Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
(T TstirxaaaiB Pain. Our Temperance friend ef U'
eltj held a Mclal reunion at the Starr Hall, on the evening of
Taankflvln( day. Although the attendance era not at large
anticipated, those who were pretest sessuei to enjoy the
eapany with great felicity The preparation were ample for
watch larger eoaijiany, which will account for the email sur
atae to be devotes to benevolent purpose. Only about 9HO
ve left after defraying all expenses, and it it due to the pro
prietor ef the eplendid Ilall. t H fkarr, to eay that he declined
fairing any cesapeesatien for the use of the Hall. It wae an
act Of generosity en the part of Mr Starr, which we trust will
kfj remembered t.jr our citisen. He has, at a great expense,
Oectad n building tvhicu la an oraaaaent and benelt to the
i This refreshments for the party were gotten up by Mr. Mason.
la hi nsual style of elegance, and every thing passed off with
aarajeny aad pleasure. A friend at our table suggest that we
Inquire when will the like occur again f
Beaerolent Morietr
The Temperance erganisatlooa in this city the Social. Vm
aaa, the TewrLa or Uohob, Boms or Teareanr r and Sotiai
CiacLS -hav organised a Benevolent Association for the relief
of the indigent of the city. Kach Order haa appointed two of
their member to search out proper object of charity, and to
distribute from the mean placed in their hands, such assistance
a they nay deem proper, with the advice aad consent of the So
ciety, when practicable to obtain it; but in case of emergency to
a their own discretion. This committee Is as follows:
tociml Circlt Mrs. C. R. Jomims and Miss Miisiiit Po.
Stint tttgrtt Mr. P. A. tHr wisso and Mr. K. Vic aaa.
Ttmpl 7eaer D. B. Caawsoan and D. P. IloLLuwav.
Ttmfranrt C. B. Ilrrraod Pbtbb Caocnaa.
In connection with this movement, the Bo laL Dlokib have
rganized aPewing Circle to make up new clothe and alter old
garment for the poor. They are authorised to solicit and
receive contribution in money, good, cast off clothe, and
everything else which may contribute to the relief of the un
fortunate member of community. To carry out this feature of
their organization, they have appointed the following commit
tee, to whom any articles designed for distribution may be sent
i'r. N KotMinai, Mr. T. Uowblls, Mr. D. P. IloLLowar,
Mis Kane Bttob. W . D. "cttooisr, R. M. VDm woo, o.
Ois-r and 1. P. Iioi.lowav. Mr. W. O. fkovr, Presiding Sister
of the Degree, 1 President of the Sewing Circle.
Wo commend this organisation to the benevolent and phi lan
tbropie heart of our citiaen. It will be the mean of doing
much good, practical good. It will relieve the wants or those
whose dimdenee will not permit their wonts to be known, unless
ought out. It is not designed to make any ostentation display
of charity, but in this world of sad reality, to extend a helping
hand to those who It may be known neeJ assistance. A portion
f the last named committee will from time to time call upon our
citiaen for contribution, and n regular exhibit, in brief, of
their operation will he published. A regular record of all re
ceipt and expenditure will at all time be subject to the inspec
tion of any and all contributor.
Piano Posts. Willard, gtowell d Willard.of Indianapolis,
are now selling a fine stock of Piano forte, from the best ma
ker in the United Plate, at very low price for cash. They are
taking Stmt Sttk paper at par, in payment. Persons Jssiri ng
to purchase, can secure great bargain by calling on them be
tween now and Christmas.
CITY COL"ClI Ioc. 5.- The grading, gravelinff, Ac,
of South Washington, North I'earl, and Sixth Street, were
let to Mr. Henry Shover, sen., and will probably be comple
ted during next summer to bo paid out of tLo revenue of
Mr. Scott moved, a n mean of relieving; those who were
In necessitous circumstances, that the ministers of the dif
ferent denominations ( who intend during the coming week
to visit evjry family within the oity, in regard to the Bible
Society,) be respectfully requested to ascertain if there are
any who need relief, and to report the sauis to the Mayor, who
if hereby authorised to draw upon the Treasurer for the
amount they may deem sufficient. The motion wim unanim
ously adopted. We understand that to each minister is ap
propriated n Ward, as follows:
1 Ward: Rev. Mr. I.earen worth;
Jd " S.T.Cooper;
8d Oeorge Fiske;
4th u " D. S. Altman.
Kight of our citiiens were appointed ( two in each
Vnrd. to examine into the condition of flues, rhiraoar. '
stove-pipe holes, the various (dans of taking enre of ashes,
Ac, and report the result at the next meeting. This plan
ha heretofore proved an excellent preventive against fire,
aad te the leseon of carefnlnes inculcate by this annual
riitation, this oity is more indebted than to any other oanNe
Adjourned to Monday night week.
fjySl-sricioi a. On the evening pf the 39th, there were
landed at the door of oat friend Snrhliij, five large barrel
ahaped, blue-headed vessels, mnposed to contain the real
... t , i- i
simon-pure article mat t-rwss wnrsiara tin lowira wim i
irenerally, and well calculated to blow (or blont) men up!
destroy all that is lowly, pnre, honest and of good report in
men to kill the body and damn the sonl to fill prisons and
poor houses make worse than widow and more than or
phan: drunkard' wirr and ehihlrrn, and fill the land with
woe! An infernal mat-bine like that which destroyed Allison
and his wife in Cincinnati, is harmless in comparison!
Ave '
and the infrrnaX machinery to aid in the accomplishment of 1
o much evil, arrived at one of the devil' lurking places, en- I
phoneously styled a MF-a-m-i-l-y (1-r-o-c-e-r-y, " in this city,
on the eve of the day set apart to return thanks to Almighty
tlod for blessings! a portion to be usnd on that day to aid in
returning thanks Kith spirit! another portion designed (if
H should last that long) to celebrate Christmas, the birth-day
of the Saviour, and the proper commencement of a New Year!
Oh! what sugar-coated devil's bait is resorted to, in order
to conceal and cover from fight the unmitigated curse of the
liquor traffic! In this instance the hook is baited with most
excellent groceries, for temperance men to snap at sales are
made cheaper, because of the large profits on liquor the pro
prietor can well afford to sell cheaper, because every temper
ance man he can thus catch adds to the respectability of the
establishment, and he trade and get more liquor custom off
of each fresh supply of this kind of capital, vt e loci it our
: : 1 .u .M.l ,ll. in Kix, htimhli fAstimnnv airainst pverv E
I'll lv mum ... j r J
establishment containing such inrrnid machine in the
shnpe of whiskey and other intoxicating liquors- as we fully
believe this "Family Grocery" of gnrhtiy does; and, when
ever we are telegraphed of a fresh arrival of ''liquid fire and
distilled damnation" there cr elsewhere, we will "puff" the
place, and warn every Temperance man, woman and child to
beware of loaning one tithe of their respectability and coun
tenance to the worker cf iniquity! Amen! 1.
Almost another Victim. --On Monday evening lat, Da
rid Edwards got into a difficulty with the keeper of a Dutch
grocery, when two or three fell upon bim, and attempted to
beat him. lie, however, turned upon them, and cut one of
them with a knife so badly that his life is despaired of. Ed
wards gave himself up. but was discharged, as it was fhown
that he was noting in self-defence.
Hotels Potck.
At Alhany. N. Y., it i sai l the negroes all voted the
Know Nothing th-ket. A field of rweet potatoes, in Scott
eountv. Iowa, r.roduccd T 0 bushels per aero
Cuchanan, suspected of setting fire to thc Mats I niversity
building, has been arrcstl, and is now m jail at blooming.
pon. The New Ycrk Tribune says tho Whiskcyites spent
m ro than f i-M.OOO to secure the electiou of Scytn-itir.
There r.rc 15O.C0J boys in New Y'ork, of an ae to go to
ohool, ami on'.j oO.C'OO arc i.-nt. Ona hundred thoasand
l.trrolsof apples will be snt from UiK-hsster county, N. Y .,
thi year. lS.Vahin,;ton Ijifayatu, son of General Ifay-
vtto, is now i: New York city. There are, it is said.
more than K0.000 Ji wi in thc Cnitcd Swtrj. The cars
. ss ww vT
nro- row running regularly between I rrre uatite ana Ltsns
jtlr. Lol t .M, ntes has g .ne !o tnc anawun i.'i-mas
id Hemp is a native of IVrsia and the Ea-t Indie.
Mrs. Paulina Wright I nvis has discontinued tie pub
li.a'ion of the I na. orrr tor it ms .iwrmonj nxt
hcea no
lit'ifi-!.! to leave San Fraact-o by the Cr3t of May nest,
or ahiJo. the ccnsv.iiencc. l ne ?tar 1 1 tne est amvca
at X.-w York, on thc 22d i i.t., from California, and brinj
J7?7 K'0 in gol I- Th Pcmocrat of Virginia hare nom-
inntevl H.-nry A.Wise as their candidate for IJoVernor. Sam
will he after him. It is said the Bentonites and Whios of
the Misaonri legislature wilt coal-soc to defeat Atchison.
Thera wi a high state of ejeitement in the Virginia Demo
cratic Convention, and when it was proposed to make Mr.
Wise's ncvminatl-m unanimous, there were a large cnnihcrof
delegates voted no.
Elbctiox ii K a'?s. The returns indicats that a '.ave-ry-ev.tenion
Pemocrat has been elected delegate to Con
jrress from Kansas. This is what we and others have pre
dicted. Th most infam ius frands are raid to have been
perpetrated by the Missonrians to secure this object.
J-y We hope the first a-.-t of the neat Legislature will be
to expel the present Superintendent of the Institution for
the Blind, and re-inLale M. Churchman in his place.
i-s?" We invite the special attention of ourcititens to the
fact that an cdu -ational myelins; is to be held ia th Warner
Building, on Saturday next.
XW Wood and State Stock fundi takes at par on subeerip-
tions at thi ofliee.
TaT Pkti i which has been the admiration of all lover ef
the Daguerreotype art, and which tuts added so much to the fame
of Mr. Watson, of this city, as an artist, can now be seen at our
office. The pirtnre, as a triumph of artistic skill, cannot be
excelled. The tubjrrt of t'.e picture is also In good looks
If you want a gtti picture of your go4 looking face, Mr. or
Mr, or Mis Reader, go ta Watson .
Men. IE Wuklv Huitiuu. Our friend Ivi XiTtoa,
Cq. and J. B. Potts have taken charge of the Messenger, and
enlarged the paper aad otherwise improved it appearance. It
is very neatly printed, and well conducted. Mr. Nation is a
sprightly writer, ami will make his ma k wherever be may be
thrown. Success to the Messenger.
PUBLIC LECTURE .lion. IIoKa'B Maw. President of an
tioeh College. Ohio, will deliver a Lecture at the Methodist
C hurch in r.terville. on the evening of the 2Cth inst. Mr.
Mann is one of th first irer. of the age. and a a Ueturer has no
""P' "" - no em uo so, turn out and hear him.
December . ,leS4.
ITT We are informed that Scott CrawfoM take specie, the
Bote of specie paying banks, and all the State Stock paper
tetiitt Hlkkart mmd Cmnnerenlle for Ooodtf Pact!
DIED On theSffch Inst., at New Paris. O., Mrs. Mabv Ann
Skith, consort of Mahlon T. Smith, in the 2ttb year of her age.
I f The fourth volume of the Indiana F armer ha been ;
commenced, and the attention of our Agricultural irienda
is paiticulsrly invited to it. W a expert to M.ake it eual
to the best papers ol this class in the West.
T K K M H :
Single copy, per year 1 00
Four copies. 3 tt-"i f
.Mine ropiea, 1 0J
Pat volume will be furnished at 35 cents per volume i
I r Specimen copies forwsrded to,ali who d sire them, j
T T We would receive it as a special favor, if our edi
torial friends would rail the attention of their reader to
the Farmer, and will gladly reciprocate the fvor when j
erar so opportunity occurs. ,
Addre 1). p. HOI.LOWAV k. CO.,
Richmond. Ind. i
CyOLI SORES, CU'EIW. and all eruption and dis- 1
ease arising from an impure or depraved state of the blood, j
Seethe extraordinary cura of Mr. Wan. C. liarwood, a highly
rcsptctaue citizen of hu bmond, a., by t artcr s Spanish
.Mixture, lie na i ul:ersan l sore? of itii
t,f th-j worst d?Tiption,
able to walk ex-ett on)
Spanish Mixture, the I
and finally got so bad ho was unabl
crutches. A few bottles of t.rter
great Blood purifier, cured hitn, as it has cured thou.-ands of
others who have mi!T-red with rheumatism, h;vi effocts of
mercury, and pains and uU-crs of the bones and joint.".
Sold by A. a O. ii. poTT-i, Richmond. 4a-lra
To the People.
ar-ar irrvii ..i . . , i
I -- - - - - a.u, ... urn t; i . in . , me cm imoi. we are
I prepared to meet all legitimate cJnrnan.il ma te at ourcoun-
ter, and invite a "run" upon us, as we can furnish every article ',
in our business at as low a rale as the line article can 1 e pur
chased for, short of the (,'incii.nati cash price. Our stock i j
nearly all new and quite large. H aving a Laboratory in connec
tion with our house, we will manufacture all our Tinctures, Syr- '
up, esc. .and will stand pledged for their purity. !
JO State Stock notes taken at par fr Druir. I
November 24. 15 1 49-tf '
Robert .WorrinKon,
Albert C. lllanrbitrtl, V I'roprietura.
narie r. fjorbn, )
T f'We are prepared at all times to accommodate customers i
with discounts in large or small sums.
Money deposited is payable on .K-inio;! rith6 per cent, interest.
All transactions api-rtaiuing to the butines of Btnuiia and !
KxcnaauB, attended to promptly and with liberality. !
MayW, lf54. s, tf I
DICK has iust received a lot of Chain
V rumps. A lance stock or almost every description of Pumps ,
will be found at hi establishment, the first building south of i
Potts' corner. ?th month. SI, l54.-31-f
White Fish and Mackerel, t 'ordag. Halter Hopes
eic, for sale by E. M. COOK & SOX ' :
July 20, 1854. 31 tf !
Just Received. Direct from New York, !
-"- Tine late styles of Silk Pluxh and Cloth Men's aud
V Pump.
x rilovt and Children' taps. Also, the late-t styles of
I,:ulies r urs.
October 27.ls.il.
Si3t For CSsxx.t. Xntorest!
Citizbiss B, Ru HWom, April Iri, 154.
After this date, we will allow interest at the rate of six uercent.
Per annum, upon deposites, subject to sicht check
"1" Mvnaiasu.i, ula.ltUAUU LU.
joun H' mt
Ilbwis bl-bkb.
Note and Bills Buv and sell tichug. Onid
it Silrvr
November st4th. 164-
Ki( Hosi, Novembers, 1S4.)
TI "V Iltvmo discontinued receiving the suspended Stock
Banktofthi State, we hall hereafter pay all demand upon us
in notes of such Banks only as are at par in Cincinnati.
November 24. 154.
49 tf
Half a million Dollars
TYSOM. the Tea Man the only man in Cincinnati who
has taken it all through the Broker's Wtr. and he redeems I
" at par in Teas and groceries at specie prices.
ami the lowest prices for cash in the Western country.
: ; '
Cecembar 7. 1SS4. 5I-4t Cincinnati. 0.
Indiana I'iano Forle Wiire-IIooniv,
The subscribers
hive now en hsnd
a lrg assortment j
of Piano Ioktks I
from th brt ma- i
kir in Boston an I
New York, which ;
thev are sllinc a
ir as ran be bought
at Cincinnati or elsewhpr. Our Instruments re Iron
the following well known makers: Chickerinj; Jfc Sons, T. ,
Gilbert & Co., lUllet, Davis Co , Woodward A. rown,
of Boston, Stodart nd A. A- J Kub. of Nw York nj ,
butfalo. Also, a fine assortment ot J'rincr f- Co.' Mrlo
Vons. Teisons intending to purchase, will save Montr ;
by calling on us bolore buying elsewhere. j
N. B. We warrant all our Instruments.
No 40 West Washington street, InJisnapolis.
jly2S.l;54. 33-tf
,V. 10 i jt ike place l Buw Goods Cheap!
f HAliDEl'S WKllillT has this dny roccived a nice lot of
M. Ladies' t'ur, which he is selling very luw. Aiso.a bire
amount of lilov.-s. Hosiery, Conif-rts, Wool Shawls, Guiu
Boots and lluskins. and iur-lincd Overshoes for men, ;a .
and children. A'to, n good a.ortment cf children, misses '
and women's Morocco ltoot aud Uukin, suited to the sea
son, with an hundred other articles to bj seen by calling, free
gratis and for nothinjr.
Always WuiHT on hanl, and rea ly to show Goods, at No.
10 Mairi street, Rii-hmond.
Heoemher", l't. 51-" !
sv -
llTirK is bcr. V-v civen th:it an clff-tin will be held at
l the Wnrn, r 1'Ofildinir in thc cut of Richmond, on the
first Monday in J;inu.iry noil -vanuary i,i-j-j-ior ,'iaji.r,
S I iiuni'i men, I rcr.sur.'r,
Citv Clerk. Street Commissioner.
Assessor and Marshal. Mr order of Cnueil.
1$. Vi . 1)A 1. City I lerk.
Richmond. PccembcrT. oi. 5i-lt
Jeffersonian ccjiy.
m-sx THOLESAI.E and retail dealcria Irnsr. Medieins ant
Chemical. I've Vc.d3 and I've StuiTs, Oi'j, Paints 1
and Painter's article.
Varnisilie, 1
I Window nd Putty. Glassware, Perfumery, fine Poar-s,
- gne jj lir ni f w.th Ilrujhes,
to ; latntilK Brilnr,
j5nll(r an l rjanufa -turcd Tobacoo. All the Patent i
- j cr pj-jjcUry Medicines of the day. I'urc Wioo-and il.-nn-
ai mr raeuicsi f iiryusc.'. unjini, 'ujt-
nor ma.
i . . . . irotx9,iv,je hero to enumerate, and all sild at
V U?w4.TJv"r9 will Uil'l CUi atit. n ' v um j. . - , uiaauw
, nilcrate prices. A 11 orders corree'ly answered, and Fhysi-
' cian's prescriptions carcfullTcf :np unde l. .
j 1 Rk'hn- ,aJ' 5,tf i
j ' . . . ;
To rarmr
'M1E attention of the Farmers of Indiana is rerecteu:iy
ral'.etl to a superior assortment of Farming Tools which hav i
been selected with prestcare from the test mur.afsrtrries in the i
country. The snscr:! er has had the warts of the Western Far i
mer in view durinr his late visit to the Eastern manufactories, i
and is prepared to supply them with a per.eral assortment, at :
wholesale and retail, amonz which may be found the celebrated !
Xorth Wayne Caststrel firass and Grain Scythes. Kim all dc i
Son's and Clark's Patent Scythes and Snaths: Aroes" world-re- ;
Downed caststeel Shovels an 1 Spades: Tuttle's. Hi.il. Trown ,
Co's. and Oraves & Hatch's caststeel Hoes of vari.ras sixes: cast-!
steel l".r,ln lUkrs: Elder' irain Cradlt-s: orth & Penio's,
Hall. Brown & Co's lone and short handle Manure and Uay j
Forks. Ac.
The sut-scrii er is acent for the North Wayne Scythe Company j
of Boston. Mass.: also Kimhall A Son's, of Fitchturi. Mass., j
and is prepared to furnish the Western merchants with asuperi- j
or article of Grass and Grain Scythes, at manufacturer's price. I
Also. Aeent fi.r 1'itt's ceiei-rated Corn and Co Crasher, aa
article very much wanted by th? fanner, and is acknowledged te j
be the best in use. It can re wortea r-v norse or water power.
Call and examine for yourselres. Oice on s-uthwest corner
of Main and Franklin sts. ISA AC P. DCS.
May IS. ls&4. Pal. and Far. tf
Prom the Indiana Parmer,
Ob the Ii
prore-Bneat of I.aaal.
How shall we carry on a system of fanning jotJ their aggregate value. The importations
that shall yield us a fair remuneration for capital 0ffcno are an exception, but they are but a
and labor, and at the same time not only prevent j drojlthe bncket compared to those importa
our lands from deteriorating, but gradually jm- tioi$t nature is making from the regions be
prove them? Here is a question of the greattst surface, from the -waters that are under
importance to the farmer, and not only to him, thefth."
but to all the world beside. Millions on millions . Tie turn, then, to the question with which
of acres of what were once the mcst fertile and weDut,it may be briefly anawered as follows:
fruitful fields, are now sterile and barren. Look ' p0peep follow undeviatingly a system of ro
at Assyria, at Palestine, at portions of Africa and j tatiuija crops, in which at least three or four
Europe, and even some of the older settled parts .yearj grass or clove', out of every ten, shall
of our own country. And there can hardly be j forn indispensable part. Manufacture all the
any soil sufficiently rich in the elements of veget- j maul possible on the farm and return it to the
able life, but that it may in process of time, by ; soil. Avoid, as much as practicable, those crops
continual cropping and bad management, be re-; whiftare most exhausting. Never allow the
duced to this condition. ! land! lie naked, but when not otherwise occu-
The draught on the resources of the soil in the ! pjedave it sown in grass or clover. Assist
great West is enormous. If we reflect for a mo-, na(Urhenevtr it is possible in restoring to the
ment on how many thousands of fine cattle and
sheep are annually driven to the Eastern market,
how many million pounds of our pork are ex
ported to the South and other places, and what
prodigious quantities of our wheat and flour are
conMimed in various parts of the world, we may
bt; able to form some little conception of the ma
terials extracted from our fields. Xow if it is
certain that the loss to the soil occasioned by the
removal of such vast amounts of produce must
be supplied from somewhere, an J in some way. or
the land is continually growing poorer. All the
manure that can be manufactured on the farm,
out of the waste materials, excrements of the
stock, Src, will not nearly supply the deficiency.
Lime only brings out the la'tnt principles of the
soil, and guano is out of the question in the
West. In what way, then, is this deficiency to
be supplied?
The experience of the American farmer has
long since established the fact that a rotation of
crops, in which several years of grass for mead
ow and pasture form an indispensable part, is the
0 y Wiy to prevent a decrease of the productive-
J r , , ' , t- n i r . i t
ness of his lands. I or it is well known that land
devoted exclusively to grain growing grows poor
er, and would continually become barren. From
these facts, it would seem that grass is a great fer
tilizer, but we are of opinion that it is not as mead
ow but as pasture that its good effects are the
most apparent. When the grass is aarnually cut
off and removed, it cannot be of much advantage
to the ground, as when one half is trodden down
by stock, to rot on the surface, and a considera
ble part of what they consume is returned in the
form of their excrements. Grasses and other
perennials, whether herbs or trees, strike their
roots deep into the soil, finding their sustenance
where animals cannot reach, and leave what they
have thus acquired to decay near the surface, and
become food for other plants.
But it is in a different way that the greatest
amount of nutriment is obtained by grasses, in
common with other plants, and thus transfer-
red Lo the surface of the ground.
.1 . .t. f.'.l. r f,.j:
on use, tuey poses.s uic in.-uiiv oi iccuiug UIt :
the surrounding atmosphere. This fact, howev- j
er. Strange as it may appear, has long Since been !
ft.lNr CQK;a,,l nAl r.irins ncvor m.-iro nnn - !
"v-w., .... , r . :
clusivelv than in the experiment which we have
seen at different times, thus described:
"Two hundred pounds of eartli were dried in
i an oven, ana atte rwards put into a large earthern j
vessel: the vessel was tlien moistened with soft
! water, and a willow tree, WeL'hin-r five pounds I
; ' , A. . r. . , r e c i
; was placed therein. During the space Of hye ;
' years, the earth was carefully watered with rain
I wotor or nnn watfr Thrt willow trrow and'
water or pure water, ine willow grew ana ,
Itourisneu, ana to preteni ine eanu ueing miieu :
pure air oniy. uer trrowincf in me
i . e. .
eanh for hve years, the willow trrje was removed
- j -v m .
jn. fLtuaX towoih one h. fVM QrhiStfi&tt
5". ,Uf.v.rv autumn were Hot included in !
lluill mv u v. j . -- -
this Wei'-rht. The earth Was men removea irom
th vpssI acain dried in the oven, and afterwards
ine v essei, i,.in c .v- " ' .
Weighed; it was discovered to have lost only
ahoilt two ounces of its original weight. Thus
. ,i i - . r j i- .
one hundred and sixty-four pounds of hgnin or
1 it U-. K .i r.L- nti U7QK tTiSk 111 V TiTW IIffl
woouy nu.f, v., ' r
from the air.
Tt i nnn.irent. then, that cround should never
1 1 ; ,11 i til tx
be allowed ta he naked, DUt Should always De
Covered With Some kind of vegetation, Something
to imbibe and transfer from atmosphere to the
soil the fertilizing ek-raents with which it is rife.
Clover in a particular manner possesses this fac-
uliv, and hence there seems to be nothing else
which so spee.lily improves me quamy ot iaiiu.
Even -when two crops are annually taken off, its
beneficial effects on the soil, are soon perceptible.
Anv ground not already too poor to produce a
moderate crop of clover, m;iy, in a very few
years, be made highly productive by annually
plowing under the crops, suffering no stock to
run on it the while.
n.Twninr the soil is of the frreafest impor-
tauce to the farmer, in order to increase the pro-
ductiveness of his fields. Though the earth be -
low the ordinary depth of plowing may be
nearlr destitute of the elements of vegetable
,., . , j :, ,:,V,
life, yet by loosening it up and mixing it with
the surface soil, its latent principles are developed
1 t cao ic rrivsn in wliifh to retain
-- -v i '
the various ingredients which constitute the food
of plants, to say nothing of the value of a deep
soil in time of drouth. And we would inciden-
tallv remark that there is no better, or less objec
tioiiable wav to do this than to throw up about
an inch of the subsoil at each successive plow -
tntr, until a stitncieni ueptu is aiuuuvu. "-;
ture has provided other means for restoring to !
the surface of the ground those essential ingre-
dients wliich are continually being removed by ;
cropping. These we cannot better explain than '
bv tiuotiri" the following extract from a late arti-j
cle bv one ot the correspondents oi me tuuir
.... i
It is a peculiarity of water that it can dissolve
-f nlmnst anv mineral substance. If the
subs'ances dissolved are offensive, the water is
brackish or hard if not offensive, though the
water may be more highly charged with them, it
is tasteless. Rain water is insipid because it is
frfo from anv saline impregnation. Spring and
river and especially well water. Contain more
" ' , ,
WSSOI ine vci miw uiai jnauut mw.
Of all the wafer that falls from the clouds, but
a small portion ever reaches the sea. The prin -
.iiK.i vili.h r
Cipal part of It soaks into the ground Until It
mwits si stratum of clav or soma Other lmrjervi
ou earth, and then runs alongthat and oozes
at tne nill siae, iorming a spring, ice water ui
rrhuh U .vanora'.ed cer.erallv from the surround -
ing grounds. at is m iuu u laaes wiaii nae
s v. -J . 1. . ii it 1 .
no outlet On Hie eartn S suriftce, nave Decome
salt bv reason of this continual evaporation
- . . 1 .
ram water, and when we compare the amount
water that is brought to the surface of the earth
in springs and evaporates from it, with the lesser
quantity wliich reaches the ocean, we are readj
to attribute to this action of water the greatest of
fertilizing influences. In this way is naiure con
tinually renovating the land, and it is interesting
to notice that she is succeeding best on those
soils which have clay enough in their composition
to "hold water." It is well known that wet lands
drained, make our strongest soil, and that any
land must be tempered with clay ere plants can
be made to grow in it.
With ail our boasted agricultural knowledge
and "improved implements," if there were no
recurative influences in nature, we should soon
perish from the face of the earth. It is easy to
sav "Buv manure make manure get manure "
but all the manure must come out of the soil,
and there is no process of feeding crops to cattle.
with fresh earth, or dust blown into the pot, it land other, but in--p.ro am
i :.i. .. .i ( ...A :,u ! works of arts, to treent to
was COvereu wttil turn. j:..o,axu ni... ; vines, when 250U) of the
a rre;i number ot noies, suuaoie ior iree aamis-1 ,.n r:ttm .1.-
sion ot
i or a posting them, or rottinc them, or cartintr
triaSnto the Trd or oot&sain. that can add one
soilttwbieh is removed bv croppincj. Attend
closelto these things and such others as will be
readi suggested to the mind, and your farms
will ipease in fertility, besides yielding an am
ple rerd for the capital invested and the labor
of tiljjj them.
; A itam young gentleman of our acquaint
ance jp has an excellent mouth for provisions,
one dajaat week, in addition to his regular three
meals, rlook somewhat freely of oysters, and
mush ad milk, lesides a large qxiantity of hick
ory nuf. He avows that after he had "turned
in"fore night and invoked the gentle goddess
of Moreus, hs dreamed a dream, and thought
he was 3ing over an immense ocean of mush
and mil in a mammoth ovster shell, using a
-mush st;k4br a paddle, and steering his bark
with a ot snoon. When fairlv out to sea, ana
clear ourjightof land, a mighty storm came
up apd petei him for about two hours with hick
ory luts. bnfuyette Gazette.
I Splendid Offers!
Jkw in its fifth volume, and having already reached aeircu
laurn of over fO.Ooo a newspaper of the largest class, con
taiaing fifty-six spacious columns, filled with the current new
fre all part of the worbl. a large amount of literary and sci
cotfic matter. Bank Note List and Price Current, and aa a new
aat valuable feature, each number will hereafter contain two
boyjtifully engraved portraits of distinguished inrfividoals, is
puWisht-l on the first of each month, by J. M. Emerson & Co.,
1, t 3. 5 and 7 Spruce street. New Yora, at the unprecedented
lo price of twenty five cents a year. A valuable premium
bstk is sent to each person getting up a cluS, and in addition
tl following rich premiums, amounting to over
Wll. on the 55th day of -W.iy, 1S55. be awarded to the twecty
il persons forar.1ing between now and that time the twenty
sit niftiest aomiiers ot subscribers in their order,
fhe first premium in money, ..... $200
The second premium a sewing machine worth - lslO
the third premium a sea-ing machine worth 1119 .
the fourth premium a sld watch worth - - UK
The fifth and sixth each a gold watch worth - SO
Ike net ten, each a silver watch worth - 80
The next twenty, each, s jcli buo.s as th?y shall select, at
publishers' prices, worth, - 10
Containing 3-4 larue quarto pA?es. tinted covers, on flee pa-
.... l,r-..t! i I tiwlrat.1 . i mil.li.h.t r.n th.
ljtkof each month, at the loir price of on dollar a year. A
sulcadid premium is sent to eica person getting up a club, and
in addition
t, to be awarded to the W.t persons sea ling the largest number
of subscribers. For further particulars seo specimen copy of
the Magasine. which will be seut on receipt or six cents, or spe-
Qimen copy of the Journal
which will be sent gratia to any one
ordering it. Address
J M. r.MliK)S ca ii).,
No 1 Spruce street. New York.
J- nnnounce to the citixens of the Tnited State and the
Canada, that for the purpose of cultivating a taste for the
fine arU through out the country, and with the view of ena-
bling every family to become poe.saod of a gallery of engra-
Ting. by the first Artists of the ae. they have determined,
fa (fr(jet) enMtt an ten,,ve sale fortheir KnSr.ving,and
thu, not only give employment to a larga number ol artists
n our countrymen a tasie ior
the pun-hs-wrs of their entra
in are sold,
i.in-ii rout nf (Hfi nnn.
: 2Jll.lftnt- Slllli Ul SUV Jl V lUUI vua. wb
' ' . T. ,, ., A. ,
n!oniy ,n Kniraving richly worth the money, but
cciv3 nat oniy uu i-u".'
t"!''1 w,,ioh entitl"s nira '
I i V ' U tj VI .lid TTU.M
f" .TSi
i ii vca I U ,'11, 1. Ii ,1 ll.l. )Ci VIITBCl, Will W 31 II l. , ' I n,c I1H1-
lar s ortn ot splendid t-.ngravtngs can be selected irom the
,taia,oSU"-r .i. c . r .1 -.v.
I A copy of the Catalogue, together with a spsrimcn of one
0f tni. ngravin.,'i, can be saen at the office of this paper,
i For ea.-h d .iinr sent, an Knravini; actuAlly worth that
sum, aud a tiif. Titket, will be immediately forwarded.
j The Committee believing that the su.-cess of this Great
; National I ndertakine will be materially promoted by the
energy aal enterprise of inteili-nt and persevering Agents
havo resolved to treat witn sucu on rename terms.
; cn tlie final completion cd" the sale, the Uifts will be placed
in the hands of a rommitt-e of puri-hajers ;. be distributed,
Vcal'i""1 giVe" thrUgh"Ut the lnitua
" nsx or IFX.
100 Marble busts ot Wiuhington, at
I "u Vveb'-'or
.$100. 1 0,000
. l'M, 10.0-1,1
l'V '00
lifd " (.iilhmin,
50 elcgint Oil I'ai lit: ti;-. in
s'Mrodid gilt'
frani s. sir" x I t-et pa h ;
100 elcg-jnt Oil I'aintiu-, ixi fevt eoc
500 elant p'.ats Enravins, colored in oil, in
rici gilt frame. J l.tVl in hoj ci- h t"
10,000 steel plate Engravings, colored iu nil oH
V. ahitiit-.n Motiuin.-nt. i)iJ inches ea:h,i
4, 40,'X'O
2"7.00f rteji plate Liiravins, l'n m 100 different
plates, n.iw in pt..is.Ofcloll f and iwnt-'d by the Ar
tists L'nion ol the market value tf, froia 5
1 cents to
l e ;h
4! 000
1 first class dweilin,; in SUtstrevt. New York City.. . 12,0 0
: p, TUT'. "22M,
; 1(j0 sjlf,3 Con.a:n; i u 4 ea-rii 10,000 viare feet in
? ths hur' of nw X.-rk city, and c..m.nandini a
maz:i;ent view of iluiou riv-r-r and Long Island
nt $5., f 5-, 000
JO perpetual loans cf eaah, without intereiit. or secority,
, $'ioU each, 5,000
5.01 H)
j 2
" " 5 " 10, CIO
I , r . T 1 . . . 1. . T? 1 I..-.,. T? T a
- ; Co 14eal .-,t:e i-.r- k-r. New York. Ord.-rs, -post paid,;
j with numy m !e i. t i
! TllnJVn"Vnfhi'e
b adirscd.
;OOKK, Sac'v.o'iS Uroadwav.N. Y.
eatiiioueare now readv for delivery.
Noremb.r 10, 1-sU. 47-tf
ily C. Scmi-Wee-lt ly,13. Weekly,!.
Terms of the Weekly Tribune.
sing ropy. on.- year.
..t 00
.. 5 00
. . 8 03
..12 00
-.20 00
! Thretjojue, one year
' riveei'ises, one year
j Ten eD.,!0J. one vcar
', TwentteTpiej, toon? addre.
An lativ l.wrer number at the rate of 1 1 per annum.
J5it the price to the f"2) club, we cannot direct th
paper touch subscriber.
Subptions may cnjraaea at any time Payment in ad
vance isrenuired in al'. eases, and the paper is invariably dis
continwd at the expiration of the advance payment.
Me tis may he remitted for subscriptions in letters at
or j risk: 1 the IV master at the place where the letter is mail-
! cd she! be made acquainted with ii contents, and keep a
I derip n of the bills.
Kii!sf any specie-paving bank in the United States or
! Canh. received at par for subscriptions.
. yf pwe no traveling ajrents . Anv one wishing to receive
jjj IfF.vsv. nccl n.t wait trbe?3lled upr.n for his subsr-rip-
- : tioa. A:i thit is nce-sary for him to do i. to write a letter
our k" .
: :tate,ad dtreetthe letter to
! Git LEY t yuF.LRATIL Tribnne Office, Xcw York.
Serai-Werkly Trtbuae.
,, a: ints whera mails arrive oftener than
; onee I week, are reiiuasted to examine Uie emi-eekiy.
of j rfrd it: s the cheapest paper, ai tntnr, cooidere.i.
e t pubist'd in the L nited S:es.
of ; t t n m .
Sifeeopy, enn year .ii 00
Tweopies, one year 5 00
Fie copies, cne v,-ar 11 2j
Ti postage on the Daily Tribune one year is $1 5-5
T po-itae oa the Week'.y Tribune for cne year is. . 23
T postage on the Semi-Weekly one year is 5'J
Prahie quarter! v, in advance, a the office where the pacer
U retted. " GREELEY Jt McELKATH,
JsembcT 10 Tribune office. New York.
Just Bcccireei:
3fi.SEi? A'JCOrlj'tTH of first quality, d
lich we are se'lin? at Xew York prie
direct importation.
(nr stock at tUis time is an JoubtMly bttr than has ever
brT hsvn o?crei for sale in this city, and embra-i every
rift saaanfactnrei. COLBURX A FIELD,
TS West Fourth street, Cincinnati.
ve3er 24. 1551. 49-tf
TjsrrsT at-LBX.
& II II O A 13 K s.
He. S9, Maia skrvet, Biehsaostd.
Cincinnati Market.
WunnttT, Pen. .
FLOCR The demand was only moderata to-day. The sale
comprise bbla at 50; 50 do at T 5S; 40 and 00do at . 4ft.
HOOS The sales le day comprised head. lieaveagiag
143 to 150 IS at ft 4U to 4 50; . eSO, 100 and 1000 do at B5.
Holders in some Instancee aeked a further advajwe.but toward
the close there was less disposition on the part of buyer to f-
crate, and sellers were more free .
PROVISIONS The only sale to-day were lw pe grew
Shoulders. Sides and Uams at 4. 3 and Te: 1OO0 do Shoulder at
j 4c: and rOU pes Shoulder and Uams, couutxy, at 3.Vi ft . and
J B4 hh!s prune Lard at 9c.
I CHEESB Sales of 1IW) boxes at 10c.
BUTTER Sale of good and choice roll atlPSS!e.
j POTATOES Sates of 5O0 bash Meshanaocks at ft 90.
To oar Patrons.
! a T the solicitation of numerous eitixens, we have cnnclu-
J to continue the Auction and Cmmiwi( Busincaa,
j at the old stan.U Slfan Huue. We will pay liberal cash
advances on coniimenU for auction or private sales. All
kind of mt-d r ?alw attended to with promptnee.
i tJSr Regular sales Saturday afternoon and evening.
Nov. SO, 15it.
r s 7. B. 7ebster, d. d. s.,
OV. K. i: on Main I'wt, over J. 4. J. C. Hadley'
entrsoce one door west of Psige's store, where he will
j be found every way prepared to attend to alt eall in his
' profession, to'general sstisiaction.
Aujuit , 1954
Manufacturers of Superior Butchir and Shot i
! Knivef, JtrCHUOXD. IXD.,
KKEl an aaortraent ot their superior uutcner ana noe
Knives for sale, whnlsiilo or retail, at the Hardware
j Store of J. B. Strawbrido, Main treet. Merchants and
! others are invited to call and examine them.
! fr All orders a.Ureie-d to I. N. Martin will bo prompt-
; Rich ond, November 21. 15
49 -4t
Cineiniiati Furiiilnre Wurellooin!
Tmb undersimed restectfu!!y inform the citisen of
R.chniond, and surrounding country, that he has on
baud and is constantly receiving rrora tne iinc.n
nati market, a larjre supply of Ca'dnet Furniture,
in all its varieties, such as Side and Centre, Di
ning and Breakfast TaMes. Bureau. floUteads,
Sofas.aad Chairs of erery description; Hair, flask
and Straw Matrasses, Looting Uiasses. 4c.
Al! of my work i warranted to be of the best
material and workmanship, and put up in a style
. that cannot be excelled in any city.
Person wishing anything in my line, will plea give m a
' j-aii i.fiir mirrh .in etrliere. as mv orices will I e as rea
sonable as the prices of any other establishment in the State of;
! Indiana. My aesortmenl is better tiiau na everoeen oaerea ror i
the inspection of the citiaens of this part of the country.
Let all who want bargains in my line, give me a fair trial. I
should you iui can and examine my sioca auu mm mj i-i-ew, t
j I asn atisfil you will find twan easv matter to purchase of me. j
Come on everyho.i : I have enough (and can get it) to supply all
the region round at, out. II. I). MKRSKKKAC.
iri-Shop in James M. Starr's new builiiug, nearly opposite I
the old J-loan House,
I Richmond, Dec. P. 1?54 7tf
Fresh Stock of Groceries.
Jl!. MOOUIA reirpeetrully lntonni hij customer and
the public generally,' that he has ju.t reoeived general
sssoniu.'iii ui j bW- we
onsiii'.in of:
Suirir. - T Jlolaases,
I Salt, and a (tneral vari.'ty i'f Family Gnv-erie. Also,
t Quoen-wiire, (iianwiii-e, Stmif ware. Wooden Ware, Cutlery, ;
' Shovel;, Spades, and a crrcut ra.nt Notions of various kinds, j
Cotmlrjr frodure
! rur.-haed. r.nd lie hi;!ie.-t pri cs paid in cah or grocer- ',
i ics. He r .-pei tfiil'.y r.-tiirns bin thanks f.ir the jrenerius j
! patronage heretofore" bestowed uikh hiui, an 1 solicits a con- i
i tinuation of the a-n. J . H. MOORMAN .
j N. A tin !:ion of the year i at hand forsettliuj;
old aviiunu, he desires those indUted to him to call as noon :
... .... i ii tf
pos.iible and ciw incir uTouni.. -
Ri.:liin .lid. Soveiuhcr 21, 151. 4V-Sm
" TR- K. TilOMrSON.of New York, and Mis S. JAMK-
i.v 1 SON, respectfully give notice t. the
ttizens oi llK-h- ,
mom! and vi:rinitv. that t'li-v have tak".i r.-.m- recently oc-
cupicd by Ktiza Vauu, over Rrightwe'.rs ton. where they j
ere uret!tred t. cut and mike l.a-ties ire-., toak:
at the shortest notice, and aro svli-
itoas ivT a
of the
I patrona.i.
KK'tiiiionil, .oveinoT ,,
Just Returned from Philadelphia
Annoudces to her friends ami the public in gen
eral.that she has carefully selected a choice varl
cty of Uooii. anJ is prepared to sell them at rea
oiiable prices, consisting in part of plain and faucy Millinery,
such as Riiloiis, Velvets; Satins; Silks, Downe D.wd, a new j
! article ; Kettbers; Flowers. ,,-" Bonneis and Children's Hats i
made to order
i of both plain anrl fancy Merino; Cashmere: aU
ton Bunnrts. Presses. Cloaks or Talmas made, will
, I'llrVm?" Kichmon,1 " we ,tuly to r"",e
Consisting of !
lies wif
please call
(iuick sales
Octrber 20,
QIs now receiving a eautiful and well selecte I stock of
Pall and Winter M II.LI.V KRV, cnusistiuir in psrt of La- i
die?' -straw. ilk, Sitin an-1 Velvet BONNET.-, Rit.i.ons, !
' Pealliers. Flowers, Knihroidncs: Faucy Caps, and plain llrawn
Silk Bonnet socfther with every article in her line of business, '
' which will ilrsold low fur cash.
i ir r" Millinery work, of every description, done to order, in a
superior manner.
,p Shop on Front street, north of Slain, opposite the M. E.
' Church, Kichinond.
Octol.er 6. 1-51. 42 tf
To All w.iom
it mi J3acern.
rllilK nc
1. have t
been placed in my ban it for collection
persons knowing themselves indebted, sre requested to
make imrneJiate payment, an 1 in so doing Save costs-
November 17, IS."!. 4?-tf
A School Teacher
n the listri"t wst of and adioinine this
citv. App'.vto
Nov. 21, lsjt.
WRIi HIT'S, if yon wih to pnr.rhase Ooodt
a riri'n. ilj nss juot rr'cive-I several cfaico piece
j of Ci'ikiar Cloth", of rire beauty, wbi rh will benispored of
quito lnw. II: has also on hand a v.ry scl-v-t i'K-k of Co-
. biurjj". Mirinimal f ill tvi - llut.aines, which cann jt be
sarpa.l for bsnntv, durability and cheapness.
; IVasj call at No. 10 for proof. T. WRfGIIT.
STATU OF IIIAV.' In tt W.tyn- Circuit Court, Sic. I. Be it ordained by the Common Coansil of the
Wnrnf C-iOUlr, Hftrinj Trm, 154. City of Richmond. That every bonn Sie m-mber of a rcgu-
Esiilt JbAt!i ; lariy organiid Fira Company oi the City of Ricbnvjnd, won
v. Oa eomplaitt for Divorce. i ,n11 hre Performs.! the active dutie of a fireman for oae
William axtts. ! year, shall be exempt from performing military duty, and
VOTICR is hereby -ivn to the a'.ov. named .lefenaant. : from jurors, and rhail also be exempt from poll
who is alleje.t by the affl.larit of a disinterested parson, to i and from city and corporation tax to an amoant not
be s non resi tent of sad State, of the filinr, ami teoliii( of th eeeditig five hundred ( ) dollars worth nf property,
complaint for a diverce in the a-ove entitleJ cause, and that be Sec. 2. It shall bo the dutv of the Presiyt nod Beeretav
beand ppear before the Jul;e of the Wayne Circuit Court on ry f eca Fire Company to furnish, nnd-5rWaTh, to the City
th. second day of hi. neat term be hW I at the t ourt Ilou.e in , iitor, i,tof thfJ n,mM f the m-smbrtof sach Com
laid countj. on the seconil Monday in February, lPij. and an- . . . r , 4, . . , ,
wcr or .lemur to sai 1 complaint, or the same w,u be uken a V7 "ho shall have perform the active dati of Bremen
confesse I. and wilt he heard and determine.! in h absence, and
a decree rendered tliereon accordinlr.
Witces my aame and the eal of said Court. November
Adew w. 8COTT, c. W..C. C. raal.
ESPECTFCLLY requests all person indebted to him
Biacksmithin?. to ca'.l and settle their account hv the pay
ment of cash or giving their note. y the first of January next, i
at which time he intends to work for cash, or prompt payment in
trade, lie win also reduce nil prices, so as to inane it an orject
parel to do all kinds of woric in h.s line, and hope by prompt-!
ii ess to coutinue to reee.ve a liberal snare of work.
iTJ- Shop west en.J jf Main street, opposite Spinning-' Livery ,
Stable. !
Richmond, Nov. 30, 1S54. 30-tf ',
Sheriff's Sale. j
i T Y virtue cf n execution to me directed from the Wayne :
j -13 Circuit Court. I will expose t public sale al the'
j court house door in Centreviile, Wayne countj', Indiana,
; on the V3d diy ot ucemjer, cetween tne hours ol IU
o clock. A M.initP. M , onaidav.thefoUowincde-i1,y' t . onp
cribed re al estate, to-wit: ISei nninz at the southeast cor- !. 21' Thmt be aeepeonstantly on band and mana'actr-re
the j ner of lot No. 'il of the original p!t ol the town of .New
Sport. Wayne county, ni Ma'e ol Inlisna, running north
'ward paiallei with lain Lros street, about 24 let 21
I inches, thence westwsrd about Sj feet at right angle with
; sid tre-t, thence outhwrd about 13 feet 2 inches, thence
i eastward about 3-5 feet lo tae beginning
: Taken the property of John S. If not to satisfy said
! execution in favor of Joel Parker and Nathsa Sucton.
! JOit.N C. PAGK, Sheriff W C
i November lS.'l. 01 50 6.3-tt
Sheriff's Sale.
! V virtce of a decree and execution to me directed from the
f Wayne Circuit Court. I wiil expose at pullic sale at the
i Court house door in Centreville. Wayne county, Indiana, oa th
f S3d of eceIner, 1,S4, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M. and
; 4 o'clock. If. M., on sa J day, the following described real estate
; to-wit: The north-wet quarter of section five, township fifteen,
j range fourteen, containing one hundred and fifty -six acres, more
! or less, ail situated in said county of Wayne and State of Indi-
ana. Taken a the property of Joel Epperley. to satisfy aid
' decree and execution in favor of Frederick Kramer.
I JOHS C. PAGE, Sheriff W. C.
I November 30, l&SI. C015C) so-tt
I HAVE just received 130 cans Dapiperft Co.'s Spice Cove
Oysters, jast put up in Baltimore, which are nice- I also
receive Daily by Express, the best of fresh Baltimore Oys
ters, which I wi:i sell at Cincinnati prices.
November SO, 1554. 60 -tf
Fresk Peaches, Totaatoesk, Cherries, Carraatn,
aad other Fruit, pat up in cans, inst received by
Nov. 39. . H. GITIlEjrs -
M. M. Biiwr, who ha edited the teterval" frant law
eocMBeocemcnt. having honght out the bate 1'BtsriMor, Mr.
F. Gleason, will eoctduct this popnlar aad widely nreniaXed
paper on his own account. The new vol sun will be radioaU
improved in every respect, and will We published on towr
paper than ever before, whioo qnnlily wiU be eeaUanesi
henceforth withont change. Mm new and popular fea
ture wilt at once be introduced, and the literary depart
ment will present an array of talent and interest bwyood
any thing it has before attempted. The illustration will be
finer nnd by better artiiita than have before bee engaged
upon the paper, and altogether the publication will be raatly
improved and beautified.
Arrangement have been made for re prs ting daring the
year views of the most notable buildings and kiraUitiea thro'
uut the I' cited State, as well as giving likeaseeae of U
most rrominent characters, male and female, of artasta and
men of genius, such a- have by their own industry and skill
made for themselves a fortune and a name, la addition te
these, vari"u notable European ecenea and oooarreacea will
also be given from week to week, forming a brilliant iUaatra-
tea journal.
touts itvabjabxt w anvaxel.
1 subscriber, one year. - - . it M
4 - - 10 wO
10 - SO M
faf Any person sending sixteen inbscri bars at the kvsn
rate, will receive the seventeenth copy gratis. Addree
M. M. BALI.OU. PubHeherand Proprietor,
Corner Tremont and Bromneld straw ta, B-wton, Man.
HIP Cmrriaxgve atmal Mwlgta
Muff, Fur oi
ove Heatltli Preaerver, Tar Can, Iwlt
Misses riau. Fur Trimming, Bilk Flash Cape,
Biding Hats. Swft Cataalwaerv Bail, ef aU tvU aad
I4 lailm alrcet, lw renk ClnveiaaaMkU.
y- Hatter and other wholesale bayer are lavited te leek
through oar stock.
November 17, 1SS4.
Indiana Stat Stock Hoaay at Far.
W. P. Devou & Rockwood,
48 aad 59 Pearl street, CIXCIMXATI,
Y7"On.D inform Indiana merchant that they have de
v termined to roduce their
This ensun, at rates (bat shall conform to the
Extraordinary t0w IPrice
That have boea currant the past mjoth. They
HKKT TBI MARKET, and will sell for
ti 0,, fj !
Wu1bU1& Dl.ftl6 OlOCK U0110W
At par, the balance of their lanre Fall Importation, i
wuicli may t louad:
And a particularly well selected and extensive slock of
lVrimx&ery GtocxlLm.
N'ovembor I. I S.4 . 4-tf
The People's Daguerreiaa Gallery,
On the raraerel .'Imlm saaisl tarl Ms
! Entrance iecnn oor tonth nf Plummrr't Drag Start.
'Mains' Oallery is now open, fitted up in good tyl. with an
; l excellent light, anil furnished with superior iustrumeut.
1 With these I vantage, and the us of the best quality ef platea,
! the undersigned feels confident in assurins; those who patronise
'. him. that fnr trutbfuluess, style of beauty, finish and durability,
: bis pictures cannot be excelled His prices ar moderate, and
1 he will receive iu payment notes upon any of th Free Dauaa of
this !rtate. or articles of trade and traffic.
i XT The public are rese'tfully iuviteXto oall at his room
i and ixatoinc si-ecimens. tV. D. SCUOOl.BV.
i Richmond. Nov. 17, lr54. 4-tf
Selling Oat at Reduced Prices!
Thc undersigned desigainit to change this branch of their
business, are now selling their yueenssrare at reduce! pri
ces. Tli-y have a very general assortotent at uo, btobb.
C lima. li ii IUsBisvli.ua (mat, c, wbicli thy will sell
lower than articles of a similar iUtl ty have been sold la this
market. Call and see for yoursciv-
j. jon.tsoN v co.
Itth month, 17th, 1?5 48 tf
Public Sale.
U7-II.L be sold on Thursday, the 7th day of December next,
at the residence of the subscriber, four mile southeast of
Richmond, a ls.rge amount of property, consisting of;
3 head of Horses; 25 head of Cattle, several of
which are excellent Milk Cows; 30 head good
Sheen: 50 head of huck ttoirs; one Wagon,
i ---- - 1
nearly new; Plows; Harrows; Harness, and a
numler of Other article of FarmtHg Tool.
m& a. n , , M sfOsw jnkj IiHiA im tessV.
1 CT1D; OatS atlU Hay in the barn, OIC. AlSO.
Household and Kitchen Furniture.
Rale to commence at 10 o'clock on said, when th term wilt
1 be made known. Term lioeral. SAUCEL CRWIN.
I November IT. l5t. sttt
LL person knovine thstnse've inleMel lo the firm ef
Heard St Sinex, ',y note or account, and also to th firm of
Beard, Siuei dc Dunn, are requested to eall and settle. It h.
comes actually necessary fjr us to call ou our customer at thi
time, that we may he enaMsd to lay in eur stock for the Hprinf
trade. Allcurrsnt State Slock money receivel in payment.
BKaKD. SINEX k lLtf.
Richmond, November 18. li els-Sm
Clecllon Notice.
L- HAT ItUI) J S a 1 F : m a 1 .'1
Siov iv I'.'ijir-iv.. in tiiq lU'iiaaa v. wairsi ivauwsj i.nn.
i - jny fire Urrt-bv notifir! that an "lotion will b hald at
the ofTi :c nf aid O.mjjanr in th? cit of IstlianaiMili, on
l a..J.a, tl..... l .!....' Is... Imt U .
elc.'ting ciht directors for said Company to serve the ensu
ing your, lly order of the lioara,
JOHN M. COMMONS, Secretary!
N'ovemb'-r 21, 1S5I. 49-3t
; rfMIERE was never an op;ortiiDry like th present for pur
L chasing a Piano Firt 1 1 g i ailviataj W have an
, excellent assortment now in Hot 3, at price ranfinsj from
; 42o.i to i'mi.
i We are w-il aware that currency is difficult of access at thi
i tira-:, but as an inducement to purchasers. 5 shall make an
! additional discount from oar already reduced prise to those
: who will nay casa. R.-iamber our new wareroomi ar Sit.
73 West Fourth slrest, Cinoinnati.
! November 24, 1S5 1. 69-tf
An Ordinance
For better regulating the Fir Department of th City of
Ui hmond.
! one 7W previoos to the time ai4 list 1 furnished.
! ee. 3. It shall be th duty of eaob Fir (.omaanr to
t. ' keep their engine and hoae in gtod workinz order, (abieet
! t ail time to the inspection of the Fire Company commit-
1 fiftr and ail nacMsarv renaira that maw m anv t i rmm K nail
jed shall be paid for out of the City Treaaury, aad noon
for : Fire Company hall eontirt of more thin Maty ( W ) BBWabrr.
Thi Ordinance to be in force from aad ftw Hi ruMiratitrri .
Passed and approved November 80. 18J.
i Bim. W. Davis, City Clerk.
New Boot ind Shoe ItiifirUrj.
Xo. 21 Main ttrtet, Richmond.
Trs undeniirned bavins; permanently lo
cated in thi city, would repctfnlly invite
(the attention of the citisen aad the pabile
generally to the followins; facte:
1st. That be baa just bDeoed one of the
largest and best selected stocks of Eastern made Boot aad
Shoes ever before offered in this market, all of the best qual-
- ! or,pr T7in' in the Boot and fehoe line that may be
- i T ' . . . . , .
""' "S ervww o acaiuw nausisi
i ?orn manufacturing department of hUbnsin.
I Mr' Bllrl bsnnif snfUined the reputation of a superior
workman tn this city for the past fifteen year, be hope lo bw
'" PT satisfaction to all who may favor aim with their
I Ptronai!,!-
! . That be will teJie ia bmfw for w,n Usals f
i T"iat,le eonntry prod we at the higbeet market nriee.
I'articuUr attention will be rid to ladies' work. Invalid.
or ladies for whom it is inconvenient to come te the shop,
will be waited npon for their orders at their resident, if
within the city, free of charge. P. SHABPLES.
November 2 1, 1 5 i . 49-tf
Oatange of Tine on Oiactmmati ftCMeago
fS and after Tharaday, November d, IBM, asrtil farther
VJ notice. BUT ONE TRAIJf will be ma
between New Castle mad Rchmood,
Leaving New Castle at 1 P. M.
Has; era town, 1.44
" V aataino, s.iw -Aerivins
at Richmond. 2.49 in MMoa te I
trains to iaTton. Ac., aad te Eaton. Hamilwii
Iava Richmond at 7 14 P. M. or oa the arrrrsl mt the
Cda, Daytna aai IadOU I
" Washington, T.40 P. St.
Ilajreratown, 8-05 "
Arvivine- at Sew Castle 8.45 P. ht.
S. B. MOBBl,!
Bow Ceatle, Xoraaaber tl. 1M4.
E-aa .

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