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craft system.
Buys choice of
any $10 Over
coat made by
the great Cloth
Sale this week only.
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lor either ol
these two suits.
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choice ol any
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cipally of veterans. The liarn hitting
fast, fielding Parker, by far the best
int'ielclor in the 1. O. league last year,
will hold down second base. Johnny
lirambaugh, the fast, little. Portland
third baseman will hold down that
angle of The diuniond. Prambaugh
was a hot favorite with the local fans
Affairs of the Sporting World
Mike Schreck and George Denipsey,
who were prevented from boxing at
Columbus last week, will box ten
A Cleveland player has rounds Dec. 23 on the Kentucky side
n signed tor shortstop. He conies of the Ohio river, near Cincinnati.
ilently recommended. Jessup is; .... ... v..,4, ,.. .
as yet picked a training place. Sa-
the Decatur third
k! he will try to
Blood Is What the Lit
tle Manager Is After and
Many Young Faces Will Be
Seen in Quaker Lineup.
The Outfield Will Be Com
posed of Youngsters Sev
eral Players of Good Cali
ber Have Been Signed.
v.'i v !-wvt on W'i.-
li:lem:i :i l;i- t Yt:M
land aim. If Wise is secured he and n, a?' 13 - , oojecuve
the Cleveland nvrui; will fight it "out j "oint in the S,lrms of ,he QuakPrs-
for the short field position. Two or j Hilly Keeler is expected to show his
three youngsters will be tried out at 1 old fast clip with New York next sea
first base. All the candidates for the son. If he doesn't do better than the
outfield are young players. It is last ho will be traded to some other
more than probable that one or two of club in the American league.
the outfield positions will be filled by
recruits supplied by Manager Grant
of the South l?end Central league
team. Grant also may ship one or two
twirlers to the local camp. Gene
Moore, the idol of the Richmond bugs,
is almost sure to he one of these. A
long string of pitching candidates are
under contract. Manager Jessup will
do the bulk of the catching.
Up at Vau AVort Manager Louis
Hunt, who was bo.-s of the Portland
cttfit last year, has about fifteen
As Joe Kelly and Rill D allien have
been close personal friends for years,
frequently playing the same tips on
races. Manager Joe will have no trou
ble getting loyal service out of "Bad
It seems rather odd to hear of a
Xew England syndicate being formed
to back Jim Barry for the heavyweight
championship when he has been beat
en twice recently by a lightweight.
tfam Langford has written to th
Manager Jessup is busily engired
signing up his team for the coming
season. But tew old faces will be -eeii
on the team this year. Up to the pre
sent time Jessup has lined up fifteen
or sixteen premising youngsters and
four or five veterans. The QuaUvr
teani this year will be principally corn-
world beaters under contract and al- management of the Petersburg (Utah)
ready tic is having dreams of the pen-' Athletic club for a date in the near
nant. future. Langford wants to meet
' Schreck or any man in the business,
, ' wi'h the exception of Burns or John-
Mjsic cf t!,.e Spheres. j s
"I he ancient were of the opinion ' M
tb.it t'i.. ..;K-i- in their movement ! Tonnuy Burns is not v,.rc;ed home
1H)sed of liustlini
j oungsfers.
"1 want, a oung
iinbitiou' ;
i:;es in
seven nutos of the
it was contended, w r imperceptible to
kuii:i!:i cars on n.'coaiii of the fa:T
that i-. was ti. .vri"s:l for our hear
ing. M'lirr ke.ti that men did no;
hear .i simply Irvaii-o they were so
tised ; it. just a we do not notice
pace prcxiu-ed several!? the;:1 r.nrope unui iaie in me miiu.uit.
This- mi!si. ' ''' i. i.rien is s:iia to nae ejeau u
j.u.tMiii iju Ids last trip across the
,:!.-. and if :t bo trae. Burns will
suit s
figer Jessup. '"There "ill Ix just
enoug'i 'old heads' in the hunch this
year to balance the team nieoiy.
Vhen the team reports for practice in
April the fans will think the city has
been invaded by an army. All the
youngsters will be given a thorough
trying out and the ones that make
the best showing and give promise
of developing into stars will be retain
ed." "
Tho infield will bo comrosed prin-
the roar sf the
tamiliarity wil
of the spheres'
lying in the g'.v
the v.r.ive-?- .it
i.'U v
have to step soi:n To li.-at that, ligv.re.
lluu.-it i outtii'Idt-r to he tri..i by
the St. I ...in Is Nationals next season,
will he tho ou'.v hull. tn in th' Harry
the epiartet will make first base on the
slightest fumble. Grant, at third, is
the speediest of the lot, although he
has an awkward stride, like Hans
Wagner, which does not make him
look unusually fast.
If Comiskey can induce John Ander
son to desert the AVorcester police
force and join the AA'hite Sox, Hick
man Cheerful Charles, tho Robust
Rallier will get a chance to retire to
private life. Hick was signetl as a
utility man. but proved in time of need
a futility man.
Indianapolis will have a spitball
pitcher with control on the tryout list
next spring, and if he has anything
besides his control he should make
good easily. Spitball pitchers with
control, be it known, are as scarce as
non-wormy chestnuts. But Bert
AA'est, obtained by President AA'atkins
from the Monmouth (111.) team, has
th ball at his finger tips, literally and
I figuratively speaking, throughout th"
j game.
Here aif tome, of t ue noni uc piurne:
with w hich John L. Sullivan has beeD
furnished during his ring career: Bos
ton Hercules Knight of the Fives. The
Magnificent Sullivan, the Hard-Hitting
Sullivan, the Boston Miracle, King of
i. a Ring, Boston's Philanthropic.
Prize Figa'er. Bos'ou Giant. Scientific
American, Trip Hammer Jack, Sparta
vs Sullivan. Monarch of the Prize
ilinc. Boron's Pritle and Joy, Sullivan
the Great, Sullivan the Wonder. Prize
Fighting Caesar. Champion Ponnder
and Goliath of tin Kinc.
Shamrocks of That City Which
Hold Franchise, Will Begin
Active Operations in Organ
izing Strong Team.
Thought the 1.-0. Circuit Was
Simply Hot Air League and
Paid Little Attention After
Piqua Meeting.
from our constant j j I'm Ham
re:i! "muie
::d fact of
circuit is
, of ih A; hie
.'.!.'ir.c:icn ia
lasts. Ben
will enjoy
o Amorie u.
! 1'
The nitis.c urLifr.
!.-fants cd chiUrcis ;i;e cons:antlr nesdins: s.
axativr. It is important to know what to rive
hem. Their stomach ana bo wt-ls are not strong
notish for salts, j -nnritivc waters or catarn
ills, rowders or t-bicts. iive them a mild
leasant, sentle. laxative tonic like Dr. Cald
.ell s Syrup Pepsin, which sells at the small
tun of 50 cent or SI at drusj stores. It is the
jns great remedy for ou to have lai uj hcuje to
Sivc cbiKrcB wiseo they ned it
Sam Berber and A! Kaufman may
meet again on the coast within a
month. Eddie Smith, of the Reliance
club of Oakland, has made them an
offer, and Kaufman ha.-? accepted it.
Berber is fiuuring how bic the house
will be. and may accept when he is
through doping it out.
reinpgor. at first, adds more speed
to the Phillies' infield. Err man in
The national movement to make the
visit to Brazil next t-nmtr.cr of King
Carlo of Por'ngal. the o.va.-ioii for
i-pltmnu festivities is well under way
and a large sum of money has been
appropriated to meet the expenses of
entertaining his majesty.
lie (sentimentally) May I hope to
( see you pretty soon:
! She t jestingly) I rather thiuk I'm
pretty uow,
The efforts of Frank Runyan, the
P.i;:ffTo:i magnate who is promoting;
the Northern Indiana league, to en
fire Muneie into that circuit have not
met with Ratterina; j-iicce.. A Mun
e; ;.. w-f.p.pr roan h'a'cd la." even
in tivt-r th- inn" ;i'rMiee teiejihoue
"haf Muneie wi,-ul-l ju.-iiivly t nu r r;n
.uti.tw ieai-'iK' saeh as Runyan i.-
boom in er. "Munei-- will ;3ay iindr r
; rational protection or not at ail."
Mur.e:-? funs were at firs: skeptical
about the Indiana-Ohio league, being
under the impression that it was on
ly a "hot-air" circuit. Sine the meet
ing held at Piijua. Friday the Muucie
baseball men have changed their ideas
concerning the I. O. organization, hav
ing been shown that its promoters are
in earnest, and the Shamrock Athletic
Association of that city, which hoids
tho Muncio franchise ia the I. O.
Icasrue, will now prepare to place a
club In the fieM. The Muncle new.
papTri are solid for the I. O. league.
Tlie Northern Indiana league pro
moters hae been circulating stories
to the effect, that. Phil O'Neil brands
these tstatements as droains. At the
Van Wert meeting las-t wet k, Mr.
O'Neil emphatically i-tated that be
would back no outlaw league (dub in
Little Player Will Show Col
legians How.
Johnny Fisher, pitcher, a much-engaged
and released baseball player,
has signed to coach Wabash college
baseball team. Fisher's last engage
ment was with .Sioux City, but as he
has heard n r hiiiir from that club, he
takes it that he is tree to tizn any
where. He will coa. h the tsarlet can
didates until time for joining his club.
Fisher made s-cveral appearances in
Richmond last feaon with the Leba
non outfit.
Bill Phillips, new manager and mag-i.fit.-
;,t Charlevoix. Pa., has written
Fis-her and wants hirr. to com' over
ila ri'. However. Fi.-lvr is rxper.-ting
to i.r--t another trial with an American
association el'te. ruiliiiir to do this,
lie says, he will be glad to join the
fan. o,r.ima::de.i by "Who l::'V the
Hiiiu t;uit e!os-l him. Fi.-h'-r was
ir. Ir.dianaooii-. Frid.iv afternoon.
i .v.- 'j'tin Sailor.
Mark Twam vais nce talkins abwet
a play tl::r Lad f;:i'ed-
"No wonder it faked." he saicL "It's
author wa a greenhora. He knew no
mere of stagecraft than young Tom
Bowling knew cf sailorlng when he
shipped befor the mat.
"GreeBhorn Tom. you know, bein
toid to go a'oft one dark, wet night,
started up the rigjirif with a lantern
and an umbrella."
An Acrobatic Hone.
Among some old aneoloteg In manu
script in the collection of the New Jer
sey Historical society ibis oue was un
earth"'!: Two Irishmen traveling
through the country, rather fatiguril.
the oue said to the other. "P.r me soul.
Pat. if we could catch a horse we
would not ride afoot" They present
ly caught n horne. and Teagtie mount
ed, but Pat, supposing be would rot
carry double, agreed to drive. The
horse being rather unrufy and the
driver severe, the Lorse kicked Tat In
the face. Pat instantly seized a gTcat
stone and threw It violently at bla an
tacontst. but missed bim and gave bin
fellow traveler a blow lu the back.
Teague, astonished at the blow, turned
and Inquired the matter. "Ah, by cny
soul, honey, your nag has tumped me
in the face:" "Has be?" said Teajtue.
"Sure then he's just kicked me In tb
back too!"
Statistics f-how that the lonrjPFt- liv
ed peple eat the heartiest breakfasts.
I Low Rates to :
California t
I and North
1 Pacific Coast
t Points
t One Way Second Class
Colonist Tickets. Via
C, C. & L.
2 To California Points
T To Washington, Oregon,
Etc., $41.55
These rates are in effect Mar.
1rt to April 30th. From all
points on C. C. 4. L. Railroad.
For Particulars call C. A. Btair.
Home Phone 2062.

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