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former Richmond Newspaper
Man Now on Lecture Plat
form as Head Liner.
Ode to a Teddy Bear.
"The shades of niht w re falling fast
VheU through it New England ilia;re
A creature covered o'er will) fur
And all its little im-ides were
Exccb ior.''
"Thiit's Rob HurdMte's late.-t poct
leal effusion,'' .-tateil Strickland V.
Clillilaii, a former Rienmond newspa
per liian. ;uni now one of the bi-M.
l.nown humorists anil lecturers in I
country. ":;rrii-K." a.-, he is still fa
miliarly culled by his many loeal
friends, sat in the office of County
Auditor Cue, his old .-hi" partner, this
morning and made Hi" side:; of ;i smail
audience ache hy his merry tales and
quietly related experiences. After he
had left to catch an ea.-.t bound train,
one of his old friends remarked, " lie's
jtnt the same old St rick. liven pros
perity can't chuiiL'e him."
Mr. (lillilan is still on the platform
Mid a "head-liner" wherever lie ap
pears. He is also under contract to
vrite for the Chicago Daily .Sews and
the Success mae.a.iuc. Ten cents a
word is all thai he noives from Sue
cess. "Since 1 made my contract
viilt Success the editor lias had to
hire tin additional office boy to han
dle the 'copy' 1 ship into him." he
"I :f't the md hand at most places
I appear as a lecturer, but once in
a while -I tun tip inrttinst :t frost." Uil
lilao stated and then ar.ked a local
IifiwHpaner man if he reinemherei a: -'.endlnn
one of his lectures given in a
.small town in northern Michigan. The
newspaper man rememhered the inci
dent distinctly- he acted as cheer
leader, self-appointed, and had very
poor support. "That audience was
positively the worst I ever went up
aKflin.-t." said "Sfrici; ' reflectively.
"They made about as much noise its
mjiiio one pounding a fur hat with a
lamb's' tail. My friend here was the
only. one who got boisterous and I had
fo r(hiind hint that unless he cut out
the racket he would rpteer himself
with the community."
How Thf7 Mar Be Sncofint nlly Cnltl
vntvd In Tuba.
Tlur cultivation of aquatic; plants in
tubs makes it possible for any one to
trj- his skill with them. Of course he
peed not expect to bo able to grow the
rarer sorts of uyinphnea, but lq? can
succeed with many beautiful varieties
of water lily and other plants of that
class. A half barrel is not very at
tractive in itself, but Its lack of beauty
may be concealed by the plants, or it
may be sunk its depth in the earth.
Yhen it contains a tine specimen of
some aquatic plant we will forget all
about Its lack of grace. When prepar
ing for these plants put in rich black
mud from the bed of streams or muck
from swamps, to the depth of a foot;
then plant your roots in it and fill with
water. Add enough water from time
to time to make up for that which is
lost by evaporation and give the tub a
sunny place in the yard or garden. If
you want to grow more plants than one
tub will accommodate, it is a good
plan to take four, five, sis, or as many
ns you may decide on, and have them
sunk in the ground close together, so
that the general effect will be some
thing like that which a large tank
would give. A better plan, though a
more expensive one to carry out, is
to have a tank constructed of heavy
planks. These should be securely bolt
ed at the ends and the joints made
tight by white lead in the grooves.
The word "ironmonger"' has as curi
ous an origin as any other word in the
English language. It means literally
an eater of iron and came to its present
use in this way. There was once a law
that forbade buying fish to sell again,
and the fish hawkers, who ptill carried
on their trade In spite of this law, were
facetiously termed fish eaters or fish
mongers, for, to evade the law, their
large purchases of fish were said to be
for their own eonsumptiou. Gradually
the term monger was applied to other
trades, as cheesemonger, nutil at hit
jt camo to mean any middle man, a
distinguished from a manufacturer, and
so was applied to the dealer in hard
ware. London Graphic.
Wfcy He. Waa K looted.
A manufacturer in the north of Eng
land expected, to be beaten at the polls
by his own employees, with whom lie
was extremely unpopular. To his surprise-
he was returned. His puzzled
agent sought for an explanation. "How
is it," he asked o-;.- of the workmen,
"you voted for your i ;iter when you
nil hve sueh a bn-1 opinion of hirn?"
"Well, you swe. men. we voted for "ni
sc he cud put bise;,f sway ii parlia
ment in I-ondcn. We don't want 'im
Ey Tbotorrapl.
An image impressed ivon tu t-ltm
nt the eye remains there an am reciahle 1
time. This is the reason why :
swung rapidly s-vn.s t- b, a ireular i
flam- The ousibiK:y of .:. retina is
Indifferent at different tl:::e uf the
day. Every one has noticed how on
waking la the morning and ljuking at !
the bright window, then closing the j
?yes, he w ill observe an impression or !
phtir.tom of the window- for an appre
ciable time after his eyes are ' i'r,!.
This Woman Did Not Have a Male Escort and
Pr6prietor of Hotel Refused to Serve Her
Mrs. Uartiet Stanton Match, daugh
ter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, has
lost her huit against the Manager of
the Hoffman Hons-', New York City,
because of a lei'usal to serve her with
a meal because she hail no main es
cort. Mrs:. Watch declares that till';
will keep up the fK'ht. A picture of
Mrs. Iilutch appears at the right. At
the. left is a picture of Mm. Maud
Nathan, who accompanied Mrs. Blatch
to court. The comics represent Car
toonist. Dennis's idea of the reception
the jurors: received front their wives
last night, after giving a verdict
against Mrs. Iilutch.
Hundreds of People Will Greet
The Great March King
When He Appears.
At one o'clock this afternoon the
great Sousa lnuul arrived in 'the city
front Torre Haute where it played la.st
night. The company numbers over
sixty people, fifty-five of which are
artists. An idea has been current that
John Thilip Sousa is not with the band
on this tour. This Is erroneous as
Mr. Sousa is in , he city and will di
rect his great band this evening at the
coliseum. The sale of seats has been
large and a treat ovation will be ac
corded the popular march composer
w.ieu he steps onto the stage this ev
ening. There are several unique instru
ments in the hand, several of which
will be heard in Richmond for the first
time and all members of bands in this
vicinity will be interested in seeing
and hearing them.
The Kr li ninl Man Compared.
If it were possible for a man to con
struct a globe Stx) feet in height-much
less than twice the height of the Wash
isgton monument and to place upon
any portion of its surface au atom one
four thousand three hundred and eight
ieth of an inch in diameter and one
one hundred and twentieth of au inch
in height, it would correetly denote the
proportions man bears to the gigantic
globe upon which he stands.
A Klinf Duel.
At some amateur theatricals in Vic
toria two people in the stalls, whenever
the heorine was kiss.i, kissed each oth
er loudly :iud with ostentation. It turn
ed out that the man in the audience
was the husband of the heroine, who
disapproved of her theatrical tastes
and. with the help of an amiable friend,
took this way of reproving tlieui. Syd
ney (Australia i r.'j'totin.
An Accomplishment to Be Revived.
Tommy llardirpp i';in you whistle,
Mr. Wigwag? Wigwas-Nrt. mv boj .
My wlitliTic d.iys arc ore- Tommy
- Then you'd ,-:tcr lenru again. Wigwag--Why';
Ton. pi Cause I heard
pop say he owed you snree money and
you'd have n-hi-st'e for t.
l t -. -tl t'nr l it e.
"I cru.'t. u'.Hi?r:.i:.:i hew ;ht y.-nug
lawyer 1-v cs. I've cm . r rv-fd ..f h:m
fsaving a epe;r-."
'You havev.'t'; Why, he U oae of the
people who helped to break old Bigger
son's will. He doesn't ne.d clients"'
Chicago Rfcord-Herak'..
Many a tong ie hak''
ter's nnuoli.g Khrk.p-ar.v
its Hid
r$fl r$r W3Z?
Is a Bright and Sparkling
The Day Dodgers ' Karlhamite,
which came out Saturday, is one of the
most interesting and pleasing copies
that has been published this year.
There are two good short stories, an
amusing report on the sanitary condi
tions existing in and about Karlham
and several short amusing sketches,
ballads and puns. The jokes, for
once, are good. One short poem sent
in hy Kdwin L. Doan of Westfield.
Ind., a Day Dodger last year, will un
doubtedly cause some stir among the
faculty members. It ran:
Kiddle D. D..
Professor E. P.
In the Day Dodgers' room took a look.
The Kings and the aces
Fell on their faces.
And the ten-spots slid under a book.
Miss Frances Wiggs. one of Wayne
county's most highly respected young
ladies, is undergoing a very serious
operation at Reid hospital under the
sup'-Tvii-ion of Dr. Bowers of Dayton.
Ohio, and Dr. Huff. Miss Wiggs'
many friends hope for the best and
a speedy restoration to health.
Will Not Fight for Office of
Court Reporter.
It is announced from Indianapolis i
that Edward E. Neal of Nohlesvil !e. j
has decided not to make the race for!
the republican nomination for reporter'
of the supreme court. This action i i
due to the illness of his daughter. 1
Henry Bulla, who for the pa:-' ix
m ti''n has been in Seattle. Wa.-h.. c
home on a visit with his parents. Dr.
an! Mrs. J. M. Bulla. He will re
n;r;. lo .- .,':: . a? ho sa: ? :;v W,;.-;.-inet
n t- (:. -ante i;spot os ' t- 1 :.:r-
e: SluVs.
Vhe Ilab OfTfce Body.
The organ around which all the other organs
revolve, and epen which they are largely de
pendent lor their wettare, is the stomach.
When the functions ct the stomach become im
paired, the bowels and liver also bevome de
f ne d. To vure a dise.ii.? oi the stomach , liver
or bowels fret a SO cent or SI bottle of Lr. Ca'.d
wU's Syrup Pepsin at yenr drupcist's. Jt is
the proTnrtest relict for ecti;at:on and tlt.
tVi4ia ever c irroun-trtl.
As Result Charles Emory
Under Arrest.
Charles Emory, colored, is under ar
rest charged with assault and battery
on his wife. After he had administ
ered to her a good beating his brother-in-law
took it hand in the domestic
trouble. Emory pulled his razor on
brother-in-law, who promptly took to
the clear. The case? will be given a
hearing tomorrow morning in the city
li rin :i t an.oni.
Two ceremonies in Burma mark when
childhood stops and manhood or wom
anhood begins. The boys have their
thighs tattooed and the girls their ears
bored. The boring of a girl's ears is
commenced with a needle, and the
puncture is gradually increased until
the tip of the finger can be introduced.
The enlarging process is the one car
ried out in the Polynesian Islands,
where a native can carry a good sized
knife hanging in the lobe of his ear.
The ugliest mutilation is that of the
Eskimo, who punches a hole in his
cheek end puts a bone stud into it. The
Burmese boy suffers grent pain from
the elaborate ornamentation of his legs,
which are decorated In blue and red
Orpran Clrl intern In England.
By turning the handle of an organ
the Italian in England obtains nearly
eight times as much per week as be
can earn in Italy, more than four times
as much as the English farm laborer
and nearly three times the pay of the
policeman who moves him on when
requested. Thousands of skilled ar
tisans who have serve! apprenticeship
as carpenters, painters and joiners got
only half the organ grinder's pay. for
the Italian reckons It a very poor week
indeed if he maks less than $15, and
he often gets f 17 ."0 to or more.
Tli e Angler Flan.
The angler rish augie for his prey.
From the upper par t of his head projeot
two long tentacles, with fleshy extrem
iiie. which wave about in the wat'T
and attract small fish. that, approach
ing nial attempting 'o sMr.e the sup
posed IniT, nre themselves captured by
the angler. Without this dvieo to at
tract his prey ho Tvoiild probably starve
to death, as he is bevy and of com
paratively slow motion.
t nrii,lrjt.
V - . L.j . i , . .
ne a f;v
tkiy lend
the other
sHlPug tu i-:y lor Tl5- postage of the
letters which I sfcull have to write you
before I get my inouey back. X. fcool
lyj Keep o sLiiiings. tbtii That will
give Df more riie.-L&udoa Tit Bit?
Open Evenings
----- ----- - -
To Reach the Society Editor, Call
Lincoln's birthday, Feb. 12th, Wash-
irsnon's birthday, Feb. 22, and Valen
t ' day. Feb. 14, are celebrated all
over the country by masquerades, and
a few following suggestions mav be i
used by the amateur without going
to any great expense. Queen of fair -
les appeals to all tittle people ami
any little child may assume it by
wearing a white tarlatin dress on
wliich stars cut from gilt paper have
been pasted, then with a gilt wand
and a paste-board crown covered with
stars the outfit is complete. An East
ern Geisha girl is also easy to repre
sent. The requirements include a
gay colored kimona, a paper parasol,
two tiny fans, and two large chrysan
themums for the hair. A charming
military dress for a girl, may be made
with a kilted skirt and a blouse sailor
waist, the pattern for which may be
found In McClure's magazine for Feb
ruary. Red and white striped bunting
is used for the skirt and colar, with
plain blue for the waist. A toy gun,
belt and leggins make up the extras.
For a Spanish gypsy dress, orange
cheese cloth will serve. White cheese
cloth for blouse and apron and a black
sateen girdle and hat completes the
outfit. Chains and bracelets may be
added at will. A Dutch peasants cos
tume, must be of delft blue chambray
gingham for a skirt, with a checked
gingham waist and white lawn for cap,
apron and sleeves. A dashing rough
rider suit consists of a boys blouse,
and trousers, the pattern of which
may be found in any fashion sheet.
Khaki is the material used for the
trousers and blue madras for a
blouse. Then with a sombereo. loose
ly knotted handkerchief for a tie and
a leather belt make up the necessary
, ..
.ir. ana Airs. Kuuolph L,eeds enter-;
tained the "Buzzers" Whist club Sat-!
utday evening at the Country club.
Whist was played at five tables. Miss
Marie Campbell and Mr. George Dilks
were the fortunate ones and they cap- j
tttred the prizes. At eleven o'clock a
"Dutch" luncheon was served. The
club will meet again in two weeks. i
t ; !
Miss Ruby Wilson and Miss Ruth
Mashmeycr will go to Indianapolis.
Wednesday to be the guest of Miss
Wright of that place. Friday evening
a valentine party will be given in their
honor, followed by several other social
affairs. i
The following was received this
morning from Roh.-rf E. Rinehart.
correspondent for the Hotel Del Cor
onado. California: Mrs. .1. M. Wescort.
with her three sons. J. .1. Carter. R. R.
Carter and H. S. Carter, arrived a
Hotel Del Coronado. Jan. 29 and took
apartments for a narl of February.
v t
The Trifolium Literary society of
the First English Lutheran church
will meet tonight in the church par
lors. Miss Esther Besselman, the
president, will be unable to attend on
The McConaha Company,
Pianos, Sewing Machines, Vehicles, Farm Implements,
Harness, Robes, Blankets, Whips, Etc.
413-415 Main Street
Oh, No Need to Send
To Dead Letter Office.
These Great Values Are
For Richmond People
A Big Day.
Sale Mill Ends
This week will close
Sale Mill Ends
" '
Home Phon-9 1121. or Bell Phone 21.
account of illness, but Miss Lizzie
Krueger will act as president in
The "Gabbers'
a club composed of
about a dozen gills.
will meet tomor-
;row evening. Feb. 11. with Miss Opal
Husson of West Richmond. .
The Helping Hand society will net
Thursday. Feb. 13.
v .
The Banner social will meet Thurs
day with Mrs. Dunham, of North
Twentieth street.
The Ticknor club is meeting this af
ternoon with Mrs. Dr. E. B. GroBveuor.
770 National Road west. It ie guest
day for the club and a special program
is arranged for.
v . k
The Magazine club is meeting this
afternoon with Mrs. William II.
Romey, 3 21 South Twelfth street.
Mrs. Varrington Barnes and Mrs. W.
II. Romey will give readings from
several magazines. The club meets
every Monday.
J &
The Occult Research society will
meet Wednesday, with Mrs. A. S.
Johnson, 2U6 North Eleventh street.
. .
The Madrigal club concert, will be
given Wednesday evening, February
twelfth, at the Pythian Temple. Mr.
- aris. of Muncie. will sing and a
largo, appreciative audience is ex
pected. The entertainment committer of the
Athenaca Literary society, an, organi
zation of the South Eighth Street
Friends' church, is making prepara
tions for a valentine party to be given
Friday at the church.
Mrs. Gertie Kolp will give a valen
tine dancing pary for the members of
her class Friday night, in the 1. (). O.
F. hall.
The Alpha I'hi Alpha's will meet for
reorganization Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary eleventh, with Miss Julia Lich
tenfels. of South Fifth street.
Miss Edna Smith's class of the First
Christian church, is making prepara
tions for a banquet to be given In the
near future.
The wedding of Miss Edna Moore ,
his city to Mr. Arthur Test of Dent;
son, Ohio, formerly of this city, wii
take place sometime in .lure. Mr
Test is the :-on of Oliver Tst. south ol
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
9th and Main Sts.
the city and until rec-ently ha been In
the employ of the Pennsylvania rail
road. Miss Moore Is well known in
tnU city. She ha taught school in
Porto Rico aud for the jast ear has
taught in IndUnapolis.
The praise service held at the First
Presbyterian church laat night by the
Ladies" Missionary society, was well
attended and tbo ladies feel repaid for
their effort.
. v
The Merry-GoRoiind club will meet
Thursday of this week with Mrs. Sto
ver, of South Eighth street.
The B. 1 O. E.'s will have a stclal
session tonight in the club rooms.
I .u mil will be served. This la for the
club members only, uo invitations hav
ing been issued. Election returns
will be received.
Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholson ot
Chicago, will arrlTe in the city tomor
row, to be guests at the banquet which
will be given Tuesday night at the
Reld Memorial church. Mr, George
Nicholson Is vice-president of the At
kinson. Topeka and Santa Fe railroad.
They will be the house guests of Mr.
and Mrs. John Nicholson of East Main
street, while In the city.
J v-
The Twentieth Century Dancing
club of Ceutervllle. will give a dance
in the town hall Wednesday night.
February twelfth. This will be the
fourth one of a series of dances which
the club has arranged for. A buffet
luncheon will be served at nine o'clock.
The dance will begin promptly at sev
en thirty and the music will be fur
nished by Cornell and Wheeler.
The Musical Study Ciiib will have an
evening meeting, February twenty
tifth. The executive lard will ar
range the program for this meeting.
The Daughters of the American
revolution have been invited by the
Sons of Veterans to attend a Lincoln
entertainment on the evening of
Tuesday. February eleventh, at the G.
A. R. hall.
Election Returns at The
Phillips Vaudeville tonight.
The aquarium at Brighton. England,
is one of the largest and most beauti
ful aquaria In Europe. It is operated
with annexes, like a theater and res
taurant, but the piace U admirably
maintained and during the summer In
one of the attractions of the English
watering place.
ftCOPC: IQvan Milk
I PeJuMlDUIt-Plt?
wo DMetant fWh4
tc eWg nahq I
13-15 South 4th Street

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