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fow to Cure
I Constipation
Few people altogether escape a disor
der of the bowels. You may catch cold,
ver-eat, over-drink, worry too much,
cot exercise enough or do a hundred and
one other things that result in constipa
tion or coBtiveness. When the trouble
comes It is well to know what to do for it.
In the opinion of thousands there is no
better cure for constipation than Dr.
Caldwell's Byrup Pepsin, which anyone
can obtain for 50 cents or $1 at a drug
store. We all have constipation occa
sionally, and the sensible tning to ao is
to bare a bottle of this remedy always In tha
house. Ton take it at night on retiring-, tor
cample, and when you wake op in the. mortang
St your usual hour it produces Its results.
Youy stomach instantly becomes lighter, yoar
bead dearer, your eyes brighter, you feel activo
and spry onoe again, your appetite has re
turned and you are ready to work with enthu
siasm and vigor. All this may not have taken
more than a dose or two. at a cost not to exceed
two or three cents. Can you afford to feel bad
when you can feel good for so little t
Dr. Wilton Brown, of Metropolis, 111., has no
fcesltancy In saying that Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin Is the greatest of all laxatives and be
frankly admits to his pattern ta that if they used
It when the stomach, liver or bowels sot out of
order they would have lens need of him. It is
Without doubt the best cure for occasional or
ehronto constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness.
Jaundice, sour stomach, lazy liver, flatulency,
diarrhea, and similar digestive ills in old or
young. It la a thousand tunes better than salts
or purgative waters, acts gently but surely, is
pleasant to the taste, does not gripe, and cures
Go to your druggist and get a GO cent or tl
bottle and see if our claims are not justified.
ED EC TECT Those wiiMng- to try Dr.Cald
riskC I Ed I wsll's Syrup Pepsin before buy
ing can have tree sample bottle tent to their home by
addressing the company. This onV is to prove that the
remedy wit! do as we claim, and Is only ooun to those
who have nevsr taken It. Send for it If yoe have any
symptoms of stomach, liver or bowel disease. Gentlest
yet most effective laxative for children, women and old
folks. A guaranteed, permanent home cure. THE
PUBLIO VEftOIOT: "Ho Uwtlve So Good and Sure
M OR. CALDWELL'S 8VHUP PE?SIN." This product
purity guarantee No, 17, wwhington, O. C,
108 Caldwell Bldg.. MotvtloaHo, III.
Objections to Killing Prisoners
Stands in the Way.
Indianapolis, Ind., March 31. There
it a great deal of speculation as to who
will be appointed to succeed James D.
Reid as warden of the Indiana State
prison at Michigan City. Since Mr.
Reid's resignation was received by the
board of trustees of the prison three
week ago, it is understood that the
question of his successor has received
some consideration, but it seems that
the board win have some difficulty In
finding an efficient man for the place,
and at the same time a man who is
willing to execute prisoners when the
occasion arises.
The name of W. A. Garner, at pres
ent chief deputy at the Indiana state
prison, is the one' most prominently
mentioned thus far in the discussion of
a. successor to Mr. Reid.
Dublin, Ind., March 31. Miss Beu
ah Pearson of Straughns spent Sun
day with Miss Estella Pea.
Rev. Morris and family of New Cas
tle, spent Sunday with friends here.
Miss Daisy Hatfield has been sparl
ing a few days In Connersville.
Roy Huddleston and family of
Knightstown, spent 8urrday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Huddles
ton. Mrs. Ellaabeth Riebsomer, after a
few days' visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Brotthers, has returned to her home
in Connersrille:
Mrs. Blanche White has returned to
her home at Knightstown.
Miss Hazel Pea spent Sunday with
friends at Straughns.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hollingsworth
end son, of Lewisville, visited Mrs.
Phil Horner, Sunday.
George Brown is on the sick list.
Frank Hutson has gone to Wash
ington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hicks enter
tained at dinner, Sunday, Mr. ami Mrs.
Robert Hicks and children of Mt. Au
burn, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith
of Richmond.
The rink closed here Saturday night.
Straughn. Ind., March 31. Dill Wad-
iell was in Knightstown Monday.
J. B. Tapscott attended the funeral
of Fred Matthews at Spiceland Mon
Mrs. Lydia Hudleson of Dublin, stop
ped k Straughns Monday on her way
to the funeral of Fred Matthews at
Mrs. J. C. Haskett's brother, of For
est, O., came Sunday to visit here.
Mrs. Josephine Rankin of Vincen
nes is visiting her cousins, Mrs. Ida
The Pythian Sisters will attend the
district convention at Cambridge city
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jenkins and 6on,
Mr. and Mrs. Hadley of New Castle,
visited Mrs. Jenkins' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Brenner, Sunday.
Hollow Bones
of the arms and legs are tubes
like a piece of gas pipe. The
hollow centre is filled with .
soft red fatty material called
marrow. This is the place
where new red blood is made.
Scott's Emulsion
feeds bone marrow. The rich
fat and the peculiar power in
vigor and new nourishment.
That is why pale people improve
the power to produce new red
AH Draw ta; 50c mad $1.00.
General Reduction of New
England Cotton Mill
Boston, March 31. The general re
duction of 10 per cent in the wages of
New England cotton mill operatives,
which was recently decided on, became
effective Monday in mills employing
eo,( persons. Next Monday the
movement will apply to the pay of as
many more. The reduction is due to
the depression of the cotton goods mar
ket, which forced many mills to cur-
tall production. The cities of Fall I
River and Lawrence and Berkshire i
county are not included in the general i
J I 1... V , ,) In, A-
reuuciiuii, uui may ue aucuicu taici
The curtailment is general through
out New England at the present time.
The average curtailment is placed at
from 20 to 25 per cent, of the produc
tion. The cotton mills of New Eng
land have about 15jOO.OOO spindles.
Greensfork, Ind., March 31. Rev. !
Brown preached his last sermon for
this conference year at the M. E.
church, Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Mason of Economy,
spent Sunday with Albert Albertson's.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Copeland have re
turned to their home in Cambridge
City after a few days' visit with rela
tives here.
Rev. Bundy of Bethel preached at
the Friends' church Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. T$. Moore spent Sunday
at Modoc with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. William Teague of
Hagerstown, were calling on relatives
here, Sunday.
The county commissioners passed
through town Thursday on their way to
look after the locating of a bridge that
has been petitioned for, across Mor
gan's creek, known as the Merrit
Lamb ford.
Henderson Oler of near Economy,
wa in town Saturday on business.
Arthur Ballenger of Williamsburg,
was in town Monday.
Miss Clarice Foster of Richmond,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
mother here.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tarkleson and
children, Mr. and Mrs. George Nich
olson, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hoover
took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Harry
King, Sunday.
Chas. Dean is spending a few days
with Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks east
of town.-
Mrs. Belle Pickett has moved into
the property vacated by Mr. Hall,
south of the M. E. church.
Mrs. John Poland is on the sick list.
Verlin Shaffer, manager of the Wil
liamsburg base ball team, and his wife,
spent Sunday with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hiatt of Econo
my, were guests of Mrs. E. Potter,
The two live stock dealers shipped,
a mixed load of life stock east, Sat
urday. Martin Ragcn of Richmond, is the
guest of relatives here.
Greensfork's school will close April
17 after a term of 6ix months.
Miss Mary Ragen of Richmond spent
Sunday with Miss Maggie Ragen.
When you have a cold the mucous
membrane is inflamed and the disease
germs which you breathe find lodge
ment and multiply, especially the
pneumonia germ. Foley's Honey and
Tar soothes and heals the inflamed air
passage, stops the cough and expels
the cold from your system. Refuse
substitutes. A. G. Luken & Co.
Cambridge City, Ind., March 31.
Mrs. George Cary and children, of
Muncie, are guests of relatives and
friends in this city.
Rev. T. P. Walter went to Anderson
today, to attend the session of the
Northern Indiana conference.
Miss Edna Highley, of Indianapolis,
spent Sunday with her parents.
Rev. Hawley went to Hagerstown
Sunday to fill his regular appointment
at that place.
S. S. Fisher and family spent Sun
day in Richmond.
Gilbert Manlove and family of Shel
byvllle were the guests of his parents
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Manlove over
Miss Mayme Metz, of New Castle,
spent Sunday here.
The Presbyterian Guild will meet
with Mrs. J. N. Study Wednesday.
Miss Mabel Straughn will go to Ter
re Haute Friday to enter the State
Normal school.
The Woman's Home Missionary so
ciety will meet with Mrs. Barbara
Barefoot Thursday afternoon. Sub
ject: "Children of Toil." Paper by
Mrs. Thaddeus Frazer.
Mrs. Edna Over, who has been vis
iting her parents In Selma,' will stop
here for a few days, with Mrs. Byra
Boyd, before going to her home in
Mr. and Mrs. Will Townsend, who
have been spending a month with the
former's mother, Mrs. Frank Martin,
have gone to Kokomo, where they will
probably locate.
Mr. George Peet, Sr., who has been
here visiting his son and family has
gone to Leesburg, and Cincinnati for
a few days' visit with friends.
Messrs. Ray Guyer and Robert El-
I Hot of Richmond were calling on
friends here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Romer spent Sun
day, the guest of friends in Anderson.
Mr. Joe Storch, of New Castle was
,n the city on Sabbath.
William J. Hill and family have
moved here from Eaton, Ind.
Pedestrians have the right of way on
ill Bermudan roads. Carriages, horse
aieu and bicycles uvit halt for the
aa Galoot.
If Former Husband Is Worthy,
Reunion Is to Take Place.
Muncie, Ind., March- 31. A Muncie
couple have entered into a ' trial di
vorce" plan. Others may participate
in trial marriages many others have
done so but it remained for this cour
ageous pair Samuel and Esther Long
mire, to enter the precincts of a trial
After Judge Joseph Leffler, or the
Circuit court, had given the wife a di
vorce on the undenied allegation that
the husband had treated her cruelly, j
the two entered the office of County I
Clerk J. Harve Leffler for the purpose ,
of arranging the court costs of the j
suit. I
As the divorced Mr. and Mrs. Long- j
mire awaited their turn they could not ;
help overhearing the questions that i
the marriage license clerk propounded !
to another couple, and as they listened
they discovered that the Lowes, only
a year ago, had been divorced in the
same court. This seemed, in a meas
ure, to soften, the heart of Mrs. Long
mire, who said to her recently divorc
ed husband: "Well try this divorce
business for two years and then if you
are worthy of me, you may come back
and I shall be glad to marry you
"All right, "Esther," replied her for
mer husband, as tears came to his eyes.
"I guess may be I can stand it for two
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days
or money refunded. 50c.
Milton, Ind., March 81. The C. W. B.
M., will meet Friday afternoon with
Mrs. Hiram L. Jones. The Methodist
missionary society will be the guests
of the society.
Miss Shaw, a returned missionary
from Nankin, China, gave an Interest
ing talk on her work at the M. E.
church Sunday afternoon. She was
the guest of Mrs. J. T. Scull, who pre
sided at the meeting.
Mrs. J. W. Judkins and Mrs. August
Boden of Cambridge City attended the
missionary meeting at the M. E.
church, Sunday afternoon.
The meetings at the Friends church
will continue throughout the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wallace enter
tained at cards at "Sunny Side" Mon
day evening. The guests were Messrs.
and Mesdames Frank "Wallace, Fred
Sizelove, Chas. Ferguson, Miss Hazel
Ferguson, Dennis Sizelove, Linville
Mrs. Willard Williams spent Mon
day with Mrs. Will Wallace.
William Wallace and family were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wal
lace at dinner Sunday.
Lewis P. Zeller is decorating the
Farmers' bank room.
The revival meeting at the M. E.
church has closed. Excellent ser
mons were preached by the pastor,
Rev. J. T. Scull.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hood spent
Sunday with Mrs. Ellen Hood.
Miss Maud Ball, who was out of
school several days with mumps, was
able to resume her duties Monday.
This is the closing week at the Kim
mel school and other township schools.
Rev. J. T. Scull will preach the bac
calaureate sermon for the Milton high
6chool class 'OS on Easter Sunday
morning, at the M. E. church. There
are but two members of the class, Miss
Miriam Parkins and Miss Rea Wagner.
E. P. Jones and family will occupy
the Morris property on Seminary street
while their own home is undergoing
extensive repairs.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Calloway of Cam
bridge City, visited Milton friends Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. Hurst spent
Sunday with Mrs. Alice H. Gresh.
Mrs. Richard Sills and Miss Hattie
Sills were at Richmond Monday.
Mrs. E. B. Newman, one of Milton's
most estimable ladies, was 84 years
old Monday, and in honor of the event
the ladies of her class spread a boun
tiful dinner at her home. There
were present Mesdames Mary B. Noll,
J. L. Wike, Carrie Boyer, J. M. Mc
Mahan, Rhoda Hunt, Lafe Cross, J. T.
Scull, G. A. Borders, Sarah Hussey,
Martha Lee, Lizzie Harden and Miss
Florence Newman, of Milton, and Miss
Virgil Newman of Cambridge City.
Good For Everybody.
Mr. Norman R. Coulter, a prominent
architect, in the Delbert Building, San
Francisco, says: "I fully endorse all
that has been said of Electric Bitters
aa a tonic medicine. It is good for ev
erybody. It corrects stomach, liver
and kidney disorders 'n a prompt and
efficient manner and builds up the
system." Electric Bitters is the best
spring medicine ever sold over a drug
gist's counter; as a blood purifier it is
unequaled. 50c. at A. G. Luken & Co.
drug store.
Robinson's Crossing, Ind., March 31
Sunday school was reorganized Sun
day at this place with the following of-
j fleers: Mrs. Belle Layson, Supt.; Mary
Kuhn, assistant supt. ; Alta Porter, sec
retary; John Kuhn, treas.; Iva Rob
erts and Anna Layson, librarians;
Francis McMullen, organist, and Mrs.
Emma Doddridge, Ass't organist.
Will Null and family spent Sunday
with Oliver Taylor and family.
J. H. Retherford and family visited
at Brownsville, Sunday.
Walter Retherford visited Sunday
with his grandparents, W. B. Lambert,
and wife.
Paul Hughes spent Sunday with
Fred Trusler.
Miss Avis Roberts spent Sunday I
IvtiUx hex sister, Ira Roberts,
Civic Reform League Does Not
Like the Idea of the
Spoils System.
Washington, March 31. The Na
tional Civil Service Reform League
his put into the hands of every mem
ber of Congress a pamphlet protesting
against the Crumpacker bill which
provides for the thirteenth decennial
census, and which also provides that
the additional forces of employes nec
essary to do the work shall be select
ed through non-competitive examina
tion. The league wants the bill so
amended as to provide for competitive
examinations. The Crumpacker meas
use has been sidetracked in the House
for over a month and it is probable
that it will go over until the short ses
sion next fall. The league in its pro
test against the spoils system says
that the director of the census, instead
of having his mind free to organize his
bureau and supervise the important
field work to be carried on by the su
pervisors and enumerators, would be
forced to give a large part of his time
to politicians anxious to get their
share of the patronage.
Centerville, Ind., March 31. Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Shank, Jr., enterfained
an all day party at their home on Sun
day. Their guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Adam Huth and family, Mrs. Eliz
abeth Shank, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Is
sen and Miss Irene Issen, all of Rich
mond. Lillian McMinn, the little daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Francis McMinn, is
quite ill.
Miss Bertha Dunbar entertained re
cently Mrs. Delia Zigler of Dayton,-O.
Mrs. Frank Nugent has gone to Ma
ple Valley, Ind.. to visit her mother,
Mrs. Jane Overman, who is very' sick.
Mrs. Thomas Endsley of Indianapolis
iSiini i '" - J
was the guest on Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. Ell Endsley.
During the services on Sunday eve
ning at the Methodist church, the
presiding elder, T. M. Guild, adminis
tered baptism to seventeen converts.
C. M. Walker is having extensive im
provements made to his residence on
West Main street.
Miss Anna Venard left today for An
derson to visit friends and attend the
Methodist annual conference.
C. B. Austin of the state university
Women's troubles very often occur regularly at a certain time every month. Be
cause this may have been so all your life, is no reason why it should continue.
Many thousands of women, who had previously suffered from troubles similar to yours,
due to disorder of the womanly organs, have found welcome relief or cure lnjhat
wonderfully successful medicine for women.
Wine of Cardial
Mrs. Leota Fort, of Toledo, III, writes: "I am veil pleased with the result of using Cardul. I have
taken three bottles and am now perfectly well, free from pain and have gained 25 pounds In weight
warn Mire
Thursday Afternoon at 230 O'clock
At 1010 Main St., Westcott Hotel Building.
Subject A 59 Minute Dinner, Cooked
With Artificial Gas.
Friday's Subject " Baking."
s& ry "
at Bloomington. Ind.. left Monday aft
er a visit of a few days ith friends at
"Among the Breakers." a comedy in
two acts, will be presented at the town
hall on Thursday evening, April 1.
under the auspices of the Centerville
The Bryan Woman's Cemetery asso
ciation will meet on Wednesday after
noon at the residence of Mrs. Minnie
M. Wright at Centerville.
Mrs. Anna Unthank and her daugh
Wiiu today for a free copy of valuable 64-pege Illustrated . jok for Women. If yoa need Medical Ad
vice, describe your symptom, statins age. and reply will be sent In plain sealed envelope. Address I
Ladles Advisory Dept.. The Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn.
ter Frances of Hagerstown, spent
Monday with friends in Centerville,
Your life may r at stake when you
notice any sign of kidney or bladder
trouble a Bright's disease and di
abetes start with a slight irregularity
that could be quickly cured by Foley'a
Kidney Remedy. Commence taking It
at the first sign of danger. A. G. Lu
ken & Co. . fj

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