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Standard Patterns
Give Satisfaction
Only 10c and 15c
Grecian Copper Jewelry
Entirely New
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50
mm- ,v
II -Ca, 1 w-fc ra ii mm
ecided Spring Atmosphere Permeates Every
epart merit of This Store. Spring Newness
Abounds in Ail Our Various Stocks.
Our gathering of fashion's choicest Spring apparelings forms an exhibit
of rare beauty attractive in volume, variety, style, quality and price.
You will do well to come now and visit these exquisite things of balmy
Spring and enjoy the sight. It's a gathering of elegance, a panorama of
beauty that Fashion's followers will take utmost delight in viewing.
On this occasion, once more, will be demonstrated the fact that our
prices are not only moderate, but clearly point to the path of economical
Fashionable apparel from head to foot and many other lines of personal
and household merchandise have been assembled and are now in readiness
for an early visit from you. You are cordially invited to come and pass
judgment on our display.
The New Dress Goods
Nothing is lacking to make the new showing of Spring Dress Goods all
that could be wished for, by smartly dressed women, in point of newness
and quality.
5 pieces Fancy Wool Suiting, special price 39c
8 pieces, worth up to $1.25, now 79c
38-inch French Serge, all colors 59c
14 shades of our famous Batiste, all wool, 43-inch, only 75c
The New Wash Goods
Beginning new and fresh this beautiful showing presents an assort
ment and all 'round attractiveness that will please the woman who
knows and appreciates high grade Wash Fabrics. There is an endless
variety of weaves and patterns here, of which the following form a very
small part.
Organdies, Dimities, Batiste, Swisses, in all the dainty shadings,
per yard 5c to 50c
The Loveliest of the New Ready-to-Wear
Garments are Gathered Here All
Ready to be Admired.
Our ready-to-wear selection has great attraction by beauty-loving
women these days. And no wonder, for it is filled with the smartest line
of Spring Wearables this store has ever carried. All the new models are
here not one is missing and it only remains for you to come and decide
upon the garment that shall be yours.
106 Ladies' and Misses' New Suits $11.00 to $42.50
117 Ladies' and Misses' New Jackets, in colors 4.00 to 16.50
61 New Black Jackets 5.00 to 17.00
36 New Silk and Lace Coats 3.00 to 21.50
56 Children's New Jackets 2.25 to 10.00
273 New Dress Skirts, all materials used are represented.. 2.93 to 16.50
37 New Lace Waists 4.00 to 11.00
55 New Black Taffeta Waists 3.50 to 11.00
24 New Colored Taffeta Waists 4.50 to 5.00
The New Silks
There is always something new and refreshing to attract one I towards
our Silk Section, and just now is no exception, as the following sugges
tions will indicate. These new fabrics are shown for the first time.
32-inch Dollar Black Taffeta 69c
Fancy Silks, large range ......75c and $1.0O
New Foulard Silks 50c to 85c
New Colors in Rough, Pongee 59c
27-inch Shantorah Rough Silks 75c
The New White Fabrics
Have you visited our White Goods Section lately? Whether you have or
haven't a visit now will be more than interesting it will be a delight
for the very latest productions of the new season have just arrived and
are on display for the first time.
Embroidered and Dotted Swisses, Dimities, Persian and Paris Mirsl'n
Batiste, Linen, Cambric, Etc., Etc.
Dogs and Other Animals Are
Poisoned in West
Reports liavo heen made to the ro
lice department of the work of a dog
polsowr in West Richmond. The lat
est depredations of the evil minded
penius have occurred on Randolph
street. Several valuable hunting- dosrs
have been disposed of in this way and
a number of fox terriors and otaer
breeds of house doss have met their
fate. Suspicion rests upon one of the
residents of the neighborhood and the
police hare been so informed. The
neighbors aasert. is strange that this
family is able to keep one or two dogs
without harm cominsr to thorn and the
canines belonpinp: to oiitipants of the
next house on each side have heen
poisoned or disappeaivd in some mys
terious manner.
The last victim of the poisoner was
a splendid young pointer. It was val
ued highly by the owner, who had paid
the tax just two days before it was
killed. A post-mortem examination
of the animal led the veterinary to as
sert he believed ground glass had
been the means adopted by the pois
oner. The entire neighborhood is in
censed and the polio? will be suppli
ed with voluntary assistance in the
effort to learn the identity of the pois
oner. Dogs alone have not been i-nns-en
as victims but cats and chickens
have been poisoned also.
Citizens to Vote on Ft. Wayne
And Springfield Line.
Don't take excuses
Make your dealer
supply you. or go
elsevhere. They're worth it.
Election inspectors have been elect
ed in Adams county and everything
has been made ready for the subsidy
election of May 14. at which time it
will be decided how much the town
ships shall offer the Fort Wayne and
Springfield railway as an inducement
to build a branch south from Decatur
to Richmond in case of inducement.
Mrs. Enpck-Yu acted like a fool
when you proposed to me.
Enpeck - That wasn't acting, toy
dar. Broakiin T.if,
Prominent Men Will Decide the
Winner of the Otterbein
Earlham Debate.
dent of Miami University, Geo. 'VY.
Benton, principal of Shortridgo high
school and Professor G. X. Miller of
Cincinnati University. The question
which will lie discussed is "Resolved
that the United States should further
restrict immigration by an education
al trst."
Household goods will he sold Wed
nesday. April Sth at 1:30 P. M. M0
South Sth. 5-3t
Butcher Knife and Red-Hot
Poker, Weapons.
The debate which will be held at
Earlham Thursday night is attracting
as much attention outside of the cir
cle of the students and of the college
itself as it is in the college. The girls
have put forth a very strong team this
year, and the subject they have chos
en is one of which they have been
very materially assisted by the excel
lent references they have been able
to secure in the Morrisson-Reeves and
in the college library. Professor E. P.
Trueblood states that he had not the
slightest douht but that the Earlham
team will be successful in the coming!
debate and will do more to uphold the j
nanif of Earlham as a good debating,
school than the boys did in the trian-j
gular debate which was held lately!
between Wabash. Butler and Earlham. j
The girls who will represent Otterbeini
are Mrs. Minnie Hall. Miss Maud Bill
man and Miss Lulu Bookwalter with
Miss Grace Mumma as an alternate.
Miss Jeanette Fenimore. Miss Mar
jorie Hill and Miss Elizabeth Hoik-day
will represent Earlham. The presiding
officer of the evening will be the Rev.
Thomas Graham of this city. The
judges are Guy Pottor Benton, pre&i-
Not Exorbitant.
The summer resident looked sharply
at Mr. Jameson's guileless moon face
and then at the raltrl and none too
sprightly boree he was trying to sell.
"Don't you tfeink $luO is rather a
stiff price to ask for a horse like that?"
asked the summer resideat. "How old
is be?"
"He's only jest thutty," said Mr.
Jameson calmly.
"Thirty years old. and you expect to
get f 150 for him!"
"I don't know as I expect to get it."
said Mr. Jameson without rancor, "but
it seems as if I'd ought to have full as
much as that It don't come to but S3
a year, and he's cost me a good deal
more'n that most years." Youth's Companion.
It takes five years to tan the hide of
an elephant, but only one sweep of a
powder puff t hide the tan of a sum
mer girl.
Fill, ia lira and fcol tnnili
fc"xf. sealed wttk Biue KitKtoa.
Tike a athar- But af To
In!Bjr4t. As ( II l-CIIJE-TR-3
ears rnas B-t. Safest. A! wa? ReHaMa
iC 4. aW
Youngstown, O.. April Police in
terrupted an affair of honor indulged
in by two women, arranged. thf offi
cers assert, according to the ethics of
the French code. The interruption
came only after several wounds had
been exchanged.
Just as the patrolmen beat in the
door of Miss Nina Jackson's home, in
Watt street, a thrust of a big butcher
knife in Miss Lulu Barr's hand caught
Miss Jackson in the nck nar the jug
uar vein. She was taKen to the City
hospital. Miss Barr. hands seared and hair
burned by thrusts of a red-hot stove
poker, which the police assert Miss
Jackson wielded, was lodged in a cell.
The affair had its origin, the patrol
men say, in jealousy of the attentions
of a ycung man.
Think Method of Paying Pen
sions From One Office
Would Be Slow.
Proposals for supplies for the use of
the Eastern Indiana Hospital for the
Insane for the month of May, will be
received by the Board of Trusses at
the Hospital before 3 p. m.. Monday,
April 13, 190s. Specifications may be
seen at the Second National Bank, or
at the Hospital.
Bv order of the Board.
7-2t " S. E. SMITH. Med. SupL
Local (r. A. R. men are grratly op
posed to the proposed action of the fed
eral government in abolishing branch
pension offices in various parts of the
country and pay ail pensions from he
Washington office. Indianapolis vet
erans have ddressed a letter rf protest
to the Indiana senators and representa
tives. The bill providing for the cen
tral pension bureau, has passed the
house and is cow in the senate. Local
veterans are of the opinion that by the
centralization of bureaus the payment
of pensioners would be so slow that
many of them would suffer. No ac
tion in the matter has yet been taken
by the Sol Meredith Post.
When Spectacles Wr Naw.
In the days when apeotseles were lna
troduced the world was not all wise.
Gl&saes became ro fashionable thai:
people did n7t wait until necessity
compelled them to adopt the new c:k
torn. Whether their eyesight was bal
or good, those who would be atyHsl
woee spectacles. In Spain they form-J
el part of the eestume of every
dreaud person. The objert of the
wearer In putting on glsee. was to ln
creae the gravity of Ma appearaoc
and rendr hiras!f more dlrertly lm
posing. The passes of prtac)es wer
proportioned In sir.e not to the ey.
but to tle rank of the wearer. thoo
worn by the Spanish n'ble belnjr as
larre as oaen hand. The Marquis of
Astorga. viceroy of Nspie". after hav
Ins? hud h!.i b :t "culpf ired in marbl
particularly enjoined tb artist not to
forpet bi beautiful petac!e.
The Kiblinger Motor Buggy
$375.00 and upwards.
MUIicna uee Gold Medal Flour
A practical, successful, economical,
automobile at a small cost. Doable
cylinder, air cooled, 1V-12 H. P. Solid
rubber tires. Will run through deep
mud or sand, and will climb steep
hills. Write for our Afency Terms.
Box N. 32a Auburn, lndJ

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