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Palladium Printing Co., Publishers.
Office North 9th and A Streets.
Per Copy, Daily 2c
Per Copy, Sunday 3c
Per Week, Dally and Sunday 10c
One Year 3 9
Entered at Richmond, Ind.. PoBtoffice
As Second Class Mall Matter.
Millions Have Been Distribut
ed to Employes Since
Its Start.
Yard cleaning day us proposed by
the ladies of the Aftermath society is
an innovation that would work for
the betterment of Richmond if adopt
ed by the city. These ladies wish that
May first be set aside as a day on
which, during: the hours from three to
Bix, ail householders will thoroughly
clean the grounds surrounding their
dwellings, so that the city at the very
Ktart of spring will present, a neat and
attractive appearance. The Commer
cial club has passed a resolution call
ing upon the mayor to issue a procla
mation urging the citizens of the city
to observe these hours for the purpose
proposed by the Aftermath society
and also asking that all factories,
stores and schools be closed by three
o'clock of the afternoon of May first,
in order that, all may participate in
the good work. As the Palladium be
lieves in the old saying that '"cleanli
ness is next to Godliness" it wishes to
do all it can in furthering this splen
did plan proposed by the ladies of the
Aftermath society and accordingly ur
ges all its readers to do their share on
May first in beautifying the city, by
turning their yards over to the tender
mercies of "Yard Cleaning Day."
Prosecutor Jcssup deserves com
mendation for his broad minded hand
ling of the Sunday base ball proposi
tion. He recognizes the great good
that is done our citizens in providing
them with a place to go for healthy
recreation on the day of rest and be
lieves, as do many others, that no des
ecration of the Sabbath is done nor in
tended. As the prosecutor says, the
ball park is remote enough to give no
bother to anyone on account of the
noise made by enthusiastic fans. And
for our part we would rather have
the men and youths who make up the
enthusiastic fans blowing off steam at
Athletic park each Sunday than ex
pending it in excesses and dissapatlon
in some other city. Sunday base ball
as played in Richmond, under sur
roundings that are free -from the in
fluence of the Sunday saloon that
flourishes in some of our nearby
cities, Is a safety valve for the pent up
feelings of many a man and boy who
has worked hard through the week.
Nearly $IK,( has been paid
out in benefits from the Pennsylvania
Railroad Employers' Relief Fund from
the time it was begun, February 15,
IKS.;, to February 15, litoS. The re
lief fund was established for the pur
pose of paying definite amounts to
members, in proportion to their con
tributions, when disabled by accident
or sickness, or when, by reason of age.
they were retired from active service of
the company. In the event of death
definite amounts also are payable to
the families or beneficiaries of such
The fund from which these benefits
are paid is formed by voluntary con
tributions from members, from interest
paid by the company on monthly bal
ances at the rate of 4 per cent., from
income on profit on investments, from
gifts or legacies, and appropriations
by the company.
During the twenty-two years' exist
ence of the fund there have been dis
tributed benefits amounting to $10.
ol65..", in 715,7o3 cases of disable
ment, for periods ranging from one day
to twenty-one years. Death benefits
amounting to S7.1 I7,r2.0 1 have been
paid to the families of 12,S1 deceased
More Students Enrolled at the
College Than' Ever
Williamsburg Boy Had an Ex
citing Experience in .
Considers It Her Duty to Tell.
. I write this for publication with the
hope that it will influence others who
suffer as I did to try the great Root
Juice remedy. The wonderful medi
cine has done so much good for me
that 1 feed it my duty to tell it. For
years I spent a life of misery, but
thanks to the great discovery I am
now free from every ache and pain. I,
like many others, was skeptical when
the papers first told of the way many
hundreds of cures Root Juice was mak
ing, but after seeing several people
that were using it, I concluded to try
it, although I felt that, every organ of
my body was almost worn out. My liv
er was torpid, my kidneys were weak
and my stomach was in a horrible con
dition. At times it felt lrkt it was full
of rocks. A great, deal of gas formed
and I had weak spells frequently and
1 was badly constipated. My appetite
was very poor and even in hot weather
my hands and feet were cold. I was
using some kind of medicine most of
the time without much benefit. After
taking the Juice a few days I began to
improve. I have used four bottle's and
am feeling better than I have for twen
ty years and I believe the remedy has
permanently cured me Mrs. J. A. Col
bert, R. R. No. 7, Ft. Wayne, Ind."
The great remedy has done worlds of
good here in Richmond, as any one
can learn by calling at A. G. Luken's
drug store. Root Juice is sold for .$1
a bottle or three for $2.50. "Uze-It"
Pain Oil 25 cents. The Oil is a need
ed assistant in rheumatism and kidney
troubles when there is pain, soreness
or inflammation.
More students are attending Earl
ham college now than at any previous
time during the history of the institu
tion. The exact number of students
enrolled this year was 50. The new
students entering this term numbered
47. The six weeks teaching course
will begin next Monday and it is ex
pected a large number of high school
graduates who desire to teach will be
come identified with this course.
Indications are that the attendance
for the summer term will pass all pre
vious records. Besides the regular
college professors, the following will
assist: Superintendent V. A. Jessup,
Madison. Miss Gertrude Burns, super
visor of music and drawing in the
Madison schools, Miss Anna L. Fin
frock, teacher, Richmond public
schools. Miss Finfrock is a graduate
of Earlham. has taken her M. A. de
gree at N. Y. university and has her
work all done except thesis for the
doctors degre?. Superintendent T. A.
Mott is now giving a course of lec
tures at Earlham on School Adminis
tration. He has a large class.
A strong corps of teachers will also
be at Earlham this summer to conduct
the library school of the Indiana pub
lic lijrarv commission. Already more
students are enrolled for the library
school than attended it while it was
held at Winona Lake.
Professor Harlow Lindley has been
employed by Ginn & Co., to write an
outline of Indiana Civil Government
to be used as the Indiana Supplement
to Roynton's Civil Government.
Professor Elbert Russell and Allen
Jay recently attended a conference at
Indianapolis in which arrangements
were made for the program of the
next Bible institute to be held at Earl
ham this summer. For the past two
years this institute has been held at
Wilmington, O., and Plainfield, Ind.,
respectively and now returns to Earl
ham which had been its permanent
home for many years.
Williamsburg. Ind., April 15. Guy
W. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Jones of this place, who is employed
as head clerk in the drug store of A.
H. Lusu at Chicago was made the vic
tim of a holdup Saturday afternoon. A
well appearing man entered the phar
macy and purchased a cigar and uack
age of chewing gum. As Jones turn-
d to the customer to deliver the pur
chases, he found his eyes centered on
the barrel of a revolver. He was told
o throw up his hands and proeedod
to do so. He was alone at the time
and to have called for help would have
jeen suicidal.
Tones was ordered to crouch on his
knees and face the opposite direction.
While he was in this position the
stranger rifled the cash drawer and
during the work kept urging Jones to
remain quiet, until he was gone. The
robber secured about ?17 and depart
ed in safety. The police have secured
no clue.
Youir Money IRack
If Kodol fails, get back what you pay. Note our
guarantee. It must digest all food, at once and
completely. It must do all that the stomach should
do do what nothing else does else it is free.
I have located and opened law offi
ces in the Westcott Block, second
floor, over Nusbaum's store, and will
be glad to see my clients and friends
there. W. C. CONVERSE.
Terre Haute, Ind., April 15. An
rouncement was made here today that
Thomas Taggart would build another
hotel at French Lick at a cost of $;?50,-
The local hardware stores are look
ing forward to yard cleaning day with
great gusto and are already figuring
on ordering extra supplies of rakes in
order to be 6tire to supply the demand.
Yard oleanlng day will offer an un
usual opportunity for theVforonic bor
rower to start the season in good
shape by borrowing his neighbor's
Much Married Woman Bobs
In Limelight.
Announcement of A. D. Hole's
Engagement Made.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 13. Grace
enell-CofCin-Coffin-Walker- Coffin - Lay-tian-Love,
daughter of the late mil
lionaire, A. J. Snell, of Chicago, and
who has figured in six matrimonial
ventures, marrying and divorcing
three times Frank Nixon Coffin, now
residing in this city, has filed a suit
for divorce from her husband, Hugh
M. Love, on the grounds of extreme
The marriage of the couple, which
took place two years ago at the home
ff the parents of the groom, the late
Dr. and Mrs. Ixive of Ventura, has
been an unhappy one. according to
Mrs. Love. She claims, in addition to
cruelty, nonsupport and neglect.
Announcement has been made at In
dianapolis of the engagement of pro
fessor A. D. Hole of Earlham college
to Miss Mary Doan, of Westfield. The
announcement has been made by the
young woman's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Abel Doan. Mr. Hole is professor of
geology at Earlham and an assistant
in mathematics and German. He has
withdrawn from the college faculty for
the fpring term so as to enable him
to attend Chicago university, tor a
number of years. Miss Doan was a
member of the English department at
Purdue university and now is in
charge of the same department at
Wilmington college.
The Doctor I well remember what a
severe wrench it gave me to accept the
theory of evolution. The Trofessor
Monkey wrench? Chicago Tribune.
Nice Seven room house
and Large Lot at Corner
of 21st and South A Streets
known as the John A. Logan
property, will be sold at
Public Auction.
APRIL 24th
At 2 P. M.
Wednesday Night, April 15 Webb
Lodge No. 24, F. & A. M., stated
Friday Night, April 17 King Solo
man's Chapter, No. 4. II. A. M. Mark
Master and Past Master Degrees.
Saturday Night, April 18 Loyal
Chapter, No. 49 O E. S.. stated meet
ing and work.
Our meeting will be opened at
7:30 p. m. on Wednesday night, April
loth, IPOS on account of work. All
Eagles please be present.
J. r. HARTZLER, Secretary.
14 2t
i. this concern you, reaa careful)?;, vt.
Caldwell' Syrup Pepsin is politicly marau
ded to cure indirection, constipation, tk k head
ache, offensive breath, malaria ana aU iiiasrs
Don't buy a new or second-hand
Fire-Proof Sale before investi
gating our splendid safes at low
est prices, F. 0. B., Richmond.
Address Herring - Hall - Marvin
Safe Company, Dayton, Ohio.
Expresses Concern Over the
Growing Divorce Evil
In America.
Home, April 13. It is learned that
Pope Pius has now under considera
tion certain measures for the regula
tion of the divorce evil in the United
States. An official pronouncement on
his subject will be addressed to the
Bishops in the United States within
a very short time.
This new step to safeguard the san
ctity of the marriage relation is the
result of the alarming increase in the
frequency of .divorce in the United
There is no such a thing as a cure for dyspepsia.
We might as well talk about a cure for lam
Nature must do the curing. And Nature will do
it when given the chance.
Tonics and stimulants may seem to help for a
lime. But their effect comes only from spurring
the stomach to action. And weakness cannot be
cured with a spur.
One must relieve the stomach. Iet Kodol do,
for a little time, what the stomach falls to do.
Help it as you help a lame ankle. Rest it, as
von rest other organs that need to recuperate.
And stop the irritation of hard, undigested food.
You will be surprised to note how quickly the
stomach can regain its strength.
All modern treatments for indigestion aim at
this relief. But they aim in different ways.
Some advise, dieting. That brings partial relief
tiy omitting some elements which the stomach
can't digest.
But the omitted foods are important. The body
requires many food elements. When you cut some
of them out. you are robbing some part.
How can Nature restore digestive strength if you
deprive it of nourishment ?
Another common way is to take pepsin, or di
gesters which depend almost solely on pepsin.
That helps a littl- for pepsin digests albumen.
F.ut only part of your food is albumen. Pepsin
can't digest starch; it can't digest fat. What will
become of them?
It is essential to have a digester which com
pletely digests all food. That is Kodol. There It
nothing else which contains all the needed ele
ments. A perfect digester can be rut up only in liquid
form. That is why Kodol is liquid. And, bcause
it is liquid, like the digestive juices, its action
almost instant.
This is very easily proved.
Take Kodol after the meal, and note the ab
sence of pain, of fermentation, of gas. It is evi
dent (hat the food is digesting.
Or mix Kodol with food in a test tube, under
proper conditions, and one can see it digest. Not
part of the food, as with ix-psln. but all of it.
You can find no other dicester which will meet
such a test, for there is none
Will you u? a digester that eoes but half way?
Or will you give to the stomach that complete r
lief which comes only from the use of Kodol?
Our Guarantee
You may prove, without the risk of a penny,
what Kodol can do Buy one large bottle, and ask
your druggist for the signed gnarante.v If the re
sults are not satisfactory, take the empty bottle
back and your druggist will return your money.
This offer Is made on the large bottle only,
and to but one in a family. That will amply prove?
how much Kodol means to you. Then please tell
vonr friends who need this help how cay it is to
cbtain it.
Kodol is prepared at the laboratories of E C.
DeWitt & Co., Chicago. The $1 00 bottle contains
2'2 times aa much as the 00c bottle.
States, especially since it has begun to
affect Roman Catholics. The matter
has caused the Pone and his advisers
deep concern.
From May 1 marriages between Ro
man Catholics in America will not be
accounted valid by the church nnl-hs.
they have been celebrated by a tuny
authorized priest. This in itself will
put a check upon divorce.
The Pope holds further that more
vigorous regulations are needed.
"Suppose, doctor, this operation doe
not succeed."
"My dear fellow, if it doesn't you'll
Defer knou It."
Field and
Garden Seeds
Feed and
Seed Store
33 S. 6th St. Phone 1679
Public Welching Scales
On and after April 16th, we will be located in our new
office at 1010 Main street, in the Westcott Hotel Building,
ground floor, ready for business. Automatic Phone 1341.
The MajEpziinie Unatt Emtterflaifas
has achieved the distinction of this descriptive title because,
as the Chicago Record-Herald says of it, it is
"the human interest magazine, so unassumingly yet closely and
variedly do the various contributors creep to the heart-strings."
contains every month 160 pages of fiction, including one complete novel and eight to twelve short
stories of every variety. The characters in these stories are people of the loving, human type, whose
circumstances, ambitions, emotions, aspirations, motives, temptations and acts are intensely interesting
because every reader finds in them reflections of himself or herself.
Human nature in its infinite variety of manifestation and locality is pictured with inexhaustible vitality.
The May number of AINSLEE'S is typical of all.
The complete novel with which it opens is a story which tells most vividly of the unusual adventures
of a young American on the eve of his wedding. The combination of circumstances in which Dick
Sugden was involved was thrilling enough for any man. But the author, EDITH MACVANE, has made
of her story, "The White Flier," anything but an extravagant one.
a story which tells vividly of the ex
traordinary lengths a
Miss M. M. Ennis, formerly located in the Colonial Build-
ing is now nicely located in the north flat at the rear of the
X Starr Piano Store on S. 10th Street.
ROY NORTON is an old friend
of AINSLEE'S readers who have
read his Western tales with unend
ing; appreciation, and none of them
will miss the opportunity to read his
latest, "Sans Famille."
has an almost perfect short story
called "Adventurous Evadne." It
is a combination of sensation, dra
matic force, wit, humor and delight
ful literary quality, with a climax at
the end which will make a second or
third reading of it inevitable.
WILLING WHARTON are other contributors to a number which is full
of drama, humor, local color, and character study of almost every variety.
mother will
" 1 111 AST-
go rcr tne saKe or ner cmia. ine
Price She Paid" is a story of pro
found pathos, a combination of the
love and child interest.
contributes a story called "Three
Ways of Love." Mr. Battersby's
people arc always interesting whether
they do much or little, because of
the way they act. Mariov Ormsbv
and her lovers are no exception.
Ainsiee Magazine Co., New York

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