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Little Town of Winchester in
Kentucky, Wrought Up
Over Their Presence.
Suffering Ladies
are urged to follow the example of thousands of
their sisters and take Cardui. Cardui is a non
mineral, non-intoxicating medicine for women. It
is for sick, weak ladies, with sick female organs.
Unusual Incident Took Place
Before the Closing of
Albany. N. Y.. April 24. The assem
bly adjourned yesterday afternoon
amid tumultuous excitement. Some
one proposed "three cheers for Gover
nor Hughes."
The response was a storm of groans
and hisses. The band came to the res
cue with "Hail to the Chief," and the
assembly laughed derisively.
There was no attempt to resuscitate
either the anti-Kambririfi bills nor the
bill to extend the jurisdiction of pub
lice service commissions over tele
graph and telephone companies, both
of which were hopelessly buried.
To the committee of the senate
which formally notified him that the
senate was ready to adjourn Governor
Hughes said:
"I congratulate your honorable body
upon the measures of value which have
been passed, and I re-let that other
measures which are, of great import
ance to the people of the slate have
failed of passage. In view of your ac
tion with regard to adjournment I have
no further recommendation to make
at this t ime.
Governor Hughes at ;.V p. m., yes
terday caused to be filed with the Sec
retary of State a proclamation con
vening the legislature in extraordina
ry session on Monday, May 11. The
proclamation does not specify any sub
ject which the Governor will recom
mend for consideration at the extra
With the opening of the racing season in the Metropolitan district, the betting season began also in full
flower. This picture is from a snapshot of the betting ring at the Aqueduct Track, where the first of the season's
racing meets in the vicinity of New York, were held.
His Body Found Under
dow of Resort.
Bloomington, 111., April 24. The po
lice authorities are investigating a pos
sible murder mystery in which H. C.
Druner, a capitalist of Stuttgart, Ark.,
was the victim. His dead body was
found under a second-story window
of a resort here. His neck was
broken and his skull crushed. The
sum of $400 that was known to have
been in his pockets is missing.
The first wholesale store was opened
In Chicago in 1S44, but in I'.km; the
wholesale trade of the city was con
servatively estimated at $1,7VH),00O,h'm.
Says He Will Fight Them to
The Bitter End.
President of Guatemala Is De
termined to Wipe Out Plot
ters Against Him.
Washington, April 24. Representa
tive Landis, who some jears ago drove
intoxicating liquors out of the nation's
capitol, h;)S given notice that he will
fight, any effort to restore the canteen
in the riMfinnnl soldiers' homes. Said;
he: "1 take no stock in the pleas that
are being made to restore the canteen
in soldiers' homes and in the army,
and in my opinion the privilege of
handling intoxicating drinks will not
be thus granted by this congress di
rectly or indirectly.
"I do not believe there are half a
dozen members of congress who would
restore the old order if it were in their
power to do so. The Knox bill, that
has for its object the protection of dry
territory against the dumping of
booze consigned to station agents, ex
press companies and fictitious indivi
duals ought to pass, and pass speedily.
The government can not afford to
lend its sanction to such business and
should legislate against it and streng
then the legislation with such penal
ties as will make the law effective."
Guatemala City, April 24. Presi
dent Cabrera himself is authority for
the statement that IS of the ringlead
ers in a conspiracy against him al
ready have been shot to death, and
that probably more executions will
follow. President Cabrera, against
whose life an attempt was made by
students on Monday last, received the
representatives of the various Powers
and made a lengthy statement to them
that he had unearthed an extensive
conspiracy against him that, led up to
his attempted assassination. He has
issued a proclamation that he is con
fident the people are with him and
that he will preserve order with a
strong hand.
There Is do medicine so afe and at the same
time so pleasant to take as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin, the positive cure for all diseases arising
from stomach trouble. The price is very reas
onable 50c and SI.
Logansport Peace Guardians
Sorely Afflicted.
Logansport, Ind., April 24. Logans
port policemen suffer from corns to
such an extent that the drilling exer
cises which were begun about two
weeks ago have been discontinued. All
the police drilled in the rink until a
few nights ago, when one was excused
on the plea that his corns hurt so bad
ly that he could not cover his beat aft
er the drilling. Then two others put
up the same plea and were excused.
Wednesday night the ''coppers" did not
drill. Every man reported that his
corns hurt so badly that he could not
stand the additional work. There was
nothing to do hut call off the drill, and
the chances are that the exercises will
not be continued.
Winchester. Ky.. April 24 This city
is wrought up over the presence of ."
state troopers who arrived at different
times and departed over different road
on secret missions. Fourteen mount
ed men belonging to Company H. Sec
ond regiment, of Whi'esburg, rode
over from Mt. Sterling, where they had
been stationed since March 1. The
met here ' men from Pineville, Com
pany 1. Second regiment, who had ar
rived earlier in the morning under
command of Captain Gibson, the whole
tmder Major Webb, of Whitesburg.
Those from Mt. Sterling departed at
4 o'clock over the Indian Fields road,
where A. B. Clay is raising one of thf
four tobacco sheds that exist in thi?
county. Another squad went out th
Mt. Sterling pike after dark ar.'
frightened into paroxysms an agic
farmer and wife by calling to them to
put out their lights. Some are in
camp two miles south of this city. All
are mounted and heavily armed.
The citizens here are indignant,
claiming that there have been no law
less acts connected with the tobacco
situation within the county save a few
minor ones, such as letter writing,
which the local and Federal authorities
are handling vigorously.
It Will Help You
It is a genuine, curative medicine, that tmil3s
up the female svstem and relieves female pain.
Mrs. M. A. St. Clair, of Eskdale, W. Ya., writes:
"Before taking Cardui, I had given up all hope of
getting well. I had suffered for 3 years with my
left side and was confined to my bed, so I took Cardui,
and now Cardui has about cured my female trouble."
I have moved my office temporarily
located in Room IS, Westcott Block,
over Nusbaum's store and will be
pleased to see my friends and pa
trons. DR. A. B. PRICE, Dentist.
Root Juice Is Making Many Remarka
ble Cures.
Quite a sensation is being created
in many cities of the country by the
remarkable Root Juice discovery. The
great remedy is making many re
markable cures in every direction.
Many local testimonials were pub
lished in this paper until it became
useless as so many people of this city
were cured by It. It has certainly
proved a wonderful remedy for the
stomach, liver, kidneys and blood.
Many who suffered for years with in
digestion, rheumatism and kidney
complaints after taking a few bottles
of the wonderful health-giving Juice
have been restored to perfect health.
It is also proving to be a wonderful
nerve feeding, strength-giving tonic
for weak, nervous people. It is sold
for $1 a bottle or three bottles for
$2.50. They will tell you all about it
at A. O. Luken's drug store.
Standpatter Does Not Want
Tariff Blamed for High
Prices on Paper.
A young inventor of Lyons, France,
is said to have solved the problem of
the transmission of electrical energy
without the use of wires.
Washington, April 24. The special
committee appointed by Joseph G.
Cannon, speaker of the house, to in
vestigate the print paper trust, is be
ing made the butt of so much ridicule
that it may not find the heart to make
the investigation. Representative
Mann, chairman of the committee,
said, today, that he supposed the com
mittee would get down to work in a
few days.
The charge of the Newspaper Pub
lishers' association, in session in New
York, that the creation of the commit
tee was a subterfuge, is amply borne
out by the facts. It is common talk
here that the print paper trust inspir
ed the resolution which, resulted in
the appointment of the committee.
The "whereases" of the resolution,
contain phrases almost identical with
those which appear in statements clv
en out by the representati ves of the
trust who have been here for ten davs
trving to head o'f the movement to
pass a bill putting print paper and
wood pulp on the free list.
Plot of Standpatters.
It is charted that the investigation
scheme was proposed by tbe trust peo
ple and readily accepted by the ppoak
er. ami those eminent "."land patter."
Representatives Payne and Pa!iell.
The talk is general that the commit
toe was made tin with the iew of ob
taining a report which would sustain
the view of iho "standpatters" that
the tariff has not had anything to do
with the increased cost of print p.v
The nab Of Tb B4jr.
The organ around which all the other orfrr
revolve, and upon which they ar largely de
pendent tor their welfare, ia tbe stomach.
When the functions of the stomach become im
paired, the bowels and Hver also become de
ranged. To cure a disease of the stomach, Uver
or bowels jet a JO cent or 11 bottle of Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin at yonr druggist's. It ts
the promptest relief for constipation and dyr
Ptptia ever cr mpoinuJed.
P. J. L. Antique
Furniture Co.
for all kinds of repairing and re
finishing. Screens made to ord
er. Odd pieces of furniture
made to order.
922 Main St.
Monday Morning
April 27, 9:25 A. M.
Move We N&usi, amid Thai!: Quickly,
Every dollar's worth of Furniture, Bedding, Stoves, Pictures, etc., will be let loose, and at a big saving,
Never before were such bargains given, at the very time you need them.
The best and biggest line Dressers
Chiffoniers, Toilet Tables, at a big
discount. Prices cut to $8.98,
$12.75, $14.50, $16.40 and upward.
The Richmond product of Iron
and Brass Beds will give you the
opportunity never before pre
sented. Prices range from $1.69,
$3.25, $4.35, $7.00 and upward.
Round and Square
Dining Tables
Priced from $6.25, $8.50, $12.75
$27.00 and upward
Our Big Windows Show You
Our Genuine Sacrifice
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We're jammed with Furniture ! Down go the Prices ! Come See the Excitement !

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