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Wanted, For Sale, For Rent, Lost,
Found, Miscellaneous, Ledge Notice,
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries, etc.,
Situations Wanted, are Free.
Tlie Market Place of Richmond
for buyer or seller. A trial will con
vince ycu thst Palladium Classified
Ads re result bringers.
WANTED Screen doors repaired, re
wired and made to onb-r, also lawn
mowers cloaii'-d. sharp'-rf-fl and re
paired, oalb-d for and deli vorod, ."Of.
Drown fc Darnell, Phone Ut:;;. 7-2t
WAN' T K D ' i g a r s a I s i n a a wanted:
In your locality to represent us. Experience-
unnecessary; $110 per inn.
and expenses. Write for particu
lars. Monroe Cigar Co. Toledo,
Ohio. Tit
VAS"TED Housekeeper ; good home.
References rerjuired. Address
"Home." care Palladium. 7-1 1
V A N T K Xy'Y 7i n I r od 1 1 ( e my work I
will enlarge your iiictnn: this week
for $1.50, work guaranteed. I will
call for work. Fred Miner, 22 South
0th. 7-lt
WA X TETjHo)nier2;-S'r7 1 "h 7-7 1
WANTED To trade a "GO-egg Prairie
State incubator for gents' bicycle.
Phone 5130 C. C.-2t.
WA X T E D -T l ii v e 1 i n g s a 1 e s n i e n t o se 1 1
temperance drinks through jobber,
salary or commission. State exper
Decreed That the Merry Widow Hat Is Not the Thing and
That Smaller Hats Are Really the Style.
Georgia Fox.
It's the little hat. after all, that is
going to reign in popularity this sum
mer! And the Merry Widow has taken a
back seat.
The person who buys a merry wid
ow hat is liable-to have a "stung" feel
ing later on. The ;:-inch gougy, mon
strosities that were held out so allur
ingly, alas only two months ago, by
those sirens milliners of the cultivat
ed fluffy locks are now knocked nai
lery west into the history of hat
shapes; probably a year hence they
will he mentioned in the same class as
the San Francisco earthquake, a past
But the death of the :f. W. hat is a
nad thing after all. Think of the poor
man with six daughters and a wife, all
of whom are victims to the craze.
Poor man. when he took them out any
place he had to stand on the platform
of tho car with the rest of its occu
pants excepting his family, who sat in
side complacently and took up the
entire space. Just imagine! He will
have to fit out that feminine flock
with small hats, now that M. W.'s are
ancient history. And hats are not
What Colored
People are Doing
By Nana Embry.
Miss Wyona Speed and Prof. O. J.
Buckner of Chicago, were united in the
holy bonds of matrimony Wednesday
evening. June U, at the Bethel A. M. 12.
church. The bride was handsomely
gowned in a white dotted silk mulle
and she carried a large bunch of
bridal roses. Miss Grace Taylor was
the bridesmaid and wore a pink silk
dress trimmed in white silk and lace.
The best man was Mr. George Lewis of
Chicago. Rev. Mr. Williams performed
the ceremony in the presence of a large
audience, after which the bridal party
left for Chicago, where the young peo
ple will make their future home.
On Thursday night. June 1, a recep
tion was given them by the choir of
Quinn chapel, of which the groom is
chorister. Mrs. Buckner is an accom
plished young woman. She was or
ganist at the Bethel A. M. K. church
for five years. Mr and Mrs. O. J.
Buckner will visit their parents in Cai
ro. 111., soon.
Mr. Martin Goins. who has been em
ployed by the A. X. .x. M. business col
lege at Greensboro. X. C, has return
ed home to spend the month of June,
Are You
Concrete, like everything else,
can be made good or bad. We pro
duce the highest standard of quali
ty in our famous POWER MIXED,
CURED building blocks. We guar
antee a dry walk Porch columns
made to order.
McMahon & Wilson
Concrete Works
423 Pearl St., New Phone 3174
ience in detail, and mention rr-fer-enee
wh'-n replying. Red Cross Vi li
near Company. St. Louis, Mo. 7&1 1
WANTED Agents: we positively
have -he fastest selling household
patent on the invtrktt. Wolvereen
Co., Pittsburg, Pa. fi-:;t
WANTED Situation car. est for horse
or tending to yard. Address "Y.
T." care Palladium. ". -2 1
WANTED Roomers and boarders;
22 South '.Mb. f.-7t
WANTKI) A cDini trirl in family of
two. n. :th street. Mrs. I.
M. Hug lies. ."-7t
WANTE D- Everybody-!". "Tec the fine
Canadian governinent exhibit, in the
Mcf'onaha I'iauo room. -11;; Main St.
Finely illustrated literature free. V.
H. RoKers. governinent agent. '-7t
WANT K 1) B .ard-rs ; 2.: N Oih.
WA NT K IV Seo Morehead' for profes
sional vault cleaning. Phone .'!1T7.
IK'S Puller Street. mayl'Mf
WANTED Men to Learn barber
trade; will equip shop for you or
priced according to their sizes, eith
er. The sweet little fluffy Charlotte
Cordays, that are, by their absolute
prettiness, insinuating themselves into
the favor of tasteful women, cost fully
as much as these flattened straw
stacks named for the celebrated opera.
Of course, my friends, big hats are
not entirely out. If you are fortunate
I enough to have obtained a M. W. made
! from braid possible for cutting down,
! you could entreat some kind-hearted
I milliner to take off eicht or nine in
ches all around or say 15 inc'ies oft
i a side and you could have what is
termed a "liig" hat. even then.
But. no more of the genuine. ;jti-inch
Merry Widow bats. No. indeed. After
a few weeks' fad of that sort, the pub
lic is frenzied enough to get out an
injunction against such public nuis
ances. Tell me, did you ever see a
woman in a Merry Widow hat who
looked anything but absurd? 1 never
did. I don't think that they would be
becoming to the most beautiful fluffy
haired creature on the earth. And,
probably that is the real reason that
the popularity of this bat has reached
its limit. After all. women don't want
to look like monkevs.
with his parents 7K. South Seventh
Dr. J. R. Xorrel has returned home
from F'rankfort. Ky.
Rally Day at the Mt. Moriah Bap
tist church last Sunday was a success,
there being over ?7." contributed dur
the three services. Ten converts
were baptised at the Main street
bridge at one o'clock in the afternoon.
Services were by Rev. Mr. Goins of
Lancaster. Ky.
The Messrs. Osa Watkins. l-"austine '
Carter and Misses Ruby Hayes and j
Myrtle Baker attended the Odd Fel- :
lows services at New Cattle last Sun-j
day. j
A parlor social was given by the
sewing circle last Thursday evening
for the benefit of the-. M. K. church.
Will Pearson and Miss Belle Lindsey i
of Indianapolis, are the guests of Mr. j
and Mrs. Rufus Milton, ."o.s North A'
street, today. j
Mrs. Viola Bass and Mrs. Myrtle;
Goins spent Saturday in the country
east of New Paris. Ohio.
Owing to the illness of one of the
members the Merry Widow club, that
organization failed to meet Thursday j
evening. j
The Richmond Ideal club met Thurs-i
day night at the home of Herbert Bun-!
(iy. South Ninth street. j
A party was given by the Krnw FYow '
club at the home of Howard Bass, i
South Tenth street, by tlv.' young mar-!
ried ladies. i
Mr. Steven Riser and J. W. Abin of
Spiceland, Ind,. were in the citv Thurs
day. Mrs. Hugh Norman of Connersvi'Ie,
Ind.. has been the guest of her rarents
a few days on Hunt street.
Mr. Cornelius Arnold spent a few
days with his brother, Mr. Will Ar
nold ana wne. ;
Mr. Henry Williams is the guest of;
Miss Hullsee Kowe today, l l;u Hunt '
street. j
Miss Hul'see Rov. e made a business t
trip to Cincinnati Monday. j
Mrs. J. R. Xorrel left Thursday!
to attend her sister's commence-1
ment at Indianapolis. She expects to!
leave Saturday for Nashville. Ter.n. to!
spend a few weeks with friends. j
Miss B. P. Ralph of 7Ci X. ir.th
street has returned home from West
Klkton. where she has been spending
some time with htir grandparents.
Mrs. l-:thel Devency, Mrs. Art B.
Burner will spend today in Cincinnati.
Mrs. Anna Bryant. 44 S. tith street
gave a reception for Tier sister. Mrs.
Harriet Haydren at her home Wed
nesday afternoon at Ki South Third
st reet.
Mr. P. Outland of 2'.- North Eighth
street, was in Columbus. O.. on busi
ness last week. J
Mr. Roll Demprey who has been em-j
furnish positions, few weeks com
pletes, constant practice, careful in
structions, tools given, Saturday
wages, diplomas granted, write for
catalogue. Moler Barber CoPege.
Cincinnati. O. tf
WANTED - Cheapest, best shorthand,
book kei-pinir. typewriting, Mrs. Mi
ser's school, l,"th year. Phone
2177. 113-tf
VANTED--Tenor soloist tor church !
quartet. Must read music. Ap- j
ply F. I. Braffet. Second National ;
Bank. 22-tf
WA N'TED-Manaeer for" branch office
we wish to locate here in Richmond, i
Address with reference. The Morris.
Wholesale House, Cincinnati, Ohi;. ;
-i-.'SOt ;
FOR SALK Single cushion tire bug-j
gy; used with or w ithout, top. J. j
V. Snyder, corner National Road :
and Asylum Ave 7-7 1 '
. .. . . .... . t ... . .
FOR SALE Modern colonial cottage, i
Finest location, t; rooms, bath; all!
ployed at the Westcott hotel as cook,
contemplates leaving June loth for
Wawawsee, Ind.. to take charge of the
kitchen at the East Side hotel.
Mrs. George Webb was In Indianap
olis this week.
Mr. Henry Bass is out again from
a few days' illness.
The Jolly Twenty club gave a suc
cessful entert.ainmef' Tuesday even
ing at the Bethel A. M. E. church.
The lawn tennis club recently organ
ized will have its ground's completed
by Thursday on West Sheridan street.
Miss Nana Fmbry who left last Fri
day a week to attend the commence
ment at Millersburg. Ky., is reported
on the sick list. She will return
home as soon as her health will per
mit. Mr. Horace Critner. who has been
employed as waiter at the Westcott,
left today for Danville, 111.
During Corner in Grain, Rail
roads Rushed Its Trans
Chicago, May 6. With the big west
ern railroads breaking all transporta
tion records in handling the Hood of
corn which is still pouring into this
city from shipping points all over the
Middle West, grain men here figure
that muddy roads alone made the big
"corner" possible and that if the high
ways of half a dozen states ha.d been
in shape to let the farmers haul their
stored up corn to the station it would
have broken the price and made mil
lions of dollars difference to farmers,
dealers and commission men. As it
was. every effort was made to make
up for the lost time. The enormous
demand for corn and the pressure
brought to bear by shippers caused
the traffic departments of the rail
roads to issue emergency orders. Corn
was given the right of way and ship
ments that would ordinarily take
three or four days to reach Chicago
were rushed through in half that time.
F'or awhile a report was current that
one railroa 1 had promised that corn
from all Nebraska points would reach
Chicago within 4S hours after loading.
The part that bad roads played in
the delay of shipments may stimulate
a general improvement of the national
highways. According to the latest
government figures there are 2,lal.o70
miles of public roads in the United
States, outside of incorporated cities,
towns and villages. Of this milease
I0v2ti2 miles were surfaced with
gravel, 3S.621 with stone and 6. SOI)
with special materials, making a to
tal of 133.664 miles of improved road
or only 7.14 per cent of the entire
mileage. Taking the country as a
whole there is one mile of road for ev
ery "5 inhabitants and one mile of im
proved road for every 492 inhabitants.
The Clean Tea Taster.
'T bathe morning and evening. 1
change all my underwear thrice a week
and I have my clothes steam cleaned
monthly." The speaker, a thin, sal
low man. was a tea taster. "You see."
he explained. "I have to keep myself
and all my senses extraordinarily clean
and pure. The least dirt, the least
smell, bluats my taste. My food. even,
must be practically unseasoned. A
dish made tasty with plenty of pepper
and salt would throw me out infallibly
for the day." With a sigh he resumed
his luncheon of hot milk, dry toast
and a raw egg'. Exchange.
Georgia a:
Our chef says Gold Medal Flour only.
improvements. Call af'ernoons 1 to
".. S. 1-fth. Tit
FOR" SALE Antique furni'ureT 5l! )
Main. 7-2:
FOR SALE Ladies" good saddle and!
driving horse; 1"4 Randolph. t-2'
FOR SALE- Cheap Urooery stock
and meat market. chicken park, ;
horse and wagon. Set- me quick, j
A! II. Hunt. 7 X. Hth St. 5-3t !
FOR SALE - About bushels of good j
corn in the crib. ." miles southwest i
of Centerville. Inquire Win..
Dicks. 112 North 7th. ",,t
FOR' SALE -No. ; Remincton- type
writer, cheap. lis X. 21sr .".-.".t 1
FOR SALE New rubber tired open '
buggy. Call Ion X. I'.'th street, aft
er p. m. 2-7t
PORT""? ALE Sweet potato pl.fnts 7
Gran' Mreet, jihone ".'Hi".. 1 1 It
FOR SAKE Household goods," very
chap; MO X. H. l-7t
FOR SALE- City real estate.." "Porter-
f ieid. KcLey Block. 0-tf
FOR SALE Grocery and meat market
in good location. Must be oold at
City Will Conduct a Model
Dairy Farm in Hope of
Decreasing Deaths.
Chicago, June . A novel experi
ment in municipal ownership will be
undertaken in this city shortly as part
of the campaign which is now being
waged for better living conditions in
thi crowded tenement districts. This
is a model dairy farm, to be establish
ed and operated under the supervision
of the health department, for the pur
pose of furnishing pure milk to the
babies of Chicago during the hot sum
mer months. The decision of the city
to undertake the ventu'e is the result
of a recent investigation into the city's
mortalitv which s'.iowed some startl
ing conditions. According to Health
Commissioner Evans, 10.07 children
under 3 years of age died in Chicago
during the past year. A large per
centage of these deaths were laid to
the use of impure milk. "The germs
of disease and decay grow very rap
idly in milk, much more rapidly than
in water," said Dr. Evans.
"Germs in milk wil' doub'o every
twenty minutes, under favorable con
ditions. This means that if one germ
falls into fifteen drops of milk, in
eight, hours it will contain about l'V
(tOd, ooo germs. The milk for a city the
size of Chicago is shipped a consider
able distance, and in consequence is
twenty-four hours old or more before
it is consumed. If it is to come to us
fit for babies to drink, the greatest
precautions are necessary." l-:nerge-tic
steps are being takpn by the muni
cipal authorities to prosecute dealers
who sell milk that is not up to the
standard. During the ast 10 months
1 2 9 suits for low-grade, product have
been brought against storekeepers and
depot owners. The new mode! dairy
will be situated somewhere outside
the city. It will be conducted in ac
cordance with the la'es- scientific
methods and t'.ie milk will Tjl deliver
ed direct to the consumers before it is
12 hours (dd. The officers of the
health department expect great good
to result from the scheme and careful
comparisons will be made of the mor
tality in the district where tlie "real
milk" is delivered with the death rate
in other similar sections.
he., i.t (it Lxercise.
Lord Fahnersion used a clever expe
dient for coercing himself into a littU
regular daily exercise.
It was his custom when in govern
ment positions to have his inkstand
piaced upon a table several yards away
from the desk at which he worked, so
that he had to walk several paces for
each dip of ink.
He attributed his maintenance of
sturdy health and jaunty manner un
der the trying conditions of office rou
tine to this simple practice, as also his
habit of performing all work standing.
The Markets
(By CoTtll pnd Thompson, Brokers,
Eaton. O.)
Chicago. June 0.
Open. High. Low. Close.
.... n7-n
V. 1-
. . . . N Js S7
Open. Hig-n. ow. Close.
Julj t7J-j GSU 7U C7S.
once. Owners live in the city. Ad
dress "C. W. H." car? Palladium.
FOR SALE A car load of horses every
Saturday and Monday at lus Taube's
barn. :'-tf
FOR SALF: Cheap. s" acres good
land, well improvd. near Economy.
W. F. Swain. Economy, InJ. l-7t
FOR KENT F'umrshed room, If S.
7th. .-7t i
F OR KK.NT Houe of five rooms, j
271-.. N. I'.'th Sr. Call .lessup law of-
l';ce. 7-2t
FOR RENT- Five n o:n house, V.r. S.
Kith street. 7 It i
FOK RF'XT l-'urnished rooms, mod- j
em con venifiicis : ; t X. pith. t'-Tt
Kofi ltF'NT F'urnished front ro.un.!
moiiern. .".2 North Pth. 4-7t
J t li KEN f -B'iGiuess rooms and flats?
Ft. Wayv.e Ave. See Alfords. liti-tf.
FOK RF:XT Furnished rooms; a'so
office rooms, with steam heat and
j Sept ;'. ",'VH .", JlieS,
Dec ."4,.. rTv oF'S "i'r
Opeu. High. Low. Close.
July 4.V'S 4.V'H 47 4.3'vj
Sept o7 "i"1! 3 lS
Open. High. Low. Close.
July .. ..i:;.70 $1M.7 ?K.f.7 ?n.',7
Sept. .. . Kk'.C. Kk'.C. Kl.0'2 K'k'.t.J
Open. High. Low. Closa.
July . . . .Svr.2; $vr.2 SS..Y2
Sept . . . S.72 S.77 S.70 S.70
Open. High Low. Close.
July .. . .S7.42 .'?7.47 $7.12 57.4-"
Sept . . . 7.'7 7.7o 7J'.7 7.7
Reserves less V. S. dep dec .S 724.,2
Reserves, dec 717,
Loans, dec "."1 fl.cx)
Specie, dec 2.7M.."i(
Lepals. inc 1.2M,;oo
Deposits, dec '.'2.. 4
Circulation, dec .".UUioO
Chicago, June fi. Hogs, receipts
Kl.OOO, strong. Left over 2,70. Cat
tle. S00. unchanged. Sheep 1,500,
Hogs, Close.
Light $.".10'af5.52H
Mixed o.l5( 5.57
Heavy 3.0." (n 5.55
Rough 3.05; 5.25
Indianapolis Grain.
Indianapolis, June 6.
Wheat. ?!
Corn, 70.
Oats. 53,.
Rye, SI.
Timothy. $12. .2)
Indianapolis Market.
Best, heavies $5. 45(57-
Good to choice .".I'.O'fj
Good to choice heifers.... 6.35 -ft
Medium to good steers . . .:-;. f
Choice to fancy yearlings 5.25'''
Choice to fancy heifers.. . 5.00j
Good to choice heifers. ... 45'i7
Good to choice ILOi'eJj'
I'air to good 2.00?;
Good to h'vy fleshy feed'rs t).25;
F'air to good feeders 4.75 "a
(rood to choice stockers.. 3.5("Vi
Common to fair heifers .. 4.00S
Choice lambs 5.25f?
Best yearlings 5.00-5
Richmond Grain Market.
(Richmond Roller Mills)
Wheat (per bu) 90c
Corn (per bu I 70c
Oats, (per ba.) 47c
: R' e, i per bu ( 7oc
Bran (per ton) ... J26.00
Middlings (per ton) $2S.0O
(Paid by Richmond Abattoir.)
Best hogs, aveiage 200 to
250 lbs $3.105 $5.
Good to heavy packers .. 5.05 fi 5
Common and rough 3. 43 ft 4.
Steers, corn fed 5.1 5.
Heifers 4."ii 5.
Fat cows V.r"a. 4
Bulls S. 4.
Calves 5.005 5
Lambs 3.25 S 3.
(Paid by Bee Hive Grocery.)
Young chickens, dressed, per Ib..l?c
Old chickens, per lb 12Vi to 15c
Turkeys, per lb ISc
Ducks, per lb 13c
(Pair! by Bee Hive.)
Creamery butter, per lb ..24c.
Country butter, per lb 15c
Eggs. ;ter doz 14c.
6.25 T
5.13 1 1
Richmond Hay Market.
(Omar G. Wfcelaa.)
250 lbs $3.1035.20
Good to heavy packers .. 5.00JI3.15
bath, at The Grand, for gents only. 1
FOR KENT Furnished rooms and
hath. N.Tth 12'h. :'.-7t
FOR RENT Furnished and t;i.:;.r-
nis-hed rcc:v.s: 4 7 S 10th. 3 7t
KOI! RKXT lesk room;" 14 X." :'':h
street. 4 Tt
LOST $2" in paper, on chopping
tour. Main street, between 7th and
th and 2"4 S. 12th street. Fender
r-tuni to 2vt S. 12th and receive
reward. 7-lt
FIRE lN'SK KANOF:- Richmond In
surum-o Ai.'iin, Hans X. Koil. Mgr.
TP; Main. may;: sun A.- tlnir tr
XOT1CF: Co isha ROl tH: forthe face
and lips. To introduce (Wdsha Rouge
into thousands of new homes we
will send one regular ."bo size bottle
to all who answer this advertise
ment and inclose 10 cents to cover
Coition and rough
F"at cows
. . 3. 40W4.40
. . .4.50S 5.00
.. 3.30114.20
. .IkjOlj 4.00
Corn (per bu) .
. .ti.r to 6Sc
Oats (per bu.) 47 to 50c
Richmond Seed Market.
(Runge & Co.)
(per bu)
Pittsburg Livestock.
Pittsburg, June 6.
Cattle Receipts light, Bteady.
Cattle $7.10 down.
Veal $5.001" 7.20.
Hogs Receipts 1 loads; $5.70 dwn.
Sheep and lamb receipts light.
Sheep $4.52?ii 4.60.
Spring lambs $7.25 down.
East Buffalo Livestock.
East Buffalo, June fi.
Cattle Market steady.
Veal Receipts 200; $5. 25 7.00.
Sheep and lambs Receipts 3,600.
Sheep. $2.75; $4.50.
Lambs. $5.25fr; 5.00.
Hops Receipts S.0'O.
Mixed and yoikers $5.50: 5. S3.
Pigs $5.0' 3.10.
Toledo Grain.
Toledo, June 6.
Oats 5:;i..
Wheat Oil.
Corn, 71'1.
Clover (October) $7 45.
Alsike $13.50. ;
Rye, S2.
Round Trip to
Via C. C. & L. R. R. i
Sunday, June 7
! i
Leaves Richmond 5:15 am
Leaves S. Richmond 5:20 am
Leaves Boston 5:33 ara
Leaves Kitchell 5.41 am
Leaves Cottage Grove 5:33 am
Returning lv. Cincinnati 0:00pm
C. A. BLAIR, P. & T. A.
Home Tel 2n"2. Richmond.
Via C. C. & L. R. R.
Sunday. June 7
Opening of the West Side
Park; 10 Brass Bands, Etc.
Base Ball, Etc.
Train leaves Richmond, 10:55 a.
m., returning home at :05 p. m.
C. A. BLAIR, P. & T. A.
Home Tel. 2062.
I Oil) 1 1
6.25 4-
Remember this ts
a sain pie bottle, hut a recu'.vr
.V s;c bottle Agents wanted.
Wri'" for 1 !'...: a! t.itns. Address
C.t !sh. Mft; Co 2 F:.i' l'lst St .
New York a;r2-st:n tf
i A R 1 A Nn" MARS HA LI ..".t N
Vh. epcri- r.c .'. paper haulers: all
w oi k guar antt vd and prices right
i :t
MONKY LOANEU- Low rates, easy
terms. Thompson's loan mad ral
eMate agency. Wide stairs, 710
Main street. Bond's automatic
phone Na l-wed-thurs frl-at ti
W can help make you happy hoa
estly ws can. Richmond Steam
Johnny Honest, mamma. 1 didn't
eat the Jam. Mother-Well. I will be
lieve you this time, but don't ever tell
a lie again. St. lxuis TUb.
The Kiblinger Motor Buggy
. $375.00 and upwards.
A practical, euccefsful, economical
automobile at a 6mall coat- Doubbv
cylinder, air cooled. 10-1? H. r. Solid
rubber tres. Will run through dej
mud or sand, and will climb steep
hills. Writo for our Aftancy Terms.
Box N. 320. Auburn, Ind.
Terre Haute, Indianapolis &
Eastern Traction Co.
Eastern Division
(Time Table Effective Oct. 27. 1907.)
Trains leave Richmond for Indian
apolis and intermediate,-station at
6:00 a. m.. 7:2$. 8:00. 9:25. 10:00.
11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:25,3:00. 4:00.
5:25. 6:00, 7: 30. '8:40,' 8:00. a0:00.
Limited trains.
Iast car to Indianapolis, 8:40 p. m.
Last car to'New Castle, 10:00 p. ni.
Trains connect at Indianapolis for
Iafayette, FYankfort, Crawfondsville,
Terre Haute, Clinton. Sullivan. Paris
(Ills.) Tickets cold through.
Back to the
Dr. A. O. Martin Dentist Is now per
manently located in Colonial Blk.
with a thorough up to date electri
cal equipped dental office. A share
of your patronage is solicited. 2-7t
Don't Play a Long Shot!
The Favorite in the
Smokers' Handicap is the
American Kid Cigar
Ask Your Dealer
Ed. A. Feltman, Nfr.
Moore & Ogborn
Fire Insurance Agents. Will go on
your Bond. Will Insure you against
Burglary, Theft and Larceny. Room
16, I. O. O F. Bidg. Phones, Home
1589, Bell 53-IL
BAKED HAM (Cooked Done)
Phone 2292.
1 iiicimiunr nrn rnTirr t
j inaunAnucncALcaiAic j
W. H. Bradbury & Son
Rooms 1 and 3, W.stcott Blk
The Great Blood Purifier. Fir sal
at ail drug stores.
Gold FTour makes the wV.t-st
bread. JJtltia.

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