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Republican Unionists Do Not
Sympathize With Chief's
Chicago, July, 18. Trouble Is in
Store for Samuel Gompcrs, president of
the American Federation of Labor, ac
cording to Chicago labor leaders be-
ct-use of his declaration in favor of j
were calling on friends and relatives
here Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fagan spent
Friday in Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. Mason of Economy,
spent Thursday with Albert Albertson's.
Just Exactly Right.
"I hare used Dr. King's New life
Pills for several years, and find them
just exactly right," says Mr. A. A. Fel
ton, of Harrisville, N. Y. New Life
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Luken & Cordrug store.
Cambridge City, Ind., July 18. Mrs.
Isadore Wilson of our local high
school and Miss Elizabeth Rankin of
Richmond are chaperoning a company
of young people, who are camping
near Carthage.
Carl Boyd made a business trip to
Knightstown, Friday.
Walter Vanderbeck. of New Lisbon
was a Cambridge City visitor Friday.
The Good Time Circle met with Miss
Rose Greisenger, Thursday.
i Miss Sarah Williams and Master
Bryan. There are few members of the j HeTheH pjsher went to New Castle
Chicago Federation of Labor who care i Friday for several days visit with
to brave the wrath of the national fed-1 friends.
eratlon chief by openly opposing Oom-! Harry Kuster was quite painfully
pers, but there are some who do not i hurt Thursday by catching his foot
fear to speak, out.
I in the elevator at the Paul Casket
at a birthday dinner Thursday, the
following being present and whose
birthdays were the same: Leon a Sells.
Miss Cloe Lumpkins and Earl Harold.
Other guests were Mrs. Dempsey
Lumpkins, Mr. and Mrs. David Sells.
Misses Maud Lumpkins and Blanch
Coffman, Neva Bowman and Esther
Mrs. Lizzie Bradbury of Richmond
has been visiting E. B. Reynolds and
Clyde Reynolds and family.
Mrs. Charles Porter and daughter.
Dorothy, have been visiting her
mother. Mrs. Howell at Centerville.
Mrs. M. T. Fox and Mrs. Fred E.
Smith were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Oliver Jones and family at Muncie,
Friday and attended the commence
ment exercises at the conservatory of
music, Friday evening. They returned
this morning.
The Art Club was very pleasantly
entertained at the home of Mrs. R. B.
Worl on West Main street, Thursday
afternoon. At this meeting it was de
cided by the members to give a ban
quet Thursday afternoon of next
Miss Opal Klser went to Atlanta,
Friday to visit her brother. Leroy Ris
er and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powell and
daughter Elsie of Chicago are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. George Twitchell.
Tfco. ihonrv rr rMnncm. i.w in rffra i shop. A carriage was called and he
generally is that the federation Is not jwas talten to nis home
a political organization and that Mr. i Mrs- f- D- Knlfe- of okomo; ,s the
Gompers of that body, was unwise In u Ul . . .
officially espousing the cause of any j
political party or candidate. Further- i
more there is dissatisfaction among
the republican members of the local
unions at the prospect of federation
organizers traveling on expense mon
ey furnished by themselves acting as
Bryan speakers.
Daniel Smith of the Switchmen's
union and a member of that organiza
tion's grievance committee, said he fa
vored Taft's election and would per
mit no labor leader to dictate his poli
tical views.
George Nacey of the Stereotypers
union could not find words strong
enough to express his contempt for
promises held in the democratic plat
form, which apparently had called
forth Mr. Gompers' expression of ap
probation. Calls Promises "Rot"
"They're all rot," said he. "These
promises won't amount to a whit more
than previous promises of a like na
ture." Equally strong were the expressions
of other labor unionists who look upon
their political views as a thing apart
from their union cards.
It was suggested that Samuel Prince,
organizer for the American Federation
of Labor, who is now In Detroit agi
tating against Mr. Gompers because of
his stand In favor of Bryan, probably
would come to Chicago. It is likely
that with Organizer Prince in Chicago
the low muttering that are now being
heard would attain far greater momen
tum and some action might be taken.
' Fifty Thousand Friends.
in the great State of Ohio, fifty
thousand women use a cake or more
of Easy Task soap each week, ask any
one of this army of intelligent women
the reason "It does not hurt my
hands, makes my clothes snowy white
and cuts the labor in half, then too,
t costs but a nickel."
Dr. J. E. Wright and family have
returned from a visit to Salem. Ind.
The Misses Miller of Cincinnati, will
be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bent
Wilson, over the Sabbath.
Bert Duteweiler is spending a few
days In Cincinnati.
Mrs. Lutitia Shepler, of Milton, vis
ited her cousin, Mr. Jot Caldwell and
family, Thursday.
Mrs. Howard McNeill, who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Paul re
turned to her home in Richmond, Fri
day. Mrs. Charles Gilmore who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Huddleson, returned to her home
In Muncie Friday.
Mrs. Margaret McCaffrey and
daughter, Alice, went to their country
home yesterday for the remainder of
the summer.
The American Casket factory is run
ning full time.
Miss Lillian Lackey who has been
attending school at Kankakee, Ilk, is
visiting Jier father, Mr. Charles Lac
key. Mr. and Mrs. Will Doney and Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lnddlngton spent
Thursday In Connersville.
Mrs. Lewis Johnson of Chicago is
visiting Miss Verne Bowmaster.
Mr. J. E. Gray went to Chicago thld
Miss Bertha Coulter of Indianapolis
came Thursday night for a visit with
her brother, Father Coulter.
Miss Lemke, of Hamilton, Ohio, Is
visiting Miss Louise Klelber.
Mrs. Theodore Fronaphel has re
turned from a visit in Anderson. TT?r
granddaughter, Miss Cora Munchoff,
accompanied her.
The lawn fete at the St. Elizabeth's
parsonage, Thursday evening was well
The Remedy That Does.
"Dr. King's New Discovery is the
remedy that does the healing others
promise but fail to perform," says
Mrs. E. R. Pierson, of Auburn Centre,
Pa." It is curing me of throat and
lung trouble of long standing, that oth
er treatments relieved only temporari
ly. New Discovery is doing me so
much good that I feel confident its
continued use for a reasonable length
of time will restora me to perfect
health." This renowned cough and
cold remedy and throat and lung heal
er is sold at A. G. Luken & Co. drug
store. 50c. and $1.00. Trial bottle
Arthur Haley of Bntler, were C. H.
Calloway's guests over Friday night.
Welter Templin's home has a new
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ferguson enter
tained at dinner Friday. Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Hartshorn of Fort Wayne, Mrs.
L. B. Grayson, Mrs. Will Calloway and
daughter Helen, of Indianapolis, Mrs.
G. W. Calloway and C. H. Calloway.
Clarence Clark has returned fron
Indianapolis where ho attended the
funeral of his grandmother, Mrs. Cath
erine Mitchell.
Earl Atkinson has accepted a posi
tion with the dramatic company,
"Captain Clay of Missouri." and will
open in Chicago in August. Mr. At
kinson has made good in his chosen
profession and always has a good
Mrs. Mary Elliott has returned to
Indianapolis after a visit with Miss
J. G. Ewers has sold his handsome
residence property on West Main
street to Ben Wagner. Price $2,00O.
Mr. Wagner will eventually occupy it
as a home.
Miss Maud Griffin of Connersville, is
at "Sunny Side," the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Will Wallace.
A picnic was given Thursday in hon
or of Mrs. Warren Crawford.
James S. Baker and family occupy
Mrs. Laura Morgan's house while their
home is being remodeled.
Foley's Orino Laxative, the new lax
ative, stimulates, but does not irritate.
It is the best laxative. Guaranteed or
your money back. A. G. Luken & Co.
ed at these places are hereby invited
to attend.
Mrs. Burl Ruddell of Chicago, for
merly Miss Lillian Gale, is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. J. W. Spears at the Trum
bull homestead on Walnut street. .
Mrs. T. E. Nickels is quite sick at
her home on Main street.
A delightful reception was given
V. .f -3 f T7t Tl -......,.. i V !
uj -i I . attu .ins. . uiccuc m uuu-
or of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde B. Lunday.
Besides the newly married pair .were
a few of the immediate relatives.
Miss Ethel Bramer is spending the
week with Mrs. Daniel Clevenger in
the country.
James H. Carroll Is recovering from
a protracted seige of rheumatism. j
Little Miss Aalene Shepherd of j
Troy. O., is visiting her aunts, Mrs. i
O. M. Hurst and Mrs. J. W. Home. j
The ladies of the Methodist con-1
gregation gave the church a thorough
cleaning this week. j
A company of ladies formed a pic- j
i nic party at Jackson park Thursday. I
! Those In atendance were Mrs. Wilbert !
j Bertsch and two sons, Mrs. May
' Smelser, Mrs. Harry Meyers. Mrs. W. j
K. Cheeseman, Mrs. Samuel Lashley. ,
Mrs. Joseph McConaha. Mrs. Dora j
Mendenhall, Mrs. Cortez Jones. Mrs. j
W. A. Welfer, Mrs. Francis McMinn.
Miss Mode Brown, all of Centerville,
and Mrs. John Hoerner of Richmond.
Miss Treva Young of Indianapolis
is visiting Miss Mabel Elwood, south
of Centerville.
The Epworth League will give a
literary entertainment this evening. A
brief business meting will precede the
program, which will te entitled, "An
evening with Longfellow."
Campaign Manager Will Keep
Out of Ohio Senator
ial Fight.
Hagerstown, Ind., July 18. Mrs.
Horace Hoover and Mrs. Ida Lawson
Gpent Thursday at New Castle.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sells entertained
Greensfork, Ind., July 18. Miss Nel
He Lamb has returned from a tw
weeks' visit with relatives at Terre
Rev. Speckin will fill his regular ap
pointment at the M. E. church next
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Tarkleson has returned to Mld
dletown after a visit with her son,
Thomas Tarkleson and family.
Mrs. Minnie Keever has returned to
her home in Alliance, Ohio, after be
ing the guest of her sister, Mrs.
Thomas Gunkle for several days.
Mrs. Ellen Fox has returned from an
extended visit with her daughter,
Mrs. Forrest Murray of Liberty.
Mrs. Thomas Mllligan of New Cas
tle is the guest of her father, Abner
Misses Elizabeth Porter and Cad
Tinney, of Richmond, have returned
.home after a few days visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Will Roller.
Mrs.'Verl Shaffer of Williamsburg,
spent Thursday with relatives here.
Miss Luclle Jones is spending the
week with relatives in Indianapolis.
Mrs. Shawl and children of Pendle
ton are guests of Albert Pierce and
Luther Wilson's.
Miss Margaret Snyder of Dayton,
Ohio, is spending several days with
Miss Marie Hoover.
Rev. Bunday will preach at the
Friends' church Sunday at 10:30 a. m.
Miss Esther Sayres of Wilmington,
Ohio, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
John Chapman.
Mrs. Mary Stoffer has returned to
Richmond after a visit with relatives
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Farmer of Wil
liamsburg spent Thursday with Cal
vin Davis and family south of town.
Editor Burton spent Friday in Rich
mond on business.
Mrs. Tarkleson and . children are
guests of relatives at New Castle.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pierce spent
Wednesday with Guy Ballenger and
wife near Economy, Wednesday.
Trustee Boyd made a business trip
to Hagerstown, Friday.
George Linttng of Centerville was
here Friday after spending a few days
In Chicago. He was visiting John
Martlndale and family.
Abner Gunckle made his weekly
trip to Richmond, Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boyd and
children spent Friday at Centerville
with relatives.
Mrs. Pierce and daughter of Cincin
nati are visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Richard Faucett.
Mrs. Ollie Burchard has returned to
her home In Anderson after a visit
with John Chapman and family.
Clinton Routh of Richmond, was in
town. Friday, on business.
Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin
Mr. i
Milton, Ind., July 18. Mr. and Mrs.
R. M. Beson of Baltimore are visiting
the fromer's sister, Mrs. Ella Hoffman.
Mrs. Martha Stover has returned
from Indianapolis where she attended1
the wedding of her nephew, Harry E.
Helm and Miss Clara F. Pfeiffer, last
Monday. The bride was a teacher In
the Indianapolis schools. )
The Masonic lodge rooms have been
thoroughly cleaned and the hall jvays
repapered and new carpet laid.
Mrs. Alonzo Heiney of Randolph
county was a recent visitor to Milton.
Mrs. Cynthia Rains, age 88, died at
her home in North Baltimore, O., Fri
day. She was the mother of Silas
Clark, south of Milton and her re
mains will be brought to his home this
afternoon on the Lake Erie road at
2:28. The funeral will be at the Valley
Grove chu?ch Sunday morning end the
interment will be in the Clark lot in
the adjoining cemetery.
R. F. Calloway and visiting guests
drove to Connersville Thursday after
noon. C. J. Smith was at Connersville
Edgar P. Jones and family have
moved into their handsome remodeled
home which is one of the attractive
residences of the town.
Mrs. David Nugent has returned
from a several weeks visit to relatives
in Nebraska.
Ross Parker and wife of Indianap
olis are visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. David Parker.
Rev. W. F. Shearer of Angola, and
Economy, Ind., July 18. Miss Lizzie
Cook is here for a few days vacation
as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George
Mrs. Ella Lamb and daughter Louise
arrived from Richmond Thursday eve
ning. Mrs. Charles Harris and Mrs. Esther
Stewart were visiting Mrs. Emma
Hiatt, Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Peterson enter
tained Miss Besle Taylor Thursdaw af
Mrs. Pearl Conley of Blountsville
was here Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Segrist are enter
taining Mr. Stoner and Miss Stoner of
Albany this week.
Mrs. Linn Loop gave a picnic in hon
or the Misses Nora Goring of Leban
on, and Russie Campbell of Indianap
ols at Ballenger's lako Friday after
noon. Thirty guests were present.
Grant Wadman thrashed 370 bush
els of wheat off 18 acres of ground.
The wheat is of line quality and up to
the standard mark.
Dr. Frank McKinnon of Lo3ants
ville spent Friday here.
It Can't Be Beat.
It is a revelation to people, the se
vere cases of lung trouble that have
been cured by Foley's Honey and Tar.
It not only stops the cough but heals
and strengthens the lungs. L. M.
Ruggles, Reasnor, Iowa, writes: "The
doctors said I had consumption, and
I got no better until I took Foley's
Honey and Tar. It stopped the hem
morrhages and pain in my lungs and
they are now as sound as a bullet" A.
G. Luken & Co.
Centerville, Ind., July IS. The an
nual picnic of the Jackson Hill and
Pinhook schools will be held at Jack
son Park on Saturday, August 8. All
persons who attended school or resid-
The best of all teachers is experi
ence. C. M. Harden,, of Silver City,
North Carolina, says: "I find Electric
Bitters does all that's claimed for it.
For Stomach, Liver and Kidney
troubles it can't ba beat. I have tried
it and find it a most excellent medi
cine." Mr. Harden is right: it's the
best of all medicines also for weak
ness, lame back, and all run down con
ditions. Best too for chills and ma
laria. Sold under guarantee at A. G.
Lunken & Co. drug store. 30c.
Hot Springs, Va., July IS. Arthur I. ?
Vorys, manager of the national cam-
paign in Ohio, has made a statement
in regard to senatorial situation in
his state which he declared ought to
be satisfactory to all persons concern-1
ed. The purport of the statetnnt is
that the manager of the national cam-,
paign will not interfere with the elec
tion of a United States senator to sue-;
ceed Senator Foraker. '
"I have no candidate for the senat
orship." said Mr. Vorys. "This is and
has been continually Mr. Taft's
attitude respecting the tienatorshlp.
He stands where he always stood, de- i
termlned not to promote any one's
candidacy or to place obstacles in the j
way of any one who wants Ut he a. candidate."
Miss Nettie Hartzell, Minnie Har
vey, Mrs. Wm. Klrkpatrick, Jennie
Miller, Mrs. M. E. Rabines, Mrs. Ev
anna Smith, Mrs. E. H. Thompson.
Harry Farker. Curby Hess. Asa L.
Keen, Guy Mulbarger, Clarence Perry,
Frank Robinson, John Ryan, R. M.
Windsor, Herman Wlchsler.
Paul H. Krauss.
Farmer Nat. Bank.
Rose B. Curme.
" ''' 'vou cere to treat your friends H
as you do your stomach, you
wouldn't have a friend on earth"
Every Stomach
Bishop's AM-OR-OU
Giving New Lease
Of Life
New Paris, O., July 18. Mr.
Mrs. Frank Cohurst of Dayton
Mrs. Laura Dolloff of Richmond visit
ed Mrs. Ella Cox Friday.
Mrs. Fred Koenigkramer of Rich
mond visited her brother Charles Cain
Walter Barton of Indianapolis came
home for his vacation and is quite
sick with tonsilitis.
Miss Alice Aker of Dayton, is
spending a few days with her grand
parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kemp.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Fanning of
Boston, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Guine of Dayton and Mrs. Margaret
Murray were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Murray Thursday.
Rev. Baker of Alliance, O., will
preach Sunday morning and evening
at the Christian church.
Mrs. Mae Kuth -entertained her
Sunday school class Thursday after
noon. There were present Misses
Marie WTrenn, Dona Morrison, Morna
Newbern, Marie Deny, Elizabeth
Sauers, Helen Davis, Martha and
Mary White and Mrs. Maude Arnold.
The Christian Sunday school will
have its social at the home of Miss
Bessie Cook this evening.
Cail Relnheimer went to Dayton to
day on a business trip.
The most magnificent tomb in the
world is deemed to be the palace tem
ple of Karnak, occupying a space of
nine acres, or twice that of St. Peter's
at Rome. The temple space Is a poet's
dream of gigantic columns, beautiful
courts and wondrous avenues of
Toasted Wheat FlaKes
The Ideal Summer Food
EGG-O-SEE is choicest Pacific
Coast white wheat, thoroughly
steam cooked, rolled into thin,
tender flakes and toasted to a
crisp brown. A most tasty
Appetizing, Satisfying, Wholesome
All Grocers. 10 cents
back to nature
Unless the main sprinir of your
watch la In order It is worthies juat
the nime with your stomach, that Is
lh pivot from which 9 out of 10
of all your trouble emanate,
Th many thousand of l-ttrs from
prats-ful people who hav used
Bishop's AM-OB-OU attest this fact
Without a shadow of doubt.
It relieves and cures by
acting directly upon the cause
If you will only remamher th
oipr8stvne8 you sornrtimes feel
after eating. th tired, nervous de
pression giving you needleaa worrl
mnt, otWn caused by overwork, too
littic exercise in the epen air, or too
much hastily eaten food. Your Uvar
ir.uy be alugsish, akin sallow, the
kidneys n.ay be out of order or
dozens of Imaginary ailments all hav
ing their foundation in the ubune. of
your stomach. Take courajre! thoutrh
a mere pain-racked shell of your old
time clf. th.re is Hope for you In
Bishop's AH-OX-CX7 the truest friend
that man or woman erer have had
offered to them
Bishop's AM-OB-OTT la compounded
in either XUatud or Tablet form, both
containing the same herha and vege
table matter, l'rtre tl.OO.
From thousand of unsolicited testi
mony, kindly read the following ex
tract taken at random:
T. A MrKuae. I'nlun Mill. X C
writes Sample of AM-OR-OU was
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and atu enciaeiag fl 00 tor anntsrr
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and did rverytbinK that you rlaimed
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the heat luedtrlne I bare found for
Ita purpose and it did the work.
A jrenerous free sample of Bishop's
AM-OR-OU In tablet form will be
sent, postage prepaid to anyone writ
ins to th manufacturers.
Fena Bruf Co., FMla Fa.
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Fine, 830 Main St. Weatcott Phar
macy, 1004 Main St. Quigley Stores
corner Fourth and Main, 821 N. E St.
C. Thistlethwaite, 415 N. 8th St.
Vim -
13.6 H. P.
Air-cooled, 2-cilnder, 30 miles on
one gallon gasoline, 30 mile per
hour. Saves time, saves money, al
ways ready, never tires, never get
restless. Good 363 days in the year.
Built for comfort, protection and strv
ice. Won first place In Chicago Motor
Club's Hill-climbing Contest see Chi
cago Tribune, May 18. 1908). W
build 8 other models. Ask for cata
logue 320. W. II. Klblinger Co., Au
burn, Ind. ,
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The Latest and Most Useful Household Invention
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Eight-Inch Patent Tension
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The Shears being distributed by the
Palladium and Sun-Telegram are man
ufactured of the very highest grade
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ience of attempting to cut with a dull
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tains the following: "If this pair of
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date delivered it will be replaced with
a new pair free." By The Hamilton
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