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Crowd Attending Democratic
Meeting at Coliseum
About four Hundred people, a fourth
of the number women and children,
assembled at the coliseum last even
ing to hear that peerless, silver
throated orator of the Chicago river
the Hon. J. Ham Lewis, whose classic
whiskers will be preserved for the ad
miration of future generations by the
pencil of that master cartoonist, John
T. McCutcheon, but the "crowd" was
doomed to disappointment, for the
Bean Brummel of Cook county demo
cracy was among the missing. It was
explained to the audience that the
Hon. J. Ham had at the last moment
been unable to tear himself away from
that dear Chicago.
No sooner had this 'announcement
been made than people began to sepa
rate themselves fr'cr.' the "vast assem
blage" and filter t:.-i'.nigh the doors
onto the street. 4 By tl.e time James
Manahan, vice chairman ot the demo
cratic national speakers' bureau, who
had been subpoenaed to substitute for
Mr. Lewis, finished his "exposition" of
the evils of republican rule he was
decidedly a lonesome man.
Mr. Manahan began his address by
requesting the audience to assemble
on the front row of chairs so it would
not be so hard for him to talk. He
was not prepared to throw his burn
ing vocabulary into every section of
the big building because this was to
be, his first speech of the campaign.
Campaign of Education.
Mr. Manahan stated the prime ob
ject of the democratic party this cam
paign was to educate the voters. Ac
complishing this he was certain Mr.
Bryan would be elected, because he
could not see how an educated man
could under any consideration vote
for Taft. If this is not cuoting Mr.
Manahan literally It U, at least, giv
ing the tense of his remarks.
Speaking on the guarantee of bank
deposits the speaker' stated that Mr.
Bryan was for the poor man. but that
Taft stood for Wall street. He also
stated that the only revision of the
tariff Taft favored wa? to boost the
rates higher. He said that Bryan fav
ored placing every article In competi
tion with trust made gooTs on the free
list. Mr. Manahan's remarks were
frequently interrupted with applause.
Mr. Manahan was introduced to the
audience by the Hon, Joshua Allen, of
Hagerstown. Mr. Allen was particul
arly fiery in his remarks. He charged
the republicans with nearly every evil
except the present drought.
You Can Have a Cool Kitchen.
A soap that can be used without
boiling is a great blessing to woman
kind. Its use means the absence of
those steamy, sudsy smells that makes
wash day intolerable. Think of avoid
ing the roasting fires, and the big fuel
bills that go with them. All this com
fort may be had by the users of Easy
Task soap. Isn't it worth a trial? 5c
a cake everywhere.
Cambridge City. -Ind., Sept. 24. Mrs.
Ben Griffin and Mrs. Harry Beard are
In Indianapolis to attend the wedding
of Mrs. Griffin's nephew, Raymond E.
Reed, and Miss Lyla McAllister.
Miss Sarah Vickroy, of Johnstown,
Pa., and Mrs. Prank Thompson, of
.Beaver, Pa., are the guests of Mrs.
Louisa V. Boyd.
Miss Emma Nicholson, of New Cas
tle, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bent
Mrs. John Herbst attended the lec
ture given at New Castle by Frank H.
Leonard, of the board o lectureship.
Mrs. J. B. Allen is visiting relatives
In Hagerstown.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hageman
tpent Tuesday In Indianapolis.
Miss Bee Schemerhorn, of Marble
Rock, la., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Myers.
Elihu Miller Is painting and other
wise improving his commodious prop
erty in the north part of the city.
The following Cambridge City physi
cians attended the funeral of Dr.
Gen era I Dem and
of the Well-Informed of the World has
always been for a simple, pleasant and
efficient liquid lajcative remedy of known
value; a laxative which physicians could
sanction for family use because its com
ponent parts are known to them to be
. wholesome and tndy beneficial in effect,
acceptable to the system and gentle, yet
prompt, in action.
In supplying that demand with its ex
cellent combination of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup
Co. prccwls along ethical lines and relies
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able success.
That is one of many reasons why
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is given
the preference by the Well-informed
To get its beneficial effects always buy
the genuine manufactured by the Call
fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale
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per bottle.
George Grant at Richmond, Wednes
day afternoon: Drs. H- B. Boyd, J. R.
Mauk. J. B. Allen. W. R. Littell, J. N.
Study and J. E. Wright.
George Babcock made a business trip
to Richmond, Wednesday.
Milton Gaar was In Indianapolis
Mr. and Mrs. Josephus Mundell, of
Hagerstown. visited their daughter,
Mrs. Clara Crocker, Wednesday.
Mrs. Sue Bowman, and Mrs. Carrie
Lacey are In Indianapolis, the guests
of the latter's brother, Capt. A. C.
Luddlngton, at Camp Benjamin Harri
son. Mrs. David Harter has returned
from a visit with Hagerstown friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Carson and daugh
ter, of McMillan station, and Mrs.
Clarissa Smith, of Windfall, are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Parish.
A. R. Long of Chicago, was in the
city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Feemstesr and
little daughter, Martha, were In In
dianapolis, Tuesday.
Rosebud Reservation in South Da
kota to be Thrown Open to the Pub
lic, October 5th to 17th. Write for
folder telling how to get a 160-acre
homestead in this rich and fertile re
gion. The North Western Line is the
only all-rail-route to the reservation.
Entry can be made at Dallas or Greg
ory, the only towns on the reservation
border. For full information about
how to get a homestead, with details
regarding rates, train schedules, etc.
apply to W. B. Kniskern. P. T. M., C.
& N. W. Ry., Chicago, 111.
Milton, Ind., Sept 24 Roy Klmmel
is on his postal run between Chicago
and Cincinnati this week.
Miss Price of Hamilton, O., is at
Willard Williams'.
Chas. Atkinson of Richmond, was
a Milton visitor Sunday.
James Baker is having a cement
walk put in on the Walnut street side
of his property, thereby making a good
walk from Central avenue to the M. E.
Mrs. Caleb Morris was with Rich
mond friends Tuesday.
Mrs. Louisa Cummings of Rich
mond, is assisting Mrs. Frank Wallace
Mesdames Cummings and Wallace
were at Connersvllle Tuesday.
Mrs. Grant Davis and children of
Champaign, 111., visited her grand
mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson, this
Mrs. M. S. Barton was at Conners
ville Tuesday.
The programs of the Christian
church bazaar entertainments will be
issued shortly.
Mrs. O. L. Beeson and Mrs. Theo. P.
Crist, were at Richmond Wednesday.
Mr. Jackt of Alquina, was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Hart
The young people are preparing
good entertainments as features of the
Christian church fair, Oct 2 and 3.
Mesdames A. J, Hart and L. W. Bee-
son attended a missionary meeting at
the home of Mrs. Zehrung at Cam
bridge City, Wednesday.
Centerville, Ind., Sept. 24. Mr. and
Mrs. M. B. Reynolds entertained Mr.
and Mrs. A. E. Stamback, Mr. O. J.
Stamback and son, Harold, Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Simpson and daughter,
Louise, all of Richmond, this week.
Lewis Lantz, Jr., of Milton, was the
recent guest of Miss Amanda Lantz.
Word has been received that John
C. King," who went to Dayton, Ohio,
for an operation for: cataract on the
eye, that the operation was successful.
Mrs. Charles King is filling the
place of ticket agent atthe interur
ban station during the temporary ab
sence of John C. King.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McConaha,
residing at Bryan, entertained Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Cornelius, and Mr. and
Mrs. George McConaha this week.
Mrs. Daniel O'Melia of Indianapolis
came Wednesday to Y-sit Mr. and
Mrs. William O'Melia.
Mrs. Alice Williams of Muncie, was
the guest at supper on Wednesday of
Mrs. H. V. Austin and daughter.
Will Interest Many
Every person should know that good
health Is impossible, if the kidneys are
deranged. Foley's Kidney Remedy
will cure kidney and bladder disease
In every form, and "will build up and
strengthen these organs so they will
perform their functions properly. No
danger of B right's disease or diabetes
if Foley's Kidney Remedy is taken in
time. A. G. Luken & Co.
Hagerstown, Ind., Sept. 24. Mrs.
Henry Replogle spent Tuesday with
her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Fox at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
at Greensfork, at whose home she has
been critically ill. ,
Miss Katharine Gohring Is suffering
from a severe sprain of her ankle
caused by falling into the cellar, a dis
tance of eight feet or more. She also
sustained bruises which are very
Willie Pipher of New Castle, spent
Tuesday here on business.
Mrs. Eliza Abbott of Richmond has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wal
ter Simpson at Walnut Level.
Several of the young men who took
part in the home talent minstrel given
here and at Greensfork last spring are
preparing to give Hagerstown show
goers another good minstrel.
Mr. and Mrs. Roe Wimmer enter
tained Tuesday Mrs. Minnie Hathway
Taylor of Marion, Ind., and Miss
Katharine. Hathway of Richmond.
Greensfork, Ind., Sept. 24. Mrs. H.
Davis of New Castle is the guest of
her sister, Mrs Frank Linderman.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" - which was
given here Tuesday night was well at
tended. Mrs. Oliver Hiatt of Economy, spent
Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. E. Pot
ter. Rev. Speckln will fill his regular
.appointment at the Methodist church
' Sunday night.
Mjs. Susan Hatfield has returned
from Indianapolis and is spending a
few days with relatives here.
Miss Lena Ragen has returned to
Richmond after spending her vaca
i tlon here.
j Mrs. T. A. Dean will open a milli-
nery shop here October 1st, in the
I room next ta the First National bank.
Barney Linderman, Larkin Hoover,
William Hatfield, Guy Hoover and
Jesse Byrd left Wednesday for a two
weeks fishing trip to Angola. Ind.
Mrs. Maraba Bennett is having her
business rooms repapered and re
painted. Mrs. George Davis is on the sick
Mrs. John Clawson is spending the
week with relatives in Ohio.
Miss Mary Quigley of Williams
burg spent Wednesday here.
Miss Bell Hoover is visiting rela
tives in Indianapolis.
Olive Hill, Ind., Sept. 24. Mr. Bert
Tuttle is Improving.
George Armstrong is sowing wheat
on the Oliver Davis farm north of Wil
liamsburg where he Intends to move
in the spring.
James Busby will move on Richard
Williams farm near Fountain City,
soon, and Will Cheesman will move
back on his farm, vacated by Busby.
When Trifles become Troubles
If any person suspects that their
kidneys are deranged they shovM take
Foley's Kidney Remedy at orce and
not risk having Bright's disease or
diabetes. Delay gives the disease a
stronger foothold and you should not
delay taking Foley's Kidney Remedy.
A. G. Luken & Co.
Only Two Boys in the Milton High
School Senior Class.
Milton, Ind., Sept. 24. The Milton
High School has thirty-six members.
There are thirteen in the first year
eight boys and five girls. The fourth
year or senior class numbers nine with
the ratio of the sexes reversed, sev
en girls and two boys. The seniors
are: Misses Helen Kuhn, Hazel Fllby,
Blanche Moore, Fern Paxson, Olive
Castetter, Carrie Du Granrut, Sarah
Hussey; Messrs. Harper Lindsay and
George Borders. I
Quick Relief for Asthma Sufferers
Foley's Honey and Tar affords im
mediate relief to asthma sufferers In
the worst stages and if taken in time
will effect a cure. A. G. Luken & Co.
Funeral of Abfngton Woman Held
This Afternoon.
Centerville, Ind., Sept. 24. Mrs.
Arabelle Robinson, wife of Samuel
Robinson, died Tuesday afternoon at
her home near Abington. She is sur
vived by her husband and two children
by a former marriage, Mr. Frederick
Logan and Mrs. Harry Harvey of near
Centerville. The funeral was this
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at
Locust Grove church. The burial was
in Locust Grove cemetery.
A Sure-enough Knocker.
J. C. Goodwin, of Reldsville, N. C,
says: "Bucklen's Arnica Salve is a
sure-enough knocker for ulcers. A bad
one came on my leg last summer, but
that wonderful salve knocked It out
in a few rounds. Not even a scar re
mained." Guaranteed for piles, sores,
burns etc. 25c. at A. G. Luken & Co.
drug store.
Picnic of Colored People
Jackson a Success.
Richmond colored people appropri
ately observed Emancipation Day yes
terday by a picnic at Jackson park. In
the afternoon Mrs. Queen Cells, a well
known colored missionary who has
been working in the south, gave a
splendid address on questions of In
terest to every, member of her race.
In the evening the uniform rank of
the local colored K. of P. lodge gave
an exhibition drill, following which
there was dancing. About four hun
dred people were at the park.
Police Learn Nothing About Robbery
Of Conductor McGinnis.
No developments have transpired in
the robbery of conductor McGinnis in
a caboose in the C, C. & L. yards
Monday night The police have their
own theory as to the affair, which robs
it of some of its. sensational features.
State of Ohio. City of Toledo,
Lucas County. ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
la senior cartner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney A Co., doing- business in the
Citv of Toledo. County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm win pay
for each and every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the use of
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence, this 6th day of De
cember. A. D. 18S6.
(Seat) A. W. GLEASON,
Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
(Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, U.
Sold by all Prugjflsts. 75c
Take Hall's Family Fills for oonati-
nation. v
Men in Railway Mail Service
May Be Allowed Ex
penses by Govt.
The clerks in the railway mall ser
vice have been making a fight for
some years to secure an allowance
from the government covering their
expenses while they are on duty. The
matter was brought to the attention of
congress but that body has taken no
action. A particular effort is being
made to secure favorable legislation to
this end this year and the clerks are
regarding as of special significance,
the following order which has recent
ly been transmitted to them from the
postoffice department: .
To all Clerks: Please keep a record
during the month of September, 1908,
of the actual expense incurred by you
while on duty; that is from the time
you record your departure from the in
itial of your run until you record ar
rival on return trip.
"The accounts should be itemized so
as to show what money is expended
for, such- as breakfast, dinner, supper,
lodging, etc., and the date on which
the expense is incurred. The ac
counts should be sent to this office by
each clerk for the weeks ending Sep
tember 4, 12, 19, 20 and for the four
days ending at midnight of the 30th.
Please give this matter special atten
tion and submit reports promptly at
the close of each week."
North D Street Torn Up by
Traction Company.
The construction gang putting in
the new tracks on North D street was
engaged today in placing the curve.
The gang has been working rapidly
and expects to have the curve placed
and the tracks ballasted by this ev
ening. North D street was repaired
and put in the best shape of its his
tory only a few months ago. The ex
cavation dug by the traction company
to place its tracks and the entire
street traffic that necessarily was re
stricted to a small section of the road,
has cut up the street's surfact so that
it will have to be repaired again,
when the work on the tracks is com
pleted. 310 YOU HEAR IT?
Parents and School Teachers
Driven to Distraction.
Did you hear It? It was heard all
over the city since certain enterpris
ing Main street merchants distributed
the noise making machines yesterday
afternoon among the school children.
Parents were driven distracted last
night and today the school teachers
found life one prolonged period of
misery and headache. But the glee
ful kids were happy and the merchants
were being advertised. The machines
that made a noise like a wooden
throated cricket were to be seen in
the clasped hand or protruding from
the pocket of almost every youngster,
and long before the distributing store
was open this morning, there was a
line of youngsters, who were not on
hand yesterday, clamoring to obtain
one of the noise-making contrivances.
A Paying Investment.
Mr. John White, of 38 Highland
Ave., Houlton, Maine, says: "Have
been troubled with a cough every win
ter and spring. Last winter I tried
many advertised remedies, but the
cough continued until I bought a 50c.
bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery;
before that was half gone, the cough
was all gone. This winter the same
happy result has followed ; a few doses
once more banished the annual cough.
I am now convinced that Dr. King's
New Discovery is the best of all cough
and lung remedies." Sold under guar
antee at A. G. Luken & Co. drug store.
50c. and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Competitor of Standard Work
ing on Great Venture.
Hagerstown, Ind., Sept. 2i. Several
representatives of the Tide "Water
Pipe Co., of Illinois, are surveying in
this vicinity for a line that is to trans
port oil from Illinois to Bradford, Pa.,
a distance of 560 miles. Tbe line
passes through the northern part of
Wayne county and will nu &a near
as possible In a direct line to Brad
ford. This company is competing
with the Standard Oil Co.
The little child of the tenements was
enjoying her first visit to the country
and was enthusiastic In her admira
tion of the farmyard.
"Just look at the chickingsr she ex
claimed in a burst of ecstasy. "They're
all running around raw! Current Lit-arattua.
Many Deaths of Children in
Indiana Due to Food
As compared with the correspond
ing month of 1907. the report of dis
eases and deaths in Indiana during
August of this year is an improve
ment. Both the death and sick rates
are lower. However, the state board
of health claims the Improvement
could easily have been 30 per cent
greater than It was through the prac
tical application to every day life of
the well known laws of health. The
board claims there is too little atten
tion paid to exercising the most com
monplace precautions .and consequent
ly disease spreads.
The August buHetl.i of the board
gives the following nummary of dis
ease and death during the past
month :
Diarrhoea was reported as the most
prevalent disease; typhoid fever waa
second; cholera infantum, third; chol
era morbus, fourth and dysentery,
fifth. All these diseases were caused
by food poisoning.
Tuberculosis caused 290 deaths. In
the corresponding month last year,
377. Consumption caused an average
of 11 deaths every day.
The 405 deaths from diarrhoeal dis
eases under five years of age corstl
tute a coment upon our intelligence,
because they were all caused by feed
ing poisoned food to children. We sin
cerely hope the people will listen to
the teachings of hygiene and see to it
that sterile and non-poisonous foods
are. used. This is simply a matter of
intelligence and care.
' Violence caused 220 deaths, 173
males and 47 females. Of these vio
lent deaths 8 were murders. 32 sui
cides and the remainder accidents. Of
the murders, 6 were males and 2 fe
males. Of the accidental deaths, 39
were caused by steam railroads, 4 by
street cars and interurbans, 2 by auto
mobiles, 17 by crushing injuries, 11
by scalds and burns, 8 by gun .shots,
32 by drowning, 13 by fall3. 13 by
horses and vehicles, 6 by lightning, 5
by poisons, 3 by sun strokes and the
remainder by various ways.
The total number of deaths was
2,901. The death rate 12.5. In the
corresponding month last year 3.3S0
deaths, the death rate 14.8. The city
death rate was 15.1, the country death
rate 11.2. Of the cities having over
40,000 population, the death rates
were as follows: Indianapolis, 14.2;
Evansville, 14.6; Ft Wayne, 16.1;
Terre Haute, 15.9; South Bend, 17.8.
Condition, It Is Feared, Will
Cause Disease.
Milton, Ind., Sept. 24. The low level
of the water In the old canal has be
come a cause for serious alarm to lo
cal citizens. The water is so low
that it does not follow the grade and i
has become stagnant. A green scum" j
has collected upon the surface and an
unpleasant odor arises. It is feared
that the condition will prove the cause
of disease.
How to get Strong.
P. J. Daly, of 1247 Congress SL,
Chicago, tells of a way to become
strong. He says: "My mother, who is
old and was very feeble, is deriving
so much benefit from Electric Bitters,
that I feel it's my duty to tell those
who need a tonic and strengthening
medicine about it. In my mother's
case a marked gain in flesh has re
sulted. Insomnia has been overcome
and she is steadily growing stronger."
Electric Bitters quickly remedy stom
ach, liver and kidney complaints. Sold
under guarantee at A. G. Luken & Co.
drug store. 60c
Soda Crackers with crack to them
Soda Crackers with snap to them
Soda Crackers with taste to them
U need! a Biscuit
Oven-fresh Oven-crisp Oven-clean
fh In dust tight.
Necer sold in bulk.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer In
Grain, Hay, Mill
Feed and Seeds
33 South 6th St.
Home Phone 1679
Richmond, Ind.
Custom Shirts
Guaranteed to fit and wear
Made in Richmond "
By experienced shirt cutters and
Pajamas and night robes, Mono
grams and Greek Letter Designs.
The Elrod Shirt Co.
N. E. Cor. 9th and Main
A nice, neat house, nearly
f new. 311 S.W.3d. Reliable
x party can secure on month- f
I ly payments like rent. $12. X
f See T. W. HADLEY J
W. H. Bradbury & Son
Rooms 1 and 3, Wasteott Blk J
Moore & Ogborn
Insurance, Bonds and Loans. Real Es
tate and Rentals.
Both phones. Bell 53R. Hom,T589.
Room 16 I. O. O. F. Bldg.
We will buy all the
sugar corn and to
matoes brought to
our cannery at $8.00
per ton.
II. C Bnllerdlck & Son
529 South Filth St.
Cloth: 12mo. $1.50
For perfect negatives ft
wtaetber films or
plates, use a
Let as show yon bow easy it Is to turn your vacation exposures
Into perfect negatives. Kodak Film Tanks, Premo Film Tanks.
Eastman Plate Tanks all sizes In stock.
W. H. ROSS DRUG CO- 804 Main, Mclirnend.
Terre Dante, Indianapolis &
Eastern Traction Co.
Eastern Division
(Time Table Effective Oct. 27.
Trains leave Richmond for Indian
apolie and Intermediate stations at
6:00 a. m 7:25, 8:0.- 9:25. 10:00.
U:00. 12:00, 1:00, 2:25. 3:00. 4:00..
5:25. 6:00. 7:30. 8:40. 9:00. 10:00.
Limited trains.
Last car to Indianapolis, 8:40 p. m.
Last car to New Cattle. 10:00 p. m.
Trains connect at Indianapolis for
Lafayette, Frankfort. Crawfordsvfile.
Terre Haute, Clinton. Sullivan. Paris
(Ills.) Tickets sold through.
Dave your Carpets,
and Rugs Cleaned by
Vacuum Process
Either at your houae or at
my plant. We call and ot
them and return. No extra
Richmond House
Cleaning Co.
Phone 1916
C O. TOOKER. Prop.
Round Trip to
Sunday, Sept. 27
Once more to the Queen City.
You can take in a matinee -at
the theatres, spend the day in
the parks, take in the ball
games, go to Chester park, vis
it the Art Museum, and a thous
and other places of amusement.
"Cincy" for the pleasure seek
ers. Base ball, double header,
"Reds' vs. St- Louis. Two
games for one admission.
Train leaves Richmond 5:15
a. m. Returning leaves Cincin
nati, 9:00 p. nu, giving you a
"Full Day" in the Queen City.
C. A. BLAIR, P. fc T. A "
Home Tel 2062. Richmond, Ind.
M 1 I I I 1 M 1 11 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 11 1 1
-How Wall Street
The Panic of 1907"
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