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The Richmond palladium and sun-telegram. [volume] (Richmond, Ind.) 1907-1939, November 03, 1908, FIRST ELECTION EXTRA, Image 13

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Tears Well in the Eyes of Fam
ous Nebraskan When He
Mentions Wife.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 3. The greatest
demonstration in the history of Lin
coln was given to Mr. Bryan by his
fellow townsmen last night on his re
turn to his home city at the close of
his campaign. Nonpartisan in char
acter, it was participated in by -democrats
and republicans alike and the
democratic candidate, was driven
through the streets cheered by almost
the entire population of the city. The
reception was tendered him as a citi
zen of Lincoln rather than as a can
didate and in the speech he avoided
all reference to partisan issues. In
the parade which followed his automo
bile from the Union Station, however,
many political transparencies were
Mr. Bryan reached his home city at
8:30 o'clock last night on his special
train, coming direct" from Kansas,
where he had spent the day in a final
whirl of speech-making. His train was
met at the union station by a tremen
dous crowd and as the score of car
riages and automobiles forming his
Immediate escort started across the
viaduct from the railroad station the
great parade feU, in line behind him.
The parade moved through the main
street of the city through solid masses
of cheering humanity, and after circl
ing through the city returned to the
Hotel Lincoln, where Mr. Bryan spoke,
overlooking the public square. A great
shout rose from the mutlltude filling
the square as he appeared. He was
introduced by Frederick C. Sheppard,
president of the Bryan club, and spoke
for half an hour.
Mr. Bryan's speech was greeted with
vociferous cheers. The candidate was
to tears as he made an affestionate
reference to his wife, and when he
closed the demonstration accorded
him was such as he rarely had exper
ienced in his three campaigns.
Believes He Will Win.
"I believe I am going to be elected,"
be said. "More than that, I believe it
Is going to be more tnan a Dare vic
tory.? I believe that there is a stirring
of the conscience of the American peo
ple, a moral awakening, an uprising
that means a sweeping victory and I
will swear in your presence that no
one who votes for me will ever have
occasion to be ashamed of the vote he
Seven Years of Proof.
"I have had seven years of proof
that Dr. King's New Discovery is the
best medicine to take for coughs and
colds and for every diseased condition
of throat, chest or lungs." says W. V.
Henry, of Panama, Mo. The world
has had thirty-eight years of proof
that Dr. King's New Discovery is the
beBt remedy for coughs and colds, la
grippe, asthma, hay fever, bronchitis,
hemorrhage of the lungs, and the ear
ly -stages of consumption. Its timely
use always prevents the development
of pneumonia. Sold tinder guarantee
at A. G. Luken & Co. drug store. 50c.
and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Greensfork, Ind., Nov. 3. Jesse
Brooks of Martinsville is spending a
few days here.
Mrs. H. C. Burton spent Monday in
Miss Florence A. Wattles gave an
Rddress on "Socialism" in Keinzles
hall Sunday afternoon. Her subject
was "The Bread and Butter Problem."
There was . a large attendance, and
Miss Wattles proved a very interest
ing speaker.
Mr. and Mrs. Florence Nicholson
tind children of Hagerstown spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George
Nicholson. ,
Mrs. Mary Brown has returned from
a visit with relatives at Centerville.
Mrs. Janette Bun tin of Richmond
spent Sunday at home.
Mrs. Anna Lawrence filled her reg
ular appointment at the United Breth
ren church Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. George Davis of Wil
liamsburg were guests of Horace
Dean's Sunday.
James Doddridge of Milton, spent
Sunday here.
Arthur Ballenger of Williamsburg
spent Sunday here.
Mrs. Sue Gaylor of Richmond' spent
Sunday at home.
Mrs. Charley Nicholson is the guest
of relatives at Hagerstown.
Hagerstown, Ind., Nov. ,j2. Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Daugherty of Economy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Elvord were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Daugh
erty, Sunday. '
Mrs. Grace Wink and Mrs. Edna
Gebphart of Shirley attended the mask
dance given at the K. P.. hall.
Miss Esther Jones of Richmond,
was the guest of friends here from Fri
day evening until Monday.
John Larson spent Sunday with
his brother Ed Larson and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Carpenter
and daughter, Mildred, of Cambridge
City spent Sunday with Hagerstown
Elvln Benson is still confined to his
home with quinsy.
Mrs. Alva Cook of Greensfork is vis
iting her daughter Mrs. Hollis Hoover
west of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Groves of Con
verse, Ind., were guests of Michael
Conniff and family Sunday and attend
ed the Pjessel reunion.
Mrs. William Warbington has been
quite ill but is reported better.
Frank Petro visited his aunt Mrs.
Cina Mull near Centerville Sunday.
Mrs. Mull is confined to her room with
a broken limb.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hartley enter
tained Judge Barnard who delivered
an address here Saturday evening at
the I. O. O. F. hall, at supper.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore entertained
at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Moore and family of New Castle and
Mr. and Mrs. John Hara.
Mr. and Mrs. William Peacock have
moved back to Kennard where Mr.
Peacock will resume his former posi
tion. Carl Fritz will move to New Castle
next week where he is employed. Mrs.
Alice Brown and family will occupy
the house vacated by the Fritz's.
There Is Always Some Fire.
When people talk about one thing
and keep on talking as they do about
the discovery that created so much
newspaper comment in Richmond and
other cities during the past summer,
even though many reports may be ex
aggerated, there must be some merit
In the discovery, and when people
spend their money for a thing and
then buy more of it, proof of merit is
so convincing that it becomes the du
ty of every person in need of Root
Juice to go to Luken's drug store and
get a bottle of this much talked of
remedy. Root Juice cures rheumatism
and catarrh because it puts the filter
ing machines of the body to work and
causes them to filter the Impurities of
the blood. Root Juice cures stomach
and bowel troubles because it re
moves irritated and ulcerated condi
tions from the mucous linings and
causes a natural flow of digestive flu
ids. Root Juice is so good for female
weakness, because, it tones and heals
the organs that make and filter blood.
Good, rich blood will nourish and
strengthen every weak part of the
body. Root Juice is sold for one dol
lar a bottle, or three bottles for two
dollars and a half at A. G. Luken &
Co's drug store.
John Shroyer Digging Deep and Long
East Germantown, Ind., Nov. 2.
John Shroyer has a pond on his farm
covering about fifteen acres, which he
Is draining by running a ditch to the
Greensfork river, a distance of 110
rods. The ditch will be ten to twelve
foet deep and about three feet wide.
Cambridge City, Nov. 3. Miss Grace
Mills will be the guest of friends at
Greensfork for the weeK.
Ed. McCaffery came in Saturday for
a few days' visit with Cambridge City
Mr. W. D. Miller, of Richmond, and
Miss Edna Hlghley, of this city, were
entertained to dinner Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Tipton.
Mrs. J. C. Dodson, Mrs. J. E. Wright
and Mrs. Will Sweeney are spending
the week at the Splceland sanitarium.
Mrs. Arthur Demeree, of Indian
apolis, is the guest of her mother,
Joseph Dimmick, of this city.
Sam Fisher came up from Rushville,
Monday, for a days visit with hi3
P. H. Zerung spent Saturday and
Sunday in Indianapolis.
-Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Carey, who
have been spending some time with
their children in Muncle, have return
ed to their home in this city.
Mr. J. L. Hayes and daughter Lil
lian were guests of Cambridge City
friends on Sunday.
Miss Helen Garven, supervisor of
music in the Martinsville schools,
came home Saturday, accompanied by
the Misses LIda Creamer, Lelia Vault,
Hazel Springer, and Hattie Clark to
spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Roth at Rose Hill.
The Social Union met with Mrs. C.
E. Bailey today.
Mrs. Grant Wright had for her Sun
day guests the Misses Johnson, of
Richmond, and Mr. Orla Weaver, of
Matt Krenack is spending a few
days with Cambridge City friends.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. White are in In
dianapolis for a short stay.
. The meeting of the Presbyterian
Guild will be held with Mra Ellis Fil
bey on Wednesday of this week.
Miss Bee Schemenerhorn, of Marble
Head, la., who has been spending sev
eral weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Myers, returned to her home Sunday.
The Junior Endeavor meeting at the
Presbyterian chuTch on Sabbath even
ing was of a very interesting char
acter. A pleasing program was given
consisting of responsive readings, reci
tations and music by the children, fol
lowed by an address by the state su
perintendent. Miss Lillian Hayes.
Hollansburg. O.. Nov. 3. A. A. Dye
who is filling a position as steno
grapher at Brazil, Ind., has come home
to vote.
Chris Markley of Greenville, O., Is
visiting friends here for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jack entertained
a number of young ladies from Union
City, Sunday.
George Thompson and Theodore
Flatter made a flying trip to Green
ville Monday morning in the interests
of politics.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Payne of New
Paris, O., are visiting their relatives
here for a few days.
Howard Harley of Miami University
spent Sunday with his parents Mr.
and Mrs. Dr. Harley.
Ad Thomas, who has been conduct
ing the North Main street blacksmith
shop for a couple of years, moved back
to Greenville, Monday.
J. E. Irelan and family spent Sun
day at the country home of Mr. and
Mrs. O. A. Downing.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Davis and
daughter visited at Greenville and
Ansonia a few days, returning Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Squire Chenoweth
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
Armacost. Saturday.
' Cecil Beetley and family attended
the Hallowe'en festivities here and
spent the night with hi3 parents Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Beetley.
Our new furniture store opened for
business Monday morning in the D. R.
Thomas room with Corrie White as
Harrison Houser who is employed
at Arcanum spent Saturday and Sun
day with relatives here.
The Hallowe'en supper given by the
Pythian Sisters, was a great success,
both socially and financially. A large
number of masqueraders were in at
tendance and furnished a great deal
of amusement The prizes were award
ed to Miss Fay Meek for the most
beautiful costume and to Charles
Chenoweth for the most comical. The
public drill by the Pythian Sisters in
masque, was splendid and was hearti
ly applauded.
Mrs. Margaret Frame an aged and
respected lady, died at the home of
her son, J. M. Frame, two miles west
of here Saturday morning at the age
of eighty-two years. Funeral was held
at Eaton on Monday and burial in the
cemetery at thta place.
Stone street was the first street in
New York city paved with cobble
stones; hence its name. The paving
was done in the year 1657.
Bilious ?
Doctor alt agnt that on mettv lioer
It nttiutla mmHal to health. AA
goaronJoei9roAll,. Sold for over 60 years.
" How are your bowels?" the doctor always
asks. He knows how Important is the ques
tion of constipation. He knows that inac
tivity of the liver will often produce most
disastrous results. Ve believe Ayer's Pills
are the best liver pills yon can possibly take.
Milton, Ind., Nov. 3. Verne Bragg
left for Indianapolis, Saturday. After
a few days there he will go to Louis
ville, Ky., to take a place with Bald
win Piano Co.
Ralph B. Lantz is home for the elec
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wallace were
at Richmond, Saturday.
Mrs. Catherine Daniel has returned
from Connersville.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hale were at
Economy, Sunday.
Miss Helen Shafer of Indianapolis
is at Richard Sills'.
Mrs. Emily Jane Hormel and Mrs.
Elizabeth Reed of Huntington coun
ty are visiting Mrs. Rachel Evans.
Miss Mattie Baker has returned
from Brookvllle.
Dr. Luke M. Gentle was at Indian
apolis, Saturday.
Dr. Charles A. Roark came up from
Brookville to cast his vote.
Park G. Lantz was home over Sun
day from the State University.
Mrs. Mcllheney who was Mrs. David
Nugent's guest has returned to her
home at Dayton, Ohio.
The good dinners enjoyed by the
election boards today were served by
the women's cemetery association.
Mr. Elijah Hurst and his twin sis
ter, Mrs. Sylvia Watt recently cele
brated their 84th birthday anniversary
with a family dinner part aty the
home of the former. Among the
guests was their niece, Miss Emma
Hurst of Chicago.
Will Shipman was at New Castle ov
er Sunday.
Karl Mueller of Brookville is visit
ing his father, Chas. Mueller.
Rev. Charles H. Plnnick preached
excellent sermons at the M. E. church
Sunday. In the morning sermon he
urged that there be no backward step
in temperance reform.
Miss Nellie Jones spent over Sun
day at Hartford City, with Rev. F. C.
McCormick and family.
Miss Laveda Hollmeyer has return
ed to her home at Eaton after staying
several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Miss Price of Hamilton, Ohio, is the
guest of Mrs. Willard E. Wiilliams.
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Frayer and
their son and daughter, of Raleigh,
spent Sunday at Elmer Lowry's.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Jones spent
Sunday at Muncle with their son,
Fred B. Jones and wife in their nicelr
appointed new home.
Roy Kimmel is home for a few day.
Watched Fifteen Years.
"For fifteen years I have watched
the working of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve; and it has never failed to cure
any sore, boil, ulcer or burn to which
it was applied. It has saved us many
a doctor bill," says A. F. Hardy, of
East Wilton, Maine. 25c. at A. G. Lu
ken & Co. drug store.
New Part. Nov. 3. Verting and
Donna Mow entertained a number
of there frf at a hallowe'en party
Saturday fig- A good time was
enjoyed btfPresent.
Mr. an(& Fremont Runheimer
spent Sunfu Richmond.
Mr. an- Grover Koons spent
Sunday vfr parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer Cobs.
Ruth Iifpent Sunday with Susie
Brower. J
Miss Mitchell spent Saturday
and Sunci home.
Mr. Tojre and family spent Sun
day with Ad. Reid and family.
Miss ijMcGill spent Sunday at
home, I
Miss i Campbell, of Campbells
town retji home after a few days'
visit herfh friends.
Mr. BKuth spent Sunday with
Russell peimer.
Mr. an"S- Russell Moon, of Splce
land, Ij spent Sunday here the
guests d parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.
S. Kilbf-
Mrs. j- Barber entertained Mrs.
John V of Eaton, and Mrs. Sylva
Crouse, Covington, O., Saturday
evening! o'clock dinner.
Miss Me Jones gavo a hallowe'en
party number of her friends
Saturdiening. '
Mr. t. Leftwlch, of Greenville,
spent $y with his mother.
Mr. J Reid is at home this week.
Mlss'rlet McKeon is improving
slowly '
' Mrs.fean McKee and daughter
spent jay with David McKee and
wife. i
Missry White and Mr. Howard
King, Ms place, were married Sat
urday.! ?
The of John Vebrly was severe
ly buj about the eyes while stir
ing the at the Ichool house. His
eye sis not completely injured.
Mrspnry Wetrly has returned
homefr visiting ner parents at
Campjtown for I few days.
Misiirgretta Boerner spent Sat
urday! Sunday ix Richmond.
Mishlrley Witts entertained a
crowd her girl friends at a mas
querajarty, Satwday evening. All
presetrere masqted and a delight
ful fwas enjoyet by all.
MKate Marrlpan has returned
honjfter spendftg a week with
Rlcfid friends. j
M&rdlng, canddate for congress,
pasj through cjr town Monday
mog in a auto'and made a short
spet j
nd Mrs. A dan Reid entertained
Rechn Wisharj D. D., of Xenia,
Safcy night andSunaay.
5ind Mrs. Ectard Murray spent
gaiay evening and Sunday with
hejrents, Philip Doons, of Eldorado.
jand Mrs. E. Bevington enter
tal Rev. Johr Wishart, Sunday
j Forest Pierbn, who has been
wfig in Urbana is telegraph opera
toeturned hom Sunday for a few
land Mrs. Gffl-ge Richards spent
Say with Mr. hd Mrs. Ollie New-
Clarence Coy and family took
hinday with Grant
Millville, Ind Nov. 3. A tin show
er was given for Mr. Roy Shepherd and
wife Monday evening.
Will Wilkinson and family spent
Sunday evening with John Wood and
Tom Wilson and wife gave a hal
lowe'en party Saturday night.
Mrs. Grace Waad who has been sick
has recovered.
Jesse Kimmel made his usual trip
to Millville, Sunday evening.
Oscar Wood, of Greensboro, was in
town Monday.
Mount Ararat is venerated by the
Armenians In the belief Noah's ark
rested there after the universal delugtv
234S B. C.
Gjlock dinner
Cr and family.
58 Elizabeth lllman has finished
hcourse of shdhand lessons with
M Hiser and m accepted a posi
tii with the Annan Heater ' Com-
lov. 3. Miss Effie
litives at Greens-
ionomy, Ind.,
Won visited
foj Sunday.
ss Linda Bown of Muncle spent
Suay here withlr. and Mrs. George
ris C. Feniie arrived from
Mie, Sunday jrning to remain
hei until Tuesdi afternoon.
ferles Wllliaj of Muncie, was
the;uest of relates here Sunday.
4 and Mrs. Ik Haxton and Hul
daaxton spenfeturday night and
Sufey in Richnjd.
Anzo Edwarfwas the guest of
frlejs in Richni, Sunday.
Bram Cole ne a trip to Rich
mot, Sunday. I
Licence Hiaftid daughters, Mll
dredand Paulin)f Mooreland, Mr.
and Irs. Rufus flams, were Oliver
Hiats Sunday gts.
Mj and Mrs. eph Haxton spent
Sunay in Rlchnj.
Ms. Jennie Bield, of Richmond,
wasrisitlng Mr.
man Sunday.
ML and Mrs. (and children were
visitng near C
Ja:ob Frickerl
crat voted for
Mr. and Mrs. 4
Charles, spent Sly in Hagerstown.
Mrs. Eva HiteJ
for their home
after a week's
Mrs. Tilda Mart
Mrs. Clara P
Mrs. Aaron Bow-
City, Sunday,
old time demo
and Watson this
Replogle and son
two children left
Kokomo Sunday
with her mother
arrived from a
shopping expedi in Richmond.
Mr. ana Atrsin uier or near
Williamsburg -viere Sunday at
tending "Old Fay
Mr. and Mrsfcnes
tended church hSunday
John Bowmatfsuii in a
condition with
Mrs. Emma iferrived from Bun
ker Hill, Sundaoiing, where she
had been calledpe critical illness
of Mrs. Glen Sr.'
Randolph Nejit ill with some
thing like typhner.
Mr. and Mrsfruond Daugherty
Jackson at-
lapse of typhoid
eptown, Sunday
y, spent Saturday
E Hunnicutt and
g;ret and Howard
arrived from
evening where
Mr. and Mrs
children, Myra.
took dinner wilrand Mrs. Rosie
Charles, SundaJ i
Mr. and Mrmie Swain
Greenville, OhfPttt Sunday.
Mrs. John Csl
fever. She is
to have it.
Lamb and fam
Toounr Mar
hill with typhoid
fill of the family
t '
Mr. and Mrs Lamb of Rich
mond were thjuets of William
ashington, D.
C, was the guest of his brother, Harry
Marshall and family, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Morrison of
near Carlos City, were the guests of
relatives here Sunday.
Rev. M. V. Bartlett preached in the
U. B. church at Sugar Grove, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Marshall
spent Sunday In Muncie.
There was a mask Hollowe'en sur
prise party on Mr. and Mrs. Ollie
Weyl Saturday night. The visitors
were all masked as "ye colored fo'ks"
and caught the Weyles napping. A
merry time was had. Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson
and daughter, Ruth, and granddaugh
ter, Carrie Gwin; Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Weyl and children; Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Lamb and children; Mr. and' Mrs.
Frank Peirce, Mr. and Mrs. Weyl and
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Massy enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. William Sherry
of Millville, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Manning had as
their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs.
Levi W. Stamm, Mr. and Mrs. New
man Mendenhall and children.
There was a large number of old
people who attend )ld Folks' Day"
at the M. E. church, Sunday. The
oldest person present was Mr. Fist,
age 77, of Hagerstown. There were
several who were 75. Rev. George
Hill's sermon was well received.
George Ballenger and Link Morris
son were in Farmland, Sunday.
attended the wedding of his sister
Maggie and Charles Tout at the home
of his parents north of Pennville Sat
urday evening.
Professor Hyde and family spent
Sunday in Richmond with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wills entertain
ed Mr. Ed Neft and wife, Mr. and Mrs.
Oliver Nusbaum and children of
Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wallick
and Mr. Harper and wife of Cambridge
City Sunday.
H. C. Warfel of Richmond was in
town Sunday.
Karl Behr of Indiana university
spent several days with his parents.
Willie Wills after spending fifteen
months in Montana and Dakota re
turned home Sunday evening.
Mind Your Business!
If you don't nobody will. It Is your
business to keep out of all the trouble
you can and you can and will keep
out of liver and bowel trouble if you
take Dr. King's New Life Pills. They
keep biliousness, malaria and jaundice
out of your system. 25c. at A. G. Lu
ken & Co. drug store.
East Germantown, Ind., Nov. 2.
Helen Addleman has tonsilitls.
Mr. and Mrs. Sawkin of Indianapolis
spent Monday with Miss Anna Jameson-Mrs.
Nettie Hebble is spending this
week with her son Harry and wife
at Richmond.
Andrew Reigle and wife visited her
sister Mrs. Rummel and family north
of Cambridge Sunday.
M-s. Thomas Cassell visited In Rich
mond Sunday.
Mr. Roy Smith of Battle Crerkk,
Mich., is spending a few days with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Smith of
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Frantzman
leave this week for the west where
they will spend the winter with her
brother in Washington.
Miss Ruth Palmer entertained a
number to a masquerade party. Hal
lowe'en refreshments were served.
Mrs. James Leighty has returned
from a visit to her sister at Indian
apolis. Robert Binkley visited his brother
Edward and family yesterday.
Roy Bush and wife of Indianapolis
Fountain City, Ind., Nov. 3. Rev.
Zerbe, pastor of the M. E. church, will
give a popular lecture at the Friends
church Thursday evening, Nov. 5, un
der the auspices of the W. C. T. U. for
the purpose of replenishing the library.
His subject will be "Wanted, A Man."
Mrs. Emaline Conner, Miss Anna
Thomas, Mrs. Charlie Conner and
daughter Pauline, and Master Russell
Conner and Robert Thomas, spent
Sunday with Mr. Howard Purvlance
and family. .., - .
Mrs. Julian Fulghum.' "of Buffalo, N.
Y., is here visiting relatives.
Miss Stella Barber, of Richmond, is
visiting her cousin, Miss Ethel San
born, for a few days.
Mrs. C. C. Fulghum and children,
Ruth and Richard, spent Sunday with
her father at New Llsben, Ind.
Mr. Lafe Mercer, of Grand Rapids,
Mich., is here visiting bis mother,
Mrs. Laura Anderson.
Cambridge City Business Men's Club
to Establish Quarters.
Cambridge City, Ind., Nov. 3.
Rooms have been leased by the Cam
bridge City Business Men's club in the
new Boyd building. They are to be
furnished and placed in a thoroughly
up-to-date condition. Th rooms will
furnish a pleasant place for the mem
bers to assemble and spend the even
ings In reading or games of various
kinds. The club is to be conducted
solely upon moral principles.
"After all, the sum of human happi
ness may be totaled up In three words,"
said she.
"What are they?" inquired her part
ner in life's joys and sorrows.
"I love you."
"Oh, I thought you meant, 'Pay to
bearer.' "Exchange.
W. H. Bradbury & Son J
Rooms 1 and 3, Wsitcott Blk
Fire Insurance.
Bonds. Loans.
Moore & Ogborn
Room 16 I. O. O. F. Bldg. Phone 1589.
to send you a poor grade of coal
the first time or subsequently. If
we wanted to remain in business
for the first bad lot would mean
our last order. We hare the coal
to make your fire for heating or
cooking, burn the way you want it,
most of heat, least of ash, noth
ing of slate or dirt.
Only reason for asking your or
Pbonc 1235
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Nice White Stock
3 or 5 Bus. Lots.
I cam rrDcrri
m mwm m m m
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cites. Ovcrco's tflv
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91.0U ana yz.uu mats .
Main Street
Anybody who knows how to make a Velox
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ing Camera. Three sizes. $2.00, $3.00 and 94.
W. H. ROSS DRUG CO.. 804 Main. Richmond.
ill I ' ' 1
' . 'ip it F02S
f : I : i
G0!09 KMks5
dfts COX?
Ml Ml
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