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The Richmond palladium and sun-telegram. [volume] (Richmond, Ind.) 1907-1939, November 03, 1908, SECOND ELECTION EXTRA, Image 17

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Republican State Central Committee Says Taft Wiil
Carry Indiana by Good Majority, But Thinks
that Its Own Candidate, Watson, Will
Go Down in Defeat.
(Later Bulletin)
Indianapolis, Ind. 650 pre
cincts out of 3,235 ini Indiana
give Taft 103,758, Bryan
99,548, Watson 89,071, and
Marshall 95,567. On this bas
is Taft will carry the state by
26,000 and Marshall will win
over Watson by 30,000.
Indianapolis Claims are
advanced, by the republican
state central committee
through Carl W. Reddick, at
10:30 tonight, that Taft will
carry the state by 20,000 and
Marshall by 10,000. The dem
ocrats are conceded seven of
the thirteen congressional dis
tricts. The legislative ticket
Is very close and probably will
be republican.
' The congressional districts
conceded to the democrats
are the second, third, fourth,
fifth? seventh, eighth and
.The closeness of the results
In Indiana is proving a sur
prise.' It ' had been expeqted
Taft would go through with
40,000 majority and Watson
would have clear sailing by a
vote of 15,000. The congres
sional vote is a big surprise.
' V'-" ,.'V . BULLETIN.
Indianapolis Returns now received
are almost entirely from the cities
where Watson's defeat had been ex
pected. The rural districts may tell
O, different ' story. Thirty-four pre
cincts out of forty In Vanderburg coun
ty give Watson' a lead ' of 151 votes.
The republican legislative ticket is
eald'to be elected. One half the pre
cincts of Bartholemew county show
Marshall will carry the county by 400.
Iake county gives -Taft- a plurality of
C,000 and Watson 2.000.
Indianapolis 640 precincts in In
diana give Taft 67,570; Bryan, 67,109;
Watson, 61,227; Marshall, 68,896,
Indianapolis 250 : precincts in' In
diana give Taft 57.143; Bryan. 56,582;
Watson, 50,666; Marshall, 57.969.
'.,. :r. .. ,
Indianapolis 400 precincts in. Indi
ana give Taft 73,837; Bryan 73,462;
Watson 65,442; Marshall 72,759.
Indiana 300 ' precincts in Indiana,
pive Taft, 62.231; Bryan, 61,905; Wat
fcon, 55,124, and Marshall, 52,978.
Bluffton, Ind. Twelve precincts out
pf 32 in Wells county give Taft 637;
Itryau 1.119.
Wabash. Ind. Ten precincts out of
P8, give Taft 073; Bryan. 717; Watson,
1.098; Marshall, 70S. This county in
1904 gave Roosevelt a plurality of 2,-
. Valparaiso, Ind. Porter county gives
Taft, 1.494; Bryan, 1,059; Watson, 1,
033; Marshall, 1,203.
Indiana Fifteen precincts- out of 45
in Montgomery county, give Taft 2.578;
fcryan, 8,t?4 This county in 1904
pave Roosevelt 900 plurality.
Indiana Nineteen precincts In
Wayne county give Taft 128; Bryan,
D8; Watson, 107; Marshall, 79.
Indianapolis, Ind., Kov. 3. State
Chairman Goodrich wired National
Chairman Hitchcock . that Taft will
carry Indiana by 15,000.
Indianapolis Out of 34 precincts in
Delaware county, Taft has 3,337; Bry
an, 1,780; Watson. 2,809; Marshall,
returns from Yan.derburjsJ.W
His Election in Indiana
Conceded by the Republicans
Marsnali, whose home is m Columbia City, Is Just now atout the
happiest man in Indiana as the Indiana Republican State Central com
mittee has conceded his election.
county indicate Marshall will outrun
Bryan. .
Tippecanoe county gives Watson a
majority of 800; republican loss of 100.
Newton county gives Taft a plurali
ty of 650 against a republican plurali
ty of 355.
Grant county has returned but one
precinct which gives Watson a major
ity of two votes.
Indications are that Taft will carry
Marion county by 2,000.
' Taft carries St. Joseph county by
2,500 and Watson the same by about
Vigo county gives Marshall a plu
rality of about 1,000. Bryan is lead
ing also.
Twenty precincts out of 40 in Van
derburg county give Taft 4,080; Bryan,
3,341; Watson, 3.9S0; Marshall, 3,820.
In Grant county out of 30 precincts,
give Taft, 2,582; Bryan, 2,035; Watson,
2.225; Marshall, 2,542.
Overstreet appears possibly defeated
in the Seventh district.
Indications are democrats will car
ry entire Marion county ticket.
Terre Haute. Twenty-five precincts
Vigo county, city of Terre Haute
Taft 5,706; Bryan. 5,728; Watson,
4,200; Marshall, 7,565.
Indianapolis 14 out of 41 precincts
in Vigo county gave Taft 4,955; Bry
an 5,000; Watson, 4,529, and Marshall,
Indianapolis 115 precincts out of
138 in Marion county gave Watson
27,072; Marshall, 30,946. Sullivan
county gives Bryan the plurality by
1,300, and for Marshall, 1,400. This
county was carried two years ago by
the Democrats with a total of 600.
Indianapolis 200 precincts in Indi
ana give Taft 44,113 and Bryan 44,
276; Watson 38.141 and Marshall
44,341. 110 precincts In Marion coun
ty give Taft 2S.196; Bryan 28,444.
Indianapolis Republicans at head
quarters give Marion county to Mar
shall by 4,000.
Indianapolis. 160 precincts in In
diana give Taft 36,128; Bryan. 35,625;
atsoa. 31.224; Marshall, 35,650.
In 1906 the state election in Marion
county gave a republican plurality of
5,000. On returns from 90 precincts
in the county the republican plurality
will be wiped out. Taft and Marshall
republicans are in evidence throughout
the state.
Indianapolis Indications are that
Marshall will carry Marion county.
The state democratic committee
claims Bryan will pull through in the
state. The claim is made, also, the
democrats will carry Marion county
for all offices. In Monroe township
Marshall beats Watson by 160 votes.
Iq. ten precincts in Montgomery
county Taft s vote is 2,042 and Bry
an's 1,893.
Three precincts in Franklin county
give Bryan a plurality of 13 and Mar
shall 15.
Indianapolis 100 precincts in Indi
ana, mainly in Marion county give
Taft 24,050; Bryan 23,330; Watson
19,987; Msshall 22,585.
Indianapolis Chairman Goodrich
has a dispatch from Frank -Hitchcock
saying Taft will carry New York.
Indianapolis Sixty-two precincts In
Indiana, give Watson 15,542; Marshall,
16.842. The democratic gam over two
years ago is 2.G40.
Indianapolis, Ind. Forty precincts in
Indianapolis heard from by the demo
cratic committee, give Taft, 9,796;
Bryan. S.953. The first twenty-five
precincts out of 138 in Marion county,
give Bryan, 5.9S4; Taft, 6,687, a net
democratic gain of 775. At this rate
Taft will carry Marion county by
about 500. Taft and Marshall are
running close together on the vote.
Indianapolis Marion county, thirty
one precincts, Taft, 7.91S; Bryan, 7,
500; Watson, 7,388, and Marshall, 8,
363. ' '
INDIANA Fair Tuesday night and
Wednesday; fresh south winds.
OHIO Fair tonight and Wednesday;
warmer Wednesday; light to fresh
south winds
Special Correspondence. I
Indianapolis, Nov. 3. The vote in
Indianapolis probably will prove to be
the heaviest ever cast in the state. In
dications are that the amount of
scratching will prove unprecedented.
It is not believed to have been as gen
eral in Indianapolis as elsewhere in
the state. Few arrests have been
made here for attempts at Illegal vot
ing or for giving away whisky. There
has been no serious trouble reported
from anywhere in the state.
At Evansville both parties were pre
pared for trouble. The sheriff had
extra deputies on duty and the su
perintendent of police had a large
force of extra policemen helping him.
There were many challenges and ev
ery precaution was taken to keep or
der. Foreigners Challenged.
At Indiana Harbor, 200 foreigners
tried to vote and there were many
challenges. It was found many of
the men were pot entitled to vote.
Two Italians were arrested at Bloom
ington for alleged illegal voting. A
negro was arrested at Jeffersonville
on the same charge. At Winchester
several arrests were made for distrib
uting whisky.
W. C. T. U. in Ranks.
The feature of the day was found
at Hartford City where the W. C. T.
U. was active in getting out the vote.
Men were taken to the polls in rigs
and instructed en route how to vote.
Candidates who had refused to sign
remonstrances ' against the saloons
were made the object of the women's
ire and were electioneered against
Special precautions were taken at
Muncie. The Good Citizen's League
had watchers thepglls JtqreventJ
uisii ancmseu wen irum vuiiug.- . sev
eral attempts were made to run in this
element. At Bedford the democrats
challenged many votes. Voting was
unusually slow in Clay county. The
question, of a new court house and
free gravel roads were voted upon at
the same time.
At many cities working men and
travelers were on hand hefore the polls
opened this morning. These men were
anxious to cast their vote before going
to work or leaving the city for other
places. There has been intense inter
est throughout. Many of the wet re
publicans are found voting with the
democrats. At South Bend the un
usually long time to mark the ticket
was regarded as indication of general
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 3. All day
Is Not Improbable that
Bryan Will Nose Out
a Victory in this State.
Indianapolis, Ind. State
Chairman Goodrich concedes
Thousands Crowd
to Hear
A popular hit, pure and simple, is the
verdict of every onlooker in regard to
the Palladium's invitation to the citi
zens of Richmond and Wayne county
to be its guests at the coliseum and
hear the election returns.
-Fully 3,500 people if not more, have
packed the huge building. Adherents
of all parties are present, as Is easily
seen by the applause given upon the
reading various election returns fav
oring the various candidates of the dif
ferent parties. . . x
As is to be expected in this republi
can stronghold, the majority of the
Palladium's guests at the coliseum are
republicans, a fact very apparent to
any one there, who hears the great
storm of applause arising after the announcement-
gains by such republi
can candidates as Taft and Watson.
Rev. J. O. Campbell, who was
Wayne county's choice during the race
for the congressional nomination last
spring, is reading the election returns
to the vast assemblage. And no one
Is finding fault with his delivery either,
as his deep voice carries to all parts of
the great hall the news of what the
people of this nation did with their
ballots today.
Thm Y. M. C. A. supper served at the
long the politicians have been puzzled
in this city over the fact that the vot
ers seemed to be voting straight tick
ets. No one was able to figure out
just what this meant. And another
thing that caused much comment was
that there was an enormous lot of
early voting. In many af the precincts
of this city, fully 75 per cent of the
vote was cast by noon. This was re-
markable, and the wise politicians sat
up. scratched their heads and asked
themselves what it all meant.
Not only was voting heavy In this
city, but reports from out in the State
indicated that an unusually heavy vote
was being polled everywhere else. If
there was any apathy during the cam
paign it did not last until election day.
In this city where voting machines
were used, men voted as rapidly aa
three to the minute. It was evident
from the short time they remained In
the booth that they were not doing
much scratching. It was known all
during the campaign that there were
many republicans talking about vot
ing for Taft and against Watson. To
do this, of course, they had to scratch
their tickets. If they went into the
booths and voted straight, as they
seemed to be doing, the question was
whether they had changed their mind
and were voting the straight republi
can ticket, Watson and all, or whether
they were afraid to scratch and were
voting the straight democratic ticket
rather than to lose their vote against
And this was the case in all kinds of
precincts. The aristocratic north side
precincts - in this city seemed to be
voting straight, as well as the work
Ingmen's wards of the south side and
the foreign quarters of the west and
soathwstfiarts-of..'t3 ctty.!: White
men, negroes, foreigners and all seem
ed to be following the same plan.
Republicans claimed this indicated
that the republicans who were dis
gruntled heretofore had made up their
minds to eccept Watson and vote the
ticket straight rather than take chan
ces on spoiling their ballot for Xaft.
On the other : hand the democrats
were claiming that these republican
voters were still opposed to Watson
and were voting the straight democra
tic ticket rather than run the risk of
spoiling their ballot. And each side
had something on which to base its
claim. This was admitted by all
The saloons were closed tight here
and as far as has been learned they
were closed all over the state. No
trouble has been reported from any
place in the state, but the police of
that Marshall will be Indiana's
next governor and claims In
diana for Taft by only 3,000.
The close race between Taft
and Bryan is a great surprise
and it is not inconceivable
that Bryan might nose out a
victory in this state, .
the Coliseum
the Election Returns
Coliseum this evening in connection
with the Palladium's election returns
was a great success. Several hundred
people were served altogether. At the
conclusion of the supper the tables
were removed to make more room for
the Palladium's guests. A "counter
lunch" is still being served and many
hungry ones are taking advantage of
it to get cups of steaming coffee and
Wires Chairman Hitchcock
. Tonight.
1 New York, Nov 3. Chairman Hitch
cock, of the republican national com
mittee has received the following con
gratulatory telegram from Sherman:
"Please accept my congratulations
and thanks for the xeal and wisdom
with which you conducted campaign
today successfully concluded.'
this city were looking for it during
the evening in 6ome of the wards in
which foreigners vote. Thousands of
foreigners were naturalized during the
last week or two and it was said they
would be brought to the polls to vote
late in the day.
When tbe republicans found that
rapid voting was being done and that
straight tickets appeared to be the
rule they brought out considerable
money and began betting on Watson.
Several bets were made at even money
The weather all over the state was
reported fine and this helped to bring
out a full vote.
Clever Scheme Worked.
A clever scheme was worked here to
day by some one, presumed to be the
democrats. Letters were sent to a
large number of colored republicans
telling them to select ten of their best
workers , in their precincts and go
with them to room 33. old Board of
Trade building to meet Capt. W. E..
English, who wished them to do some
special work on election Gay. The let
ters told them that they would be sup
plied with the "necessary means" for
carrying on the work. As a result fully
500 negroes gathered at the old Board
of Trade, only to find that they had
been fooled. Mayor Bookwalter and
several other well-known republicans
had to explain to them that the letters
were forgeries and that it was a dem
ocratic scheme to get the negroes to
come down to be disappointed. When
they went to room 33 they found pic
tures of Taft, and Governor Hanly on
the wall and the floor strewn with pa
per bands, such as are used around
packages of paper money in banks,
each band marked "$50. This looked
pTOtnlslng.titt .courjBe, but, there was tip
money In sight. It was acknowledged
to be a clever scheme well worked.
It is not believed that many negroes
voted the democratic ticket, though
some did. Most of them lined, up as
they always have done for the repub
lican ticket.
Among the republicans confidence
was maintained in tbe general result
as far as the national ticket was con
cerned. They insisted that Taft will
carry the state and that he will be
elected. They were also confident of
the election of Watson and the rest of
the state ticket. But the democrats
insisted that the stralsh icket volng
indicated a landslide for Bryan and
were claiming that Marshall will be
elected by a large plurality. It was
admitted on all sides, however, that
the complexion of the legislature could
not be forecasted. " ' -
TAFT BY 3,680
Governor Warren Expected to
Be Defeated.
Lincoln Neb., Nov. 3. Mr. William
Jennings Bryan states positively that
he has no statement to make tonight.
Governor Warren has been heavily
pushed out at 0:30 o'clock and his de
feat Is declared by the democrats.
Says He Will Come Out
Indianapolis. Ind., Nov. 3. When
John W. Kern heard early returns from
New York said, "I'am going to bed
and will not comment until tomorrow."
Sends Congratulations on Vic
tory. Albany. N. Y., Nov. 3. 3overnor
Hughes has sent the following tele
gram to Taft at Cincinnati My heart
iest congratulations upon your victory.
Repubican Candidate, It Is
Now Predicted,, Will Carry
The City of Greater New
Present Governor Victor After
One of Hardest Fought
Battles in History of the
State. "
New York The election of
Hughes is conceded by the
Democrats and the Republic
cans of New York and up state
are in ecstacy. It is thought1
that his election will be by
45,000 plurality; ( . V
New York Indications at 10 o'clock
are iBai nugoca, ui. iuf uibjui ivj
of 106,000 outside Greater New York,
and Chanler about OO.OOVIn city, mak
ing Hughes majority by 45,000.
New York, Nov. 3. Governor
Hughes . is being congratulated upon
bis splendid race. He has been light-"
ing the fight of the "people," accord
ing to those claiming to be independ
ent voters. He has been opposed by
the gambling and saloon element . al
most to a man. He has been opposed
Dy tne gammers primarily Decause or.
bis attitude on betting at the race
tracks and is regarded by some-turf
followers as having killed the sport.
A more' liberal man has been wanted
for the governor's chair. Hughes has
been opposed by many of the leaders
of the old ring of the republican party
and this has made his struggle the
more Interesting as he was recognised '
as being opposed by men who super-
fically appeared as favoring him. Hi
victory is a signal triumph. , .
New York Manhattan 2 o districts
. . .
out of 73T give Hughe 20,415; Chan
ler, 47,316; Shearn, 4,069. The similar
districts in 10O4 gave Higgins 32,278;
Herrick, 46.420. : j . .-
New York 320 districts in, Manhat
tan out of 734 give Taft 45,267; Bryan,
55.745; Hisgen, 4.327. The same dis
tricts In 1!K4 gave Roosevelt, 45,301;
Parker, 57.531. . -,.. , , .
NEW YORK In 917 districts tin New
York state above -tbe Bronx, Hughes
is leading Chanler, 27.001.
In 170 precincts in Greater New
York, Chanler has 22JMI over Hughes.
At this rate he should have the whol
city by 76,jr.
New York. Taft runs ahead of
Roosevelt of four years ago In Queens
county. 230 election districts out of
857 in Brooklyn give Taft 44,451; Bry
an 38,662. - -
New York, Nov. 3. Taft , carries
New York City by 5.000.
New York 14 W districts fn New
York state outside Greater New York,
give Taft, 3W,230; Bryan, 240,640.
New York 103 out of 3.043 districts
In New York city give above' tbe
Bronx, Taft, 63,040 over Bryan. At
this rate tbe city above tbe Bronx will
give Taft 179.537 over Bryan. 85rt dis-'
tricts In Greater New York give Bryan
742 over; Taft. At that rate he would
have the whole city by lVn, and Taft
would have the whole state by .178,037.
, Brooklyn. N. Y. Returns from 34
precincts In Brooklyn." give Taft 4
957; Bryan 53,524.
: New York 771 out of 3,043 districts!

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