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On flirt
Well Known Resident of Foun
tain City Tells Interesting
War Experience.
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Rev. Graham Praises News
Writers for Criticisms
Of "The Devil." ,
Local news writers received com-
- mendatlon at the hands of the Rev.
Thomas J. Graham, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church in his sermon yes
terday, for their attitude in condemn
ing "The Devil," as produced by a
Savage company at a local theater last
week. The church members who pro
fess their unfaltering belief in God,
but at the same time pay "their good
money" to patronize such dramatic
performances were ridiculed by the
minister. The editorial comment of
, The Palladium in which the play was
denounced severely for its lack of
morality was approved.
The Rev. Mr. Graham selected his
text from t!tf second Psalmt "He that
sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh."
The reference to "The Devil" was ex
temporaneous on the part of the speak
er. He had not chosen to deliver a
tirade against the drama, but called
attention to the play in a casual man
ner. "God does not laugh at the limi
tations, poverty nor sorrows of his
people but at the attempts of the Evil
One," declared the minister. "The
people go to see 'The Devil with the
modern idea that he has been laugh
ed out of court, but the fact that
church members will spend their good
money to see such a show, only
proves he does exist. God laughs at
the devil and his attempts to gain au
thority, because he sets himself up to
rule the world without regard to Him
and without authority."
At one point in "The Devil," the Im
personation , of the "evil one" offers
the two lovers in liaison everything, if
they will abandon their consciences to
the yearnings of their passions and do
as he directs. The scene could not fail
to reveal to the spectators the evi
dent Intent of the author to refer to
the scene between Christ and the
Devil on the mount, in which if He
would be fall down and worship He
could gain all the kingdoms of the
world. ':',-
Cambric Sets, Nainsook
Sets, Swiss Sets and All Over
Embroideries and Skirtings in
cluded in the great bargains
at Knollenberg's Store.
Farmers are taking much Interest
In the Congress of Indiana, Industrial
and Breeders' Associations to open
at Indianapolis tomorrow. : It is
probable that many farmers from this
vicinity will attend these meetings.
Breeders of Herford, ; Jersey, Short
Morn. Aberdeen Angus cattle, wool
growers and breeders of Poland China,
and Mule foot hogs are eligible to
membership in the congress.
' Box social, Wednesday night, Del
camp's Grocery, Earlham Heights.
Benefit of Earlham Heights church.
Large assortment of Em
broideries, Edges, Insertions,
Beadings, etc., all at Special
Bargain prices. Knollen
berg's Store.
TAKE .this TIP from ijie. I am offering some extraor
dinary values My shoes are greatly underpriced.
$5.00 Florsheims for $4.00
$4.00 Sorosis Pat. Colt and
Gun Metal for - .$3.50
63 pairs in grades of $3.50,
V $4.00 and $5.00, mostly
small sizes, sale
price $2.50
$2.75 Felt Boot Comb. $2.00
$2 All Rubber Arctics SI. 50
$1 .75 heavy cloth arctics,
sale price ... $1.35
! ' & if 2 Yf
HflMF K:;HIS nFRCF' JftSh .&
Assessor Temporarily Aband
ons Court House.
It is probable that with the excep
tion of the tax paying time Charles
Potter, the newly elected township
assessor of Wayne township, - will
make his office at his home. His
predecessor had his office at his resi
dence. It will be necessary for Pot
ter to be at the court house about
three times each week in order to
make the changes on the plat books
in the auditor's office. During tax
Was Epoch In Their Lives
Hundreds of Happy Youngsters Thronged Y. M. CI A.
Saturday, Reveling in Pool and Gymnasium.
Saturday marked an epoch in the
lives of 300 local boys. They are mem
bers of the Young Men's Christian as
sociation and it was their first day of
pleasure in their new home. Every
minute of the day and until closing
time in the evening there was a happy
throng of boys about the building. The
apparatus in the gymnasium and the
swimming pool were in constant use.
All of the lads declared they had en
joyed one of the best times of their
But there was an awful ache in the
legs and backs of these same young
sters yesterday. Oh, me! Oh, my! How
those muscles did ache. . There were
absentees from Sunday School yester
day morning and all because of the Y.
M. C. A. Some teachers may take ex
ceptions and wonder where these ad
vantages from a Y. M. C. A. are to
All our Ladies' Fur Trimmed Slippers, choice
Children's " Red Felt Strap Slippers . ... .
Here are some of the distinguished
people who met on the Kaiser Wil
helm Der Grosse on her last trip.
They are Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Van
derbilt and Alfred G. Vanderbilt, also
Anthony J. Drexel.
paying time, office room will be pro
vided on the third floor of the court
The board of associated! charities
will meet Monday afternoon at two
thirty o'clock at the office on Soouth
Fifth street.
come from. But they don't know. It
was only the first time in for the boys
and of course they felt extremely sore
and tired when mother called them.
But next Sunday they will awake
promptly with the first bell and all be
on hand. By that, time the soreness
will have passed and the slender mus
cles will begin to round out.
It was an animated scene presented
by the gymnasium when the eight
lines of boys went through their exer
cises. Director Horton had charge of
the juniors and kept them busy. As
sistant Director Brunson took them
Into the swimming pool. The water
was too cold for comfort, but it will
be heated and in good condition from
now on. The fire in the building got
so low Friday night as to make it dif
ficult to heat the water In time for the
swimming squads Saturday morning.
.75 c
In the Indianapolis Star yesterday
the following war experience of Major
M. M.' Lacey of Fountain City, who
was with the Indiana delegation in its
recent trip to Vicksburg batle field is
Cannon of Stove Pipe.
Major M. M. Lacey of Fountain
City, one of the members of the com
mission was the adjutant of the Sixty-n-inth
Indiana, which was commanded
by Lieutenant Colonel Oran Perry dur
ing the assignment of Col. Bennett to
other duty. Col. Perry, now Gen.
PcrryJ and Maj. Lacey recalled many
incidents in connection with the ser
vice of their regiment which was in
cluded in the expedition originally
sent by General Grant to prepare a
way for the army to cross the Missis
sippi river south of Vicksburg. Maj
Lacey pointed out to the other visitors
the locality which forty-five years ago
was James plantation. When the Six
ty-ninth had proceeded that far into
the enemy's country there appeared
evidence one day that an attack would
be made by confederates. Tne expe
dition had no artillery, but a piece of
stove pipe was obtained and was so ar
ranged on the wheels of. a confiscated
ox cart as to appear to be a cannon,
and with the aid of breastworks for
scenery the contrivance was sufficient
to promote a wholesome respect in the
minds of the confederates and no at
tack was made.
Will Help Prosecutor Ladd
With Criminal Cases.
Until the criminal cases now on the
docket of the Wayne circuit court are
disposed of, Wilfred Jessup, retiring
prosecuting attorney, will appear as
assistant to Charles Ladd, the new
prosecutor. A number of important
criminal cases remain upon the dock
et. Jessup is acquainted with the evi
dence in each and his assistance to
Ladd will be very valuable. It is sel
dom that a retiring prosecutor selects
to help his successor in this way, as
he most frequently prefers to devote
all bis time to his individual practice.
Truly Feminine. .
"What do yon know about women?"
asked the first young husband.
"Nothing," responded the second
young ditto.
"I guess I don't either," rejoined the
first, "and I've been married for over
three months. . , Yesterday my wife
asked me bow I liked the dinner.
She dees the cooking, yon know."
The second youthful habby didn't
know, but he nodded Just as If he did.
"And when I began to praise the
dinner," resumed the other one, "up
she rose and began to cry! Said she
feared I loved her only for her cook
ing!" The second hubby smiled. "She had
a cry coming," he explained. "That's
all." Puck. - (
"Riches take unto themselves wings
and fly away," said the Sunday school
teacher. "Now, can any one of yon
children ten me what, kind of riches Is
The smart boy at the foot of the
class said, "They must be ostriches."
Look For This Sign :
$5.00 grades, all leathers,
for ............. $3.50
$3.50 and $4.00 grades, all
leathers, tan, gun metal,
Pat. Colt, Vici, Pat. Tip,
for S3.00
Special lot $2.50, $3.00 and
$3.50, mostly small sizes,
sale price $ 1 .50 & $2.00
Children's Shoes, all under-
; , priced, high Ret. tops, Pat
Colt, Gun Metal, Vici, heavy
soles, built for service;
come in and see them. '
Extra Spocial All This Vlfook 500 T.lon'o
50c Shirts. All Now Patterns, all sizos, to
go for only 42c oach . . . .
Soo Thorn In Our Dig East Window.
Not Much Chance, Local Ice
Rate Being Lowered
This Year,
Ice dealers of thecity, formed into
a delivery combine, are of the opinion
that prices current the past year will
be in vogue during 3900. They feel
that with the not very bright prospects
for the natural , product that 'the price
will not be lowered any.- Citizens will
have to depend to a. great extent on
the manufactured article.
' The winter up to date has been- too
warm for the freezing of the ponds
and river to such a depth as to make
it profitable to harvest ice. Already
It is rather late for the ice men to be
gin to gather the natural product for
good ice is usually secured about the
holidays. The dealers believe that the
winter will not be exceptional to the
extreme that there will be no oppor
tunity to gather ice, but feel that the
supply of the natural product will be
very limited.
Pu In More Words.
"Now. Peters," said the teacher,
"what is It makes the water of the sea
so saKyr
"Salt," said Peters.
"Next!" saM the teacher. "What is
It makes the water of the sea so
"The salty quality of the sea water,"
answered "Next," "is doe to the ad
mixture of a sufficient quantity -of
chloride of sodium to Impart to the
aqueous fluid with which It commin
gles -a saline flavor, which is readily
recognised by the organs of taster
"Bight, Next," said the teacher. "Go
up one!"
Mutton Birds.
During six- weeks every autumn the
100 Inhabitants of the Australian Pur
neaux islands make enough money to
support themselves In Idleness the rest
of the year. They do this by catching
the very fat young "mutton birds,"
which are hatched there In such num
bers that the flocks when they mi
grate extend for miles. They, furnish
food and oil, which is used far lubri
cating purposes and also ss a substi
tute for cod liver oil.
Making Sure.
Country Cousin Are you sure I am
in the right train? Town Relative
(who has had about enough of It)
Well, I have asked seventeen porters
and thirty-two passengers, and they
all ssy "Tes." so I think you'd better
risk it. London Telegraph.
If thou continues to take delight In
Idle argumentation thou mayest be
qualified to combat with the sophists,
but never know how to love with men.
The afiirlwfftds.
AMwinds are great storms, pro
duced by violent currents blowing
from contrary-quarters and meeting
and striking upon each other, the ef
fect being the creation of circular mo
tion. Whirlwinds usually occur after
lengthy calms which have been accom
panied by excessive heat, and they
generally indicate a breakup of settled
weather. ;..- .
palpitation of the heart. Digests what you eat.
824 Main St.
Doan and Klute, one of the local un
dertaking firms, has located in its new
quarters near. Eleventh and Main
streets and is now fitted In as com
plete way as any establishment in the
city. The lower floor is devoted en
tirely to their business and the upper
has been made Into a flat.
"I suppose there's none of ns better
than we should be."
"Indeed, no. I was thinking it over
last night. Why, only yesterday I was
guilty of killing time, murdering a
tune, smothering a raw., stealing a
kiss, cutting a creditor and breaking
into a perspiration.' . .
See the beautiful Swiss
Bands at 25c at Knollenberg's
Star! 8fe2 Kza Year Nl
Get all your bills into one. We will loan you the necessary
money on your household goods, piano, fixtures, teams, etc. etc,
quiqkly and without publicity.
$1.20 is the weekly payment on a $30 loan for SO weeks.
Larger or smaller amounts at same proportion.
Large capital large business. Reasonable rates courteous
, . . , We make loans in the city and all surrounding towns and
If you need money, fill out this blank and mail it to us. Our,
agent will call on you. . ; .
Tour full name ,.fm
i - '
Street and No. ...
Amount wanted
Kind of security you have
Establishes! 1SS3 Boaue Pbassc ms
Ketm a, Colosdal Cldsj.
Do various little ones trouble you? Then why not sum them
all up. come to us and let ns loan you the money with which to
pay them all and then. Instead of paying several places each week,
repay us in such sums and at such times as may beat suit your
convenience? ' .
We loan any amount, for any time, anywhere and on house
hold goods, livestock, or any other personal property, without re
moval, and our rates and methods are sure to meet your approval.
. If you owe some other loan company and desire VERY MUCH
CHEAPER RATES, we will gladly loan you the money with
which to pay them oft.
Giving you 50 weeks' time in which to pay us back. 55c Is a
weekly payment on a $25.00 loan; $1.10 is a weekly payment on
a $50.00 loan.
Other amounts In like proportion. If you are in need of a
loan and would like to learn our rates and methods, fin out the
following and mall to us and our. agent will call at your home.
Amount wanted $ Occupation
Kind of security
Confidential dealings. Courteous treatment.
Utt IIMIb. IMli
will heat your whole house at less
cost than you can heat It with
stoves, and the furnace costs no
more. See us about it.
FilQrim Bros
Phone 139a Cor. Main eV 5th Sta.
tu u in i ai ..ui.ay
CC7. 0 cz3 H2dn

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