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DIE (BEIT ; ...The Market.Place of the . People. SEIEf IMS "
PEI WOlID) Situations Wanted and Greatest little satisflers of All advertisements must b: FOR THE
. i' ' : - Found Ads 2 times big wants are the in this office before 05)10)11(1? (iT!C IS
feACH INSERTION. FREE ads below 12 noon IrtljWWfc W . .'
WANTED 50 able-bodied men, Tues
day morning, N. W. 2nd St., Trip
peer & Sons. 31-lt
WANTED Highest price paid for old
feather beds; will stay a week in
Richmond. Address Simon Cohen,
General Del.; will call. 31-7t
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Armer House, 23 N. 7 th.
WANTED Housekeeper in family of
two in Centerville. Call at 1010
Main St 29-tf
WANTED Young persons to enter the
Richmond Business College during
opening week of summer term, May
31 to June 7. - 29-7t
WANTED Lawn mowers, , cleaned,
sharpened and repaired. Will call
for and deliver. Fly screens made
to order. , Another fresh supply of
all kinds of bicycle tires. Brown,
Darnell Co., 1023 Main. Phone 193J
WANTED Honest, industrious, Ger
man speaking boy to help with work
outdoors. Apply W. D. Foulke, 18th
and South A. 28-tf
WANTED Good Industrious girl for
upstairs work, who understands
plain sewing and light laundry. Ref
erence required. Apply W. D.
Foulke, 18th and South A. 28-tf
WANTED Manager for branch office
we wish to locate here in Richmond.
Address, The Morris Wholesale
House, Cincinnati. Ohio. 2-1 mo
WANTED To store your stove for
whe summer. 1030 Main. Phone
1778. 17-tf
The Markets
Indianapolis Marxet.
No. Av, Dk. Price
29 ... . 50 $5.00
15 94 6.50
69 ...... 105 .. 6.60
13 115 .. 6.65
58 166 40 7.00
62 148 40 7.05
138 ................. 151 160 7.05
33 ............. 156 .. 7.10
82 171 160 7.10
80 158 80 7.15
87 168 .. 7.15
66 177 80 7.20
92 ................. 184 160. 7.20
68 I. ....... ........ 198 200 7.20
116 V. .'. 178 80 7.25
66-'..:.'...... 198 80 7.25
65 213 160 7.30
74 ................. 214 160 7.35
70 222 .. 7.40
62 - 276 120 7.45
Best heavies ............ $7.20$7.45
Good to choice '.. 7.10 7.25
Best pigs ............... 6.25 6.50
Finished steers 6.50 7.00
Good to choice steers ... C.10 6.60
Choice to fancy yearlings 5.60 6.25
Good to heavy fleshy feed
ers m 5.00 5.25
(Fair to good feeders 4.75 5.00
Good 'to choice stockers .. 4.25 4.75
Common to fair heifers. ... 2. 50Q 3.23
Choice to fancy heifers... 5.25 6.25
.Good to choice heifers .... 4.50 5.15
Best yearlings ............ 6.50 7.25
Good to choice sheep 5.00 6.50
Spring lambs . 6.00 8.00
Good to fancy ........... 4.00 7.50
Fair to heavy calves ..... 3.00 6.25
Richmond Grain Market.
(Richmond Holler Mills)
fWheat per bu ....$1.45
Corn, per bu .....................80c
Rye, per bu., ........... ....... ...80c
Bran, per ton ....$27.00
Middlings, per ton $30.00
Clover seed, per bu., ....$4.50
Richmond Seed Market. '
(Rnnze it Co.)
Emothy, per bu., ..$2.70$2.85
over Seed 4.50Q 4.65
1Pal4 .by Richmond Abattoir.)
Best hogd. average 200 to
250 pounds ........... .$6.50$7.00
Jood to heavy packers .... 6.00 6.50
Common and rough .. .... 5.50
Steers, corn fed .......... 5.00 5.50
Heifers 3.50 4.50
Fat cows .... ........ 3.50 4.25
Bulls . . . . !. S.50 4.C4
Calves . . . . . 6.00 6.50
Lambs ................... &50
(Paid by Bee Hive Grocery.)
Young chickens, dressed, per !b. . .18c
Old chickens, per lb 18c
Turkeys, per lb. ........ ,L. .. 13 to 20c
(Paid by Bee Hire.)
Creamery butter, per lb., , . ..... .26c
Country butter, per lb lS20o
Eggs 17c
7 .. . '
Gold Vedal Blear
saakMdeUctous balrad
WANTED Four boarders; 38 South
13th. . r 28-4t
WANTED You to call and see our
Excelsior Motorcycle, Elmer
Smith, 426 Main St. Phone 1806.
WANTED Railway Mail Clerks,
Carters. Examinations in Rich
mond, . soon.. Preparation Free.
Franklin Institute, Dept. 57 B, Ro
chester. N. Y. may!2-37t
WANTED Ten carpenters at once;
good wages. 1 Maxwell-Briscoe Motor
Car Co., New Castle, lnd. 24-lf
WANTED Ladies to learn hairdress
ing, manicuring, facial massage, elec
trolysis or chiropody. Largest and
most complete Institution of the
kind in the world. Few weeks com
pletes. Tools given. Catalogue
mailed free. Moler College, Cin
cinnati, Ohio. 21-tf
WANTED If you want money In
place of your city property or farm,
go right to Porterfield's Real Es
tate office, Kelley Block. 8th and
Main. 14-tf
WANTED To buy some good second
hand watches; J. M. Lacey, Pawn
broker, Cor. 8th and Main. 27-7t
FOR SALE City properly and farms,
merchandise stocks and firs Insur
ance. Porterfleld. Kelly Block, 8th
and Main. 6-tf
FOR SALE DelIveryagon?T?op;
one open delivery wagon; rubber
tired carriage and two sets light har
ness. Cheap if sold at once 1210
Hunt St. 29-3t
Richmond Hay Market.
(Omar G. Whelan.)
Timothy hay. (loose) ........ .$14.00
Clover hay, loose ..-.. $12.50
Mixed bay ... ........V...S13.00
Oats, per bu.,
Cora .... ..
.M....SO to 52c
' e 76c
East Buffalo, May 29. '
Cattle Receipts 75; tops $7.15.
Veals Receipts 75; tops $8.25.
Sheep, receipts 1,000, tops $6.75.
Hogs, receipts 4,200, $7.70.
Indianapolis Grain.
. Indianapolis, May 29.
Cash wheat $1.48
Corn ...75c
Oats 60y4
Toledo, May 29.
Wheat , $1.53
Corn .......74
Oats 60
Rye ...... .... ........ ......91
Clover Seed, per bu ....$5.30
Cincinnati, May 29.
Hogs, receipts 2,300; tops $7.20.
Cattle, receipts 200, market steady.
Sheep, receipts 900; steady.
Best spring lambs, $9.
Pittsburg, May 29.
Cattle Receipts light; tops $7.15.
Veals Light, tops $8.
Sheep Receipts light; tops $6.25.
Hogs Receipts, 7 loads; tops $7.65.
Lambs, choice, $9.00.
Way Aadrew Jackson Pomarht His
Daet With Clel Avery.
It was Andrew Jackson's habit to
carry In his saddlebags when he at
tended court a copy of "Bacon's
Abridgment" and to make frequent ap
peals to it in his cases. This precious
book was always carefully done up in
coarse brown paper, and the unwrap
ping of the volume was a very solemn
function as performed by Jackson, who
was then only twenty-one years oSL
Colonel Avery during the trial which
preceded the duel between himself and
Jackson procured a piece of bacon the
size of the book, , and while Jackson
was addressing the court he slipped out
the volume from its wrapping and sub
stituted the bit of pork. At length
Jackson bad occasion to appeal to Lord
Bacon. While still talking he raised
the bearskin flap of his saddlebags,
drew out the brown paper package,
carefully , untied the string, unfolded
the paper with decorous gravity and
then, without looking at what he held
In his hand, exclaimed triumphantly,
"We will now see what Bacon says!"
What wonder that the aery young
lawyer blazed with anger, while the
courtroom rang with laughter at his
expense and that he afterward chal
lenged Colonel Avery. Harper's. .
A Seieat Gatde.
"If a man will learn the Ten Com
mandments by heart." said Uncle Eben.
"he don't need none o desbere two
dollar books about bow to live right
an prosper. Washington Fost
Professor of Logic I put my hat
down in the room. I cannot see it
anywhere. There has been nobody in
beside myself. Ergo, I am sitting on
It! Nerrion.
B sure
use Gold Medal Floor.
FOR SALE Rented rooming house,
5 207 N. 9th, well furnished, modern,
both kinds water; leaving city. Sar
ah Gard. " 30-2t
FOR SALE Cement building block
machine; call Simmons' Cigar Store.
FOR SALE 2 horse log wagon, one
gravel wagon and household goods;
842 North 12th St. 30-2t
FOR SALE rlmprbved farms and
farming lands in Osceola Co. J. L.
Shigley, LeRoy, Mich.
apr29 eod3mos
REAL ESTATE and farms. A. M. Rob
erts, Spring Grove, Route 5.
18 sun mon' tues-10-t
FOR SALE Old mahogany, furniture;
ladies' bicycle; square Stein way
' piano; leaving city; 109 S. 13th.
FOR SALE Refrigerators and kitch
en cabinets, cheap, 519 Main. . 12-tf
FOR SALK If you want to buy a
farm or a home in the city. See our
new list. We have them all beat
Beckwlth & Chessman, 716 Main St
FOR SALE My property, 109 South
13th; barn; new furnace, cement
walks, both kinds of water, bath;
best location. J. D. Fletcher; leav
ing city. . 25-7t
FOR SALE Fine lot on Ridge street,
Benton Heights; bargain price. Ad
dress J. R. Y., care Palladium. -
FOR SALE Pure bred Jersey male
calf, cheap; best blood known; call
for pedigree; also stock pigs.
Phone 3136. 27-tf
Economy, Ind., May ,3V.The Infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.! (Earl Cain
died Friday. i ' ' r;s
Charles Northcutt of Hagerstown is
here for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ballenger are re
joicing over the arrival of a boy baby,
second child.
Rev. Barton and wife are entertain
ing company from Rldgeville.
John Replogle and son Charles were
In Greensfork, Friday.
. Ed Clark, Lewis "vVeyl,-iEivrt Clark
and Gus Weyl atteridesfrthe Miller
stock sale at Carlos Cityj Friday.
Bennie Swain was 'itfBlpiningsjiort
today looking after the creamery.
Several from here attended Friends'
Quarterly Meeting at : Nettle Creek,
Saturday. i.
John Oler of Williamsfctirg, was here
today. .. . .'v'.v;
Mrs. Essie Weyl and. foster son
spent Friday in town.
Vine Scott is shearing sheep near
Modoc this week.
Mrs. Fleming and daughters arrived
from Richmond Friday evening.
Irvin Massey made his usual trip
Saturday to Bloomingsport
Dr. McKinnon returned, -to Losant
ville Friday evening. !u.:.
Several young people f rOm here will
attend the decoration at Hunts ville,
Joseph Haxton was able to be in
his grocery store a little while Fri
day. Miss Mabel Hunnicutt severed her
connection 'with the telephone ex
change Saturday morning, ;
, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Ulry 'of Modo;
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rep
logle, Friday night. (.--
Mrs. Emma Ballenger has been vis
iting out in the country a few days.
Hagerstown, Ind., May 31. Miss Le
la Jones was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Walker near Millville Friday
and Saturday.
Charles Backenstoe received word of
the sudden death of his brither-in-law,
Asa Shepherd, at his home at Kansas
City. Death was due to heart trouble.
Mrs. Mary Keever visited her son
and daughter at Muncie last week
Michael Myers of Covington, Ohio,
was a guest of his father-in-law. Volley
Gohring, recently.
Mrs. Lew Waltz of Anderson, spent
Fridty with relatives here.
Nicholson's of Richmond, have the
contract for the interior decoration of
the residence of John Teeter ind are
at work on it at present.
Prof. F. S. Lamar and daughter Mir
iam came over from Richmond Friday
evening to visit his mother, Mrs. Alice
Mr. and Mrs. John Kidyell were en
tertained Friday at dinner by Mr. and
Mrs. P. H. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams of New
Castle, were calling on friends here
Funeral services of Daniel Cdrdell,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cordell,
were held Friday afternoon at . ,the
home. Rev. W. W. Brown made a
short talk. Misses Cora Castor' Le
ona Brown. Hazel Knapp and Mrs.
Chester Life furnished the music
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Knapp went to
Indianapolis Saturday morning to visit
Mr. and Mrs. George Jones.
Barney Linderman. commissioner
was at Hagerstown, Saturday, looking
after the bridge, west of town, which
was damaged by the heavy rain. ,
Miss Goldie Replogle visited Mr. and
Mrs. John Staum at Indianapolis, the
latter part of the week. .-:
Mrs. Mary Ann Funk has been spend
ing several days at the home of Lewis
Stamnn east of town. , .
r Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Jones and slaugh
ters were entertained at dinner Sun
News of Surrounding Towns
The following are r 3 plies to Palla
dium. Want Ads. received at this of
fice. Advertisers will confer a great
favor by calling for mail in answer
to their ads. Mall at this office sp to
12 noon today as follows:
C. 1 Mrs. N. E. ... 1
Mail will be kept for 30 days only.
AH mall not called for within that
time will be cast out
FOR SALE Mill wood. C. W. Kramer
& Co. 29-tf
FOR SALE Sweet potato plants.
Leeds, 7 Grant St Phone 3003.
FOR SALE OR .TRADE An ideal su
burban home suitable for retiring
farmer or business man. Phone
3136. 27-tf
FOR SALE Automobile, 3 passenger
Ford, full equipment, newly paint-
" ed and overhauled. Will sell cheap.
Address "Automobile," care Pal
ladium. - 12-tf
FOR SALE Root and bridge paint.
Guaranteed five years. Retail at
wholesale prices. Clendenin & Co.,
257 Ft. Wayne Ave. Phone 342G.
Apr. 2 fri&mon
Touring cars and runabouts, foe hire
by hour or trip, especially low rates.
Moline Sales Co., Phone 2384. 1-tf
day by Mr. and Mrs. Lew Taylor, near
Millville and " attended ' decoration at
Batson. . . ' '- ''; ?
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hoover, Elias
Hoover, , Dave Hoover, went on the ex
cursion to Harrisburg, Va., to the na
tional convention of the German Bap
tist's and will also visit other places
of interest in the East, '. '
. Mrs. C. T. Knapp was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs." Joseph Grey at Dublin,
Friday. . : .-
Cambridge City, InW May 31. Mrs.
Harry Smith, of Indianapolis, is here",
visiting her mother, Mrs. Hannah
Hamil. . - : , . : hv;. ;..
. ,Mr. and Mrs.- James Stotten, of Ben
tonville, were r Cambridge City , visit
ors, Friday. - .- ; "
Attorney D.. W. Mason has been in
Indianapolis for several days the past
week for the purpose of taking treat
ment of the specialist, Dr. Sattler, for
cataract of the eye.
Miss Mayme Metts, of New Castle,
spent Sunday at her home in this
place. . . . r - : .-,..
Mrs. Boyce Rankin and daughter,
Mary, returned Saturday from a visit
in Holidays Cove, W. Va., and left to
day (Monday) for their new home in
Corpus Christi, Texas.
Mr, and Mrs. Santford Wilson are
visiting friends in West Milton, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hagaman and
daughter, Gaynelle, spent Sunday with
friends in New Madison, Ohio.
Mrs. Henry Keagy and Mrs. Joe
Teeter of Hagerstown, " were Cam
bridge City visitors, Saturday.
The Christian ; Endeavor of the
Christian church will give a supper in
the K. of P. hall, June fourth.
Mrs. David Harter has returned
from a visit with relatives in Coving
ton, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bunnell and Mrs.
Will Wedeklnd, of . Hagerstown, visit
ed this ; place, Friday. . v
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hiatt and Mrs.
Ballard of Straughns, were Cambridge
City visitors the latter part of the
week. Miss Maud Drischel of Indian
apolis, visited her father, Dan Drischel
over the Sabbath.
Glen Scott, of Greenfield, spent Sun
day with friends in this place.
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Frbnapfel, and
son, Frank, spent Sunday In Cincin
nati. Mr. and Mrs. Mont Williams, of In
dianapolis, visited - the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Williams, of
East Cambridge, Sunday.
Charles Gilmore and daughter, Miss
Ethel of Muncie. are here, called by
the illness of John Huddleson.
Miss Myrtle Van Meter of Indian
apolis, spent Sunday at her home in
this place.
Mrs. Jennie Jones and Miss Irene
Elliott spent Sunday with friends in
New' Castle.
Miss Jean Callahan of Indianapolis,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. C Dod
son. -
Mrs. Anna Williams and daughter,
Jean, are visiting the former's parents
Mr." and Mrs. Gilbert Crossley.
Mr.- and Mrs. Ferd Romer spent
Sunday witJi friends In Celina, Ohio.
- Charles Norris is spending a few
days with friends in Indianapolis.
The remains of Solomon Waltz, a
brother of Mrs. John Smith, and a
former resident of this place, who
died at his home in Indianapolis, will
be brought here Tuesday afternoon.
Interment In Riverside.
Mr. and Mrs. Mont Williams, of In
dianapolis, visited the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Williams, of
East Cambridge. Sunday. ;
The friends of Prof. w. O. Wlssler
are pleased to learn of his appoint
ment as principal of the Madison high
school. Mr. Wlssler 's parents reside
here and lie was for three ' years ' as
sistant in the local high school.
FOR RENT Very desirable rooms;
118 South 7th. 29-2t
FOR RENT Rooms for light house
keeping. H2 N. 7th. 21Ktt
FORRENT Furnished room, electric
light, modern, hot or cold bath. etc.
$2.t. References. Phone 1754. 2!-"t
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnish
ed rooms, electric light, bath and
heat. Suitable for light housekeep
ing. Call 315 Randolph St. 2iU2-
FOR RENT Two flats to reliable par
ties. Inquire 1S3 Ft. Wayne ave.
FOR RENT Ground floor storage;
Phone 1956. 26-14t
FOR RENT Flat 5 rooms and bath,
central location; call on Dr. Walls,
21 South 10th. 22-tf
FOR HKNT T. a. I. a. A?viUfta
Rooms including shower batLs. host
and light U5 and up per we-i5
a,rl4 tf
FOR-RENT Furnished rooms, beat,
with bath fai gents, at the Grand.
- . ftrt,?Stf
FOR RENT A Strictly modern
steam heated flat. A. W. Reed. 7th
and Main. 7-tf
Dirty ciou.es male clean; it ycu dual
believe it, try uc. Richmond Steam
Lanndry, Phone 1181. feb22-tf
Manicuring parlors, latest equipment.
Hair Goods. Mrs. Blickenstaff,
1 Colonial Bids. may6-lmo
Business Review of The -
X-----:'-: Post Week by Henry Clews
Towards the close of the week the
stock market exhibited unexpected
strength, notwithstanding the quiet
which often precedes a three days' sus
pension -of business. Efforts to push
the market to a higher level were re
newed at least 'temporarily, and indi
cations of inside support were more
pronounced than a week or two ago.
If prices are to -be held at their old
level some further, stimulating devel
opments will be required. Much de
pends upon the crop situation, which
is not 'encouraging in certain respects
as might be. desired. Nevertheless
there Is, no cause as yet for anxiety.
The outlook is for a fair sized wheat
crop, although, the nation would un
questionably be benefited by a much
larger , yield than is now in prospect.
There is." however, much compensation
in the' outlook , for corn which prom
ises a large and profitable crop; possi
bly the, largest on. record. Our corn
crop last year was valued at consider
ably more than wheat and cotton com
bined. The outlook for cotton is for
an average crop at good prices; so that
if corn and cotton realize expectations
there will be no reason for anxiety
concerning our ' agricultural outlook.
Our farmers will again be a highly Im
portant element in the continuance of
national prosperity, and they are in
the fortunate position of having a sure
market for all that they can possibly
produce at very profitable prices. Such
conditions should stimulate their ex
ertions to the utmost in order to se
cure the largest yield possible, a result
which would be not only beneficial to
them, but to consumers at large, who
are feeling the present high cost of all
food products. -
The most encouraging conditions in
sight are those connected with the In
dustrial situation. Our iron trade
shows steady improvement, every
There Are Elarbtr Separate Opera
tions I'pon a Balance Wheel.
M. Favre-Feret who investigated the
watchmaking industry in the New Eng
land states some years ago, stated that
the average production of 40,000 work
men in Switzerland was forty watches
each per annum, while In America the
average was 150 fine watches for each
man employed.
By the aid of special machines In
these watch factories one man - can
make 1.200 fine screws per day, some
of which are so small that more than
100,000 are required to weigh a pound.
One of the finest pieces made is a
"pallet arbor, or pivotal bolt which
for a small sized watch has a thread
of 200 to the inch weighs 1-130,000 of
a pound, undergoes 25 operations snd
costs but 2'i cents. Measurements are
ganged to 1-23,000 of an inch.
The balance wheel, after being ma
chined, weighs only 7 grains and when
fitted with 16 gold screws weighs 7.2
grains. There are SO separate opera
tions upon a balance wheel, 66 of them
being drilling, threading and counter
sinking holes. The drills revolve at a
speed of 4,800 turns a minute, and one
operator can drill upward of Z200 holes
for the balance wheels per day. An
nals of American Academy.
Parla Oetrl Datr.
The octrio duty, so familiar to all in
Paris, is an import precisely similar in
principle and practice to tbe customs
duty paid on goods entering a foreign
country. Too go out of Paris for the
day to visit a friend who has a charm
ing garden in the suburbs, and be hos
pitably loads you on your departure
with new potatoes, peas and fresh sal
ad. When you reach Paris there is.
whether you arrive by rail or road, a
functionary who wants to know whst
you're got there. and unless it be of a
very trifling sort you will have to pay a
percentage on Its esteemed value.
FOR SALE OR TRADE 5c theater in
town of S.000. only one other theater
in town; address Superba. Knights
town. Ind. 31-lt
ftoore and Ogborn
Fire Insurance. Bonds and Loans.
Room 16 I. O. O. F. Euiliing. 19-tf
GERMAN Notary Public and Steam
boat agent Hani N. Ko'.l, 716 Mnin
ctreeL - G-U
snrt cure f w Corns. Prcf. H. H.
Roiling. 80 0. Cth. feblS-tt
Hisnest price, cash paid. 257 Ft
Wayne Ave., near I'nicn Opo, Rich'
mond. Cleudentn & Co. ' 28-tf
New and second band. Waking & Co.
406 Main St. Phone 2C06. 22-tf
Awnings and Upholstering
3. HI Rcsmi. 16 & 7tt St Ih?sr 179..
Upholstering and Gen. Repairing. Holt-
, house. 124 S. 6th. Phone 4367.
- 20-tf
-Why Is a pancake like the sun?"
"Because." said the Swede, -it rises
out of der yeast and it sets behind dcr
branch of the latter feeling the influ
ences of recuperation; the volume of
business being almost up to previous
years. Some considerable new capac
ity remains unemployed, yet the tend
encies are towards further betterment
and prices are rising. Railroads have
placed large orders for rails, structural
material, cars and engines. The
building trade continues excellent and
is also a source of much new business,
shrewd and wealthy operators having
recognized that the present is a most
desirable opportunity in which to
place their orders before further ad
vances are established. The copper
Industry is also feeling the effects of
industrial Improvement; consumers
are placing, increased orders, and
prices have been firm, although pro
duction is still in excess of consump
tiori and supplies on hand remain ex
cessive, ' in' the textile industries
there - is ! considerable activity, espec
tally in cotton' goods; and the dry
goods market generally is in excep
tionally sound condition, although the
usual period of summer quiet is now
approaching. ' It is significant that
Fall River cotton manufacturers did
not enforce the reduction in wages this
i week, which they could have done in
accordance with the labor contract
This showed satisfaction with present
conditions and confidence in the fu
ture. The woolen mills are well sold
up and the big concerns hold very
large orders. All things considered.
the mercantile situation is as satis
factory as could be expected - and
should show a further improvement
next autumn, provided there is no dis
appointment regarding the. . harvest.
Railroad traffic shows steady improve
ment and is being done on a much
more profitable basis than last year
owing to new economies and better
Oyetf Articles.
.In dyeing at home amateurs often
make the mistake of patting tbe dyed
article through the wringer, possibly
to avoid staining the hands for one
reaaon or prrbana boplnjr to dry the
garment more quickly. Tula, however.
should never tie done for tbe creases
so formed are most ob:inate and. in
fact often only disappear with wear.
despite all pressing Dyed articles
should be squeezed from the bath and
hung out of doors to dry.
Adversity's Cam pen nation.
Rlchleisb I wish I were'you. Poor
leigb For goodness sake, why? Ricb
lelgh Why. you can bare tbe fun of
proposing to every girl yon meet and
be sure of being refused. New York
The road leadlag to Justice Is the
safest Bested.
Xotice is hereby given that the
Board of Review of Wayne County,
State of Indiana, will meet in session
in the rooms . of the county commis
sioners in the court house, city - of
Richmond. Monday. June 7, 1909 and
will continue in session from day to
day for thirty days, for the purpose of
reviewing assessments of personal
property and additional Improvements
as returned by the township assessors
for, the year. 1908. All persons hav
ing complaints to make of their as
sessments may appear and make such
complaint before said board during
said session.
Witness my hand and official seal
this 10th day of May, 1909.
(SEAL). , . . . .
. Auditor of Wayne County.
31-lt - ' V
Via Chicago, Cincinnati CL
Qason 1000
To SEATTLE. WASH, Round Trip,
account of Alaska -Tvkon Exposi
tion. Selling dates May to October.
Final return limit October 31st
To TORONTO. ONT, Round Trip,
account of Canadian National Ex
position. Selling dates August 27
to Sept. 9. Final return limit Sept
To DENVER,. COLO. Round Trip,
account of Annual Convention Na
tional Education Association. Sell
ing dates. Jaly 1st Snd. 3rd and 4th.
Final return limit Sept 1st
To ST. PAUL, MINN.. Round Trip,
account of United Society Christian
Endeavor. Selling dates, July 4th,
5th and 6ih. Final return limit. July
Trip, account of American Medical
Association. Selling dates June 3rd,
4th. 5th and 6th. Final return lim
it June 19th.
account of Mystic Shrine Meeting.
Selling dates June 5th. 6th. 7th and
Sth. Final return limit June 17th."
For reduced rates to points in North,
East. South or West, call -
Pass & Ticket Agt. C. C. & L. R.
Home Phone 2062. Richmond. Ind.
Terre Dante, Indianapolis &
Eastern Traction Co.
EMlcra Division
(Time Tablu Effective Oct 27. 107.1
Trains leave Richmond f c Indian
apolift and intermediate stations at
6:01 a. m 7:5. :0. t:Z5; 10:00,
11:00. 12:00. 1:00. 2:JV 3:00. 4:00,
5:25. 6:00. 7:30. S:40 :0t. 10:00,
11:10. ,
Limited tralna.
Lost car to Indianapolis. 8:40 p. m.
Last car to New Caetle. 10:00 p. m.
Trains connect at Indianapolis tM
Lafayette. Trankfort, CrawfordsvlUa.
Terre Haute, Clinton. 8ulllvait. Paris
itlU.) TIckU sold thronirb ' -
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned. Jobn J. Schultx. as admin
istrator of the estate of Maria Eliza
beth Menke, deceased, will, by virtue
of the order and decree of the Wayne
circuit court, to fc'.m as such admin
istrator directed, offer for sale and
sell at private sale the following de
scribed real estate In the city of Rich
mond, Wayne County. Indiana, towit:
Part of lots 3 and 6 In that part' of
tbe city of Richmond laid out by John
Smith, bounded as follows: Beginning
at a point on the sonth side of" Main
street 29 4 feet ea3t of tbe northwest
corner of said lot No. 2. being In the
middle of the brick division wail oa
the west line of property conveyed to
Bernhard Kreimeier; thence south in
the center of said wall 44 feet; con
tinuing thence south along the outside
of a br)ck wall 20 feet; continuing
thence with a bearinc to the west of
south 120 feet to an established cor
ner in the north linn of an alley, at
the southwest corner of property, con
veyed to Bernard Kreimeier; thence
west ten feet, to land - conveved to
Catharine. Weber; thence north 5 de
grees east 1?0 feet:- thence north,
through the middle of a brick division
wall 64 feet to Main street; thence
east 10 feet to the place of beginning:
being the same property conveyed tu
Edward H. Menke bv Elijah Coffin,
commissioner, by deed dated January
30. 1858, and recorded ia Deed Record
No. 24. page 157. 8ald premises above
described are located on Main stret
between Fourth and Fifth atreels.
Also lots numbered 172 and 173 In
that part of the city of Richmond laid
out by John Smith, except 50 feet off
of the south side of said lot No. 173
sold and conveyed to John Christo
pher Menke. . Said premises are lo
cated on South Third, street in the
city of Richmond, between South C
and South D streets. " .
The said real estate will be sold
upon the following terms, to-wit: One
third of the purchase money to bo
paid in cash, one third in nine months
and one third in eighteen months from
the day of said sale, or the purchaser
may pay all cash at Ms option, and la
case of deferred payments of purchse
money, the ' purchaser will be requir
ed to execute bis notes therefor, warr
ing valuation and appraisement laws,
bearing six per cent per annum inter
est from the date thereof, and secured
by mortgage on the., respective tracts
of real estate sold. '
Sealed bids for the said tracts of
real estate' and each of the same will ,
be received by the undersigned, ad
dressed to him in care of Rob bins s
Robbins, attorneys at law. corner of
Eighth and, Main streets, in said city
of Richmond, up to ttn o'clock a, ro
of Wednesday the ICth'day of Jane,
190. at which -'time tbe said real
estate will be sold to the highest and
best bidder upon the terms above set
forth, subject to the approval of the
Wayne circuit court
JOHN J. SCHULTZ. Administrator.
' ROBBINS k. BOBBINS, Attorneys,
dly 17-24-31-7

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