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In Majority of Municipal Elec
tions the Republicans
Were Defeated.
k StarfUfflf Sale 08 Cterisimas MbreMas
That we have revolutionized the umbrella business and have aroused it from its long sleep is well known to
every man, woman and child in all of Richmond and adjacent territory. Our manufacturer is a wizard. How he
produced these goods at these prices is a mystery beyond our business comprehension.
Indianapolis, Nov. 3. Authentic re
turns received from scores of cities
and towns throughout Indiana yester
day where municipal elections were
held show that the majority of the
contests were won by the democrats.
In many instances the tickets were
evenly split and in several, city poli
tice suffered a complete reversal, there
being a reversal from the former es
tablished majorities.
Fights were especially bitter in Ft.
Wayne, in Kokomo, in Terre Haute,
Evansvllle, South Bend and in Muncie,
while considerable interest was mani
fest in Richmond, Vincennes, Craw
fordsvllle, Oakland City and many
other points.
General Interest.
Generally fair weather and an arous
ed interest over local issues was the
cause of a heavy vote being polled.
Trouble, that was feared in several
places, failed to materialize, and there
were comparatively few arrests, and
these mostly were for disturbances of
minor character at the polls.
In the new town of Gary, which at
tracted state-wide attention on the
eve of the election by predicted riot
ing that prompted Governor Marshall
to hold the militia in
South Bend for instant action. But
the troops were not needed and the
election at the steel city was held qui
etly, with only a few arrests.
Rioting in "Terre Haute.
Rioting and clashes were frequent in
Terre Haute. Charges and counter
charges of illegal voting were mads
and fights in the vicinity of the vot
ing places were frequent. Louis Ger
hardt, democratic nominee for mayor,
won by a substantial plurality.
In Crawfordsvllle the republicans
made almost a clean sweep of the
ticket, though the mayoralty race was
close, Capt. ML V. Wert winning by a
small plurality. Ft. Wayne, which is
normally democratic by 1,500, elected
Jesse Grice, (Rep.), to the office of
mayor by a plurality of 831. The re
publicans also elected the police judge,
city clerk and most of the councilmen.
Warsaw went republican. In Peru
the democrats made practically a clean
sweep. Oakland City, which formerly
was entirely democratic, went repub
lican by an overwhelming majority.
Wabash is democratic from head to
foot of the ticket for the third time.
Martinsville had a close contest, with
the republicans leading slightly. At
Evansvllle there were a number of ar
rests, but on the whole the polling
places were orderly. The republicans
carried the ticket, electing Charles F.
Heilman mayor. In Lafayette for the
third time, the democrats carried the
Easy to buy, easy to try, the best
wholesome, appetizing breakfast Is
Mrs. Austin's famous pancakes.
IP mm, H
jErrSS J
Th Many and Varied 'Duties They
Have to Perform.
As a conductor he will probably be
gin in the freight service. His caboose
will be a traveling office, and, more
than that, it will carry all the gossip of
the division up and down the line. It
may be a homely little car. but it Is
just as sure to be a homelike place.
From its elevated outlook he may com
mand a good view of the train away
ahead to the engine, and he will be
supposed to know all the while that
the brakemen are attending to their
duties, that the train is In good order,
particularly that there are no hot
boxes smoking away and in imminent
danger of setting fire to the train and
the valuable contents. There Is a deal
of bookkeeping to be accomplished in
that traveling office. The conductor
wll receive the waybills of the cars
of his train and tbelr contents, and he
Is held responsible for their safe de
liveries to their destination or the junc-
readiness atl tlon points where they are to be de
livered to other lines.
When he comes to the passenger
service there will be still more book
keeping to confront him, and he will
have to be a man of good mental at
tainments to handle all the many,
many varieties of local and through
tickets, mileage books, passes and oth-
Majority of Republican Candi
dates at New Paris
Are Defeated.
The result of the election at New
Paris, Ohio, yesterday, was as follows:
Mayor Timothy Glenn, (Dem.), 144;
James Barnett, (Rep.), 95.
Clerk B. L. McKee, (Dem.), 109; E.
C. Mikesell, (Rep.), 131.
Treasurer M. H. Pence, (Dem.), 126;
Edward Young, Rep.), 112.
Marshal Thomas Melody, (Dem),
143; S. B. Bish, (Rep.,) 97.
Members of Council Thomas Doyle,
(Dem.), fOO; William Colvin, (Rep.),
110; Harry Collins, (Dem.), 127;
Charles King, (Rep.), 108; Thomas
Muggivan, (Dem.), 98; William Mills,
(Rep.), 119; M. O. Pennman, (Dem.),
er forms of transportation contracts 111; Wilson Mills, (Rep.), 122; William
that come to him. to detect the good j Wissman, luem.j, m, .
from the bad. to throw out the conn-. (Rep.), 126; Charles
LOT NO. 2, 01-48 Each
LOT NO. 102.98 EACH
Our manufacturer writes in order to prodcue this lot at
the above price it was necessary for him to make up 30,000
umbrellas. Our allotment can now be seen in our west win
dow. A Broad Assertion to Make
This lot contains umbrellas with elaborate handles,
worth up to $15.00 wholesale. Umbrellas for ladies' and
gents, assorted Ivory, Gold, Silver, Horn, Pearl and Mission
Handles. The cloth is a fine tape edge taffeta silk; each
umbrella has a case and tassel to match.
Your Choice $2.98, Saturday. 8 A. M.
H. C. Hasemeier Co.
This lot can also be seen in west window.
They are all ladies' goods. The cloth is a fine
tape edge gloria, with case and tassel to
match. Assorted Gold. Horn and Mission
handles. This is a $3.00 value.
Your choice, $1.48, Saturday, 8 a. m.
Special Notice
Customers who do not have charge ac
counts may have goods laid aside for later, de
livery by paying one-fourth down.
H. C. Hasemeier Co.
8lling Baked Potatoes.
The baked potato merchant is a com
paratively modern institution in the
terfeits that are constantly being offer
ed to him. He will have to carry quit,
a money account for cash affairs, and
he knows the mistakes will have to be
paid for out of his own pocket.
All that Is only a phase of his busi
ness. He is responsible for the care
and safe conduct of his train, equally
responsible in the last respect with the
engineer. He also receives and signs
for the train orders, and he Is required
to keep In mind every detail of the
train's progress over the line. He will
have his own assortment of questions
to answer at every stage of the jour
ney, and he will be expected to main
tain the discipline of the railroad upon
its trains. That may mean in the one
Instance the ejectment of a passenger
who refuses to pay his fare and still
be must not Involve the road in any
big damage snit or in another the sub
jugation of some gang of drunken loaf
ers. The real wonder of It Is that so
many conductors come as near as they
do to the Chesterfleldian standards.
Edward Hungerford In Outing Maga
zine. Waiting For the Children.
An old woman hobbled up to the con
ductor of the train and said excitedly:
"Vondt you to pleece holdt on yet,
Meester Gonduckitor, vile my two
C. Richie,
Wessler, (Rep.),
Assessor A. C. Marshall, (Dem.),
10B; George Pennman, (Rep.), 124.
Trustee-Oliver Hill, (Dem.), 132;
William Baker, (Rep.), 94; George Gep
hart, (Dem.), 103; J. H. Hawley, (Rep.),
105; George Miller, (Dem.), 108; C. P.
Jones, (Rep.), 111.
Township Clerk C. Li. McKee,
(Dem.), 107; E. C. Mikesell, (Rep.), 126.
Township Treasurer M. H. Pence,
(Dem.), 118; S. Young, (Rep.), 111.
Constable T. A. Swear, (Dem.), 102;
S. F. Bish, (Rep.), 125; Samuel Kess
ler, (Rep.), 105.
Is the cause of nine tenths of the ills
which the human body is afflicted.
The symptoms of which range from
the dreaded contagious blood poison
to the minutest eruption on the skin.
They include rheumatism, catarrh,
scrofula, eczema, erysipelas, pimples,
boils, ulcers, running sores, inflamed
eyes, and enlarged glands down to
sick headache and a muddy or sallow
complexion. The prescription of Dr.
Simpson, (the noted blood Specialist
of Richmond, Ind.) known as Dr. A. B.
Simpson's Vegetable Compound, is the
most powerful alterative, or blood pur
ifier, ever known. Its reputation was
firmly established a few years ago, by
curing apparently hopeless cases, was
certified by county and city officials,
and widely noted by the press; since
sxandtkinder comes by the drain? I
runs off midouit dem undt dey is gom-
London streets, the first potato can , tog so vast dey can, yes."
havlne made Its appearance, according ' The conductor looked impatiently at
to Henry May hew. about the year bis watch', then at the woman's pa- which thousands have been relieved
1846. Fifteen years later, when May- thetlc face. Then ne consented to , by its use.
hew published his "London Labor and wait a little, as the train was on time. Good blood invariably means vigor-
the London Poor," he estimated that Five minutes later two blue eyed. ! ous health, and appetite, good diges-
there were 200 hot potato venders In chubby cheeked children came on the tion, strength, and a clear, healthful
London, each selling on an average 300 run, rushed up to their grandmother, complexion. This is assured to all
halfpenny potatoes a day. "In cold kissed her. helped her on the train wno try this remedy; its remedial ef-
weather," adds Mayhew. "the potatoes with her birdcage and basket and then fects are apparent with the first few
frequently are bought to warm the hurried away. doses.
hands. Indeed, an eminent divine What the conductor thought Is none j Dr. Simpson's Vegetable Compound
classed them in a public speech among of a refined person's business. Chica- j is pureiy vegetable, and is harmless
in. oet or moaern improvements as so aew&.
forming an excellent medium for dif- j
fusing warmth into the system by be-! Buckwheat cakes made from Wal-
Herbert Henry Asquith, prime min
ister of England, was born in York
shire in 1852 and was a prize scholar
at Oxford university.
Alfred H. Booth of Worcester. Mass..
Ims been organist at St. Matthew's
cbwch for thirty years and In that
time has missed bat one service.
Speaking In Toronto recently. Dr.
Wilfred T. Grenfell. the Labrador
physician-missionary, outlined his proj
ect of erecting in St John's, N. F a
home for seamen and fishermen.
Henry Savage Landor. the English
explorer, who will soon make an at
tempt to reach the south pole. Is of
the opinion that Lieutenant ShackJe
ton failed through having a cumber
some and unnecessarily large expedi
tion. It is estimated that General Luis
Terrazas, tb. richest man in Mexico,
has not leu than $200,000,000. His
property holdings are located chiefly
In the state of Chihuahua, but he also
has large investments in other parts
of the republic. He is the greatest
land and live stoek baron tn the world,
it is said.
Judge Robert Scott Lovett. who suc
ceeds the late E. B. Harriman, was
a plow boy before he entered the rail
road service. He was born in 1859
near Shepherd. Tex., worked on the
farm, then in a neighboring store and
at last for the Houston East and West
as local agent Once in the railroad
business and admitted to the bar his
advance was rapid.
The Duke of the Abrazzl is thirty
six years of age, and he has broken
all climbing records by his ascent of
Bride peak, in the Himalayas. 24.600
feet high and the highest mountain
climb ever recorded. He was the first
man to ascend Mount Ruwenzort. on
the border of Leganda and tbe Kongo
Free State, while his arctic feats are
among tbe most notable of tbe day.
Feed and Seed Store
Phone 1(79
S3 SraGi Sixth St
$1.00 1 Quart
Tbe best by lest
Exclusive agents
Wsldorf Wine sod Liqnor C.
16 N. 9th St. PhoS 1t7a
Ask your grocer
The high price of wheat has caused
the British farmer to alter greatly the
layout of his yearly crops. In the last
year the acreage under wheat in Eng
land increased no less than 12 per cent,
or nearly 200,000 acres.
lug held In the gloTed band. London ter's Buckwheat Flour have the good
as it is effective. It is put up in con
venient form at one dollar per bottle
and is sold at all drug stores.
Giving Him Her Trade.
There was a new clerk at the corner
drug store.
"Will you please let me have a
stamp?" smiled the woman.
old fashioned flavor,
your grocer.
Order from
Revised Upward.
One. evening at family prayers tbe
head of the house read that chapter
which concludes with, "And the wife
see that she reverence her husband."
After tbe exercises bad closed and tbe
The automobile demand in Mexico
' is shown to be on a steady increase.
IThat the tninh Bvstom iao nmvaA a
The clerk laid one on tbe counter ! success is shown by the fact that a ?Udrn hfld gon to '
mnA tnnlr th mnn 'nnmhnr of new tsntioahs fnr Mpt orK sl uc W .au
"I wish. said she, "that you would City are now envoyage, and it is the
weigh this letter. Maybe it takes more intention of the company operating
than 2 cents." He weighed it j them there to increase the number un-
- "Only 2 cents, madam." he said, til thev will form a formidable com- I
Then, taking tbe stamp np from the 'petition with the blueband coaches.
counter where she bad left it lying.
he added politely. "Allow me to put it
on for you." and he did.
'Ton are so nice, said she. "that I'm
Receipts from Suex canal shipping
in the first nine months of the year
going to begin to hny my postcards amounted to $17,758,000, against $16.
here too. Ner v--- Press.
020,000 in VMS, and $17,26S.00O in 1907
At Last A Rice Food that Melts in Your Mouth
THIS new ric food Is ao different, so delicious, so delicate In flavor,
so satisfy ing that yon eat it lor pore enjoyment and forget its
health-promoting- properties, till they skoat results In new enern .
fine spirits, good digestion. Your family wll all share your delight In
Kellogg's Toasted Rice Flakes
Dainty crisps of rice, the choicest of grains-rolled into tir trans
parent films then toasted just right to bring out their true, delicious,
nut-like flavor. Rice is the world's greatest food the most digestible.
Toasted Rice Flakes are no tax upon the weakest stomach or kidneys.
Another New Food Toasted Rice Biscuit
Served alone, or with cream or fruit, they bring a new joy to the palate. These are the latest
products of the great food laboratories affiliated with Tbe Battle Creek Sanitarium, where
they are constantly prescribed and used. Ckanzt tixiay to this sew, delicious food.
Thm KU
Toasted Rice Flake Biscuit Co,
- - - n, i...
meaningly at his wife.
"Let us see what the Revised Ver
sion says on that subject" said sbe.
"I will follow the new teaching, if
yon please."
The Revised Version was produced,
and her chagrin may be imagined as
the head Impressively read. "And let
the wife see that she fear her hus
band." .
She Meant Professionally.
As tbe young man caressed the cheek
of bis ladylove she drew away hastily.
"I think." sbe said indignantly, "you
bad better see father first."
"Why, what do you mean?" asked
the perplexed lover.
"Father." sbe replied as sbe nursed
her cheek, "is a barber." Success Mag
azine. Helped Them Along. .
"Have you given proper attention to
your children's teeth T asked the
health department circular.
"I've always provided plenty of good
food for 'em to chew on." the fond
parent inscribed on the bottom of tbe
paper and mailed It back, Philadel
phia. Ledger.
Proposals for supplies for the use of
the Eastern Indiana Hospital for the
Insane for the month of December,
will be received by the board of trus
tees" at the hospital before 3 p. m.,
Monday, November 8, 1909. Specifi
cations may be seen at the Second Na
tional bank, or at the Hospital. By
order of the board.
2&3 S. E. SMITH Med. Supt.
Lost Yellow and white
Shepherd dog, female, five
months old, answers to name
of Tutes: reward if returned
to Clem Gaar.
Time For Hardy Shrubs
Fred H. Lemon & Co.
Florists and Decorators.
aim oirwciTE
This is a pretty broad statement but
a call at our office will conrince you
of the truth of our statements, we
are not disparacina; other concerns in
this line bat we know that the
Tiae, Tboaght sad AtteiSsa
we have givei
must produce better methods and ac
commodations for the borrowing
public than the ordinary, old style
plan of loaning money.
PHONE 1341. ROOM 4a
3rd Floor Colonial Bldg
2 Automatic
2 Automatic
. Fancy Northern Spy Apples Only
Genuine Home-made Sorghum Molasses, Extra
fine. Pure.
Sweet Cider made as ordered.
Backmeyer Kraut.
Pure Buckwheat, Pure Maple Syrup, Pure Olive
Oil, New Raisins, New Figs, New Dates, New Cod
Fish, New Nuts in the shell and shelled.
n Vs
Foster Shoes
For Careful
The woman who wears Foster shoes
has all the pleasure which comes from
a knowledge of being correctly shod.
All the enjoyment which comes from
wearing dainty, trim, snug-fitting, stylish shoes. Alt
the satisfaction which is usually supposed to be found
only in a custom made shoe.
Exclusive shapes, superior leathers, unequalled
workmanship. These are Foster points.
Carried in Gun Metals, Vicis and Patents, some in
Button, some in Lace. A style and a shape for every
taste. A fit for every foot. SELLING FOR SSjOO.
724 Main 807 Main
The Searcfelisfat Utility Retain Flse Fltr Cecitr
The Searchlight Utility has a capacity of 1,133 cu
bic inches in hot air circulating flue or 243 cubic inch
es more than the so-called base burner.
The Searchlight Utility Return Flue Floor Heater
fire pot is completely exposed, presenting a solid ra
diating surface. Not a particle of heat is lost or
thrown where it would be of no benefit, as in the case
of "housed in fire pots" and base burners.
Don't fail to see this stove in operation at our store
TDne Resul
A man suffering from foot troubles read about our Tramp
Last Shoes and yesterday he came twenty miles to buy a pair.
When we had fit his feet in the size he required he said, I
have bought shoes in small towns and large cities, but I have
never worn old shoes that felt as good as these new ones.
Where all other cures and all other shoes have failed,
Feltman Tramp Last Shoes are curing and preventing foot
troubles. Men travel many miles to get these shoes for they
have no equals anywhere.
THEY SELL AT $20 AND $4.00.
Quarles H. Felftmsiim
Two Stores
724 Main St. 37 Main Si.
i -I
Wcmt Grata t t f
: Servant (who has been sent to chas
tise a stray cat for stalking chickens)
I couldn't catch 'im mum for tbe
1 nearer I got to 1m the farther 'e got
way- Punch.

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