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Florence Gear in "Fluffy Ruffles"
At the Murray.
The patrons of the Murray theater
this week are assured of a big show
us every act is worthy of being head
liners. The Marimba Band composed
of Gautemalaus produce music, both
classical and popular which pleases
every audience. They were in Indiana
polis last week and the News of that
cify spoke very favorably of their per
formance. "The Cashier" presented
by Romaine Fielding and Mabel Vann.
One must see the act to appreciate ful
ly the strength anj Jramatic tension
are capable of wrapping around an au
dience. It is one of the most fascina
ting, exciting natural and human stor
ies ever given to the public by two
recognized New York performers. Bar
rett and Company present 20 laughs
in 20 minutes with "The Previous Mr.
Fresh." Another musical act is ren-!
dcred by Martell and Itossi Italian
Operatic Duo. With the motion pic-j
tu res a complete program is in store '
for all patrons of Richmond's popular
losing every position immediately af
ter she had secured it. In the case of
the alluring "Fluffy Ruffles," this dis
quietude takes the form only of a hum
orous indulgence in the whims of her
host of masculine admirers, who al
ways bring trouble in the wake of their
proffers of heart and hand. However,
this musical comedy is intended sim
ply to amuse. It is light and frothy,
but never frivolous, the book, lyrics
and music all challenging the atten
tion of the most earnest theafr goers.
There are a number of new songs in
"Fluffy Ruffles" that will be whis
tled as soon as they are heard, and
there are many laugh producing situa
tions which it is easy to believe such
a clever comedienne as Miss Gear
makes the most of.
"Centleman From Mississippi.
Pantomimic Comedy.
j Perhaps it may not bo known to
t you that pantomime is the hardest
! sort of entertaining work; the most
; laborious; calling for nirnbleness of
i movement and alertness of brain.
Good pantomimists have been of un
usual mental capacity; for there is al
ways something new to be introduced
The education of a fat and jovial ami some novel features often sug
Bouthern senator in the devious ways gested by the progress of the piece,
of Washington's social and political and jt comes over the pantomimists
Gentleman From Mississippi" which
will be given at the Gennett next Wed
nesday, February J with the same
great cast that has, kept Chicago in a
roar of laughter for many months.
Messrs. Wm. A. Brady and Joseph R.
Grismer have established a reputation
for splendid productions and "A Gen
tleman From Mississippi" is their lat
est message of this sort. To begin
with, the play is one of the most de
lightful comedies that has been seen
in many years. Senator "Bill" Lang
don has been sent from Mississippi to
represent that state in Washington.
The supporters of the trusts expect
to find him an easy mark, but the sim
ple old planter proves himself more
than a match for them in diplomacy
and fighting. He falls into the hands
of Mud Haines, a young newspaper
correspondent, whom he makes his
private secretary and who guides him
safely over the slippery places. Lang
don's . daughter and the secretary
form a mutual attachment and this be
comes the principal love interest of
the play. The old senator, himself
smitten with a widow, his eldest
daughter and a congressman from
her native state also become victims
of the tender passion and the Infection
even spreads to Langdon's stenograph
er who reciprocates the burning senti
ment of a young newspaper man. The
course of these true loves is filled with
the proverbial rocks and the bumps
they receive provoke much hearty
One of the delightful features of "A
Gentleman From Mississippi" is its
clean, wholesome wit and humor.
There is not a suggestive or indecent
line or situation in the entire play. It
is the merriest of bright comedies, yet
the cleanest. Seats will be placed on
sale tomorrow morning.
with the suddenness of inspiration.
Among the portrayers of the agile,
the incredible, and the humoresque,
the Byrnes Brothers have an interna
tional reputation. To be able to pro
long laughter a whole evening and
not to have it pale for an instant, is
skill of high order. But such is true
of the famous pantomimic artists,
who will soon be seen at the Gen
nett theater when a matinee will be
Fluffy Ruffles.
Next Thursday evening the Gennett
will have as its attraction one of the
undisputed musjeal comedy successes
of the season, "Fluffy Ruffles," with
bewitching Florence Gear in the title
role. Almost any young woman
would be licensed to feel slightly per
turbed had she the peculiar faculty of
Couldn't Walk
Down Stairs
TIZ Cured Her Quick.
i '
tu x y$&
How Nervous Men Get
Most Out of Life.
Legislators Will Pass the
Measure Providing for Sav
ing of People's Money Be
fore Work Is Over.,
and right through the summer iu Chi
cago playing to enormous audiences
at every performance.
Gay Morning Glories.
A fairyland of brilliancy could hard
ly outshine the magnificence of the
Gay Morning Glories, the latest and
merriest of all musical extravaganza.
There has been considerable comment
in reference to this organization which
will be presented in this city Tuesday,
February 15 at the Phillips, its beauty
ances will prove a very profitable af
fair for the association.
On His Defeat for Joint Sena
tor by Commons Told
in His Paper.
Burr Mcintosh in "A Gen
tleman From Mississippi
Washington, D. C, Feb. 12 There
no longer is any doubt that before j
congress adjourns a law will be upon j
ihe statute books authorizing savings.
bank deposits in the ostof fices j a
Aldrich Plan to Aid the Central
Depository Scheme One
Point on Which a Fight Is to
Be Made.
I From "Successful Men.")
K.-?ry normal niinJ.U man
xvisHfS to met all he fan out of
!if" but rainy a man knows
that he is tailing far ort.
T!ie suovpssful man. works,
at and plays with thf kreiif5i
enjoy nivnt. S-vituse hi in-rvis
art' keenly sensitive. He tates.
hears, seen ant feels all with
the highest emotions of vigor
ous healthy nerve. As a con
sequent e he has stamina, en
durance anl personal magne
tism, which makes those near
ami dear to him, worship his
manliness, chivalry and ftren-
Without ke-n, sensitive, well
nourished nerves, such a man
would he an ohject of pity, and
not the brilliant success he is.
All men should have well
nourished nerves, but if the
blod and vital organs do not
supply the ehemicsl or sub- C4
statue known as nerve fluid. JC
then the waste of the nerves is 15 W
li't renewed dailv and hourly Ivl C
as it should be. The nerves be- VI
it tun arvd luoury tor an? norpoa
we will make Tea a loan, allowing yum
to arrange the weekly or moathlr pay
meota to roar eatire aatutiarttoa.
tVrmnal iadrpendroce w aa food
as a bank account.
from annoying and nrfrent creditor.
KiTinc Tod tadeeendcace. You ar
;a thus enabled to tranaart Ttwr prirat
Wjt busiaen on a raah basia. We aa
11 briftht, cheerful private ooieea ia
throughout the United States.
The senate will pass the Carter bill '4.
in some iorm next week, by a majori
ty of eight votes, if a poll made today
is to be relied upon. The measure
then will go to the house and will be
referred to the committee on postoffi
ces and postroads. A Republican cau
cus of the members of the house will
be held promptly. This caucus will
recommend the passage of a postal
savings bank bill, probably differing
from that fathered by Senator Carter
of Mantana. ""After the action by the
house, a conference committee of the
two houses will meet, and in the fin
al form drafted by that committee the
measure will be passed and presented
to the president for his approval.
1 1 nis is ine program 01 me teauers
AV. S. Commons for the nomination for i of the two houses. They have adopt
joint senator from Wayne and Union ! ed it not because they favor the princi
counties, has the following comment l'e of a postal savings bank, but be-
about the political situation
In this week's issue of the Liberty!
Herald. Editor Stivers, who opposed ;
to make on his defeat at the Wayne
county polls:
At the republican nominating elec
tion in Wayne county last Monday,
Walter S. Commons received
votes and C. W. Stivers !,."(
This gives Mr. Commons a majority of
l,o;o, and he is the nominee for joint
state senator for Union and Wayne
The result is not unexpected to Un
ion county republicans, nor to their
representative in the contest, as the
natural tendency of large counties of
a district to be selfish in selecting
nominees is well known.
It is conceded, however, that the
Union county cadidate put the matter
squarely up to the Wayne county re
publicans and appealed to them to re
cognize the just claims of Union to
the senatorial nominee in this cam
paign. The writer is gratified to say
that his contention in behalf of Union
county was generally admitted: but
Mr. Commons' general acquaintance
and long time service to his party
stood him well in hand in this con
test. This, coupled with neighborly
friendships, and the special Interests
centering in Richmond, combined to
make him at once as strong a candi
date as could have been put into the
field for nomination.
The Union county candidate's
the men
who dominate the Republican party
in congress realize that something
3.1S0 ! must be done to show a desire to corn-
votes. I ply with the wisnes 01 the people.
Submit to Wertern Demand.
The leaders know that a postal sav
ings bank proposition is one of the
things upon which the public heart in
the west is set, and they understand
that a failure to enact it will be used
as an additional reason for depriving
the party of power In the next con
gress. Under the circumstances,
therefore, they see nothing to do but
to pass a bill.
Facing such a situation, it is the pur
pose of the opponents of the postal
savings bank system to make it as
harmless from their point of view as
possible. So far as Senator Aldrich,
chairman of the senate finance com
mittee, is concerned, he desires the
measure finally enacted to be so
framed that it will be helpful to the
central bank plan which he favors.
The central bank of issue scheme
proposes the emission of currency on
the basis of a gold reserve, instead of
bonds. This would make it unneces
sary for the national banks to stock
up heavily on the government bonds
for the purpose of securing their cir
culation by government securities, and
come exhausted, giving rise to
such symptoms as trembling
hands and limbs, cold feet and
hands. liiel.m. holia. hysteria,
timidity. nervousness. sleep
lessness, dizziness. h.art palpi
tation, pains in the back, head
aeh tinsour and weurincss at
all times A most valuable
nerve treatment, rcstoratiw in
very sense, is to be found in
the following prescription, em
anating it is said, from a bril
liant and successful specialist
on nervous ailments.
TliC treatment can be prepar
ed in the privacy of home ami
thus causes mi one any cmbar
rassment. First get three oun
ces of syrup of sarsaparilla
compound in a six ounce bottle.
To this add one ounce of com
pound 1 1 11 ni balmwort. shake
well ;md let stand two hours.
Then add one ounce of tincture
ejidomenc compound (not carda
mom! and one o.m e of eoni
t.iiii', essence cjirdiol. Mix.
Shake well and take a teaspoon
ful after each meal and one
when retiring.
It is astonishing to feel the
new nerve force, the steadied
nerves, anil the control of everv
muscle in the body after using
this. Overworked office men.
and the manv victims of soci
ety's late hours and dissipation
will surely find in this the re
storative, rejuvenating force
they are sorely in need of. Tho
ingredients are used in various
pres'-riptions and any good
druggist can supply them.
3rd Fleer Colonial BIdg, I 1
PHONE 1341. ROOM 40. k
4. , which you can talk to urn contKlent-
fV A courteous rereittton awaita
nenerrr you max larar us
High School. Uramniar School
and all Indiana Hooks; every-
thing in School Supplies.
520 Main St.
Wltb E. B. Kaollc
Knollenbcrg Annex
general in the banks located nearest
lo the postoffices at which the money
is received, at a rate of interest not
less than 2i per cent per annum.
This interest will perniit the govern
ment to pay the depositors 2 per cent
upon their moneys and use the bal
ance amounting to one-quarter of 1 per
cent in defraying the cost of the serv
ice. Other Features Not Protested.
This feature of the bill undoubted
ly will lead to a sharp fight in both
houses and Senator Carter cannot pre
dice what the result will be. There
is not apt to be much difficulty in get
ting the adoption of the other features
of the Carter bill. Under this meas
ure, the postmaster general will des
ignate, as rapidly as consistent with
good administration, the money order
offices as the places for the receipt of
the savings deposits and he is em
powered so to designate such other of
fices as he deems advisable.
There are approximately 50,000
money order postoffices, so that the
postmaster general may at first re-
(Continued on Page Seven.)
Tuesday, Feb. 15
Gay Morning
Glories Burlesque
Prettiest singing and dancing chor
us ever! Added attraction. Mile. De
Vere in "Caught In the Act." See Ia
Belle Oneida, the Girl in Blue. Prices,
25. 35 and 50c. Seats on sale at West
cott Pharmacy.
New Murray Theatre
Novelty Musical Act.
S Other Exclusive Features.
Matinee, any seat, 10c.. Evening per
formances, 7:45 and 9:00. Prices, 10,
15 and 20c Loge seats, 25c
given specially for children, in their
latest edition of the new "Eight
If you have sore feet, tired feet,
sweaty feet, lame feet, tender feet,
smelly feet, corns, callouses or bun
ions, read what' happened to Mrs.
Crockett, of Jeffersonville. T I Z DID
IT. Mr. Crockett says: "After the
second treatment she walked down
stairs one foot at a time. She has not
been able to walk downstairs before
in past five years, except by stepping
down on each step with one foot at a
time. This is remarkable. Send five
more boxes."
No matter what ails your feet or
what under heaven you have used
without getting relief, just use TIZ.
It's different. It acts right off. It
cures sore feet to stay cured. It's the
only foot remedy ever made which
nets on the principle of drawing out
ell the poisonous exudations whicn.
cause sore feet. Powders and other
remedies merely clog up the pores.
TIZ cleans them out and keeps them
clean. You will feel better the first
time it's used. Use it a week and 3rou
can forget you ever had sore feet.
There is nothing on earth that can
compare with it. TIZ is for sale at
tM druggists, 25c per box, or direct, if
you wish, from Walter Luther Dodije
Co.. Dodse Uldg., Chicago, 111.
The Golden Girl.
Hough, Adams and Howard have
carved another nitch in the ladder of
fame, with their latest ' musical com
edy success "The Golden Girl," which
will be seen at the Gennett soon.
These authors have never yet known
what it is to write a failure, and in the
production of "The Golden Girl" they
are said to have outdone all previous
efforts, and made a distinct departure
from all former successes.
The plot contains a pretty love story
with scenes laid at West Point Mili
tary Academy and shows Messrs.
Hough and Adams in their merriest
mood, while Joe Howard's music is
pronounced the best he has ever com
posed. To say that the piece was
staged by Ned Weyburn is an assur
ance that it contains many novel and
unique features.
The principal parts are in the hands
of Willard Curtiss and Marie Flynn.
who are ably assisted by a score of
well known players, and a beauty
chorus of fifty, such as only the La
Salle school turns out.
The big musical features are, "The
Indian Love Song," which gives am
ple scope for beautiful stage settings
and picturesque costuming, and "Wine,
Women and Song," which contains
many novel features; while the song
hits include. "I Think I Hear a WoodV
pecker Knocking on My Family Tree,"
"I Can't Love Everybody," "Let's Go
Down and Take in the Shows," "Vive
la Nuit" and "Kiss Me."
The Traveling Salesman.
"The Traveling Salesman,' by James
Forbes, the author of "The Chorus
Lady," which comes to the Gennett
again Iu the near future knows man
kind, and he. has worked in his play
striking character types that have
inspired a great deal of comment and
analysis. It must, indeed be the right
sort of a play which can stay on
Broadway for an entire season, run
four months in Boston without a break
and meritorious qualities having been
praised by press and public wherever
the Gay Morning Glories presented it
self, and it may therefore be a foregone
conclusion that the standing room only
sign will become a prominent feature
during the engagement of this excel
lent attraction.
Away from the general merriment
accompanying those lighter musical
extravaganzas, the Gay Morning Glor
ies offer an endless number of electri
cal surprises surpassing anything seen
in a majority of Broadway attractions.
Its devices are not only original but
are also of the unusual splendor,
eclipsing in their glitter and unrivalled
brilliancy the most fascinating pict
ures ever presented upon any burlesque
stage. A beautiful background to the
whole is offered in the exquisite, hand
which are creations of the French
The attraction itself is far away
from the general type of burlettas. be
ing of a higher standard and equipped
on a inore elaborate scale. A score of
pretty maidens with bewitching smiles
and sunny faces add to the brilliancy
of the entire production, which is lav
ishly blended by an endless number of
tuneful melodies and picturesque ensembles.
straight out declaration in support of . this in turn would throw on the mar
the local option law, and possibly as j ket an enormous quantity of govern
to other questions up for consideration ; ment bonds bearing interest at a rate
in this campaign, arrayed against him of 2 per cent per annum, for which
the liquor league forces and the "wet"'
contingent in the city of Richmond.
Stivers received no quarter at the hand
of the liquor league forces. Sixty-five
saloons can exert quite an influence
when solidly opposing a candidate.
I had hoped for a week longer in
which to have completed my canvass
in Wayne, but the candidates for the
various county offices decided on Feb.
7th as the nominating election, thus
preventing my making the thorough
canvass I had hoped to make. I ac
cept the decision of the majority and
in conformity with the implied agree
ment of the contest, will support my
successful competitor.
My grateful and appreciative thanks
are hereby expressed to the republican
voters of Wayne county who cast
their ballots last Monday in my favor;
and also to others who were courteous
and kindly but felt it their duty to
vote for their immediate neighbor.
there w ould be no national demand.
Root Amendment Is Opposed.
How to care for this tremendous
mass of securities has been the prob
lem in connection with the currency
reform plans which has given Senator
Aldrich a great deal of concern. He
and others have figured out that if the
deposits made in the postal savings I
banks could be utilized, first, for the j
purchase of government bonds, thej
problem would be in a fair way of so- j
Senator Root of New York, acting in !
accordance with the view of Senator!
Aldrich, will introduce an amendment
to the Carter bill providing for the
use of deposits in the manner stated.
The Root amendment will be fought
vigorously by the senators from the
middle and northwest states, who pre
fer the plan incorporated in the Car
ter bill, providing that the postal sav
ings funds, so far as practicable, shall
be deposited first by the postmaster;
Plenty of Good Seats at $14)0. Prices 25c. 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50.
Seats on Sale Tuesday A. M.
Y. M. C. A. Minstrel Show.
A chorus of sixty of the best singers
of the city will be one of the features
of the Y. M. C. A. minstrel show to
be given on the nights of March 1 and
2 at the Gennett theater. One of the
press notices received states "this
chorus will furnish a melodious back
ground for the high class ballads and
popular hits of the day."
Music will not be the only feature of
the entertainments. Eight black face
comedians of the city have promised
to be end men in the event and sev
eral rehearsals have been held. Their
stunts are novel and while they -will
burlesque many of the national char
acters, yet the entertainment In this
regard will be entirely different from
the usual run of such burlesques.
Much interest is maifested in the
first home talent production of the sea
son and undoubtedly the two perform-
Wm. A. Brady and Jos. R. Grismer Announce the Phenomenal Comedy Success
Wltb Burr Mclatosh n Will Demlnfl
Same Cast and Eoalpsaeatt as scea
During the Seven Bfoatas Run
Every Decent American Should
See It President Taft.
By Harrison
A. Wise
Sixteen Months in Men York - Six Months in Boston
PROCES 25c, 50c, 75c, 1.00 and 0H-50 -

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