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So Barnard Styles Peddlers
Who Sell Oleomargarine
for Butter.
(Palladium Special)
Indianapolis, Feb. 18. "Moonshin
erb" is what 11. E. Barnard, state
those peddlers and hucksters who go
out over the state selling oleomargar
ine for butter. He applies that name
because he says they are violators of
the federal law and that they carry
on their illegal business just as the
moonshine whiskey makers and sell
ers carry on their business in the
Tennessee hills. He does not de
nounce oleomargarine as a food. On
the other hand he says it is a good
food, but he does denounce the meth
ods of these hucksters and peddlers
in selling it.
In his monthly report of the work
done by the food department, Mr.
Harnard says: "Of the thirteen but
ter samples examined nine proved to
be oleomargarine. Most of these sam
ples were purchased from men who
posed as peddlers or hucksters but
who were in reality cleverly disguis
ed agents of illicit oleomargarine
houses. While there can be no possi
ble objection to oleomargarine as food
product, the large profits which can
be made by selling it for butter, and
especially when the seller is willing
to risk detection by agents of the in
ternal revenue department and colors
oleomargarine in imitation of butter
and thus evades the payment of the
10 per cent tax to the government, of
fer so great a temptation that the
oleomargarine business Is to no small
extent conducted by moonshiners in
quite the same way as the illegal
whiskey business. The removal of
the tax on colored oleomargarine
would no doubt take away the incen
tive to defraud and tend to place the
oleomargarine business on a better
busities basis. There is no real rea
son why the coloring of oleomargar
ine should be practically prohibited
""by the federal government, when the
coloring of butter and cheese is per
mitted without restriction. It is hoped
that oleomargarine may some time
occupy its rightful place as a legiti
mate food product of undoubted merit
and that its sale for what it is will be
unhampered by any restrictions other
than those which the government
may see fit to impose upon' it for the
purpose of falsing revenue. And even
such a tax should, it would seem, bet
ter be levied upon articles which are
not used as food and consumed for
the most part by the poorer classes.
Rheumatism Prescription
Oae That Hoes Cure or Money Bark,
Sajn I. co II. Flue.
Itheuma: that's the name of the sci
entific prescription that is putting old
ICheutnntiz out of business the country
Ivheurna euros by driving the uric
acid from the blood. It also acts di
rectly on the kidneys and is better for
the kidneys than most so-called kidney
After the rheumatic poisons are driv
en from the body, the stomach grows
strong; the blood becomes rich and
red, and a general feeling of perfect
health prevails.
B. D. Smith of Klmira, N. Y.. took
Ulieuma, and this is what he writes:
"I was a sufferer from Rheumatism for
years. Since using Rheuma I have
been , entirely free from all aches and
pains. Rheuma is certainly; the stuff
for Rheumatism."
I.eo II. Fine sells and guarantees
Rheuma. The price is only 50c a bot
tle, and no rheumatic sufferer can af
ford not to uso it: Mail orders filled
by Rheuma Co., 1000 West Ave., Buf
falo, N. Y.
An Alma girl who is considered as
belonging to the high-brow crowd, was
the object of a serenade the other
night, and in telling a friend about it,
said: "I don't think there is nothing
more nicer than to be woken up at
night with vocal singing." Alma
(Kas.) Signal.
At last accounts there were 1S.S0-I
licensed vehicles in London.
Out-of-order Kidneys are reg
ulated ending Bladder
Out-of-order kidneys act fine and
backache or bladder misery is relieved
after a few doses of Pape's Diuretic.
Pains in the back, sides or loins
rheumatic twinges, debilitating head
ache, nervousness, dizziness, sleep
lessness, inflamed or swollen eyelids,
worn out feeling and many other
symptoms of clogged, inactive kidneys
simply vanish.
Frequent, painful and uncontrollable
urination, due to a weak or irritabla
bladder is promptly overcome.
The moment you suspect any kiduey,
bladder or urinary disorder, or feel
rheumatism coming, begin taking this
harmless remedy, with the knowledge
tiuU. there is no other medicine, at any
It la a serious matter, when the
lunfta are effected. A trip away, or to
a sanatorium, is not only tremendous
ly expensive, but It Involves separa
tion from home and friends. Home are
benefited; but none can safely return
to ' their homes.
Eckman's Alterative ia effective In
curing? Bronchitis, Asthma, and more
serious affections of the lungs. No
leaving; home and friends Is necessary.
For instance:
231 S. Atlantic Ave., Haddonfleld. N. J.
Gentlemen: In the Fall of 1905. I
contracted a very severe cold which
settled on my lungs. At last I began
to raise sputum and my physician
then told me I must go to California
Immediately. At this time I was ad
vised to take Kckman's Alterative. I
stayed at home and commenced tak
ing it the last week in October. T
began to Improve and the first week ,
In January, 1906, I resumed my regu
lar occupation, having gained 23
pounds, fully restored to health. It
Is now four years since my cure has
been effected and I cannot praise Kck
man's Alterative too highly. I have
recommended It to others with excel
lent results.
( Signed) W. M. TATEM.
Eckman's Alterative Is good for
Throat and Lung Trouble and Is on sale
at A. G. l.uken A Co. and other drug
gists. Ask for Booklet of cured caKes,
or write to Kckman Mfg. Co., Phila.,
At Local Theaters
Eight Bells.
There are at least a dozen laughs
to the minute in "Eight Bells' as giv
en by the llrothers Byrne which will
Tuesday afternoon and night. The
Brothers are acrobats of considera
ble skill aijd pantomimists of unlim
ited resources. The surprise in the
way of unexpected disappearances
somersaults into third story windows,
vaulting over walls and through walls
where there is apparently no opening,
and innumerable other tricks of the
nimble performers keep the audience
wondering and laughing without ces
sation. Nothing could possibly be
funnier than the horse and the car
riage in which the lovers were to
elope, which is made the means of
some surprising acrobatic feats.
This scene terminates by the com
plete revolution of the ship, the pas
sengers turning over with it.
Besides the Byrne Brothers there
are several other excellent members
of the company who introduce taking
The Golden Girl.
"The Golden Girl," fresh from a
season's triumph in Chicago, where it
has crowded two theaters for nearly
a year, comes to the Gennett Satur
day, February 26, matinee and night.
The wonderful stage effects, brilliant
electrical display and gorgeous cos
tuming makes of "The Golden Girl"
what might almost be called a spec
tacular extravaganza, were it not for
the well defined plot and strong dram
atic situations that are never lost
sight of throughout the performance.
Perhaps no one realizes more than
Mr. Singer that the day has arrived
when it is necessary to give amuse
ment seekers in the smallest of the
one night stands, the same complete,
high class production as that offered
in New York and Chicago. He has al
ways believed in this theory, which
is substantiated by the road compan
ies that have visited this city under
his management.
At the Murray.
The Marimba Band, direct from the
city of Mexico is the headliner at the
Murray theater this week and is being
favorably received. "The Previous
Mr. Fresh" as presented by Russell,
Lee Barrett and Co., is furnishing com
edy, "The Cashier" is a one act drama
full of intense interest, the singing of
the Italian Operatic Duo and the mo
tion pictures with the Flight by Air
ship can not help but please the pa
trons of Richmond's popular play
house. Each number of this big bill
is worthy of special notice but one
must see and hear the whole program
to appreciate it in all its fullness.
His Style of Voice.
"Most musical critics are fools!" said
Robinson. "Why, one of them recent
ly wrote in his report of a concert
where I sang that my voice was a
baritone, whereas my rolce is a pure
"Yes," said Jones, "a basso relievo."
"Basso relievo!" replied Robinson,
sharply. "Why. there Is no such
"Oh, yes, there is." added Jones
"basso when you sing and a relief
when you leave off, you know." Mu
sical America.
Mrs. M. E. Read has just celebrated
the twenty-fifth anniversary of her
service as passenger agent at Ardmore
station on the Pennsylvania railroad.
She is said to have performed her du
ties in a manner highly satisfactory to
both the public and the railroad.
The army is experimenting with
transmitting bugle calls for long dis
tances with the aid of the megaphone.
price, made anywhf.re else in the world,
which will effect so thorough and
prompt a cure, as a fifty-cent treatment
of Pape's Diuretic, which any druggist
can supply.
This unusual preparation goes di
rect to the out-of-order kidneys, blad
der and urinary system, cleaning, heal
ing and strengther ing these organs
and glands, and completes the cure be
fore you realize it.
A few days' treatment with Pape's
Diurttie means clean, active, healthy
kidneys, bladder aud urinary organs -and
you feel fine.
Your physician, pharmacist, banker
or any mercantile agency will tell you
that Pape, Thompson & Tape of Cin
cinnati, is a large and responsible med
icine concern, thoroughly worthy nf
your confidence.
Accept only Pape's Diuretic fifty
cent treatment from any drug store
anywhere in the world.
Northwest Section Had the
Highest and the Lowest
Death Rate.
(Palladium Special)
Indianapolis, Feb. 18. Strange as
it may seem, the highest and lowest
death rate in the cities having a
population of 1,000 or over during
December were both found in the
northwest coiner of the state. East
Chicago, in Lake county, had a death
rate of 33.3 for each thousand of pop
ulation, an enormous rate. This was
by far the highest in the state. Then
Michigan City came along with the
smallest reported death rate for De
cember, 6.4.
The monthly bulletin of the state
board of health for December has
just been issued, and it gives inter
esting figures on the death rate for
December. The figures for the cities
having more than 10.000 population
are as follows:
Death Rate in Cities
Indianapolis, 16.5; Evansville, 15.7;
Fort Wayne, ICl.ti; TeYre Haute, i:;.t!;
South Bend, 16.7; Anderson, 15.6; Co
lumbus, 12.9; East Chicago, 33.3; Elk
hart, 13.1; El wood, 6.8; Hammond,
12.3; Jeffersonville, 11.8; Kokomo,
21.1; Lafayette, 16.3; Laport, 23.5;
Logansport, 14.8; Marion, 12.1; Mich
igan City, 6.4; Muncie, 17.8; New Al
bany, 12.3; Peru. 17.9; Richmond,
19.8; Vincennes, 17.7.
The total number of deaths in the
state was 2,831, the rate being 12.2.
The death rate in the previous De
cember was 11.6. The figures show
that the northern sanitary section,
composed of counties in the north one
third of the state had the lowest
death rate, 11.2. The central section
had a rate of 13.4, and the southern
section had 11.6.
Birth Rate in the State.
The north part of the state carried
off high and low honors in the birth
rate for December. St. Joseph coun
ty had the highest birth rate, 27.8 and
Steuben had the lowest, 8.2. The total
births in the state for December were
4,105. Of these 2,136 were males and
1,969 were females. The total birth
rate for the state was IS. 3 per 1.000
population. This an excess of 7 over
the death rate. Of the total nuber of
births 4,038 were white and 67 ne
groes. It is interesting to note that the to
tal death rate for the cities of the
state was 15.1, while the total rate
among the rural population of 1.682,
240 was 10.4.
There were 105 violent deaths in In
diana during the preceding December.
Of the violent deaths 6 were murders,
26 suicides 163 accidental. Of
the murders, one male and two fe
males were by gun shots; one male
by stabbing; one female by blunt in
strument; one male, method not giv
en. Of the suicides, four males sui
cided with gun shots; four males and
one female by hanging; two males
and one female by asphyxiation by
gas; three males and six females by
carbolic acid; three males and two
females by various poisons.
Of the accidental deaths steam rail
roads caused 29; interurban railroads
3; street cars 4; automobiles 3;
horses and vehicles 2; crushing in
juries 19; mining accidents 5; ma
chinery 4; drowning 7; burns and
scalds 27; falls 20; injuries at birth
12; and the remainder by various
His Text.
The three-year-old son of a Metho
dist minister was with his mother at
a gathering of ladies. At the proper
time he was given a cooky. lie ate it
in short order and asked for another.
The hostess said :
"I'll give you another if you will
sing for us."
"Can't sing," was his reply, "but 1
know something I can say."
"That will do all right." the lady an
swered, expecting to hear "Twinkle,
twinkle, little star," or some other
nursery classic.
But the little fellow drew himself up
in real Sunday school fashion and said
his piece:
"God loveth a cheerful giTer."
The lady gave him the cooky, and
the whole company seemed to be very
cheerful about it. Harper's Magazine.
A Water Telescope.
Norwegian fishermen use a water
telescope to ascertain the position of
the herring shoals. This is the way
to make the water telescope:
Procure a tube made of tin and fun
nel shaped about three aDd a half feet
long and ten inches in diameter at the
largest end. It should be wide enough
at the top to take in the observer's
eyes, and the inside should be painted
black. At the bottom, or wide end. a
clear, thick piece of glass must be in
serted, with a little lead in the form
of a ring to weight the tube. When
the instrument is immersed in clear
water It is astonishing how many
fathoms down the observer can see.
The Sybarites.
The Sybarites were the inhabitants
of the ancient city of Sybaris, ia
southern Italy, founded 720 B. C. They
were so greatly addicted to voluptu
ousness and self indulgence that their
name became a byword among tbe
peoples of antiquity. The word "syba
rite" is used at the present day to de
note a person devoted to luxury and
,. mm.
Mine. Lydia Lippowski, the Russian
prima donna, member of the Boston
Grand Opera Company, who has as
tonished the professional world by re
fusin gto be advertised. She has
brought suit against the management
of the Hotel Lenox in Boston, enjoin
ing them from using her name on the
menu cards. The chef of the hotel
has named some of his special dishes in
favor of the songstress. She says she
objects to having some dishes on the
menu called The Cup Lydia, "and souf
fie des Fraises a la Lipawska."
Government Pays Railway Mail Clerks
$S00 to $1,400 a Year.
Free Scholarships Are Offered.
Uncle Sam holds examinations for
railway mail clerk, postoffice clerk or
carrier, custom house and depart
mental clerks. Prepare at once for
the coming examinations.
The job is for life; hours are short,
salary twice monthly and vacation. To
any young man who has energy
enough to answer, this is the opportu
nity of a lifetime.
Thousands of appointments are to
be made. Common school education
is all you need; city and country peo
ple have equal chance. Start to pre
pare now free information. Free
scholarships this month. Write im
mediately to Central Schools, Dept.
232, Rochester, N. Y.
Von Billow of Gentle Nature.
When first Vou liulow was intro
duced to me I almost avoided him on
account of the many stories of his
! irascibility, his erratic disposition, his
offhand treatment of the public, his
j brutality toward musicians and many
' other crimes of this sort. Ou closer
l acquaintance with the great pianist 1
experienced some astonishment to find
him a man of strong mind, yet gentle
I nature, enthusiastic, artistic to the fin
ger tips and well bred, though of
an exceedingly nervous temperament.
Irascible he might have been at times,
but I am sure that the moments of un
governable anger were always provok
ed by people's stupidity or by some un
pardonable mistakes iu musical execu
tion. From "Modjeska's Memoirs" In
The Text.
The minister had preached on the
text. "Why halt ye between two opin
ions?" and upon little Cora's return
home from church her grandmother
asked what the text was.
"I don't remember exactly." answer
ed Cora, "but it was something about
a hawk between two pigeons." Chica
go News.
Fooling the Boy.
"Why did the cow jump over the
noon, pa?"
"I suppose it was a sort of early ex
periment in aerial navigation." New
York Press.
Almond Oil.
One hundred pounds of almonds
yield forty-eight pounds of oil.
Careworn man has in all ages sows
vanity to reap despair. Goethe.
In the time of King Chanute. the
eleventh century, there was a law pro
hibiting English parents from selling
their children to the Irish for slaves.
A big bowl of
Quaker Oats
is the best dish
can serve.
Delicious and
Good for all ages
and all conditions.
Economical and
Keen'"' 10 packe. aa4 hrrwcal
eaied baa for tot climates - 68
Hailing One Is the Same as a
Declaration of War.
Sneers end Caustie Advice Are Show
ered Upon These Who Engage Them.
On Wet or Festal Days the Cabbies
Spurn These Who Want to Ride.
Among Ar?lo-Saxons there is a gen
eral and instinctive desire to do busi
ness on the basis of an entente cor
diale. In Paris the hailing of a cab
man is looked on by both parties to
the transaction as an implied declara
tion of war. The cabman takes your
measure, and you take his number if
you are wise. At once he will give
you a reason to remark that he has a
rooted and premeditated objection to
drive you where you wish to go. Per- ;
haps he prefers the opera quarter be- .
cause it is central, or should the weath- ;
er be flue his heart is probably set '
upon driving in the Bois, while you .
may have business at the bourse. lie j
explains his views ou the subject self- j
ishly and rudely.
A foreigner alighted recently from ;
the Calais train at the Northern rail- .
way station in Paris and ordered a ;
typical Parisian cnbman, bloated, pale
and absinth soaked, to drive him to
the Kue Bluroet. which is a street in
the relatively distant Vaugirurd quar- ;
ter. "Peut on habiter la Rue Bloinet?"
("Is it possible to Inhabit the Kue
Bloinet?") exclaimed the ragged ruf
fian lu an epigrammatic note of dis
dain which would have done honor to
Beau Brummel.
But it Is when tbe Paris cabman has
once started on his "course." a war
path in the strict sense of the term,
that he proves to what a limitless ex
tent lie is the enemy of mankind. His '
hatred of the bourgeois." the "man ia
the street," in spite of and Indeed be
cause of his being a potential client,
is expressed at every yard. He con
stantly tries to ruu him down, which
makes strangers to Paris accuse the
Paris cabman of driving badly, while
in point of fact he is not driving at
all, but playing with miraculous skill
a game of bis own w hich suggests can
non billiards In the hands of a world's
Hut it is not with the public alone
that bo is at war. Ou all other cal
men whose path he crosses, on omni
bus drivers, motorcar men. bicyclists,
private coachmen, costermongers with
barrows and tsotto voce the police he
heaps deadly insults, the least outra
geous of which are Ours!" ("Bear!")
aud "Fourneau:" ("Oven!"), the latter
containing a subtle double meaning,
intelligible only to those who have
Paris "argot" or slang at their finger
ends and too long to explain.
Tbo cabman's wild career through
the streets, the constant wavering and
slashing of his pitiless whip, his mad
cap hurtlements and collisions, the
frenzied gesticulations which he ex
changes with his "fare." the panic
stricken flight of the agonized women
Vihose lives be has endangered, the
ugly rustics which the public occasion
ally makes at him with a view to
lynching him. the sprawlings and fall
ings of his maddened, hysterical, starv
ing horse, contribute as much as any
thing to the spasmodic intensity, the
electric blue fire diablerie, which are
characteristic of the general move
ment of Paris.
All that can be said in mitigation of
the Paris cabman's method is that
"he has them in the blood." Every
Parisian (and the cabman is no excep
tion) has tbe soul of a dictator and
the spirit of an artist. To exercise au
tocratic power and. failing this, to" en
joy the maximum of personal freedom
from all restraint, moral or social, is
the goal at which ho is ever aiming,
openly or .secretly.
Watch a Paris cabman, for instance,
on a wet day or on some festival oc
casion, such as the New Year, when
there is a big demand for his services.
With what haughty disdain does he
drive along the streets, deaf to every
appeal, refusing every fare, rejoicing
in the discomfort and Inconvenience
he is causing, triumphant in the
thought that at last he has "the bour
geois" at his feet; that the clientele
which be detests and which detests
him is now a humiliated, bemuddled
or bedraggled mob of supplicants
waiting on his will, whom he can en
rage to boiling point with his sneers
and bis silence or lash with his sat
casms as cruelly as be beats bis horse
Cheerfully does be sacrifice half a
day's earnings to the enjoyment of
this exquisite revenge, for at least he
can say to his hungry wife and chil
dren when he gets home. "J'al vecu."
They may not have dined, but be has
It is because the Parisian recognizes
in himself a certain community of
sentiment with the cabman in this at
titude toward life that he tolerates
him, though he does not forgive him.
Hamper's Weekly.
Her Only Course.
Lady Anne Lindsay, the author of
the old poem "Aald Robin Gray," was
not only a delightful conversationalist,
but she was a great story teller.
This gtft made her not only a wel
come guest abroad, bat a valuable
member of the home circle, for it is
related in "A Group of Scottish Wo
men" that at a dinner party which
she was giving: to some friends an old
manservant caused forr.e amusement
by sayinj in a perfectly audible un
dertone: "My lady, you must tell another
story. The second course won't be
ready for fire minutes."
Dr. R. Marloth has discovered in
South Africa six species of plants that
possess "window loaves." They ar
all stymies Kucrul-nts. and the hk-haj-tl
leave arf iiuhedded iu th
grotiud. only the aexe3 remaining vis
ible. This visible part of the leaves is
flat or convex on the surface, and col
orless, so that the light can penetrate
it and reach the interior of the leaf
below, which is green on the inside.
With the exception of the blunt apex,
no part of the leaf is permeable to the
light, being surrounded by the soil in
hkh it is buried.
Cl.. mm. P"Ml
by OEBfrcma!
She Took Notice.
An inspector one day visited a coun
try school taught by a young lady and
in the course of the lessons said:
"Now. children. I wish you to take
notice of what I do and then write an
account of It."
Then he stepped to the blackboard
and wrote a sentence upon It.
All the chlldreu except one wrote in
effect that the "master" came into the
school aud wrote on the blackboard,
"1 love a good school."
One little girl, however, followed in
structions more literally and complet
ed the story by adding:
"And then he went to the platform,
sat down, played with his watch chain,
twirled his mustache and winked at
the lady teacher." Judse.
For a good, wholesome, cheap
breakfast, always buy Mrs. Austin's
pancake four. Your grocer has a
fresh supply.
Established in 1S51
Sale Prices
Knives and Forks, $3.25,
Dining or Dessert size.
OUR BRAND Knives and
Forks, triple plated, war
ranted, Dining or Dessert
size $2.75
Same in Quadruple Plate
at $3.00
0. E. Dickinson
Watch Repairing
Diamonds Mounted
2 Automatic
For Stewing, Roasting, Frying
H5)C Fancy Florida Oranges U
Egg Plant
White Fish. Sturgeon, Halibut and Bloaters, Canned Fish and Sea
Food of all kinds.
Just in. new lot of Cut line Camembert Cheese
$1.35 for 10 lbs of
Pure Idaho Honey
At Eggemeyer's
New Murray Tbeatre
Novelty Musical Act.
5 Other Exclusive Features.
Matinee, any seat. 10c. Evening per
formances. 7:45 and 9:00. Prices, 10.
15 and 20c Loge seats, 25c
Special For Satur
day and Sunday
A rerttda Sc StralsU Cfcir
..8 FOR 25c.
Special on the Box. SI.SI
P. S. Ask for the little green
ticket. A box of cigars given
away every Saturday night.
Quigley Drug Stores
2,000 pounds
Pure Idaho Honey
at Eggemeyer's
Will Have Two Car Uxis el
No. 1 TiBcCiy Day ca
Track Tfcls Week
What do you know
about ray SCOTCH
II retarnei to
Feed and Seed Store
33 S. 6th SI. Phase 1(79
2 Automatic
Head Lettuce
Green Onions
Mangoes ,
Rhubarb f
Sweet Potatoes
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Morning, Afternoon and Evening
Ladies Admitted Free

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