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House Refuses Appropriation
For Upkeep of Speakers
Washington, March' it Republican
insurgents, combining with democrats,
subjected "Uncle Joe" Cannon and his
followers a number of trying indigni
ties in the house. They gave the
Cannon organization the second parli
amentary drubbing of the season and
went so far as to refuse the speaker an
appropriation for the upkeep and oper
ation of the government automobile-
placed at his service.
This was the finishing touch to the
antics of the Insurgents of which the
speaker was the victim. The loss of
the appropriation for the automobile
eame after the Cannonites had fought
for two hours to ward it off What
makes it all the more painful to "Un
cle Joe" Is that he has sent his own
automobile and chauffeur back to Dan
ville preparatory to riding at the gov
ernment's expense.
Whip la In Bad Repute.
The success of the insurgents put
Representative Dwight, the republican
whip, in bad repute with the speaker.
Dwight, it appears, was asleep at the
switch. It looked as if all hands had
gone off watch for the day. Only a
handful of the members were In their
seats, the speaker was in his room,
and John Dalzell In the chair.
In accordance with a prearranged
plan the insurgent democrats were in
their rooms in the house office build
ing awaiting the signal that the bill
had been reported from the commit
tee of the whole. The signal came,
and within five minutes an avalanche
of insurgent republicans and demo
crats came tumbling Into the house.
Dwight Falls at Rescue.
It took Dwight's breath away. He
dispatched messengers for regulars.
but it was too late. Most of them had
gone home. - In order to save the bill
from defeat. Representative Bennet
was recognized on a motion to recom
mit, but it was defeated. An effort
was made to adjourn the house, but the
enemy blocked this dodge.
The insurgents and democrats easily
put through an amendment offered by
Representative FoBter of Illinois, cut
ting out the appropriation., for the
maintenance of the government auto
mobiles provided for Speaker Cannon
and Vice President Sherman. The
vote was 113 to 94. A rider reducing
the appropriation for enforcing the
corporation tax law from $100,000 to
$75,000 was beaten.
Nothing just as good. GOLD COIN
FLOUR in a class by itself. Ask your
Animal Tuberculosis Is Cause
for This Loss Each
Year in U. S.
Washington, March 17. The finan
cial loss in the United States caused by
tuberculosis in food-producing animals
amounts to $24,000,000 annually, ac
cording to an estimate made by Dr. A.
D. Melvin, chief of the bureau of ani
mal industry of the department of ag
riculture. In the twenty-fifth annual report of
the bureau, just issued, Dr. Melvin dis
cusses the economic importance of tu
berculosis. Other papers on the sub
ject appear in the report, one by Dr.
E. C. Schroeder, superintendent of the
bureau's experiment station, which
points out the danger from the tuber
cular cow to human health, and anoth
er by Dr8. John R. Mohler and Henry
J. Washburn, of the pathological divis
ion, dealing with the cause and charac
ter of animal tuberculosis and federal
measures for its repression. Results
of experiments to determine the length
of time that typhoid bacilli will remain
alive in milk and butter are given in
an article by Dr. Washburn.
The importance of clean mouths in
health calls for no argument The ne
cessity for disinfection of this import
ant gateway to the Interior in disease
is less commonly appreciated. Much
attention has been given to the ques
tion in various armies and navies.
Drinking from common cups is pre
vented wherever possible. Some of the
ships of our navy keep the drinking
cups on the water tanks lying in a
formalin solution, when not in use. On
others the sailors drink directly from
a spout, which throws the water up
to their mouths no cups being used.
In default of some method of mouth
disinfection, says Dr. J. D. Gatewood.
in his work on "Naval Hygiene," spe
cific diseasestuberculosis, diphtheria,
influenza, pneumonia, measles, mumps,
and scarlet fever may become epidem
ic on ship board. New York Press.
Korean and Japanese Tobacco.
The difference between Korean and
Japanese tobacco is that the latter,
while not so good in quality. Is cured
in a better mauuer. The tobacco of
both countries is of a much inferior
quality to that grown in the United
News of Surrounding Towns
Cambridge City, Ind March 17.
The Rebekah Aid society met with
Mrs. Ben Griffin this afternoon.
The February and March sections of
the Social Union gave a St. Patrick's
Day party at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Bertsch, Tuesday even
ing. The spacious rooms were decor
ated throughout in green and white,
symbolical of the day. The members
of the committee wore white shirt
waists and green ties. An interesting
program was given after which the
guests were invited to "Kiss the Blar
ney stone." Punch, ice cream and cake
were served by a number of young la
dies. A hundred and fifty guests en
joyed the festivities of the evening.
Mrs. H. H. Bryan went to Spring
field, Ohio today to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Calloway have
returned after several days spent in
Mrs. May Boden visited relatives in
Centerville, Wednesday.
Andrew Allen has moved to the Will
Keplar farm, north of town.
Mrs. E. Shuttleworth is spending the
week with relatives in Muncie.
Mrs. Emma Hahn has returned af
ter a visit with her nephew, Frank
Murray, of Chicago.
Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Coffin and j
daughter, Esther and Mr. and Mrs. Ed
win Calloway, attended the Hobson
meeting at Greensfork, Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Claude Kitterman was a Rich
mond visitor, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beard and chil
dren spent the day at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Levi Beard, north of Ger-mantown.
Frank Repp has moved into the
house vacated by Andrew Allen.
Miss Esta Young went to Madison
today to visit her uncle, Prof. W. O.
Wissler and family. She will also
spend a few days with friends at Han
over college, before her return.
Arthur Reese returned to Danville
today after having spent several days
with his parents, Prof, and Mrs. J. T.
A number of young people from
Richmond, and surrounding towns will
attend the St Patrick's dance to be
given in the hall tonight.
M. L. Bowmaster is quite sick with
symptoms of pneumonia.
Milton, Ind., March 17. Mr. and
Mrs. John Ingerman have returned
from a visit to Indianapolis.
D. H. Warren and son have bought
out the dairy outfit and patronage of
Mr. Taylor, of Cambridge City, and
combined it with their own.
Mrs. Jerome Vernon is reported
quite sick.
Mrs. Sarah Hussey - visited at Cam
bridge City, yesterday.
Mesdames Susan Wissler Wilson, L.
P. Zeller and Miss Lula Ferguson
spent yesterday with Mrs. Emma Fer
guson. .
Mrs. Amanda Bowman of Conners-
vllle is visiting Mrs. Needham and
other friends.
The Milton buggy factory received a
fine order from Waverly, Ohio.
The M. E. cottage prayer meetings
were held with Mesdames Bennett on
the west and Carrie Boyer on the east
side, yesterday afternoon. That on
the west side was led by Chris. Hin
sbawe of the Friends enurcn.
Mrs. Rhoda Hunt was 73 years old
Tuesday. The day was passed quietly.
Mrs. C. H. Wood is one of the pro
gram committee for next year's work
in the "Woman's Club" at Winchester,
of which she Is a member.
The Merry-Go-Round club was en
tertained with Mrs. Harry Manlove,
Tuesday afternoon. The club guests
were Mesdames Rose Ulrich and Joe
Bender of Cambridge City, Will Wal
lace and Will Daniels. Favors were
awarded Mesdames O. L. Beeson and
Will Daniels. The next meeting will
be with Mrs. Lycurgus Beeson.
D. IL Warren is having a new milk
wagon made at McConnaha's in Rich
mond. .
Mrs. Catherine Swafford, of near
Beeson'B station, was the victim of a
birthday shower of post cards Monday
On Saturday night while Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Kirlin were in the country
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omer
Kirlin, some one made an entrance in
to their house and took away the old
sewing machine. But the mystery is
that a handsome new one was left In
its place.
Oliver Ferguson does not fully re
cover from the grippe.
Miss Hazel Filby and mother spent
yesterday at Richmond with Mrs. Os
car Klemeknecht
Raymond Wehrley, who has been as
sisting in the song' services at the M.
E. revival meeting, spent yesterday at
his home in Richmond.
Mrs. Geo. Filby and daughter, Miss
Bertha Filby, spent yesterday at Cam
bridge City.
Mrs. Jesse Warren, who fell and hurt
her arm is improving.
Miss Marie Elwell is on the sick list.
Robert Lathrop, the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ed. Lathrop, was taken to
Richmond yesterday and placed in
Reid Memorial hospital for an opera
tion for appendicitis. He was taken
by O. H. Beeson in the automobile and
accompanied by his mother and the at
tending physician.
Mrs. Frank Izor, formerly of Milton,
now of Indianapolis, was the victim
of a postcard shower Monday in honor
of her zirthday.
R. P. Lindsay bought 28 head of cat
tle to feed. They were taken to the
farm yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Smullen received
a letter from their daughter, Mrs. El
mer Hall, who recently moved from
here to Optima, Oklahoma, stating
that she was unpacking her houshold
goods. She was well.
Cyrus Phillpott is now engaged in
putting in 150 rods of ditching for Geo.
Weaver, Sr., near Bentonville.
Walter Templin is quite ill with
Dr. Gentle was at New Castle yes
terday. Henry Hueller was at Cincinnati on
business yesterday.
A. J. Hart was called to Alquina yes
terday by the Illness of hia sister, Mrs.
Susan Turner, who was apparently
growing weaker.
Mrs. Jacob Filby entertained Mes
dames Daw Hess, Nancy Baldwin and
Lawrence Wissler, at dinner yester
day. Mrs. Otto Crownover was hostess for
the Embroidery club at the home of
her mother, Mrs. W. E. Williams yes
terday afternoon. There were four
teen ladles present, of whom two. Miss
Bertie Frazee and Mrs. Stanley Mur
phy, were guests. The next meeting
will be with Mrs. Ed Wilson.
Hagerstown, Ind., March 17. Helen
Jones of near Milville was the guest
of her grand parents Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Jones from Sunday until Wed
nesday. -
Ralph Teetor and George Keagy are
expected home from the University of
Pennsylvania for a ten days spring va
cation. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mar
latt on the Cain farm, southeast of
town, a son. Sixth child.
A company of ladies east of town,
were entertained Wednesday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. William Gentry,
south of Greensfork.'
Miss Mable Teetor of Indianapolis
conservatory of music will arrive
home today for a vacation.
Misses Hazel Knapp and Helen Mil
ler spent the day Wednesday at Rich
mond. James Knapp made a business trip
to Windsor, Ind., Tuesday.
Mrs. Laura Hines has been quite 111
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Fred Murray with the grip.
The History Club will meet March
21st with Mrs. J. M. Hartley. The fol
lowing program has been arranged:
Responses Eugene Field. "The Heart
of Japan" Mrs. Shively. "Japanese
Architecture" Miss Clark. "The Jap
anese Architecture" Miss Clark;
"The Japanese Family" Mrs, Bell.
Unique Clipping' Mrs. Gebphart and
Miss Taylor.
Mrs. Martin Werking entertained
the Priscilla embroidery club this 'aft
ernoon. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. N. Teetor are en
tertaining a company of friends to
night at a St Patrick's party.
, ' When Soon Afar
"Is matrimony an Ideal condition ?"
asked the little one.
"In perspective it la," answered bet
mother, with a quick glance In the dl
rection of the man, who was reading a
newspaper at the breakfast table.
Chicago Post.
Uric Acid ica
cap Food
Nearly everything we eat pro-.
duces Uric Acid, especially red
and lean meats, and if it were
not for the healthy blood that
flows through our bodies every
one would fall a victim to Uric
Acid noisonine. Only those with
Impoverished blood are subject to
Rheumatism and Goat. When thin
and watery, it admits Uric Acid which
in turn settles in the linings of the kidneys,
oach. bladder, joints, bones and even in
the muscles themselves, carrying pain and
misery with it Get rid of Uric Acid and you
will get rid of Rheumatism. The Great
(BoDdera pmrjn
Ilawi ally is an antidote to all poisons of the
kind. It cleanses and purifies the blood as ef
fectually as good soap and clean water cleanses
a piece of linen. In thirty minutes after taking
the first dose traces of it are fouad in the blood
and after a few days use the blood becomes
tnorongmy cnargea wiw its mnacnu germ
destroying and health giving properties. You
can actually feel it as it forces the poisons oat
through the pores. Your skin may show alight
color and rougnness ana ucn a mue ior a
few days; a condition that need create no
alarm as it passes away as quickly as it comes.
Three doses will stop the most obstinate case .
of dyspesia and a tew weeks use wiu re
store dlgestlea and vereesae eeMttpatlen.
Three days use is sufficient to prove its worth
in all such cases. Don't fail to give it a trial.
If yon are sick and ailing in any way we
will gladly mail yon a free sample if you will
send us this ad with your name and address
THE LECTRO CO., Chicago, IH.
For Sale kyA.C Lakes Co
A most comfortable
and stylish
15 cents each 2 for 25 cents
Cluett. Pea body at Co.. Maker
ARROW CUFFS. 2S carta a Pair
Preble County, Ohio, Has Been
Chosen by District Superintendent.
(Palladium Special)
Eaton, O., March 17.-The follow
ing is a list of the census supervisors
who have been named by Census Su
perintendent Frank P. RIchter, of
Hamilton, under whose direction an
examination for qualifications was
conducted in Eaton a couple of weeks
Dixon township, A. R. Pitsinger;
Gasper township. John P. Button:
Gratis township, Thomas Riner; Har
rison township, Albert McGrew; Har
rison township. Herbert 1 StuDn: Is
rael township, Irving G. Caldwell;
jacKson township, B. F. Niswander;
Jefferson township, Edward H. Young;
Lanier township. Willard A. Darkle;
Monroe township. Harry S. McCoy;
Somen township R. M. Huffman;
Twin township, Glenn I Huffman;
Washington township, Joseph E.
Quinn; Eaton (corporation), Forrest
D. Williams and Prof. H. A. Kleppin
ger. The appointees have been approved
by the Department of Census at Wash
ington and they will soon receive com
An exciting music hall "turn" which
will be known as the "human cup and
ball." was rehearsed in a .shed at the
outskirts of Paris. A woman is shut
inside a huge wicker ball, which Is
then rolled down a steep inclined
plane, terminating in an upward bend.
The ball shoots with lightning speed
down the slide and is hurled up into
space and caught by an elevated bowl
shaped receptacle twenty-five feet
A bill granting the taxpaying worn
en of Princess Anne county the right
to vote at town elections has passed
the Maryland senate. The bill was
introduced by Senator Milbourne and
objected to by the Republican mem
bers because it excluded nontaxpaying
colored men. Princess Anne is said
to have a larger proportion of widows
owning property than any other town
in Maryland.
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