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.. Edited by Miss Elizabeth R.Thomas .
Monday The members of tbe Tick
nor club will meet In tbe afternoon.
A meeting of tbe Magazine club will
be held.
Mra. Charles Kolp's Thursday even
ing dancing claaa will meet In the
evening In the Odd Fellow hall. This
Is a postponed meeting.
TiiaarfavTh world I nr of Mr: Rus-
sell Gaar and Miss Opal Husson will
be celebrated Wednesday morning at
nine thirty o'clock in tbe First Pres
byterian church.
Aftermath society will meet with
Mrs. Clark.
Members of a card club will meet
In the afternoon.
Members of the Tuesday Assembly
will meet In the Odd Fellows hall. Tbe
affair is In charge of Mrs. Charles
Wednesday The Home Economic
Study club will meet In the afternoon.
Members of the Penny club will
meet In the afternoon.
The Wednesday Cotillon club will
hold its first meeting for the season
In the Odd Fellows hall.
Thursday A meeting of the Thurs
day dancing class will be held In the
Odd Fellows hall.' .
Members of the Woman's Relief
Corps will meet la the post rooms at
the court house. .
Card party at the Country club.
'Friday Mrs. Charles Kolp's Friday
evening dancing class will meet in the
Odd Fellows ball.
jt jt jt
The following .Invitations were Is
sued today to a number of persons
Mra. Joseph II Iff
' Mra. Saul E. Davis
At Home
Thursday evening. November, tenth
Mrs. Lewis E. Illff
Cards 813 South A Stret
The wedding of Miss Carolyn Hol
llngsworth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Omar Holllngsworth, and Mr. Louis D.
Qulna of Chicago will be celebrated
Saturday, .November twenty-sixth. In
vitations will be Issued Monday. ,
Miss Myral Weeghmen will enter
tain with a dinner party this evening
at the Hotel Wescott In honor of her
guest. Miss Nancy Conwell of Indian
apolis. The table will be beautifully
decorated with flowers and ferns.
Places will be arranged at the table
for eight guests.
. .. je ) Jl
Terminating wun me cnarming
dance given last evening the weeks so
cial schedule was a most delightful one
throughout The party last evening
was given at the .Country club by Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Gennett In honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Campbell and
Mrs. Fannie Corwin who will leave
soon for Cuba where they will spend
the winter. The affair was very in
formal no Invitations having been is
sued for the function. Dancing began
at eight o'clock and continued until
eleven thirty. Piano and drums furn
ished the dance music. During the In
termission a buffet lunch wss served.'
The dancers were Mr. and Mrs. Will
Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. George Williams, Mr. and
Mra. Howard Campbell Mrs. Corwin,
Mr. and Mra Ooort Williams Mr.
and Mrs. Omar Murray, Mr. and Mrs.
jHenry Gennett, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Gennett. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gennett,
Miss Rose Gennett, Miss Dorothy
Vaughan, Mra. Frank Vaughan, Mr.
Rash Bowman, Mr. Walker Land. Mr.
Warren ' Clements, Mr. Wlllard Carr,
Mr. Burton Carr, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Oayle. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Robinson,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gilbert. Miss
Marie Campbell. Mr. Walter Craig
head. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mann. Mrs.
Charles Kolp, Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. George Seidel,
Z Ci Serine
'l lf,. af U
f 1 "IS mwil
. I it" l
v is?
. - V W ri 'lVtia taclr
Mr. and Mrs. S. Swsyne and Miss
Juliet Swsyne.
JS jS Jt
'Mr. and Mrs. Will Brooks and Miss
Esther Brooks of Fountain City came
yesterday to spend Sunday with
friends and relatives here.
Jt J J
Miss Shyloh and Miss Jeannette Van
Meter of Cambridge City will spend
today in Dayton, Ohio, the guests of
jl Jl
Mrs. Warren Schaffer has issued in
vitatlons for a thimble party to be
given Wednesdsy afternoon at her
pretty borne in South Sixteenth street.
Tbe affair promises to be most enjoy
4 . jt
Thanksgiving night a dance will be
given in the Odd Fellows hill by the
members of the Bowling club. An
orchestra will furnish the dance music
It Is expected tbat a large number of
persons will be in attendance.
Jl Jl .4
The following young ladles formed a
theater party at the Gennett Friday
Misses Mildred Llchtenfels, Nettie
Boerman, Anna Moser, Augusta Buche
Matilda Bucbe of New Albany, In
diana, and Leona Imhoff.
Jl Jl Jl
The wedding of . Miss Carolyn
Foulke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
Ham Dudley Foulke and Dr. Francis
Urie of the United States navy, .will
be quietly celebrated Saturday at
the home of , the bride's parents in
South Eighteenth street.
Jl Jl .4
, The students at Earlham college
enjoyed a Hallowe'en party last eve
ning. The affair was given by the
girls for' the boys. The invitations
were, very weird, being printed In
white on black -card board.
jl jl Jl
This evening the members of the
Gaar-Husson bridal party will be en
tertained to dinner by Miss Husson
at her pretty home in National ave
nue. Tbe dining room will be beautl
fully decorataed with pink and white
chrysanthemums. On the buffet will
be placed the wedding cake. The din
ing table will be ornamented with a
mound of tbe small pink and white
flowers, the same to be scattered over
the handsome cloth. The place cards
will be dainty hand painted designs,
Dinner In several courses . will be
served at seven o'clock. Places will
be arranged for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Husson,
Miss Fannie Jones, Mr. Norman
Craighead, Miss Agnes Twigg, Mr.
Harry Lonts, Miss Mildred Gaar, Mr.
Julian Cates, Miss Mary Gaar, Mr,
George Bayer, Miss Husson and Mr.
Russell Gaar.
jl jl jl
' Mrs. "Will Loehr has been entertain
ing Mrs. Victor Garugus of Washing
ton, D. C, at her home in South
Fourth street. Mrs. Garugus will re
turn home today.
Jl Jl Jl
Perhaps the most Important wed
ding scheduled for this week is that
of Miss Opal Husson. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Husson, and Mr.
Russell Gaar, son of Mr. , and Mrs.
Gaar. Both families are very promin
ent here. The event will be celebrat
ed Tuesday, November eighth at nine-
thirty o'clock In the First Presbyter-
Ian church. There will be no attend
ants. The bride will enter the church
with her father. The ushers will be
Mr. Norman Craighead, Mr. Harry
Lonts, Mr. Julian Cates ' and Mr.
George Bayer. A large number of in
vitations have been issued and the
chuch will be filled with the friends
and relatives of the young people.
Grows Hair
and we can
Great DANDER1NE Never
Fails to Produce theV
Desired Results.
IT enliven snd invigorates the hair
"-;da and tiMues of the scalp,
'tiag in a continuous and
growth of the hair.
Letter of rala ara contin
ually rotutuf la from nearly
all part of tba muairjr ta
ll air that Paadrrtna baa re-aea-ad
Ida grow La of iialrln
raara Dial were coaaliiered
abaoltlr bopelrw.
A ladjr (rum IlrookWB wrtwa:
-A nor a abort trial mr lialr
toppea falltnc. auj I m
have loTrlr braU of hair,
very Bary aod o rr ono ao4
quarter yard lon."
stimulates the scalp.
cs it healthy and keen it so.
I the greatest scalp invigorator
nu it tt a wholesome medi
for both the hair and scaln.
small bottle of it will
genuine life in yoor
a) MklloM tfvf mwm tk
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7j4w froa tSt very tart.
fcr on sale at every drug and
tore in the land; 3 sixes,
due and Si. OO.
T ahow how qulcklr
baaMiorlnatarta. w
km a lam aaaiat fm-
f rruirm Ball anyone vbo
aa UN tree conpo to tse
IS la atlver or "lairtl
- 4
Several out of town guests are ex
, The past week has been replete
with a number of pleasant social func
tions. Including dinner parties, lunch
eons,, dances and bridge parties. Of
course Monday had an unusual share
of social events as It was Hallowe'en.
One of the most elaborate social af
fairs for this date was the dance giv
en In the Odd Fellows' hail by the
members of the Phi Delta Kappa fra
ternity. The hall was decorated in
an attractive manner with the "frat"
colors, red and black. The programs
were very unique. An orchestra fur
nished the dance music. Miss Helen
Eggemeyer and Master William Eg-
Lgemeyer gave a pretty party in the
evening at the home of Miss Helen in
East Main street. Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Poundstone gave a bridge party in
honor of Miss Opal Husson and Mr.
Russell Gaar. All the decorations for
the house were appropriate to the sea
son. In honor of . Mr., and Mrs. George
Dilks' wedding 'anniversary. Mr. and
Mrs. J. E."Weller gave a dinner party
at their borne in North Seventh street.
Tuesday noon Miss Juliet Swsyne
gave a luncheon at the Country club
for Miss Carolyn Holllngsworth. The
first meeting of the Tuesday assembly
was held on the evening of this day.
Wednesday Mrs. Joseph Hill gave a
prettily appointed bridge party for
Miss Opal Husson. a bride-elect.
Invitations for the King-Myrick
wedding were also issued on this day.
Thursday Miss Dorothy Vaughan
was hostess for a bridge party and
shower given for Miss Husson.
Mrs. Frank Glass also gave a very
charming luncheon at her home in
East Main street in honor of Mrs.
Simms of Indianapolis. After lunch
the guests formed a party at the Gen
nett theater.
A number of events were given Fri
day. Miss Edna Johnson and Miss
Maud Thistletbwaite were hostesses
for a country party given at the home
of the former in East Main street.
The regular Friday evening assembly
was held in the Odd Fellows Jiall and
was attended by a number of the
young people of the city.
Miss Laura Gaston was hostess for
a meeting of the Tourist club at her
studio in Earlham college. A splen
did musical program was presented.
A number. of other functions equally
as charming but too long to chronicle
here were also given. This week
promises to be just as pleasant as the
past one.
!d ji ji
The members of the Beta fraternity
are arranging to give a dance in the
Odd Fellows hall during Thanksgiv
ing week. According to rumor the af
fair will be very elaborate. This will
be the first social event to be given
by the "fraf" and in consequence no
expense will be spared to make the
event a decided success.
J J jr :
Miss Margaret Turner of Indianap
olis, Indiana, is visiting friends In this
The holidays are drawing near now.
Thanksgiving day is less than three
weeks away and the shops are show
ing tempting articles peculiar to that
season. The turkey of course, figures
in most of them. Plans are being
made . for family . reunions, . country
parties and Thanksgiving outings to
extend over the week's end. Tbe
young people have an extra holiday
on account of the Thanksgiving tur
key day, school not resuming until
tbe following Monday. The week's
end visit in the country at Than
giving season seems to be popular,
Having three or four persons under
your roof as members of the family
for Saturday and Sunday gives a
chance for a variety of entertain
ments. . Arrangements can be made
for motor trips, card parties and din
ners, a theater party for Saturday
evening, a Sunday afternoon at home
for callers, a breakfast party and a
dosen other functions. Two days is
time enough for a good visit, but with
a holiday lasting from Thanksgiving
until Sunday evening or Monday
morning In either town or country,
there is an extra good opportunity for
arranging enjoyable parties.
J o
As Cecil Fanning and Turpln are to
appear here in recital this winter the
following clipping from the Musical
Courier will, be of interest:
Tbe subjoined unusual program was
given by Cecil Fanning, accompanied
by H. B. Turpin, at the' Ohio State
University on October 28, the occas
ion being tbe fifth return engagement
of these artists to this Institution. An
immense audience, which entirely
filled the large auditorium, enjoyed
Mr. Fanning's interpretation, and
many encores were demanded:
Air from Mohammed II ....... Rossini
Albcrich's Curse, Das Rheingold..
...... ....Wagner
Der Nussbaum ......... ..Schumann
Die Rose, die Lille, die Taube.....
Biterolf ....Wolf
Springtide .....Grieg
Der Arlkonlg ....Schubert
Der Erlkonig Loewe
Mammy's Song Ware
Wae's Me for Prince Charlie .
.Old Scotch
Scottish Wedding ........Old Scotch
The Keys of Heaven Old English
The Last Leaf r ..... r ....... . .Homer
The Smuggler's Song .... Kernochan
jl 4
The following was printed in the
Musical Courier, being1 written by an
Indianapolis correspondent:
The Temple Male Quartet, recent
ly formed, has completed rehearsals
of its repertory for the coming season.
The personnel of this quartet is such
that it is safe to predict real success
for them. Following are the members
all of whom are well known as solo
ists: Edward Taylor, first tenor:
Carl Emmert. second tenor; Arnold
Spencer, baritone: and Frank N. Tay
lor, basso. The two Taylors are not
Mr. Edward Taylor is well known
here. '...
J J$ Jt
, The regular fortnightly meeting of
the Music Study club will be held Wed
nesday morning of this week at nine
thirty o'clock. An excellent program
is being arranged for the meeting. A
feature will be a number played on
two pianos by Miss Nina Harris. Miss
Lucile Turner, Miss Halcey Harold
and Mrs. Fred Miller.
j j j
Vesper services will be held Sunday
afternoon at the First English Luther
an church at four thirty o'clock. Ex
cellent music will be a feature and all
are cordially invited to attend.
., J J J
Miss Louise Millikan of New Castle
and who is studying music at Earlham
College, sang at a reecnt meeting of
the C. W. B. M. of the First Christian
The Aeolian parlors in tbe Comstock
building are very prettily appointed
and will no doubt attract a number of
musicians. The studio is being man
aged by Miss Sara Lynch with her able
assistant. Miss Nina Harris, one of the
best known musicians of this city. The
public is invited to call at any time.
No doubt during the winter a number
of tbe leading music clubs will give
recitals at this place. Mr. Aurelle
Borriss of jthe Earlham College vocal
department has arranged to receive
his puipls there on Wednesdays.
This morning at the First Presbyter
ian church a quartette composed of
Mrs. George C. Brown, Mrs. Otto
We have made extensive preparations to meet the demands of the
HOLIDAY SEASON by buying the choicest and most exclusive
lines of Men's wear obtainable.
One particular article of wesr for men is the
of which we have the exclusive sale. 25 patterns to select from.
,7 $13.50 $15.00 $18.00 y
You could not make a mistake in selecting this coat as a gift. You
will appreciate the beauty of it when you see It. A garment
which can be used equally as well as a smoking coat or bath robe.
Vn tho VSooteott"
Headquarters Raid Hospital Auto.
I, WIhin)9o Hnuair TTaSIlaDir? 1
h v .;,::.'One ChcinGO V
; Ws 51111 AJwsxyc IB . !
Krone and Mr. Frank Braffett will fur
nlah the music The general public
is invited to attend. There will be
no evening service on account of the
union service at the East Main street
Friends church.
. A notable musical event of the sea
son will be the appearance in this city
sometime this winter of Mr. Cecil
Fanning.. The affair is being proroot
- ed by the members of the. Music Study
club. .'.
'jt jl jt
A feature at the Union services to
be beld at the East Main street
Friends church wil be tbe special
music for the various occasions. Mr.
Morgan, a singing evangelist, will have 1
charge of the music.
Jt J J
The music at the First Christian
church this morning will be furnished
by the choir under the direction of
i Mr. Robert Wilson. Mrs. Wilson will
preside at tbe organ.
Mrs. Austins Buckwheat Flour gives
you a good wholesome breakfast.
(American News Service)
Boston, Nov. 5. Almon B. F, Adams
stock broker who. failed some time
ago and was indicted for fraud, was
today found guilty in one out of nine
counts in the superior criminal court.
The Flower Shop
lOlSMalBSL Phone 1193
The InfJaim
And Also to His Wife. Moth
er, Sweetheart. Sister
Far Body and Sewf
acro is a curious advertisement, re
published in the Corn bill Magazine
from an eighteenth century paper:
"Wanted For a family who bare bad
health, a sober, steady person, in the
capacity of a doctor, surgeon and
apothecary. He must occasionally act
in the capacity of butler and dress hair
and wigs. He will be required to read
prayers occasionally and to preach a
sermon every Sunday. The reason of
this advertisement is that the family
cannot any longer afford tbe expense
of the physical tribe and wish to be at
a certain expense for their bodies and
souls. A good salary' will be gives.
Truth Wil! Out.
Hubby (with Irritation! Why Is It
that you women Insist upon having
the last word?
Wifey (calmlyv We don't. The only
reason we get it is because we always
have a dosen arguments left wben you
stupid men are all run out Ladles'
Home Journal
Automobile Service for Calls Out of City. Private Chapel and Ambu
lance. Telephone 2175. Parlors 1014 Main Street
Pirn?!? ooGooQQG fpnnrpi?
r w-ss w wt t (v wv ws;
Thousands of Dollars9 IVcrth of Prizoo
First Prize Indianapolis Piano.
Second Prize Parlor Organ.
Third Prize Graphophone.
.Fourth Prize Ladies' Genuine
Diamond Ring.
Fifth .Prize Gents' Genuine
Diamond Ring.
Sixth Prize Ladies' Gold
A Valaable Prize Free
1 u V
3 If
tA NA ,it Vf tfl'7
IJi.ji fsma , m. ... liLI I """ST
. a 1 .
asa9r ss t . l
DIRECTIONS--Trace on this or a separate sneet of paper the
man's face hidden in the above picture. ? Prises will be awarded ac
cording to the neatness and correct answers.' Remember, every one
who answers will receive a prize worth while. Write your name and
address plainly and sent all answers on or before Nov. 10 to
MM Maim
More than $20,006,000,000 of securi
ties of the country, representing over-one-sixth
of Its wealth, are listed in
the New York Stock Exchange, whose
transactions, while in scops much less
international than those of the London
Exchange, exceed in volume those of
London. New York transactions
amounted In 109 to t20,4.0S,t60
value of stocks and bonds.
HM final- Sunday
Open till 12 P. M.
Root irciinifl
404 2a!n Of
Seventh Prize Gents Gold
Eighth Prize Ladles' Gold
Locket. . . . .
Ninth Prize Gents Gold Cuff
Tenth Prize To each of the
next ten neatest correct sns
wers s $125 purchsse checlu.
To All Wta Answer
7W ' - k.
W. "aTSBSaSSnS n . , " 1 ,

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