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Ecftsa Outfit After a Dad
Stert nuns Over Their
; Irvingtcn nivajs.
Butler's football championship aspir
ations died this afternoon when Earl-
ham gave them the small end of a
' seor of 17 to 6. '
No team was more confident of vic
tory than the Butler boys were when
they arrtred In. the Quaker City. They
had been circulating big bear stories
and expected them to have effect on
the local team. Bat contrary to their
expectations Earlham was too strong
and outclassed the visitors . at all
stages of the game.
Jt kick off by Earlham started the
game. After working back and forth
for time the ball was carried Into
Earlham territory and Thomas, the
Butler giant carried the ball across
the Earlham line for a touchdown.
Thomas kicked goal.,
After the first quarter Butler be
came considerably weakened. Early
In the second quarter Brunner made a
, touchdown but failed to kick goal."
Just before the end of the second
quarter after the Earlham line had
showed some splendid offensive work
Brunner again carried the ball over
the Butler line. This time he kicked
goal. First halt ended 11 to 6 la Earl-
ham's favor.
The third quarter was marked by
several long runs. Jones and Stanley
each carried the ball seventy yards for
touchdowns but the were not count-
' Near the close of the game Wilson
made a , touchdown and Brunner
kicked goal.
Earlham has made much Improve
ment since last Saturday's game.
Their back field Is much stronger
than It was and their line plays a
great game. .
Summary of the games
Carlhem Butler
Wilson. '
C Jones Thomas
Left end.
Nelson i. Batton
MR tackle.
Hnbanks Marsh
Left guard
I Jones ............;.... Roberts
Stanley Daniels
Right guard.
Overman, Louis
Right tackle.
Lancaster .... Swango
Right end.'
Reagan .Llngeman
Quarterback. '.
WISiams Badger
Left! halt
Brunner, Capt Havey
Francis Everhardt
Right half.
Touchdowns Brunner it Wilson 1;
Thomas 1. Kick goal Brunner 2;
.Thomas 1.
(Palladium Special)
San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 12. In the
absence of federal or state aid for
good roads southwest Texas Is setting
about the solution of the good roads
question la a manner that may be of
Interest to scores of other states
where the organization for directing
the construction of good rads is poor.
In this state, aa In' a great many oth
ers, there is no provision for the eon.
traction of good roads by the state.
This matter is entirely in the hands
of the county officials. In a territory
as sparsely settled as southwest Texas
till Is, in spite of Its enormous Immi
gration, good roads are particularly
necessary because the distances to be
traveled are long. Imperative neces
sity baa forced the counties to organ
ize among themselves counties which
vote for good roads bonds and special
taxes quite readily. Others refuse to
do so. Now the proposition of each
county Is usually to get a good high
way across several counties la addi
tion to providing its own little net
work of good roads. Therefore, hav
ing voted bonds the county officials of
the fortunate county takes up negotia
tions with the neighboring county
through which a good road is desired
on very much the same basis that one
nation would negotiate a treaty with
another. The obvious advantage of
the good road in question, is usually
sufficient argument to induce the back
ward county to fall Into line.
But the county having a good roads
fund at Its disposal has force as well
as diplomacy at Its command. Such
a county, presuming that it has an ob
stinate neighbor to the north, - can
construct all county highways up to
within two, three, four or five miles
of the county line and then leave an
Intervening area of very bad roads.
This very seldom falls to force the
neighboring county to action.
Using these methods it Is possible
to drive a highway straight as the
crow files across several hundred
miles of country where the, per capita
cost of good roads is comparatively
high owing to the fact that southwest
Texas is far from being thickly popu
lated. Such a proposition Is now ba
ng handled between San Antonio and
Corpus ChrlstL The Bureau of Good
Roads at Washington was requested
to send an expert to furnish the coun
ty officials Information' about routes
Cornell. 18; Chicago. 0.
Tale, I; Princeton. 3.
Navy, 6; Carlisle, 0.
Johns Hopkins, 14; St. John's, 0.
Brown, 50; Vermont, 0.
Harvard, 18; Dartmouth, 0.
West Point, 13; Villa Nova, 0.
Georgetown, 15; Virginia, 0.
Transylvania, 9; Georgetown, 0.
Minnesota, 28; Wisconsin, 0.
Case. 20; Keayon. 0. .
Nebraska. 24; Ames, 0.
Notre Dame, 41; Rose Poly, 3.
Purdue, 14; Depauw, 6.
SL Louis, t; Kentucky, 0.
Pennsylvania, 0; Michigan, 0.
Clnols, 27; Northwestern, 0.
Oberlia. 46; Heidelberg, 0. '
lows, 21; Drake. 0.
Missouri. 27; Washington, 3.
They Know Just What te Do and Do
It Without Guidance.
Just so soon as a baby turtle emerges
from the egg off he scuttles down to
the sea.- ' He has no one to teach turn.
no one to guide him. In his curious
little brain there Is Implanted a streak
of caution based upon the" fact that
until a certain period In -his life his
armor Is soft and no defense against
hungry' fish. and. he at oace seeks the
shelter in the tropical profusion of the
Calf weed, which " holds within its
trenching fronds an astonishing abun
dance of marine life Here the young
tsrtle feeds unmolested while his ar
mor undergoes the hardening procei
. Whatever the young sea turtle eats
and wherever he eats it facts not gen
erally ascertained one thing Is
tarn, h agrees with him Immensely.
Co leads a pleasant sort of life, bask
lij la the tropical sun and cruising
lsiaurc!y la the cool depths.
Oace t has attained the weight of
tweaty-ure pounds, which usually oc
ean within the first year, the turtle l
fit from aa danger. After that uo
r- sr mammal, however ravenous
Dwever well armed with teeth. Inter
fzrva with the turtle.
da oace be has withdrawn hi
ttxJ from Its pcettioo of outlook luto
C felis tS Lis neck between the two
tXzzZZ Uiouiera may atr
fa vats ta make aa fmgresslon
Llsi. Ctrptrs wetxiy.
Texas Attempting to Solve
Gobd Roads Question Alone
sad road material. Fay McGIure was
sent and baa recently submitted his
preliminary report. Commercial clubs
along the way and the Saa Antonio
chamber of commerce are now lending
their moral support to the proposition
and there Is little doubt that the next
few months will see under way a road
going straight from 8an Antonio to
Corpus Chrlstl through what was only
a few years ago the vast stronghold of
the cattle baron. Undoubtedly no
other means now at the command of
those who realize the Importance of
good county roads could accomplish
these results. A campaign to get fed
eral aid for good roads has been waged
in a desultory, manner, and thus far
fruitlessly, for many years. State, aid
for roads In a sparse settled state al
ways presents the difficulty that the
money can be spent several hundreds
of miles away from at least three-
fourths of the population.
It Is Interesting to observe what a
dynamo of activity one county with , a
good roads fund at its command be
comes. Some years ago Bexar county,
of which San Antonio Is the principal
part, voted a bond Issue of 8500,000,
With this a network of good roads was
built that made the automobile loops
of this scenic bit of territory nation
ally famous. Since then county roads
have radiated in every direction from
this city until now It Is possible to
make at least 20 trips to as many dif
ferent towns within one hundred miles
of San Antonio over roads which are
in excellent condition all the year,
The suggestion for all of these roads
came from the example set by this one
In tact so successful have been the
efforts of the good roads builders of
Texas that a proposition is now being
urged for the construction of a high
way that shall run due north and
south from the Red River, the north
ern . boundary of Texas, to the Rio
Grande, the southern boundary. Such
a road will bevabout 600 miles long.
It will travel from blizzard swept rzr
lrle to a territory In which snow has
never been seen. It will be long
enough to cross at least two of any
other states in the Union That such
s proposition should be seriously con
sidered by a mere collection of coun
ties Is some Indication of thevresults
which Texas Is obtaining in ita efforts
for good roads.
being the only man who ever repulsed
Stonewall Jackson.
At the close of his military career
General Shields took up his home In
Missouri. In 1872 he was chosen to
fill out the unexpired term of United
States 8enator L. V. Bogy. He took
his seat In the senate for the third
and last time in what proved to be the
t year of his life. While engaged
on a lecture trip he was taken HI and
died at Ottumwa. Iowa, June 1, 1879.
His remainee were brought back too
Carroll ton and buried In the cemetery
not far from the old Shield's home
stead here.
The memorial unveiled today was
erected with an appropriation made
by the federal government. The monu
ment was designed by Jerome Connor
of Washington. It is of white marble
nine feet high and surmounted - by a
bronze bust of the old warrior and
statesman. A copy of the bust has
been presented by the sculptor to this
county and has been placed - In the
courthouse. On the four sides of the
base of the monument appears i the
coats of arms of Illinois. Minnesota,
Oregon and Missouri, the four states
which shared his services as a public
News Forecast For Coming Week
Washington, D. C Nor. 12. President Taft Is due to arrive at Pan
ama the first of the week and will spend four days In an inspection of the
progress of work on the great Isthmian canaL
The' third session of the eleventh parliament of Canada will meet
Thursday. The session is expected to be of more than ordinary Interest,
In that there Is the possibility that It will be the last before another gen-
. era! election. Reciprocity and the tariff, the naval policy and other large
Issues will come up for discussion.
. The esse of Robin Cooper Is on the docket for trial at Nashville,
Teniu but there Is a probability that the trial will be again postponed.
Robin Cooper and his father, Col. Duncan B. Cooper, were convicted of
the murder of former Senator Edward W. Carmack, the trial ending In
the spring of last year. The verdict was reversed by the supreme court
In the case of Robin Cooper and he was granted a new trial. He has
since been st liberty on $10,000 bail.
The annual horse show In Madison Square Garden and the opening of
the season of the Metropolitan Opera company will divide the attention of
society In New York and throughout a large section of the country as well.
At the annual banquet of the Canadian club of New York, to be given
Tuesday night at the Hotel Astor, a movement will be launched for the
celebration of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Treaty at
Ghent between the United States and Great Britain.
Numerous promotions and changes among the high officers of the
navy and army will follow the retirement Monday of Rear Admiral C. H.
Arnold fro mthe navy and Brig. Gen. Albert L. Myer, now In command of
the department of Texas, from the army.
Two great football games next Saturday will absorb the attention of
all followers of the great college port Yale and Harvard will engage in
their annual battle at New Haven and on the same day the elevens of
Michigan and Minnesota will line up at Ann Arbor to contest for the
western championship.
At San Francisco representatives of the western states will meet In
conference st the call of Governor Gillette of California to discuss plana
for the rehabilitation of the Pacific coast merchant marine. Other import
ant conventions and conferences of the week will be those of the National
Association of Railway commissioners, at Washington, D. C; the Ameri
can Federation of Labor, at St. Louis; the National Municipal League, at
Buffalo: the National Wholesale Druggists association, at Dallas; the Na
tional Grange, at Atlantic City; the Texas Industrial congress, at Hous
ton: the Red River, Improvement association, at Sherman, Texas; the Mis-slsslppl-to-Atlantic
Inland Waterway association, at Pensacola, and the
National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education, at Boston.
Four States Join in Memorial
to Gen. Shields, Noted Soldier
(Palladium Special)
CarroUton, Mo.. Nov. 12. Four
states joined in paying tribute here to
day to the memory of Gen. James
Shields, when the monument erected
by the federal government to mark the
grave of the noted soldier and states
man in St Mary's cemetery was un
veiled with impressive ceremonies.
The state represented by their gov
ernors, or by distinguished citizens ap
pointed to represent them, were Illi
nois. Minnesota, Missouri and Oregon.
In the course of his long and varied
career General Shields represented in
the United States senate at different
times the states of Illinois. Minnesota
and Missouri. Oregon's Interest In the
famous soldier arises from . the fact
that he served as governor of Oregon
The unveiling was made the occas
ion of an Imposing ceremony. A pa
rade of United States troops and sol
diers of the Missouri national guard
preceded the unveiling exercises.
An Immense crowd witnessed the
unveiling of the memorial. Governor
Hadley. Congressman Rucker and oth
er speakers of national prominence
eulogised the life and achievements of
General Shields, both as a soldier In
the Florida, Mexican and Civil wars
and as one of the foremost members of
the senate of the United States.
Especial interest was given the oc
casion by the presence of the widow
of General Shields and her son. Dr.
Daniel Shields of New York city.
General James 8hields, whoso mem
ory wss so signally honored today, was
one of the Boost romantic characters in
American history. Born in Ireland
just one hundred years ago. he emi
grated to tbo United States in early
youth and located in Illinois, where he
studied law and was admitted to the
bar. He was sent to the legislature In
1838 and elected state auditor In 1839
Subsequently he served on the state
supreme bench and as commissioner
of the general land office.
When the war with Mexico began
he was appointed a brigadier general
and was assigned to the command ot
the Illinois regiments. He served with,
distinction In that war. At Cerro Gor
do he gained the brevet of major gen
eral, and was shot through the lung.
After his recovery he took part in the
operations in the valley of Mexico,
commanding a brigade composed of
marines and New York and South Car
olina volunteers.
General Shields was mustered out
of service in 1848 and the same year
received the appointment of governor
of Oregon territory. This office he re
signed cm being elected United States
senator from Illinois. Afterwards he
removed to Minnesota and was elected
United States senator from that state
California lured htm. and he went to
the coast at the end of his second term
as senator. He was in the fax west
when the rumors cf the civil war be
n to reach him. He - hurried to
Washington and offered his services
to bis country. He was appointed a
brigadier general and assigned to the
command of the army of West Vir
ginia. He wss in a number of the
bloodiest battles, and Is credited with
(Continued from Page One.)
The following people have respond
ed to the appeal of the Fall Festival
Association for financial relief to
meet deficit incurred by unfavorable
weather. Put your name on the list
by sending contributions to Secretary
Reller or Treasurer Coe:
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Art of Communication- :
Post Office Employes
Western Union
Postal Telegraph Co.
New Long Dis. Tel. Co.
Central Union TeL Co.
Home Telephone Co.
The Chilean government baa 1.CT7
miles of railroad oomplotod and 1.146
miles under construction while private
interests have L222 miles completed
and 106 under construction.
Lost Fox hound, black and tan;
return to 231 S. list St. Reward.
Because there Is more light la the
sky on a, clear, mimaleas nlgbt than,
can be attributed to (he stars, a Ger
man scientist has evolved the theory
that the earth la surrounded by a lum
inous coma reoemhWng that of comets.
A rubber roller has been inserted
ta a cigaret paper holder by a French
Inventor to push out a single sheet at
a time.
half of the production comes to the
United States.
For several years the mining and
saie or potasn were controlled by a
German syndicate. . Recently the syn
dicate had internal troubles and dis
banded. In the meantime United
States buyers went to the Individual
mine owners and made contracts for
two years, with the privilege of five
years renewal. The members of the
syndicate patched up their differences
and had a- law passed by the German
Reichstag invalidating-these contracts.
After the potash law was put in
force the. American purchasers were
required to - pay about' twice the
amount specified in their contracts.
The delivery price for potash In this
country has risen from $20.40 to $34
per ton. The holders of the American
contracts have - paid the heavy addi
tional prices under protest.
There is talk around the White
House these days of a re-organized
Republican national committee. An
effort is to be made to establish a ma
chine that will be militant and com
bine the radical as wel as the conser
vative in the Republican ranks. A
campaign of education la to be started
through a publicity bureau, and this
winter may see the Republican ma
chine made ready for the presidential
contest of 1912.
Postmaster F General Hitchcock.
who is at the head of the present na
tional committee is to completely sev
er his connection with the machine it
is said and devote all of his time to
his position. A man is to be selected
as the chairman who will be agreeable
to both radicals and conservatives. It
will be a hard job to select a man
prominent enough in 'the public eye
to command respect and - attention
who will be acceptable to the LaFol-
lette and Cummins brand of Republi
canism as well as measuring up to
the standard set by Vice , President
Sherman. Speaker Cannon and the
conservatives they stand for.
President Taft has had the matter
up to mm , by many ot nis. political
callers, and.it is expected that the
reorganization will come speedily af
ter the fuss of election has quieted
down and congress is in session.
Acting secretary of the navy, Beek
man Winthrop is fond of a story and
likes to tell one. Here is ot his fav
orite yarns:
"Sir John Fisher, the great British
naval lord, was a hard man to inter
view. He was always busy and had
innumerable callers. A guard stood
always at the door of his private of
fice. One day an old sallorman ap
peared. ' He asked, to see the admiral.
Denied admittance , by the -secretary
he approached the doorman and in a
loud voice asked permission to speak
to the admiral for a minute. So in
sistent was the old salt that the ad
miral heard the conversation through
the partially closed door.
."Tell him to go to H-." shouted
the admiral to the attendant.
Tossing aside the guard with one
hand, the old sailor stuck his head in
the door 'and answered: "I know I'll
meet you there, but I want to see you
"Come in," said the admiral. "I'm
glad to see you"." .
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Headquarters Re id Hospital Auto
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"Before we "were married." sighed
the fond wife. yon used to call me
up by long distance telephone Just, as
you used to say. to hear my voice.".
"Well.' retorted the rebellious bus
band, "nowadays you won't let me get
far enough from you to use the long
distance. London Telegraph.
Patience, persist euro and power to
do are only- acquired by work. Hol
land -;
To a Kacsan has been granted a
patent for a shade provided with
spring fingers to grasp an incandes
cent lamp globe in any desired posi
An adjustable back and ends are
felure3 cf a combination bed. eettee
and hammock which aa Ohio man has
invented, for use either ia cr out of
No trouble to prepare Mrs. Austins
Famous Buckwheat Flour. All grocers.
law Vol IimejjM
flail flkrt
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Thanksgiving let me measure
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thanks calls around.
You will be well pleased with
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Efomsf Wo IffEife
TAILOR 8 North lOlh Street

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