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So Prominent Has Kaiser's
Land Become, "Swelled
Head" Is Feared.
And the Persians Are Poured
Into Ears of the Kais
er's Statesmen.
Berlin, Nov. 19. If Germans never
before were In danger of becoming
affected with what we Americans so
MM roprlatcly cairtbe swelled head"
the present time surely invites an at
tack of that diseases. Never has the
kaiser's country to such an extent
been the center of the world s politics
as during the last month. With the
Mohammedan Turks and Persians
hilling I ho kafser as the "truest pro
tector of I slum." with German bankers
preparing to take over the Turkish
loan refused by France, with the ka la
ir laying foundations for a new friend
thlp with Belgium, with the crown
prince periling towards the far oast
on a similar ' mission and with tho
czar's recent visit to Potsdam, Ger
man r-rcsu have every reason to feel
elated at all these signs of the com
r.ratlvfly young empire's nrratness.
On the surface all these events have
teen very pleasing, but to the states
men, they have not been a source of
unalloyed pleasure.
That the head men Turks and. Per
sians nhould have such touching, child
HVe confidence In Germany's most
Christian ruler that they felt con
vinced he would protect them against
tho dreaded Russian bear and vora
cious British Hon and unicorn was of
coarse very flattering but the appeal
was very embarrassing to . tho Ger
man minister of foreign affairs, who
would do anything rather than etlr up
tho anger of ISngland and Russia and
borrow trouble which must end. If
not In war, at least in a very serious
checkmate to the, triple alliance.
They Failed to Forget.
No one knows of course, what the
falser himself thought when he read
the now famous telegram from Con
stantinople, but It Is pretty safe to
auppose that his mental ejaculation
must have boon: "Heaven preserve
trie from friends with long memories."
Tho promise tittered at Saladln's
tomb years ago on the impulse of the
moment was certainly not supposed to
be dug up again at this time.
.TChe German press which at first
went Into raptures over the telegram
therefore, very quickly realized that
It had mistaken Us cue, by the stony
silence of Wllhelmstrasso on the sub
ject and made a quick change of
Another point worth noting in Con-
sat ci tH nM1 a rid t Hat ttrlyo1a la ihor
V 1 Ullll 1SS( VIUV fl V U l lUHt
German financiers, while willing to
lend Turkey the money which France
refused her. are by no means in love
with the idea of becoming Turkey's
bankers and are advancing the sum
required rather to oblige a customer
tnan because the business attracts
them. Germany with her flourishing
industries, can use all her capital at
home and Indeed If the relations be
tween the two countries permitted,
would herself be a borrower in Paris.
A Curious Sect.
The existence of the curious sect of
the "Advontlsts" in Germany was
made known the other day by the case
of the soldier Naumann. The sect
' looks for the reappearance of Christ
on earth In the immediate future and
follows the precepts of the Bible as
literally as possible. Saturday is re
garded by them as the seventh day
which must be kept holy, and the sol
dier Naumann has frequently Incurred
disciplinary punishment for refusing
to do stroke of work between Fri
day night and Saturday morning. ,
At first he got a few days cells, then
a few months arrest,' until at length,
is the punishments Increased, he has
pent over five years In confinement
for the sake of his creed. ' The trial
of his most recent refusal has ended
by the military court of appeal call
ing for expert evidence as to his san
ity. He faithfully performs all his
military duties up to Friday night,
but once midnight of that day baa
struck he obstinately refuses to lay
a hand to anything' for the next four
find twenty hours.
In the course of the trial the Judge
asked him would he refuse obedience
In case of war. Naumann said "No, as
the state had to be protected." Nau
mann's mother belongs to the same
sect as her son, and as the authorities
would not allow her to see him unless
slie promised to try to make hlra give
up his disobedience she has not seen
him for the last two years.
Famous Field Sold.
The last has not been beard of the
Tempelhofer Field purchase incident.
The celebrated review ground where
German troops passed in review before
such well-known Americans as Gener
al Miles, General Cordin and ex-Presl-dent
Roosevelt, it will be remembered,
was sold recently by the war depart
ment, nominally to the small parish
of Tempclhof. but In reality to a group
of. speculators with the Deutsche bank
and a big building society behind them.
The war department, by the way,
made a marvellous profit out of the
transaction, for It bought the aera
many years ago for 123,000, end now,
owing to the enormous Increase in
land values since, has been able to
sell it for 19.000.0000.
The sale to Tempelhof raised a
rtoim of popular Indignation, as it
was thought that the area should
havo been sold, not to a group of spec
ulators, but to the city of Berlin, which
Bigstone, S. D Not. 19. Miss
Schnacke. a local grocer, found the
explanation to her lack of profits when
she replaced the board floor in ber
store with a concrete pavement.
Under the wooden floor the work
men found remnants of large quanti
ties of groceries, some of which the
rats had eaten most of and other kinds
which they had tried to eat and failed.
which has created such a sensation DeBolt will sing at each evening per-
wherever it has been produced-
7 "The Traveling Salesman."
"Italy is just like a beautiful comic
opera all tms time,' declares Miss
Rose Stahl, who spent last summer
motoring through that country and
found much to strengthen her appre
ciation of the humorous side of life
which crops out so spontaneously in
"The Chorus Lady," that sparkling
comedy by James Forbes, author of
"The Commuters" and "The Travel
ing Salesman" which la. to appear at
) Special attention must be called to
the fact that as Thanksgiving is a
legal holiday, night prices prevail at
the matinee on that day. A special
school children's matinee is being
arranged for on next Saturday.
The most remarkable find was several
plugs of a popular b,rand of chewing j the Gennett Thursday, December 1,
tobacco, half eaten. Evidently the under the direction of Mr. Henry a,
rats like the tobacco.
Harris. It is the farewell appearance
At Local Theaters
of Miss Stahl in ber marvelous char
acterization of the part of Patricia
O'Brien, which she has now so ably
sustained through several years In
' Howe's Pictures.
Among the important bookings at
the Gennett is one which makes easy
the one time strenuous task of trav
eling abroad and seeing little while
spending much. Now one can see
much while spending little. All you
need to do is to go via the Lyman H.
Howe route. His travel festival is
the best mode of traveling by proxy
that could be conceived. On his new
program Mr. Howe promises to show--
more of the king's funeral than it
The Terrors of Ennui.
Most ieop!e think that wonderful
possessions make for happiness. But
no. indeed. These things never bring
happiness. Never, never, never! And
don't you let yourself tntnk so for half
a miuute. They bring, on the contra
ry, sadness, weaiineys and ennui. Ou.
is there anything ua earth as awful as
tnnui? It bite into the very soul and
saps life of nil that is worth while. It
is vtrse than sorrow, worse than
sickness, worse than death. Now en
uui always engenders other condition?
unless you die of it. Lots of peopl?
have died of ennui, though the doctors
and tW coroner call it all sort of dif
ferent names. And among the condi
tions that develop from ennui are vice
and dissipation. Designer.
No Exposure Far Him.
The member of the legislature of
whom some graft stories had been cir
culated was about to build a bouse.
"You will want a southern exposure.
1 suppose r asked the architect.
-Xo. slrr said the man. "If yott
can't build this house without any ex
posure I'll get another architect-"
Yonkers Statesman.
Ne Weight Reduction In Prospect.
Mr. Xervee Will you be mine?
Miss rtumpleigh You ask so much,
Mr. Xervee 1 know It. but you don't
seem to be setting any smaller. Bos
ton Transcript.
It Is said that there are certain
springs in Europe that give relief and
One of "t'ae features of the theatrical
Ma frtuntrv anil Vnirlanri : Affr : A I was nnaaihla tnr nnv nna eiwtitnr in PXIiOSiflnn Which took nlaCP in Munich :CUrO tO IJAieilia BOU UUM. r IU WltP
i short trip this fall she will appear in 'see in London and In Windsor. His .'recently was the marionette theater. cascs- n ou knew th y Wfhtf
a new nlav writtpn nrRfitv for her rpnrrwWtinn rpnr.mt th rnmhlnMt .. . ..... ... those Waters JOU COUld be relieved
- t - i in wiufr Mil ,- m,' Hi. ri wiiii in 1 1' ii lie u ... . . .
No mnre htimnrmis oltuatlnna mulil and hr wrmdprfii! ripnirtlon of lifo .U'ork of a dnn -nhnrnernnhpra from ! . . i irora tnat awiui uvu.
. . ... .. .... 1 ... . .. ! one of tho performances, writes: 'lr.e
Tim 1 1 ra i rvi o wi r ai t nn n tn rtAnmn ta eiAtAa wi ii rtA 2Aan Tin " o vvt.anv rinno m. tpiia iiv r rt a. j -
"Seven Days.'
many locations. A ride un
which the characters of Seven Days more. Miss Stahl is supported by an Eiffel Tower. Paris; the eruption of ; Alumcn J!00, wn' ine exatouioa tooiv
which is to be presented at the Gen- able company throughout, the same Mt. Etna; how the Japanese cele-i place, swarmed with theatrical people
nett theater on Wednesday, Novem-! personnel which made her unparallel- brate; life on a training Bhip; Nor-j artists and patrons of the stage,
ber 30, find themselves during the ed successes in Boston, New York and way and its world-renowned fiords; KVery person found something to inter-
ajj vi. iuo tut K?f2 cluLB VI Lilt? vJ Ur . V. uiv.agUy fo w 1 1 ao ..uv wii.ihu amavu i t.u oivuuvi v. uv iin u " ,
"The Girl in the Taxi."
Interest runs high in the forthcom
lng appearance in this city of
wonderfully successful and highly en
tertaining Parisian sensation "The
get her with numerous other subjects ;
including many of the amusing kind j
are Included In the program for t
that t Richmond.
"In Panama."
One of the most tuneful of the re
cent musical comedies is "In Panama
which is to be presented at the Gen- tertainintr Parintan npnsatlnn "Thfi Miss Porter will have
nett theater on Tuesday, November Girl in the Taxi." which is scheduled ! Annual Sale of Millinery
29. Filled with funny situations the ' fnr th r.pnnptt theater on Mondav. ' sold regardless of cost.
entire play is one of the brightest November 28. The record achieved by
seen for a long time while the music this play is an enviable one. Produc
1s all of the catchy order which is ed in Chicago it scored an unqualified
sure to be whistled all over town for triumpTi and settled Itself firmly in
her Semi
Everything 19-2t
the rest of the season.
"The Easiest Way."
Starr at the Gennett theater in Eu
gene Walter's remarkable play "The
Fort Wayne, Ind., Nov. 19. "Won't
you have a glass of beer with me; it's
the hearts of the theater going pub
lic as the greatest and most divert-
ling piece ever brought out in the west-
or exceptional Interest to theatetr-! ern metropolis. For 300 nights it! the first drink I've bought since the
goers is the announcement that David j proved a potent magnet to crowd the j day Garfield was shot," inquired an
Belasco will present Miss Frances theater to the doors and it might be Lmi man r tn Wat
running there yet but for contracts j Dusinesa men as they stood at the bar j
wmcn aemanaea its presentation in tha kU Hf.iripihf.rer hotel vester-
The thorny side of the re- for ono year at the Belasco theater the Taxi" went from Chicago to Boe- i ,triraa0fi unnt I
vriiv oirni n mcii,iu"' i" ivvujm mew i urn. la tuts euuugesi piay uy i ton and repeated Its pnenomenai
Itself, r.nd In particular the question! an American author produced In a 'success For three solid months it
est him, but the puppet theater was
the chief attraction for us. We saw
two performances Offenbach's 'Pret
ty Maid of Elizando' and 'King Viola
and Princess Clarlnette,' by Muhl
niann and Scherber. So clo sely did
the spoken words harmonize with the
acting of tho figures and so exactly,
did the manipulators of the. strings
and wires make the action suit the
word that one fancied he saw living
pygmies on the star."
wouldnx you .
ni!iVe vorv effort to take a trip to
Europe at once? Would you not be
wiling to spend your lact cent to find
the cure?
But you need not leave home for
these distant springs. Relief is right
here in your own home town! "
A simple wash of Oil of 'Winter
green. Thymol and other ingredients
as compounded only in D. D. D. Pre
scrfption will bring instant relief to
that terrible burning itch, and lea v
the skin as smooth and healthy aa that
of a child.
It you have not already tried it, get
at least a 25 cent bottle today. We as
sure you of instant relief.
Conkey Drug Co., Cor. 9th and Mala k
Sts., Richmond, Ind.
has bo expanded as practically to In- Easiest Way." This play, which ran j Boston at a certain date. "The Girl in !
elude It.
na In th nlnn of hiiilrtlnir nv nr thn AaaA ft ..-111 ho toA n-ik I
area. The war department, the Dea-iNew York cast and production. "The
tsche bank and the building society , Easiest Way depicts that aspect of
each claim a dominant voice in carry-1 New York life which is concerned
lng out the plan. Tho war department
sold the area of Tempclhof on condi
tion that It should not be handed over
to building speculators; the bank ad-
caused the erudite amusement lovers
of that city to forget their books and
with the tragedy of those women who
are ro wedded to luxury that they
will pay almost any price for its en
joyment. The scenes are laid in a for fce'r favors. "The Girl
. The .kaiser has become.more expert
than ever with the rifle. He has had a
new steel hand or fork fastened
around the elbow of his short left
arm with tho express purpose of serv
ing as a gun rest. He Is thus able to
regulate his rifio solely with his right
hand. So delighted was he with the
new apparatus and the good results
he achieved in shooting that he em
braced nil his friends.
It enriches the blood, strengthens
the nerves, corrects your stomach,
makes every organ of the body strong
and healthy; a great tonic. Hollisters
Rocky Mountain Tea can't be beat
Try It tonight. Conkey Drug Company.
charms of the fascinating lady
forms the pivot of the play around
which her band of admirers scamper
in the
Its like
In a room In a cheap side street theat- will not soon be seen on the local
rical boarding house and a drawing . boards.
room of an ultra expensive apartment i
hotel in New York. In view of the j This Week at the Murray,
fact that the production is made by Adam the man monkeV( heada the
Mr. Belasco there is little need to bin at the Murray for this week. This
dwell upon the perfection and artistry an!mal with the weH trained dog3
of the setting. An exceptionally capa-; wi e an unusual afraction.
ble , company surrounds Miss Starr. , Adam BmokeSf eat8 drinks dresses
like a human. He can ride a bicycle
laughing at the supposed pleasantry.
"Yes sir, I'm telling you the truth."
continued the stranger after the steins
v-otp filled." the last time I crooked an I
to give themselves up to the ver-j elbow over a polished board was on i
whelming ana altogether t'eiigtuiul Julv 3 18S2, the day before President
wuo : rv,.KM
v.:c c c riot On t n n t 0 vptit ill I
f VJl-l HVKt "M" v - -
vanced the purchase money on condl- ( country house near Colorado Springs 1 Taxi" should not be missed.
tion that it couiu iook to tne nunaings
for the interest on its advance; and
the building society claims to build
after its own fashion. Meantime the
city of Berlin has no voice In control
ling the building with a view to Its
harmonizing with the general aspect
of the capital. Legal processes and
other difficulties thus threaten all par
ties concerned, and In view of them
and the popular dissatisfaction It Is
quite porbable that the Reichstag,
which has to ratify the sale by the
war department, will refuse its con
sent and nullify the whole transaction.
"Russell Stock Co. I
Commencing Tuesday afternoon the t
date I too became a murderer, but,
as my victim, killed in the heat of
passion, was far less important than
a president. I was sentenced to life
imprisonment instead of death, as was
Geuteau. After serving twenty-eight
years in the Moundsville prison in Vir
ginia, I was released yesterday." -
The man, who refused to give his
name, said he was on his way to the
home of a relative afc Zanesville, a
littletown on the Wells-Allen county
line, where he expects to make his
home in the future.
and is an expert bowler. Adam does
not spend his time in a cage, but puts
Kusseii stocK company wtu piay a nve . at tllB w1 .,th h,
days' engagement at the Gennett the- j Tne BeBout jo are on the bill for
ater playing a class of plays which !R muslcal number. Ansel and Dorian
have never so far been offered in jtne eqiiilibrlgts pregent a number of
Richmond except at high prices. The j . feature8 in this line. Edwin
fact that the Russell players have been j Warren, that BOmewhat different com
plying a.prolongeu engagement atjedi comes with the best kind of
well for the favor which they must
gain and the manner in which they
present the pieces in their repertoire.
in which he has appeared this season.
Vocalists of this entire community
will be delighted with the news that
By One Box of Cuticura Ointment and
One Cake of Cuticura Soap.
Head Perfectly Clear.
"I am pleased to Inform you that I
havo ben cured by Cuticura Soap and
OintmHIt. Kmc I was a boy 1 have
suffered with dandruff, not only from
the itching but from its disagreeable
appearance In a scaly form all over my
bead. I had to brush it off my clothes
all day long. 1 uaed every kind of prep
aration supposed to euro dandruff, aliio
soaps and shampoos, but it seemed to
me that, instead of improving with
these remedies, tho dandruff increased,
even my hair began to fall out and the
result was that two months ago ecsema
developed on my scalp.
" I strjrered so from this that as a last
reaouro 1 thought I would try Cuticura
Soap and Cuticura Ointment. They had
the most gratifying results for I had
used only one box of Cuticura Ointment
and a single cake of Cuticura 8oap when
1 was cured, the ernetna and dandruff
were gone and ray head perfectly dear.
I oan aanure you that so long as I
live no other soap than Cuticura will b
used by me and all theme near to roe.
I will alo add that I will always ue
Cuticura Ointment as a dressing for the
hair. I feet that you should know of my
cur and if you desire you may use this
as a true tetiraoniai which from
sufferer of thirty years standing. I
wJ be happy to te'l any one of my ex
perience in order to sastet those who may
be suffering from the same dioease. I.
Aeevedo.Qonfral Commission Merchant,
9 Pearl St., New York. Apr. 21. 1910.''
ttstusmt Inr aBwiium i4 tks sad m. A
l f CVMrwm (39c iMiimM ORtauft
t ttmi m anaa Miajroat sum tri m
I jramPBuit DWj aCaatOara Mala
4. jTMaM Sjaa. It aa bank. AHnlWl
b can aaa Tnsumm ot um Sxmv Mai aa4 hmt.
Plalnfleld, Ind., Nov. 19. Ell Pea
cock, a well-to-do young farmer, and
Miss Amy Worthlngton of Cardington,
Ohio, were married In the little coun
try church at Sugar Grove, according
to the custom of the conservative
Friends. Mr. Peacock and Miss
Worthlngton each , made known to
their respective monthly meetings
their intention to marry, and commit
tees reported favorably at the follow
ing monthly meetings. The parties
then proceeded with their arrange
ments. There were no flowers or
decorations of any kind. The bridal
party, which consisted ot the bride,
bridegroom and four attendants, took
their places, on the front seat In the
church, and 'after an hour spent in al
most entire silence they arose and re
peated the ceremony, no minister be
ing required. The marriage certificate
was signed by a number of Friends,
and will be placed on the records, of
Hendricks county. Immediately fol
lowing the ceremony the bridal party
and a large number of guests went, to
the newly furnished home of Mr. and
Mrs. Peacock, where dinner was served.
Lafayette, Ind., Nov. 19. An odd
robbery was committed here when one
or more burglars broke in the men's
furnishing store of Jones & Leary, in
Main street, and wrecked the interior,
shattering plate glass showcases, a
large cash register and many other
f xtures and opening every box in the
store, turning the contents on the
The police arrested James Donovan,
who said he was a teamster from In
dianapolis. He was walking down the
street with a bathrobe over his coat.
Donovan had been drinking, and bis
pockets were full of collars, ties and
socks from the Jones & Leary store.
His bead and arms were cut and bleed
ing, the result of breaking In the plate
glass window at the rear of the store
where be gained entrance. He said be
could not remember anything about
the robbery.
The police believe be had a com
panion. Donovan evidently was ang
ered when be found no money in the
cash register and took revenge by
.wrecking the store. Several hundred
dollars da mange was done.
Mr. Edward Ruesel Is an actor who Is M,,rrv haa sort,! th r.
aeatJavrtte with all the audiences vices of Fred DeBol a protege of
while Miss Grace Bryan, the eading.p Borriss. Mr. DeBoIt possesses
lady who happens to bo a niece ot& remarkable voice and a rare treat is
the famous Wm. Jennings Bryan is ; ,Q store fQr tne ona of Rich.
one of the best actresses in the busl- ; mond,a most beautiful piayhouse. Mr.
ness. The plays which they will play .
in Richmond include The Bachelor )
and the Maid, Faust and Mrs.. Tem
ple's Telegram. The opening bills to
be used are The Girl In the Domino
for the matinee and The Devil at
night with ladies free under the usual
conditions. A feature of the engage
ment is to be the presentation on
Thanksgiving day of The Blue Mouse
.r 'Ja
Taipt Aak
".l-rat.(cr'a 1
l-ilio In Krd
'f'aLa no other.'
roar Vrusalat for a
and Void viettllicWT
laka ao olaer.' luirnr,wp v
Itracaint. A.fc frC lll.i irp.S-TEB S
)tAMn liKANU Ji l.LH. for 2i
yea. nown as Boc Safest, Alwavs Reliable
Consultation and one month's Treatment Fres.
lepsy (or falling; fits). Cancer. Private and Nervoui
Dls?i"", Female Disease". Loss of Vitality from Indiscretions. Piles, Fistu
la. Ftitra a.nd Tloeratlons of the Reotum, without detention from business.
For Sale Turkeys and chickens,
dressed or alive, Broilers, Roasters or
Frys. Mrs. S. P. Pike, Centerville,
Ind. 17-7t
A 1AM'
The Man Monlicy
Trained Dogs
This Week
Night Prices will pre
vail at the Matinee
Thanksalvlng Day
The Old Stry.
"Did narcllucke bear his misfortune
like a man?"
"Exactly like one. He blamed it all
on his wife." Judge.
When you feel
vous, tired, worried or despondent it is a
sure sign vou need MOTTS NERVERINE
PILLS. They renew the normal vigor and
make life worth living. Be sure and ask for
Mott's Nerverine PiU g'afiS
WILLIAMS MFG. CO.. Prop.. CfeaeUad, Ohio
For sale by Conkey Drug Co.
At 63 Cents
Are Yon Togged For Thanksgiving ?
It's as Important to be comfortably dressed for the Thanksgiving as it
Is to be well fed on that day. All -we say is, see the Shirts, Under
wear, Neckwear, Collars, Hats, Gloves, etc., at .
Murray Theater Bldg. . 10TH AND MAIN.
Home Builders, Attention I
The Richmond Loan & Savings Association
Will Help Yon to Get a Dome
No Premium No Membership Fee
Consult the Secretary
Phone 17C8
21 N. CUT St.
Wft are selling a special lot of Foun
tain Syringes at 63 cents; Another
style at 75 cents. Only a few dozen at
these prices. They are called 2 and 3
quart sizes and are much better goods
than you would expect at this price.
We have all the better grades of rub
ber goods up to $?.00 each.
6TH AND MAIN. "The Rexall Store"
1TU) Z7I717 D i7i7E)
ssmMmmnssaaBnBamasmBmmmmmmBammat c ?
- ProoontG
With the Original Boston Cast and a New Line cf
Plain and Fancy Laugh. Lower Floor $1.00, $1.50.
Balcony, 75c, 50c. Gallery, 25c. ,
days Tyeodlay
Any Seat, 10c GRACE BRYAN Ladles Free
TCne UDye C3stni
S fiI23T
Monday, Not. 28th
Tuesday, Nor. 28th
Wednesday, Nov. 33
Ttrrty, Dec Id

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