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One Tofler Carried Hand as
Though Injured Reg
ular Routes.
CHICAGO, Nov. 21. Woman, not
man, Is the principal home wrecker.
You wouldn't believe it, at least if you
ehun courtrooms, where they keep
cold flgureB on the subject.
According to Joseph E. Bidwill clerk
of the circuit court, here is what the
figures show: About 00 per cent of
the divorce suits now in the court are
brought by women the other 10 per
cent. Instituted by men are based on
charges of desertion. Immoral con
duct and similar delinquencies. Men
are shown as long suffering, for the
average duration of married life where
the husband is the plaintiff Is found
to be twice the length of time shown
by the suits where the women are the
Women, the statirtics show, seem
to have less regard for their children,
for the cases in which women have ap
plied for divorce usually reveal three
children In the family, whereas the
auks brought by men usually have on
ly one child.
Immediately mothers-in-law are
found, according to the same statistics,
to be much maligned. 'The mother-in-law
Is found to sympathize with her
son-in-law and daughter-in-law just as
often as she does with her own child.
But the real evil of the divorce court
Is the gossipy woman she's more of
a menace to the martial community
than all the mothers-in-law or fathers-in-law
or bad husbands or recalcitrant
wives In the land.
The marrylng-in-haste nuptials last
about as long as the marriages pre
ceded by long courtship, and the Cath
olics, who make about 20 per cent, of
Chicago's population, appear In about
only 1 per cent of the divorces.
We wish to express our thanks to our
kind friends and neighbors for their
helping hand in our Bad bereavement
andalBO for the beautiful floral of
ferings. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Elia
aon and daughter, Edith.
At the Gennett.
Tonight Russian Orchestra.
Nov. 22 "The County Sheriff."
Nov. 25. "Madame Sherry."
Nov. 27. Alma Where Do You Live?
At the Murray.
All Week Vaudeville.
At Coliseum.
Dec. 6 Symphony orchestra concert
Feb. 28 Symphony orchestra con
cert. Madame Sherry.
H. H. Frazee and Q. W. Lederer com
prise the membership of the newest
New York theatrical producing firm.
The first named member of the duo
has long been an Important factor in
musical comedy productions in the
Middle West. The Lederer of the part
nership is the same George Washing
ton Lederer who controlled the desti
nies of the New York Casino when
that playhouse won Its first fame as
the home of smart pieces by native
writers, this in the day of Edna May
and other Ledered discoveries.
"Madame Sherry," now scoring its
second season of success is among
the new firm's productions.
"Madame Sherry" will be played
here by the New York New Amster
day Theater Company on Saturday,
November 25th matinee and night at
the Gennett theater. Special prices
have been arranged for.
"The County Sheriff."
O. B. Wee will present at the Gen
nett theater on Wednesday night. No.
vember 22, his new version, by Lem
B. arker, "The County Sheriff," a
strong comedy drama in four acts.
The play has been entirely rewritten
and this version is presented for the
first time in this city. The play is one
of the Dakota's and deals with the ef
forts of the County Sheriff to break up
a gang of cattle thieves and inciden
tally to win the heart and hand of Mel
ba. Especial attention has been given
Thousands Now Use This
low-Cost Cough Syrup
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remedy. It gives instant relief and will
usually wipe out the moat obstinate, deep
seated eough Inside of M hours. It quickly
raooeeds, even in whooping cough and
A 60 eent bottle of Pinex, whtn mixed
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CnlSren take Pinex Cough Syrup will
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work while you sleep. A 10-cent box
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head and cheerfulness for months,
cause they taste good never gripe or
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Children love to take Cascarets be-
to the staging cf this play. The sec- i
ond act showing Dayton's ranch in
the evening with the mountains in the
distance, with a small camp, lights
aglow, perched high upon the moun
tainside and the singing of the cow- i
boys In the distance, never fails to
bring forth vociferous applause at the
rise of the curtain. A new play, new'
company, new scenic production and
new specialties and many other fea
The new bill at the Murray this
week was greeted by a large and en
thusiastic audience. Every bill on the
show is a good one and deserved the
hearty applause accorded them.
The show opens with Emil Chevriel I
in a trick violin act that is very clever.
Mr. Chevriel using several novel ob
jects as a bow.
Jones and Walton present a very
funny comedy sketch entitled, "Our
Country Cousin." This is one of the
funniest sketches of the kind seen
here for some time, both Mr. Jones
and Miss Walton being especially ad
apted for the parts.
Scott and Wallace put on a singing
and dancing act that Is very neat, both
being singers of no mean ability and
as dancers they are sure there. The
act is neatly dressed and has a finish
to it that is most pleasing.
The Three Walseys, acrobats, hold
down the headline position. Their
work is fast and well executed and
they perform their most difficult
feats with the greatest ease. They
have a line of comedy running through
the act that is well done and very fun
ny. The motion pictures are good and
were greatly enjoyed.
Russian Orchestra.
The coming to this city this evening
of the. Imperial Russian Court Bala
laika Orchestra and its group of Im
perial Russian Grand Opera singers
is of particular import to people affili
ated with the National Federation of
Musical Clubs. They will have oppor-1
tunity of studying and enjoying at one
performance, Russian music through
the ages, and will be following out
the plan of study of the Musical Clubs,
which have decided on a Russian year.
A review of Muscovite music from
the most primitive times down to the
present is given by the men who come
under the baton of M. W. W. Andreeff
and by the operatic section touring
America with the orchestra.
That strange looking three-cornered
three-stringed Balalaika is one of the
most ancient of Russian musical in
struments. Long before Christianity
was introduced into Russia the Slavic
nomads strummed it before their goat
skin tents. It was used, too, in the reli
gious rites of heathen Russia. This lat
ter fact, more than any other, was res
ponsible for the almost total eclipses
of the Balalaika. For with the spread
of Christianity :n Russia excommuni
cation was the penalty for those who
ever listened to the enthralling tones
of the instrument.
No more cleaning of greasy pots and
pans, says the delighted housewife,
who is using the Soyer System of
Cooking in Paper Bags. THE CHI
CAGO DAILY NEWS tells all about the
system in daily articles and gives prac
tical recipes for cooking according to
the new way.
The Worth While Person.
Certain qualities go to the making
of any human being whom other hu
man beings esteem. Certain ingredi
ents are as necessary to a man as
flour and yeast to bread or iron and
carbon to steel. Ton cannot make
them any other way. There is a com
bination of steadiness of purpose,
breadth of mind, kindliness, wholesome
common sense, justice, perhaps a flash
of humor, certainly a capacity for the
task in band that produces a worth
while person. The combination occurs
lu every rank in life. You find It as
often in the kitchen as In the parlor:
oftener. perhaps, in the field than In
the office. The people who are so com
posed have spiritual length, breadth,
thickness; they are people of three dl
mensions. Everybody feels alike about
them. Atlantic.
Combining two household conven
iences in cne. a Washington inventor
has made an ironing board serve as
the back support of a stepladder.
Mas. Wimslow's SooTMtxo Srarr has bees
sed (or over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
is the best remedy for DIARRHCEA. It is ab
solutely harmless. Be sure and ask for " Mrs.
wiasww-s Booming arnxp. ana tak Bo
Valuable Instructions Given
by Medical Examiner of
Relief Department.
Crowds collect in the city street
around some unfortunate who lies in
agony on the pavement. Everyone
makes vague suggestions as to what
should be done, but no one does any
thing until a policeman arrives. Then I
he only telephones for an ambulance.
By the time this gets to the scene,
from twenty minutes to an hour elaps
es, and unless there happened to be a
doctor passing who would volunteer
his services, nothing has been done
for the person who is hurt. As a re
sult of the delay he may be one of
those who die in the ambulance or
shortly after reaching the hospital.
Many people lose their lives every
year from injuries that would not
prove fatal if properly treated a short
time after they are sustained.
It is ignorance of what to do in such
emergencies which makes them seem
so appalling that people merely gape
in pitying curiosity. It is ignorance
that sometimes makes the efforts of
well-meaning individuals who rush to
the rescue and do the wrong thing,
even more harmful. To protect pass
engers and employes from such need
less fatalities, the Pennsylvania rail
road instructs its men in the practice
of first aid to the injured.
Lectures are given by the medical
examiner of the local relief department
with demonstrations of the proper way
to treat all common accidents such as
breaks, cuts, burns and electric shock.
To supplement these a concise pamph
let covering all the important points is
First Rule "Keep Cool."
It is always essential that one per
son should take charge of proceedings
in order to avoid confusion. The first
statement in the pamphlet is: "The
person in authority should take
charge," and then, "keep cool."
The next thing is to seftd for a phy
sician. Then comes an explanation
of how to use the stretcher, which is
always kept where it is readily ac
cessible. "Keep the crowd away to in
sure plenty of fresh air. Examine the
injuries carefully before doing any
thing. Don't touch open wounds with
the hands; don't attempt to remove
dirt, or apply unclean dressings of any
kind, as infection may be introduced
by so doing."
Following these precautionary di
rections comes a description of the
contents and use of the various arti
cles in the First Aid packet furnished
by the Pennsylvania. After this, the
specific injuries are taken up separate
ly. Hemorrhage, fracture, burn, shock,
unconsciousness, fits, heat exhaustion
and sun stroke are discussed and the
proper treatment explained.
In the system developed by the re
lief department it is recognized that
in many cases there will be very few
facilities at hand for caring for the
injured, and directions are given for
making use of such things as are al
ways readily to be had. Startling to
the layman are some of the devices
which are employed.
How to Make Splints.
At the lectures the men are shown
how to make use of a newspaper, a
piece of scantling, or even a cushion
from a cabin car, for splints. A safe
way to disentangle a man from a live
wire by slipping a coat under it, is
shown. They are taught the proper
awy to lift an injured person to a
stretcher; the way to adjust a sling
with a triangular bandage from the
First Aid packet; emergency treat
ment of injuries to the scalp, and
methods of bandaging.
Special attention is given to electric
shock. The time tables issued to em
ployes of the New York terminal di
vision, where all the equipment is elec
trical, contain detailed explanations
Throw Away
Strenuous Old Sea Captain Fools the Doctors
And Cores Himself.
No man or woman who is ruptured no
matter how severely or at what age need
despair of being cured.
Throw, Away the Truss.
The case of Capt. VT. A. rollings gives en
couragement for all sufferers from rupture,
('apt. Collinses suffered a double rupture
ana was confined to his bed for years. No
truss could bold such a rupture. Many phy
sicians examined his case and pronounced
an operation necessary. Capt. rollings kept
experimenting: on himself and Anally to the
astonishment of all he cured his rupture. He
has never had any return of the trouble.
Capt. Colllnirs sends his discovery to all
people who are ruptured. If you will send
the coupon below, he will mail you entirely
free a one week's trial treatment so you can
test It on your own case. This costs you no
thing and you are sure to be benefited. So
mall the coupon now.
Capt. W. A. Col I in frs. Inc..
- Box sil , Watertown. X. Y.:
Please send me One Week's Test Treat
ment for Rupture. This test to be FREE.
I will commence Using It at once.
Address -
1035 Main St.
Phone 2292.
Parisian Sage
Banishes Dandruff
It quickly kills the dandruff germs,
that's why dandruff vanishes so
promptly when PARISIAN SAGE is
is Guaranteed by
L. H. Fihe
to eradicate dandruff, to stop falling
hair and itching scalp, or money back.;
Get a fifty cent bottle today and be- j
come acquainted at once with the most j
delightful hair dressing in the world, j
"I gladly recommend it as the best '
hair tonic I have ever known. I find j
it the only hair tonic that will cure
dandruff, cleanse the scalp, and make
the hair grow long and beautiful." j
Miss Signa Ahl, 2 Farwell St., W.
Worcester, Mass.
for the treatment for electric shock
accompanied by photographs.
The men fall in heartily with the '
work, realizing that they may be call
ed on any time to minister to a pas
senger or fellow workman. As a re
sult of this teaching which the Penn
sylvania has been conducting for
some years, there is rarely a case of
injury in the shops or oa the road,
which is aggravated either by lack or
care or by misdirected care before
medical attention can be secured.
Sale on all millinery goods untrim
med felt hats at half price. Mae New
man, Parlor Millinery, 69 Ft. Wayne
Avenue. iil-lt
Norwalk, in Connecticut, derived its
name from the Indian custom of
measuring distance. The land pur
chased from them, on which the city
was to stand, extended from the sea
northward one day's walk.
No Need for a
Pastory Floumr
If you buy flour from low
grade wheat
Flour imperfectly ground
Flour not properly sifted
Then you'll need another
flour a better flour when
you come to make dainty
But, if you buy Gold Medal
Made of premier wheat
20 times ground sifted 10
times through silk
You'll need no better flour
for anything. You can't get
any better.
It's a bad mistake, for any purpose, to get
inferior flour.
You save nothing by it You get less
bread immensely poorer bread. And part
of it can't digest.
Flour b all-important.
If you knew as we know, all the vast dif
Medal f
The Theaters
At The Murray.
There is nothing particular to be
said about the Murray this week, ex
cept that it is more or less mildly
The acrobats are the best seen here
for a long time, however, and go
through a number of gyrating genu
flections that are now and then
startling. Their comedian is funny, af
ter the order of such funny men, but
the wonder is that aggregations like
this bother with this sort of vaude
ville concession. These people can go
on their own merits without the addi
tion of clowning. They are, in short
uncommonly good.
The trick violinist is more skillful
than the generality of his class and its
because he happens to be an innate
musician. Whatever his technical ac
complishment may or may not be
when he pulls the bow across the
strings you say "a musician."
The writer has no program at hand
so the identity of the two people who
sing and dance is unknown, but the
masculine personage has certain tal
ents as a comedian that should stand
him in good stead in something less
light-weight than the present "offer
ing." When he gives an imitation of
Sore Throat Prudence.
No family medicine chest is well stocked
without a bottle of TONS! LINE, for you
don't know what moment it may be needed
to cure a suddenly developed case of Sore
Throat. Don't take unnecessary chances,
because Sore Throat seems a little ailment.
It may be Tonsilitis, Quinsy, Croup or
Diphtheria tomorrow. Cure the Sore
Throat by taking TONSIL1NE, the one.
exclusive throat remedy, ana pre
vent these dreaded diseases.
One dose of TONSIUNE will
give relief, and a very few doses will
core. It is the stitch in time.
25 cents and 50 cents. Hospital
Size $1.00. All Druggists.
ference, you would always
insist on the leading flour of
the world
II H I II n "kill - I
j Eva Tanguay he is funny enough and
jis reminiscent of Miss Tanguay when
she gives an imitation of her imitators.
A sketch of the country-cousin-visit-ing-the-eity-relations
class amuses the
audience, the young woman of the two
who present it dancing cleverly.
E. G. W.
Dr. Mora S. Bulla has moved his of
fice from 47 South Tenth street to :VJ
South Ninth street. 19-St
Potatoes and rice are cheaper in
i London now than they were in 1900.
but almost every other article of diet
now costs a great deal more than
I have just received a stock of WIL
of Wilson treckle Cream Co., Charles
ton, S. C, It is FINE, is fragrant
j and harmless and positively removes
; freckles, tan and brown moth, bleaches
dark faces light. Will not make hair
j grow. You have my guarantee that it
i will take off your freckles and tan or I
! will give you back your moncv. Come
in, see and try it. THE JARS ARE
LAKUt- and two at most are sufficient.
I send them by mail, if desired, price 50c,
Wilson's Fair Skin Soap, 25c
Earlham Seal
We've a full new line of gold
and silver Earlham seal jewelry
in class pins, scarf pins, hat
pins, fobs and cuff buttons.
Prices range from 50c upward.
E. L Spencer
Jeweler and Engraver, 704 Main
(an (nt"
. 41
It dfl
(Hsu WfflQfl
The Musical Sensation of the Season):
Imperial Russian Court
MR. W. W. ANDREEFF, Director
And GRAND OPERA Section In Na
tional Costume. Liubov Orlova, So
prano: Olga Scriabina. Contralto;
Nicholas Vasiliev, Tenor; Ivan Tom
ashevitch. Basso.
Prices 50o-$2.00. Seat sale at Mur
ray Theater Box Office.
Greatest and Best Play
New Version, by Lem B. Parker
In Four Acts. A play yau will
wish to see again.
Prices Evening. 10, 20. 30, 50.
Seats on sale at Murray theater
box office.
Three Walslys
Emil CheveHoI
Scott and
Jones and
Paris Clk &S0it Co.
r ; '
ftiTecfjbitss X
for Wtea
v av ya a M z.
I 533 Main utec j
tnomit froa flCU mat mtS
household goods, pianos, etc.,
without removal and your pay
ments can be arranged to suit
your income. Mail or phone ap
plications receive our prompt
attention. If you are in need of
MONEY call at our offices,
write or phone; all business
dealings confidential.
Phone 2960
Take Elevator to Third Floor.
Worm Destroyer, Digestive
and Conditioner
For Sheep, Hogs, Horses, Cattle
10 lbs 75c
20 lbs $1.25
40 lbs $&2S
100 lbs. $5X0
Many nervous people who
have trouble with ordinary lens
es wear Toxic Lenses with Per
fect Ease.
Let tis fit yoti with a pair
Special Prescription Ground. '
PHONE 1099 92V2 MAIN ST.
ifc ifc A A Jl ill sli J afc laW A afcaahaKhS
TTTVTT'f T ttt r - fw v 7 .
- r ft
W V . 13a."? ifL. .c- w m i--
'!v'L-;- '
mii iift.ni.iiil.il ml
.ii.w. ' -in -- i-t! ..1t , , IIM Nl . . a . pm u.. .

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