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Ei M. F. CAR TOOK Is Famous as a Horsewomen
Mercer Car Won the Savan
nah Trophy in Big Auto
. Events, Monday.
(National Association)
SAVANNAH, Oa.( Nov. 27. Just
sixty minutes after the first long rays
of the sun had lit up the seventeen
miles of asphaltum oiled gravel that
constitutes the Savannah road course.
a covey of emi.ll cars got away In
the double-barreled content for the
Tledeman trophy and the Savannah
challenge trophy which serve as the
track warmers lor today's Vanderbilt
cup race and for the grand prize of
Frank Witt, in an E. M. F. car No
35, won the Tledeman trophy. His
time for the 170 miles was 176:19. E.
M. V. cars also finished second and
Ihlrd. The winner averaged over 58
miles an hour, exceeding last year's
times. Hughes, in a Mercer, No. 22,
won the Savannah trophy, going the
221 miles in 195:37. Average over
8 miles an hour or Ave miles an
hour better than Dawson made In a
Marmon last year. Mormon cars In-
label second and third.
Vanderbilt Cup Race.
The cash that goes along with the
Vanderbilt cup, also to be held today.
Is, according to official figures, only
$2,000, but special prizes for fastest
lap, most consistent performance, etc.,
bring the total tor the fortunate driv
ers well up toward ten times that
The distance of the Vanderbilt this
time Is 289 miles, or seventeen laps
of the course. This is longer than
any previous holding of the race, ex
cepting that In 1906, when the cars
went 287 miles.
It Is not believed likely that the
grand prizes, to be held Thursday, will
develop greater speed than the Van
derbilt, despite the fact that several
more powerful cars are entered in the
Culminating event of Thursday. This
opinion is based on the contention
that a faster average should be made
over the shorter course. The grand
prize in more than half again as long
as the Vanderbilt, its distance being
npproximutcly 480 miles, or 24 laps of
the course. Bruce-Brown holds the
grand prize record at 70.55 miles an
The winner of the grand prize will
he awarded the gold challenge cup of
the Automobile Club of America, val
ued at $5,000, in addition to a cash
prise of $4,000.
Ot the
The following announcement, con
cerning Kxum M. Hass. son of Post
master E, M. Haas, of this city, ap
pears in the Electric Railway Jiurnal.
. Mr. E. M. Haas, superintendent of
bridges and buildings of the Illinois
"Traction System, has become connect
ed with the editorial department of
The Electric Railway Journal and will
have headquarters at the Chicago of
fice In the Old Colony Building. Mr.
Haas has recently been engaged In
the construction of the Harris-Joliet
extension of the Illinois Valley Rail
way. He is a graduate of Purdue.
Previous to his college Course and
during vacations Mr. Haas served on
the engineering corps of the Baltimore
Ohio Railroad, the Chesapeake &
Ohio Railroad and the Cincinnati.
Hamilton ft Dayton Railroad. After
graduation he was resident engineer
for the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Rail
way on the construction of a 6,000-car
capacity freight classification yard at
Dalton, 111.
assistant engineer
way of the Illinois Traction System in
lMNI, and has since been engaged in
maintenance and construction work.
In 1907 his title with the Illinois Trac
tion System was changed to superin
tendent of bridges and buildings.
, i ' i 1,1
mm w
hjt. ifij ill'4 -'"''j
fi V vy
And Misconduct Subject for
That no true Christian would ever
defraud a conductor on a street car,
was one of the statements made Sun
day evening by the Rev. H
dy, while addressing a large audience
at the revival service in the First M.
E. church. Rev. Kennedy's subject
for the occasion was, "The handwrit
ing on the wall," by which he told how
King Belshajtzer was judged, and ex
plained that ministers at the present
time, just as Daniel, must not be in
vited to the revelry, for, again like
Daniel, they will be needed if the
feasting is abruptly ended by some
calamity, and will be then required to
have full control of their minds.
His feeling toward the person who
gets off a street car without having
paid his fare was expressed while
talking on how to judge one's self by
the eighth commandment. He said
that any one who allowed the conduc
tor to pass him was guilty of theft.
The evangelist objected to several
Robbers Dynamite It, Secure
S4,000 and Escape.
Nine Western Governors on
Missionary Tour.
(National Xws Association) , ST. PAUL. Minn.. Nov. 27 -Hnvor-
NEW YORK, Nov. 27. Two cracks- nors of nine western states start from
men forced their way into the post- here tonight in a missionary tour
D Kenne- oface at pli8aie, N. J., just across the through the east. Not one will carry
river iruui .uauunuau, tai i uiuaj , ; a six-suooier. DUt ail win nave a Dies
picked up the safe, carried it 300 sage of the glories of the west and its
feet away and then dynamited it and : golden opportunities,
took its contents, $4,000 In stamps
Robbers Surprise Captors,
Shooting One Who Runs
and Killing Other.
CHILLI COTHE, Tex.. Not. 27.
Constable Charles Hollowav was
In a special train carrying five car-1 killed and Constable J. A. Doyle ser
iously wounded in a battle with two
men wanted in connection with the re
cent robbery of the state bank of
Odell. The shooting occurred at the
little town of Doans. After the sus
pects apparently had surrendered.
and cash. The first to reach the scene loads of exhibits of typical western
after the explosion was Ferdinand products they will spend three weeks
Stabel, the assistant postmaster, in covering some 4,000 miles of terri-
whose home adjoins the postoffice. In tory touching Chicago, New York. Bos-
the dimlight he saw two men running ton, Washington and St. Louis and
along the roadway traversed by the the larger cities along the route.
sireet cars irom ort i.ee terry. ; i ne ena in view is the development Holloway and his companion with
Stabel did not know whether the of the west, the means, the develop-i weapons drawn, advanced on the men;
figures were those of robbers or ment of the east to a quicker realiza- but just before thev- started to dearth
Thanksgiving week celebrators. so he tion of opportunities on the side of the prisoners, one of tlu latter stepped
fired two shots into the ralr and the ( the Mississippi. j behind his companion and started fir-
yeggmen only ran the faster and Governors West of Oregon, Hawley ing. Holloway was wounded in the
easily escaped. , of Idaho, Vessey of South Dakota, lee and arm bv ?m.siv w a i
Eberhardt of Minnesota. Hay of Wash- his companion was shot in the thigh,
ington, Burke of North Dakota. Sha-j Doyle managed to reach his bugg
froth of Colorado and Norris of Mon-' just as the horse, frightened bv tho
tana, met here today. Gov. Carey of hots. beean to run. Prom hi
yoming is expected to meet the
party in Chicago.
The temporary committee of ten lo-
other petty dishonesties,' and bemoan-j cal laymen to have charge of the per-j
ea meir existence. raanent organization of the "men and f v Fit I IITDV rv
Rev. Kennedy also spoke of the evil religion forward movement" in this r ILtLi JUKI K I
of allowing school children to study community, met In the Y. M C.
on Sunday, for this act is clearly a vio-, Sunday to report on the progress so !
latum or ine commandment requiring far. Nearly half of the permanent ex-
iue oiuuui vu ue uuij. mciaem- ecutive committee of 100 have been
in the buggy he saw one of the two
men place his weapon against Hollo
way's chest and fire. Holloway was
dead when picked up by rescuers.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov. 27. By
the end of the present week in the
any ne warned aga nst noisy gatner- t.hoBen, and the workers are enthusias-! trial of James B. McNamara. chared
ings oi cniiaren on mis aay, ana otner tic over the nrosoects nf RtrtJnir th' ith hQv- .v. i
. , c nuacu in t?Ayiusiuii mal
campaign soon. The decision of the , destroyed the Los Angeles Times !
committee was to reserve any an-! plant and killed twentv-on men u I
unnecessary forms of disobedience to
the sacred law.
The evanirplifit mad hla .mn.f A . . " :. " . - l"ulJ 18 w" l""-u w " n
argument in sneaklM of thoaV wh nouncemeni or ineir worK unul half expected the work of jury selection Sept. 2, 1911, $400. Lot 1, Sintx add.
argument in speaKing of those who nas two nxt Sundav ftmnAn . tv.1 n i r.,..m
Y. M. C. A., when they will meet with pletion. Three men are yet to bo
smx x. z jt i
S Rev! YenX TheTr ft ! 11 tbe ; Qualified before the fourth use of per-
".A "'U1 ummniff, ana
111 U1B Py smau neea carrying on the work here
to this commandment.
Preceding the meeting Sunday even
ing, Mrs. Kennedy, wife of the evan
gelist, addressed a
make plans for
Luelia M. Crist to Santford Mustln.
Oct. 6, 111. $2,500. Lots 10. 11, 12.
emptory challenges. Should two or j 17. St. 9, M. J. & H. add. Milton.
even one juror De placed in the box at
that time. It is believed that the per
emptories will again be in order be
fore Saturday and even with the
Thanksgiving recess it is predicted by
many attorneys the box would prac-
Snapshot of Miss Eleanor Sears watching the judging of the horses
at the annual Horse Show at Madison Square Garden, N. Y. Miss Sears
is one of the favorites of the "400" and her name has been linked with that
of Harold Vanderbilt, who was quite attentive to her during the New
port social season. Miss Sears' box at the show is always the center of
attraction by members of her set
But Driver, William Archey,
Not Injured.
Hurled fifty feet but not even re-
eeivinv n. nrrnth vrhilA hla hnru ma a
Mr. Haas was appointed , . . . . . t . iV w
iglneer maintenance of Mlted outrlSbt and the buggy com-
pletely demolished, was the accident
which befell William Archey, a negro,
living near New Paris, Sunday night.
While driving alone from the National
road near the fair grounds his horse
became frightened at ifee approaching
9 o'clock interurbait and jumped
Bquarely on the tracks, dragging the
buggy with him. The motorman did
not have time to stop the car.
When the car was stopped and the
train crew and passengers had gotten
out to view the wreckage, Archey was
seen picking himself up some fifty
Learning by Experienoe.
: Salesman (showing umbrellas)
Cere's one with an exceptionally at
fmctlTw handle. Customer Not for
no. All my umbrellas hare been en
"ttrelj too attractive. London Tele
feet away, then he came over to berate
the car crew and ascertain lust what
property he had left. After finding
the completely demolished vehicle and
the dead horse lying to one side of
the track, he thanked fate he bad
gotten off with an unscratched skin.
The horse apparently was worth $200,
the buggfly $50 or $75.
uruwu ui sixey philin Pnhhin. w.
girls in the afternoon. The meetings :to take charge of the Dankrupt Dugi.
'; giun nig sicaunj, aiiu i lie iinui : i h.t , . v . o , i ,
, . . . , . . I "n ji fuusian iviuijear, proprietor : "taiij' ue inieu.
week, just starting, promises to be aof the People.s Store at R meetlng of ; when the jury finally is chosen, the
most successrui one. j the stockholders on Monday morning, next deviation from the ordinary
ine appointment was made by Harry course of criminal procedure would be
C. Sheridan, referee in bankruptcy, in order. The stato would then make
the trustee qualifying by filing a $5,000 the motion, and It Is expected it will
bond. The stock will be sold at nrl-! be filed and zranted for th miiiHnn
I Vtf S1e nn Tllnelnv aoa1fH nrnnn.l. of turn enhot itut o 4n n-o
I - - , '.iv v. 4 . vAaaiB 1 " l " v-. v v i . jui im (i
being tne method of bidding. Several
City Statistics
Deaths and Funerals.
NOBBE The funeral of J. Henry
Nobbe, who died Saturday noon, will
be held at the home, 153 Richmond
Ave., 2:00 p. m., Tuesday, under the
charge of Rev. Hoffer. Burial will
be in Earlham cemetery. Friends may
call at the home any time. Mr. Nobbe
was a member of the Druids' Lodge,
and of the local printers' union.
VALENTINE The funeral of Mrs.
Harriet M. Valentine, who died in
Graysville, Tenn.. Saturday, will be
from the home of her son, 1714 North
E street, 2:00 p. m.. tomorrow, with
Rev. Cates officiating. Interment will
follow in Earlham Cemetery. Friends
may call at the home any time.
To Mr. and Mrs. Everett W. Adams.
312 South Fifth street, second child,
a daughter, Mildred Frances Adams.
To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Percival
Stephens, 205 South Ninth street, sec
ond child, a son, James Keith Stephens.
Marriage Licenses.
Carr Simmons, Richmond, 19, core-
maker and Ethel M. Hilling, Rich
mond, 18, housework.
Fred Kersey, Richmond, 33, black
smith, and Mrs. Minnie Powers, Rich
mond, 34, housework.
Adolph Floyd, Richmond, 22, gard
ener, and Fairy Folkner, Richmond.
17, seamstress.
outside parties have announced their
intention to bid. Mr. McLear's assets
are said to be about $8,000, and the
liabilities about $6,000.
Brazilian Balm gives instant relief
in Croup and Asthma. Cures fresh
Cold over night. Used as for Catarrh
relieves Cold In an hour. A $1 bottle
has cured old Catarrh in a month. Has
cured double Pneumonia in 5 days, and
never lost a case of Croup, Orip, Bron
chitis, Pneumonia, Typhoid, Contagi
ous disease, or Quick Consumption (If
you quit all opiates) because it KILLS
THE GERMS! ALL druggists. A. G.
Luken and Co., wholesale.
(Palladium Special.)
CENTERVILLE, Ind., Nov. 27.
Clark Wilson, of the irm of Horner &
Wilson, blacksmiths, died shortly aft
er noon today after a week's illness
with pneumonia. He is survived by
the wife and two daughters. The
funeral arrangements have not been
Mr. Wilson was 41 years of age and
lived his entire life in this town. He
was well known throughout the county.
Gold Crowns, $3.00; Full Set of Teeth, $5.00; Gold
Fillings $1.00; Silver Fillings, 50c up. All Work
New York Dental Parlors
904i2 Main St.
Net Crazy.
"You were just crazy to marry me,
weren't you, dear?"
"No; Just foolish. Houston Post.
We will run a cut-rate on Dry Cleaning and Dyeing to introduce our Su
perior work to the people.
Others Charge
Phone 2767.
Our Prices
Gents' Suits, for $1.00
Coats eo
Pants 40
Overcoats 1.00
Ladles' Jacket Suits 1.25
Skirts, any kind . 75
Ladies' Long Coats 1.00
Ladies' Fancy Dresses 1.25
Ladies' Plain Dresses 1.00 .
Waists 50
Special prices quoted on dye work.
We will call for and deliver work In any part of the city. Work left Tue
day can be finished by Thanksgiving.
Cut Rate Dry Cleaning
Former Employes of the Richmond Dry Cleaning Co.
Over Conkey's Drug Store, 901 Main St
, 75
... 150 and 1.75
....1.00 and 1.25
. . . 150 and 1.75
1.25 and 1.50
1.00 and 1.50
.50 and .75
Opened this morning with a rush. The response to this suit sale was orreater
than ever before.
WH-H Y ? We say wfliatt we wfllll dlo, amdl dlo wttnatt ws s,
IFdDi? Tmiesdlaiy aumdl Wedlimesdlaiy
A.- ! ' I

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