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Published Every Evening Except Sunday, by
Palladium Printing Co.
Palladium Building, North Ninth and Sailor Street
Entered at the Post Office at Richmond. Indiana. a3 Sec
ond Class Mall Matter.
Th Associated Press Is xcluslrely entitled to the use
for republication of all nwi dispatches credited to It or
not otherwise credited In this paper and also the local
uews published herein. All right of republication of spe
cial dispatches herein are also reserved,
$1 00,000,000 For Education
Senator Hoke Smith of Georgia introduced a
bill in Congress on October 10 providing for the
most important educational measure that has
ever been presented to the national legislators
and the country generally. It provides an annual
appropriation of $100,000,000, provided the sev
eral states appropriate sums in equal amount, for
the development of certain types of education
deemed vitally necessary for the improvement of
our commonwealth. The main provisions of the
measure follow: ,
1. For the removal of Illiteracy. $7,500,000 annually.
2. For the Americanization of foreigners, $7,500,000
. For the equalization of educational opportunities
within the several states, particularly in rural and
village schools, $50,000,000 annually.
4. To cooperate with the states in the promotion of
physical and health education and recreation,
$20,000,000 annually.
6. To extend and improve the facilities for the pre
paration of teachers for public schools, and .parti
cularly the rural schools, $15,000,000 annually.
6. The creation of an Executive Department known
a the Department of Education, with a Secretary
In the President's Cabinet. This Department is to
administer the educational work of the govern
ment which is assigned to it.
The National Education association has col
lected data which reveal astounding facts. We
discovered in the first selective draft that there
were 700,000 illiterates between 21 and 31 years
old in the United States. The 1910 census showed
5,500,000 illiterates of 10 years and over, or one
in every 13 was illiterate. Indiana, according to
the 1910 census, had 47,914 illiterates. Its share
of the congressional fund would be $95,540.52
annually, which with the state's allotment of a
like amount, would make $191,081.04, or $4 for
each illiterate, available for this phase of educa
tion. An insignificant sum compared with the
good that would accrue to the state if ignor
ance and its attending evils superstition, pau
perism, poor citizenship, vice and crime, would be
Indiana has 159,663 foreign born, according
to the 1910 census. The congressional allotment
for the Americanization of the foreign born
would be $88,612.97, and a sum in the same
amount from the state, would give $177,225.94
annually to make aliens patriotic Americans.
Supporters of the bill adduce these reasons why
the nation should co-operate with the states in
the Americanization program:
1. Foreigners are admitted to the country under Nat
ional law.
2. They are privileged to participate freely in a demo
cratic government.
3. Their contribution to national welfare Is in pro
portion to the training in Americanization afford- !
ed them. ,
4. The permanency of a competent democracy rests
on the intelligence and patriotism of its citizenry.
The per capita wealth in the United States is
about $1,712.77; there is one teacher for a popu
lation of 163.91, and the wealth back of each
teacher is $280,754.08. Comparing the salaries
paid to teachers with the country's wealth, it is
easy to see that they are being underpaid. Ind
iana has 19,648 teachers and would receive from
Congress. $1,578,520.32. An equal amount from
the state would give $3,157,040.64.
The Bill provides that no State shall share in this
fund unless it has at least twenty-four weeks of school
in each district, unless it enforces an adequate com
pulsory school attendance law, and unless it provides
that "the basis language of Instruction in the common
school tranches in all schools, public and private,
shall be the English language only."
The Bill now in the Senate provides $20,000,000
annually by Congress "to cooperate with the States
In the promotion of physical and health education
and recreation." including "the medical and dental
examination of children of school age, the determina
tion of mental and physical defects in such children,
the employment of school nurses, the establishment
and maintenance of school dental clinics, and the in
struction of the people in the principles of health and
sanitation." Indiana's population in 1910 was 2,
700,876. She would therefore receive from Congress .
for physical and health education $87,440.53 annually.
An equal amount from the State would make avail
able $1,174,881.06 annually.
The Palladium has asserted for a number of
years that the nation cannot expect capable men
and women to enter the profession at the ridicul
ously low salaries that are paid. Young men and
women will not spend thousands of dollars to
prepare for a profession that hardlypays a de
cent return on the investment.
The Bill now before Congress provides $15,000,
000 annually, and demands an equal amount by the
States, "to cooperate with the States in preparing
teachers for the schools, particularly rural schools"
'.'to prepare teachers, to encourage a more nearly
universal preparation of prospective teachers, to ex
tend the facilities for the improvement of teachers al
ready in service, to encourage through the establish
ment of scholarships and otherwise a greater number
of 'talented young people to make adequate prepara
tion for public-school service, and otherwise to pro
vide an increased number of trained and competent
teachers." This money is to be apportioned on the
public school teacher basis, and amounts to $24.10
per teacher for the promotion of teacher-preparation.
Indiana had 19,648 public school teachers in
1915-1316. She would receive $473,516.80 for the pur
poses named above. Doubling this amount would
make available a minimum of $947,033.80 for teacher
preparation in her tax supported normal schools and
The bill provides for the creation of an exe-
i cutive department with a secretary in the presi-
den t cabinet. This feature is an important one.
In a democracy the safety of the state depends
upon the education of the people. Education is
not a state, district, parochial or local problem,
!but has national significance. It deserves rec-
i ognition by representation in the cabinet.
The present bill is the most comprehensive
school measure that has ever been presented to
the American people. It seeks to obviate some of
the greatest evils of the present system. Its
enactment into law will be a boon to the educa
tional system and of positive good to the public
S tor IGi9
Masonic Calendar
An elderly church warden. In Phav
Ing himself one Sunday before cln'rch ;
time, mado a slight cut with t he razor
on Ihe extreme end of his noao. Quick-.
ly calling hi wife, he asked her if she ,
hnd any court plaster in the house.'
"You will And .onm in my sewing bas
ket," nhr pnld. The warden soon had ;
the cut covered. I
A tho church. in assisting with the
collection, he noticed everyone smile
as ho passed the plate. Very much
annoyed, he asked a friend if there
was anything wrmiT with hl3 apyear
ance. "Vell I f-hould sny there is," was
the answer. "What ,1s that on your
"No," snid the friend, "it Is the label
off a spoel vt cotton. It says 'War
ranted 200 yards long"." j
The proprietor of a traveling me- j
nacrerie had trained a Hon and a Iambi
to live together In the same eag".
The unusual r.ieht was always well '
advertined beforehand, and Invariably)
proved a big draw. Presently, how-i
ever, there came a time when the at
traction ceased to figure in the show,
, an dtho showman was asked the rea
son. "Had to separate "em," he replied
"Irdcd. Did he turn savage then?
I thought ho looked like such a mild
o!d Hon."
"Lion," Interrupted the showman.
"Uon be Mowed! It was the lamb.
When he crow up ho started butting
like a battering ram Used to knock
the poor lion about something shame
Monday, Dec. 9. Richmond Com
mandary No. 8, K. T. Special conclave.
Work in K. T. degree.
Tuesday, Dec. 10. Richmond Lodge
No. IDC, F. and A. M. Called meeting.
Work in Entered Apprentice degree,
7:00 p. m.
Wednesday, Dec. 11. Webb Lodge,
No. 24, F. and A. M. Called meeting.
Work in Master Mason degree.
Thursday, Dec. 12. Richmond Com
mandary No. 8, K. T. Special con
clave. Work in Red Cross dejrreo.
Friday, Dec. 13. King Solomon's
Chapter No. 4, R. A. M. Stated convocation.
Reports Show That Strength,
Energy and Ambition Re
turn Very Slowly to Grippe
Telh Mow She Was Made
Well by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Lynn, Ind.
Ooorffrt McKlssock of Tittshurg, Pa.,
left Wednesday morning after Trend
ing several days with his brother,
Robert McKissock, and family
Wlllard Jordan has been discharged
from military duties and Is home..,.
Mrs. Maude Klenzlo and son, Robert
are visiting Mack Condon and family
at Dunkirk Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Shook wero ca'led to Richmond
Tuesday on account of the serious ill
ness of their daughter, Mrs. Hobart
Alexander, who has influenza
Mrs. Josie Bowen Is at home after
spending several weeks with her son,
Merle, and family at Richmond
Word was received here early Wed
nesday morning of the death of Mrs.
Cleo Jtobcrts of near New Paris, O.,
formerly Miss Cleo Adams, of this
Brooklyn, N. Y., "For one year I
vt&a miserable from a displacement,
which caused a gen
eral run-down con
dition with head
aches and pains in
my side. My sister
induced me to try
Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Com
pound. I found it
helped me very
much and such a
splendid tonic that
I am recommend
ing it to any woman
who has similar
troubles." Mrs. Elsie G. Lewis, 30
Vernon Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Such conditions as Mrs. Lewis Buf
fered from may be caused by a fall or
a general weakened run-down condition
of the system, and the most successful
remedy to restore strength to muscles
and tissue and bring about a normal
healthy condition has proved to be this
famous root and herb medicine, Lydia
E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound.
If you have disturbing symptoms you
do not understand write Lydia E. Pink
ham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The
result of their 40 years experience is at
your service.
Let the experience of every
strengthen you in a better way.
To Deal Bed Sores
For 25 years physicians and nurses
have never found anything equal to
Sykes Comfort Powder
One box proves its extraordinary healing
power for any skin inflammation.
25o at the Vlnol and other drug stores
The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass.
After an attack of Influenza, doc
tors advise that nature be assisted
in its building-up process by the
use of a good tonic one that will
not only put strength and endur
ance into the body, but will also
help to build up and strengthen the
run-down cells of the brain.
One of the most highly recom
mended remedies to put energy In
to both body and brain Is Blo-feren
jyour physician knows the form
ula It is printed below.
There's Iron In Blo-feren the
kind of iron that makes red blood
corpuscles and creates vigor. There
is lecithin also; probably the best
brain Invigorator known to science.
Then there Is good old reliable gen
tian, that brings back your lagging
There are other Ingredients that
help to promote good health, as
you can see by reading this form
ula, not forgetting kolo, that great
agent that puts the power of en
durance into weak people.
Taken altogether Blo-feren Is a
splendid active tonic that will
greatly help any weak, run-down
person to regain normal strength,
energy, ambition and endurance.
Blo-feren is sold by all reliable
druggists and Is inexpensive. For
weakness after influenza patients
are advised to take two tablets
after, each meal and one at bed
time seven a day, until health,
strength and vigor are fully re
stored. It will not fall to help you and
If for any reason you are dissatis
fied with results your druggist is
authorized to return your money
upon request 'Without any red tape
of any kind.
Note- to physicians! There In no
secret about the formula of Blo
feren, It is printed, on every pack
are. Here li Is: Lecithin: Calcium
Glycero-phosphate; Iron Peptonate,
Manganese Peptonate; Ext. Nux.
Vomica; Powdered Gentian; Phe
nolphthaleln; Olearsln Capsicum.
"I didn't bring back any souvenirs,"
said the Yank, as he staggered Into
the "Y" hut In France. "I was just too
all-in to grab any and I figgered that
I would be enough of a souvenir for
my folks myself."
And the boy was right.
An Iron cross marks the spot where
the fatal shot was fired. 1
Now that the war Is over and metal
Is not In such demand, It would be
Just our luclf to have them begin put
ting 167 pins in every new shirt
This store will be occupied next
week as a shoemaker. Sign in a win
dow on Foster avenue.
They say ex-Emperor Charles of Aus
tria has no food or Clothes. He evi
dently forgot to lay something aside
for an unreigny day.
Hagerstovm, Ind.
Mrs. Eliza Abbott of Richmond is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Phllena
Crull two miles northeast of here....
Mr. and Mrs. John Feeley of Conners
ville were guests of friends here a
few days recently. .... .Mr. and Mrs.
Charley Teetor and children, Donald.
Herman and Winifred, spent Sunday
at New York city with Lothalr and
Macy Teetor, who were expecting to
sail for France.... A son was born to
Mr. and -Mrs. O'Neal Rhoadua Tues-
j .i ti .li
uay ... .Aimer teruer ui muvo buuu j
from LiBO Keynoia b rarm to lahk. iiia
son's farm.... The M. E. Missionary
society met at the home of Mrs.
Varce Wine Tuesday afternoon..
The sailor raa nas a vocabulary
quite his own, by the way. Recruits
are "regrets;" later, as common sea
men, they ar "gobs." Food Is "chow"
and ketchup is "red lead."
i .
Any store that can't be a better !
store ought to close up. ;
Head or cheat-
are best treat
NEW PRICES 30c 60c, SI
4 m!
Dr. Vinton'
"Purple Pills for Liver Ills"
10 moi 2S .ire.
At 11 Druggist
Conkey's and other leading
Men Admire and
Buy Fred's Clothing
bm!isp of its excellent style and unusual quality. The men
KNOW. Surely you could not make a better selection for Fa
ther, 'Husband or Brother than a nice, warm Suit or Overcoat.
Such a gift will prove your thoughtf ulness and will be a daily
reminder for a long time.
Unusual qualities are found in, our clothing and cannot be
duplicated elsewhere. Women are- invited to call and make
their selection. Quality, Fit and Style Guaranteed. Prices the
lowest. .
Don't forpet our line of Men's Hats which offers you the
best values in the city.
$18.00 to $35.00
z. tt w nr "bst ssrssssn
stick of
been a
tided, lying in No Mam's
feverish from thirst-r &
gum to him might have
matter of life and de&
For him and 2,000,000 others in France
155,945,000 sticks of the Adams brands of
chewing gum have beensent overseas
Please remember this the next time you
can't get your favorite brand of Adams gum
If Adams Black Jack is missing from the
counter, try Adams California Fruit, Adams
Pepsin or Adams Yucatan, To a boy in
No Man's Land one stick might have been
worth the price of an empire.
Pure Chewing Gum
Adams Black Jack
Adams Chiclets
Adams r epsin
Adams Spearmint j
A Adams California Fruit
Adams Yucatan
Adams Sen Sen
Adams Clove

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