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'Obstructive Policy of French
Press Hampers Work of
; Conference, -Delegates bay.
(By Associated Press
. - PARIS, Feb. 11. The question of
"moving the peace conference from
Paris to a neutral country may be
considered by the conference, if what
is characterized as the obstructive
policy of the French press and certain
French officials continues, it has developed.
Representatives of various other
Powers taking part in the peace con
ference, it is declared, believe that the
work of the body is being hampered
greatly through unfriendly criticism
by the French press of various leaders
in the conference. They are repre
sented, therefore, as inclined to con
sider the removal of the conference, if
the hostile attitude of the French
press is maintained.
Should it be deemed necessary to
take up the matter it would be con
sidered at a full meeting of the peace
(By Associated Press)
SARIS, Feb. 11. President Wilson
has been accorded the honor of being
designated as the one who shall issue
the formal call to the nations of the
world td Join the society of nations
After its machinery has been set up
"by the peace conference, it was stat
ed today. - -
The commission now working on the
draft of the constitution of the society
nroved the plan
which provided that the president of
the United States perform this func
tion, it being considered that the dis
tinction was his due.
The return of these bronze-in
itruments will convince China as
no other single thins could that
Germany has been defeated. Dr.
W. W. Willoughby, adviser of the
' Chinete republic, en ' route to
Washington, stated that this was
China' first demand at the peace
table. .
mnwummm mill l mint . . T .Jmmnrr-mmmrmnmmnrmmt. -. : tt.m" : " l r . A,: 1 1 II
,V.a. ...'MMV m- -mz fast . .. .. '.V .i-v r;.;::-.m M .! II
KJl bill W far
VkJl' "Tit, sV il
Astronomical instrumenta stolen from the Chinese imperial observatory by German troops and now in the
grounds of the ex-kaiser's palace at Potsdanv
Lewisbnrg, 0.
E. J. Ozias and wife are entertaining
this week their daughter-in-law, Mrs.
b. W. Ozias of Jackson. Ohio, and her
"mother. Mrs. McDonald of Boston,
Mass.. i.Mrs. Claud Benedict of Van
XVert visited her parents, Ed McNutt
and wife over Sunday. . . .Roy Tucker
of West Union. O., was a week-end
guest at the Ed Avers home, south of
f own . . .Mrs. G. W. , Wolfe of Van
Vert was the guest of her parents,
lister Kelly and wife, last Friday...
Mrs. Fennie Bunger spent several days
this week in West Alexandria with
Harry Bittle and family. .. .Mrs. E. J.
Dzlas and Mrs. Robert Mollett were
In Eaton Saturday attending an exe
cutive board meeting of the Preble
County .Federation of Clubs. . .Russell
Eweny and wife of near Ithaca, en
tertained the following guests to din
tier Sunday in honor of his brother,
Herbert, of Camp Sherman: Jos. Swee
ney and wife, Clifford Locks and fam
ily, Vergil Sweeny and wife, Earl
Hunt, James Gates and Florence and
t'liarlcs Sweeny Earnest Rook-
Mool and wife moved to Eaton Mon
ilav where he has a position with the
White Star Oil company. .Mrs. Phoebe
Hamuli spent Wednesday in West
Manchester with her brother, Daniel
Bfakely... .W. II. Riley and wife en
tertained Sunday his brother. Martin
Riley and family, or Brookville
Mrs. Michael Cahill of Eaton spent
Monday with her sister, Mrs. . Ed.
Kouts and husband. ... .George Bowers
transacted business in Eaton, Monday
; ;..Mrs. Robert Mollett spent Tues
day in Day ton.... Mrs. Carrie Single
ton and Maud Ayers are in Cincinnati
(his week attending the millinery
openings. .. .Everett Riley and wife of
West Alexandria, vis-ited at the Win.
Mover home northwest of town, over
Sunday Fred Patterson and family
returned last Thursday from a couple
months' sojourn at Wlnterhaven, Fla.
I... Cliff ord ,Ixcke and family enter
tained the following guests to dinner
Monday in honor of her brother, Her
bert, of Camp Sherman: Russell
Sweeny and wife, James Gates, Jos.
Sweeny and family, Daniel . Locke,
wife and daughter, Edna M., E. Deisher
and wife. Denny Grill, wife and son
and E. R. Ford. . . . W. F. Albert and
family moved Tuesday from the coun
try home into the property on Horn
Street, purchased of George Stock
rjager. . . .The Avonmoor Trio will ap
pear at. Lewisburg opera hours Wed
nesday. Feb. 17, in an evening of raro
' Center ville, Ind.
Caleb Jackson returned from Flori
da last week, where he has been
spending several weeks.. .. .Mr. and
Mrs. John Sullivan entertained to din
ner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Warren Eli
ason, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burgess,
and Rev. McCormick Mrs. Cora
Cook, Mrs. William Conkle and chil
dren spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Rubey Lieut. Fred Hosier
from Arizona was here the latter part
of the week spending a few days' fur
lough with friends... Miss Evelyn
Lamott and Ogcar Smoker were mar
ried last Wednesday evening by the
Rev. Dressel of Richmond. They were
then entertained at supper by a friend
of Mrs. Smoker's. They returned
home and it was several days before
their friends and. relatives learned of
their wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Smoker
are now at the home of his parents
near Abington The Woman's Mis
sionary society of the M. E. church
will meet Thursday afternoon at the
parsonage. This it mite box opening
and all members are requested to be
present Word, was received last
week of the serious illness of Benja
min Hayworth of Georgetown, 111. Mr.
Hayworth was a resident of this ploce
until a couple of years ago when his
wife died and he moved to Illinois
to make his home with his children.. .
..Rev. Henderson of Fountain City
filled the Methodist church pulpit Sun
day evening, Rev. O'Conner taking
his place at Fountain City, where he
has been holding a series of meetings.
Rev. Bertha Smith of South Carolina
gave the sermon at the Friends'
church Sunday morning and Rev. An
drew Mitchell of Richmond, preached
in the evening, Rev. Castle being ab
sent in revival work at Jamestown, O.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan, Mrs.
Cora Wilson and daughter Mary and
Thelma and George Eookner were en
tertained at a taffy pulling at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rifner
south of town Saturday evening
A daughter was born Sunday to Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Melling.. .Walter Com
mons has .sold his. farm northwest of
town to Denver Harlan or Richmond.
Milton to Celebrate
Father-Son Week
MILTON, Feb. 11. Great prepara
tions are being made to have the
Fathers-Sons banquet at the Christian
church Friday night surpass the one
last year when more than 150 men
and boys sat at the tables and en
joyed the program.
The Roosevelt memorial services at
the Christian church Sunday morning
were well attended. . The . following
program was given: Roosevelt's Child
hood John Posey Jones; Roosevelt,
the Naturalist and Explorer Dayton
Warren; Roosevelt, the Author Al
bert Ferris; Roosevelt, the Statesman
Miss Ruth McCormick; Roosevelt,
the Father Mrs. Carl Williams; music
"The Long, Long Trail" Mr. and'Mrs.
Harry Doty.
The Cary Club will meet Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. Charles Ferris.
Masonic Calendar
Tuesday, Feb. 11. Richmond Lodge,
No. 196, F. and A. M. Called meeting;
work in Fellowcraft Degree.
Wednesday, Feb. 12. Webb Lodge,
No. 24, F. and A. M. Called meeting;
work in Master Mason Degree.
Thursday, Feb. 13 Wayne Council
No. 10, R. & S. M.. Special Assembly
work in Super Excellent Degree
Friday, Feb. 14 King Solomon's
Chapter No. 4, R. A. M., stated convo
cation. Saturday, Feb. 15 Loyal Chapter,
No. 4, O. E. S. Stated meeting, initia
tion of candidates.
There Is one remedy that those who
know depend upon for relief from
roughs that "hans on" after the grip.
Foley's Honey and Tar clears the pas
sages, boothes raw. Inflamed mem
branes and banishes Irritation and tick
ling in the throat. A. II. McDaniel.
Box 81. Lindside, W. Va.. writes: "i
am glad to tell you that Foley's Honey
and Tar is the best medicine in this
world. T have had a severe cough and
before 1 used half a bottle I was bet
ter." For sale by A. G. Luken & Co.
The ladies of the Christian church
will have an all-day quilting with Mrs.
Alice Gresh. Wednesday. A coopera
tive dinner will be served at the
home of Mrs. Frank Jones.
The members of the Embroidery
club have received the following in
vitation; ...
"Little darts are flying at 6:00 on
Thursday eve, and a hearty welcome
at Wilson's wou'll receive. The dear
little Cupid in whom we- all believe
will be there in his glory, no one to
deceive. Feb. 13, 1919.
Mrs. Frank DuGranrut, Mrs. Albert
Newman. Mrs. Oliver Wallace, Mr3.
Walter Templiss, committee.
The pouring out of French blood and
the enormous financial sacrifices are
not the only aid France has given
America. We are indebted to the
French peasants for a perfect remedy
for stomach, liver and intestinal ail
ments which has hot only been mar
.velously successful over there, but has
been equally so over here. The in
gredients are imported and put up for
sale in this country by Geo. H. Mayr,
for many years a leading Chicago
chemist, under the name of Mayr's
Wonderful Remedy. It is a simple,
harmless preparation that removes the
catarrhal mucus from the intestinal
tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practically all stomach,
liver and intestinal ailments, includ
ing appendicitis. One dose will con
vince or money refunded. Thistleth-
waite's six Drug Stores and Druggists
everywhere. Adv.
OXFORD, O., Feb. 11. Instead of
theatrical festival at Miami Univers
ity this year, three, one-act plays will
be given. They are: "At Night All
Cats Are Gray," a farce; "Lima
Beans," a phantasy, and "Embers," a
serious play by George Middleton
Tryouts for the various casts are be
ing held this week-
Mrs. Naomi Sebring h
CaUedby Death Angel
: DUBLIN. Ind.. Feb. 11. Mrs. Na
omi Sebring. 30 years old, wife of
Oran Sebring, died at her home .here
Monday after a long illness. She was
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chase
of Pershing. She is survived by her
husband, three children, parents,
brothers and sisters. The funeral ser
vices will be held at the Friends'
church on Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock, and the body will . be taken
to Pershing for burial in the Luther
an cemetery.
Death Summons Two
At Fountain City
FOUNTAIN CITY, Feb. 11 Tho fu
neral of Clarkson Thomas was held at
the New Garden church Monday after
noon at 2 o'clock. Burial was at the
New Garden cemetery. The survivors
are his wife, Sarah Jane Thomas, and
one brother, Isaac Thomas.
The funeral aervices for Mrs. John
Townsend were held Monday morning
at 10 o'clock at the New Garden
The value of Bayer-Tablets
of Aspirin needs no proof.
But you do need the Bayer
Cross on a tablet to prove
you are getting genuine
Bayer-Tablets of Aspirin.
Th. trad, marfc "Arfrte !U. V. S, Fit. Off.) ft a
owmntM that th. iotiuticildwtr of iillwttmM
UtbM UblMai.sC tta nUaW Pt T r-
tfcrfcsd with tho Qcyzr Crocs
for Your Additions! Protection
church. The burial was in. Willow
Grove cemetery. The survivors are
the husband, John Townsend, and two
daughters. .
Flush the Kidneys at Once When
Baek Hurts or Bladder Bothers. -
Msat Forms Uric Acid.
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by flush
ins; the kidneys occasionally, says a
well-known authority. Meat forms
uric acid which clots the kidrfey pores
so they sluggishly filter or strain only
pan oi we waste ana poisons irom
the blood, then you get sick. Nearly
all rheumalsm, headaches, liver trou
ble, nervousness, constipation, dizzi
ness, sleeplessness, bladder disorders,
come from sluggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache in
the kidneys or your back hurts, or if
the urine is cloudy, . offensive, full of
sediment, irregular of passage or at
tended by a sensation of scalding, get
about four ounces of Jad Salts from
any reliable pharmacy and take a ta
blespoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and your kid
neys will then act fine. This famous
salts is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with llthia
and has been used for generations to
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to activity, also to neutralize the
acids in urine so it no longer causes
irritation, thus ending bladder disor
ders. Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure; makes a delightful efferves
cent lithia-water drink which all reg
ular meat eaters should take now and
then to keep the kidneys clean and
the blood pure, thereby avoiding ser
ious kidney complications. Adv.
If you have good merchandise and
don't advertise, you are keping the
public in ignorance and are false to
your trust.
Don't look old! Try Grandmother's
recipe to darken and beautify
faded, streaked hair.
, Easy to Make This
Pine Cough Remedy
ThouanU of famUlra avrar by Ita
prompt result. Inexpensive,
and saves about $t.
You know that pine is used in nearly
III prescription and remedies for coughs. '
'i'he reason i tliat pine contains several
peculiar elements that have a remark
able effect in sooth in? and healing t he
membranes of tho throat and chest.
Pine is famous for this purpose.
Pine eoufh syrups are combinations of
pine and syrup. The "syrup" part is
usually plain granulated sujrar syrup.
To make the best pine rough remedy
that money can buy, put 2'j ounces of
l'inex in a pint bottle, anil fill up
jvith honie-niade sugar svrup. Or vou
ran "use clarified molasses, honey,
r corn syrup, instead of sugar syrup.
Kither way, you make a full pint more
than you can buy ready-raada for three
times the money. It is pure, good and
vcrv pleasant children take it eagerlv.
You can feel this take hold of a cough
Ar cold in a war that means business. -'i'he
cough may le dry, hoars and tight,
or mar be persistently loose from the t
formation of phlegm. The cause is the
same inflamed membranes and this
Pincx and Syrup combination will stop j
lfniin11r in 94 hours or less. SDlen- I
did, too,, for bronchial asthma, hoarse,
ess, or any ordinary throat ailment.
Plnex is a highlv concentrated com
pound of genuine Norway pine extract,
end is famous the world over for its
prompt effect upon coughs.
Beware of substitutes. Ask your drur
rist for w214 ounces of Pinex" with
directions, and don't accept anything
else. Guaranteed to give absolute sat
Wactlon or money promptly refunded.
tfi Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind. . ,
The Power
of Prestige
Whether we like the idea or not there is a certain
amount of prestige about everything. A store like
ours that has earned through fair and honest dealing
the prestige of thousands of satisfied customers cer
tainly deserves your thoughtful consideration when
ever you contemplate buying furniture or home fur
nishings. ......
Prestige with tfs is a heritage that we shall hand
down to future years with the knowledge and satis
faction that we, though subject to all the vicissitudes
which any normally healthy business is subject to!
have done our share, however humble it may have
been, towards the outfitting of many homes that
have found happiness and congeniality amidst the
surroundings of well-appointed home furnishings.
May we also earn your prestige?
That beautiful, even shade of dark,
glossy hair can only be had by brew
ing a mixture of Sage Tea and Sul
phur. Your hair is your charm. - It
makes or mars the face. When It
fades, turns gray or streaked, just an
application or two of Sage and Sul
phur enhances its appearance a hun
dredfold. Don't bother to prepare the mix
ture; you can get this famous old
recipe improved by the addition of
other ingredients at a small cost all
ready for use. It is called Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound. This
can always be depended upon to bring
back the natural color and lustre of
your hair.
Everybody uses "Wyeth's" Sage and
Sulphur Comoound now hem
darkens so naturally and evenly that
noDoay can ten it Has been applied.
You simnly damnen a snonco nr anfr
brush with it and draw this through
the hair, taking one small strand at
a time; by morning the gray hair has
disappeared, and after another appli
cation it becomes beautlfnliv A orlr ami
appears glossy and lustrous. Adv.
If Welfare Loan
The Welfare Loan Society has a three-fold aim. -
First : To assist the deserving when in financial need ; in
case of sickness to re-establish a good credit standing when the
Jjorrower is overburdened with debts and at the same time it en
courages the spirit of thrift and economy. It supplies ready
money when that money is urgently needed and it is returnable
on an easy weekly payment plan.
Second: To encourage the thrift habit in the public and to sell
Welfare Savings Bonds of the society on easy weekly payments.
Thus the aim of the society is to convert the borrower into a
rrfcney-saving investor.
Third : To co-operate with the home merchants and professional
men to eliminate their over-due accounts and thereby place their
business on a better financial basis.
Each Welfare Loan Society is managed by a local board of direct
ors and a manager, who has charge of the business of the society.
These men are selected from the ranks of the public spirited,
enterprising and progressive farmers, business and professional
men who are in close and sympathetic touch with the people of
the community.
(This series of advertisements is authorized by the American League of
Welfare Loan Societies, of which the Welfare Loan Society of Richmond is
the only member in WTayne County.)
For further information address Richmond Welfare Loan Society, Lock Box
147, Richmond, Ind.
Georgette Crepe Special
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
1,000 yards
of 40-inch. All-Silk Georgette Crepe in 30 of the newest spring shades
Your Choice JJhest
a yard
For Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday

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