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"Within a few days, according to an
nouncement by the postofflce officials
here, 50 to 60 motor trucks will be
running to this city from nearby rural
points, carrying fresh farm produce to
the consumer direct from farms. The
trucks already are being operated on
six routes. Returned soldiers are be
ing used as drivers. Eggs, poultry and
vegetables form the bulk of the mer
chandise thus transported. The terri
tory covered by the trucks ranges from
eastern Maryland to central Pennsyl
vania. -
All the consumer has to do Is to
order what he wants from a farmer
on the list posted and the postofflce
will do the rest. The person ordering
the goods pays the postage. The
charges are 5 cents for the first pound
and 1 cent for each additional pound.
Several large army trucks have been
turned over to the local postofflce to
be used for carrying the larger ship
ments. When select fresh eggs were sell
ing in Philadelphia groceries at 50 to
60 cents a dozen, a motor truck, the
first in the local experiment, arrived
from the Lancaster farming region
it M 1 .L.M... IK
witu esK lur iiuuocuuiuci a . i
cents. The first stop was at the Com
mercial museum. The truck carried
85 crates of eggs, weighing 4,200
pounds. The truck left Lancaster at
6:30 the previous day and arrived at
4:30 p. m. The eggs actually cost 32
cents, with 3 cents for postage. Fif
teen separate operations and several
days are thus saved by motor truck
transportation of farm produce.
Highways Transport Links
Farms With Market
The people of our land were never
able .to deal as comprehensively with
the problem of highways development
and highways transport as today. For
now. as a result of war's challenge and
the demands upon all producers for
their utmost endeavor, we know where
neoDle are in greatest need of addit
ional transportation facilities. And
from experience gained before and
during the war, we have seen the man
ner in which highways transportation
can be harnessed most effectively to
the service of our people.
"Take the great problem ol rural
highways transportation," cites W. O.
Rutherford, vice president of the B.
F. Goodrich Rubber company, "and
consider a concrete and definite need
that presented itself in the state of
Utah during the war. In the vicinity
of Loa, Wayne coanty. back seventy
files from the railroad, several car
loads of fat hogs were available for
. - 1 V . V n a vis n AO TtQ Cf
shipping them to the nearest rail
point. The solution was found by im
proving the highway to carry motor
transpart, the hogs were moved rapid
ly to rail shipping point and an ad
ditional food supply therefor made
available. And the solution of this
problem had the effect of moving the
whole back country, a vast area in u
seli, up closer to the railroads and the
markets of the world. While the ex
odus of the hogs symbolized the crea
tion of new wealth in Wayne county,
the transport service was able to re
turn from the shipping point to Loa
with the wares of our great industries,
thus providing a larger market. Hence
highways transports linked up the
forms with desired markets. It also
spelled opportunity to the great body
of loyal workers in America in that it
provided for a larger field to be sup
plied by the Indespensable products
of their hands.
The Automobile Simplified
Make This Your Automobile Correspondence School
AN Intimate talk on the working units of the automobile discussed
In such a way that the layman can easily understand them If in
reading these articles, as they appear In the Palladium each Sat
urday, there is anything not clear to you. aak Mr. Guerllch about it. An
answer will be published on the completion of .the articles on the section
of the automobile under discussion.
Copyrighted. HIT. By Frdrlck G. Gurrilch.
Distributer System.
From previous lessons we saw that,
in order to have the current Jump
across the spark plug points, we had
to have a very high voltage, and wo
learned how the induction coll trans
formed the low voltage into high volt
age. You will recall that the transforma
tion of the current from low to high
voltage occurred the moment the core
was magnetized or demagnetized, and
that the core was magnetized or de
magnetized by sending a current of
electricity through the primary coil,
or by stopping the flow of this current
The faster the core is magnetized
or demagnetized, the more intense
will be the secondary current.
As the flow of the current can be
more quickly stopped and thus the
core more quickly demagnetized, prac
tically all ignition systems must have
some device for stopping or interrpt
ing the flow of the primary circuit. In
the Distributer System this device is
called the Interrupter.
are assembled. The current will start
at the battery, then go through the
switch, then through the coil about the
wire Z. the Interrupter points A and
a, the arm N. and back to the battery
by way of the wire shown as a dotted
Every time the above circuit is brok
en by the interrupter points (A) and
(a) separating, there will be a shot
of high voltage In the secondary.
which will start on the coil and go
through the wire V. This current
must go to the spark plugs, and, In a
four-cylinder engine, to four plugs at
different times, and In a certain order,
that Is, the Firing Order. Here is a
difficulty to be overcome, as we have
but one wire, and four plugs to get the
current at different times. How can
we overcome it?
The Distributor.
We can overcome this difficulty by
having a revolving switch, which will
switch or distribute the current to the
plugs in the required firing order.
Such a switch or distributer, as it is
termed, is shown inlhe drawing.
This Is a' drum, the shell. H, of
The postofflce department struck a
gold mine. The war department has at
last presented It with 1,200 army
trucks of various types and sizes for
use in rural mail delivery. The routes
to be coveted by these vehicles have
not yet been decided upon, but un
doubtedly will be announced in the
near future by the department.
itks i
of good conducting material, which
will come in contact with the metal
pieces above referred to they are
called segments) one after the othor.
, If tlje main .secondary wire V be
connected to the center of the Rotor
F, as this rotates, it will send the
current to the plugs In the order in
which the wires are connected to the
segments. In the drawing segment
a is connectefl to the wire, of Plug 1,
b to the wire of Plug 2. c to Plug 4 and
d to Plug 3. Thus the current will
go to the plugs In this order and the
cylinders will be fired in this order.
The distributer is usually placed im
mediately above the interrupter, the
interrupter cam and the distributer
rotor being on the same shaft, but in
sulated one from the other. They are
so set. that the rotor is In contact
with one of the segments every time
one of the hammers of the interrupter
hits the piece C of the arm N, or,
in other words, every time the pri
mary current is interrupted..
To again trace the secondary cur
rent, we find now that It starts at
the coil, then goes to the distributer
where it Is distributed to the plugs,
in the firing order, and must now re
turn to the coil so as to complete
the circuit. Instead of running a wire
back from each plug to the coll, the
plugs are screwed into the cylinder
and the current is allowed to return
through the metal of the engine to a
single wire which comes from the
coil and is somewhere connected to
the engine, or, as we saw in a pre
vious lesson, through the ground.
In most systems the Primary cur
rent is also allowed to return through
the ground. Thus, in the drawing, one
wire from the battery is grounded, and
the arm Nis grounded, bo that the
current goes from N to the battery
wire through the ground. There will,
however, be no wire from P, as shown,
the pin P being of metal, thus, unless
insulated, it is grounded.
Let us again review this system.
If we want to start the engine, we
close the switch, thus an electric cur
rent will flow from the battery
through the switch, the coil, the inter
rupter and then through the ground
back to the battery.
If we now crank the engine, we
will also make the shaft K, on which
both the interrupter cam E and Dis
tributer Roter F are fastened, with
the result that one of the hammers
- - f -
B will hit the point C and thus inter
rupt the primary circuit, and there
will be a shot of high voltage current
through the secondary wire V to the
Roter F and out through that segment
G with which the rotor is in contact;
this current will then go through the
wire fastened to It to the plug, where
Is will jump across the points, giving
a spark as it does bo.
The engine and distributer shaft
are coupled together, or timed. In
which the spark comes, will have the
piston up. Just ready to Btart on the
power Btroke. Thus the engine will
now run, and shaft K revolve, so that
each time a piston is up and ready
for the spark, the primary will be in
terrupted and the Roter F so set as to
send the current to the correct cylin
In the drawing a condenser is
shown, the purpose of which Is to pre
vent the burning out of the Inter
rupter, or, as they are often known.
platinum points. Tail will be ex
plained later.,,, ,
It Is unpatriotic to hammer prices
down, by refusing to buy American
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According to figures presented by
Pauline Goldmark, manager women's
service section United States Raf?N
road Administration, the . number -of
women employed by steam railroads
has increased 40,000 In 10 months.
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cate diseased kidneys. When you suf
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tion. It is a mistake to postpone treat
ment. Foley Kidney Pills put the kid
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keep them active and strong. Begin
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first dose. For sale by A. G. Luken
& Co. Adv.
The summer meeting of the Society
of Automotive Engineers will be held
at Ottawa Beach on the east shore of
(Lake Michigan, six miles from Hol
land. The society has secured the ex
delusive use of the Ottawa Beach hotel
and cottages for June 23-27. Accom
modations will approximate 1,000
members and guests.
The Interrupter.
In the sketch herewith, an interrupt
er is shown. The cam "E" is fastened
to a shaft, which is made to revolve,
the usual practice being to drive it
from the cam shaft of the engine. This
cam E, you will notice, has on it 4
offsets or hammers (B), (there will
be six on a six-cylinder engine), which
hammers, when the cam is revolving,
will strike the point C on the Arm N,
thus pushing this arm downward. You
will also notice that the Arm N can
swing on the pin P, and that the other
end has a point (A), which rests
against the point (a), it being pressed
against by the spring D. Thus as the
cam E revolves, each time a hammer
hits against c, the arm N is driven
downward and the points (A) and
(a) are separated.
Now, if a current of electricity were
sent through the wire Z, it would en
ter at the terminal L, pass through
the bracket M, through the points (a)
and (A), the arm N, to P and out
through the wire Y. When, however,
the hammers on E hit the point C;
thus separating the points A and a,
this circuit will be broken, and the
current interrupted.
We are now ready to study what is
known as the Distributer System of
Ignition, a system, if we exclude the
Ford cars, which was furnished on
about 80 per cent of the cars built in
the last few years.
This system has two circuits, a pri
mary and secondary. Let us see what
units there must be in the primary
circuit, and then the units there will
haVe to be in the secondary.
-In the primary we must first have
a source of current, which usually is
a storage battery. As the engine is
stopped by stopping the spark, we
must have a switch which is near the
driver's seat so that he can discon
nect the battery at will. We must
have a coil of wire around the core,
and we must have an interrupter.
The'drawing shows how these units
which is made of an insulating ma
terial, but which has inserted in it
at regular intervals metal pieces, hav
ing binding posts for a wire. Revolv
ing inside the drum is a Rotor, made
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four ttnack standing idle 3
IS IT held up through breakdowns accidents or at the
loading platform? Lost time increases your haulage costs.
The greatest obstacle in the way of showing large
savings on motor truck haulage is delay.
To keep the truck moving as steadily as the hands of
the clock is the great object towards which every motor
truck owner should work.
Delays come from two scources
from the truck itself, and from
imperfect operating systems and
routing methods.
In purchasing a Clydesdale
Truck you eliminate both of these
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great strength and durability in
every part to enable it to operate
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cause no delays in operating time.
Of e qu al importance i s the
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truck service should go beyond
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helping you to eliminate delays
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improving your methods of hand
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The Ford Model T 1-Ton Truck is now a little over three
years old, and we have yet to hear of the first trouble it
has given. That's because of the worm drive. Not a bit
of the power of the motor is lost through the worm drive.
It simply cannot be. Up to the introduction of the Ford
Motor Truck, you could only get the worm drive in the
highest priced motor trucks. It is too expensive an equip
ment for ordinary priced trucks. That's one of the
reasons why we put it on the Ford Truck. Quality in
materials, scientific application of transmission of power,
dependability in service and economy in operation are
cardinal virtues in Ford production. These are what
made the Ford "The Universal Car," and these are the
qualities that will make the Ford One Ton Truck "The
Universal Motor Truck." In town, in the city, in village
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