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ureatesr r wiinisi ever near a
Here" Verdict n Jacobson
HE greatest violinist Rich
mond has ever beard, played
in the Coliseum Tuesday
evening, and played so per
fectly, with such unaffected
skill and artistry, that the
audience sat rapt through
out a charmingly varied pro
Sascha Jacobsen Is a genius, and
more than that he has all the pathos,
tenderness, and deep feeling of north
ern Europe blended with the alertness
and spirit of the United States, which
he calls his real training ground. His
recital last evening was all that any
critical audience could want in finished
technique, and remarkable interpreta
tion. Trills, runs, arpeggios, and solid bow
swing tones, perfect whether at point
or frogg came as unfalteringly and
graciously as the passage of electric
current through wires. In his first
number, "Symphonic Espergual" solo
by beautiful and difficult composition,
Jacobsen displayed his tremendous
ability to handle seconds, triplets,
sevenths, high positioned runs, and.
numerous other technical qualities.
The number was In three movements:
Allegro non trappo, .Andante, and
Captured Audience.
This was wisely selected by the art
ist as his opening, for in it he had all
the possibilities of a, dozen smaller
manuscripts, and through It, im
mediately received the complete atten
tion of his auditors. Such sustained
rilence and concentrated attention
has not often been observed here.
Jacobsen blasted any theory that
only difficultly written pieces can be
greatly presented, for in Beethoven's
"Minuet" which he played as an en
core; In Drdla's . "Souvenir," and
Drigo-Aurer's "Serenade" he particu
larly displayed the effect of feeling and
artistio tone pressure. He made mas
terful these numbers, which have
often been ruined in incompetent
No deeper melodious effect was
given In the entire concert, however,
than in Victor Herbert's charming
Harmonic runs in "Zephyr", by Hu-
bay, were another fine exhibition of
the versatility of the artist. These
harmonic tones, played high on the
E string and occasionally running
back to the lower strings, were render
ed without even a minute ragged
blemish. ...
In splendid attention and spirit with
the violinist, was the accompaniest,
Emile Balaban. also of New York
City. Balaban . la the son of Russian
parents, and appreciates all that is
foremost In Jacobsen's nature. His
work of last evening was particularly
effective. '
Ray Weisbrc-d, local manager of
Jacobsen's performance, is to be con
gratulated upon the appearance of so
great an artist.
The Calvin Johnson and Riley Hub
bard farm sale, held in the Calvin
Johnson farm, H mile north, and one
mile west of Lynn, on Tuesday, at
tracted quite a crowd of friends and
neighbors, in spite of the unfavorable
sale day weather,
This being a dissolution cleanup, the
sale bill announced that each partner
is a legal bidder on any item or items
in this sale, and it was so under
stood. Nine head of horses, 13 of
'cattle and 41 of Duroc hogs were dis
posed of. Two of the gilts were reg
istered, and all were immuned
There were ten sows in the offering,
and these were bid in at from $35 to
$50, the registered animals bringing
the top of the day. The fall shoats
wee small and went from $7.50 to $10
per head. Some Barred Rock chick
ens, said to be of a "200-egg strain,"
sold well, cockerels bringing from $2
While this was not a large sale, the
auctioneers considered It a good one.
the net being $2,500. The horses ave
raged along with prices brought by
nnKmrir farm hnrinoa nt recent S&leS.
according to age and quality, this be
ing tne oll-season ior larm norses. i ne
top on horses was $125, and $100
bought the best cow in the sale. A
Int of mixed hav sold at from $20 to
$23, and some good white corn brought
tl 3A nop hush el .
The implements Included a McCor-
mick binder, a mower, a 'rwenuein
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. Occupying
the former private car of the Bolshev
ist dictator Rakowsky, Captain Josiah;
Alkire of New Mexico, American Red
Cross worker in Southern Russia, now
sits at the desk from which the red
terrorist leader once Issued death war
rants and with Rakowsky's pen gives
requisitions for relief supplies. The
car was captured by Denekine'a army
In Its advance some time ago on Kier,
and was turned over to the Red Cross
to attend its distribution of medical
supplies In the Caucasus.
At first signs of a cold or grip
IAHE"S cold tablets
11 w
Century spreader and various other
farm tools, also a small lot of harness,
etc. No household goods were sold.
The sale. was cried by Tom Connlff
and Simon Weddle, and B F. Barnes,
of Lynn, acted as cashier. The ladles
of ML Pleasant church served a much
appreciated lunch.
Farm Sale Calendar
To clean the shoes and apply SffiNOL
The SfflN0l Dauber
To brin out the shine or to remove
dust-thc lambis -wool and felt -
For a lasting Polish which preserves
the leather
in the handy KcyOpeninBox
Many people on
your Christinas
list would apprec
iate the convenient
w m m m m. 'Mil h T w'm T
Thursday, Dee. 4
B A. Watson. 2V4 miles northeast
of Fountain City, 4 miles southeast of
Lynn, on the Stephen farm, general
sale at 10 o'clock.
Floyd S. Cook, on the John Deal
farm, 7 miles north of Richmond, 3
miles south of Fountain City and i
mile east of Pleasant Plain school
house. Live stock, poultry, com. gen
eral farm sale, at 10 o'clock.
Friday, December 5.
Charles T. Wise and Forest Kemp
ton, on the Kemptoo farm, 1 miles
southwest of Oreensfork; cattle, hogs,
bay. etc., at 10:30.
Monday, December 8.
Joseph Miller, one mile south of
New Madison, Ohio, on the road east
and west of the New Paris and Eldo
rado Pike, general farm sale at 10
Wednesday, Dec. 10.
Administrator's sale. Complete
clean-up of live stock and farm im
plements, on Shroyer farm, 2 miles
east of Pershing, at Hlser's crossing,
at 10 o'clock.
Thursday, December 11.
Elijah and C. C. Hapner, 1 miles
north of Eldorado, Ohio, south of Ot
terbein church on Greenville pike, at
War was threatened If a 30 per
cent Increase In personal property
valuation in the state goes throughg,
at, a meeting ot the Abington Town
ship Fanners' association, at Abing
ton Tuesday night It was indicated
that counsel would be employed, and
every effort made through court to
combat an increase.
Offiacils of the county federation
announced that a meeting will be held
within the next few weeks to decide
on definite action. The farmers be
lieve t an Injustice to place valua
tions on corn and hogs which are
higher than cash value.
Theodore Davie, county president.
discussed the county, agent proposi
tion and E. F. Murphy, secretary, gave
a report on the state meeting held In
Indianapolis recently.
The Richmond Public school board
met In the superintendent's office
Tuesday evening to consider details of
the new high school building on the
West Side, and matters of finance.
feels all run
down, weak or
diuy when she
the day is begun
ih bouid turn
to the right wo
manly tonic
La Fayette!
Ind.: "Dr.
Pieroe's Favorite
Prescription was
of great comfort
to me during
middle age.
Whenever I felt
melancholy, or
had blinding di
ay spells or hot
flashes, I would
taka the 'Pre
seription for a fw days and it never failed
to give me just the necessary relief. I also
used the 'Healing Suppositories' at this time
and .think they axe splendid. About twelve
years ago I wrote to the Faculty of the
Invalids1 Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., for advice
and received special medicines from the
laboratory that helped me wonderfully for
certain womanly weaknesses. I appreciate
the advice nriven me and also the inernen-
! aiveness of the specially prepared medi
! cines." MRS. ELSIE A. PORTER. 012
Most of the local jewelers are pat
ting themselves on the back for buy
ing their Xmas Diamonds early as
diamonds have taken another Jump ot
30 which amounts to a good many
dollars on diamonds ct. or larger.
The steady advance of diamonds in
the last 10 years is due to the mines
running out It is nothing unusual tor
a diamond mine to be 6 miles deep
and then only yield an average of
600 per ton.
Good diamond cutters are also very
scarce and authorities say that dia
monds will advance more than ever in
the next few years.
No wonder diamonds are being giv-
Hot-FIashes Dfcnr Soells
Kokomo. Ind.: "Dr. Piercers Favorite
Prescription was of great help to me at the
critical time of life. I suffered with hot
flashes and dizry spells and it was because
my mother had been relieved by the use of
the 'Favorite Prescription' that I decided
to take it. I took several bottles and have
always been very glad that I did because it
certainly did all that I wanted it to."
MRS. RULE GRAY. 020 N. Webster St.
Bluff ton, Ind.: "Dr. Pieroe's Favorite
Prescription and his Golden Medical Dis
covery proved wonderfully beneficial to me
about eighteen years ago. For months be
fore I started to take these medicines I was
in very miserable condition. For about
eight weeks I had hemorrhages. I doctored
with two doctors who did not seem to
understand the nature of my trouble and
they talked to me about an examination. I
en so universally for Xmas presents I t00 tnree bottles of each, but the very
when you consider their beauty and j " jSS22!i T 1. "l'JSr
i I then I commenced to gam in every way.
ever increasing value. i URS. jOHn vernon. 2is e. Wiley Av.
An Elaborate
Showing of Xmas
Surpassing all previous displays in beauty, at
tractiveness and value are the Lamps we are now
showing for this Christmas. All that is new and
up to the minute in style and design is represented
in this display. You'll surely find the Lamp you
want is here. We advise early selections as our
stock is limited and it may be impossible to get
the Lamp you want if you wait till later on this
month. Prices range from $7.50 to $55.00.
Selections made now will
be delivered Xmas eve
if desired.
(Mil nTN tK,xf
no vm vm tv. a - v
A Dickinson American-Made Watch is Handed Down From
One Generation to Another Give a Watch This Xmas
flow wonderful it would be in some future year to have your boy give to your grandson the watch you gave to him this Xmas. Just that very
thing is being done every year in many homes when a Dickinspn Americaii-made Watch is a treasured possession. Select a Dickinson Watch this
Xmas for your boy it will be treasured for years and years.
Give "Him" a
Here are a few
Xmas specials
17-jewel Elgin or
Illinois movement
20-year open face
case ; our Xmas
special at
Ladies' Wrist Watches
The supply ot American-made Wrist Watches
tor ladles Is very limited and some jewelers
have been forced to stock Swiss watches. How
ever we are fairly well supplied with the fa
mous American-made, Elgin, Illinois and Wat
tham Wrist Watches and would be pleased to
show you our line. Prices range from
$22 to $85
Note: We do not
recommend Swiss
the supply is liiaited.
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