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Mr. and Mr. Ethmer Reid .Miss
of Ernest House, of Missouri. Sev
eral accessions to the church are re
ported Mrs. Leverette Haseltine
and daughter Coral were guests Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Reid. . . .Mrs. Darnell and children? of
Richmond, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Joseph Wrenn....Mrs. Roy Watt is
in a serious condition in a hospital
at Dayton.... Charles Wrenn returned
to his borne In Odeesa.Ha, Wednes
day, after an extended visit with rela
tives here., .
Janice Hahn returned to Ohio Uni
versity Sunday, after spending the
Thanksgiving vacation at her home. . .
Miss Marie Fitzwater left Tuesday to
spend the winter in Florida.... Evan
gelistic services are being held in the
Christian church this week, in charge
A breeder or rancy goidflsh has pro
duced a red, white and blue fish.'
Warnings of unsatisfactory work
"rhich were sent out to 174 persons, or
86 per cent of the students In Earl
ham College this week showed that
men bf the college are poorer in schol
astic standing than the women. Thirty-six
per cent of the women received
warnings, and 44 per cent of the men.
Day students in the city had fewer
warnings than dormltdry or off-cam
pus residents. Only 35 per cent of the
town students received warning, while
37 per cent of the dormitory residents
and 47 per cent of the students room,
lng just off the campus were warned
of unsatisfactory grades.
Although the Freshman class as a
rule leads In percentage of failures,
the sophomores took this honor this
year. Thirty-six per cent of the fresh
men were doing unsatisfactory work;
38 per cent of the sophomores; 13 per
cent of the juniors, and 25 per cent
of the seniors. The smallest, in its
enrollment of 37 members, the junior
class also had the lowest percentage
of unsatisfactory students. Only 5
students or 13 per cent, received
Of the applications of seniors for
graduation ' in June, 1920, seventeen
were temporarily refused,, because stu
dents were failing to meet require
ments. Probably 12 of the students
whose applications were refused will
oe able to graduate 'by taking extra
The final number of graduates will
exceed 60, making the largest class in
the history of Earlham.
Fresh Eggs Sell for
$1 a Dozen in Chicago
(By Associated Press)
CHICAGO. Dec 3. Fresh eggs sold
at retail for $1 a dozen in Chicago
today. The receipts were only 583
cases, about one tenth the normal sup
ply at this season of the year. But
ter retailed at 90 cents a pound, with
receipts only 2,500 tubs, about one
&alf the normal day's receipts.
Cambridge City.
The Christian Woman's Board of
fctlsslon held its December meeting at
the home of Mrs. C. E. Bond.... Mrs.
tL L. Scott had charge of the devotion
al hour. Bible study, "Feeding of the
Five Thousand," by Mrs. Clara Corn-
waithe. A most interesting paper
entitled, "Foreign neighbore at home,"
was given by Mrs. John Thurman . .
"Round table facts for the busy
Woman," ' by Mrs. Christian Moore.
The January meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. R. L. Scott
Mrs. Lou Beeson of Bentonville visit
ed Mrs. William Van Buskirk Monday
Dr. R. H. Kopp has purchased the
Mary Lemon property, Church and
Oreen streets, and will build a modern
bungalow with dental office in addi
tion, next spring. . . .The Order of Red
Men'wiil give a dance December 5,
at the Red Men's Hall Mrs. Belle
Martin is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Allipon at Dayton. Ohio. Mrs. Cyn
thia Brooks of Caldwell, Idaho, is the
guest of Larkin Macey and family
north of Cambridge Miss Mildred
Carpenter of Delaware, Ohio, visited
her parents over Thanksgiving
Mrs. Leon Allison, of Dayton, was In
Cambridge Saturday on business.
What is believed to be the largest
wooden tower ever built 256 feet
high was erected in Cleveland.
Constantinople boasts of more dogs
than any other city,
3001 Tou will find this coat very
comfortable and pleasing in velvet,
jlush or other pile fabrics, also In silk,
Velour, bedfofd cord, eiderdown, serge
tond other coatings. The cap could be
of material contrasting to that of the
coat, and will be suitable for lingerie
fabrics, as well as the heavier mater
ials. The Pattern is cut in 4 Sizes: 2,
3, 4 and 5 years. Size 2 requires lVj
yard of 54 inch material for the coat
and yard of 32 inch material for
the cap, with yard of lining.
A pattern of this illustration mailed
to any address on receipt of 10c. in
silver or lc. and 2c. stamps.
Name ..............;..........
Address .
Size ...........
Address Pattern Department, Pa I la
C. S. troops in Mexico at the time of Pershing's punitive expedition.
Relations between Mexico and
the United States are strained al
most to the breaking point, and
many thousands of United States
regular troops are stationed along
the border in instant readiness for
the dash across the international
boundary line, should this move be
ordered from Washington,
Tinplate Mill Closed by
Coal Shortage at Gary
(By Associated Press)
GARY, Ind.. Dec. 3. Eight thousand
steel workers were thrown out of
work here this morning, when the Am
erican Sheet and Tinplate company,
the largest manufacturers of Its kind
in the world, was forced to close for
an Indefinite period, because of a ser
ious coal shortage.
The company manufactures about
400 tons of tinplate, and an equal
number of tons of tinplate for the
automobile and general trade. All
mills of the company were forced to
shut down completely, with the com
pletion of the midnight shift. Reports
reached this city today that plants of
the American Sheat and Tinplate
company at Elwood, Ind., employing
4,000 to 5,000 men, also banked their
Chinese Pleased Over
Shantung Reservation
(By Associated Press)
PEKING, Dec. 3. At the request of
the Chinese minister-' In Rome, the
Chinese House of Representatives has
sent a cablegram to the United States
senate expressing the "nation's grati
tude for the valuable service rendered
by the senate in adopting a reserva
tion to the Versailles treaty which re
serves to America full liberty of ac
tion relative to the Shantung contro
versy." Twenty-five thousand students con
ducted a demonstration here yester
day as a protest against the landing
of Japanese marines at Fuchow. Good
order was preserved during the par
ade but banners bearing inscriptions
denouncing Japan's action were car
ried by the students. These banners
bore English, French, Russian and
Chinese inscriptions.
Two doctors at Jefferson City, Mo.,
went out hunting jack rabbits and all
they shot was a Belgian hare.
Service Man is Named
Prosecutor at Muncie
(By Associated Press)
INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 3 Clarence
E. Benadum, of Muncie, was named
prosecuting attorney for Delaware
county by Governor Goodrich today,
to succeed Horace G. Murphy, who re
cently was convicted in the Muncie
fraud case and sentenced to two years
in the Federal prison at Atlanta, Ga.
Governor Goodrich announced the
appointment upon receipt of Murphy's
resignation today. Benadum was in
the service during the active prosecu
tion of the war.
BALTIMORE, Md., Dec. 3. Two
wliarves of the Canton Lumber com
pany at Canton, a suburb, the state
oyster steamer Governor McLane and
6 other vessels were destroyed and 4
steamers slightly damaged by fire
early today.
One man is missing and a score of
others had a narrow escape. The
crew of nine on board the McLane
were obliged to jump overboard to
escape the flames. Several of the
men were taken to the hospital suf
fering from exposure.
Greensfork, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pickett are mov
ing to the Hatfield property Miss
Thelma Stackhouse spent Tuesday
evening with Lena Stanton Mr.
and Mrs. Russell Grubbs, and Mrs.
Mary J. Grubbs and Lucile Freeman,
spent Sunday in Richmond with H. J.
Jones and family Misses Ruth and
Lola Jones and their friends, Henry
Toschlog, and William Schelar, of
Richmond, spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Grubbs.
LAFAYETTE, Ind., Dec. 3. The an
nual Purdue apple show will be held
at the Purdue greenhouse during the
Farmer's Short Course, Jan. 12-16. L.
L. Newland and R. G. Milner have
been selected to manage the show.
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Miss Irene Cllngenpeel left Tuesday
for an extended visit with friends In
Indianapolis Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Northrop and Miss Pearle Haller en
tertained at dinner on Sunday, Mr.
and Mrs. O. W. Sherer and Misses
Nellie McGrath and Anna Mitchell of
Richmond Samuel McClure return-
ed Monday, after a visit with friends
in Union City Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Hawley and sons, Charles and Paul,
left Monday for Lakeland, Fla., to
spend the winter Mrs. Harriet
Wright and son Charles attended the
funeral of a relative in Indiana Wed
nesday. ... .Mrs. Cora McWhinney of
Richmond, was a guest Tuesday of
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one but an expert to tell the
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