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Tta- December social committee of
sthe country dab has been, appointed
feand , plans are now being made for a
-number vof attractive parties during
--the holiday season. ' Mrs. W. P. Rob
V inson: is chairman of the committee,
owith- Mrs.' Harry Lontz and Mrs
.Robert . : Carrey as - assistants . and
Vhitney McGuire will have charge of
-Ihe music for the events. The first
4. affair to be given toy the committee
.will be a luncheon-bridge party, next
" week, the date to be announced later,
yAn elaborate Christmas dance. will be
f'given at ? the club on the evening, of
December 27. and a special orchestra
' Will: be brought here for the evening.
Plans are' also under way for a big
New Year's eve dance at the club.
December 31, to watch the old year
put, but more definite announcement
'of this affair will be made by the com
mittee later. The annual open house
for club members and friends will be
held on the afternoon and evening of
New ' Year's day. A buffet supper
will ; be served and music provided
for ; those who wish to dance, after-
noon and -evening.
Two ' matinee dances will be given
by the OfiBeron Pi Sigma fraternity
taurine j the holidays. first- one
will be given Christmas afternoon in
the L O. O. F. hall and another will be
fgivwn New Year's afternoon. Frater-
Mntar members, pledges and friends
f,wiu be invited to these parties.
1 'The Ornis Melaa club met last
rning with Miss Oertrude Eggelson
t her home on South Twelfth street
pto make plans for the Christmas
Lpartiee. A dainty luncheon was
tarred during the evening by the hos-
ntess, .. - covers taia xor suss uenruae
(Wmiams, Miss Marjorle Edwards,
Miss Ester Pouts, Miss Dorothy Lebo,
boss Ladle, Waller, Miss Mildred
rWhitely, Miss Oven -Shelton. Miss
iHelen rHaseltine. . Miss Smiths Miss
Gertrude Eggleson. The next meet
in will be with Miss Mildred Whitley
sther home next Tuesday evening.
v A Joint meeting of the Ladies AM
oclety and Missionary society, of
"First Presbyterian church will be
Jteld tomorrow afternoon In the church
parlors at 2:30 o'clock. A reception
of the new members of the missionary
ociety will be m- feature of the after
noon. All women of both societies
and of the church are Invited.
I- The Hospital aid society ; win meet
r tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. L S.
kHarold, at her home oh. North Tenth
street. - All members are urged to be
(' Mr. and Mrs. V7. B. Berry end family-entertained
at dinner last Sunday
for the pleasure of Miss Oertrude Lem-
tn, Martin and William Steele.
. Mrs- Bruce O. Cline of South Fifth
; -street has cone -1 Nashville, - Tenn,
Kr a visit with her parents, Mr. and
rs. Lee Jacobs.
; ... The Hill Top . Sewing circle will
' meet Friday, afternoon, with Mrs.
i-Charles Addelman at her home on East
i Main street, v; . .. -
Mr. and Mrs Bert Kolp will give
their reaular assembly dance T
' evening in the I. O. O. F. half at
Vs JO clock.,... . . ..
; The class in French Art, under the
direction of Mrs. M. F. Johnston, will
f not meet this evening. Instead the
s class will meet next Wednesday, Dec,
; 10, at which time Mrs. Johnston will
' lecture on "Gothic in Chateaux and
; City Building."
" Celebrating her birthday annivers
ary, Mrs. E. J. Savage entertained at
dinner last Sunday. The guests were
: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Savage, Mr. and
; Mrs. Charles Savage and Mr. and Mrs.
Harley Moore.
"Mrs. Richard Holsapfel was hostess
at a pretty children's party yesterday
afternoon, when she entertained a
number of children in honor of the
third birthday anniversary of her
daughter, Martha Ruth. The afternoon
was Spent in playing games and later
refreshments were served in the din
ing room." "The table was attractively
appointed in pink and white, and light
ed With tiny pink tapers in small can
dlesticks. A little pink basket, of
fancy candy was given as a favor to
each of the little guests. Those pres
ent, were Martha Rath Holsapfel, Betty
Ann Niewoehner, Oneil Stout, Dorothy
Fuller, - Marvin Fuller, Louise and
Henry Holsapfel, Myra Niewoehner,
Ruth Ellen Frcuman, Lucille Haisley,
iReid Holsapfel, Winifred Cummins,
Helen and Ruth Keelor, Florence
Wlesahahn and Paul Weisahahn.
The Tirsah aid society will hold an
evening meeting tonight at the home
of Mrs. Leah Klrchgeaser, 423 Lincoln
street. Husbands of the club mem
bers will be guests of honor and all
members and families are urged to
be present..... Mrs. Cepha A. Roes of
Indianapolis, who has been the guest
of her brother. Clarence Holiday , and
family, of North Tenth street, left
this morning for New Salem, Ind.,
where she will visit her parents.
Master Kenneth Moss has returned
from Hamilton, O., where he spent
the week end with his brothers.
The Bethany Bible class of Second
English Lutheran church will meet
this evening with Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Haisley. at their home, S09 Pearl
All members are urged to be present.
Miss Elizabeth Hasemeier has gone
to Mlddletown, O., to give a talk and
demonstration Thursday evening, on
the Duning system of music study,
before the Mothers' club, the music
teachers and public school pupils
Miss Hasemeier will be assisted by
two of her pupils, Miss Thelma Fel
tas and Miss Elnor Hart, who will
demonstrate the different subjects
An Interesting meeting of the Pro
gressive Literary circle was held yes
terday afternoon with Mrs. William
L. Flnfrook at her home, 220 South
Thirteenth street. Responses to roll
call were from Whittier, followed by
an .Interesting paper on the "Russian
Stage and Amusements,, by the host
ess. Miss Hazel uregg reaa paper
on "The Task of an Organization."
After a spirited discussion of current
events, the club enjoyed a social hour.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Simoke have re
turned to their home in Marion, after
spending the Thanksgiving vacation
with relatives here.
"The "aid society of Second English
Lutheran church will hold an all day
meeting at the church tomorrow to
knot comforts. All women of the so
ciety and church are urged to come
and spend the day.
Ralph Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Rogers of this city, was married
last Sunday afternoon to Miss Elsie
Grace Lucas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. Lucas, of Cameron, Mo at the home
of the bride's parents at 4 o'clock. Mr.
and 'Mrs. Rogers left on a wedding
trip and will reside with the groom's
parents, 1143 Hunt street, on their re
turn to this city.' Among the out-of-
town guests at the wedding were Mr.
' k , .
of phonographs. . The . circulation of
rolls hitherto has sometimes been as
and Mrs. Harry Rogers and daughter.
Miss Charlotte, of this city. The groom
is- a graduate of the Richmond high
school and attended Purdue university.
He was an officer in the 8. A. T. C. at
Missouri Wesleyan college during the
war. He Is now connected with the
engineer's, corps of. the Pennsylvania
railroad. .
Mrs. Ralph Little "wlll entertain
members of her Needle club tomorrow
afternoon at her home on West Main
On account of the fuel shortage
meetings of the Woman's Loyal club
have been postponed until further
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Jefferv have re
turned to their home in Dayton after a
visit with the former's mother, Mrs.
Margaret Jeffery, of South Fourteenth
The Home Department of the city
Bible schools met yesterday afternoon
in Earlham Heights Presbyterian
church. Mrs. M. A. McCurdy had
charge of the devotlonals and Mrs. Le
roy Mansfield conducted the advance
lesson. A vocal solo was given by
Mrs William Hoelscher. The next
meeting will be the first Tuesday of
January and Mrs. Frank Dressel will
have charge of the advance lesson and
Mrs. Xi. W. Gentry will conduct the
The Current Events Club met yes
terday afternoon with Mrs. Mary
Niewoehner at her home oh North
west Third street. Current Events
were given as responses. Mrs. Mauna
Green gave an interesting paper on
"Birdseye View of Alaska," Mrs. Fran
cis Davis gave a paper on "Salvation
Army Work." Seventeen members and
two guests, Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Kleh
foth were present. The next meeting
will be Tuesday, December 16, with
Mrs. Louise Voss. -
EATON. O- Dec 3. Origin of Are
which destroyed the plant of the Fiery
Ice company here, Tuesday night, with
a loss of about 140,000, partly coverea
by insurance, was still unknown Wed
nesday. Crossed wires were given as
the most srobable reason.
When asked Wednesday If the firm
Would rebuild, Harvey Flory, one of
the partners, said they were still un-
AAetaln fTltA ihnhhW VPtssi ?A1Tyl sail tt
high as 900 a month.
The use of pictures for study is in
creasing rapidly. : The children are
learning geography, history and art
from , them. In connection with their
school work. A large number of pic
tures has been used from the collec
tion at the Morrisson-Reeves library
by the art class at Earlham, which is
studying the history of the art of the
New Paris, Eaton, Milton, In fact all
the small towns around Richmond,
patronize the reference room, which
is open from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. during
the week, and from 3 to a p. m. Sundays.
The members of the art class study-
What Thousands Have Found Gives
Relief From This Painful Trouble.
mroos amo m eorrxes -of jcWl
Rheumatism is a constitutional dis
ease, manifesting itself in local aches
and pains, Inflamed Joints and stiff
muscles. It cannot be cured by local
or external applications. It must have
constitutional treatment.
Take a course of the great blood-
purifying and tonio medicine, Hood s
Sarsaparilla. which corrects the acid
condition of the blood on which rheu
matism depends, and gives perman
ent relief. This medicine combines,
with excellent alteratives and tonics,
what is generally conceded to be the
most effective agent in the treatment
of this disease.
If a cathartic or laxative is needed
take Hood's Pills. Purely vegetable.
Beautiful Pieces in
for Xmas
For real beauty on the Table it is difficult to equal Cut
From its thousands of facets the light is caught, reflect
ed and thrown in a' rainbow of color. Its sparkle adds
life to your dinner, its richness brings pleasure in use.
From our showing you can select at moderate cost many
items you are needing, or desire for gift giving.
Cut Glass Candy Jars $1.00 and $1.50
Bud Vases . . . . .50c and 75c
With Silver Holder
Richmond Art Store
829 Main St.
Richmond's Art and Gift Shop
Morrisson Library
Has Big Circulation
Over 10,000 books, musio rolls, and
prints were taken out of the Morrison-Reeves
library during Novem
ber, according to a report by Mrs: Ada
I Bernhardt, librarian. No account
is made of magazines or papers used
in the library. The detailed list fol
Fiction, for home use. adult. 4,631;
fiction, tor home use, juvenile, 1,343;
general, for home use, adult, 895;
general for home use, juvenile, 723;
books sent to Earlham, 41; books
used In publis schools, 451; books
used in reference rooms, 890: music
rolls for home use, 462; prints for
home UBe. 760; total, 10,201.
No account is taken of magazines
or papers used in the general read
ing room, which is seldom without oc
i ne use or music rous is not so
great as it was before the popularity
find the following books in the
library: Ayer. J. C. Rise and De
velopment of Christian Architecture;
Hopkins, J. F. Outlines of Art His
tory. V. I. Architecture; Moore De
velopment and Character of Gothic
Architecture; Sturgls European
Architecture; a History Study; Lar
ned Churches and Castles of Med
iaeval France; Rose Cathedrals and
Cloisters of Midland France: Cathed
rals and Cloisters of Northern France;
Cathedrals and Cloisters of the South
of France; Freeman Sketches of
Travel in Normandy and Maine;
Smith Architecture; Gothic and Ren
aissance; Wharton Motor Flight
Through France; Adams Mont St
Michel and Chartres; Taylor Mediae
val Mind; A History or the Develop
ment of Thought and Emotions in the
Middle Ages; Ludlow Popular Epics
of the Middle Ages: Wright Essays
on Subjects Connected with the Lit
erature of the Middle Ages.
There is no end to the good read
ing connected with the study of the
middle ages, which may be found in
the library.
education at Rushvllle Thursday, with
County Superintendent Williams, it
was learned today.
Both an afternoon and morning ses
sion will be held at the conference.
The program Includes a short talk by
Williams. State Superintendent L. N.
Hines and C. B. C. Abemathy of Lib
Foreign Children Attend
School, Figures Reveal
Although over 200 work and minors'
permits have been Issued in Richmond,
there are only 8 foreign boys and girls
under 18 years of age employed in
industry, H. G. McComb, vocational di
rector in the Richmond public schools
has discovered in looking over his
permit statistics.
Opinion prevails that foreigners in
cline to stop school before Americans
and this shows the opposite.
vey Flory of Lewisburg, in 1911, has
since been incorporated, and now nan
dies artificial ice.
The fire was discovered about 10:80
p. m. when the flames were already
bursting through the roof. Harvey
Flory, who was in the plant at 9:10,
said that there was no indication of
anything wrong when he left
The ice company's building, and an
other frame building- which housed the
trucks used In the business were de-
royed, but 6 trucks in the latter were
saved.' No one was hurt.
Trustees and Williams
to Attend Rashville Meet
Many of the township trustees in
the county are planning to attend the
Sixth District conference on rural
U the pblefia fkts ca wa
ter pin your faith to BRAZIL
IAN BALM. Not osly take it
bet be sere to rub it hot on
chest every night Same
treatment for old conjhi and
bronchitis. Narcotics mean
Dr. Carter's IC ft'B. Tea'
Hikes Foe Laxathre Syrc?
Make It at Heme end Save About
1 JO Children Love to Take It
Get from any drug store a package
of Dr. Carter's K. and B. Tea. Put
contents in a bowl. Add a level tea
cupful of sugar. Mix and pour over
this S teaeupstul of boiling water.
Cover and allow to stand for at least
i hours. Strain and flavor either with
Essence of Peppermint or Winter
green, according to taste.
Dose for adults. 1 tablespoonful
each night or night and morning until
a regular movement of the bowels is
effected. For children, 1 teaspoonful
more or less, according to age.
For a real tonic and blood purifier,
1 teaspoonful every night or every
other night for at least three weeks.
Cut this recipe out and paste it on
the bottle. Adv.
LAKEWOOD. N. J.. Dec. 8. A $166
a minute convention opened here to
day. High salaried executives, includ
ing two women, attended the meeting
of the association of national adver
tisers. Over the platform was a sign
which read: "Time At This Meeting
Costs $166 a Minute. Let's Make it
Count." The figure was reached by
estimating the salaries and expenses
of the delegates.
Experienced Motherr
know the value of
For Its wonderfully penetrating effect
which softens the broad, flat, abdom
inal muscles under the skin of the
abdomen. There Is an absence of
bearing-down pains, strain and general
dUcomfort, more often than otherwise
experienced when nature is unaided.
Mother's Friend is used externally.
At all Druggists.
Special Booklet on Motherhood sad Baby fte.
Bcadald Regulator Co. Dpt. F-12. Atlanta. Oa.
For Fine Baking
There is no short
age of this favor
ite flour. Your
grocer can supply
you- regularly.
Ask for E-Z Bake
Flour by Name
Omer G. Whelan
31-33 South 6th St.
Phone 1679
MAMMEYEM9 gsrara
Animal Christmas Saving Sale
Balls for 25c
All numbers, either white or ecru.
CLARK'S THREAD 6 spools, 25c
Sold only to purchasers of other
only, 50c quality, sale price... 25c
Black only, 75c quality, sale price
only 45c
and black; $1.25 quality, sale price
only 95c
and high or low neck; $2.00 quality,
sale price $1.59
fleeced, all sizes, either high or
low neck; $2.50 quality $1.98
Most all sizes, but a limited quan
tity: to close 50c
heavy weight, well fleeced, special
at $1.50, $15 and $1.25
WEAR Shirts and drawers for
Misses and small Ladies, up to 85c
qualities, sale price 29c
sizes 61-2, 7 and 71-2 only up to
60c qualities, sale price 25c
good fine ribbed stocking, worth
60c; sale price 39c
MEN'S NECKWEAR Four-in-hand
Ties all colors and styles; $1.00
quality, sale price 75c
tra heavy weight outing, cut good
and full. $3.00 quality $2.50
or colors; good and warm. Special
for this sale 25c and 15c
LADIES' GLOVES Jersey or Silk
with lining; special for this sale
at $2.00, $1.50, $1.00, 75c
We are Giving Such Extraordinary Values that our
Christmas Prices.
Customers can Buy Their Coats Now at After
Select from Over 100 New $25.00
The greatest values to be
found in the whole city Over
fifty distinctive up-to-the-minute
models for your choosing. Ve
lours, Kerseys, English Tweeds
and Cheviots with all-enveloping
collars of Fur, Kerami or
Sealette. all colors, regular and
extra sizes - fT (f
in this sale at PXJJV
Finest $30 and $35
Absolutely the Newest Styles
Flare or belted, many gathered
in back or box pleated from high
waistlines with trimming of fur,
novelty plush or velvet. Come
in Soft Wool Velours, Kerseys,
Cheviots, Broadcloths and finest
Sealette Plushes; Q Qf?
your choice at .... ipl.JjJ
$39.50 Genuine Pom Pom
In All the Scarce Shades
for your choosing Pekin blue,
taupe, reindeer, brown, green
and navy; also handsome coata
of finest velours, Scalettes and
Broadcloths, majority full satin
lined some having self collars.
others with deep borders, col
lars and cuffs
of fur
Christmas Sale of Silks and Dress Goods
No Greater Savings Ever Offered Than These We Are Now Giving in Our Christmas Silk and Dress Goods
$1.50 Silk Poplin $1.19
Full yard wide, in every color that
is wanted this winter, including
the favored burgundy and taupe.
For the Christmas sale, our $1.50
quality for $1.19
$2.50 Striped Silks $1.98
Yard wide, satin striped Taffeta,
worth today $2.50 a yard; our regu
lar price is $2.50; for our Christ
mas sale $1.98
$5 Silk Broadcloth $3.98
Yard wide, some are 40 inches; a
cloth for the particular buyer and
the kind for service; our $5.00
quality at $3.98
$2.50 Crepe de Chine 1.98
All Silk, in all the wanted shades,
Including Taupe, Burgundy. Plum,
Beetroot, Navy, Black and all even
ing shades; our $2.60 quality. .$1.98
$3 Satin Messafine $2.59
Yard wide, all silk, and every shade
in demand this season is In our
stock for your selection; our regu
lar $3.00 quality, now $2.59
$4.00 Satin Phalanx $3.50
Forty inches wide, all silk, in dark
tan, African brown, taupe, smoke.
Burgundy, prune, wisteria, French
blue, navy and black; our $4.50
quality $3.50
Street and
Usually $25, $36 and $45.
This sale, $15.95, $25, $35
In sizes for women and
misses. The well-known
features of good taste, ele
gance, simplicity and care
ful making are noticeable
in these Dresses. The col
lection woman who wants
the authentic holds ex
treme Interest and beau
tiful in mode, tho utmost
in value.
FABRIC Serges, Trico
tlne, Satin, Meteors, Geor
gette Combinations, Satin
and Serge Combinations.
$3.50 Georgette Crepe
Every wanted shade In this double
thread all silk Georgette Crepe; the
manufacturers' price today is more
than ours; special $2.59
$5.00 Stripe Silk Shirting
Never before have such Silks as
these been offered at such prices.
Every yard guaranteed to the pur
chaser; our $5.00 quality ....$3.98
$3.50 French Serge $2.98
All wool, 42 inches wide; fine twill
in the wanted shades, Including
navy, Russian green and black;
our $3.50 quality for the Christ
mas sale . $2.98
$2.50 Wide Serge $1.98
Yard and a half wide in the popu
lar shades of blue, green and black;
our $2.50 quality for the Christmas
sale $1.98
$4 Costume Velvet $3.50
All colors to select from, Including
Beetroot, plum, taupe, navy' and
green; our $4.00 quality $3.50
98c Underwear Silk, 89c
In ivory and pink, or flesh; only a
limited quantity; while they last,
special 89c
$1.35 Fancy Silk Poplins
$1.19 -
Fancy Brocades, dots and stripes
in a good range of colors; our regu
lar $1.35 quality $1.19
$2.50 Black Taffeta $1.98
Yard wide, all silk an early pur
chase we are giving our customers
the benefit of. For Xmas sale $1.98
$3.50 Black Satin $2.75
Yard wide, all silk, could not be
contracted for at the mills today
for our retail price. Special for
our Christmas sale $2.75
$3.50 Black Taffeta $2.98
Yard wide, green selvege, stands
for wear; nothing better made; our
$3.50 quality $2.98
$3.00 Silk Velvet $2.50
40 inches wide; all silk; the want
ed shades for suits, dresses and
coats; our $3.00 quality $2.50
$12.00 Salts Plush $9.75
50 inches wide; for coats, collars,
belts and trimmings, special . .$9.75
for this sale 75c and 79c
for this sale 69c, 59c and 49c
LINEN CRASH Full width, uu
bleached only; 35c quality; sale 25c
BEST PERCALES Both light and
dark colors; while they last; 40c
quality; sale price 29c
blue, tan and grey only; 50c quality
sale price 29c
white and fancy colors, 60c and 75c
qualities; to close 39c
BLANKETS Plain colors with col
ored borders; $3.50 quality; sale
price $2.75
BLANKETS Extra size and
weight; plain colors with colored
borders; $4.50 quality; sale.. $3.75
Extra size in beautiful plaids; $7.00
quality; sale price $5.95
bination ribbon bound;. $10.00 qual
ity; sale price $7.50
Of Marquisette filet "nets and
scrims; up to $1.50 qualities; short
lengths to 4 yards 25c
brand in all size checks; 30c qual
ity; sale price 23c
Small sizes only 5c
Silk Crepe de Chine; all colors and
styles 35c and 25c
black or grey, with colored Xrim
ming; $2.00 quality; sale price $1.75
AND KNIT CAPS All colors, spe
cially priced for this sale $1.50,
95c, 69c and 69c.
er palm and fingers; 75c quality,
sale price 50c
sale we will sell our $2.50 corsets
for $2.00
$5.00 Silk Shirtings $3.98
All Silk, most a yard wide, in beau
tiful stripes for shirts or shirt
waists, our $5.00 quality $3.98
$2.00 Apron
A special purchase at a
reduction enables us
to offer our customers
a house dress of best
quality percale, in all
colors, both light and
Bark. The fit and work
manship are up to our
usual standard all six
es in stock, 36. to 46.,

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