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Published Every Evening Except Sunday by
Palladium Printing Co.
. Palladium Building, North Ninth and Sailor Streets.
.Entered at the Post Office at Richmond, Indiana, as
Second-Class Mail Matter.
Til Associated Press la exclusively entitled to the us
; for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or
, not otherwise credited In this paper, and also the local
news published herein. All rights of republication of spe
cial dispatches herein are also reserved.
Why Gov. Small Was Indicted
Gov. Small of Illinois was indicted on a
charge of illegally converting to his own use in
terest earned on state money while he was treas
urer of the state. Or in other words, he made
money for himself with funds whose earning
power belonged to Illinois.
Many persons have had the idea that ths
charges against him, and his opposition to arrest
on the theory that "the king can do no wrong,
vere features of a political brawl between his
friends and opponents.
Under our form of government Gov. Small is
innocent until proved guilty, but Illinois rightly
feels humiliated over his claim of immunity to
arrest because he is the chief executive of th
Circuit .Tudge Smith paid little attention to
Gov. Small's argument and ruled that he is sub
ject to arrest, just as is any other violator of the
law. In his opinion, the judge ruled that .there
is no such thing as the "divine right" of kings
and that the king has no counterpart in Illinois
:He also held that it is beyond the scope of the
governor's power to call state troops to shield
him from arrest.
One is tempted to question the common sense
of a governor who advances the puerile argu
ments of Gov. Small to avoid arrest. The people
of Illinois have enough respect for their state,
we believe, to feel that the rights of Gov. Small
have nothing to fear from the judicial processes
of the commonwealth, and that if he is innocent,
a jury of his peers will vindicate his probity in
office. His course prior to the decision of Judge
"Smith was a foolish one for an innocent man to
The question of whether he embezzled public
money is a simple one for a jury to answer. The
accused will have the advantage of every rule
established for the protection of a defendant,
and if the charges are unfounded, it will not take
the jury long to find out.
church in a sermon before the New Jersey camp
meeting last Sunday.
When a bishop of the largest denomination in
the United States makes a sweeping statement
like this one, most of us sit up to take notice.
Bishop Berry is in a position to have first-hand
knowledge of the facts.
"What is wanted," he said, "is not more
churches. It is a mistake to think so, and a
greater mistake to say so in public The one
real need of the time is not a greater number of
churches, but more Christians and more Chris
tianity. Many churches would be improved if
their membership were reduced by 50 per cent.
That would eliminate the non-Christians and give
Christianity a better chance to serve. There are
plenty of churches sometimes I feel convinced
there may be too many. But there is a shortage
of Christians and a scarcity of genuine Christian
ity. Give us more Christians and we can get
along beautifully with the churches we have."
If Bishops Berry is right in his observation
that half of the members of the Christian
churches are only nominally disciples of Christ,
the truth will come as a shock to many who are
deploring the alleged paucity of churches and
their membership.
If drives to get new members have increased
the number of worshipers without making them
believers, Bishop Berry has brought a strong in
dictment against the church. The average man
would hesitate to make such a sweeping asser
tion. Bishop Berry has had opportunity to ob
serve and to study the make-up of congregations
all over the country, and perhaps he is right. His
judgment was declared openly. If he misstated
facts and drew wrong conclusions, better in
formed churchmen should take up the challenge.
Movie of a Man Enjoying Results of Two Weeks' Rest
Christians Who Aren't Christians
"Many churches would be improved if their
membership were reduced by 50 per cent," de
clared Bishop Perry of the Methodist Episcopal
Why a Boss?
Because efficient and satisfactory work
seems impossible without his presence. The per
centage of workers who need bosses is surpris
ingly large, say production managers. Millions
of dollars are spent for the supervision of negli
gent and careless workers. If they were 10,0 per
cent perfect, the boss would cease to exist.
"We all aspire to progress," says a writer in
Forbes Magazine, "or at least we ought to. Well,
we are little likely ever to reach the position of a
boss until we first cease to need a boss. If you
demonstrate to your " employer and keep on
demonstrating, if need be, for a very long time
that he doesn't have to employ anyone to keep
you up to the scratch, he is likely to conclude
some fine day that you don't need supervision
and are capable of supervising others."
When inefficiency was at its height in the
United States one large automobile concern had
to hire one boss to every three to five men.
Through the elimination of inefficient and lazy
workers, the same firm today has one boss to
every 20 men.
r - two w of THE RETURm Terrible paims whej Torture
- 1 8tT AHeAD oPi Me after Two vveeKS sm-iMG voujh , GeTTiNG rrtW-oo!
1 BUT txk it ' TV 1 MY .
1 -cAsr mama oh- ool ) f r V back!
y i i u v
H AMDS' U HANDS GReETlNfi y VMY 3M0UC06J An0 fiHoytp6R5 YW'Rf
1 " 1 - ' ' - .. - ., . ... ., - - ... -. -- - - .. ,
: 1 '
Good E
It has long been alleged that the
United States naval service has been
made most attractive to young men;
and E. G. T. thinks that the following,
from Publication 3. Historical Section,
Navy Department, July 11, 1919, proves
the case:
"An act authorizing and appropria
ting for expenses of N. R. F. schools
and enlisted men shaU em-
brr women enrolled on the naval
Mrs. M. A. Hale sustained a OIXETA
annreachtfg. shr shr sh sh when a
gash was cut in her forehead by a
stone said to have been thrown by a
boy. Dayton, (O.) Herald.
t. entmdR perfectly sickening, espec
ially in the coda.
(The Wife-)
9 a. m. Maple Crest. Dearest Hub
by, and the rest Things are lovely;
how are you? Send some money,
P. D. Q.
' 10 a. m. Wifey. dear: All O. K.
V. j.. were here. Check enclosed
for fifty rocks. Where in heck are my
light socks? DUSTY.
From the Hopkinsville (Ky.) Now
Era. Noah Zark clips this ad.: CAT
GOT AWAY Part Maltese, but not
solid color. Had been sick and was
very thin in flesh. Also showed scars
on ears and on right front leg of
recent fights. Very intelligent. Last
seen near Ninth and Clay streets. If
found please call Phone S7.
The "very intelligent" item is doubt
less the one by which the animal will
be spotted.
It may interest you. as it did Rebus,
to know that F. Cawrse is the name
on the sign of a no doubt obliging
shop keper in a western city.
E. G. T. writes that he has before
him an order in the United States
district court of the southern district
of New York, which is signed:
Learned Hand, Judge."
Two Minutes of Optimism
What is the relation between education and money making?
A rather impertinent question, some professors may think, and iust as
illogical; since education is not intended to be a tool or a means to make
Primarily, education widens a man's sympathies, broadens hi3 interests,
forever reveals life's new enjoyments and bestows the pleasures derived
from the many things of beauty and culture which to the untutored are a
closed book.
But authoritative facts and figures show that in addition education is
a dominating element of success.
If uneducated, the average man has only one chance out of 150,000 to '
make good. . !
With a common school education he has four chances.
With a high-school education he has thirty-four chances.
And with a college education, Thomas A. Edison's views to the con
trary notwithstanding, he has 800 chances.
Education, therefore, is not a luxury; it is In every sense of the word a
compelling necessity; it is an investment which pays dividends as long as
a man lives.
A century or even fifty years ago the three R's sufficed.
To be successful, men did not need more because competitors did not
know more.
But Just as success has been graduated from the general store In a one
horse town to International organizations and chain establishments with
links in every city of our land, as railroads and automobiles have supplanted
the stage coach and the horse car, as efficiency has done away with slip
shod, slovenly management and science has ousted superstition, so educa
tion has displaced ignorance.
This does not mean that a college degree or any degree of learning guar
antees a meal ticket there are many A. B.'s and M. A's with ASS written
all over them.
But as a general rule, the chap who has gone to the trouble and expense
of acquiring an education has the enthusiasm and the energy to work, and
because of his training and kiowledge he will work better and more pro
ductively than he otherwise would or could.
Tftday competition is of a far higher brand, a far brainier brand.
And aside from his vocational, specialized knowledge, other things be
ing equal, tne more eaucauonai equipment, a man nas the stronger chance
he stands to win out
By George Matthew Adams, Author of "You Can". "Take It", "Up"
"Without the rich heart," says Emerson, "wealth is an ugiy
In what other way would anyone want to be rich, anyway? And
yet, sad as it seems, this sort of wealth goes a-begging every day.
There are not many men, of great money wealth, in whose pres
ence I am any too happy. There seems too much an atmosphere of
apology there, of uncomfortableness. But in the presence of a per
son whose total and greatest wealth lies in richness of heart, you feel
melted Into all that he is. You want to be near him and quite near
at that.
One bf the servants In the household of Wendell Phillips used to
say that there was more music in the footsteps of this noble man than -in
the strings of a beautiful instrument.
The physical frame of a man or woman is a wonderful affair. We
know all too little of its power and influence, its possibilities and
You know that there are those to whom you instantly are at
tractedeven before a word Is spoken. Their very presence has
brought "that something" which words are unable adequately to ex
plain. And there are those on sight, whom you would not trust or want
You can make your presence a real benediction in this world.
You can make people glad that you are alive. All you have to do
is to plant the garden of your soul with the right seeds.
I have a friend in whose presence I always delight. He rarely
has a nickel to his name. He isn't any too particular about his man
ner of dress. But he has a mind that climbs! And so I like to be
with him. His presence is always welcomed. Sometimes he comes
into my office when I am exceedingly busy. But I just stop everything
and tell him to take a chair and make himself at home and then I go
right on about my work happier that he came.
, A woman once told me of a man whose personality was Imme
diately felt on entering a room, but that you sort of shuddered knowing
that he was there.
You never see a lot of big dogs following a little dog on the street.
And yet you often see a whole community of little dogs following a
big dog as he saunters, along. The idea is that strength is always
looked up to. Big presence demands attention and admiration.
Attain the rich heart and your presence will be advertised far
and wide!
Answers to Questions
OLD READER (1) Please tell why
the Turks in their religion have great
respect forr the ancient Hebrew
prophets? The Mohammedan re
ligion contains many Old Testament
elements, and its founder accepted
many of the prophets in his religion.
That accounts for the respect they
show to the prophets. (21 Please tell
the meaning of "Ribacra" We have
been unable to find its meaning. Can
a reader of the column help?
me the birthplace of Roger Williams,
the colonist of Rhode Island, city and
county of England? The best we
could find is Wales, and historians
differ as to the year of his birth. If
you inquire in the reference room of
the Morrisson-Reeves library, they
may be able to supply you with ex
tensive biographies that will give the
X. Y. Z. If "Housewife" will place
each roller of her ice box in a small
pan of water, she will not be bothered
with ants. It is much more conveni
ent .than placing powder around.
Question Will you please give mo
some information about the "Star of
Bethlehem"? It appeared about 11
years ago and at that time there was
a great deal about it in the papers.
How often does it appear? We have
no information onthis question. Who
can answer it?
J. A. N. What is the latitude and
longitude of any point in Richmond?
How are observations taken inland to
determine latitude and longitude?
The latitude of the Earlham observa
tory is 39 degrees 50 minutes and 26
seconds. The longitude is 5 hours 33
minutes and 52 seconds west of Green
wich. Observations inland are taken
by telescope and transit. On sea they
usually are taken by sextant.
Readers my obtain answer to ques
tion by writing The Palladium uea-
tlons ana Answers department. All
questions should be written plainly aad
briefly. Answers will be riven briefly.
Rippling Rhymes
Memories of Old Days
In This Paper Ten Years
Ago Today
The board of works accompanied by
Councilman H. H. Englebert went to
Newcastle to witness a demonstration
of a street flushing machine. As a
result council was to be advised to
appropriate $600 that was remainins
in a fund set apart to buy street
sprinklers and sweepers, and to trans
fer a certain amount from the street
cleaning department to purchase the
Summer Colds Cause Headaches
Tablets relieve the Headache bv cur
ing the Cold. The genuine bears the
signature of E. W. Grove. (Bo sure
Spu get BROMO.) 30c Advertise-TtionL
We old boys look around us, upon
the younger set; the things we seo
confound us and put us in a sweat.
The young are vain and. giddy, they're
blowing in their mon, and Benjamin
and Biddy have naught in view but
fun. There's no high aspiration, the
younger bunch among; and we, in
indignation, forget the young are
young. When I was one and twenty,
and Jane was seventeen, we wanted
fun a-plenty, and then some more, 1
ween. And we went pleasure riding,
behind my old bay mare; romance was
then abiding around us everywhere.
But now I'm old and dotty, and when
the young whiz by, I think their con
duct naughty, and heave a heavy sigh.
"To what is this world coming?" I
cry aloud; "gadzooks, when kids in
cars go humming, instead of reading
books? Oh, whither are we drift
ing?" I murmured with a tear, when. I
see youngsters lifting their stein of
kickless beer. It keeps my spirit fret
ting, so I am all unstrung; and I am
still forgetting that young folks must
be young. Thi3 world would swim in
glory, and all things would be gay,
if little boys were hoary and little
girls were gray. But youth must have
its inning, its laughter must prevail,
and age must have its spinning of le
gends sad and stale.
Dinner Stories
President Busby of the Chicago City
Railways said of a motion picture
censor the other day:
"The man is
of his kills and he's killing many a
good firm, let me tell you remind me
of the woman at the military ball.
"A lady at a military ball came upon
her pretty daughter as the girl was
discussing a fist fight which had oc
curred in the supper room between two
lieutenant aviators.
" 'They did go for each other, didn't
they?" the girl said. 'What was the
casus belli?'
"Here it was that her mother,
censor-like, butted in.
" 'Mildred,' she said sternly, 'how
often have I told you always to say
stomach or abdomen?'"
Who's Who in the
Day's News
Lieut. Gov. Fred E. Sterling of Illi
nois, who has been indicted with Gov
ernor Small on charges of embezzling
public funds and conspiracy to de
fraud the state, leavened his newspa
per career with politics. From the
time when, as city
editor of the Rocli
ford Daily Regis-ter-G
a z e 1 1 e , he
functioned as al
derman in that
city while guiding
the destiny of his
local staff, he has
dabbled in ballots.
Sterling's for
bears were among
the first settlers in
Illinois. His great
grandfather, Daniel
Sterling, together
with the latter's
son. Major James
Sterling, arrived in
Whiteside county
from Pennsylvania in 1837. Both help
ed to build the old Illinois and Michi
gan canal, whose banks are now moss
grown and crumbling.
In 1869 the indicted lieutenant gov
ernor was born in Dixon, 111. Soon
i afterward th familv moved to South
an ignoramus. Most naV.ta wh-A ho- B(rva a: few vears
as commissioner- of immigration be
fore returning to his native state to
take up journalism.
The secretaryships of the board of
local improvements and the Winneba
go county Republican committee were
his while he handled the news of the
town. For ten years he was a mem
ber of the Rockford city council.
Then Sterling began to spread a
bit In 1908 he was a candidte for
the office of secretary of state. For
a number of years he was on the
board of managers of the Illinois state
reformatory. He came to the 1912
Republican convention as a Roosevelt
delegate, but remained with the G.
O. P. when the colonel led the Bull
Moose bolt
The year 1916 brought further fame
to Fred Sterling. As chairman of the
state Republican committee he direct
ed the victory of Hughes and Lowden
in Illinois and was guest of honor at
a banquet given by Mayor Thompson.
So it was the journalist-politician by
this time editor in chief and part own
er of the Register-Gazette slipped
from membership in the public utili
ties commission into the position of
state treasurer.
Campaign literature for Sterling
during the recent election made es
pecial mention of his record in that
office. It pointed out that during the
first sixteen months of his Incumbency
he turned into the treasury J604.735.57
Interest earned on public funds in his
Correct Engl lsn
The summer boarder leaned on the
"I understand you are trying to sell
your farm and all the livestock," he
"Yes," replied Farmer Corntossel.
"The deal has got to cover everything.
I've got ajnule that I've made up my
mind to get rid of, and the only chance
of doing it is to put the animal across
as an incidental item."
Dr. Emily Daymond, member of the
staff of the Royal College of Music,
has the distinction of being the only
woman who ever has received the de
gree of doctor of music from Oxford
Don't Say:
I KNEW him since we were collega
If you are honest you WOULD be
"I shall be obliged to him if he
WOULD pay me for the goods.
I should be obliged to him if he
WILL pay me for the goods.
Soon after the visitor came into the
room the chairman CALLS on him for
a speech.
I HAVE KNOWN him since we
were college chums.
If you are honest you WILL be
I shall be obliged to him if he WILL
pay me for the goods.
I should be obliged to him If he
WOULD pay me for the goods.
Soon after the visitor came into the
room the chairman CALLED on h'm
for a speech.
ftv . 1X
(i , fen
There is a distinc
tive flavor to Mint
Se.Kul. A drink
you'll enjoy
veryonn does.
Try It-
Or in bottle
Delicious Spear Mint Flavor
Mint Se-Kole Srrap C. laduaasafa
The Miller-Kemper Co.
"Everything To' Build Anything"
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Develop the Habit of Thrift
Open a Savings Account
First National Bank ,
Southwest Corner Ninth and Main
Colorado Rocky. Mountain
National Park Tour
AH Expenses Included At -
Everything Arranged in Aavancel
Escorted Tours
of Rocky Mountain National Park,
Denver, Colorado Sprin es. Garden of the
Gods, Manitou, Crystal Park, Summit of
Pike's Peak. 300 miles of motoring
Lt. Every Saturday This Summer
Bureau of Smrviem
National Parkt and Ruaartm
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Make Reservations Now
Special attention given to treat
ment of chronic diseases. Medicine,
Electro-Therapy, Baths, Massage.
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Electric Co.
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Winifrede Washed Pea Coal for the
Underfeed Furnace 1
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j ituwiiiawuiiiiimiiiiiiiinumiiiiitiiiiMi! uiuiuiinumiimuimiiiiiimMmiB
ituununtiititiimitmiiiMiuHmiiimiKtii utile
John F. West. 272 Morris Ave., Tren
ton, N. X, well known tenor soloist
writes: "I had a very severe cough
and tickling: in my throat. Could not
sleep at nifrht. I tried Foley's
Honey and Tar and was relieved at
once. Also tickling: in my throat has
gone. I can highly recommend Foley's
Honey and Tar." There's no better
remedy for coushs. colds, croups, hay
fever and asthma. It is safe, whole
some, and quickly bring-s good results.
A. G. Luken St Co, 626-623 Main. Advertisement.
1 A Good
Pir of
Glasses, I f
will make work easier.
Clara M. Sweltzer,
1002 Main St.
! Suits Cleaned and Pressed Virginia and Pocahontas!
j $1.50 ill j C0AL I
I PEERLESS CLEANING CO. I i Independent Ice and PuelJ
1318 Main Street I I Company 1
Coal Flour, Feed
162-163 Fort Wayne Ave.
. Phone 2662
Yes, Building Business is
Room 336 Colonial Bldg.
7o Interest
"The Home For Savings"
jrv- On Savings
Iff account any time. Interest paid
and 5 on Time
Certificates. You
can start savings
Jan. 1st and July 1st.
The People's Home and Savings Ass'n.
29 N. 8th. Cap. Stock $2,500,000 Safety Bojes for rent
Big Reduction on Willys Knight
and Overland Motor Cars
11 S. 7th St Phone 1058
This is the Last Week of Our
Chenoweth Auto Co.
1107 Main St. Phone 1925
Automobile Blue Books and!
Route Maps j
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Open Sundays and Evenings

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