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GREENVILLE, July 28. Following
advices received in a telegram from
he Detroit authorities, local police
hav arrested Harry Johnson, former
Greenville man, and confined him to
itae city jail to await the arrival of an
officer from Detroit, where he is
wanted on a charge of obtaining mon
ey under false pretense. Johnson,
who is married, was in Greenville on
a visit, and at first stated he would
return to Michigan without requisition
papers, but after a consultation with
Attorney Kerlin has decided to fight
the case.
The accused man Is well known in
Greenville, having been employed in
grocery Btores, and ran a pool room
here for many years. He moved to
Michigan several years ago. A peti
tion in habeas corpus was filed in
common pleas court late by Attorney
Kerlin, seeking to release Johnson
from custody.
First Greenville Rain.
One and fifty-three hundredths inch
es of rain fell here within 25 minutes
yesterday afternoon, according to Gov
ernment Weather Observer George
Katzenberger. It is the first real rain
experienced in this vicinity this sum
mer. Rati iff Body to Arrive.
Word has been received by Mrs.
Norah Fry, in this city, that the body
of her son, Denver T. Ratliff, private
in the 356th Infantry, who met death
in action overseas, will arrive in
Greenville in the near future. Prior
to his enlistment in the army, young
Ratliff was well known in this city.
Witwer Asks Divorce .
A second petition for divorce has
been filed in common pleas court hero
by Henry Witwer, against his wife,
Ruth Witwer. The plaintiff some timo
ago asked for a divorce from Mre-
Witwer on the grounds of neglect of
duty, but upon her promise of good
behavior, he withdrew his petition
July 9. He now alleges that 6he ha.3
failed to make good her promise and
has failed to perform her household
duties, and that their life has been
one of constant turmoil. He asks for
absolute divorce, and that his wifo
be barred from any interest in hi3
Woman Is Fined
Upon being arraigned in juvenile
court here yesterday morning. Myrtle
Weller, alias Myrtle Smiley, of Uniou
City, who had been confined to th;i
the county jail pending hearing on a
charge of contributing to the delln
quency of three minors, Jennie and
Elva Burch and Estella Abernathy,
plead guilty. Judge Teegarden fined
the woman $50 and costs, and sentenc
ed her to serve sixty days in tha
county Jail.
Great Circus Riders Coming Aug. 5
wwh A Jo
Annual Picnic Held by
Ohio Threshing Ring
FAIRHAVEN. O., July 28. The
Nonpareil Threshing Ring held their
annual picnic Saturday afternoon July
23 at the home of Clarence Booker.
The special features of the after
noon were pitching horseshoes, cro
quet, baseball and a program follow
ed by a business meeting. One of the
main features of the program was an
article written by Mrs. W. B. Cline.
JRelreshments of ice cream, cake
and lemonade were served to about
100 people.
(Continued from Paga One.)
their hosts of . friends in a national
movement to fight the growth of pro
fessional purltanism.
Our. object in holding this conven
tion in San Franciscd," said Flaher
ty, "is to give every man attending it
an opportunity to see the United
States before passing upon this ambi
tious program for the benefit of Amer
ica. The mere vision of this great
country will inspire every man at
tending the convention with the ut
most enthusiasm.
"In addition to the program-already
mentioned, we shall receive from
Archbishop Hanna of San Francisco,
one of the leading members of the
Catholic heirarchy in the United
States, a call to fight lax divorce laws
in this country. We have discovered
in the Knights of Columbus work of
securing homes for dependent orph
ans that children suffer greatly
through lax divorce laws to a great
er extent, in fact, than through the
deaths of household bread- winners.
"This is an evil to which the paid
reformers might well turn their ener
gies instead of pestering the American
people with foolish movements de
signed to restrict personal liberty."
No Expense to Service Men
Flaherty added that the Knights of
Columbus record showed that with
$40,000,000 the-knights had provided
recreation and free creature comforts
for 5,000,000 men during tha war, se
cured employment for- more than
300,000 after the war, technical train-'
ing for 130,000 former service- men
and women, college education for 500
veterans, and that now the Knights
were maintaining an educational eys
tm of 128 night schools throughout
the country and providing recreation
and creature comforts for 25.000 men
in 62 military, marine and government
hospitals. " "
All this work, he concluded, had
been done without costing a cent to
any service man. The Knights of Co
lumbus convention will vote to con
tinue the work until the last man is
cared for. "
$1,000,000 American history movement
to make American history propaganda
proof, the Knights of Columbus anti
tuberculosis campaign, and Knights
oi uiumuiuj auu-oiue law campaign,
which will enlist 800,000 knights and
It is unqualifiedly claimed that never before have so many of the great
est riders in the world been brought together for a single performance as in
the program of Howe's Great London Circus and Van Amburg's Trained
Wild Animals which will exhibit here on Friday, Aug. 5. The most expert
artists from the four corners of the earth have been successfully induced
to unite in the enormous bill of these supreme shows. The three rings of
the huge circus are filled with equestrian acts of novelty, peril and.exclus
iveness from the time the arenic program begins until the ending two hours
The Theatres, J
Betty Compson. whose first starring
picture, "Prisoners of Love," comes to
the Murray Theatre, Thursday, pos
sesses but a single piece of Jewelry
a black opal given to her by her father
when she was a child. Contrary to
general superstition, it has brought her
the best of luck, for from a violinist
In a vaudeville theatre at fifteen dol
lars a week, she has ascended to
motion picture, stardom and has her
own producing company. Miss Comp
son declares that the belief that opals
bring ill fortune Is pure fallacy, and
that this tale was invented by African
diamond merchants who feared opals
would surpass diamonds in popularity.
.When Otis Harlan is working in the
movies he drives a small sedan flivver,
the better to get about quickly and
avoid accidents or possible theft Dur
ing the filming of the latest Hodkin
son release, "Keeping Up With Lizzie,"
Mr. Harlan was cast in one of the
leading roles. One day he was hasten
ing to location in the country and as
it was very early and the road deserted
he "stepped on it" in order to catch up
with a car ahead which he assumed
to be that of Enid Bennett, who
played the star role of "Lizzie" in
"Keeping Up With Lizzie."
Just as he flashed past he saw that
the car that he had taken for Miss
Bennett's was full of traffic oSlcers.
There was a shot and call or halt, and
poor Harlan pulled up at the side of
the road.
"What do you mean by exceeding
the speed limit like that?" asked one
of the officers.
"I was. late to location and was just
trying to keep up with Lizzie. Any
how there wasn't anybody on the road
and I thought "
"Old stuff. Tell it to the judge.
Now you trail us till I tell you you
can go," and Otis trailed like a good
little boy.
Half an hour later the police car
drew up and stopped where a motion
picture company was setting up to
"Well boys, I see you're on time,"
called the director.
And then Harlan realized that the
"officers" were actors engaged to stage
a scene in "Lizzie," which, by the way,
is at the Murrette theatre Thursday.
Almost every day men and women
write to Foley & Co.. telling how Foley
Kidney Pills have relieved them from
backache, lameness, soreness, rheu
matic pains. kidney and bladder
trouble. Mrs. H. Stegall, Theodore,
Ala., writes: "My child suffered for 12
years with weak bladder. I tried sev
eral doctors, also different medicines,
with no results whatever. I tried
Foley Kidney Pills. They cured my
child In four months. I am thankful
for it and recommend your medicine."
Refuse substitutes. A. G. Luken & Co.,
626-628 Main. Advertisement.
Home talent play given by
Ladies Aid Society
of Campbellstown, Ohio
at the School Auditorium
Saturday, July
at 8 p. m.
Admission 20c and
This Space Reserved
for the
Washington Theatre
V Pipe Organ Concert Orchestra
Today and
Last Half
Baldwin, Austin and
Three clever young men in a
harmony and comedy singing
revue. "A Triple Alliance of
Harmony and Humor."
Mildred Manley
"The Babe Ruth of Vaudeville"
The Original 3 Regals
A novelty acrobatic offering,
"The Village Blacksmith Shop".
Special stage setting. Don't
miss this.
Bud and Jessie Grey
A comedy singing, talking and
bicycle novelty. .
.:. in ,'
An enthralling photoplay of
Love, erring but unsmirched.
Coming Monday
Flanders and Butler; Maker
and.Redford; Lynne and Lor
'age; Lester Raymond and Co.
Lifeless Hair
and How to Care For It
Drab, lifeless and unattractive hair it
due to your scalp condition. . Stim
ulate your scalp with tonic sham
poo. Wash new life and health into
Lour scalp as you cleanse your hair,
ura Liquid Henna Shampoo brings '
this tonic to you with a perfect pro
portion of Henna.
W can be used solely as a
stimulating, delightful
JUtJl shampoo or the lovely
tones of dark or light
hair-tnay be intensified with a new
light, without the smallest danger of
an unnatural shade.
The length of time yon allow the
shampoo to remain upon your hair
after your scalp is thoroughly cleansed
determines the extent of the color
It will not stain the hands or scalp.
Full directions a.-e on every bottle.
It comes in one size only. Price $1.00.
To prmw what it wTI Jo far ytmr hair. Ideal Labormtoriei Company. Chicago, will end
ample tcu bottla upon receipt of 10c in coin or stamp to cover packing and pottage.
v Sold by the following torest
Murrette Theatre
"Where the Stars Twinkle First" Theatre Beautiful
Today, Friday and Saturday
The Favorite Comedienne in Her Latest Success
"Keeping Up With Lizzie"
x ttX) Main St.
727 Main St.
S21 N. E St
Wi 1
y - is
When the bills for Lizzie's
Bchoolin began to come in,
"Paw" began to jack up his
prices so that as "Soc" Pot
ter said ''the whole dura
town had to pay for her 'ed-dIcation!i-s
But it was worth it, for she
sure did "eddicate" the town.
And how she did it is going
to give you many a laugh.
Toonerrille Comedy "Boogen Friends
"Bright eyes,
I know you so well;
Bright eyes, what secrets you tell!"
Keep your eyes bright with this
hearrs delight
the kind with the rich creamy
foam, fit to serve in any home.
Order a case today from
9 South 7th Street Phone 2746
Residence, 315 Randolph St.
PHONE 3137
r r i
tO J!
r-rvvv 'm i
. A" mW my tm TV aV mYA
3m 60 Phone 1679
"The. Feed Man'
Snw Tumlnc m flnrripn tn I
Follow Early Vegetables
As a crop to utilize garden space
after early vegetables have been
harvested, nothing Is better than
the turnip. Turnips should be
planted in most parts of the coun
try .about July 25, but in the ex
treme South as late as the last of
August and can be left in the
ground until after several light
frosts or all winter in the South.
They are useful as a table, vege
table and to a limited extent will
supply the place of potatoes. It is
the general opinion of specialists of
the United States Department o
Agriculture that the American pub
lic could consume many more tur
nips than It does, a fact of partic
ular interest this year when there
seems every indication of a cur.-,
tailed potato crop.
For field sowing, turnips are us
ually broadcasted. The particular
requirement is a reasonably rich
soil finely raked and leveled off to
avoid water collecting in pools.
The seed should be sowed sparing
ly. One homey rule isto take the
quantity which seems sufficient
and divide it in half. After the
seels have been scattered on the
surface of the ground, they should
be well raked in. This may be done
by dragging a piece of brush over
the ground. The surface should be
well smoothed. It is a good plan
to sow turnips Just after a rain,
giving them opportunity to sprout
before a crust forms. After sow
ing they will need little attention
until harvest.
A hog feeding demonstration
forcibly brought out the fact that
under dry lot conditions, it takes
13 bushels of corn to make 100
pounds of pork. By feeding tank
age with the corn, it required but
IVi bushels of corn and 33 pounds
of tankage to make 100 pounds of
pork. By applying local prices, any
one can tell whether it pays to
feed tankage. We do not recom
mend feeding in dry lot; neverthe
less, many folks are feeding that
way. No one claims that tankage
is the best high protein supplement
therels. Skimmed milk is better
and in the feeding trials conducted
at Purdue University, fish meal
showed up a little hetter. We aren't
arguing for tankage; we are saying
that fattening on corn alone with
out a high protein supplement is
not a paying business. Neverthe
less, tankage is more available than
most of the others. The dairyman
selling whole milk has to feed
tankage as well as the professional
hog producer.
If you want fine looking musk
melons, place a shingle under each
ripening melon to keep it clean and
so there will be no yellow blotch
on the underside.
Morning Is the time to weed and
cultivate (except with beans, when
covered with dew), because the
weeds can be thoroughly baked by
the sun all day and thus prevented
from taking root again. .
Summer pruning of fruit trees is
now in order. It should be nothing
more than a light shaping process.
Black raspberries may be multi
plied by bending over the canes,
holding them down with (a stone or
peg and covering the ' tips with
earth. New plants will be formed
by fall. Gooseberries are increased
by rounding up earth around the
base of the bush. Later, the branch
es that have formed roots may be
removed as cuttings.
If your catalp trees are being
ravaged by the catalpa sphinx, a
yellow and black worm about two
inches long, spray the trees thor
oughly with arsenate of lead, one
ounce to two gallons of water. If
in small numbers, the worms may
be shaken from small trees and
crushed under foot.
Many farm men and women. In: .
Indiana will be getting broilers,
ready for the market during the
next few weeks. The ration fed
for several years on the Purdue
university poultry farm which has .
given best results consists of two
pounds of corn meal, one pound of
shorts, one pound of ground, oats,
eight pounds of buttermilk.
This should be mixed and allow
ed to stand and sour for 24 hours
before feeding, and then placed in
a trough in front of the birds, only '
outside the crate. The birds al
ways appear ravenous and eat
greedily. If they do not, something -is
wrong and they should be taken
from' the crate. Give them all they '
will clean up in 30 minutes twice
daily and no more. After feeding,
clean and dry the trough so that it
will be ready for the next feeding.
Water is not necessary except in
hot weather, and grit should be fed
every few days. Two weeks is the
average length of time to feed. The
greatest gain is made the first -week
but in most cases it-Is prof
itable to continue another week.
Windbreaks are in many ways a
farma asset. They tend to prevent
the soil from drying out quickly
and they protect grain and or
chards from injury by the wind. A
belt of trees near the farm build
ings protects them from extreme
cold and from summer's heat: Trees I
make the farm a pleasanter place'
in which to live. The windbreak
may be also a source of wood sup
ply for fuel or for sale.
We all think we have the hard
est time in life of anybody on earth,
but if we compare notes with other
folks we will find that every -one
thinks about the same way, ; Fool
ish business to look at it that way,
though. Let's talk good .times, .It -will
help us to have the best time
Don't Stop Feeding Chicks
"When can I quit feeding the
chicks?" wrote a farm woman re
cently to the poultry department of
Purdue university. Like many oth
ers this woman believed that the
chickens would grow satisfactorily
if allowed to shift for themselves
after they were big enough to get
around. This is a mistake. Feed
ing of grain and a dry mash, con
taining meat scraps or tankage, is
desirable throughout the season so
that the pullets may be matured
and started to laying before cold
July Is the month to sow
Our Seed Will Grow
60 Protein
$55.00 a ton; $2.85 cwt. "
Worth Twice the Price
The Feed Man
Thq Guaranteed Flour
First in every bak
ing its wonderful
goodness never varies.
Costa More ,
-Worth It . .
For Sale by Your Grocer
Omer G. Whelan
Wheat Screenings
" S1.50 evrt- 2 pound
The Feed Man
31-33 S. 6th St. - Phone 1679
Also Fox News and Newsettes
Coming Sunday TOM MIX
The Feed
31-33 So. 6th St.
' Phone 1679

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