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Published Every Evening Except Sunday by
Palladium Printing Co.
Palladium "Building. North Ninth and Sailor Streets.
Entered at the Post Office at Richmond. Indiana, as
Second-Clasa Mail Matter.
'' The Associated Presa Is exclusively entitled to the s
for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or
not otherwise credited In this paper, and also the local
news published herein. All rights of republication of spe
cial dispatches herein are also reserved.
Upturn in Business is Seen
The year 1921 has marked a turning point in
the long reaction against inflation in this coun
try, says a survey by a New York City bank.
"Moreover," the survey goes on, "for the most
part, industrial production does not yet fully
reflect the substantial improvement- that ha.3
been., effected, in. the fundamental business fac
tors, such as decline in interest rates, the liquida
tion of bank credit,; the reductions in accumu
lated stocks of commodities and the comparative
stabilization of prices at lower levels."
i It finds that the successful fruits of the arm3
conference, taken with other world factors, can
not fail to react favorably on trade, and says
that, while exports have fallen since last January
from a monthly total of $642,000,000 to around
$o20,000,000, detailed analyses show that lower
prices had a relatively greater effect in reducing
the total than did a decrease in the volume of
business. In some commodities, the volume in
creased ovfcr the preceding year.
."The most gratifying aspect of the year's in
dustrial events," the survey continues," "is the
upturn during the last few months in the general
volume of production in the country, which about
midsummer had reached its lowest point since
1914. Although some of the increase is clearly
due to seasonal influences, there has been, never
theless, since July, an upturn so pronounced that
it must represent'fundamental improvement."
The survey finds the upturn is most marked
in the textile industry and less so in the iron and
steel business. Steel, which was 66 per cent be
low normal in July, has advanced, to 46 below.
Textile production, which was 41 per cent below
normal last December, advanced until in Septem
ber it was 12 per cent above. Cotton consump
tion has increased each month since August.
"Production in many other line3 of manufac
turing," the survey adds, "has also shown , pro
nounced increase over the low points of the year.
Especially, is this true of manufacturers of paper,
lumber, tobacco, leather and foodstuffs. These
increases in volume of proportion represent not
merely seasonable advances, but more substan
tial gains, indicating thaft readjustment of indus
try, lower prices and costs, of operation are pro
ducing the desired results."
It Happens in the Best Regulated Families
"Woman's 't7ork in the Orient
The desire of woman for education and par
ticipation in public affairs is finding expression
in increasingly stronger terms in the Orient.
Girls of India, China and Japan are eager for the
advantages of an education and an adequate
preparation for life.
The extent of this demand, and the manner
in which it is being answered are apparent in
the organization of seven new colleges for women
within the last few years in the Far Eeast. Thes-J
new schools are to be found in India, China and
With the craving of the women of. the East
for better schooling has come their entrance into J
public affairs. In China, for instance, the stu
dents .took a direct part in the famine relief
work. Small groups of girl students entered the
famine stricken districts where they took care of
starving children and ministered to the relief of
So general is the demand for education that
the few colleges now existing are compelled to
turn away hundreds of applicants, some of whom
trvaeled for miles to begin their schooling.
The better education of the women of the
Orient will be one of the powerful agencies for
the improvement of general conditions among
the natives. Every educated girl that returns to
her native village will be the nucleus about which
will fnrm n n'rrlp nf nrocrressive women who wish
. . , . i ii George B. Christian, Jr., In addition
to improve their own condition and that of their L rrpsi(1(int.a nrtVRt, RPrp.
communitv. Manv of the iniquities of tTie school ! tary, is almost his adopted son. There
systems of these oriental countries will disap-! is something P"ntai injhe fondness
pear with the expansion of the educational facil-j irs. Harding have;
ities for women and girls.
GET home for GOODNESS. I OM DonIT Yoo TweRE ,w TmE LoBBV .Shovajaj UP
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. Theater loQByJ Youve got eight suRe J -
1 at eight I The Tickets V-poiot worry
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She. kvjcvJ - s THe orchestra I r CLAPPW6 TneR.es tfoTHiG j happy marries lif?
IK3 woocu ) Xnic , M av that AouDsvueRver ; .
OfJ 31&HT u J nJIlc,r.Pft ( SI ,2 ( MM J That HmokiMg iuoulD I J
ToMtftRorf L ( HOME
.in , .... : : After Dinner TricksH
Who s Who m the j i ,
Day s News I ,
1 i j
Answers to Questions
(Any readir can prpt the answer to
Bnv question by writlnif The Palladium
Information Bureau, Frederick J. Hask
:n. director, Washington, D. C. This of
fer applies strictly to Information. The
bureau loes not give advir-e on legal,
rnedlcal and financial matters. It doe
not attempt to settle domestic troubles,
nor to undertake exhaustive research
on any subject. Write your question
Tln!nly and briefly. Give full name and
address and enclose two cents in stamps
for return postage. All replies are sent
direct to the Inquirer.)
Q. Can you tell me what state has
the largest and -what state has the
least number of counties? F. G. W.
A. According to the 1920 census re
port, the state of Texas has the great
est number of counties, the number
being 254; while the state of Delaware,
with three counties, has the smallest
number. . .
Q. If the term of a third-class post
master is going to expire, when 1s the
Civil Service examination given' for
filling his place? C. H. P.
A. The Post Office department says
that the examination will he held
about GO days before the expiration
of the term of the postmaster. At
that time full announcement will be
made by the Civil Service commission.
Q. What is meant by finding a
mare's nest? A. A.
A. This is a reference to something
of seeming importance which amounts
to nothing. In a nightmare a vampire
was thought to guard treasures in a
secret nest.
Q. Why does one speak of some
thing not wanted as a white elephant?
M. W.
A. It was the custom of the King of
Siam to send a white elephant to ai
courtier whose fortune he wished to
destroy: hence something one has and
does not know what to do with,
Q. Are many automobiles used in
Canada? ( . H. j with the expectations of sending a
A. At tne Deginning or tne war j clasg f b tQ th? uni.
there were 6,415 automobiles in use . , x .
in Canada. At the present time, the versity short agriculture course, to be
number has increased to more than held at Lafayette Jan. 8 to 13. the com
400,000. ' ! mittee in charge and county Superin-
Q. How is cafe au lait prepared? j tendent Williams were anxious that
A. M. P. ' the boys who anticipated attending
A. Add five cups of hot milk to one ; W01lld notify the county superintendent
and one-half cups of coffee made four,at that Umo The reason was tnat bet
times the usual strength. This is a.ter accommodations could be provided
pleasant change from the usual break-ji the preparation for the trip and stay
fast coffee. ' ' in Lafayette was made several days in
Q. Has Lima, Peru, a tropical dim- advance.
ate? I. M. C.
By George Matthew Adams, Author of "You Can," "Take It." "Up"
If you cannot feel yourself growing from day to day, it Is time for
you to realize that you are standing still. ,
Quickened by this thought, many of us see our record as it actually
is and are thereby inspired to go beyond jt and make a growing affair
of it instead of something to be satisfied with.
I read a list of famous living men in a magazine the other day.
Not one was younger than 60. The oldest was nearly 90 Senator
Depew. And as I studied this list of names, I called to my mind that
every one of these men had always been very active every one a tire-'
less worker.
Glory in a good record made. But having made one move on to
a better one!
Keep beating and surpassing your own record. Find in personal
advancement and development the secret of your desire to grow.
Never be content with any standard set for your reaching. Keep
bettering it by learning more and working harder. For standards
change as we near them even as a wonderful scene changes and
increases in beauty as we walk near to it.
v What is more thrilling than to test our possibilities to their limit
and learn, as we gain here and there, that there really are no limits
when sincere aspiration leads.
Just as soon as you make one good record you want to start for
'a bigger one. So that record-making will become a habit, and record
breaking a thrilling adventure!
Learn each day new things to do or to think about. .
Keep adding to the resources of your mind, giving it wider scope
and opportunities.
Let no achievement die upon your hands. Rather, make each one
a breeder of achievements. And walk in daily confidence that you
are a creative beiug worthy of the time in which you live.
Build records that will stand!
fnr nbricsticiTi H'j v.
ing no children and
having seen Chris-1
tian grow up from
boyhood, they
come by this feel
ing quite naturally.
Christian has al
ways believed in
sticking close to
Harding. That's
probably the rea
son he now sits
just outside the
president's door in
the White House
Memories of Old Days
In This Paper Ten Years
Ago Today
.there was consternation among the
I older folk. The knickers themselves
were of the pale blue homespun va
I riety and were tastily set off by a
! short jacket, tam o' shanter, woolen
I stockings and low tan oxfords. Opin
j ion of the older ones present seemed
equally divided between admiration on
the part of the males and indignation
of the dowagers.
executive offices
Christian worked on Harding's
newspaper while going to school in
Marlon. When he came back home
from military school at Chester, Pa.,
he got married, took a job in his fath
er's stone business and moved into
I the house next door to Hardings on Mt.
j Vernon avenue in Marion. Years lat
er Harding was elected to the United
States senate. He went to Washing
ton and soon sent for Christian to
come there as his secretary. Chris-
tain was at Harding's side in Chicago
when news of the nomination came.
He was with the candidate election
night. He stood a few feet from his
chief during the inaugural ceremony
last March. And then he wentinto
the White House offices. He goes
wUh the president cn all trips out of
Christian is like a grown son to Mrs.
Harding. On many public occasions
they walk arm in arm behind the
president. Sometimes they dance to
gether. Mrs. Harding takes many per
sonal problems to him for advice. She
calls often on Mrs. Christian, having
known her as a next door neighbor for
years in Marion.
Incidentally, Christian wa3 a Demo-
Rippling Rhymes
By Walt Mason
No. 51 A Divination
As a demonstration of mental telep
athy ask Bome one to write secretly a
few words on a slip of paper. Looking
into the writer's eyes you write a few
words on another slip, then ask him if
he remembers what he wrote. When
he nays "yes," you confidently remark'
that you haye written exactly the same.
Of course, every one wants to compare
the two slips, and when they are shown,
much to their amusement they find
written oa your slip the three words,
"exactly the same."
Copyright, Ittl. by Publio Ledger Company
crat until a few years ago, although
his party affiliations were usually for
gotten when Harding was involved.
He was reading clerk at the Demo
cratic convention in 1912. Christian
has two grown sons. The older, nam
ed Warren after the president. Is a
West Point graduate and a first lieu
tenant in the regular army.
I mark the specialist in crime, as
jn his course he hops, and ,when he
isn't serving time he's dodging gum
shoe cops ; and he can never - reach
a clime where the avenger stops. He
makes a killing now and then, and
! swipes some sucker's hoard: but never
i may, like other men, the wholesome
I joys afford, and soon or later in the
!pen he has his bed and board. For
him there is no peace of mind, no rest
! at set of sun, and moral people and
refined he evermore must shun, and
if he hears a step behind, his impulse
is to run. His nerve forsakes him
when he's old, his day3 are day of
dread, the step that once was firm and
bold is like a rabbit's tread, and, shak
ing in the dark and cold, he wishes he
were dead. And if he'd use the clever
brain with which he is endowed, for
purposes of honest gain. In way by
law allowed, when old age gets him
he might train with any classy crowd
'Tis strange that men of splendid gifts
elect with crooks to chase and try out
all the evil shifts that stern detectives
trace, and join the cacavan that drifts
to prison and disgraces 'Tis strange
because they well must know the end
of such a trail; the law will dog them
to and fro and in the end prevail; and
crime will bring them only woe, and
long years in a jail.
A. Although near the Equator, the
climate of Lima i3 delightful. A northward-flowing
ocean current and the
nearby mountains temper the climate
to such a degree that the hottest days
of summer rarely register a tempera
ture above SO degrees F., and the cold
est days of wirier are seldom below
GO degrees F.
After Dinner Stories
From a telegram recently received
by the district superintendent of an
Indian railway from a Babu station
master: "Coming on duty early in
the morning clad in my new and white
uniform I perceived a man seated on
a box in a naked and aggressive man
ner. Taking him to be an ordinary
passenger, I proceeded to slap him,
whereupon ho hastily arose, unlocked
Musings for the Evening
A society friend sends us the fol
lowing: New Yorkers have grown accustom
ed to pretty much everything in the
last few kaleidoscopic years, but when
one of the season's debutantes ap
peared on the dance floor at the Wal
Constance Talmadge pooh-poohs the
talk of divorce. "My husband will see
the light," she says. He ought to. His
wife I3 a star.
London writer says the royal family
is comparatively poor. After Princess
Mary's wedding, which will cost $150,
000, the royal family will be compar
atively poorer.
Nerves Treated Free
Dr. Franklin Mile, the Great Speelnliat,
Gives a $2.r enropathlc Treat
ment and Xfw Hook. Free.
Sick people whose nerves are weak or
deranged who have weak heart, stom
ach, bowels, bladder, kidneys or liver;
blues, headache, dizziness or dullness;
nervous dyspepsia, irritability, cold
hands and feet, shortness of breath,
palpitation or irregular heartbeat.
aropsy, drowsiness, nervousness,
Miss Helen U. Klely is in charge of
the testing laboratory of the largest
writing paper factory in America.
The Corn
and Callus
Lessons in Correct English
Don't Say:
WTas it THEM?
The happiest man there- was HIM.
All of WE boys went.
WHO do you expect to be the prizs
Neither of us WERE there.
Was it THEY?
The happiest man there was He.
All of Us boys went.
WHOM do you expect to be the
prize winner?
Neither of us WAS there.
Miss Mary L. Trescott, recently ap
pointed a referee in bankruptcy at
Scranton, Pa., is the first woman in
that state to be thus honored.
This Corn Remover is Guaranteed
Relief from corn suffering follows
the application of "Gets-It" almost as
quickly as pain follows the thrust of a
pin or knife into the flesh. Not only
"I know I have done wrong, please
forgive me for not doing my duty and
writing you before. I am thankful to
Hod fnr tho ennrl remedv H cave vnn.
the said box, clad himself in a police- and would not take J500 for the good
o t-x a iinirnrm t 11 t-jh 1 1 hthi h rrfi imi
me. The shoe is thus situated on the
erroneous pedicle. Please arrange."
Pat and Mike were working on the
section. An extra freight train came
unexpectedly around a curve, but Pat
dropped his shovel and took to his
heels in front of the train. The en
gineer whistled, but Pat kept running
and finally rolled off the rails jusi as
the train was about to run him down.
'Why didn't ye git off the track, ye
blamed fool?" demanded Mike.
"Well, ye see," panted Pat, "it was
better runnin on the track.
IttDW? Mnt aii Moiansfl.
lUjZly Hao CUan, Healthy
-tSs Ly. If they Tire, Itch,
2& Smart or Burn, If Sore,
Vi.cSrC1'4216 Inflamed cr
TUUR LlLj Granulated, use Murine
often. Soothes. Refreshes. Safe for
Iiirantor Adult Atall Druggists. Write fcf
the first dose gave me. I have been
bothered for many years with gas In
my stomach and indigestion, but
since taking Mayr's Wonderful Rem
edy two years ago, have had no such
trouble. It Is a simple, harmless pre
paration that removes the catarrhal
mucus from the intestinal tract and
allays the inflammation which causes
practically all stomach, liver and in
testinal ailments, including appendi
citis. One dose will convince or
money refunded. Clem Thistle
thwaite's 7 Drug Stores, A. G. Luken
Drug Co. and druggists everywhere.
dorf-Astroia during the thedansant Ofjlessness, trembling, wandering' pains,
the fliih rin Vin?t attired in knickers backache. Irritable spine, rheumatism.
consupaiion, nysteria would no well to
accept Dr. Miles' liberal offer. Tou
may never have another opportunity.
Write now.
His Book" contains many remarkable
testimonials after many other physic
ians had failed, and also endorsements
from Clerg-ymen. Statesmen, Editors,
.Business Alen, tarraers, liailroad Men,
etc. I
frnd for AntoniahinK Testimonials.
His improved Special Treatments for 1
these diseases are the result of 30
years' experience and are thoroughly
scientific and remarkably successful, so ',
much so that he does not hesitate to of- I
fer Free Trial Treatments to the sick
that they may test them free. Write
at once.
Describe your case, and he will send
you a two-pound Free Treatment and J
Hook. Address t.r. tranmin Miles,
Dept. NS 128 to 138 Franklin St, Elk
hart, Ind. Advertisement.
35 cents buys a bottle
of "Dandeiine." With
in ten minutes after
the first application
you can not find a sin
gle trace of dandruff or
falling hair. Danderine
is to the hair what
fresh showers of rain
and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes
right to the roots, in- x.
vigorates and strength
ens them, helping your ! ' ,
hair to grow long, thick 3 J
and luxuriant.
OirlsT Girls! Don't
let your hair stay lifeless, colorless,
ay A
fi The strongest com-
5 pliment ever paid to
y is the vain attempts at
I imitation. , lhose
e who take cod-liver
I oil at its best, take V?f
c . . r- r A ill
jcou s cmuision
Scott & Bowne, BIoomHeld. N. J.
CTablets or Granules)
20-1 3
3 C3&U
Treat your beauty fairly!
No matter how lovely
your features are you
cannot be tralyatfraclive
with a red blotchy
oily skin
Resinol Soap and Ointment
make bad complexions
smoother softer and
generally charming
5oothinq and KiaJinq
The Miller-Kemper Co.
"Everything to Build Anything"
Phonec 3247 and 3347
MiiiTiiiiriinxi iiiiiiitHiiiiiuitHiiMiiiiimiiii riii'iiiiuiiiniiiinriniiiiHtiiii
I Osteopathic Physicians 1
I Office Murray Theatre Bldg. i
I ' Phone 1983 I
I Sanitorium 22nd and Main I
I Phone 3812 I
iiiiiniiiiimiiiHimiiiiiiuiHtiiiiiii urn iitiiiiiHitminniiimntimiiitii "
Ends Pain
ful Calluses
and Corns
hard corns or soft corns but every
j kind of corn or callus surrenders to
1 "Gets-It" and peels right off. It takes
I E. P. WEIST, M. D- ;
1 Electro-therapy, Electric Light and !
I Shower Baths, Message and Medl-1 j
I cine. Office practice only. 204 K. !
1 of P. Eldg., phone 1728, Richmond, 1 !
I Indiana. I i
r.?":1; r: J ! with two or three drops. Go to your
delightful Danderine will double the 7 "da Get a be ttle of "Gets-
hpaiitv and radianre of vmir hair anrt i P.1? t0aa.J-. et a DcUie Ot UetS-
make it look twice as abundant. Advertisement.
For More Pep, Use
More Miles per Gallon
Richmond Oil Co.
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Abel's Velvet Ice Cream
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for kicking, jerky motors
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The Good Old Fashioned Loaf
at All Groceries
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It." Cost3 but a trifle everywhere.
Your money back if not satisfied.
Mfd. by E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
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waite Drug Stores.
- Advertisement.
We have the right coal at the right
price. Jellico & Pocahontas Lump.
N. W. 3rd A Chestnut Phone 3121
Oldsmobile Four Touring
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1 i
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Start the New Year with a good
Life Insurance Policy
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with Rock Oak leather will prolong
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