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C13v Aociated Pre an.)
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. June 28. Tbe
representative form of organization of
the International Sunday School Coun
cil of Religious Education makes pos
sible 'the mightiest co-operation in
practical measures in the history of
North American Protestantism," Rev.
Dr. Rufus W. Miller of Philadelphia,
6ccretary of the board of Sunday
schools and publications of tbe Re
formed Church, TJ. S. A., told the con
vention of the International Sunday
School association here today. "This
council has come," Dr. Miller contin
ued, "at a time -when by co-operation
can a national system of religious ed
ucation paralleling the public school
system be possible. The goal is worth
every sacrifice.
"At the door of the child's heart and
bidding the youth Godspeed all the
demonstrations should stand together.
Construction Policy
"Building together has been the
dominant note of this great conven
tion. It means for the next four years,
to phrase it alliteratively, 'the chal
lenge of co-operation, of confidence, of
cssh; and a challenge for the family,
circle, for the community, for the child
and for Christ and the church.'
"We exist for the community and
not the community for us. The evi
dence of the last few years proves
conclusively that communities can get
together and do splendid work as co
operating churches of the community,
in the establishment of the community
training school, the vacation Bible
school and the weekday religious
school. One of our great objectives
must be the development of religious
education for the whole community
and not for its isolated units. This
is true because a child Is the supreme
object of our endeavor, and all the
children of a community can alone be
reached by united endeavor. ,
"It Is not possible in any other form
of church work, for all the denomina
tions to hold together as closely as
they can in efforts in behalf of the
- , j y z flu- I
? .rTl . : - in i
, .
Belleek, Irish border town, is battleground.
The town of Belleek, along the terest fighting recorded in the
Ulster-Free State border, has present Irish civil war. The town
been the scene of some oi the bit- is in Free State territory, but
recently British troops took pos
session of it. The town has been
quiet since its occupation.
Senate Power in Public Affairs
Preaching services will be held in
the Reid Memorial United Presby
terian church Thursday and Friday
evenings of this week at 8 o'clock.
The hour has been changed from 7:30
to 8 o'clock to permit those working
on railroad time to get to the meetings.
These are the first and only special
services held by the Reid Memorial
church since the Billy Sunday meet
ings. Opportunity will be given at
the close- of each of these services for
those who wish, to unite with the
church to meet with the official board
and take the preliminary steps toward
church affiliation.
Thursday night the Rev. J. M. Rife
of Fairhayen will be the preacher and
Friday night the Rev. Dr. Frank Boyd
of College Corner. Mr. Rife is a
young man, having been graduated
from Xenia Theological Seminary in
St. Louis only a year ago, but has
already marked himself as one of the
coming young men of his denomina
tion. Dr. Boyd is one of the most
prominent men of the United Presby
terian church in the middle west. He
was for a number of years pastor of
the First United Presbyterian church
of Cincinnati and has recently come to
College Corner, having been forced to
give up city work on account of Mrs.
Boyd s health.
The quarterly communion service
and public reception of new members
will be held in the Reid Memorial
church Sunday morning at the hour
of morning worship. A large addition
to the membership is expected at that
WASHINGTON, June 28 Students
of politics in relation to the American !
government are claiming that the
United States is beginning on a new
cycle of political life. They assert that
for the next few years, probably a
decade, the senate of the United
States will occupy a dominant posi
tion in governmental affairs. ,,
It is a matter of historical fa that
since the foundation of our govern
ment we have passed through a con
tinuous series of cycles, the dominant
leadership shifting from the legisla
tive to the executive branch and back
again. The development now dis
cerned is a variation of the usual. In
that it is the United States senate,
rather than the entire body of con
gress, which has forged to the front.!
Heretofore the succession has been
between the executive branch, headed
by the president, and the congress,
as a whole.
To trace the development in recent
times, the close of the nineteenth cen
tury was a period of legislative con
trol. These cycles are determined by
a variety of factors, but the one which
brings about the leadership of the
congress is the existence of one or
more great national issues. In the
close of the nineteenth century the
issue was the tariff. Such questions
as tariff and taxation are in the hands
of the congress. It alone can enact
tariff and revenue laws.
Following the Cleveland panic, the
country was in the mood for a high
protective tariff, and this turned the
public attention to congress, the tariff
framing body. The McKinley tariff
was enacted, and the congress was the
focal point of the people's thoughts.
Roosevelt's Domination.
Then came the rise of Theodore
Roosevelt. Here was a personality of
extraordinary force and magnetism
coupled with a thansition to new Is
sues. The issue of conservation of
national resources and'' various other
matters which were more compactly
handled by executive auhority than
by legislative, forced attention to the
executive and away from congress.
The White House held the center of
the stage for years and congress was
an adjunct merely.
The administration of President
Taft was a sort of interregnum, the
great executivejssues being somewhat
dormant, but the momentum of the
Roosevelt period carried over until
The election of Woodrow Wilson, an
other dominant personality of a type
new to the presidency. This was fol
lowed by the war, which, as a matter
of course, focussed public attention on
the president, the commander-in-chief
of the army and navy.
In no previous cycle of American de
velopment was so much power con
centrated in the executive as during
the war. It represented the widest
amplitude of the swing of power from
legislative to executive. It will b9
remembered how the congress enacted
law after law, placing in the hands
of the president practically unlimited
authority. Regulation of the most
fundamental character was, in ' some
instances, imposed by presidential
proclamation rather than by legisla
tive enactment. Prices were fixed in
his name, the railroads were taken
over and operated, and a multitude of
other governmental activities carried
With the close of the war, the pen
dulum started to swing back again,
bringing in this case an extraordinary
As the taxing power lies in the con
gress as a whole, so does the power
of ratifying treaties lie in the hands
of the United States Ssnate.
One of the elements which brings
about these swings of dominance is the
personality of the chief executive. It
will be remembered that with the
treaty signed at Versailles, the presi
dent fell ill and was forced to retire
from public notice and from a conspic
uous place before the people. Co-in-1
cidentally the treaty went to the sen-1
ate for ratification and for the first j
time in its history the senate became
alone the central point of interest.
The constitution provides that the
treaty making power shall rest In the
executive and the ratification power
in the hands of the senate. But in
this case, the senate went beyond a
mere consideration and the giving of
its advice and consent. It proposed
and enacted reservations. It assumed
indirectly the treaty making rather
than the treaty-ratifying power. In
stead of merely taking the completed
treaty and deciding whether or not
It should be consented to, the senate
practically rewrote the treaty. When
it finally was ratified it was a treaty
so different from that which the pres
ident had signed that when it wa3 re
turned to the White House, he pigeon
holed it, never sending it to the other
signatory powers. Recently it is re
ported that the treaty as ratified has
been entirely lost
A Senator Becomes President.
Now the curious result of this blos
soming into the limelight of the sen
ate was that for the first time in
American history a member of that
body was elected to the presidency.
The prominence which the senate
achieved brought its members into
prominence and so when the time
came for election, it was to the sen
ate that the people turned for a pres
ident. The senate's experience in
holding the whip hand caused it to
undertake things which previously it
had left for the executive or for con
gress as a whole. By resolution call
ing upon executive departments for
special reports or for special action
or information, it arrogated td itself
functions which before that time had
been otherwise taken care of. It con
ducted investigations and generally
proceeded as a ruling body.
The development of the dominance
of the senate went even further. From
outward appearances, it seemed, after
the inauguration, that instead of send
ing one of Its members to the Whito
House, the senate" merely had an
nexed the White House as a part of
President Harding laid down his fa
mous doctrine that he 'did not favor
one-man government, but that h
would be guided by the best minds of
the nation. He appointed Albert Fall,
one of his colleagues in the senate, to
his cabinent, and also John W. Weeks,
a former senator. He maintained a
sort of unofficial or kitchen cabinet
composed almost wholly of senators.
The whole atmosphere of the admin
istration was a senate atmosphere.
How far this development will pro
ceed is a matter for conjecture. It is
not improbable that the senate half
of congress will lose its dominance,
but political students are convinced
that the legislative branch of the gov
ernment, as a whole, is in the saddle,
as opposed to the executive branch.
for some years to come. The fact
that the two fundamental issues be
fore the country today, taxation and
credit, are congressional functions,
lends color to this theory.
Congress is at work now unon the
tariff and before long will be revising!
the tax laws again. Bank credit and
international credit are questions '
which will occupy the congress for
some years, 6o it Beems more than
likely that it will hold the whip hand
again, until another turn of the wheel
brings to the fore Some great issue
which can only be handled by the
single figure in the White House.
The Judicial branch of the American
government never has gained the sort
of dominance which the legislate
and executive branches have achieved.
That some such develoment may
com, in the course of evolution;
seems not improbable. In various-
earlier civilizations, the Judges of the J
nation were the dominant figures and ;
such a situation again may arise. ;
TERRE HAUTE, Ind., June 28.
Thelma Baker, 3 years old. Is suffering
from burns and lacerations caused by,
the explosion of a torpedo in her
mouth. The child had found the tor;
pedo and bit the cap.
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SOUTH BEND, June 28. George B.
Beitner of South Bend, is the presi
dent of the Indiana Dunes society, an
organization whoee purpose is to pre
serve the sand dunes of northern Indi
ana and to collect relics of the old
forts and villages that have disappeared.
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