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WASHINGTON. Dec. 29 An inten
sive drive by the federal courts to
tlean up the present congestion of
liquor cases with the view of making
bonvtctions keep pace with arrests,
probably will come out of the confer
ences now being held here between
Chief Justice Taft, Attorney-General
" Daugherty and federal circuit judges.
As the first move in the campaign.
President Harding has started to fill
the 21 district judgships which are
now vacant. Most of these vacancies
are among the 24 additional judgships
created by congress last summer espe
cial! v to handle lkjuor cases, three
new judges were named yesterday.
If the federal court can balance their
dockets to the point where they can
handle prohibition cases as fast as
other clashes of work, it is felt here
that the result would be stricter en
forcement of the dry laws and more
eevere penalties for violators.
Aid to Harding.
In this way the contemplated effort
bythe federal judiciary is seen as an
aid to the campaign by President Hard
ing to put a check on the present
wholesale flouting of the Volstead act
Authorities here agree that one rea
son there is 6uch continued bold dis
regard of the dry laws is because of
fenders at present are often aliewed to
go months or years without being
brought to trial.
Chairman Madden, of the house ap
propriation committee told' the confer
ence today that funds to maintain the
24 new district coarta will be provided
in a deficiency appropriation bill now
being drafted for presentatioa to the
Mother of Mayor Handley To Observe
91st Birthday Anniversary Sunday
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29 A mass
meeting called by the Los Angeles co
operative council for better films to
discuss the return of Roscoe Arbuckle,
comedian, to the screen was thrown
into uproar yesterday when Evangelist
Cuddy, head of a mission, attempted
o enter into the debate in behalf of
Interrupted by cries of "sit down,"
throw him out" and "fanatic", Cuddy
accused the ministers of Los Angeles
of meddling in affairs outside their
province when they condemned Will
H. Hays, chief of the film industry,
for his action in removing the ban on
Arbuckle. He appealed to the church
men to "shake themselves from the
mire," and when his hecklers grew
more boisterous, asked them to listen
to him "as a representative of Jesus
Upon suggestion of the Rev. R. P.
"Bob" Shuler, president of the minis
terial union. Cuddy finally was granted
three minutes in which to present his
views, after which the meeting peace
fully adopted a resolution protesting
the return of Arbuckle as "tending to
lower the standard of right .living
among the young of our country."
Mrs. Margaret J. Handley, mother!
of Mafror Lawrence Handley, will cel
ebrate her ninety-first birthday Sun
day, Dec. 31. Mrs. Handley Is the last
of a family of 10 children. She Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Henry.
She was born In 1831 at Darktown.
Ohio, near Hamilton. Mrs. Handley's
mother lived to be 94 years old. She
has been a resident of thi3 city for
about 40 years and saw the first rail
road train that passed through Rich
mond. She was married July 4, 1847,
at Hamilton, Ohio, at the age of 16.
Ten children were born to Mrs.
Handley. They were Lawrence Hand-
ley, mayor of Richmond; George
Handley, Cincinnati; Will Handley,
College Corner; Matthias Handley,
deceased; Mrs. Elizabeth Carver, de
ceased; Mrs. Jane Bridgeford, living
in College, Corner; Mrs. Sadie Gil
more, deceased ; . Albert Handley. or
Richmond, who died last fall. , Mrs.
Nora Moore, who died at Indianapolis
several years ago; and John Handley,
1306 Ridge street, West Richmond,
with whom the Mrs. Handley lives.
Besides the children, there are 29
grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren
and six great great grandchildren, a
total or 80 descendants.
Brothers Saw Service
Mrs. Handley had three brothers
who saw service during the Civil war,
one being captured and held by the
Confederates in the prison camp at
Libby. He was released near the end
of the war through the exchange of
prisoners. Her brothers were not
killed during the war, but they died'
of sickness a short time after the sur
render of Lee to General Grant Her
husband also saw service during the
Civil war.
Mrs. Handley had three brothers
who wera in great demand for playing
for dances. They all played the violin,
the only dance instrument known at
that time, and the older brother, Wil
liam, was in demand for his ability
to play hia instrument and call the
dances. The dances of today are very
different from the ones taken part in
by Mrs. Handley, she says. The four
hand reel and the six hand reel were
the best known dances when she was
about 12 years old.
Later the cotillion dance was intro
duced and this dance seemed to be
come popular with the young folks.
In giving her impression of the danc
ing of today, Mrs. Handley says she
witnessed the dancing at the fair held
this summer at Glen Miller park and
that all they did was jump around! and
make hard work out of what used to
be considered a pleasure.
Reads and Sews
Mrs. Handley reads and sews for
pastime. She reads the evening pa
pers and the stories to her liking in
different magazines. She makes al
most all her own wearing apparel,
just completing an apron for herself
Thursday. Mrs. Handley says she is
partial to white clothes and- rarely
wears black.
She also always has a strand of
beads around her neck.
In offering suggestions to flappers
about the use of cosmetics for beau
tifying purposes, she recommends
toilet soap and talcum powder no I
Mrs.. Handley has had no certain
plan to follow in eating. She always
has eaten what she liked, and eaten
heartily, but in recent years she can
not eat what she likes, only certain
foods agreeing with her. She never
had any disease, but she has had some
slight sick spells. Her last serious
sickness was about three years ago.
Mrs. Handley makes it a point to
visit her son, Lawrence, every Christ
mas and Thanksgiving. She is very-
proud of him, as he started his busi
ness career as a newsboy and Is now
mayor of Richmond. She helped
elect him by registering and voting.
Mr. Handley takes her for a ride in
his machine every Sunday afternoon
that is possible. She likes to ride,
and gives this as one of the reasons
for her continued good health.
She had attended the Second Pres
byterian church until about a year
ago, and she was a very active mem
ber. She also went to town to do herl
shopping until a year ago, but she is
afraid to risk it now due to the heavy
Mrs. Handley will celebrate her
birthday quietly at the home of her
son, John Handley, 1306 Ridge street.
She hopes to celebrate many more
like it.
-1 i
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: : . - .- r ': : J.7. : -.-. .
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Young People Enjoy
Banquet at Church;
Hear Several Talks
A banquet, at which 125 weTe serv
ed, was staged by the young people's
society of St Paul's Lutheran church
at 6:30 Thursday evening. Decora
tions were in rose and green, and an
orchestra Under the leadership of Miss
Marian Weichman played during the
banquet '
Under the supevision of L. C. Hase-
coster as toastm aster, toasts were re
sponded to as follows: "Roasts," Hen-
ty Kimm; "Boasts" Miss Elma Peter
Ing: "Toasts." Mark Heitbrink. A
short talk also" wa3 given by Cecil
Scantland, county young peoule s superintendent
After the banquet the main address
of the evening by Wayne G. Miller, of
Indianapolis, state ycung people s su
perintendent, was delivered. A praye
was given by Miss Rosamond Meyer
The gathering enjoyed a general good
time and entertainment by novelty
The committee in charge of the
evening meeting was Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Smith, Miss Julia Vori Pein, Miss Elma
Petering, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wag
ner, and Clarence Porter.
Deaths and Funerals
Short News of City
Entertains at Dinner Mrs. Henry
Hiatt entertained at a 6 o'clock din
ner Tuesday evening at her homo
on North A street Decorations were
carried out in Christmas colors. The
guests were Mrs. J. Cosby, Mrs. Wil
liam Edwards, Mrs. W. Alexander,
Mrs. Oxendim, Mrs. L. Hiatt, Mrs. F,
Milton, Mrs. F. Williams. Mrs. R.
Williams, Mrs. L. Fox and Mrs.
This is the Hon. Joan Alice Katherine Dickson-Poynder, only child
of John Poynder Dickson-Poynder, first Baron Islington. She is be
trothed to Lieut-Col. Sir Edward Grigg.
Lemon's Flower shop delivery car
was damaged considerably Friday af
ternoon at 2:15 o'clock when another
automobile turned onto Main 6treet
Fire In Warehouse Fire starting in) from South Fourteenth street, headed
the warenouse of the Pennsylvania west and collided wi?h the Lemon car,
railroad company at Eleventh and'
North E streets Friday afternoon at
1:15 o clock, resulted in little damage.
Rags and waste caused the blaze.
which the fire department put out
without much trouble.
The delivery car was demolished on
the left front side to the extent of a
broken spring and a pent fender. Mrs.
H. S. Simmons, who was in the
Self-Styled "Cousin"
Of Herding Arrested
(By Associated Press)
CHICAGO, Dec. 2") Everett Hard
ing, who gained publicity two years
ago by representing himself as a
cousin of President Harding and who
was sent to Leavenworth penitentiary
for an alleged check swindle and late
pardoned, was under arrest here today
on a charge of passing a worthless
check. Harding said the check was in
payment for printm? tickets for an
organ recital he was to give and that
he had dated it ahead anticipating that
he would have enough from the recital
to make it good. His recital was post
poned, however, he explained.
. S.'t Dutch East Indies
Trade Permanent, Belief
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 29. Belief
that the large trade built up between
the Dutch East Indies and the United
States was "in no sense a mere prod
uct of the war." but was "of perma
nent and enduring character," was ex
pressed in a statement issued today
by Dr. A. C. D. DeGraeff, the new
minister of The Netherlands govern
ment, who has arrived at his post
here. Citing exports from the Dutch
East Indies in 1920 valued at $900,
dOO.000. the new minister expressed
the opinion that when official figures
became available for 1921 and 1922
they would reveal increases in this
trade. Dr. DeGraeff, before coming
to Washington, was minister to Ja
pan, and prior to that was vice-Gov-ernor
General of the Dutch East Indies.
Funeral services for Solomon Fox,
former resident of this city, who died
at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
George Litchenstein, at Detroit, will be
held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 from
the Indianapolis Jewish synagogue,
with Rabbi Reurlicht officiating. Burial
will be in the Jewish cemetery. Ma
sonic services will be held at the grave.
Mr. and Mrs. George Fox of this city
and Mrs. Alvin Fox and children went
to Indianapolis Friday morning to at
tend the funeral.
Mother Critically III Estlev Sur- imnn dpTlvprv oar ciisf aitipiI several
ac, man tamer, nas Deen canea to acr-trhP? ahnnt fare an harirl
Liberty to the bedside of his mother. 8Craxcnes atut & lace and hands
who is criticallv ill, of nnpumonia , . and lost a diamond from its setting
Fined on Liquor Charge Charles in a ring.
p. vose entered a piea or gunty to a The automobile which struck the
cnarge oi naving intoxicating liquor T . , . Ti
fct ncc! n,i,fn JLJ1 Lemon car was not damaged. It was
raigned in Wayne- circuit court Fri- 11 by WilIiam Wils0n'
n XT' n f f ornAon nrn t 4" t 1 rtfl I '
and costs. The original affidavit car- WedS LhlldtlOOd bWeetheart
iieu imee cnarges iwo ot wmcn were At V t If '
dismissed. Close was arrested when Alter I eOTS Of Waiting
tne aitiaavit was riled against mm (Bv United Press)
last summer. AKRON. Ohio I)pc. 59 .Tohn New.
evivai to tiose The revival meet- berry. 73. has been in love with Mrs
mgs now m progress at the Gospel Martha E. Cook. 63 a widow, ever
mission at 952 Butler street, are ex- since they were children together, he
pectea to ciose bunnay evening. The said today and he applied for a mar
Rev. W. G. Moon, evangelist will have riaee license. After their marriae-e
charge of the services. Three services the couple will return to Newberry's
win uo ueiu ounaay. services start home In Alberta. Canada. "I desert
promptly at 7 o'clock. Everyone wel- ed my fraps up there for the first
Come. time in !0 vears in have this little rm-.
emnnv nerfnrmer? " Vou-luij-ir ciM
Unknown Soldier Graves
Decorated By Fraternity
WASHINGTON, Dec. 29. A visit to
Arlington cemetery to decorate the
graves of the unknown soldier and of
the late Rear Admiral Robert E.
Peary, a former notable member of the
fraternity, was the outstanding feature
on today's program of the Delta Kappa
which is meeting here in semi-annual
Epsilon, national college fraternity,
convention. The final session of the
convention will be this afternoon and
the fraternity's banquet tonight will
close the meeting.
Chief of Police Eversman was to
arrive in the city Friday afternon at
3:40 o'clock from Milwaukee, Wis
with Guy L. Barnes, former day clerk
at the Wescott hotel, who embezzled
nearly ?ioo of the hotel company s
funds and who was captured by detec
tives at Milwaukee after he had es
caped from them and ran through a
residential district The detectives
were forced to useguns in order to stop
Barnes will be arraigned in this city
money and he is also wanted in Rich
for embezzling the Westcott hotel
mond, Va., where he had been serving
a term in the penitentiary for larceny
of automobiles.
The annual evening of music for
nursese of Reid Memorial hospital and
their friends was held at, the Nurses'
home Thursday evening. Christmas
music by some of the community's
Hbest musical talent and dancing by pu-
pilsof Elizabeth Kolp provided a de
lightful program. The Yuletide atmos
phere created by attractive decora
tions, a tree and ether Christmas trim
mings added to the event
The program was arranged by Mrs.
F. W. Krueger. Several numbers were
sung by the quartet of the First Pres
byterian church, composed of Mrs. F.
W. Krueger, Mrs. Ray Longnecker.
Clifford Hutchins and Ralph Little!
Miss Marjorie Beck accompanied the
Duets and solos were sung by Mrs.
Fred Bartel and Ernest Renk. Thy
were accompanied by Miss Alice Knoll
enberg. Georgianna Doan accompan
ied by her mother, Mrs. Harry Doan,
played a violin solo.
Between the musical numbers
dances were given by pupils of Eliz
abeth Kolp. Beautiful costumes fit
ting their individual numbers were
worn by the diminutive dancers. Toe
numbers, Greek interpretative, Polish
Scotch, and military dances were exe
cuted by the performers. Those par
ticipating in the dances were: Kath
erine Meyers, Jean Grottendick, Nella
Marguerite Harter, Vivian Cox, Louise
Jenkins, Margaret Jenkins., Lizette
Campbell, Jane Sudhoff, Lucile Stears
and Ellen Bartel. Mary Louise Eyden
accompanied the dancers.
Later, refreshments were served to
the guests and performers and the eve
ning spent informally.
Every Resource Exhausted
In Search For Cornell
(By United Press)
CLEVELAND, Dec. 29. Every re
source in the search for the tug Cor
nell, missing with her crew of eight
since Dec. 20, had been, exhausted to
day and all rescue tus were returning
to their home ports.
Stockholders of Clifton Manufactur
ing company have endorsed the rec
ommendation of the board of rirec
tors to declare a stock dividend of
25 per cent and a cash semi-annual
dividend of six per cent This action
will increase the capital stock from
$2,000,000 to $2,500,000.
Mrs. Sarah E. Wallingford, aged 64
years, died of a complication of dis
eases at 11 o'clock Thursday morning
at her home in Whitewater. She was
the widow of Manford B. Wallingford.
She was noted for her kindness to her
neighbors and friends.
She i3 survived by one brother,
John D. Williams, of Fountain City.
She leaves four nephews, including
Charles O. Williams, county superin
tendent of schools; two nieces resid
ing at Fountain City, one niece living
at Dayton, one at Portland, Ind., and
one at Chicago.
Funeral services will . be held at
1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the
Whitewater' Methodist church. Rev.
L. F. Ulmer will officiate. Burial will
be in Whitewater cemetery. Friends
may call at any time.
pent Christmas with Mrs. Mary
29 Davis, at Richmond Mr. and Mrs
Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink has Charles Strader and family entertain-
recoverea rrom her recent attack of ed Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
pneumonia and will sing in Meadville, Bope and daughter, Geraldine, of
Pa.,-Jan. 5, it was announced today. Dayton, Ohio and Mrs. Strader. of
bne tried her voice before a family ..ew Hope, Ohio Mr. and Mrs.
gathering on Christmas day and those O. O Boerner, Mr and Mrs. Maurice
who heard her said that her notes Hinshaw and children, Juanita and
were as full as ever. Keith, spent Christmas with Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Bond, of ' Richmond. . .
WIDOW OF SENATOR DIES Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Martin entertained
WASHINGTON, Dec. 29 Mrs. Har- at dinner Christmas. Mr. and Mrs.
riet D. Mitchell, widow of ex-Senator Ernest Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Will
John L. Mitchell of Wisconsin, and Martin. Miss Virginia Martin, Mrs.
mother of Brig. Gen. William Mitchell Lu!i Webster and Miss Florence Web
died suddenly today at the latter's res- s61" Mr- ad Mrs Elbert Kemp
ldence ater an attack of heart disease entertained Christmas, Mr. and Mrs.
Brig. Gen. Mitchell left this afternoon William A. Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
with the body for Milwaukee, the liam A. Clements, Dr. and Mrs. R.
home of his mother, where interment D- Morrow, of Connersville, Miss Nel-
wiu be made. lie Morrow, Mrs. Kussell Joy and R.
D. Morrow, Jr The Misses Pauline
ESTATE OF $250,000
CHICAGO, Dec. 29 The late Repre
sentative James R. Mann, who died in
Washington, Nov. 30, left an estate of
$250,000. which will go to his widow,
it was disclosed today when his wiU
was file ! for probate. The Instrument
left the estate to th3 widow and, thei;
on. who died prior to his father. The
entire estate now go.s to Mrs. Mann
It consists of $175,000 in personal
property and real estate valued at
Fish have cold blood, that Is. blood
taking the temperature of the sur
rounding water.
The Eskimos of the Pribilof islands
live in igloos made of concrete instead
of ice.
The little English town of Sunnlng
dale is thoroughly up-to-date, for It
now has a woman as sole minister of
its Congregational church. She is
Miss Norah Thompson, who has made
a name for herself as an excellent
preacher. She has officiated at mar
riages, baptisms and funerals, and Is
fully qualified for every duty.
EVANSV1LLE, Ind., Dec. 29 A joint
banquet for the alumni of the Indiana
and Purdue universities was held last
night at the Chamber of Commerce
building here, covers being laid for 203
guests. Dr. William Lowe Bryan, pres
ident of Indiana university; Dr. Ed
ward Charles Elliott, president of Pur
due university, and Dr. L. N. Hines,
president of the State Normal school
at Terro Haute, were the principal
speakers. Frank H. Hatfield, local at
torney and one of the trustees of In
diana university, was toastmaster.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 29. Dr. Rob
ert Watson, of New York, has been
elected acting superintendent of the
International Reform bureau. Dr. Wil
bur F. Crafts, the organization's- super
intendent died here Wednesday. Mr.
Watson was named . to serve three
months. - - -
The average maple tree yields
enough sap to produce from five to
4e founds of sugar.
LYNN. S. C. Eowen spent a part of
a holiday with his daughter, in Fort
ayne Earl Hinshaw of Fort
Wayne, spent Christmas with his
mother, Mrs. Maude Hinshaw.. .Miss
Myrl Crew, who attends school at
Muncie normal, is home for the holi
days Mrs. Beryl Smith and daugh
ter is spending the holiday with rela
tives near Economy Mort Man
ning spent Christmas with his family
here Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sipe, of
near. Saratoga, and. John Murphy, of
Colorado, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. George Ingle. Miss Anna
Crew who has been substituting in
the Spartansburg school, will resume
her work here in the schools, after
the holidays Mrs. Ethel Mikesell
and daughter, Ruth Ellen, went to
Fort Wayne Tuesday Miss Elanor
Moore, of Winchester, spent part of
the holidays with Mrs. Mort Manning
and family Miss Mildred Swain
who is a student at Miami university,
is spending the holidays with her
parents, Mr. aEd Mrs. Will Swain.
....Mr. and Mrs. Russel Isenberger
spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs,
G. F. Chenoweth The young peo
ple of the various churches sang
Christmas carols on Christmas eve.. .
Clarence Black and family spent
Christmas at Milton, Ohio Frank
Nickols, of Traverse City, Mich. Is and Mildred -Tice entertained Christ
visiting his father, near Arba Ira mas night for their cousin, Miss
jonnson Is ilL....The condition nf Gladys Schlaugher. Games and con
Martin Eckerle is about the same.. . tests were played. Lunch was served
i ne alumni of the Lynn hieh school to th following guests : Misses Ruth
entertained its members with a Christ- Parker, Florence Webster, Mildred
mas party Tuesday night About 60 ani Marjorie Meek, Blanche Brown,
and music was the order of the eve- Irene Knoll, Esther Banks, ,Wilma
ning, after which refreshments were Buroker, Pearl Staley, Adelaide Kemp,
served.. .Mrs. Edith Winslow of Pnrt Mr. Hood Alfred Kemp, Roy Mauer,
Wayne is the ruest of her narentu George and Sherwood Berry, Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jonhson... Member.? Allen, Elmer Woodruff, Loren Buro-
ot tne Masonic lodge entertained their ker- Howard Brown, Kenneth Thomas,
iamines and friends with a Runner Lester strader, Nelson Hunt cnarles
in their lodge rooms WpdneKdav Bogan, Pherbie Mikesell and Marvel
night Miss Thelma Chenoweth Barker.. .. .Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey
who teaches in Union City, is spend- Mikesell spent Monday afternoon with
! . 1 ,, . ... 1 . . 1 , 111- , T 1 TI..1 ,
mg me noimays witn oer parents, Mr. ivlr- &na -nyue, ut-mei.
ana Airs. u. t Chenoweih.
MIDDLEBORO, Ind., Mrs. Ono
CHESTER, Ind. Nelson Hunt r Droud of Sturgis, Mich., is home for
Purdue, is visiting his parents, Mr the week to visit her parents Mr. and
and Mrs. Everett Hunt Mr.' and Mrs. B. B. Williams Mrs. Mary
Mrs. Ernest Martin, of IndiananoH? Belford of Richmond was the gues
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. T S Mar. Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. T.
tin Mrs. Fred Pickett nf Washing. J. Addleman Mr. and Mrs. Will
ton. D. C, spent Thursday with Mr Currey spent Christmas day with Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Pickett Mr. and and Mrs. Will Kelting of Richmond,
Mrs. Keith Bowen spent the week end Tne Christmas guests of Mr. and
with Mr. and Mrs. Loufborouzh. of Mrs. T. J. Addleman were: one Hod
.New Madison, Ohio Roy Mann, of gia f Middletown, Howard Hodgin of
spartansDurg, and Miss Marie Martin. Middletown, Mr. ana Mrs. Jessie tiai-
of Hollansburg, Ohio, are SDendin? a ley. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Land
few days with W. E. Berry and family, wehr, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bennett,
aira. t. u. Boerner called on Mr. ana - Mrs. hiarry j. iteea, Airs
Mrs. Marty Huffman Tuesdav after- Charles Reed, Miss Lois Bennett.
noon Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, of Mrs. Rosa Busher and daughter spent
Constantme, Mich., are visiting Mr. Sunday witn Mrs. joun bmitn.
and Mrs. William H. Wesler..... Miss William Fry is in
Gladys Schlonagher is visitine Tnia
Tice and family Mr. and Mrs. Jo- CARLOS CITY, Ind. Mr. and Mrs.1 Thomas Morrison.
seph Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ben Kinsey and family are staying at
ters....Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchins
and children spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. P. W. Hutchins Mr. ani
Mrs. Lester Williams and children vis
ited with Rev. and Mrs. John Hard
wick Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Ray
mond Morrison and family spent
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Otis Tu -ner
and family. Misses Nellie Mor
rison and Helen GitUeus accompanied
them home to spend a part of their
vacation Mr. and Mrs. Bart Bu
roughs, Miss Mario rnd Arlo motored
to Muncie Christmas and spent the
day with Mr. and Mrs. Don Cooper
and Mr. and Mrs. Cole Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Engle, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie A!
bertson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Hodson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Adamson and children, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Morrison and family of Economy,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morrison and
daughter Bernice of Indianapolis, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Ballinger and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Engle, Edita
and Elvln Miller and Charles Englo
spent Christmas day with Mr. anJ
Mrs. Walter Engle and daughters.
There were 53 persons present Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Adamson and daughter
Francis of Hagerstown, Mr. and Mrs.
Glen Adamson spent Christmas eve
with Mrs. Mahala Adamson. . .Mr. anl
Mrs. Thomas Morrison, Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Keene and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Owen Livengood and family of Shel
byville, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Spencer of
New Madison, Ohio, enjoyed th
rhriltmns festivities at the hnme r.f
Mr. and Mrs. Claud DeArmond and
family near Fountain City Monday
evening Mr. and Mrs. John Catey
entertained Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Mar-
tinand family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Turner and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clydfj
Catey and family, Mr and Mrs. Frank
Catey, Mr. and Mrs. George Catey, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Fox Christmas day,
....Mrs. George Smith and daughter
Marie spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
Paul Beard and Monday with Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Maynard. Joseph Maynard
has been sick with the lagrippe the
past week Mr. and Mrs. Lester
M1113 of Williamsburg visited with the
latter's parents, Mr. tnd Mrs. Lllburn
Martin Sunday. . . .Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Adamson, Mrs. Mahala Adamson and
Donna Belle Wisner motored to Win
chester Monday to see Mr. Will Har
mon, who is at the hcspital. . . .Mr. an4
Mrs. Oscar Catey and daughters spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. John
Catey. . . .Mr. and Mrs. John Beard en
tertained to Christmas dinner, Mr. and
Mrs. Clell Beard and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Love and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Verlie Love and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beard and Earl
Beard Mrs. Kate Turner is spend
ing a few days with her son Otis Tur
ner and family. .. .Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Oler and family spent Monday with
Mr. and Mrs. Will Oler and daughter
Mildred Mr. and Mrs. Link Morrl
son, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Morrison and
daughter Margaret, Rev. Newlin and
daughter Helen of Economy, Misses
Nellie Morrison and Helen Gethers
spent Christmas witk Mr. and Mrs.
families. They were Fred Hill and
family of Lynn, Lorin Hill and son
of Arba, Henry Bowen and family, of
l.nion City, Wesley Ketring and son
of Arba, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Thomas
of Hollansburg, Miss Pauline Hill and
Howard Hill Mr. and Mrs. John
Harding and daughter. Miss Marie,
entertained Mr. and Mrs. Mejl Colo
man and son, Homer, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Spencer and daughter Loreen,
and Sen Lawall at dinner Christmas
day Mr.and Mrs. Oliver Spencer
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr.
Spencer's daughter and husband, Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Pettijohn, of Ridge
ville Mr. and Mrs. Harsh, of Nash
ville, spent the week end with the
latter's parents. Charles Smith and
family Mrs. Robert Anderson and
chilldren spent Christmas day with
Mrs. Anderson's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Horn, of Richmond Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Humph
rey Mikesell spent Christmas after
noon with Mr. and Mrs. Ell Hyde...
Harold Roberts and Paul D. Rob
erts, of New Madison, Ohio, are
spending a few days with their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Hyde.....
Mr. and Mrs. John Money and son,
Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Money
and son, Mr. and Mrs. James Moore,
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Moore and fam
ily, all of near Hollansburg. spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William
Lee Rev. and Mrs. Roy L. Brown,
and Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Brown,
went to Cincinnati Wednesday morn
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Brown
will return home Friday, but Mr. and
Mrs. Roy L. Brown will go to Flor
ida, where they are to serve as stato
evangelists for the coming year
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Spencer spent
Christmas day with Mrs. Mary Young
and son Leonard, of New Paris, Ohio.
....Leslie Anderson, who is working
in Richmond, is spending this week
with his mother, Mrs. R. G. Ander
son and family.. -..Mr. and Mrs. Don
ald Windle spent from Saturday un
til Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Eli Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Everett
White and Mrs. Stella White enter
tained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Beck of Lewisburg, Ohio, Mr. and
Mrs. Perry Williams and family and
Mrs. Garnett McGavin, of Richmond.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett White spent
Christmas with Mrs. Rena Knoll and
son, Leonard, and Mr. and Mrs. Hen
ry Cole of Richmond. Mrs. Stella
White spent Christmas with Perry
Williams and. family Misses Mar
guerite and Princes Brown spent a
few days this week with Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Harlan Mr. and Mrs.
Irvin Anderson spent Christmas day
with Forest Jordan and family, of
Richmond The Masons gave their
annual oyster supper Wednesday eve
ning. .
Cutter spent Christmas with Mr. and the home of the former's parents on
Mrs. George Schneider, at Richmond, account of the serious illness of his
....Mr. and Mrs. W.- E. Berrv and mother, who has pneumonia and pleur.
family, Mr. and and Mrs. Don Berry isy. They have a nurse from Economy
spent Sunday with Mrs. Maria Man- taking care of her Mr. and Mrs.
ning.at Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Harrv T. A. Morrison called on Miss Marie
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Varnauf, Hutchins Sunday evening.. Rev.
Elvin and Wilma Brown and Paul and George Vanderburg will preach at this
Jannette Varnauf spent Sunday with place next Sunday morning and even
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huffman ing Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oler enter
Madison Ogden, of Dayton, Ohio, is tained to Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs.
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kerlin. Will Chamness Messrs. Roger Cra
..Walter Mikesell spent Monday with nor and Gaddis of Huntsville, Russell
Charles Mikesell and familv, of Hoi- Morrison and Miss Lena Smith callei
lansburg The Chester school and
M. E. church Sunday school entertain
ments given Friday and Sunday
Mrs. Michael Kendall spent Christ-
on Misses Eilene ani Bernice Hutch
ing Sunday evening. .. .The Burrougn
basketball team of Richmond will play
the Cari03 Bankers at this place next
mas day with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Ryan has moved to Richmond Harlan Johnson spent Christmas with
Me and Mrs. William H. Wesler Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson and daugli-
B ETHEL, Ind Mr. and Mrs. Thur-
man Constable spent Sunday and Mon
day with Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart,
ot union City Mr. and Mrs. V. B.
McCauley, Mr. and Mrs. Chester An
derson of Indianapolis were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Anderson, from
Saturday until Tuesday Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Hyde and son Harold, of
Richmond, and Miss Florence Boren,
of Cincinnati, were dinner guests
feunday of Jehu Boren and family.
Miss Florence will spend a couple ot
days with her parents Mr. and Mr3.
Jehu Boren Miss Lila Van Nuys,
of Richmond, spent a few days here
with her father, A. L. Van Nuys
A. L. Wiley, who travels, spent sev
eral days last week at his home here.
... .Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hill gave a
Christmas tree for their ehihjren and
Cully called on Robert Toole and fam
ily Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs.
John Benner and daughter Majorie of
College Corner spent Sunday with Mrs.
Rachel Wright and daughter Susie
Miss Margaret Finch spent Tuesday
with Mr. and Mrs. Will Finch and fam
ily.... Ed Cully of Liberty spent Sun
day with Omar Miller and family
Omar Miller and family entertained at
dinner Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Eddie
Williamson and daughters Cleo and
Freda, Mrs. Alice Logue and Mrs. Sa
die Garreth. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Toole and sons Cloyd and Myron called
in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Grey-
son Gardner and baby-son of Indian
apolis are visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Caldwell Miss Verda Miller
called on Mrs. Rachel Wright and
daughter Susie Tuesday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. Will Iogue and daugh
ter Mabel, Mr. and Mrs. Verl Sanford
and sons, Russell and Howard, and
daughter. Ruby, Mr. and Mrs. Willers
Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sanford
and sons, Ralph, Onie and.'Carl, Mr. (
and Mrs. Delbert Ixgue, Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Logue and daughter, Janice."
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Logue and chil
dren, Julian, Lois and Winston, Mr.
and Mrs. Rosa Witter and children,
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sharp and children
and Mr. and Mrs. Lunson Sanford and
daughter, Beverley, spent Christmas
with Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sanford of
near Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Well-
ers Sanford spent Tuesday in Liberty.
....Mr. and Mrs. Mort Jones spent
Christmas in College Comer, Ohio
Mrs. Sadie Garreth came Tuesday eve
ning from Dayton, Ohio, for an extend
ed visit with Omar Miller and family.
Miss Edith Keelor, Mr. and Mrs.
Mort Jones, Mrs. Johnson of this place
and Mr. Myron Keelor and nephew of
Richmond called on Mr. and Mrs.
George Keelor Sunday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gardner and
children of Duluth, Minn., and Mr. and
Mrs. Aaron Gardner of this place spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Seal.
. . .William Conner of Richmond call
ed en Mike Conner Tuesday. .. .Mr.
and Mrs. George Brown and Mr. and
Mrs. John Johnson spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Lindley Swain. . y
Mrs. John Johnson and Mr. and Mrs.
Lindley Swain spent Christmas with
Miss Emma Ixgue and children in
Richmond.... Walter Wyatt of Rich
mond spent Sunday night and Monday
with home folks.... Mrs. George Kee
lor is ill with la grippe Raymond
Wyatt of Richmond spent Sunday and
Monday with home folks Frank
Wynn of College Corner, Ohio, was
greeting friends in Cottage Grove Mon
day Dan Delong and family and
Mrs. Bowen and family called on Wash
Wyatt and family Monday afternoon.
....John Rawlins and son Danell and
Raymond Wyatt were in Cincinnati
Sunday afternoon Mrs. Lucinda
Gardner, Miss Edith Keelor, Miss Mar
garet Finch, Miss Ethel Coleman and
Mrs. Mary Albert were guests Christ
mas of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gardner.
....Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hyde entertain
ed at Christmas dinner Mr. and Mrs
Frank Lynch and family, Mr. and Mrs
Mort Dubois and family and Mr. and
,Mrs. Edward Hyde and baby.... Mrs
Alice Logue called on Mr. and Mrs.
Alonzo Logue Tuesday afternoon
Mrs. Kavanaugh Robinson and daugh
ter Virginia left Thursday morning for
College Hill, Ky., for a visit with home
folks .... Mrs. Combs is the guest of
her son, Kavanaugh Robinson Mrs
Combs spent Saturday night and Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Robinson
and family Harry Shirkey of Cin
cinnati, Ohio, spent the week-end with
home folks.... Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Quick are visiting relatives near Cin
cinnati Ohio.... Omar Miller and Edj
4196. The little doll mother mav.
not only make dolly's clothes but also
the doll, from the models supplied
herewith. The body may be of drill,
unbleached muslin, oil cloth or sanitas,
with a stuffing of bran, kopak, or cot-.
ton. Eyes of shoe buttons, nose and'
lips of yarn, or, the features may be
embroidered or painted.
Dressed as a clown this doll will be
very attractive. The suit may be of
calico, cretonne or scraps of silk or.
satin. One or two colors of materials
may, be used. For the rompers cre
tonne or gingham is pleasing. Dolly
will be so glad of the dear little pock
ets in her rompers, nd "Pierrot" the
clown will do all sorts of tricks in his
comfortable costume, if his arms and
legs are fastened so as to be moveable.
The pattern comprising the doll and
the garments, is cut in three t-lzes:
Small 12 inches, medium 16 Inches,
large 20 inches In length. ' The doll
requires for a medium size one-half
yard. The rompers seven-eighth yard.
The suit and hat, one a quarter yards
of 27-inch material.
Ad drees
A pattern of this illustration mailed
to any address on receipt of 12 centa
In silver or stamps. .
Address Pattern Department ,'
, Palladium
Patterns will be mailed to your ad
dress within one week.
Send 12c in silver or stamps for
1922-1923 BOOK of FASHIONS.

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