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Chapters From a Woman's Life
By Jane Phelps
Chapter 36
Everything was ready, "Walter and I
dressed and waiting when the guests
arrived. As I took a last look at my
table, at the food in the kitchen, I
smiled happily. Mrs. Page would have
nothing to criticize.
She looked very aristocratic, very
handsome when she appeared.
"I am very proud of you, mother,
"Walter said. "You are remarkably
young looking and that dress is very
"You flatter me, my son. But I am
gratified for I know you have perfect
taste, as an artist should."
Our guests arrived punctually, and
we were soon seated at table. Jennie
in a new black dress with apron and
cap served. I watched her closely at
first, fearing she might make some
mistake, but she did so nicely I became
interested in the conversation.
Until we reached the salad every
thing went all right, then she served
Mrs. Gordon first, muttered something,
grabbed the plate' from her and placed
it before me.
No one said anything, but I saw Mrs.
Page's face. It made me almost ill.
Jennie realized she had blundered and
"became nervous. As she placed , the
salad before Mrs. Page she put the
plate too near the edge of the table
and it fell into her lap.
I started to rise, but Mrs. Page mo
tioned me to keep still.
"It is nothing," she said,, then re
sumed her conversation as if there
had been no accident, although I knew
the rich dressing must have spotted
her dress; and that she would be very
much annoyed by Jennie's blunder.
I trembled with apprehension and
annoyance, yet I couldn't help admir
ing her aplomb. She was calm as if
nothing had occurred out of the ordin
ary; as if having a plat of salad
dumped into her lap was an everyday
When finally the dinner was over
the desert and coffee were nicely
served although Jennie's cheeks were
crimson, and I feared further disaster
and we adjourned to the living room
p.nd the card tables, Mrs. Page excused
herself a moment, I know to clean her
diesis. Oh, why couldn't Jennie have
dumped it in my lap? I thought. Yet
I knew the soiled dress would be a
lesser cause for complaint than the
bungling service.
But no trace of annoyance appeared
in her manner when she reappeared
and took her place at the card table.
She played carefully and well as al
ways, took her part in the conversation
and was absolutely at ease. Which
was a good deal more than I was.
It was midnight when our guests
loft. As the door closed after them,
Walter said:
"Well, they all seemed to hate a
good time, didn't they?"
"I hope so," I returned.
"I should advise giving no more din
ners," Mrs. Page said. "I was fearful
pomething would go wrong. It was
intensely mortifying to me."
"I am so sorry," I replied. "I hope
your dress wasn't ruined."
'The dress is a secondary matter.
It in my first experience of a dinner
spoiled by inefficient service. I felt
very ill at ease. Please don't attempt
t entertaining again while I am here."
"Oh, come, mater!" Walter said. He
had seen the tears in my eyes. I had
worked so hard to have the dinner a
success, was tired and nervous over
the mishap. "It was an accident. I
thought Jennie did very well."
"Very w'ell is not sufficient at a
formal dinner. Every detail should be
'Well, I'm for hitting the hay! Come
on, Doreen; and goodnight, mother."
He hurried me out of the room before
fhe could reply.
I knew he did it to save me and I
was grateful. But I just put my head
on his shoulder, as soon as we were
alone, and cried like a baby. I had
wantPd so to have everything nice and
it had been a failure.
Walter kept telling me how good the
dinner was. how everyone seemed to
enjoy it, trying to comfort me. But it
wat not until he said:
"It might have been worse, Doreen,
the hot soup or the coffee, and the
mater certainly carried it off well. You
have to hand it to her," that I stopped
crying to laugh hysterically.
She was wonderful," I conceded.
"But, don't you see, that makes it all
the worse for me, that she should have
to be?"
"Well, forget it and come to bed."
I went to bed but I couldn't forget
it. I knew well enough I had not heard
the last of It; probably would not
while his mother remained with me.
(To Be Continued)
In Richmond Churches
An evangelistic watch night service
to be held Sunday night at Grace M.
E. church will mark the closing of a
most active and successful year for
that' church. The work of the last
six months will be reviewed by the
reports given and a forecast made for
the year 1923. Following is the pro
gram of the services:
7:30 Revival singing in charge of
Prof. Harry Box.
- 8:00 Scripture reading, prayer and
8:15 Sermon. Dr. Somerville Light,
district superintendent.
9:00 Watch night quarterly conference.
10:00 Social half hour, with light
lunch, in charge of Epworth league.
10:30 Address, Rev. H. S. James,
pastor United Brethren church.
11:00 Watch night meditations and
testimony service, in charge of Rev.
H. H. Compton.
11:15 New Year's candle service.
11:30 The Lord's supper, in charge
of Dr. Light and ministers present.
12:00 New Year's greetings.
l; . ' Rtl H1
pC J. 7 :M i
fiM&Vl - ' III -lii
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s : - vSSm flE?t' ffisr ! ' if -
1 X1! Vm t '
LIBERTY. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Clem
Michails are the parents of a son,
Charles Eugene.
ELKHORN, Ind. Mr. and Mr.--.
Howard Hartman are the parents of a
son, Howard Melvin.
ABINGTON. Ind. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Chaplow are the parents of
a daughter.
ABINGTON. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. EJ
Parker are the parents of a son.
This Is Margaret Lindsay Williams, who has come from Cardiff.
She will make the President's portrait for the London branch of the
English Speaking Union.
The congregation of East Main
Street Friends Church will enjoy the
presentation of a sacred concert and
Christmas cantata which is to be held
in the church Sunday evening at 7:30
o'clock. Ernest Reid is director of
the chorus and Miss Mary Sprong is
pianist The program is as follows:
Prelude, (piano) Largo (G. F. Han
del); "Joy to the World," congrega
tion (G. F. Handel); prayer E. How
ard Brown; "Silent Night, Holy
Night" choir (Frantz Gruber) ; "Glory
to God." ladies' chorus (V. E. Beek
er); "The Herald," choir (Ernest E.
Reid); offerotory, piano (Gluck),
trans, by Johannes Brahms.
"Yuletide Memories," a , Christmas
cantata by Ira B. Wilson. Introduc
tion composed by Ernest E. Reid.
No. 1, "Praise and Glory," choir and
ladies' chorus; No. 2, "The Proph
ecy," ladies' chorus and soprano solo,
Mrs. Myron Davenport; No. 3, "Beth
lehem," choir; alto solo, Mrs. Jesse
Parshall, and ladies' chorus: No. 4,
"The Shepherds' Vision," double qaur
tet and choir; No. 5, "The Midnight
Choir," alto solo Mrs. Gertrude Solo
mon, choir with alto obligato; No. 6,
"The Wise Men," bass solo, Roy Tar
shall. with men's and ladies' chorus;
No. 7. "The Guiding Star." soprano
solo, Mrs. Hilda Wooley, ladies' chor
us with- soprano obligato; No. 8,
"Room for Three." choir, soprano and
altos; No. 9, "Hallelujah Chorus,"
Watch Night services will be held
at the Third M. E. church Sunday
night beginning at 8 o'clock. Special
music aid addresses will feature the
program for the evening. "UTiat it
Takes to Make a Citizen." will be the
subject of the address of C. B. Lewis
and there will be another talk by Guy
Girton. There wil be a social hour
from 10 to 11 o'clock after which the
pastor. Rev. E. L. Gates will speak on
"The Making of a Christian."
The church council of St. Paul's Lu
theran church will meet Tuesday ev
ening at the church following servi
ces. The church board of the Grace M.
E. church will meet Monday night at
7:30 o'clock.
The morning program will be in ob
servance of the New Year.
About 40 wAmen attended the meet
ing of the Ladies' Aid society of the
Science Church of Spiritualists held
yesterday afternoon at 2:30 in the
Pythian temple. The afternoon was
spent with a musical and literary pro
gram. The home extension department of
the city Bible school will meet Tues
day afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Y. M.
C. A. building. Mrs. Martha Solomon
will have charge of the advance les
son for January. The Bible quiz is to
be continued. All are invited to at
The Woman's Missionary society
of the First Christian church will hold
its first gathering of the New Year
Wednesday afternoou at the church.
Mrs. Alice Hueshes will lead the devo
tional. 'Mrs. Myrtle Stump will have
a paper on "India's Heritage." A
book review 'will be given by Mrs.
Sadie Chrisman. The hostesses for
the afternoon are to be Mrs. Elsie
Skinner, Mis. Addie Cain, Mrs. Eliza
beth Surritt, Mrs. Pearl Albertzart,
Mrs. Bertha Abel,' and Mrs. Ona
The official board of the First Meth
odist church will meet Monday night
at 7: 30 o'clock.
Heart Problems
Special services for the New Year
will be held Monday morning at 10
o'clock at the Trinity Lutherau
Dear Mrs. Thompson: I am a young
man of twenty-two years. I am goins
lo school and I am engaged to a yout.;;
lady who is also attending another
j-chool. I love her very dearly and sh?
nays she loves me, tut she has dates
with some olher fellows who were old
'chums before I met her. She says she
tioesn't think it wroi.g, but I do.
She seems to iove me very much
when we are together. I love her so
much that I do not want to go with
any other girls. It was for her that
1 went tack to schoo1
She also has a girl friend whom
dislike veiy much and she has caused
a great deal ot trouble Detween us,
but she will not drop him. Please tell
me whether I should quit school or
quit going with her and forget her.
Tell me if you think a girl who is en
gaged should have dates wiih any
other one. "
M. T. M. M.
A girl who is enraged rarely has
iates with other young men. I should
think, however, since you and your
fiancee' do not attend the same school
it i3 only natural that each should
vant to go with some one else when it
Is impossible to be together. My ad
vice is to have faith in the irl and in
ner love lor you. Let uer go with
jther young men since she is deter
mined to do so; there could be no
greater test of the sincerity of her
love. If she finds some one she likes
better, you surely ought to know it be
fore you take so final a step as marriage.
The Young People's society of the
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran
church will meet Tuesday night.
The meeting of the Benevolent so
ciety of St. John's church has been
postponed one week.
The Woman's Aid society of the
First Presbyterian church will meet
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 b'clock
at the church. The hostesses for the
afternoon will be Mrs. Frank Land
and Miss Sarah Swain.
Union services of the First Presby
terian and the Reid Memorial United
Presbyterian churches will be held the
third week in January. On Monday
and Wednesday night, Jan. 15 and 17
the meeting will be in charge of Rev.
McClean Work, pastor of Reid Memor
ial church in the First Presbyterian
church. On Tuesday and Thursday
night meetings will be in charge of Dr.
Joseph J. Rae, pastor of the First Pres
byterian church in the Reid Memorial
church. On Friday night each congre
gation will have a separate meeting in
the two churches.
A Little Girl's Task.
My little girl likes to dabble in
water, so I tie a big apron on her,
give her a cloth and some cleaning
powder, and let her scour the wash
stand. This is a realhelp to me, an J
satisfies her desire to play in the
(Copyright, 1922, Associated Editors.)
The First English Lutheran church,
the second English Lutheran church
and St, Paul's Lutheran church will
unite in services during the coming
The Christian Endeavor meeting of
the First Presbyterian church wil!
be held at 8 o'clock Sunday evening
In the form of a New Year's Watch
party. There will be the regular
C. E. meeting at this time with musi
cal numbers as a feature. Several
speakers, who have been in South
America during the past year, will be
on the program. Letters will be read
from missionaries in Africa. Refresh
ment swill be served. All members,
their friends and those interested are
cordially invited. ;
Members of the Reid Memorial Sab
bath school held the attention of
more than 250 of the members at the
presentation of their cantata in the
church Friday night, Hugh Foss took
the part of Santa Claus and Pearl
Crumbaugh that of the fairy queen.
Those who sang solos were: Ellen
King, Alice Dafler, Robert Dafler.
Daniel Green and Sarah Porneir. The
cantata was preceded by a program
given by the primary department.
The following children took part:
Jane and William Work, Catherine
Engelbert, Barbara and Richard Ram
sey, Evelyn Roop, Margaret Magaw,
William King, Daniel Fosler, James
Wilson, Alvin Meek, Robert Schep
man, James Jay, Maxine and Nola
Lucas, Ruth and Eloise Goddard. Hel
en Moss, Richard Dafler, William
Milton, Ind.
MILTON, Ind. Mrs. Emma Beeson
entertained the1 children of her neigh
borhood 'Christmas morning. After a
musical program, gifts were distri
buted to each child Miss Grace
spend Christmas with her .parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doddy
Mr. and Mrs. Homer DuGranrut spent
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Frank
DuGranrut..... Miss Ruby Moore, of
Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Bertsch, of Indianapolis, were holi
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Moore Mr. and Mrs. Wallace War
ren and Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Jones
entertained the Loyal Sons and the
school with a Christmas party
Mrs.Hiatt and Louis Johnson, of In
dianapolis, spent Christmas with Mrs.
Carrie Johnson Misses Arline and
Louise Templin spent Christmas with
Mary Malick at the home of Andrew
Kerber Mr. and Mrs. Chambers,
of Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy
Mills and family, of Hopewell, and
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferris were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferris
Christmas day Mr. and Mrs. Will
Brown and son, spent Christmas wiih
Mr. and Mrs. Harry North, at Bluff
ton Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Harmeier
and family of Cambridge City.Mr. and
Mrs. Doll and son,' Howard, of Persh
ing, were guests of Mrs. Anna Har
meier and Mr. and Mrs. Arlon Doll,
Christmas day Misses Alice and
Pearl Napier were a group of young
people with Rev. and Mrs. Coleman
sang Christmas carols and gave pleas
ure to many Milton people Christmas
eve Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Cook and
Mr. and Mrs. William Wessel spent
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Ki Herman Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Hieger and son, of Kokomo, and
Richard Wessel, of Richmond, were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Wes
sel Monday night and Tuesday
Mrs. Grace Williams and family and
Mrs. Eva Caldwell and family, of
Pershing, were guests at dinner Tues
day evening of Mrs. Earl Crawford.
....Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Caldwell and
daughter entertained at dinner on
Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Crawford and family, and Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Caldwell and family, Mr
and Mrs. Carl Caldwell and family,
and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Caldwell and
daughter Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wal
lace had as guests Christmas day,
Mr. and Mrs. Grigsby and son," of
Centerville, Rollin Grigsby, of Con
Squier, Eugene Longstreth, Eugene
and Janice Gaible, Robert and Roland
Ball. Thelma Thomas and Wilbur
The Moman's Missionary society, of
the Third M. E. church met at the
home of Mrs. J. H. Bell Friday night.
Eleven members and one visitor were
present. - Mrs. Emma Mikesell read
out of the second chapter of the study
book. Readings were given by Mrs.
Anna Gibbs and Mrs. Hill. Mrs. E.
L Gates sang a solo. Refreshments
were served by the hostess.
- j-niv-'--y y
Miss Rosetta Zimmeran.
Miss Rosetta Zimmerman, 'wen-ty-four,
is the first woman in Ohio
to be appointed game warden. She
carries a pistol and handcuffs in
her belt and makes use of bota
when occasion demands. "When I
go after 'em they've got to re,"
she says. "If they balk I pfc-uad
them with mv eu,."
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hess and Mrs.
Flora Ferguson spent Christmas day
with Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Swear-
ingen, at Mooreland.. . . .Mr. and Mrs. ;
Fred Murley and family and Mrs. i
Charles Berry spent Sriiday with Mr. f
and Mrs. John McSepple, at New-1
castle.. .Mrs. Ti Murley ppent Christ
mas with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Murley
at Indianapolis Miss Hilda Holt-
man was home from Cincinnati ror
the holidays Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Jones tend
sons and Miss Nellie Jones atter.ded
the funeral of Shuinan Jones at Rich
mond. Wednesday Fred Jones, and
sister, of Deer Creek, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones. Thursday.
The Cary club met Thui:?Jay af
ternoon with Mrs. William Wessel.
nersville. and Mr. and Mrs. Linville
Wallace.. Mr. andMrs. James Shank
spent Christmas aay at Richmond
with Mrs. Shelley Mr. and Mrs
Charles Berry, of Alliance, Ohio, Mr,
and Mrs. Fred Murley and family
spent Christmas with Mr: and Mrs.
George Murley and family Mrs.
Gilbert Manlove and daughters, of
Indianapolis, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. John Warren.. .. .Mr. and
Mrs. John Warren spent Christmas
with Mr. and Mrs. John Dove, at Cam
bridge Cits' Mr. and Mrs. Wrill
Floyd, Everett Floyd and Mrs. Selia
Huddleston, of Dublin, and Mr. and
Mrs. Pearl Mullen of Connersville,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Hess at dinner Sunday evening
"My grandchild could get no relief
whatever from a very bad croupy
rough," writes Peter Landis, Meyers
dale, Pa., "until I gave him Foley's
Honey and Tar. It is a great help for
chest and throat trouble." Roughs,
colds, croup, throat, chest and bronchial
irritations quickly relieved with Foley's
Honey and Tar. Contains no opiates
ingredients printed on the wrapper.
Stood the test of time serving three
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3f malting goocL cocoa
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retained in
Baker's Cocoa
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Booklet of Choice Recipes sent fret
For Bread and Pastry
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913 Main St.
Blankets and Comforts
Formerly Reed Furniture Co.
Cor. 10th and Main
There 'will be special music on the
program of the Sunday morning serv
ices at the South Eighth Street Friends
church. Miss Neva Bowman will play
solos on the violin and Mrs. Fred F.
Bartel will sing two special numbers.
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