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TUESDAY, .TUNE 26, 1900
umuLiL I
Bl l Communications pertaining to j
ill 11 1 E t-JLj i c'cPartment may be addressed j
to Miss Daisy L. Emery, Society
i Editor The Lake County Times. A
Greeks from Calumet Re
gion Plan Celebration
at Hessville uemeiery
Crucifix of Solid Oak Twenty Feet
High Donated by St. Marys
Congregation ot waiting
The leaders of the Greek Catholic
church of Chicago and the Calumet
region have decided on the Fourth
of July as a day of a religious dedi
cation which ia to be followed by a
regular Fourth of July celebration.
A huge cros3 will be unveiled and
dedicated at the Greek Catholic ce
metery, Golgatha, at Hessville and
it h rn this dedication of the cross
tbjit the Greeks of Chicago and the
CaLcmiet region will unite.
A special train will run from Chi
cago to Hessville in the forenoon over
the: Nickel Plate bearing the excur
sionists. A large tent will be erected,
large enough to accomodate every
body who appears at Hessville. So
lemn high mass will be said there
In which three priests will partici
pate. The officiating priests are the
Rev. Vltetor Kovalitzky of Chicago,
the Rev. Jthn P&rscouta of Whiting
and tha Rev. B. Relich of Chicago.
The dedication of the cross will take
place after the higbmass. ' The cross
13 of solid oak 20 feet high resting
on a stone pedestal and bearing a
corpus 5 feet 6 Inches tall. It was
procured through the Dabraso firm
of Chicago which imported it from
abroad. It was donated by St. Mary's
congregation of Whiting of which the
Rev. John Parscouta is the pastor.
Alter the religious ceremonies,
the special will bear the foreign
ers to Whiting where they will make
merry at the Whiting Opera House
for the. balance of the day.
. , Societies of all creeds and nation
alities have received comprehensive
lnyitatlons to attend dedication and
it looks as though every town will
be represented.
Golgatha Cemetery at Hessville is
primarily the burial place for the
Greeks of Whiting but is divided into
thre actions. In, the. first section
are buried the Whiting Greeks, in the
second Greeks from other cities and
in the third Protestants of any de
nomination. Miss Mary Ibach will give a party
to several of her Hammond friends
tomorrow evening.
Jack Evans, Frank and Louis Dix
on who have been camping at Gary
since Saturday, returned today.
They report great progress at Gary.
Will Clinton and Herman Van
Geison are camping at Gary this
When you are in Gary remember
our fellow townsman, Bert JIuber,
the leading pioneer news and cigar
Mrs. Jack Evans and her sister,
Mrs. Palmer will visit at Syracuse,
Ind. this week.
Mrs. Fred Carter and son Fred of
Detroit, Mich, are visiting James
Grace this week.
Unice Saager met with a very
painful accident Thursday while
4 discharging a blank cartridge. Her
finger was burned and torn, and it
was necessary to give it medical care
Five Dollars Eeward.
LOST Lady's gold watch. Return
to Times office. 6,22,2t.
The name of the Erlebach Plan
ing Mill is changed to the Invalid
Appliance and Cabinet Mfg. Co. 4 06-
40 $-4 10-41 2, Indiana Avenue. Te
phone 1S71. C-21-tf
WANTED Polish girl for dish
washing and kitchen work. Ap
ply, Mrs. Curtis, Erie Hotel. 6,26,2
IX)ST A pair of gold riding-bow
glasses, between Robertsdale' park
and Hammond, about 9 o'clock Sat
urday night. Finder will please
bring 10 Times office and receive re-
Vard. 6,26,11.
In Social Circles
J Telephone 111. J j
Isabel Coons of Griffith visited
here yesterday.
Mrs. John Rohrman Is the guest
of her relatives at St. John.
Mrs. John S. Shotts is quite ill
at her home, 35 Ogden street.
Mrs. N. E. Barr of Warren St. is
visiting friends for a few weeks in
Teledo, Ohio.
The t Eastern Star will meet , this
evening in their rooms in the Ma
sonic Temple
Misses Ethel and Louise Carter
will leave soon for an extended visit
in Norman, Okla.
Miss Marie Iligglnson of Paris, 111.
is the guest of her sister Mrs. Wells
of Michigan avenue.
Misses Edna Stauffer and Nellie
Fowler saw "The Clausman"- last
evening at McVicker's.
Mrs. E. Klatt has returned from
LaPorte where she was called to
attend her son's funeral.
Mrs. Jewett of Elkhart will be
the guest of her sister Mrs. Vedder,
the latter part of this week.
Miss Elta Schumacher returned
last evening from Claypool, Ind.
where she spent a week's vacation.
Mrs. Julius Dunsing, 177 State
Line street, will entertain, the mem
bers of the Colonial club Wednesday
Mrs. Wells of Michigan avenue
entertained a few friends at cards
last evening in honor of her sister
Miss Marie Higginson.
Mr. and Mrs. Ethelbert Peabody
returned to their home in Allegan,
Mich., this evening after a short
visit with relatives here
St. Paul's Lutheran school closes
Wednesday and the pupils and pa
trons of the school will give a picnic
in Haehnel's grove,' . Saturday.
The Martha Society of the Chris
tian church will meet Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. William Lasch,
Sohl street and Plummer avenue.
Clark Learning went down to
Frankfort today to attend the State
musical convention. He will join
Mrs. Learning in Mulberry, the lat
ter part of the week.
Mrs. John McDermott, 391 South
Hohman street, was hostess to the
whist club yesterday evening. The
prizes were won by Mesdames T. E.
Bell and A. M. Rothschild.
Mrs. A. L. Russell of Griffith, and
Miss Dora Elder of Waverly, Tenn.
have returned to their homes aftei
being the guests of Mrs. B. B. Pot
ter, 42S Truman avenue, over Sun
day. Miss Ethel Ebright, one of the
teachers of the Washington school
will leave Thursday for Ohio and
Pennslyvania where she will spend
her vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Peterson of
East Chicago were in Hammond this
morning on their way to Anderson.
Ind. where they will attend the In
diana Christian Endeavor Union con
vention. Misses Kittle and Mayme Reil
ley went to Chicago this morning tt
attend a wedding of their cousir
Miss Ella Crowe to John M. Geverir
both of Chicago. The bridal pais
leaves for Europe this evening.
Miss Mabel Grisesl who formerly
lived in Hammond was here yester
day and extended invitations tc
her friends to attend the commence
ment exercises of the South Chicago
high school from which she gradu
ates. The exercises take place next
Thursday evening.
A large gray horse belonging tc
the Lion store and attached to one
of their heavy wagons ran away this
morning in spite of the heavy weight
which was attached to the hores's
head for the purpose of preventing
such a disaster. The horse die
not stop running until it struck an
iron fence, cutting Its shoulder so
that it was necessary to take a dozen
Miss Josephine Williams and Ed
ward A. Wright of Indianapdlis
were married this afternoon at Ho
tel Carlton, Rev. W. E. Shirey per
forming the ceremong. The bride
is a daughter cf W. O. Williams of
Indianapolis and the groom is a son
of A. G. Wright of Indianapolis, and
who is an old friend of Captain
Downing. The parents of the
bride and groom are spending the
summer at their homes in Uayview,
Mich., and the young people left im
mediately to join them there.
How to le Thrf Remedies to the
Uent Advantage.
Hot or cold water is excellent as an
application for inflammation, conges
tions or abrasions, but how many peo
ple know which to apply in particular
cases while awaiting the arrival of
medical relief? Not many, and the mis
take made in some instances are lu
dicrous. Tuke the barber, for example, who
1ms out his patron' face. lie generally
washes the face with a towel soaked
In warm water, often pressing it right
into the Injury, and then wonders why
the bliMMl flows from the cut so freely.
In ninety-nine canes out of a hundred
If be had used cold water, and the
coUler the better, the blood would
have ceased to flow froru the injury al
together, as the cold would have a ten
dency to contract the openings in the
torn blood vessels. In all cases of such
cuts or abrasions very cold water will
at least reduce the amount of bleeding
If it doesn't stop it altogether, and yet,
singularly enough, toiling water will
have the same effect.
Water below the boiling point in
creases the flow, but above that de
gree decreases it In. surface inflamma
tions or congestions cold water ought
to be used, while if the condition is sit
uated below the surface hot water is
necessary as an application because it
draws the blood toward the surface
and thus stimulates the circulation
through the part where it is most
In cases of abscesses or pimples
with pus forming in them, but which
have not yet come to a head, the secre
tion of pus can be rapidly increased
and the duration of the annoyance
thereby decreased by applying hot wa
ter to them at frequent intervals.
Where the eye is inflamed or smarts,
after a period of eye strain, such as
night work often induces, hot appli
cations are the things for relief, but
the water used should be gradually
allowed to cool off toward the end.
Tired eyes will invariably be rejuve
nated by adopting this method of treat
ment, and many headaches resulting
from such a condition may thereby be
prevented or cured. St Louis Globe
Ita Swarms of Sea Calls and Ita Lone
-. r, . Tree. - -
Up .- a little lane off Lerwick's one
street there is a garden. At least, it is
an inclosed space. In the middle of
this space there is a tree. It is not a
very tall tree; you could, in fact, toss
a biscuit over its branches, but still it
is a tree the only tree in Shetland.
And Shetland is proud of it Children
who are brought for the first time tc
see the wonders of one streeted Ler
wick are shown this tree. This is not
fiction. It is the only tree In Shetland.
As there are no trees in Shetland,
there are no birds, except, of course,
the sea gulls, which you can number
by the thousand. The sea gulls are the
sparrows of Lerwick, and, as such,
they have a greater share in the town's
life than have the sparrows of London,
In the morning time you will note that
a sea gull sits on every chimney pot.
Soa gulls swoop and hover over every
roof in the town.
The air is full of their strange, high,
plaintive, haunting cries. Their sad,
shrill, long drawn cries are to Lerwick
as the chattering of sparrows or the
cawing of rooks are to us In England.
Every house has its own familiar sea
gulls and every street its own band of
sea gulls. They never mix. The chil
dren in each house have a pet name for
their own particular sea gulls, and.
having called them to them by those
names, they feed them every day. And
each sea gull knows what is meant for
him. No sea gull attached to one house
ever seeks to eat the food scattered
from the house next door. He does not
dare; the other gulls would kill him.
So all day long the sea gulls hover and
call over the roofs of Lerwick. The
people of the town, If they come across
a little pile of rice laid upon the road
way, step over it with care. They
know that it is placed there for some
sea gull. And at night the sea gulls
leave their own appointed chimney
pots and fly gracefully away to their
resting places on the recks of the Isle
of Noss. London Express.
Hiccough at Dinner.
Many persons are debarred from din
ing out owing to their liability to eon
tract hiecougb during a meal. As a
rule when caused by food it comes on
at once, and equally as a rule the food
causing it i hot. Soups are more like
ly to provoke hiccough than solids are.
It is a good plan to forego soup, which
can be done without causing remark,
says Home Notes. Or one may eat a
little bread before taking it A third
plan is to drink a little cold water and
to take the soup in very small sips.
A Hard Case.
"You say you bad to give the patient
chloroform twice?"
"Yes," replied the dentist. 'l had to
rlrn it trt h!m thi KHitn1 1 5 in f tr fT.
tract the money."-Detroit Free Press,
Mrs. Browning of 4 2 Carroll street
is reported quite ill. -
Officer Hanlon impounded a stray
cow early this morning.
John Miller Jr. of St. John was in
Hammond todav on business.
Mrs .Arthur Kunert of Tolleston
was in Hammond on a shopping trip
Fred Memhard of Chicago spent a
few hours with friends in Hammond
W. F. Strang traveling engineer
of the Monon visited Hammond to
day on business.
The Rev. John Parscouta of St.
Marys Greek Catholic Church was in
Hammond today.
Roy Parry of the, Crown Point
monumental works was in Hammond
this morning on business.
Jacob Schloer who confined to his
bed with a sever attack of rheu
matism Is still in a critical condi
The new Weis block on State is
nearing completion. The second
floor will be arranged for lodges, so
cieties and unions.
Mrs. W. W. Merrill of 6356 Peoria
street, Chicago, was in the city yes
terday to look after her property in
interests here.
Walter Sohl left for Culver Mili-
tray Academy this morning where
he will spend a few days with his
old academy friends.
Brice Whittaker was in the city
renewing acquaintances with his old
friends. Brice is now working for
the Unino Traction company, in Tip
ton, Ohio.
A number of Swedes will go to
Chicago tomorrow evening to attend
a Swedish concert at the Audito
rium which will be given by a
Swedish troup that is touring the
Ex-police chief Lawrence Cox call
ed up the police department last
night to call their attention to two
prowlers about his place. The of
ficers found nobody there.
Gus Bereolos of the Maine restau
rant is expected home today from
the Alexiah Bros, hospital in Chicago
where he had been confined for the
past five weeks with pneumonia.
Wednesday evening several Crown
Point girls will give a picnic and
supper in Crown Point, to which a
number of Hammond boys have been
invited. Victor Dyer will go down
tomorrow afternoon to attend.
One of the events of the coming
week will be the ice cream social
which will be given by the Heborah
society of the ladies aid of the Christ
ian church at Central park Thursday
Refreshments and a good program
will be in abundance and all who
have partaken of the ladles hospi
tality in the past will not lose the
opportunity of meeting with them
The ladies of the Christian church
are adepts at entertaing and no one
will be allowed to leave without hav
ing had a good time.
Should the weather be inclement
the social will be given at the church.
LOST A cow, mouse colored Jer
sey and Olney. Short horned, small
sized cow, Iron collar. Reward for
return to C. G. Brown, Ivy street, be
tween 136 and 137 streets.Indiana
Harbor. 6,25, 6t.
BL 1 your fire-works at the 5 and
10 cent store. 6-26-lw.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure
F. J. CHENEY & CO , Toledo. O.
We, tha undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for tha last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, and finan
dally able ta carry cut any obliga
tions made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous rurfaces cf the system
Testimonials fent free.
Sold by Druggists. Price, 753. per
Take Hall'a Family Pills for c- ns-
i 'Ption.
Chicago. June 26th: WHEAT.
Market opened active and higher
in response to firmer Liverpool mar
kets and bad weather throughout the
(spring wheat district. The highest
prices of the days were recorded at
the opening however and there was
considerable selling by one of the
larger elevator houses who have been
buyers of wheat on every decline
luring the last fortnight.
Duluth reported a small cargo of
wheat worked there for export, this
had a stimulating effect on prices
temporarily, but the advance was
not maintained, the market closing
practically at the lowest prices of
the day. Bradstreets reported the
worlds visible decrease 3,040,000,
which was construed as rather bear
ish. CORN. Market opened slightly
lower on the brilliant crop prospects
throughout the corn belt, but on the
slight decline at the opening there
was considerable short covering by
tho.se who sold yesterday, thus
strenghening the corn market in face
of the weakness in wheat. Corn
closed at about yesterdays figures
with a very firm undertone.
Oats. Market opened at about yes
terdays figures but there was a ten
dency to buy the July option which
had a strenghtening influence on all
of the other futures and brought
about a rally of 1-2 cent inJuly and
September, closing firm at the best
PROVISIONS. Market opened
higher on light run of hogs at the
yards and a disposition on the part
of packers to cover short contracts.
Receipts hogs at the yards 31,000.
Chicago Grain.
Chicago, June 23.
Following were the quotations on
the Chicago Board of Trade today:
Wheat Open. High. Low. Close.
July $ $ .S2-8 $ .K2v8
Sept .. .
Dec. . . .
May ...
July ...
Sept. ...
May ...
July . . .
Sept. .. .
May ...
.KIT .W& .STs -a
.87 !4 -87 .Vs W
.r,i .ri W2 .r.o
4!H6 .4!?i .40 .49
.371 ."7"8 37,2 .3
ws A7i .:;4T3
.37 .373s -37U .37
July ...17.0." 17.05 17.00 17.00
Sept. .. .it;.,74 i .;. io.r.5 i;.oo
Cash sales Winter wheat By sam
ple: No. 2 red. 88c; No. 3 red. 84 03
8V; No. 2 hard, 824$84e; No. 3
hard, 7S(!jS.'?c. Spring wheat By
sample: No. 1 northern, 80(T87c;
No. 2 northern, 84ffSt;4c; No. 3
spring, Stfc Stic. Corn By sample
fe lower: No. 2, 31Uc; No. 2 white,
r25ir2Uc: No. 2 yellow, rHiolc;
No. 3. ."16."mc;.Xo. 3 white, rlc;
No. 3 yellow, rlUGiTlc; No. 4, '.0
r0 Oats By sample MOtc low
er; No. 2, :ii-fi37c; No. 2 white, 39?U
COiic; No. 3y3c; No. 3 white, 37
3SH: No. 4 white, 3Grt37e; standard,
liSilrn 39c.
Live Stock. Poultry and Hay.
Chicago, June 25.
Hogs Estimated receipts for the
day, 40.000. Sales ranged at $0.55(i;
tj.G212 for choice to prime heavy,
?tj.521iT)i'.5712 for good to choice
heavy mixed. ?G.0O(;0.25 for rough
heavy packing, and $5.50(IU.S0. for
poor to prime pigs.
Cattle Estimated receipts for the
dav. 23,000. Quotations ranged at $5.73
tfaUO for prime steers, $3.80tfH.'0 for
good to choice cows. $4.50(t5.25 for
prime heifers, $3.50(a4Mo for good to
choice bulls. $t;.25rtj t;.50 for good to
choice calves, $4.50j 4.J0 for selected
feeders, and f 3.50(f 3.'85 for good stock
ers. Sheep Estimated receipts for the
day, 22.000. Quotations ranged at $5.00
M."0 for good to choice wethers, $6.00
f(7.00 for good to choice yearlings,
$7.10r;7.73 for good to choice shorn
lambs;. $0.508.50 for spring lambs,
and $5.50(t o.(iO for good to choice
Live poultry Turkeys, per lb, 9c;
chickens, fowls. 11c; springs, 15(f20c;
roosters. 7c; ducks, 144 18c; geese,
4.00(rr..f!0 per doz.
Hay Choice timothy, $13.007 14.50;
No 1, S11.50 12.50; No. 2, $10.00Q
11.00: No. 3, $9,00410.00; choice prai
rie, $1.2.00 14.00; No. 1, $9.00 11.00;
No. 2, $8.50, 0.50; No. 3, $7.00J S.O0;
No. 4, $t;.50i7.00.
East Buffalo Lrfve 8 toe.
East Buffalo. N. Y., June 25.
Dunning & Stevens, Live Stock
Commission Merchants, East Buffalo,
N. Y., quote as follows: Cattle Re
ceipts 175 cars; market 10 cents high
er; best export steers. $5.40 5.85; ship
ping steers. $5.05.40; butchers. $4.15
44.90; heifers. $4.25i5.00: cows, $3.25
44.25. Hogs Receipts 80 cars: mar
ket steady: all grades $0.8O. Sheep
and Lambs Receipts 20 can; market
strong: best lambs. $7.004i7.23: spring
ers, $S.0O,S.5O: wethers. $G.00jG.25;
ew-es. ?5.0Ofi5.25. Calves Matket
Steady; bct $0.75j7.25.
A person may not merit favor, as
that Is only the claim of man. but he
can never demerit charity, for that la
the command of God. -Sterne.
So Chance to Fnrget.
Benham I don't like your actions;
you should remember that yon are my
wife. Mrs. Benham I am not likely to
forget it when everybody tells me how
they pity me. New York Press.
anb Jfarmiv Hbeatre.
Week of
The Original
7 People in all
15c - 20c 25c
Thursday Amateur Night.
This name means a GUARANTEE
of Quality in
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelery and
Also the Highest Degree of Skilled Workmanship in Watch;
and Jewelery Repairing
.175 So. Hohman St.
For Ice Cream and soft drinlls
of all Kinds, the -
Ice Cream for parties and picnics
at moderate prices. Bricli Ice
Cream a Specialty ....
Brahos Brother
Telephone 2942
As long as we run a Soda Fountain. Step into our store and
You'll not regret it. We know any number of people who pass righi
by other fountains in coming to ours because they want THE BEST,
and know we have it. We are always first with the BEST, and the
BEST is the poorest we have.
Expert Prescriptionists.
Commercial Bank Building
Lake County
Title & Guaranty Company
F. R. MOTT, President, J. S. BLACKMUN, Secretary,
FRANK HAMMOND, Vice-Pres. A. II. TAPPER, Treasurer,
S. A. CULVER, Manager.
Hammond and Crown Point, Indiana.
Secretary's office in Majestic Bldg., Hammond.
Abstracts furnished promptly at current rates.
Proprietor and Manager
June 25
1 r
126 Hohman St
Two 'Phones

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