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Wednesday, June 27. 1906
Old Woman Thrown Into
Street by Bailiff of
City Court
Mentally Unbalanced, Aged Lady
Claims She.: Owns Home She
Has Occupied
3 The hand of the law rested heavily
on Mrs. Lizzie Norris of East State
Street today and as a result her
Worldly effects are sitting on the side
walk in the rain and she, a widow
alone "in the World is homeless.
Over a year ago an old woman ap
proached the three room cottage on
State St. and found it a ramshackle
affair with the windows broken the
rooY" leaking and the doors off their
Long . ago her husband died leaving
three sons for her to support. She
did "this to the best of her ability
until they were grown to manhood
theil- mother had made for them they
went out Into the world and soon for
got her.
4- r nrhAm clia Irwvlr cwl i r f rt Oil rnnrf
V TV liUJil xj. vvyn.v.j. iui l i w
In her declining years was forced to
earn a living as best she could.
At first she succeeded in earning
"enough to provide the comforts of life
but constant brooding over the in
justice that had been done her has
unbalanced her mind and consequent
ly reduced her earning capacity un
til one by one she lost a chair, a table
a carpet, some dishes until even the
three little rooms were bare.
The police had informed her from
time to time since last January that
a writ of restitution could be served
upon her unless she vacated the
But the woman was under
the jnpression, whether founded in
. fact pr pot, that she could make the
Uinsy cottage her home as long as
she aicj.the, taxeson it. She claims
she had done this and was therefore
entitled to the house for a year but
Louie Roth "the agent for J. L. Shef
field demanded possession and of
course the police could do nothing
but enforce the law.
Officer Shine approached the house
and opened the door. The old lady
was washing the few remaining
strands of her reddish hair. The of
ficer told her of the object of his mis
sion and in spite of her pleadings
which grew louder and louder and
was finally turned Into the most
caustic vllliflcatlon, the baliff be
gan to carry out the furniture.
The job was not a hard one, for
with Fred Frank as helper the dark
musty rooms were soon emptied of
their contents.
A half hour later when the crowd
of curious spectators had dispersed,
threatening rain clouds covered the
sky and it began to rain.
The old woman surrounded by
her household goods was still wash
ing her scattered strands of hair.
As she felt the drops of rain upon
her face she looked up and saw the
threatening clouds. "They'll suffer
for this," was all the poor old soul
could say.
Special to "Lake County Times
Crown Point, June 22. On invest
igatlon here,, it is found that Mrs
Clay R. Lawrence who was connected
with the trunk sensation at Ham
mond, was registered at the hole
here for over a week, leaving on
'June 20th.' "She claimed to be un
married and seemed to have plenty
of money. She called up Chicago by
long distance every day and severa
times Chicago attorneys were out to
see her. On one occasion an elderly
gentleman from Chicago called to
see her but refused to register.
She told the proprietor of the
hotel that she was having con
siderable trouble and was in consul
tation with her attorneys every day.
Mrs. Lawrence is still in Hammond
and was seen at the late suburban
last evening by the ever present re
porter, bidding an affectionate fare
well to the same elderly gentleman
"who was seen in Crown Point.
LOST A diamond shaped pin
Tuesday evening near 32S State
street. Pin wae lettered M. B. S.
Will finder please return the same I
to Miss Myrtle Frame, 32S State
street. 6-27-St.
Suhs cribe for the Lake County Times.
In Social Circles
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Winters and
daughters have returned from a visit
in Valparaiso.
Mrs. Harry Cross and the M?ises
Lillian and Mable McCoy spent the
afternoon in the city.
Mrs. Susan Yant went down to
Indianapolis this afternoon for an
extended visit with relatives.
Mrs. George Dobbins, 175 South
Hohman street, entertained at a. 1
o'clock luncheon this afternoon.
Misses Golda Donnelly and Celia
Black have returned to their homes
n Michigan City after a weeks' visit
with Miss Edna Teich.
Master Harold Hammond will
have fifty of his little friends as his
guests Monday afternoon in honor
of his eighth birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hammond
will hold a reception this evening in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. George S.
Rawling whose marriage took, place
earlier in the month.
The Sisters of the West Hammond
school returned to the convent in
Lafayette this afternoon. Miss
Martha Stachovicz went down with
them for a weeks visit.
The Germania Itebekah lodge was
in regular session last evening and
initiated new members. The newly
initiated are Mesdames Augusta
Hauf and Johanna Hanson.
Last evening Mrs. James M. Fox
gave a 6 o'clock tea for eight guests
n honor of her daughter Hazel's
birthday anniversary. The table
and rooms were decorated with ferns
and water lillies. Gentlemen friends
were invited for later In the even
Mrs. E. Brands entertained her
mother, Mrs. D. A. Denisson from
Chicago, July 26.
Mrs. W. A. Rein and little son
Ferderick from St. Louis are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Williams.
Attorney Ottenheimer Is in Crown
Point on legal business.
Geo. W. Lewis was inr Chicago to
William Peterson has become the
junior partner of .Powers & Peter
Sunday, July 1 the East Chicago
ball'team will play the Roach Hill
Grays, at the East Chicago ball park.
Mrs. Snyder and her cousin Mrs.
McMahon from Chicago, were en
tertained this afternoon by Mrs.
Doherty of Indiana Harbor.
Will Occupy Rooms in the Hammonc
Building With Judge W. W. Mc
Mahan. Attorney Joseph Conroy of Ho-
bart opened his law office here to
day in the Hammond building occu
pying an office off the one now occu
pied by Judge McMahan. Theh
offices are on the fourth floor of the
building where they will use the
same reception room.
Mullberry Pie This Winter.
Mrs. Lyons of South Hohman
street has a remarkably prolific mul
berry tree. Each year for the past
four or five years the tree has in
creased its yield until now eight
bushels of berries have already been
picked and there are still eight more
on the tree.
Buffalo Calve.
Buffalo calves, as a rule, are bora
In April and May. They are active,
vigorous little creatures, mild eyed as
domestic calves, but possessing much
greater strength and endurance. In a
few seconds after birth they can get
on their feet, and In twenty minutes
they are fit to fight for their lives.
Usually it is unnecessary for them to
defend themselves at this tender age,
as a buffalo cow is quite capable of at
tending to any business which may
arise In connection with the defense of
her precious baby., Washington Star.
Pleasant Thonttht.
"Make yourselves nests of pleasant
thoughts," counsels Ruskin, Bright
fancies, satisfied memories, noble his
tories, faithful sayings, treasure houses
of restful and precious thoughts which
care cannot disturb or pain make
gloomy or poverty take away from us
houses built without hands for our
souls to-live in these things are not
for earth alone; they are a part of the
treasure that may be nt over.
Official Figures Showing How Two
Parties Have Handled Financial
Affairs cf a Great State. j
The following are official figures on
the Indiana state debt. The dark fig-
ures show result of period of Demo-
cratic control; the light figures of Re-
publican control:
In 1861 it was $10,179,267.00 ;
In 1870 it was 4,167,507.02 j
In 1880 it was 4,998,178.34 '
In 18S2 it was 4,876,608.02 i
In 1S95 it was 7,520,615.12 '
Aug. 1, 1902 it was.. 2.8S7.615.12 j
August, 1904 it wa3.. 2,162,615.12 !
May, 1906 it was.... 805,615.12
All the state debt has now been
wiped out except a series of bonds
which are not payable until 1910.
What These Figures Show. '
These official figures show that dur
ing three periods of Republican ad
ministration in Indiana since 1860,
the state debt has been reduced In the
aggregate over $12,000,000, a sum suf
ficient to extinguish it but for corre
sponding increases under periods of
Democratic control.
That during every period of Demo
cratic administration the state debt
ind interest were increased.
That never before in Indiana's his
tory has the state debt been reduced
more rapidly than during the present
era of Republican administration be
ginning with 1895; and, it may be ad
fled, that never in the history of In- i
diana was the state's debt increased ;
eo rapidly as during the era of Demo-i
tratic control between 1885 and 1891. i
That no era of Democratic state ad-
ministration, taken as a whole, during ;
the past half century, has resulted in
a decrease of the state's indebtedness;
on the contrary, that the debt itself
is & monument to Democratic fiscal
and legislative mismanagement.
These figures are cold facts rec
ords of the way the two parties have
managed the state's affairs. A care
ful consideration and examination of
their records should satisfy every
voter which party is worthy the con
fidence of the people In looking after
the business affairs of Indiana.
Conservative Reasons Why Many Be
lievers In Temperance Are Not
Third Party Voters.
In a thoughtful editorial the always
sober, sensible and conservative Mad
ison Courier says In answer to the
question, "Why not prohibition?"
"Chiefly because the people are not
prepared for it, and hence it could not
be enforced. It might be said, also,
if they, the people, were truly in fa
vor of it it would not be needed. This,
however, is only measurably true.
There will always be some people who
will drink to excess, as there are oth
ers who will go to excess in other di
rections. ... Inasmuch as the people gov
ern mthigecttn try, laws to be effec
tive must meet their approbation, and
ultimately be enforced or not accord
ing to their will. Moreover, it is not
the gospej method to rely upon force
but upon conviction and moral sua
sion. Jesus did not go to Rome and
secure legislation establishing his
kingdom. He appealed to the hearts
and consciences of Individual men."
The Courier thinks, too, that both
Democrats and Republicans would fa
vor prohibition if they were convinced
that it would put an end to intemper
ance: "Opposition to prohibition or refusal
to leave the Republican or Democratic
party in order to secure prohibition,
does not mean that Republicans or
Democrats are favorable to intemper
ance it simply means that they are
convinced that prohibition is not the
right way or the best way to deal with
the proposition."
Hits the Binder Twine Trust.
Indiana farmers are jnst beginning
to learn that they can secure as good
binder twine at the Michigan City
prison as is made, and at a cost lower
than the trust prices.
Two kinds are made at the prison,
Standard and Sisal binder twine,
which are sold at the same price.
there being no difference in the cost
of production. Following Is the scale:
50 to 1,000 Jbs 9 cts. per lb,
1,000 to 10,000 lbs.... 89; cts. per lb.
10,000 lbs. and over. ,.8H cts. per lb.
Nothing less than 50 pounds is sold.
are filled in rotation as re-
ceived. Good notes due September 1
following the sale and without inter -
est if paid at maturity are accepted In
sales of 500 pounds or more. As a
matter of economy and convenience
many farmers have found it satisfac
tory to unite their orders in clubs, and
a great many shipments will be made
this season on that system. The in
stitution guarantees the quality of the
twine and treats all customers every
where with equal courtesy and im
partiality. 1 Orders are received at th
Businesslike State Administration.
In the past ten years under Repub -
lican administration in Indiana, the :
! state debt has "been reduced from j
seven and one-half millions to less
than one million dollars, and during"
that time through the same business- ;
! like and economical methods the per j
I capita cost of maintaining the penal)
! and benevolent " institutions of the j
state has also been . greatly reduced. !
i Ten years ago the per capita cost of j
i maintaining these institutions under
Democratic government when prices
were , low, was more than $18 more
i than now under Republican direction
! with prices much higher. This eco
1 nomical. manner of conducting th
state's affairs Is appreciated by th
people - - '- -
- ' .
William Kleihege' made a busines;
trip to Chicago this morning,
Attorney McAleer went to Chicago !
this morning on legal business. j
Frank Shine is putting a new
foundation under his residence on
Doty street.
Officer Oscar Borchert w
s unable i
o walk his beat last night on
ount of sickness.
Elmo Mann one of Crown Points
fading horse traders was i:i Han
.uond today on business.
According to their new regulations
the city fathers did not meet ir.
council meeting last night.
The Times office has installed a
new self winding clock, regulate!
hourly by Western Union Telegraph.
Agent A. M. DeWecse and fumi
have returned from a few days
with Mr. DeWeese's parents
Spencerville, Ohio.
AV- F- Yergens master mechani.: of
the Erie was up from Huntington
yesterday looking after business at
the local round house
Operator Tullis who had been ta
king the place of operator Allen at
Erie is gpending a few days with his
parents at Mercer, Ohio.
Messrs. LeGrand T. Meyer and J.
Floyd Irish are in Valparaiso today,
to appear in the case of the City of
Hammond against the Nickel Plate
R. R. Co.
The Rev. P. A. Kahellek of the
Polish Catholic church of this city
left for Otis, Ind. yesterday to make
a few days visit. He will return to
morrow evening.
Murray Turner 'and Billy Costlin
went to Valpo this morning to join
Fred Mot, G. H. Jacobson and Chas.
Fredricks as witnesses in -the con
troversy between the city and the
real estate owners on Fayette -street
who are objecting to the high paving
assessment. ;
One of the events of the coming
week will be the-ice cream social
which will be given by the Heborah
society of the ladies aid of the Christ
ian church at Central park Thursday
Refreshments and a good program
will be in abundance and all who
have partaken of the ladies hospi
tality in the past will not lose the
opportunity of meeting with them
The ladies of the Christian church
are adepts at entertaing and no one
will be allowed to leave without hav
ing had a good time.
Should the weather be inclement
the social will be given at the church.
BUY your fire-works at the 5 and
10 cent store. 6-26-lw,
Boost for W. C. Harrison
A note by Louis Ludlow of Wash
ington in today's Indianapolis Star
says that Attorney J. E. Iglehart of
Evansville is in Washington urging
the appointment of Judge Humphrey
a former Indianian as one of the t-wo
federal judges for the new state of
Oklahoma. Judge Humphrey is now
a territorial Judge in Indian Ter
ritory. W. C. Harrison left here to
become his private secretary and
court stenographer and in ease the
judge receives the new appointment,
Mr. Harrison will have a very lucia
tive position. The dispatch states
: that attorney Iglehart had a ver;
! satisfactor interview with the pi es
' ident.
The name of the Erlebach Tinn
ing Mill is changed to the Invalid
Appliance and Cabinet Mfg. Co. 4 0G-408-410-412,
Indiana Avenue. Te
phone 1871. 6-21-tf
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
! ward lor any ca?e oi uatarrn tnas can-
' cot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure
F. J. CHENEY & CO , Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the la&t 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, and finan
cially able to carry out anv obliga
tions made by his firm.
"Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Core ia taken inter
' nail?, acting directly upon the blood
i niocoua surfaces cr tbe system
Testimonials tent free.
Sold by Druggists. Price, 753. per
Take Hall's Family Pills for ccna-
j Chicago, 111., June 27th. WHEAT
The market opened dull and with-
out any particular for the first half
' hour but gradually -developed
l strength on the uneasiness of the
i crop situation in the nothwest and
too mu-h rain over the northwest
causing reports cf red rust to the
spring wheat, this is of course ab
sur! as the plant has no stalk to
stuck as yet. the crop only being'
cbuut fix weeks old. The market
held firm ull during the latter part
of the
ession nnd crosed at very near
the top pikes for the day.
COIIX. Ruled higher in sympa
thy .vun wtit at an,d bad crop re-.
:.-rls from Kansas and Oklahoma.
There was considerable covering of
ahou contracts in both September
an ! July and prices ruled firm all
day, (losing- zt the best figures of the
OATS. Market ranged higher un
der huing by cash houses and the
northwest. The pit crowd have been
inclined to take the bear1 side of
Oats for the past few days and their
efforts to depress prices have had
MT.ie in.'luence, but all in all, the
market held well and closed strong.
PROVISIONS. Market opened
rather firm in sympathy with higher
i iniii.-o iui ini,-5 iii uif v;tius, UUI Wllll-
out any particular feature and gra
dually simmered down to a scalping
affair within a very narrow range.
m m provision market
Oi'Cnins High Low Closing
J'n 11 J'ne 2f,
Inly., .-S."-pt.
1 KC.
Uilv. -.
Sei.t. ,.
s.v s.u8 s(.a 83!-s b
.H b. ; S6'-j S7b 6i
.52 to
52 sr.j'a nviA
5' ' i S.'-Kb 52 H a
5i H 5tSfa 50i
Whs I 5u?4b 50 H
.K'j to
-V 8
Si , !
1 )..
May 50;; -?!' to 's 5t".H
I uly- .W4'--'$
S..-t S5- to U
I 'co SG'a
May 38
35 1
30' ia 3H',4
!s 36 b :?.' ' .a
3Sb 37J's
, Lard.
.Inly.. ...
Sept. ...
let.. . .
.Inly. ...
Oct.. ..
S77 877 80
N9 95 Sc'5a W
695 S951) 897
037 to 40a
Q32 932
yj5 725
902-05 905
9-25 27
Open High. Low. June27 Junc26
Atch Ks-i 89 88?4 88H
Amer. Sugar . lSl.'g. 13i;i V2 129
Amer. Car .... 377 87"i 86" 36f
AmaL Copper WO-Ja KK'i v8 i
99 'X
33 "b
136 K
Amer. Smelter 147 147 143 143'i
15. ft O
IS. R. T
c. ;. v
c. & o .
C. F. I
Col-. So
Can. I'ac. ..
Cent. Lea.
111. Cen
L. & NT
Hex. Cent...
M K. & T ..
i'eo. Gas ....
Mo. Pac. -. -Xat.
llS'i llSK 116'4 117
735 W'4 74 H 74
16K 16 16lA 16l4
5f!n 5t3 565- 565'8
49 49i 45Vs 454
3-1 34' 34 34's
1605a' 10'4 59g 159
37 'j 37 14 37 37
58 57 57H
42 40 v; 41
17S 17554 175'4
14,3 141 hi 142
21 21 2H
32 d 32 32
5HI "s h9 89
130-Si mH 128
935-4 91 91'4
Jihi 71 lx -11
73 1
s'. Y. Cent .
136 136 134 134'4
X. Y. C.A-St.L.
Reading 129'4 129 124 125
Rep. LX S 27 'i 27g 26H 26 -H
Do I'M 95 96 95 95
Rock Isld... 24 a 214 23 23
R.v. Sprinps
So. I'ac 6SS 69 66 67'
St. Paul 176" 176 170J6 17154
Tenn. Coal
C Pacific...
C. S. Steel...
Do I'M
Wat ash
Do Fid
146'i 146 142H 112
36 36 -S 35 !i 854
47 "
10.1 101 101
19 '4
45! s
45 a
A Story In Which Real Estate And
-An Automobile Mix
Hollo Murray! I've been wanting
to talk with you about that piece o
land over the
Say Gostlin shes the greatest ma
ehine I ever saw. Why I was going
along at "second speed" when w
came to a
Nov.- Turner you know the town
Ls sure to grow in that direction an
we can get an option on
You know Billy the "sparker
worked fine until we struck that
We can cut the thing up into lots
and do you know they ought to sell
Well the "jar absorber" broke
right off, but we didn't even slow up
until something happened to the
"carburator" and then
Now you know Murray that what
the town needs is houses. There
ought to be 5 hundred built before. .
Do you know Billy I could tell by
the sound of the "muffler" that there
was something the matter with my
"Engines" for I couldn't bring out
the "horse power" she ought to. . . .
we can put in cement walks and
plant trees
Say Billy just get in here in front
and i ll show you the way.
Yes. just drive me down
to that land and. well you can tell
better about the flat when you see it.
FOR SALE. Saloon for sale cheap
229 East State st- M- Lukawski.
ranb IDaubcptlle
till III
Week of
The Original
7 People in all
15c - 20c 25c
Thursday Amateur Night.
This name means
of Quality in
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelery and
Also the Highest Degree of Skilled Workmanship in Watch
and Jewelery Repairing
1 75 So, Hohman St.
For Ice Cream and soft drinlis
of all Hinds, the -
Ice Cream for parties and picnics
at moderate prices. Bricll Ice
Cream a Specialty -
Orahos Brothers, Proprietors.
Telephone 2942 - 126 Hohman St.
As Ions as we run a Soda Fountain.
the ..
You'll not regrret it. We know any number of people who pass right
by other fountains in coming- to ours because they want THE BEST,
and know we have it. We are always first with the BEST, and the
BEST is the poorest we have.
Expert Prescriptionists.
Commercial Bank Building
Title & Guaranty Company
F. R. MOTT, President, J. S. BLACKMUX, Secretary,
FRANK HAMMOND, Vice-Pres. A. H. TAPPER, Treasurer,
S. A. CULVER, Manager.
Hammond and Crown Point, Indiana.
Secretary's office in Majestic Bldg., Hammond.
Abstracts furnished promptly at current rates. -
Proprietor and Manager
June 25
Step into our store and
Two 'Phones

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