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Wednesday, June 27, 1906
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IT j-Tf ITh TT"
h 1 R E
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Insurance and Real Estate
TP1; " 1
f rani
Room 1 Tapper Block
Telephones: Office 62, House 1072.
Will Miss It!
, : If yon try to get along
5 this winter without the
y f - ibr-1 proper kind of coal.
: w ' il.,.. Voar in mind
that the best is the
cheapest in the end.
We sell the best coal
that money can buy,
but we charg8 no more for it than you will have to pay for an
lufersor article
BecKman, Klatt (El Co.
Avon norP on or
has r;o EQUAL,
Received Gold Medal award at
the Louisana Pnrchase Exposition
If you are in need of a GOOD Typewriter call on
the local agent.
102 First National Bank Building
Chung Kee Lo
Bmerican IReetaurant
91 State Street, Sat March ioth.
MEALS 25c Tables for Private Parties.
EST Also dealer in Chinese and
Japanese Goods .
l(n '7 n
Telegraph News by Direct
Wire from All Over
Only One Representative Makes
an Effort to Jeer It on Its
Contains the Prizes for Thosa Who
: Have Been Good, He Says.
Indianapolis, June 27. The prosecu
tion of the dealers in bad meat ordered
by Judge Fremont Alford, of tbe crim
inal court, has beeu begun by Couuty
Prosecutor Benedict, and affidavits of
information against five of the twenty
eight dealers, who are said by State
Chemist Baruard and Dr. J. X. Ilurty,
secretary of the state board of health,
to be guilty of gross violations of the
pure food laws laws, have been filed
in tbe crimnal court.
Defendants Names Withheld. j
The violators are each liable, on con- j
viction, to terms of imprisonment in
tho county jail not to exceed six '
months. The five men against whom
affidavits were filed, and whose names
were withheld by the prosecutor for
the reason that they have not yet been
arrested, are charged on three counts
with violations of the statute uuder
which the affidavits were made. The
affidavits to be filed against other
dealers next week will be similarly
Will Have a Run for Their .Money.
If the accused dealers are found
guilty under each count they may be
imprisoned for a term not longer than
six monhts and fined not to exceed
$700 or they may be fined and not im
prisoned. Prosecutor Benedict wouU
not say that he believed the dealers
would be convicted on each of the
three counts, but said, that the ac
cused men would get "a run for their
That Visit to Kingan's.
Of his visit to Kingan's packing
plant Dr. Ilurty said: "So far as we
went and saw conditions ar all right.
We found nothing there but wtat is
necessarily found in any slaughter
house, and there are many improve
ments that have been made In the last
few months that put the plant in good
shape. Some mouths ago Mr. Barnard,
chemist of the board, made a thorough
iusjxH?tion of the entire plant, and
made suggestions as to changes and
improvements. These suggestions have
all been followed, and have produced
good results."
Husband,' Wife and Three Sons Sent
to the Penitentiary for
Evansville, Ind., June 27. An entire
family, consisting of Jonah Williams,
his wife and three sons, are now serv
ing time for themurder of James Leigh
at Boonville, Ind., last January. Wil
liams received a life sentence Monday.
IIU wife was sent to the penitentiary
for ninety-nine years last Saturday.
One of the sons' received a like sen
tence at the same time and the other
two sons were sent to a reformatory
shortly after Williams'; trial began on
the charge of being an accomplice of
his wife in the killing of Leigh.
Predicts Its Enthusiastic Approval
and His Prophecy Is Vindicated
Congress Must Finish
Its Work, Says
them to the uses for which designed.
This explanation and instruction of the '
use of articles made in Indtn and
shipped here is the only service Win
ters is to perform in this country in
this connection.
Senate and Honse in Drief.
Washington, June 27. After two
or three more. speeches on the confir
mee rejKrt ou the railroad rate bill
the senate sent the bill back to con
ference again. The naval appropria
tion bill wa finally passed. There
was a long debate on the pine line and
anti-pass provisions of the rate bill. A
conference committee was appointed
on the immigration bill, and an execu
tive session was held.
The house passed the "omnibus"
public buildinz bill, tarrying $21. (. -(XX"),
and then twk up the last supply
bill the general deficiency which
was pending nt adjournment. A night
session was held, devoted to campaign
thunder manufacture. -
The g
Distilling Co.
Washington. June 27. The "pork
barrel," as the so-called omnibus pub-
lie building bill is generally called,
was rolled into the house by Dalzell,
who reiwted a broad and comprehen
sive rule for its consideration. The
rule provided that while the considera
tion of the bill should be the same as
under suspension of the rules its pas
sage shall rest on a vote of the ma
jority, instead Py a two-thirds vote.
To be consistc-rt Williams, the leader
of the minority, called for a division,
and by the overwhelming vote of 1U3
to 21 the previous question was or
dered. The rule was then adopted and
debate was begun. The bill carries
Fitzgerald Is Semi-Serious.
Fitzgerald of New York, in a semi-
serious way, but with considerable feel
ing, said that it was futile to delay
or defeat the passage of the bill. He
likened the house to a school just
closing, and following the universal
practice throughout the country at
commencement time "This great school
is alxmt to distribute Its premiums,"
he said. "This bill," he added, "illus
trates as well as anything I have ever
seen the truth of the statement of the
cohesive power of public plunder."
Dead Sure to GoThrough.
Then in a satirical way the gentle
man from New York said that mem
bers on examining the omnibus pub
lic building bill could ascertain wheth
er their conduct during their school
term had been such as to have gained
the approbation of the authorities, "the
professors," and to know whether they
were among the bad boys of the house.
"I know, Mr. Speaker, that there is
no power in heaven or on earth that
will stop the passage of this bill," re
marked Fitzgerald which statement
was greeted with applause. "The
unanimity, not to ?ay the enthusiasm,
with which this bill has been brought
into the house and is being urged to
its passage is the best evidence that
the committee has Rt least, in the dis
tribution of the money, been able to
please a great majority of the house."
Prolonged applause.
'Fitz" Was a True Prophet.
The bill was then put upon its pas
sage, and amid loud applause the
speaker, an hour from the time the
rule was reported, announced that the
seal of the house had been put upon
the measure and it was started on its
way to the other side of the Capitol.
Union That Doesn't Unite.
Petersburg, Ind.. June 27. A meet
ing was held at the Cumberland Pits
byterian church here to effect a union
of tbe local Presbyterian and Cumber
land Presbyterian churches. After
many speeches were made on both
sides the meeting broke up in disor
der, and much bad feeling was mani
fested. Many of the Cumberland Pres
byterians say they will not abide by
the decision of the general assembly
held recently at Decntur, 111., and that
they will hold the church property and
appeal to the courts.
Half Holiday on Saturday.
Washington, June 27. Saturday ;
half holidays during the months of
July, August and September have been i
grunted by President Roosevelt to
skilled mechanics and laborers, and to i
all employes in the classified service
at navy yards and naval stations of
the United States, and to the govm-
ment printing office employes. It is j
stipulated that when an employe works
more than four hours on Saturday J
during the half holiday priod he is to '
be paid a bonus of T0 per cent, of his
regular wages, and no more. j
LaFollette Couldn't Get Action.
Washington, June 27. IcFollette
made a determined effort in the sen
ate to secure consideration of the bill
limiting to sixteen hours the time dur
ing which railroad employes connect
ed with the operations of trains may
be kept on duty. He got it up after
some trouble, but it had not beeu
passed at adjournment
Demand of the J. O. U. A. M.
Washington, June 27. Foraker read
a telegram in the senate from the
Junior (). U. A. M., demanding that he
exert himself to "see that the immi
gration legislation is shaped in accord
ance with the principles of this or
der." He said he had received hun
dreds of messages of similar purport.
Time in Transit for Stock.
Washington, June 27. The house
has passed the senate bill which re
peals the so-called twenty-eight-hour
law by fixing the maximum of time
in transit for stock nt thirty -six hours,
upon the written request of the owner
or person in charge of the particular
Gen. Baldwin Ketired.
Washington, June 27. Brigadier
General Frank D. Baldwin, command
ing the southwestern military division,
las been placed on the retired list by
operation of the law on account of age.
Distillers of
Hammond Bourbon
Hammond Sourmash
Hammond Rye Malt Gin
Hammond Dry Gin
Cologne Spirits '
Refined Alcohol
Daily Capacity, 25.000 Gallons
Sibley St. & Erie Tracks.
Phone 37,
Much Iieasingof Oil La nils.
Petersburg, Ind., June 27. The Yin
cennes Home Oil and Gas company
and the Pittsburg Oil company sup- 1
posed to belong to the Standard I
are leasing large tracts between this !
place and the state line, in the direc- i
tion of Robinson, 111. Oil has been J
flowing, with salt water, from many j
abandoned gas wells in this county.
No Adjournment Until Congress Has
Completed Its Job.
Washington, June 27. Congress will
stay in session until its work is fin
ished. This is the dictum of Speaker
Cannon and his lieutenants, and is be
ing emphasized at this time to counter
act any impression that the pure food
bill, at least, might go over until the
next session. There is also trouble on
the meat inspection bill and the "tie
up" on the railroad rate bill indicates
delay. The immigration bill is also in
conference, as are several of the appro
priation bills. All of these things must
be worked out without any date of ad
journmeut being set, according to the
decision of the house leaders.
The meat inspection amendment to
the agricultural bill probably will be
returned to the senate and house in
disagreement. The conferrees twice
had It under discussion and the lndica
tions are that the differences in regard
to the payment for insjection by the
packers or by the government, or
whether the date of inspection must be
placed on cans of meat, are irreconcila
ble. A complete agreement was reached
on all other matters in the bill.
Says That When He Is in the White
House Everything Will Be
New Haven, Conn., June 27. Jus
tice Brewer, of the United States su
preme court, was one of the speakers
at the Yale Alumni meeting, and re
ferred to Secretary Taft, as a man
who had safely guided the country
through the intricacies of the Philip
pine situation and was at present car
rying on successfully the great canal
problem, and predicted that "he w-ould
arry to the presidency the same
strength of character he has shown
n dealing with the other problems."
"And when he is in the White
House," said Justice Brewer, amid
great applause. "I hope, and I know he
will put into his administration those
same high principles taught by Y'ale
which he is already showing in his
public life."
He Is Suing the U. 31. W.
Petersburg. Ind.. June 27. Salem
McClellan. a miner, near Wnslow. this
county, has filed suit for $10,000 dam
Dr. and Mrs. Gay lord M. Brown and
ages against the Littles local United
Mine Workers, alleging that the de
fendants had wrongfully expelled him
from the order, and at divers times had
caused his discharge. -
Folice Charged with Graft.
Frankfort, Ind.. June 27. The
members of the city council, constitut
ing a board of public safety, has be
gun bearing testimony in the investiga
tion of the charges that the city police
Lave accepted bribes from "saloons and
gambling houses for permission to
keep their places of business open in
defiance 6f the law.
Christian Endeavorers in Council.
Anderson. Ind., June 27. The nine
teenth annual convention of the Indi
ana Christian Endeavor Union opened
in this city. Besides its regular pro
gramme, the union will celebrate th
twenty-fifth anniversary ol the found,
iag of the society.
War Department Explains Why He Is
Coming Over Here.
W ashington, June 27. In reply to
one of the labor organizations which
protested that the "importation" of
George Y. Winters, an English tailor,
by the war department to bring the
uniforms of the United States army ui
to the English standard in the mat
ter of "smartness" and "jauntiness."
was a violation of the contract labor
law. Acting Secretary Oliver has ad
dressed a letter in which he says that
Winters is only to revise and modify
the patterns by which the clothing is
cut, with the idea of improving the set
of the garments and introducing into
their general appearance a more dis
tinctively military effect.
Winters was to send the completed
samples and patterns to this country
and himself to follow in order to per
scmally make an explanation or give
n.ny instructions to the foreman cutter
at the Philadelphia depot, necessary
to a complete understanding of the
patterns and intelligent application of
There were 20.427 printing and pub
lishing establishments in the United
States in 1!M, an increase of IS per
cent, over 1900.
State bank examiners from many
states throughout the country are at
tending the annual convention of the
National Association of Supervisors of
State Banks at Milwaukee.
The Russian imperial family is plan
ning a summer cruise in the Finnish
archipelago. . .
Mrs. Roosevelt has arrived at Oyptcr
Bay for the summer.
Representative Littlefield has been
renominated at the Maine Republican
Second district convention.
All but $2,200 of the $500,000 addi
tional endowment and equipment fund
has been raised for Obeilin college.
It has been decided to appoint a
British royal commission to investi
gate congested districts and other Irish
At the twelfth annual meeting of
the Pennsylvania Bar association at
Bedford Secretary of War William II.
Taft was the speaker of the evening.
Refugees from Guatemala report
that the government, has imprisoned
some forty prominent citizens under
suspicion of sympathy with the revo
lutionists. Nearly 500 delegates attended the
opening session of the second annual
convention of the National Interstate
Telephone association at Chicago.
The Fulajane (Philippine island)
leaders. Quientin and Adva. have sur
rendered to Governor Osmena and the
It is said that the National Juvenile
Improvement association has declined
$C,(00.000 of Rockefeller's money be
cause, it is alleged, it is "tainted."
The A. O. U. W. will asssess each
member 10 cents a month, until its
books balance.
Savej m
You simply CANNOT have Ideal cookery without It
You CAN have it, with it.
South Shore Gas & Electric Co.
Phone IO
147 So. Hohman St
t the ends el your fingers
That's where your infor
mation is if you have a
Superior Price Book
j , , -fin.-' 7rT' , 1
; ; - 1
n t"
Any size you want for pocket or desk use
If your papers get
misplaced use a
Clip Binder
They are only 80c each. Ask to see the price books.
We are glad to show them.
Office in Hammond Building
Harvard Dentists
Hamviond's Largest Dental Office
S. W. Cor. Hohman and State Sts.,
Hammond, Ind.
Whv Go To Cbicajro,
Our Prices Compete with
Chicago Prices.
When work is ordered
Lady Attendant. Phone 2923
Coolest place in Hamir.osd. Fully
equipped with electric fans.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri
day, Saturday and Sunday evenings.
D. P. Pugh's Brass Band Saturday
Admission to ladies free. Use of
check room free. Use of skates
15c. Gentleman's admission 20c.
Monday evening fro an 8:30 to 11:30
Music by Barcie Young's
orchestra. Ladies free.
Check room free. Gen
tlemen 35c.
Steady, Stong and Significant
is the increase in the Chi
cago Telephone Company's
New Subscribers:
Law Robt
Gromann R S
Hammond Pore Ice Co.
Miller E J
Ahlbom Wm
Murray Ames
N W Car & Locom. Co
Orosolini"& Priorini
Village of Lansing
Daugherty Lewig L
Mary Mrs C
Roberts Robt O
Beser H M
Indiana Harbor R R Co
Lewis jVm C
McConnell II A
Ackermann 31
Over 1200 residents near Chicago,
ordered Chicago telephones lastmonth.
Ycu need one.
Service that Satisfied.
No. 2044.
No. 15G3,
No. 144,
No. 2033,
No. 2C84.
No. SGC2,
No. 811.
No. 391,
No. 2S77,
No- 2041,
No. 1252,
No. 2173,
No. 1232,
No. 145,
No. S675,
No. 1504,
No. 4u03.

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