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Tluirsdav, June 28, 1906.
is not far away but we expect to do business in our
new building at 98 State Street by that time.
We will have the LARGEST and most UP-TO-DATE
Drug Store in this part of the State.
Remember 98 will be our new location just op
posite our present location.
JOS. W. WEIS, The Druggist
101 State Street.
To reduce our stock we offer
all trimmed and untrimmed hats
Our summer goods are all
fresh and new and strictly the
Best Styles,
We solicit your inspection.
loomboff & Co.
Capital $100,000.
Your Bank account is not too large. , "Neither is it
too small for the
to handle. We solicit the same on the most liberal terms
consistent with good Banking. 3 per cent interest paid on
time certificates of deposits. Same issued from $1.00 up.
Drafts to all parts of the World sold.
O O SMITH Pres W D WEIS M D Vice Pres
GEO M EDiJH Cashier E S EMEUINE Asa't Cashier
If you appreciate
jinc .
at prices as low as good workmanship
and material will permit
ive us a
We are prepared to handle all classes of work
in a prompt and satisfactory manner,
and would be pleased to
give estimates
The Lake County Times
Phone 111
Hammond Building
carrlasie, acrtMupanied by her hus
band's brother, Jusiah C. Thaw. The
meeting between husband r.nd wife
wus affectionate and they remained to
gether talking in an undertone for
nearly an hour.
A list of transfers of real estate
furnished daily by the Lake County
Title and Guaranty company.
Abstractors offices at Crown Point,
and Hammond, Ind.
Louis Larson to Jacob Murlburt,
Part S. W. 1-4 Sec. 17-33-S contain
ing 8 acres for $6,400.00 :
Tillie Barman to August Schuster,
part W. 1-2 S. E. 1-4 of Sec. 24-34-9
for $400.00
Tillie Barman to Micheal Schuster.
E. 1-2 X. W. 1-4 of Section 2o-3 4-9
Michael Schuster to Peter Schuster,
Part S. W. 1-4 Section 24-34-9 for. .
Fred Bosse to Carrie B. Townsley,
Part S. W. 1-4 of X. E. 1-4 of Sec
tion S-36-8 for $1.00
Englehardt Backmann to Otto C.
Borman, et al. Part of 3 lots in Tol
leston, Ind., for $1.00
East Chicago Co. to Simon Carlson,
Lot CO Block 9 Third Addition, In
diana Harbor, for $275.00
John Hameetman to Walek Dubis.
Lot 34 Block 6, Sub. X. W. 1-4 of
Section 32-37-9, East Chicago, Ind.
for. $425.00
East Chicago Co. to A. Herman
Swanson, Lot 6, Block 15, Fourth Ad
dition, Indiana Harbor for. . . $275.00
. David T. Brough to Geo. W. My
ers, Part W. 1-2 S. V. 1-4 of Section
2S-34-7 containing 18 acres far. . . .
Helmuth Vierk to Society for
Christian Instruction, Part of Sec
tion 24-36-10 for $600.00
Thos. E. Vinnedge, (Auditor) to
Herman E. Sasse, Lots 2 to 15, Block
4, Tailors , Add., Fairport, Lots 20 to
22 Block 2 Rolling View, Crown
Point, Lots 6 and 7 Block 2, Walsh's
2nd Add., East Chicago, Lot 23 Har
vey's Sub., Whiting, Ind. for. .$49.67
Louise C. V. Hammer to Herman
E. Sasse, 2 lots in Newman's Add.,
W. 1-2 Block A. Dyers Add., 8 lots
in Avery's Add., 1 lot Gostlin's Add.,
3 lots in C. Hohman's North Side
Add., 4 lots in F. R. Mott's Add., 2
lots in East Lawn Add., 3 lots in
Messenger's Sub. and 1 lot in A. B.
Wilcox's Add to the City Hammond,
Ind. for $75.14
Franklin J. Albrecht to Herman E.
Sasse, Part N. W. 1-4 and part S.
E- 14 of Section 17-36-8 containing
26-74 acres, Lots 1 to 46 Block 66
and lots 1 to 48. Block 67 2nd Oak
Park Add, Tolleston, Part 3 lots In
Ross, Ind., Lots 1 to 4 8 Block 21
Sheridan Park Add., Tolleston, Lots
1 to 48 Block 4 L. P. Hammond's
Sub. and Part X. E. 1-4 of X. E. 1-4
of Section 18-35-7 containing 50-100
acres lor $115.17
Jas. P. Kelly to Wm. T. Smith, 2
lots in Fogg & Hammond's Add.,
Hammond, Ind., for
Caroline Meyrer et al to Florence
Cooper Hall, Part X. W. 1-4 Section
S-36-8 con. 5 acres
Caroline Meyrer, Gdn. to Florence
Cooper, Part X. W. 1-4 Section S-36-8
for .$450.00
F. W. Stanley (Auditor to II. B.
XIrison, Part lot 2 Sec. 26-34-9, 4 lots
Mathias' Add., Liverpool Heights,
Lots 1 to 26 Block 4 Sub. Block 2
Miller's Station, Part E. 1-2 W, 1-2
Sec. 31-37-9, Part S. E. 1-4 Sec. 6-36-9
and Lot 1 Block 4 Marble's Sub.
Marble's Add., Hammond, Ind. for
, $47.29
Besides the foregoing transfers
there have been filed for record with
the recorder , of Lake county, Ind.
3 mortgages, 1 release and 5 Miscel
laneous instruments.
Chicago. June 2S. Following are
the base ball scores:
Leairue: At Boston New York 1
Boston 4; at Cim-innati I'itts-bu-g
Cincinnati 1: at Philadelphia Bro!i
lyn 10. Philadelphia 0.
American: At New York Bo-ton
f, New York : at Washington Phila
delphia 5, Washington O: at Detroit
Cleveland 11. Detroit o; at :St. I.oui
Chicago 3, St. Louis o.
Association: At St. Paul Milwau
kee 8, St. Paul ."; (second game) Mil
waukee 7, St. Panl 4: at Minneapolis
Kansas City 2, Minneapolis 1; at In
dianapalis Columbus 2. Indianapol's
3 ten innings; at Toledo Louisville
3, Toledo 4.
Western: At Pes Moines Omaha
0, Des Moines 10; at Sioux City
Pueblo ti. Sioux City 2; at Lincoln
Denver 5, Lincoln 0 ten innings.
Earthquake in Ohio.
Cleveland, ()., June 2S. A shock
felt here at 4:10 p. in. yesterday is
pronounced by Cleveland sicentists to
have been an earthquake. It is re
ported to have shaken the southern
shore of Lake Erie for a distance of
100 miles, the eastern limit being
Painesville and the western Jimit Mar-blehead.
Simplex Gaines.
The Simplex base ball teams have
two games scheduled for Saturday.
The office men play the foremen as
a curtain raiser to the game between
the regular Simplex team and the
Fitzhugh Luther Co.
Odds and End That One LIUrs
Often in putting up heavy pictures
that are hunjr from a screw In the wall
rather than from picture molding the
greatest difficulty is experienced in get
ting the screw to fasten securely in the
plaster. Here is a simple remedy,
which many professional picture hang
ers follow in the course of ft day's
work. The hole made by the screw is
enlarged, and the edges of the plaster
are thoroughly moistened with water.
Then the space is rilled with plaster of
parte and the screw pressed Into ,'ie
soft plaster. When the plaster be
comes hardened the screw will be
found to hold very firmly.
Three Veddin Hint.
Don't impoverish jour family by in
sisting on an extravagant wedding
The show lasts-but a short time; the
poverty sometimes consequent upon it
Don't invite everybody you ever
heard of in order to get presents. Ev
ery, present is a mortgage on your fu
ture income. Down to the third gen
eration you will have to pay present
for present.
Unless you are ta go much in society,
choose j-our gown for its usefulness.
Think of the wedding gowns you have
seen that have cost no end of money
and been worn only once, possibly
For the Hostess.
Crystallized mint leaves dotted the
whipped cream on the cups of coffee
frappe at a bridge whist party the
other evening.
The present tendency in decorating
is to use cut flowers in vases. The
Sale This Week
Boys Blouse Waists. Worth up
to 75 c, This week
Will Not Submit to Either Verbal or
Physical Examination His
Wife Visits Him.
New York, June 28. That Harry K.
Thaw, the slayer of Stanford White,
is perfectly sane was the report made
by the alienists retained by the dis
trict attorney's office to examine into
the prisoner's men till condition. This
report was made after the physicians
bad spent an hou-with Thaw, who in
defiance of the at e of his counsel
ex-Judge Olcott. re M to answer any
auctions and dec. A that nothing
short of actual force would compel
him to submit to a physical examina
tion. When the committee of physicians
called upon the prisoner Thaw said
firmly, as the first member was intro
duced to him by Dr. Allan MeLano
Hamilton, retained for the defense, "I
beg your pardon: I will answer no
questions whatever." and he stuck to
this in spite of his counsel's advice.
After the alienists had departed Mrs.
Thaw was permitted to see her hus
band for the first time sauce his ar
rest She canie to.'.Uie.To"niXs. in a
A chance for everyone to own a Home
The Hammond Realty Company will help yon
WE are putting on the market seventy-five choice resi
dent lots in East Lawn and McHie's Subdivision and
will sell you your choice of any of these lots (now unsold)
at the unusually moderate price of 200 each, and what is
more, we will loan to every person paying cash for his lot
75 per cent of the money required to build his home, at 6
per cent interest. All will be treated alike. First come
first served. Do not neglect this opportunity. It may
never be offered again.
For information and particulars call at our office
Hammond Building
or our Agents
92 State Street
Boys Play Suits. All Sizes; this
to 75c.
th up
This weeR
Big assortment Men's Outing Suits
Worth up to $15.00. This
1 iC,
A General Real Estate and Insurance business.
Prompt attention given all business intrusted
with us. A big snap in a twelve flat propo
sition paying 12 per cent. This must be sold
at once.
Phone 343
East Chicaao, Indiana
clusters may be as large as you choose,
and you can use a single vase or sev
eral. If the candles are kept on the ice for
a day or so before using they will burn
away less rapidly whan they come to
the using. Some persons always keep
their boxes of candles in the refriger
ator. ; Card Table Cover.
A pew item has been added to the
linen closet in the shape of card table
covers. These are made of plain linen,
with hemstitched edges and corners,
provided with tapes, with which to
tie them to the legs of the tables. They
just cover the tops of the tables, being
shaped exactly like them. When laun
dered they should- be rolled, not folded.
An expedient for women who do not
entertain with cards often enough, to
make It worth while to go to the ex
pense and trouble of the table covers
Is found in white paper cambric, which
has a delightfully glossy surface and
which may be pinned neatly over the
edges of the boards and fastened
around the legs or. across the sides and
ends under the tables.
Seasonable Ponch Bovrl.
An original punch bowl is a huge
block of ice hollowed into a cavity In
the top and set in a zinc tray, which
may be concealed with ferns and flow
ers. The punch will steadily melt the
bowl deeper, but its effect will last un
diminished through the entire evening.
So Aismer Handy
This is only worth the telling, writes
a correspondent, because it contains a
retort which, though a triumph of in
consequence, seems to me quite unan
swerable. I happened to be reading
some obvious newspaper proofs in a
train when the good natured man next
to me, with the intention no doubt of
making himself agreeable, asked, "Ah,
are you connected with the press?" I
intimated briefly and perhaps not over
courteously that it was none of his
business. He persisted that it was a
quite civil inquiry, which I met with
'he remark that I had not asked Lim
whether he was a clerk or a shop as
sistant. As he was obviously neither,
this nettled him. "If I knew," he said,
"what newspaper you belong to I
would never buy it again." London
" Real Estate in all Its Branches."
X-Spring has como. The coal trust ii on th bum.
The prospect for Hammond were never bo bright.
Now is the time to buy yourelf a home. We have
bouses and lota to tuit the taste and purse of anyone
dome now before the prices begin to climb. They
are low now, but are bound to go op. Wa
have a few bargains left tut they will eooa be
gone. Don't delay. : 1 ; : : : :a : ; :
ITJo List here a ferj of our Bargains
New 7 room house with bath; brick foundation, pavement and
brick sewer paid for. 50x150 ft lot, Calumet Ave., $2500
6 room house, full 7 ft basoment, cement floor, bath, hot and
cold water, gas for light and 50 ft lot, cement sidewalk,
fine lawn, Summer etreet, f 2100.00
25 ft lot on State street across from Carter's livery barn, at a
very reasonable figure, 2-300.
9 room house, 50 ft lot, Murray street, 1400
4 room cottage, 50 ft lot, paved street, E. Sibley, $1100
6 room cottage, brick foundation, 37$ ft lot, LaSalla St., $1,000
42 ft lot on State and State Line streets at a bargain.
Fine two flat building 50 ft lot on Ogden etreet, S3600.
New 8 room bouse on Manilla avenue, 2400
Michigan avenue, 8 rooms, 12100
4 room cottage, brick foundation, TC0
5 room cottage, Chicago avenue, flOOO, easy payments
9 room house, 50 ft lot, Sheffield Avenue, $2500.00
8 room house, 50 ft lot, Sheffield Avenue. $2000.00
4 room cottage, Oak street, north of Hoffman, 25 ft lot on easy
payments, $750.00
7 room cottage cn Truman near Oakley, 35 It lot, $1400.00,
The above are but a few cf the bargains we offer, If you wlih o
look into anything in the real estate line, not listed above, call oa j
cr write us. We can suit you.
Gostiin, Meyn & Co., "Real Estate la ail Its Braatfies

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