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Thursday. Julv 5,
o o o
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Insurance and Real Estate
Ha in in ond
Room 1 Tapper Block
Telephones: Office 62, House 1072.
5 A-r'f-
Will Miss It!
I If you try to get along
'JJ, ' this winter "without tne
y IXSHSw proper kind of coal
J Always bear in mind
"" , i that the best is the
;vv p J cheapest in the end.
"tr We sell the best coal
that money can buy.
but we charge no more for it than you will have to pay for an
iufereor article
Be dim an, lilatt (Si Co.
e 04
- &4
V '"TrrJl"" i.ra r TV
i Uvcr
Received Gold Medal award at
the Lonisana Purchase Exposition
Tbey Name a Full State Ticket,-and
Congratulate Themselves on i
Old-Party Progress.
Topeka, Kan., July 5. The Topulist . Rojestvensky Risks a Death Sen
state convention nominated a full ticket, j tence to Save His Com
including the following: GoTernor, J radss from Death.
Horace Keefer, of Leavenworth; lieu- j
tenant governor, Joseph A. Wright, of
Telegraph News bv Direct
Wire from All Over
If you are in need of a GOOD Typewriter call 'on
the local agent.
102 First National Bank Building
far V .'A f .''Jftl ..:
Vour Opportunity
to get the very best Coal in the
market at rock bottom prices,
should not be overlooked. We
will be glad to take your order
now for all the
you will need next winter. A'
all times we are ready to sup
ply Good, Clean Coal in larg
or small quantities at fair prices
IO IE 353 3ES1E! 3Et BR Q S,
Dealers inCOAL, FLOUR and FEED.
. t
" f 7
. w;iks vs -
Terra Haute, Ind., July 5. Mayor
Edwin J. Bidaman took a change of
venue from Judge I'iety in the re
straining order case and asked for a
trial fit once. Elmer V. Williams, a
Democratic lawyer, was appointed spe
cial judge by Judge Piety. In his af
fidavit asking for h change of venue
from Judge Piety. Mayor Bidaman
says he cannot have a fair trial, be
cause of Judge Piety's bias and prej
udice against the defendant.
Argument for Bidaman.
There was a good-sized crowd In the
court room when Acting Judge Wil
liams took his seat. Ira II. Davis,
representing City Controller Bucking
ham, asked that the temporary injunc
tion be dissolved for the reason that
the circuit court does not have jurisdic
tion to restrain a public officer from
performing the duties and functions of
his office. Louis Heichman, Bidaman's
attorney, made a long argument, con
sisting mostly of the reading of au
thorities to show that, while the couvt
cannot restrain an officer from doing
his dtity, the court can restrain a pub
lic oflicer who is doing an unlawful
act who is violating the law.
Judge Promises Quick Action."
Davis said the court could not pass
at this time on the question of title to
the office. All he asked was that that
part of the injunction restraining Mr.
Buckingham from performing the du
ties of his office be dissolved. Acting
Judge Williams said he realized that
this is n case of considerable import
ac?"not only to the persons interest
ed, but to the whole people, and should
be passed on as soon as possible. He
notified the attorneys that he would
pass on the motion to dissolve the in
junction in the afternoon.
Both Men Are Threatened.
When court convened in the after
noon Judge Williams refused to dis
solve the restraining order, so Buck
ingham continues restrained. Then the
council hearing that Bidaman was going
to hoid office by force, if necessary, ob
tained an injunction from Judge Stim
son restraining Bidaman from interfer
ing in any manner With the council.
So that is the situation now.
Smith county; secretary of state, Rob
ert Heiserman, of Riley; treasurer, D.
C. Kay.of Graham; attorney general. G.
II. Bailey, of Jewell; superintendent of
public instruction, D. O. Kemphill,
of Norton; auditor, E. C. Fowler, of
The convention was not well attend
ed. Most of the afternoon session was
taken up by discussion of the wisdom
of nominating a full state ticket. Of
late years the Fopulists and Demo
crats have fused on state ticket. Those
vrho spoke did not fail to congratulate
Populism that both Republican and
Democratic parties were coming th3
Populistic way.
Aaks the Court Martial to Hold Him
Alone Responsible for Haul
ing Down St. Andrews'
Orders Ice Cream and Cake for All
the Men Confined in the
New York, July 5. Harry K. Thaw
gave his fellow male prisoners at the
Tombs a pleasant surprise by treating
them all to ice cream and rake. Thaw
was talking with Rev. John A. Wade,
the Episcopal clergyman who attends
to the spiritual needs of the Protestant
prisoners. Thaw asked the minister if
the Fourth of July was being observed
in any special way in the prison.
'Well," answered the clergyman.
'I've just finished a task that falls up
on me every Independence day that
of supplying the omen and boys with
ice- cream and cake." When the min
ister said that the men were uncared
for in that respect Thaw asked him
to get enough to go around and send
the bill to him. Wade did as request
ed, buying forty-six quarts of ice
cream and thirty dozen cakes.
Receiver Appointed for the Indianap
olis, and Cincinnati Traction Com
pany to Benefit Creditors.
Indianapolis, July 5. " Charles L.
Henry, president of the Indianapolis
and Cincinnati Traction company, now
operating seventy miles of interurban
electric lines out of this city, lias boon
appointed receiver of the company by
Judse Carter, or the Marion county su
perior court, on application of W. M
Frazee, a stockholder living at Rush-
It is ale-god that the company is un
able to meet an outstanding Indebted
ness of SotO.OOO, but as the assets are
in excess of the liabilities creditors will
be given greater protection by a re
ceivership. The receiver's bond is $100.-
000. It is announced that the action
for the receivership is a friendly suit.
brought for the purpose of expediting
the readjustment of the company
Distilling Coa
Distillers of
Hammond Bourbon
Hammond Sourmash
Hammond Rye Malt Gin
Hammond Dry Gin
Cologne Spirits
Refined Alcohol
Mortgage on a Coal Company,
Terre Haute, Ind" July 5. The
Indiana Southern Coal company has
filed with the- county recorder a mort
gage for Sl.oOO.OOO to cover a bond is
sue. The mortgage is in favor of the
First Trust and Savings bank, of Chi
cago, and is for fifteen years. The pur
pose is to enable the company to" in
crease its business and extend its : ld-
ings. The property involved includes
eleven mines in Vigo, Sullivan and
Greene counties with 3.105 acres of
land and 1).0J1 acres leased.
Gambling Devices Torn Out.
West Baden Springs. Ind., July 5.
Officers representing the state have be-
gun tearing out the gambling devices
at the casinos of the West Baden and
Fernch Pick Springs hotels. The para
phernalia filled two large freight cars
and will be taken to Faoli and place
in the custody of the sheriff of this
county. No raid was muctf at the Co
lonial hotel.
1? Daily Capacity, 25.000 Gallons
Sibley St & Erie Tracks.
Phone 37,
Shot for Residing Arrest.
A evay, Ind.. Ju'y 5. In the pres
ence of ov?r 1.000 persons assembled
to witness a bail game at Patriot, Ind
seven miles from here. Marshal Jacob
Smith shot and fatally injured Charles
Sutton.: 30 roars old, of Steele's Bot
torn. Ky. It is said that Sutton was
resisting arrest.
Landing Dock Collapses and It Is
Lucky Many Were Not Drowned
One Life Is Lost.
Omaha, Neb., July 5. Nearly 100
persons were precipitated into about
sixteen feet of water at Lake Manawa,
a pleasure resort on the Iowa side of
the river, by the collapse of a landing1
dock. Lena Rosenbloom was uncon
scious when taken out and died later.
Miss Chamberlain is thought to be fa
tally injured internally.
The crowd was watching a display
of fireworks, and bathing by electric
light, when the dock suddenly sank
into the lake. All the victims live at
Women Would -'Be Martyrs.
London, July 5. Miss Kenney an
the other women suffragists arrested
in Cavendish square June 21 for cre
ating a disturbance outside of Chan
cellor of the Exchequer Asquith's
house are proving embarrassing to the
magistrates by insisting on martyrdom.
They insist on going to jail, refusing
to be bailed.
He'll Be Harmless for a While.
Washington. July 5. Chief Wilkiej
of the secret service, has been notified
of the arrest at Huntington, W. Va., of
gang of notorious note raisers. Irving
Tolley, the leader of the gang, was ar
rested in Baltimore a few days ago.
Tolley has given the secret service of
ficials trouble for several years.
Cronstadt, July 5. In a manly effort
to save the surviving members of his
staff and the other officers who
he believed surrendered the gun
boat Bedovi on account of their
afr'ection for their wounded com
mander and their desire to save hia
life. Admiral Rojestvensky pleaded
guilty before a court martial. In a
short speech to the court the admiral
declared that he took all the blame on
his own shoulders, and asked that he
alone be punished to the fullest extent
of the law virtually an appeal for
condemnation and death, which is the
penalty for hauling down the St. An
drew's cross to a hostile vessel.
Party Tactics Decided Upon.
St. Petersburg. July f. At a session
of the Constitutional Democratic ex
ecutive and parliamentary committees
to determine the ta-ctics of members
of that party in the council of the em
pire it was decided that they may par
ticipate in caucuses of the Centrists,
but that they must preserve their par
ty individuality and move a separate
preamble and resolution declaring lack
of confidence in the ministry from that
which the Centrists are planning to in
troduce. This decision is taken as an
indication that the Constitutional
Democrats are inclined to recognizo
the legislative status of the council of
the empire and not to demand its aboli
tion if legislation originating in the
lower house is favorably received in
the upper house.
Money To Be Granted for Relief.
It is announced that the parlia
mentary commission appointed to ex
amine into the question of famine re
lief 011 account of the bad harvest has
decided to grant an immediate credit
of $7,no0,(X)0 to the minister of finance,
who with the minister of the interior
attended the sitting. The proposed
credit will be covered by an issue of
4 per cent, state rentes. MM. Rodit
cherf. Jollos and Kovalesky, the mem
bers of the commission, said they con
sidered that a loan would not be neces
sary, ana expressed the opinon that
the credit could beprovided for through
budget economies.
Two Kinds of Peasants Fighting.
The agrarian movement in several
sections has developed a new phase in
the form of a struggle between land
owning peasants and peasants who
hold no lands. Bloody conflicts have
occurred at several places. The estates
of Trince Obolcnsky and five other
great landed proprietors in the prov
ince of Saratoff are reported to be in
flames and the rural guards are said to
have been worsted in an encounter
with the peasantry.
I S.AVE.5 1abv svE5 CASH J
omall'vpoits h
You simply CANNOT have Ideal cookery without lt
You CAN have it, with it.
South Shore Gas & Electric Go.
147 So. Ilohman St
Phone IO
(Successor to Stout & Sutton)
BricK, Stono, Lime, Cement, tc.
280 State St. and Nickel Plate R. R. Tracks, HAMMOND, IND.
Telephone 1622
Barbara Krupp Engaged.
Essen, Prussia. July 5. The engage
ment is announced of Barbara Krupp,
the younger daughter of the late own
er of the great iron works, to Baron
Tilo von Wilmowski, son of the govern
or of Prussian Saxony. Fraulein Bar
bara, although by no means so rich as
her sister Bertha, is presumably worth
Liner America Is Safe.
Hamilton. Bermuda, July 5. The
overdue Fabre line steamer America,
from Marseilles June 3 and St. Mich
aels June 11 for New York, reached
Murray's anchorage. St. Georges, yes-
Jumps to Avoid a Collision That Was
Averted and Is Instantly
New York. July 5. Jumping from
his locomotive to save himself from
death in what he regarded as an inevi
table collision with a trolley car stalled
across the railroad tracks ahead of
him, Edward Harris, an engineer on
the rutnam division of the New York
Central system. Avas killed instantly
at a crossing in Yonkers.
His jump, with its penalty of death.
was wholly unnecessary, for there was
no collision. The motorman backed
the trolley car off the rails in the nick
of time, tearing away the safety gates
in doing so.
So. Hohman St,
Hand Made
rT;r-r."-i r Thebes
Telephone No. 86.
t and strong
est in the world.
Residence Telephone No. 2701.
She Didn't Know Our Views.
Lincoln. Neb., July 5. Miss Anna
$150 Each and Upwards
In' the new steel city, Gary, Indiana, $75,000,000 now being
expended in building the largest steel plant in the world; by
the United States Steel Co. Twenty-five thousand men will
be employed which means a city of over 100,000 inhabitants.
Lots will double in value many times. Send for large map and
particulars. V. A. PRIDMORE, 134 Monroe St., Chicago.
C. J. WARD, Local Agent. Office opposite
depot, Tolleston.
terdny in tow of the Italian steamer Tompsett. of C,?,0 South Twentieth
Dinnamare, which picked her up with
her machinery disabled off the Azoro
Young; Michigan Man a Forger.
New York. July 5. Arthur Sichel. a
yonug lawyer, and graduate of the
street, hoisted the Union Jack over her
cottage. She came recently from Can
ada, and did not understand the full
meaning of the Fourth of July celebra
tion. A largo crowd gathered and was
threatening to haul down the flag,
law schoofof the University of Miehi- when the u:rittcr ws reported to the
gan, has been arrested charged with
forging a check for $.00 on the Fifth
Avenue bank in the name of F. W.
Rhinelander. secretary and treasurer
of the Samuel Stevens Realty company.
police and Miss Tompsett was com
pelled to haul down the flag.
Neil Was Hardly in It.
Los Angeles, Cal., July o. Abe At
tell. champion featherweight of the
United States, won a twenty-round bat
Bailey Is for Bryan. tie from Frankie Neil, the bnntam-
Abilene, Tex.. July 5. Speaking to veight champion, before the Pacific
Atmetic ciub here. Attcll showed to
great advantage with his remarkable
cleverness, and he landed six blows to
Neil's one.
an audience of about ".000 people Unit
ed States Senator Joseph W. Bniley
declared in the most emphatic and en
thusiastic way his desire and belief
that W. J. Bryan will be nominated
for and elected to the presidency of the
United States in IOCS.
Harvard Dentists
Hammond's Largest Dental Office
S. W. Cor. Hohman and State Sts.,
Hammond, Ind.
Why Go To Chicago,
Our Prices Compete with
Chicago Prices.
Whec work is ordered
, Lady Attendant. Phone 2923
Badly Bitteir by a Dog,
Bedford. Ind.. July .". Mrs. Schuyle
i-ox attempted to part two cglituig
dogs, one of which was her own. and
in doing so the strange dog fastened
its teeth in her arm near the elbow,
and she was badly bitten before she
could beat the animal off.
Murder Over a Boaid Bill.
New Harmony. Ind.. July 5. David
Alsop, aged 44 years, wr.s shot an I u
stantly killed in a saloon here by New
ton llrady. The men ad a dispute
over a settlement of a board till.
Grudy was arrested.
Roosevelt to Honor Bryan ?
New York. July 0. William Hoge.
president of the Commercial Travelers
Anti-Trust League, has sent a letter
to President Roosevelt inviting Roose-
velt to preside at the reception to be
tendered William J. Bryan in this city i
upon his arrival from Europe early in '
LaFolIette Is for Roosevelt.
Madison, Wis.. July 5. That Theo
dore Roosevelt Is the only man who
can bett William Jennings Byran. is
the opinion of Senator Robert M. LaFol
l?tter. LaFolIette is loud in the praise
of President Roosevelt.
Well. HeFaased Through Somewhere.
Sioux City. la.. July .". While he
was telling friends at a holiness camp
. meeting at Mcrnmgside that he ex-
pected soon to pass through the pearly
I gates of heaven Pierce Ratiiff dropped
May Sutton Is Beaten.
Wimbledon, England, July 5. May j cicad of heart failure.
Sutton and G. W. Hiilyard wen? beat- j '
en in the semi-Snal of the mixed
Victim of the Devil Wagon.
Buffalo. July 5. Frofessor Henry A.
doubles in the international lawn ten
nis championship games by Miss
Thompson and A. W, Gore. The scores J- uralist.' was struck by an automobile
were 63, 3 G, S a j ftud killed.
Ward, of Chicago, the well-known uat-
Coolest place in Hammond. Fully
equipped with electric fans.
Tuetday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri
day, Saturday and Sunday evenings.
Admission to ladies free. Use of
check room free. Use of skates
15c. Gentleman's admission 10c.
Monday evening from 8:30 11:30
Steady, Stong and Significant
is the increase in the Chi
cago Telephone Company's
New Subscribers:
Music by Barnie Young's
orchestra. Ladies free.
Check room free. Gen
tlemen 35c.
No. 2C44, Law Robt
No. UC3, Gromann U 3
No. 144, Hammond Pare Ice Co.
No 2C23. Miller E J
No. 2G64 Ahlbcrn Wra
No. Murray Ames
No. 211. N W Car & Lccom. Co
No. 8'JOl, Oicsolini & Friorini
No. SS77, Village of Lansing
No. 2G41, Dangherty Lenii L
No. 1252, Mcry Mrs O
No. 2173. Robfrta Robl O
No. 1232, Eesser H M
No. 145, Indiana Harbor R R Co
No. 675, Lewis YVra O
No 1504, HcConntli H A
No. 4'jC3, Ackermacn 51
0?et 1200 residents n'ar Chicago
ordered Chicago telephones last month.
Yon need one.
Service that Satisfied.

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