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Friday. August 17. 190f.
Ti "t "i-r t-T-lrf - J" i.i'ii n--r----a
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of Quality in
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelery and
i Silverware
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r 1
Received Gold Medal award at
the Louisana Purchase Exposition
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1 -igijtio
Dealers inCOAL. FLOUR and FEEr.
The R
-Distillers of-
Hammond Bourbon
Hammond Sourmasli
Hammond Rye Malt Gin
Hammond Dry Gin
Cologne Spirits
Daily Capacity,
Sibley St. & Erie Tracks.
Huber & Rodgers
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to get the very best Coal in the
market at rock bottom prices,
should not be overlooked. We
will be glad to take your order
now for all the
you will need next winter. At
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or small quantities at fair prices-
- -ft I. i.,
V nr.-, 'IOC. "
25.000 Gallons J
Phone 37.
g CoB
Tiff cpnc
111 La LJliilLa
Telesrraph News bv Direct
Wire from All Over
Indianapolis:, A US'. IT. The mysteri
ous disappearance of V-Ua Van Sickle,
13 years old. froci her home, 1741
Fletcher avenue, Wednesday evening,
was partly cleared yesterday at 0 a. j
ni. when she was found near the tracks
of the Lake Erie and Western railroad, j
one-half mile north of Malott Park.
The girl was brought to the city in a
caboose of a Lake Erie and Western
freight train and taken to her home in
the city dispensary ambulance, in the
charge of Dr. Hissler.
Tells a Disconnected Story.
The girl was unconscious when the
railroad men picked her up. Her hands
were tied together with a handkerchief.
This was removed. When the girl ar
rived at herhomeshe told a disconnect
ed and vague story of having been kid
napped Wednesday night by a strange
man. The police showed some hesi
tancy in accepting the story until she
should have recovered from the ef
fects of her experience sufficiently to
be more closely questioned. Dr. Har
ry LI. Gabe, 11 Virginia avenue, who
has been tue Van Sickle family physi
cian for several years, said that he be
lieved the girl had been raped. He
said she is delicate and frail, and that
he has treated her for the last sis
Murder Was AIco Intended.
Foliee had searched for her all night.
The Van Sickle girl says she was
seized by a strange man. A handker
chief , saturated with chloroform was
thrust into her face and she soon lost
consciousness. She says Svhen she first
recovered consciousness she was lying
on the railroad tracks and saw the
headlight of an approaching locomo
tive. She managed to throw herself
from the tracks, and again became un
fcctous. She did not recover again un
til a railroad conductor found her.
KnRineer Saw the Child.
Conductor Charles L. Miller, of the
freight train, had the girl in charge.
It was learned that D. II. Darriott,
engineer of the Lake Erie and West
ern train, tirst saw the girl lying be
side the track. The train had slowed
down, as it was Hearing- Melott Tark.
Darriott saw the body of the girl and
stopped his train.
Boy of 17 Throws a Stone and Hits
Uncle, Fatally Wound
ing Him.
Muncie, Ind., Aug. 17. Unable
longer to stand the insults addressed
to his mother, as he says, James Arin-
sten, a boy of 17 years, threw a stoue
which struck and fatally injured his
uncle, Christopher Slinker, 47 years
old, when the latter attacked the boy
Seeing what he had done, the lad went
to his home from the Ball Bros.' fac
tory. where the trouble occurred.
changed his garments and came up
town, where he surrendered to the po
lice. After hearing his story, however,
and on his promise not to run away,
the police refused to detain him or to
file a charge against him.
According to a number of workmen
m the lactory, Slinker, on seeing the
boy. began abusing him and villifying
the character of the lnds mother, who
is a sister of Mrs. Slinker. The boy
warned the old man not to repeat the
statement. The latter did so, and, ac
cording to the witnesses, he then
seized and choked Armsten. When the
latter finally escaped from his clutches
Slinker secured a big stoue and threat
ened to kill the boy. whereupon the
latter also picked up a stone and threw
it with such violence that it knocked
Slinker senseless.
Death of Two Little Roys.
Jeffersonville. Ind., Aug. 17. While
playing on a pile of sand at the side of
the Pennsylvania railroad tracks in
this city Harold Kennedy, 10 years old,
and Walter Titts, 0 years old, rolled
under a passing suburban train. The
Titts boy was instantly killed and
young Kennedy is not expected to sur
vive. Flood of Rain tn Twenty Minutes.
Vincennes. Ind.. Aug. 17. An inch
and a half of rain fell here in twenty
minutes. The streets were badly flood
ed and several barns were blown
down. Two brick smokestacks of a
local distilling comapny were struck
by lightning and totally wrecked.
Gov. Hanly Reviews the Troops.
Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., Aug.
17. Governor Hanly and staff visited
the camp and reviewed the troops.
The coernor was received by Gener
al Carter with a salute of seventeen
guns and the usual formalities were
Child Dies of Hydrophobia.
Carlisle, led., Aug. 17. Flora Ad
ams, 12 years old. daughter of James
Adams, near this place, was bitten by
a mad dog on the 15th of May, and is
dead of hydrophobia.
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Brown is Chosen by the Grand
J Army of the Republic as Its
Archbishop Ireland Klected Chap-lain-in-Chicl'
Much Feelins
Against a Wirz Monu
ment. Minneapolis. Aug. 17. Commander-in-chief,
K. B. Brown, Zanesville. O.;
senior vice commander, William II.
Armstrong, Indianapolis; junior vice
commander, E. B. Kenton, Detroit;
chaplain-in-chief. Archbishop John Ire
land, St. Paul; surgeon general, W. II.
Johnson, Lincoln, Neb. The foregoing
are the officers elected at the annual
meeting of the Grand Army of the Re
public. All other officers are staff ap
pointments, and will be announced lat
er by the new commander-in-chief. The
strongest opponents of Brown for the
honor of being commander-in-chief
were C. G. Burton, of Missouri, and
Captain V. II. Coney, of Kansas. Both
of these withdrew when it was seen
that the election of Brown was a cer-!
Saratoga Favored for Next Year.
After the elections the place of
holding the next encampment was tak
en up, and the Now York delegation
presented Saratoga. An adjournment
was taken before a vote was reached,
and other cities that desire the en
campment will have an opportunity to
present their claims today. The senti
ment is strong, however, in favor of
Saratoga. It is expecred that the de
bate on the Wirz proposition will also
come up today. The present probabili
ty is that some animated discussion
will follow the introduction of any
resolution on the matter.
New Chief Enlisted As a Roy.
The new commander-in-chief of the
Grand Army, It. B. Brown, was born
in 1845 and has always lived in Ohio.
He enlisted in the Fifteenth Ohio in
fantry at the age of H years, and
served in the Fourteenth army corps
in the Army of the Cumberland until
he was mustered out in IStVL- He then
re-enlisted as a veteran soldier, and
served as such until the end of the
war. He was a private throughout
the first three years of his service,
and then became a non-commissioned
officer. He has always been active and
prominent in the work of the Grand
Army. Brown is now editor of the
Zanesville Courier.
Two Most Important Questions That
Are To Be Considered.
The business sessions of the Grand
Army opened with 1,500 delegates
present. The most Important questions
are the abolition of the canteen from
the old soldiers' homes and the pn
posed erection of a monument to Hen
ry Wirz by the women of the south
On the (luestion of the canteen the
delegates are apparently about evenly
divided, according to the officers. On
the question of a monument to Wirz
there is on all sides almost a bitter
feeling of opposition.
The report of Commander-in-Chief
Tanner covered all features of the
work during the last year. Na men
tion was made of the canteen question,
but recommendation was made that
the Grand Armv enter a disnified and
emphatic protest against the erection
of the Wirz monument. Commander
Tanner declared the G. A. It. has at
tained "a position of commanding in
fluence, which has been beneficial not
only to our own comrades, but to the
n-ttion which we served th its hour
of peril." The commander bitterly ar
raigned those who.posing as the "most
eminent men of the nation," had
proved false .to their trust in variom
ways, but declared that among all
such the name of no civil war veteran
could be found.
The total membership is declared in
the report of Adjutant Genera! Twee
dale to be 2".",S'J5. an increase of It
3CS during the last six months. The
losses by death for the year ended
Dec. 31. 190.", were 0.205, or 3.90 per
cent. In the preceding year the loss
by death reached exactly the same per
courage, me receipts from tne per
capita tax are declared insufficient
The suggestion is made that the tax
be increased from 0V2 cents to 5 cents
per annum.
It is estimated by the police tha
the number of prostrations during the
time of the parade was more than 100.
The great majority of these were wo
men walking in the procession.
Mrs. Carrie Sparkling, of St. Louis
was elected national president of the
Women's Relief Corps. Her principal
rival was Mrs. Kate Jones, of. New
York. Mrs. Sparkling has previously
held a number of high offices in the or
They Have Earned the Limit.
New York, Aug. 17. Attillio Orata
and Joseph Veglanti, arrested in Brook
lyn for San Francisco officers on a
charge of larceny alleged to have been
committed while they were acting as
collectors for the fire and earthquake
sufferers' relief fund, have been giv
en into custody of San Francisco offi
cers. Greek Atrocity In Bulgaria.
Saloniki, Aug. 17. At Yovitsa, near
Fiorina. Aug. 14, a Greek band killed
three Bulgarians, including a girl, and
kindnaped and murdered Ave others.
Humor end Philosophy
debt expands your In-
An excellent way to keep your
friends from becoming too much at
tached to you is to freely criticise
them for their own good.
Modern preachers ought to learn to
give merely an indeterminate sentence
of matrimony.
Some people do not live beyond their
means because the grocers are on to
A brand of prosperity that the unfor
tunate would feel is the kind that most
people are interested in.
They are never bothered with
tipping system on the frontier.
There are people so disagreeable that
they find harmony only in discord.
The money that you haven't got is
the only kind that is tainted.
A. genius is an abnormal man
works at it and is glad of it.
Just a Dream.
I dreamed one night that black was white.
That fishes grew on trees.
That fast was slow, that high was low,
That elbow joints were knees;
dreamed that steak was coffee cake,
That noodlf-s were ice cream,
That lean was fat, that this was that
Say. wasn't that a dream?
dreamed that eggs had wooden legs,
That sauerkraut was sweet.
That whistles rang and maidens sang
A ditty with their feet,
That trees could walk and spoons could
And no one lost their bets, N
That paina and aches and rattlesnakes
Were really household pets.
I dreamed that mice gave good advice
To all who came to buy
And that the bill was less than nil
And likewise twice as high.
That womankind was quite resigned
To one cheap dress a year ':
And that the moon came up at noon
And wigwagged with Its ear.
I hold tht dream in high esteem.
Still be it understood
I only dreamed I dreamed that dream.
But that Is quite as good.
For It's the klnd l have in mind
Stored underneath my hat
Should ever I feel called upon
To dream a dream like that.
Without a Guide.
nun TnAT I
"I think man should follow the dic
tates of his conscience."
"That is the trouble. Most of us lay
our conscience aside when the assessor
calls and then go away and forget
where we put it"
Stranger Than Fiction.
A woman has Just died in New York
at the modest age of 105 who has lived
for many years on a diet of bread and
One by one are our pet superstitions
shattered until we rather expect it, but
this is a case that is almost beyond be
lieving. Our regulation woman who lives to
the age of 105 or even 117 has put In
the larger part of her last half cen
tury In paying attention to a clay pipe
and the kind of tobacco they grow in
the hills. Sometimes, too, she has been
in the habit of taking an occasional
nip at something from a bottle, but
this, however, Is not necessary. In the
case of a man we sort of expect it,
If many more cases of this kind
show up it will shatter the notion that
the good die young and incidentally
will deprive our prospective centena
rians of lots of fun.
Locating Them.
'Tie loves to sit alone at night and
listen to the music of the spheres."
"The Spheres, eh? I never heard of
them. I suppose that is the name of
some musical family that lives next
Self Preservation.
"Which do you think is the most
valuable of our senses?"
"Touch, cultivated till it is so sensi
tive that you can tell beforehand that
you are about to experience It." '
Happy Days.
"riaving the best time I ever had la
my life now."
"Why, what has happened?"
"All the bill collectors are off on a
Her Rea son.
"She's a very enthusiastic girl."
"Yes; she considers effervescence ap
propriatt to her type."
v'RjK K--p
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h Am mo DECS
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. A
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