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tfridav, August 24, 1906.
True Purpose of
Imprisoning Criminals
By EU-ENE SMITH. Fimoui Criroinoloist
T is not easy to see how punishment cvrr came to be regarded
as an EXPIATION" for crime. The expiatory nature of
suffering depends on its VOLUNTARINESS. Yet this ab-
surb idea is the only ground on which a dangerous criminal
13 now discharged after a CERTAIN TERX of imprisonment.
Public protection is the only motive which justifies the state de
priving a criminal of his liberty, revenge being wholly alien to its
majesty. Put imprisonment that is not reformatory insures protec
tion (tXLY WHILE IT LASTS. Therefore we can protect our
selves from tho criminal only by life imprisonment or by reformation,
and reformation seems to bo more humane, besides being less ex
pensive. And reformation presupposes THE INDETERMINATE
SENTENCE. The criminal must be treated UNTIL tlURED.
The question of hh guilt is wholly immaterial, and attempts to make
the punishment fit the crime are an absurdity. Only OMNIS
CIENCE can measure guilt. Under the oh! criminal system the state
figured as nn avenging fury pursuing the criminal.
"! -tr: .rr. v ; sun ..SV.
Hammond Horse Market
i5to 40 Head of Horses always oa
Hay, feed and Wood for Sale.
Exchange Stable.
ED MARSH. Proprietor.
396 Calumet Ave.
Tel. 2032. 411 Sohl St.
Building Contractors
Buy a lot and build your own home. Suit
yourself. We loan the money to build and
build yourhouse for you.
Lake County
Title &l Guaranty Company
F. R. MOTT, President, J. S. BLACKMUN, Secretary,
FRANK HAMMOND, Vice-Prcs. A. II. TAPPER, Treasurer.
S. A. CULVER, Manager.
Hammond and Crown Point, Indiana.
Secretary's office in Majestic Bldj., Hammond.
(Abstracts furnished promptly at current rates.
20th Century
' And the Popular
Gives the Press One of His Sharp
Talks on the Political
:i Fept. 1. when he will
me. where ne is 10 speak.
With a Side-Swipe Ako at Higgins
and Odeli. i
Definition of "Availability" Is Given
Bryan and the Keporter Pro
gramme for His llecep.
tion Next Thurs
day, i
Higgins Is a Candidate; His Friends
AVill Control, Says liarnes.
New York, A us. 24. Wia. Barnes,
Jr., chairman of the executive commit- j
tee of the Republican state commit- j
toe, after a conference with Governor j
j Iliggir.s, came to New York and an-
nounced that the governor was a caa
j Uidate for renomination.
I "Governor Higgins," said Barnes, "is
a candidate for renomination. He nev
er chased after a nomination, and he
is not chasing after a renomination.
ITe is a candidate for renomination. but
lie does not demand the honor from,
the state convention.
"Friends of Governor Higgins will
control the state convention and Dom
inate him."
New York, Art?. 21. PMrlet Attor
ney William Ira vers Jerome- a tram
talked of the political situation in this
state. He said he believed the time
was now ripe for the many leaders of
Tammany Hall to state their positions.
He also declared that Hearst as a man
lid not figure in the coming campaign.
"If Mr. Hearst was nominated bv the
Democratic convention would you
upport himV" Jerome was asked.
You will never face this: situation,"
he replied. "Let's discuss something
practical. The Democratic party has
had to swallow some bitter draughts
in the past, but it will never stand for
that medicine."'
Says Hearst Doesn't Count.
"You saw what Mr. Hearst said
about you';' Jerome was asked. "Yes,
I saw that." answered the district at
torney. "There is no question of
Hearst in this matter in the person
Hearst. The question is of the group
about Hearst. Hearst the man is a
man of no importance, and no ideas.
He is like Murphy. The question about
Hearst resolves itself into the persons
who are about him, whose ideas, work
ing on the addled bt-nin of Czolgosz,
armed his hand to slay a president,
and working along those linos is re
flected in the conduct of the great lead
er of the Independence League, Bor
ough President Bird Color, who went
along the line of the B. K. T. inciting
Nevt He Grows "Sarkast Ileal."
"Murphy, however, should not be so
severely criticised. This is a Christian
world and a Christian example should
be praised. This is a campaign of
the Ten Commandments. I am run
ning on the Ten Commandments' plat
form, Hearst is, Higgins is going to,
and Odell is the greatest exponent of
us all. There is no one in public life,
on the platform or in the platform,
who docs not have regard for the Ten
Commandments. Mr. Hearst cannot
claim to be the prophet wy came
down from the mount, like the Ten
Commandments. He has habitually
been more like Moses, who on a cer
tain occasion, when irritated, broke
them nil at once.
He Defines "Availability."
"The Democratic convention in. the
ory' should voice the will of the par
ty, and there is to be a convention
soon. I am for seating all delegates,
waiving every technicality. Peat every
man is my idea. If the Democratic
party has not got vitality enough to
fight out its own battles, then what's
the use? I am against a convention
when three of four littie ducks go into
a back room and talk of the 'availa
bility' of a man. 'Availability' always
means how much money can he raise
for the campaign fund. No
votes follow such a candidate."
Bryan Challenged to Debate.
Cincinnati, Aug. 24. An invitation
to William J. Bryan to debate in this
city Sept. 0 the question of socialism
with some representative of the Social
ist party was mailed to Bryan at New
York by Nicholas Klein, state secre
tary of the party. The invitation was
given because of Bryan's utterances on
socialism while abroad. The invitation
was signed "Socialist Party of Cincin
nati." The date was set as convenient
for Bryan on his homeward way.
Valparaiso 13 So Procl a inwl-Corpses
Burled. CIS Other Earth
quake Advices.
Valparaiso, Aug. 24. Fernandez
Blanco, governor of the province of
Valparaiso, has proclaimed the city of
Valparaiso in a state of siege, ur.d has
conferred supreme authority on Navy
Captain Gomez Carreno. One of the
tirst acts of the military governor was
to issue an order that any persons
found breaking water mains should be
shot. The water supply is fairly ade
quate. Electric lights are being estab
lished In the city on several streets.
The total number of corpses buried
up to Aug. 21 was 04 S. At Llaillai
there is not a sinsrle wall in good con
dition. There were thirty persons
killed there. The earthquake was very
severe at Cor.cou and Colmo. The dead ;
in those places number twenty-five.
Meat and bread are scarce. Meat is
now being distributed by the authori
ties. The grocers' shops that were
not destroyed by the earthquake are
cow nearly out of stock. Canned meats,
sardines, condensed milk and "biscuits
are much needed.
.odem Home
easy payments near Hammond's Center.
to YoBrseh
While your property grows in value.
. M 'Wr W V
E. A. KINK AD builder
Phone 3253
1 10 First National Bank Bldg.
Hammond, IncL
That Long Hallot Is Over.
Fagle Grove. Ia.. Aug. 24. Conven
ing here after being in prolonged dead
hxk at four previous conventions the
Republicans of the .Thirty-seventh dis
trict nominated Charles YV. Peterson,
of Clarion, for state senator on the
first ballot. In all S.GfJ hallos were
Shaw to Speak in Tennessee.
Nashville, Tenn.. Aug. 24. Leslie
M. Shaw, secretary of the treasury,
will open the Republican campaign la
Tennessee with a speech here Sept.
14. The announcement is made by Lee
Brock, in charge of Republican state
committee headquarters.
Prominent Superior .Man Dead.
Superior, Wis., Aug. 24. Edward
McMahon. the first city comptroller of
Superior, is dead, nged 74 years. Mc
Mahon was a retired banker and en
joyed a wide acquaintance throughout
the financial centers of the state.
Fiend Who Tried to Kill Alfonso and
Ena Did Kill Twenty-Five
Other Persons.
Madrid, Aug. 24. The newspapers
of this city print the report of the ex
amining magistrate in the case of
tho coronation bomb throwing. The po
lice maintain the charges against Senor
Ferrer, director of the modern school,
of Barcelona, and Nakins, who assist
ed in the escape of Morales. To per
sons who suffered damage to property
by the explosion themagistrate awards
$3,070 damages.
The report of the magistrate adds
that by the explosion twenty-five per
sons were killed and 109 wounded, of
which latter number fourteen are still
convalescing. The report says that
evidence proves that Morales sent
bombs from Barcelona to Paris to be
used in an attempt on the life of King
Alfonso while he was in. the latter
Meant Death for Two.
YVilkesbarre, Pa., Aug. 21. An ex
plosion of gas occurred in No. I) coi-
lierv of the Lehigh and YVilkesbarre
Coal comnanv at Sutra r Notch, in
which one man, YV. A. Vincent, a min
er, was killed; his son William, Jr.,
was fatally Injured and four other men
who were at work 100 feet away were
seriously burned.
Will Fight Proposed legislation.
Detroit, Aug. 24. At the closing ses
sion of the convention of the Associ
ated Fraternities of America a resolu
tion was adopted pledging the asso
ciation to fight any attempt in any of
the thirty-nine state legislatures which
meet next winter to pass a minimum
rate bill.
Emigrants from Here to Canada.
Minneapolis. Aug. 24. Brigadier
J. W. Cousins, of the local Salvation
Army, lias issued a statement showing
that 12,000 immigrants had been sent
from this country to Canada during
the past eight months by the Salva
tion Army.
We mean what we say. "The Marvin Plan"
enables any one who will put away a small
sum each day to own a farm that he can live
on, or lease out, and in either case have a
good income for life. Land is situated in tho
most productive belt in the United States. Aa
absolutely safe, sure and profitable investment
far superior to a savings bank. Let us explain
the plan to you. It is money in your pocket
to know our method of doing business.
D, 605 Baltimore Building,
Chicago, 111.
Honestly Made by Skilled Workmen
Sold Direct From Factory to Home at Reasonable
Prices and Easy Terms.
i-aciory Branch9049 Commercial
Ave., South Chicago.
Nothing AVould Please Him Better
Than toMeet the Press Fiends.
New York, Aug. 24. At a meeting
of the executive committee which has
charge of the reception to William J.
Bryan it was announced that Harry
W. Walker, chairman of the prcsa
committee, had received a letter from
Bryan, mailed before he sailed from
Ciibraltar, accepting an invitation to
dine with the newspapermen at the
Waldorf-Astoria on the evening of Sat
urday, Sept. 1. In his letter Bryan
said: "Shall be delighted to meet the
boys of the press. I have not found
any better newspapermen anywhere
than our own."
Lewis Nixon gave the programme as
at present arranged for the "0th. Bry
an Is to land at 4 p. m. at the Battery,
whore he will be met by a small sub
committee and welcomed by Acting
Mayor McGowan. Headed by a small
police escort Bryan will be driven up
Broadway to Fiftieth street, thence" to
Fifth avenue and south to the Victoria
hotel. At the hotel Bryan will be re
ceived by a delegation from the recep
tion committee consisting of five mem
bers from each state. At 7:43 Bryan
will be escorted to the garden and the
meeting will begin at S p. m.
Finds Diamonds in Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 24. Prof.
Keuben Andrea, well known in Win
nipeg and Portage-la-Peairie, has re
turned to this city with a handful of
diamonds in the rough which he says
he discovered somewhere within the
confines of the province. He took them
to several local jewelers who pro
nounced them to be stones of the
tirst water. He has staked a claim
and forwarded samples to New York.
Pioneer Merchant Tailor JDrowned.
Fairbanks, la., Aug. 24. Ed Miller,
aged 05 years, a pioneer merchant tail
or of this place, was drowned in YVap
sie river in the presence of his wife,
who was almost drowned in her effort
to save him. The couple was bathing.
Butchers Close Their Sleet,
Milwaukee, Aug. 24. The Master
Butchers of America closed their an
nual convention after selecting- Niagara
Falls. N. Y.. as the next place of meet
ing during the second week of August,
He Is Not Booming Himself, but Wit)
, Run in lOOJi if Desired.
Tlattsburg, N. Y.. Aug. 24. Speaker
Cannon has arrived at the summer
horre of Representative J. C. Sibley,
of Pennsylvania, from New Y'ork. Can
non said he knew nothing'of the reso
lutions adopted by the Illinois state
convention indorsing him for the presi
dency until he saw the papers. He
said he was very grateful to the peo
ple of his state for their action, but
he was in no sense an active candi
date for the nomination.
When asked if he would accept the
nomination if it was tendered him, he
said no man could decMce so high aa
honor at the hands of his party. He
vrlll remain at Representative SibJey's
Examining Houser's Books.
MadisoH, Wis., Aug. 24. Expert
rhillips, of Chicago, has begun work
on the books of Secretary of Stat9
Houser, tinder direction of the com
mittee appointed hx the state Demo
cratic convention, headed by John A.
" iwi ii it u ii m w i
pi. luxjuunLjL
The long hot spell in Wisconsin has
been broken by a heavy rain.
The first list of subscriptions at Lon
don to the Chilean earthquake relief
fund approximates $116,310.
John Kosi. an electrician at Butte,
Mont., from Hancock, Mich., shot and
killed himself while despondent.
King Alfonso has signed a decree
making the Spanish-American treaty
of commerce effective Sept. 1.
Postmaster General Cortelyou has"
subscribed his dollar to the Republican
campaign fund.
There have been three negro lynch
ings in South Carolina within ten
Many of the COO mea who went out
on a strike at the Ford Glass plant,
Toledo. O.. have returned and most
of the departments are running.
The California Prohibition conven
tion nominated a ticket headed by Jas.
Blanehard, of Los Angeles, for gov
ernor. A great forest fire, which is believed
to be the work of incendiaries, is
spreading rapidly around Toulon,
A seat on the New York stock ex
change has just been sold for $93,000.
the record price.
Captain of Police Avgatoff was
killed in a village r.ear StavropoL Rus
sia, while attempting to arrest three
William Spnin, a rotmg North: Caro
lina negro, was shot to death by a
mob near St. George, S. C, because he
tried to enter a white man's liouse
through a window.
How to Make One Thnt Saves CO Ier
Cent of Breakage,
An ideal china closet is built between
the dining room and kitchen, so that It
can be entered unobserved when guests
are at the table, says the Boston Trav
eler. The shelves are not more than
fourteen Inches wide and about nine
teen Inches apart. If wider than this
the tendency is to pile too many dishes
upon them, and they are apt to give
Corrugated rubber, such as Is tised
beside kitchen sinks, is an excellent
covering for the shelves and decreases
the breakage of china by $0 per cent
A serviceable device for use when
plates are stood on ends is to use a rope
instead of a cleat to bold them and to
fasten it at the corners and in the
center by double headed tacks driven
down tightly into the shelves. This be
ing 6lightly yielding the plates are less
apt to fall over from a sudden jar or
siignt diow. Heavy pieces, such, as
platters and vegetable dishes, should be
placed on the lowest of the broad
shelves, the greatest weight being
brought as far as possible over the
Hooks on which cups are hung should
not bo screwed on the edge of the
second shelf, but well underneath it
They 6hould be tested from time to
time, lest by the settling of the house
and of the shelves they become loose.
The second shelf should be about
three Inches narrower than the one be
neath it to admit of large dishes being
lifted out safely. The upper shelves,
unless used for large dishes, may be
flush with the second. The top shelf
should have a broad cleat across and
around It. This is for the purpose of
keeping the various odds and ends,
such as are usually stored thereon,
from falling over upon the dishes.
About $4,000,000 ortk
of ILaiici Sold Already
Lots and Acres Immediate Adjoining the Pur
chase of United States Steel Corporation on
Lake Michigan, Adjoining Tolleston, Lake
County, Ind.
OVER $75,000,000 TO BE SPENT
Largest Steel Plant in the World
Enormous increase in values in property now
offered is in sight in short time
XIott to Apply Fomentations.
Fomentations should always be as
hot as can comfortably be borne, and
to Insure effect 6hould ba repeated ev
ery half hour, says the Pittsburg Press.
They are of various kinds, but the most
simple and often the most useful that
can be employed Is warm water. For
a hot water fomentation a great deal
of the trouble of wringing out the flan
nel can be saved If there happens to be
a steamer in the house. Into which it
should be put over boiling water after
being folded to the required size. An
other plan is to damp the flannel with
hot water and sprinkle a little turpen
tine on the side of the poultice to be
applied. Cover the flannel used to fo
ment, which should be folded four
times thick with wool and oil silk. An
other kind of fomentation is composed
of dried poppy heads, say four ounces.
Break them in pieces, empty out the
seeds, put them into four pints of wa
ter, boil for fifteen minutes, then strain,
and keep the water for use.
Nothing Is Impossible to Industry.
Periander of Corinth
PERRY ULRICH, 108 Dearborn Street'
acoDson s gencv
Real Estate knd General Insurance
If you rant to buy or sell real estate, or need Gre,
life or accident insurance, It will pay you to call
on us. Our companys are of the best. We list be
low a few bargains. If you do not find anything
here that suits you ask to see our list.
10-room brick house on East State street, lot 50x1 18
Trice, $3,000. Will exchange for a farm.
25-foot lets near Pennsylvania depot at $55 each.
$5 down and $1 per week.
4- room house on Cedar street, 50-foot lot, $900.
52-foot corner lot on Hoffman street, $Soo.
5- roora cottage on Oak street, 50-foot lot, fine lawn,
shade trees, a fine piece of property at $1450.
37 foot lot on Hickory street at $250.
25-foot lot on Pine street, $200.
25-foot lot on Ash street, $150.
4 lots on Grifin street, a snap at $125 each. Easy
terms. We can sell you a lot on any street on the
north side at very low prices and very easy terms.
Phones: OfSce, 1394 T L A
Residence, 3632. JaCODSOIl AgeilCy

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