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TUESDAY. OCT. 16, 1906.
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1 lit ullil
Telcsrraph News bv Direct
Vire from All Over
Indianapolis, Oct. 1G. While men
tally deranged. Mi's. A. T. Nowsom, of
48 West North street, climbed to the
roof of her home and walked about
the eaves while a shuddering crowd.
In the street watched the police rescue
ber. Mrs. Newgom has been suffering:
with nervous prostration for some time
nd Inst night her reason began to
fail. She imagined, that enemies were
trying to kill her and that her neigh
bors were watching for a chance to
poison her. The Newsom home Is a
large two-story house. Newsom, who
remained at home to care for his wife,
heard her go up the stairs Into the at
tic and a moment later he heard her
footsteps on the roof.
Iluaband Calls on the Police.
Thoroughly frightened for fear his
wife would carry out her threat, New
som ran downtohiis telephone and noti
fied the police. In the meantime Mrs.
Newsom walked down the sloping roof
to the eaves and stood looking down
Into the street. Fedestrlans stopped
until there was n crowd in both North
and Illinois streets. Several men vol
unteered to go after the woman, but
Js'ewsom was afraid they would cause
her to jump. The woman had told!
him she needed police protection, and.
he thought a man in uniform would
have a better chance to rescue her.
, Glad to See the Officer.
Blcyelemen Mullen and Hall an
swered Newsom's call for assistance.
They hurried into the house and asked
a few questions of the husband.
'What's her name?" Mullen said, and
was told that it was Ella, and this
knowledge helped the police. Mullen
went up the ladder and looked out
through the hole. "Hello, Ella, what
are you doing up here?" was his pleas
ant greeting. "I'm awfully glad to see
you," replied the. woman. "They were
Just about to, kill me by making mo
Inhale poisoned gas."
Confides in Her Kescuer.
Mullen held out his hand in a friend
ly manuer and the woman confidingly
placed her hand in his. The strong
fingers of the bicycleman closed over
the hand and the woman was a pris
oner. A few minutes later she was led
to safety.
Supreme Court So Decides Ex -Senator
Wants to Begin at the
Earliest Moment.
Abilene, Kan.. Oct. 16. The su
preme court of the United States hav
ing denied ex-Senator Burton, of this
state, a rehearing on the charge of ac-
Noted Evangelist Passes Away In
Sleeping- Car on the Hock Island
Koad of Heart Failure.
Little Rock, Ark., Oct 16. Iter.
Sam P. June?, the well-known evange
list of Cartersville, Ga., is dead of
heart faihire, dying in a sleeping car
va i '
Wv-Vv mil A
cepting a fee while senator to defend
a client against a charge in a Unit
ed States court, the ex-senator when
told of the decision, said: "This is not
my time to talk."
He has communicated with his at
torneys, asking that his term of im
prisonment be arranged to begin at the
earliest possible moment. Some
time ago Burton caused an otticial
statement to be made by his attorneys
that if the supreme court denied him
a rehearing he would neither apply
for a pardon nor accept one if it were
tendered. His1 sentence was six months
in jail and $2,500 Una
on a train of the Kock Island railroad
near Terry, Ark. Jones had been con
ducting a most successful revival at
Oklahoma City, I. T., and left there
for his home in Georgia. He desired
to attend a family reunion today, it
being the HOth anniversary of his birth.
Mrs. Jones and his daughters, Mrs.
Annie Pyron and Miss Julia Jones,
were with him when he passed away.
Jones apose from his berth in the
sleeper about !" a. m. and eomplaiued
of sickness of the stomach. He drank
a glass of hot water and immediately
afterward collapsed.. Hew Walt Hol-
conib, who had been associated with
Jones for a number of years, look the
dying man in his arms, and in a few
minutes the evangelist breathed his
last. The body has been embalmed
and shipped to Cartersville, where in
terment Mill be had.
Hermit Who Has Deen Ejected from
His Quarters Had Hi Money Hid
den Curious Character.
Bushville. Ind., Oct. 10. Chief of
Tolice William Price, of this city, while
ejecting Albert Tyler, a hermit, who
had been living on the August Win
shin farm three miles south of this
city, found sums ranging from 10 cents
to $15 concealed in old. musty purses,
rusty tin boxes, dirty rags and paste
board boxes, placed in odd places
about the house, in boxes of trash, hid
den in cracks in the tioor and in the
furniture. The money totaled $77.
Tyler had allowed his hair and
beard to grow until, with his bare feet
and ragged clothes, he presented the
appearance of a "wild man" of circus
fame. Tyler is a young man, and at
his father's death three years ago he
retained possession of the house on the
Winship farm and refused to move or
pay rent.
Deadly Boiler Explosion.
VIncennes, Ind., Oct. lt. Two men
.were killed and three injured when a
forty-horse power boiler at Frank Gos
nell's sawmill, hunted fifteen miles
southwest of here, exploded. Frank
Gosnell, owner of sawmill, and George
Groves, engineer, both of Vincennes,
were killed. Seriously injured Ed
ward Gosnell, Phillip Groves and Wil
lard Wells. The bodies of the two
killed were blown over 100 feet ami
horribly mutilated.
Cuban Junta "Would Biff Meeting' of
Liberal of Havana Other
Island Matters.
New York, Oct. 10. Taking to it
self the credit of having accomplished
the fall of the Falma. government in
Cuba, the revolutionary junta in this
country will now, according to Cap
tain Cassilly, Cook, counsel to the
junta, proceed to secure some of thes
fruits of the revolution in the form of
offices for those who took np arms.
Havana, Oct. Ifi The Liberals held!
the greatest political meeting ever wit
nessed in Cuba at the Payret theater.
Six thousand persons crowded Into the
building and an overflow meeting out
side was attended by 2,000 more. The
speeches were patriotic in tenor, but
no one said n good word for Palma.
Ser.or Zayas said he did not. blame the
Moderates, but only their leader,
Palrna, but if Palnux was again chosen
to the presidency in n fair electiou the
Liberals would sustain him.
The local polilical parties are show
ing signs of resuscitation. The reor
ganized Moderate party, which its
leaders have renamed the Bepublican
party, already has issued a lengthy
programme, setting forth alms similar
to those held bv the Moderates.
Pythians Gather in Force.
New Orleans. Oct. 10. Nearly every
state in the Union was represented by
uniformed companies when the Knights
of Pythiasbiennial encampment openei
with the fornal transfer of Camp Jas.
It. Carnahan.
Member of a Choir Missing.
Peru. Ind.. Oct. 10. William Vance,
aged .'52, a member of the Baptist
church holr, lias been missing since
last Friday monm.g. He was last seen
walking on the Wa':ia?h river road,
west of Pern. The church members
spent a day scouring trie banks for his
body. It is believed Vance was dement
Country Flooded with Mud.
Naples, Oct. 10. A terrific storm has
caused an inundation of mud from
Mount Vesuvius and thecountry round
about is flooded. Two women have
been killed and twenty-six persons in
Testimony Given Before the Interstate
Commerce Hoard at a Chi
cago Hearing.
Chicago. Oct. 10. The investigation
of the conditions surrounding the grain
market begun here by the Interstate
commerce commission promises to re
veal startling information before its
completion. Witnesses told of the strug
gle between the farmer and organized
commission men in Iowa and Illinois
and how the farmer and independent
dealer was ' discriminated against by
the railroads. This was in the morn
At the afternoon session J. Rosen-
bourn, of the J. Bosenbauni Grain com
pany, of Chicago, declared that th
farmers themselves had formed a com
bination. Said hp: "The farmers who
are organized refuse to sell grain to
any but their own elevators. . Part of
their agreement is that if anv mem
ber sells to any one else he shall b
fined 1 cent a bushel for every bushel
sold. The farmers are closely allied!
and they discriminate against others
more than they are discriminated
against." B. V. Bosenbauni, son of J.
Ro?enbaum, supplemented his father's
testimony with more details.
Deep Yawning a Cheap, Sure Road
to Health.
Deep yawning practiced as a regular
exercise is the cheapest and surest road
to perfect health. We are all familiar
with the theory that systematic deep
breathing is an excellent thing for the
lungs, and it is on similar grounds that
yawning is recommended. The expan
sion of the breast bones and the
stretching of the arms which accom
pany a whole hearted yawn, together
with the filling of the lungs, form a
splendid daily exercise.
A Good Shampoo.
If full benefit from a good shampoo i3
desired never dress the hair until quite
dry, and never go out with it damp. It
will be better to take the shampoo at
night than to risk a severe cold in the
head from wind blowing on wet hair.
While still slightly damp the hair may
be tightly braided at night and left
hanging. Jn the morning, when combed
out, It will be beautifully waved and
entirely dry. Once in eix weeks is real
ly often enough to give the head such a
shampoo unless extremely oily; then
once a month. Go over the head with
a toothbrush and clear water between
whiles, using a dry towel to wipe the
Remedy For Legr Cramp.
To those who suffer during the night
with that painful complaint, cramp In
the leg, the following hint will be use
ful: When the cramp comes on take a
good, strong string a long garter will
d,o wind It around the leg over tho
place that Is affected, and take an end
in each hand and give it a sharp pull,
one that will hurt a little. Instantly the
cramp will depart, and the sufferer can
return to bed assured that It will not
come again that night.
If you are afflicted with a red nose
and the trouble is only superficial ap
ply, night and morning, a mixture of
glycerin and tannic acid, twenty
grains of the latter to an ounce of the
In sickness, when disinfectants are
needed in sinks and basins, use car
bolic acid, allowing four tablespoonfuls
to each pint of cold water. Pour down
the pipes, and let it remain half an
hour before flushing.
For a good meuth wash take an
ounce of camphor and add two ounces
of spirits of wine. Use a few drops in
half a tumbler of water.
Humor c& Philosophy
Misery chuckles when it comes upon
a poor fellow that Cupid has hit.
No flags are flying or banners wav
ing when you go about making repara
tion for jour misdeeds.
Had His Noee Cut Off.
Ernnsvillo. Ind.. Oct. 10. William
Lnnham, a coal miner, was caught be
tween two coal cars and .had .his nose
cut off. He picked up his nose from
the ground and held it in his hand un
til the arrival of a surgeon, who sewed
it back on.
Injury Caused His Death.
Connersville, Ind., Oct. 10. Pert
Welsh, a printer, was struck by a
train, his right hand cut off and the
arm mangled so that amputation was
necessary. Welsh died of his injuries.
lie Receive His Inheritance.
The third international congress for
the suppression of the traffic in women
will assemble at Paris Oct, 'S.i
Mrs. Robert Arrol 1s dfad at An
rlrson, Ind.. making the third death in
one family from eating toadstools.
William M. Alderson, who went to
Montana in 1S04 and for many years
conducted a newspaper at Pozeman, i
dead at Helena, aged 7.".
An explosion in the Wingate colliery
near Durham. G. R., killed twenty-fivo
miners and temporarily imprisoned 200
Men known In tho mining industry
throughout the world are gathered at
Denver to attend the convention of
the American Mining Congress, which
opened today.
Fourteen of the seventeen balloons
wmch started from Tegel, near Perlin
Sunday in tho race for Emperor Wil
liams' cup have been reported landed.
The longest distance made whs 200
The Master Horse Sheers' National
Protective association is holding its an
nual convention at Hartford. Conn.
uamages of fully $1,000,000. includ
ing the partial demolition of one town,
was done by a hurricane on the coast
of Central America.
Safe blowers broke into the State
Hank of Denbigh. N. D.. blew the safe
and secured $2,400.
Hundreds of delegates, many of
Tiiem accompanied uy tneir wives, are
at St. Louis to attend, tho convention
of the American Bankers" association.
.Mrs. Elmer Ellis, residing on a farm
Upper Works of a Steamer Swept OfT
by a Cable One Man Drowned
Panic Among the Crew.
Parkersburg, W. Va., Oct. 10. The.
tow boat Paymond Horner, belonging
to the combine, was wrecked here by
running into a cable stretched across
the Ohio river at Lock IS. The pilot
house and everything on the hurricane
deck were swept iuto the river. Pilot
Howard Crawford, of Pittsburg, was
drownpd: Captain Pippold and Pilot
Peler were badly injured.
To add to the horror of the scene
the boat caught fire and a panic fol
lowed, until Fireman Kcenan pulled a
gun on the boat's'employes and com
pelled them to fight the flames with
the extinguishers. This had the de
sired effect, and the flumes were soon
under control.
Short Sleeves For Younic and Pretty
A famous French man dressmaker,
one of those wonderful personages who
decide the styles for the coming sea
son, has this; to say about the wjnter
"Young women and all beautiful wo
men will wear the short sleeves. The
long sleeve will be left to those women
whose physical peculiarities are such
that it is not becoming or to elderly
women who cannot stand the weather.
isut all youug women who aim at
smartness will wear the elbow sleeve,
which will be much puffed at the shoul
"We are making our very new
sleeves puffed at tho shoulder in ex
ceedingly large puffs which extend al
most to the elbow. They are trimmed
at the elbow with lace in the form of
two or three ruffles.
"There are long sleeves, but these
are of very thin material and . are
crumpled from the elbow to the wrist.
They are very full, and they are finish
ed at the wrist with a very little jew
eled trimming.
A Home Deceratlon.
The illustration shows a novel, artis
tie and inexpensive notion for covering
an unsightly wall. The upper part of
the wall should first be stripped of its
Fairbanks In the Northwest.
Mankato, Minn., Oct. 1G. One
thousand persons and a band greeted
Vice President Fairbanks at the Un
ion station when he arrived here. Fair
banks was escorted to the Mankato
theater, where he was introduced by
representative McCieary. He spoke
for one hour, and urged the election
of McCieary. At noon the vice presi
dent and party left on a tour of the
Sioux City division of the Omaha road
and will deliver short addresses at
nearly every station between Mankato
and Luveme.
.- v.avvw ,a. js.-y.V--. ...-i,? s..nf fwi.i't
The sandpaper that a politician uses
to keep his job from slipping through
his fingers has the United States treas- i
urer's signature.
When people have a pull together
they are likely sooner or later to pull
When he gets the stripes on an ex-
bank president looks like any other
cactus on the reservation.
A pretty woman is fond of casting
reflections on herself from a mirror.
A looking glass is the only thing that
we will permit to make faces at us.
None of us would object so much to
doing hard work If it were easy enough.
The man who never tries to under
stand a woman understands her best.
It Is first necessary to be thoroughly
miserable before you know what real
happiness is.
Having enough money to be able to
live without anybody in particular i3
one way of making everybody particular.
Help For the Helpless.
It Is sesiously proposed by a great
magazine with a bright cover and part
of its reading matter to match to es
tablish a lobby to look after congress
next winter and see that It does not
do things calculated to outrage the find
and lovable common people.
While it Is true that the price of lib
erty has not been put on the bargain
counter, eternal vigilance still being
the cost mark, yet it does seem as
though a representative government
could protect itself in a much simple?
way. ,
When selecting the membership of
the next congress, why not pass up all
who would steal sheep? Surely all of
the sheep In the land have not been
stolen, and they may be needed at
home. By some such simple plan wo
might be able to get good results with
out all of the trouble of taking up f
collection to pay the lobby.
His Deserts at Last.
There was a crooked man.
And he went a crooked block;
He met a straight policeman.
Who put the crook in hock.
Only Ones Who Do.
fane knows all about managing a
"Doesn't look like an old maid either."
Suicided Sensationally.
Princeton. N. J., Oct. 10. Jacob
GeUm.ir. curator of the university geo
logical laboratory, committed suhide
by drinking cyanide of potassium.
Geismar drank the poison while walk
ing with his wife and son on tho street
and died in twenty minutes. No cause
can be assigned for the suicide.
Rensselaer Ind.. Oct. 10. Elizur W. t "par u""mw:i- ia- ner aaugnier,
Sace. of Hense!aer, has received two! fiSl-5. through the heart and then
checks of ?2.",0i!l each as his share of titled berself.
the estate of his uncle, Eussell Sage. . Tne grand 'total of the registration
I of -Greater New York is 002,000. 3
Tines' Want Ads. Bhnz Kesalts Spared with 3.7 in 1505.
Democrat According to Law.
New York, Oct. 10. The ruling of
Justice Greenbaum. to the effect that
only those newspapers which support
the candidacy of William li. Hearst for
governor are entitled to receive elec
tion advertisinsr as Democratic pa fiefs,
has been sustained by the appellate di
vision of the supreme court.
existing covering, carefully cleaned
and whitewashed or distempered.
About four feet from the floor make a
neat dado of brown paper. At the base
lay panels of a light paper, and upon
them paste neat designs cut from old
scraps of wall paper. The whole effect
when finished Is novel and artistic, and,
the covering being effected in a ma
terial that can be obtained for so little,
an economical scheme is the result.
Good News for Postal Kmployea.
New York. Oct. 10. First Assistant
Postmaster General Frank K. Hitch
cock has announced that the postal es
timates for the next fiscal year will
advise better pay involving the entire
postal system of the United States.
Her Only Request.
A housewife complained to her milk
man of the quality of milk he sold her.
"Well, mum," said the milkmau, "the
cows don't get enough grass feed this
time o' year. Why, them cows are just
as sorry about it as I am. I often see
'em cryln' regular cryiu", mum-b-j-cause
they feel as how their milk don't
da 'em credit. Don't you believe it.
"Oh, yes, I believe it," esponded his
customer, "but I wish tr future you'd
see that they don't drop their tears into
our bottle."
A Trielc of the Trade.
Crafty Milliner Really, Miss Pas
say, the white feather on your hat
makes you look at least five years,
Miss Passay Well, you may er mit
t coudIq more white feathers on it.
A Modest Caller.
It's me, your
Humble servant of the off year.
On the ground.
To have my say
In a modest way
And shy
Or know the reason why.
You expect
Because you elect
No president you can suppress
Me. Well, gruess
Some men
I should shrirAc
From public gaze.
Nor raise
My volca at all.
Nor call
For cold and clammy cash
Nor cut a dash
In any way.
That's not my style.
For, while
I may not be as large as a ballcon.
My tune.
Though low.
Must go.
I will be heard.
It's quite absurd
To ask me with a frown
To go way back and sit down.
On election day
You may
The bet
You overlooked.
When your groose is cooked.
And as a token of my affection
You make connection
On foorteen sides
With one of my justly celebrated
Knew 7hat He'd Get.
"I never do a thing In the hope of a
"Dear me. how long headed you arer
"All Hamds after
and all mouths open to this best chew of all chews
for forty years the same highest quality the same
price the same full-weight 1 6 oz. plugs the same
standard chew.
"Star" is easily the most economical chew be
cause it lasts much longer gives more good chewing
to the plug, than any other chev made. " Star " is
rich, waxy and sweet and that's the kindjvctf like.
For forty years "Star" has been the standard
chew the highest quality the mosn economical the
most satisfying.
rjOyOOOyOOO ioc. pieces sold annually
In A!! S lores
JOS. W. WEIS, R. Ph.
98 State Street. Phone No. 1.
$150 Each and Upwards
In the new steel city, Gary, Indiana, 175,000,000 now being
expended in building the largest steel plant in the world; by
the United States Steel Co. Twenty-five thousand men will
be employed which means a city of over 100,000 inhabitants
Lots will double in value many times. Send for large map and
particulars. W. A. PRIDMORE, 134 Monroe St., Chicago.
C. J. WARD, Local Agent. Office opposite
depot, Tolleston.
Oo You Expect to Have Your House
Piped or Wired This Fall?
Send your order in at once. Otherwise
we can not insure prompt delivery. Esti
mate of cost given upon application.
Try one of our $2.75 Gas
Heaters in Your Bath or
Bed Room. Saves Coal.
147 South Hchman. Hm 10.
Telephone 2601.
We can sell you either a Singer or a Wheeler &
Wilson machine, the two leading tewing machines
of the world.
We can repair any sewing machine and guarantee
our work.
We can take your old machine in trade on a nes
one. allowing you a fair price for it.
We can sell you a good second-hand machine
from $5 up.
We can sell you needles and parts for all makes
of machines.
We can please you under .all circumstances. Just
give us a call.
The Singer Store
n t t c-Tr ctt) rr
F. C. Miller, Agent.
wtii'-y;. waff--..-
Times' Waut Ada Hrlns Hult.u
Salcrlbe for The Lake County Time. fcukserilns twr e Le County limes.
Bmbagzsra Private fiospfcal
OfT rs flrt-H(s I'rltate Home forl.sdieB
in driir.te buith wishing skiSirui Mtdieal
or iirirl treatment cr quiet home f
commoJation duriur e ouilnemeat. leader
rare beto-ed npo the patients intrusted
to b by other physicians, tirrclar on ap
plication. S;9W. Adams fcrreet, (hlcaco.
bUte License, Telephone Sonroe 2Hn

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