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Friday, Nov. 23, 1906.
Gary News
Dr. Wa!h returned at noon from
short visit In Chicago.
The strong wind of yesterday car
ried off the storm shelter recently
con.nrurtt'd by the Fitzg-erald brothers
in fror;t of their building.
W. F. Hodges, the attorney, Is now
pUsterlnx hla houso and expects to
have it ready for occupancy In a week.
This will be the first dwelling house
to be completed here..
Elaborate preparations are being
mode for the oyster eupper to bo held
at the north school building tomorrow
evening. The older pupils are mak
ing a thorough canvass and the teach
ers are also lending their assistance.
A largo number of teams are busy
at work hauling1 out and distributing
the train load of water pipe that ar
rived lat week. The recent rain and
cold has hardened the ground so that
they are enabled to haul it a great deal
easier than was anticipated when it
was ordered.
severe, thus making the trips hard.
Miss Eugenie Knotts will not be in
the postoffice after this week. She j
has taken tip the work here so well
that her uncle, the postmaster, has the
credit of having one of the best of
the smaller offices in the district.
There is but little doubt but that as
soon as the required time has elapsed
this office will be ready for advance
ment into a higher classification. The
growth in the volume of business done
has been far beyond any possible es
timate that has been made, and there
is no indication of its cessation.
During tho heavy wind a part of the
large glasa on the south west window
blew in and struck Miss Grace S.--ars,
Inflicting a Blight flesh wound on her
nose. No doctors being available oth
er talent came to the rescue and she
was soon over the effects of the pe
culiar accident, which caused more
scare than harm.
Mr. Anderson of Anderson & Fianta,
a largo firm of decorators in Chicago,
pent most of today hero looking over
tht ground, expecting to locate a large
Rupply company here, who would make
a specialty of cement block manufac
ture. He expects to locate on the
Wabash if the proper switching facili
ties can be obtained.
Morris Kohan of Indiana Harbor
looked after his interests here this af
ternoon. Mr. Kahan spent practically
all of the summer In San Francisco,
but concluded that business prospects
were equally good or better here than
there, hence his investment in Gary.
He expects to begin at an early date
the erection of a business block in
Broadway, with a view to occupying
It with a mercantile business by early
Mrs. C. J. Cooper arrived last even
ing and took up her duties as assist
ant in the postofllce. Owing to the
possibility of the winter proving too
"Judge" Fitzgerald qualified yester
day at Crown Point before Circuit
Clerk Wheeler and upon his return
found his first case awaiting him. The
first man to be tried for an offense
before Gary's justice of the peace was
an Austrian, who had never seen this
place before noon yesterday. He was
arrested shortly after alighting from
tht, train and tried last evening, at
the marshall's quarters in the jail
building. Prosecutor Briggs attended
to the prosecution of the offender. The
attorney who appeared for the de
fendant advised him to plead guilty
and throw himself on the mercy of
the court. After the introduction cf
evidence on tho part of Officer Gate
who made the arrest and of Attorney
Wildermuth, who chanced to be a wit
ness, the Judge fined the offender five
dollars and costs and closed the first
case. Owing to his inability to speak
English, Frank Brink, who operatt
the local dray line, acted as interpreter.
Officer Catey took in a forgetful
young man who came in on the noon
train today. Ho did not show in his
appearance that he needed to be taker,
care of or taught common decency, but
his subsequent conduct after alighting
from the train proved it otherwise, lit
will be taken before a justice at tin
earliest possible moment and prosecut
ed on the charge against him. This
will no doubt have tho desired effect
upon others who disregarded matter;
of this kind. It is a singular fact that
the municipal lodging house is being
used more for outsiders than for ou;
own people. The officers are to b
commended for the results that are al
ready evident from their work sine
their appointment. A rumored avowa:
on the part of the president of th
board that if Gary didn't have any
thing else it was going to have an ef
ficient police department, is bearing
Gary Oynter Bay. Served In an?
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CopytfGtfT S90S BY
tbese persons. Bring them to town
the moment the patrol arrives. The
gems are the most Important things
just now."
"Yes, sir. You can rely upon us,
Mr. Haggerty. Billy, go down with
Mr. Haggerty and show him my rig."
"Good!" said Haggerty. "It's been
a fine night's work, my lads, a fine
night's work. I'll see that all get j
some credit. Permit no one to ap-'
proach the prisoners without proper
"Your orders shall be obeyed to the
letter," said the chief importantly. He
already saw his name figuring in the
New York papers as having assisted
in the capture of a great thief.
I cursed under my breath. If It
hadn't been for the girl, I am
ashamed to confess, I should have
cursed out loud. She sat rigid and
motionless. It must have been a cruel
ordeal for her. But what was puz
zling me was the fact that she made
not the slightest effort to 6pring her
alibi. If I had had one! Where was
Hamilton? I scarcely inclined to the
idea of sleeping in jail in a dress
suit. Haggerty departed. A silence set
tled gloomily down on us. Quarter of
an hour passed. The grlm-visaged po
lice watched us vigilantly. Half an
hour, three-quarters, an hour. Far
away we heard the whistle of an out
going train. Would I had been on It!
From time to time we heard faint
music. At length there was a noise
outside the door, and a monment later
Hamilton and two others came in.
When he saw me, he stopped, his eyes
bulging and his mouth agape.
"Dicky Cornstalk?" he cried help
lessly. "What the devil does this
mean?" turning to the police.
"Do you know this fellow, Mr. Ham
ilton?" asked the chief.
"Know him? Of course I know
him," answered Teddy; "and I'll stake
my last dollar on his honesty."
3$ h pi-LL
r, i 1 I
"What?" We Heard Him Exclaim.
Teddy!) I began
aLie tuici. iicta iiitici i4i.ii.tu hi an, jitt
a common crook. Well, he's got him,
at any rate, and the gems."
"You have, of course, the general
Invitation?" said Hamilton.
"Here is It," and she passed the
engraved card to him.
"I beg a thousand pardons!" said
Hamilton humbly. "Everything seems
to have gone wrong."
"Will you guarantee this man?"
asked the chief of Hamilton, nodding
toward me.
"I have said so. Mr. Cornstalk is
very well known to me. He is a re
tired army officer, and to my knowl
edge a man with an income sufficient
to put him far beyound want."
"What is your name?" asked the
chief of the girl, scowling. It was quite
evident he couldn't understand her
actions any better than I.
"Alice Hawthorne," with an oblique
glance at me.
I had been right!
"What is your occupation? I am
obliged to ask these questions, Miss."
"I am a miniature painter," briefly.
Hamilton came forward. "Alice
Hawthorne? Fardon me, but are you
the artist who recently completed the
miniature of the Emperor of Germany,
the Princess of Hesse, and Mrs. Hyphen-Bonds?"
"I am. I believe there Is no fur
ther reason for detaining me."
"Emperor of Germany?" echoed the
now bewildered chief. "Why didn't
you tell all this to Mr. Haggerty?"
"I had my reasons."
Once again the door opened. A bur
ly man in a dark business-suit entered.
His face was ruddy and his little grey
eyes sparkled with suppressed ire. He
reminded me of Vautrin, the only dif
ference being that Vautrin was French
while this man was distinctly Irish.
His massive shoulders betrayed tre
mendous strength. He was vastly an
gry about something. He went to the
chief's desk and rested his hands upon
"You are a nice specimen for a chief
of police, you are!" he began.
"And who the devil are you?"
bawled the chief, his choler rising.
"I'll tell you who I am presently."
We all eyed him in wonder. W'hat
was going to happen now?
"Which of you gentlemen Is Mr.
Hamilton?" asked the new-comer
Hamilton signified that he was the
gentleman by that name.
"Some ladies at your ball have beer.
robbed of their diamonds I under
. "About ten thousands dollars'
"Look here, sir," cried tho chief,
standing up and balling his fist, "I
want you to explain yourself, and
mighty quick. You can't come Into
my presence in this manner."
"Bah! You have just permitted the
cleverest rasesd in the state to slif
through your butter-fingers. I am Hag
The chief of police sat down sud
"Humph! Isn't he a clever one,
though?" cried Haggerty, in a burst
of admiration. "Clever is no name
for it. I'd give a year of my life to
come face to face with him. It would be
an Interesting encounter. Hunted him
for weeks, and today laid eyes on him
for the first time. Had my clumsy
paws on him this very afternoon. He
seamed so willing to be locked up
tb.t I grew careless. Biff! and he and
his accomplice, an erstwhile valet, had
me trussed like a chicken and bundled
Into the clothes-press. Took my star,
credentials, playing-card, and invita
tion. It was near eleven o'clock when
I roused the housekeeper. I tele
graphed two hours ago."
"Telegraphed!" exclaimed the chief.
rousing himself out of a melancholy
dream. (There would be no mention
of him in the morrow's papers.)
"Yes, telegraphed. The despatch
lay unopened on your office-desk.
You're a good watchdog for a hen
coop!" growled Haggerty. "Ten thou
sand in gems to-night, and by this
time he is safe in New York. You are
all a pack of blockheads.
"Used the telephone, did he? Told
you to hold these innocent persons till
he went somewhere to land the ac
complice, eh? The whistle of the
train meant nothing to you. Well,
that whistle ought to have told you
that there might be a mistake. A
good officer never quits his prisoners.
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where, he makes them bring him in,
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"But" besran the chief,
with sudden misgivings.
"It is impossible, I tell you," inter
rupted Hamilton. "I know this gentle
man is incapable of the thefi. There
is some frightful mistake. How the
dickens did you get here, Dicky?"
And briefiy I told hiii my story, my
ass's ears growing inch by inch as I
went along. Hamilton didn't know
whether to swear or to laugh; finally
he laughed.
"If you wanted to come, why didn't
you write me for an invitation?"
"I shouldn't have come to your old
ball, had I been invited. It was just
the idea of the lark."
"We shall have to hold him, never
theless," said the chief, "till every
thing is cleared up. The girl "
Hamilton looked at the Blue Domino.
"Madame, will you do me the honor
to raise your mask?"
She did so; and I saw Hamilton
draw in hia breath. Her beauty was
certainly of an exquisite pattern. He
frowned anxiously.
"I never saw this young women be
fore," he admitted slowly.
"Ha!" cried the chief, glad to find
some one culpable.
"Did you receive your invitation
through the proper channels?" asked
"I came here to-night," coldly, "on
the invitation of Mrs. Hyphen-Bonds,
who sailed for Europe Wednesday."
Here was an alibi that was an
alibi! I was all at sea, Hamilton
bowed; the chief coughed worriedly
behind his hand. The girl had told
me she v,-as an impostor like myself,
that her ten of heart was as dark
stained as my own. I could not make
head or tail to It. Mrs. Hyphen
Bonds! She was a law in the land,
especially in Elankshire, the larger
part of which sho owned. What did
it all mean? And what was ter idea
in posing as an Impostor?
The door opened again.
"The patrol has come," said the ct
cer who entered.
"Let It wait, growled the chief,
"Haggerty has evidently got us all
tailed un. l doji't believe iis fashion.
1 jH
mi' m
- ii. - s r .''T.i
III:'. -.it.
The consummate daring of It! Why
the rascal ought to have been in com
mand of an army. On the Board ci
Strategy he would have been incom
There followed a tableau that 1
shall not soon forget. We all stared
at the real Haggerty much after the
fashion of Medusa's victims. Present
ly the tension relaxed, and we all
sighed. I sighed because the thought
of jail for the night in a dress-suit
dwindled in perspective; the girl
sighed for the same reason and one or
two other things; the chief of the vil
lage police and his officers sighed be
cause darkness had suddenly swooped
down on them; and Hamilton sighed
because there were no gems. Hag
gerty was the one among us who
didn't sigh. He scowled blackly.
This big athlete looked like a de
tective, and the abrupt authority of
his tones convinced me that he was.
Haggerty was celebrated in the annals
of police affairs; he had handled all
sorts of criminals, from titled im
postors down to petty thieves. He
was not a man to trifle with, mentally
or physically, and for this reason we
were all shaking in our boots. He
owned to a keen but brutal wit; to
him there was no such thing as sex
among criminals, and he had the te
nacity of purpose that has given the
bulldog considerable note in the pit.
But it was quite plain that for once
he had met his mErtch.
"I don't see how you can blame me,"
mumbled the chief. "None of us was
familiar with your looks, and he
showed us his star of authority, and
went to work in a business-like way
By George! and he has run away with
my horse and carriage!" starting
from his chair.
"Never mind the horse. You'll find
it safe at the railway station," snarled
Haggerty. "Now, then, tell me every
thing that has happened, from be
ginning to end."
And the chief recounted the adven
ture briefiy. Haggerty looked coldly
at me and shrugged his broad shoul
ders. As for the girl, he never gave
her so much as a single glance. He
knew a gentlewoman without looking
st her twica
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Haggerty Looked Coldly at Me.
he does not go out for him. And
now I've got to start all over again,
and he in New York, a bigger cata
comb than Rome ever boasted of. He's
not a common thief; nobody knows
who he is or what his haunts are.
But I have seen his face; I'll never
forget him."
The chief tore his hair, while his
subordinates shuffled their feet un
easily. Then they all started in to
explain their theories. But the de
tective silenced them with a wave of
his huge hand.
"I don't want to hear any explana
tions. Let these persons go," he com
manded, with a jerk of his head in our
direction. "You can all return to
town but one officer. I may need a
single man," Haggerty added though-fully.
"What are you going to do?" asked
the chief.
"Never you mind. I have an idea;
it may be a good one. If it is, I'll
ele phone you all about it when the
time comes.'
He stepped over to the telephone
and called up central. He spoke so
low that none of us overheard what
he said; but he hung up the receiver,
a satisfied smile on his face.
irse girl ana 1 were tree to go
whither we listed, and we listed to
return at once to New York. Ham
ilton, however, begged us to remain,
to dance and eat, as a compensation
for what we had gone through; but
Miss Hawthorne resolutely shook her
head; and as there was nothing in the
world that would have induced me to
stay without her, I shook my head,
too. It seemed to me I had known
this girl all my life, so closely does
misfortune link one life to another.
1 had seen her for the first time less
than eight hours before; and yet I was
confident that as many years, under
ordinary circumstances, would not
have taught me her real worth.
"Mrs. Hyphen-Bonds will never for
give me," said Hamilton dismally, "if
she hears that I've been the cause,
indirectly and innocently, of turning
you away."
Mrs. Hypnen-lionds need never
know," replied the girl, smiling in
scrutably. "In fact, it would be per
fectly satisfactory and agreeable to
me if she never heard at all."
"I will call a conveyance for you,"
said the defeated M. F. II. "I shall
never forgive you Dicky."
"Yes, you will, Teddy. A loving
cup, the next time we meet at the
club, will mellow everything."
Quarter of an hour later Mis3 Haw
thorne and I, wrapped in buffalo-robes,
our feet snugly stowed away In straw,
slid away, to the jangle and quarrel of
sleighbells, toward Moriarty's Holly
wood inn. ine moon snone; not a
cloud darkened her serene and lovely
countenance. The pearly whiteness of
the world would have aroused the
poetry In the most sordid soul; and
far, far away to the east the black,
tossing line of the sea was visible.
"What a beautiful night!" I yolun-
"The beginning of the end."
The beginning of the end? What
does that mean?"
"Why, when you first spoke to me.
it wa3 about the weather."
(Continei Tomorrow.)
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