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Friday, ISTov. 23, 1906.
Telegraph News by Direct
Wire from All Over
Indiana poll,. Nov. 23- Tbe supreme
court holds that the Moore law, pro
viding for "blanket remonstrances"
against granting saloon licenses to any
and all applicants in a township or
ward is valid. The court als holds
that such a remonstrance may be
signed by an attorney holding sepa
rate powers of attorney from each of
the voters he represents, which have
been sent to him by letter or postal
card; that after the remonstrance has
once taken effect voters cannot after
ward withdraw their names to favor
an applicant for license at a future
term, and that a sufficient remon
strance, once filed, cuts off all right of
the commissioners to issue a license
to anybody for two years.
t Denials Can Also 15 Made.
But it decides that each applicant in
turn may deny that the remonstrance
bears the requisite number of names,
or that it was really signed by the
persons whose names it bears or by
their attorney, or that such persons
are legal voters or a majority of the
legal voters of the township or ward.
It holds that each applicant is entitled
to his "day in court" to controvert
the filing of a legal remonstrance, but
if the fact that a legal remonstrance
was duly filed Is shown, he cannot ob
tain a license.
Using the Mails for Fraud.
Indianapolis, Nov. 2l. Philander II.
Fitzgerald, an Indianapolis capitalist,
has been Indicted by the federal grand
Jury on the charge of using the Unit
ed States mails to defraud in connec
tion with the "11)04 Colony company,"
which he has been promoting in south
ern Georgia. He gave bond in the
sum of $4,000 for his appearance in
court next Tuesday. The colony com
pany has for its object the colonization
of a number of people in southern
Georgia. Fitzgerald has been interest
ed in former colonization companies in
Georgia and Texas. A number of wit
nesses from Georgia was here to testi
fy before the grand jury.
Charges That Am Made.
It Is alleged In the charges by I. A.
Howarth, of Atchison, Kan., and I.
A. "Worsford, of Waukegan, 111., that
Fitzgerald purchased fi.000 acres of
land in southern Georgia, founded the
town of Fort George and took sub
scriptions for stock on promises that
were not carried out, and that $33,
090 in profits- has never been accounted
for to the company, which was not in
corporated as promised. Fitzgerald al
leges that the suits are the result of
epite work.
Fart of It in Another County anil
Can't Be Controlled by the
Town Dads.
Columbus, Ind., Nov. 23. The town
of Edinburg, In Johnson county, has
been growing during the last few
years, and as It Is Just over the Bar
tholomew county line it finds itself
In a queer predicament. A new sub
urb of the town has sprung up on the
south side, and the people who live
in the town have found that their sub
urb Is in Bartholomew county. John
Swain has opened a general store there
and has named the suburb Eureka.
Other families are moving in because
they like the place.
As Edinburg Is in Johnson county
and the suburb is in this county the
officials of Edinburg have no jurisdic
tion over the residents of Eureka.
These residents do not have to pay
taxes to the town treasury and they
do not have to obey the ordinances of
the council. At the same time they
are residents of the town and have as
' msny privileges as the other residents.
His Bulldog Is His Deputy.
Columbus, Ind., Nov. 23. Constable
J. J. Brnnnen. of Hope, who has been
re-elected constable in Hawcreek town
ship, never carries a revolver nor mace
in making arrests, but, instead, he
owns a fiercely-looking bulldog, which
Is his constant companion. When he
is called upon to make an arrest he
gives the offender the choice of accom
panying him quietly or trying conclu
sions with the dog. So far, one glance
at the animal has been sulheient.
He Knows More Now.
Columbus, I nil.. Nov. 2.'. A. T. Grif
fith, an ncricultural Implement dealer
of this city, saw an electric liirht pole
blazing near his home ami decided to
become a volunteer fireman, lie poured
water on the pole with the result that
the current of electricity ran through
the water and the bucket and shocked,
him severely.
IJut He Didn't tJet the Girl.
Vincennes. Ind., Nov. 23. Walter
Johnson, 10 years old. has been ac
rjitittted of the murder of William Kep
ping, by a jury in theKnox circuit. The
U'.en were rival sweethearts of Anna
I'.eU and Klppin's jealousy prompted
blm to murderously assault Meantime
Anna has been married to another.
Woman Confesses Rascality.
Kokomo, Ind., Nov. 23. Mrs. Ab
bie Itoss has confessed burning her
house for the insurance, and been sen
tenced to prison for two years. She
is a willow with six children.
Carl Smiley went to Monon last
night and it is rumored he will bring
back a bride.
S. L. Lyon, brakeman on the Lake
Shore road, transacted business in
Hammond today.
The "Wabash earned in the second
week of November $526,332, against
$475,667 the corresponding week of
B. W. Sprohl of Chicago, was in
Hammond yesterday on business with
the Erie road. Mr. Sprohl i3 one of
tha contractors who .will build the
Erie's new coal storage plant.
The employes of the Wabash at
Peru have organized a "Breakdown"
club, at the meetings of which the
members will relate their experiences
in overcoming the difficulties that
have resulted from breakdowns and
other accidents on the road.
The Erie is disposed to meet compe
tition between New York and Chicago
and has put on a new passenger train
from Chicago to New York and named
it the "Midnight Special," the train
making the run between these two
cities one hour faster than any other
train now in the Erie service.
Official notice was received by the
Vandalia people of a general advance
in -wages, the same as was recently
authorized by the Pennsylvania lines
proper. An advance of 10 per cent,
in the wages of the employes receiving
less than $200 a month will be made
December 1 on all lines west of Pitts
burg, including the Vandalia railroad
on all divisions.
K. II. Ilarrlman, in an interview at
Chicago, stated that the Illinois Central
and other railroads with which he is
connected can achieve the best re
sults by developing the territory
through which they now run. In the
throughoset ao etaoi shr eta eta oil
future the policy will be to develop
the rich territory through which they
operate and improve the lines and ter
minals and rolling stock for handling
frelgiht to a high standard of effi
ciency. A man who was in Indianapolis
Wednesday and who was at one time
Identified with the enterprise known as
the Chicago, Indianapolis & Evanston
road, says that the enterprise is by
no means abandoned and that the orig
inators of the idea are still interested
in its construction and will come to
the front within a few months and agi
tate its construction over the line pro
posed last season.
The Late Governor Barbanks
On the farm of the late Gov. Bur
banks, near Muncie, Ind., there is em
ployed a young man twenty years of
age. While he has not traveled much
of life's road, he had suffered almost
constantly. He -was not strong in body
or health, could not sleep or secure any
rest, and doctors and medicines afforded
him no relief. He had pains in the
stomach and back, subject to constant
headaches and dizziness. His physician
finally gave him up, and told him that
death was absolutely certain and posi
tive. This young man is Elias Schools.
A friend suggested Quaker Herb Ex
tract to him. The use of this old and
well-known remedy in three days re
lieved him of a tapeworm 60 feet long,
and today his friends hardly recognize
Quaker Herb Extract is a specific for
all stomach, liver and kidney com
plaints, rheumatism, neuralgia, indi
gestion, dypepsia, costiveness, bilious
ness and all kindred diseases. It is
perfect in its action, and forces all im
purities and disease germs from the
body in a natural and mild manner. It
can be obtained at your local druggist,
or is sent on receipt of price, $100.
Quaker Herb Co., Cincinnati, O.
Free booklet and circular sent to any
address upon request.
A Great Comet Due In 1010.
The most famous of all comets,
though not the largest and most brill
iant, will again be visible in 1910. This
is Halley's comet, so called from its
identification by the great astronomer
who was the friend of Sir Isaac Newton.
Halley's investigation of astronomical
records led him to assert that the
comet which he had observed In 16S2
had appeared in 1531 and 1607, and to
predict its reappearance in 1759. The
fulfillment of his prophecy excited the
most intense scientific interest and es
tablished beyond doubt the periodicity
of comets and their movement in orbits
determined by the law of gravitation
Its last appearance was in 1S35, Its
period varying between seventy-five
and seventy-six years on account of
the perturbing attractions of Jupiter
and Saturn in certain parts of Its orbit.
It was by that time possible to calcu
late its movements with so much
greater accuracy than before that it
made its perihelion passage within
four days of the predicted date. It
w;s not then a very grand object to
the naked eye, but the light of its nu
cleus surpassed that of second-magnitude
stars, and was comparable with
that of some reddish stars of the first
magnitude, such as Aidebaran and An
tares. Its tail, while the comet was
approacning ine sun anainea to a
length of twenty degrees. Leslie's
Reform In Tennessee.
We have been elected recorder of
this here town, and as soon as we
air sober we air going to Interduce
the darndest era of reform ever
seen in this country. We are going
to suppress all the blind tigers and
confiskate al their booze. Harde
man Free Press.
Jeweler Is Wily.
The newest scheme of a wily jew
eler Is to try to get his customers to
buy jeweU that match the color of
their eyes. Of course, he Is always
sure to tell them that it enhances
tbolr beauty.
Twenty-Three Lives Lost and
Many Vessels Are Turned
Into Wreckage.
Doubt as to the Fate of Several Miss
ing Craft.
List of the Ships That Went Down
or Ashore Small Steamer That
Went Out and Is Un
reported. Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 23. The gale of
Wednesday night and Thursday on the
gr-at lakes caused a heavy loss to ves
sel property, and twenty-three lives.
The barge Uesolute sank off Toronto
and six men were drowned. The barge
Athens is propably lost off Sandusky,
O., with eight men. All hope for tho
Athens, however, has not been aban
doned and tugs are scouring Lake Erio
for her. This is the list of losses:
Hurlbut and C. B. Hill, beached on
Lake Erie; Athens, missing on Lako
Erie; Puritan, aground on Lake Hu
ron; Comfort, sunk in St. Clair river;
Conemaugh, stranded on Lake Erie;
Resolute, foundered off Toronto; Pere.
Marquette No. in, stranded, Lake
Michigan; steamer Taylor, missing.
Lake Michigan;schooner Paige, ashore,
Lake Michigan; steamer ranama,
wrecked on Mineral Beef point.
Barge Clint May Be Safe.
Detroit. Nov. 23. It Is reported that
the captain of tlie life-saving crew at
Point Pelee has sighted three barges
at anchor In Lake Erie below Point
Pelee. The Clint is believed to be one of
the three, tho other two being thought
to be the barges Melvina and Spade
man, cast away by the steamer S. K.
Martin when she ran Into Amberst
burg for shelter.
Ontonogan, Mich., Nov. 23. Tho
tow barge Matanzas, consort of the
Panama, rode out the storm, and was
picked up by a tug.
Small Steamer Is Missing.
Muskegon, Mich., Nov. 23. Fears
are entertained here for the small
steamer Helen Taylor, of Pentwater,
which left Holland about 1 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon just before the
storm broke, and has not been re
ported at any port along the Michigan
shore north of Holland. '
Four Men Caught by the Gale Fron
tenac Safe.
Chicago, Nov. 23. The storm that
lashed the lakes yesterday was the
cause of considerable loss of life and
property. At Holland, Mich., four men
were washed off an extension of the
pier there and drowned. Their names
are: Contractor Bennett, of Muskegon;
George Laehaine, of Holland; Alvid
Nelson, of Muskegon, and Martin
Woodward, of Fennville. The life
saving crew tried to rescue the men,
but the surf boat was repeatedly beat
en back.
The steamer Frontenac, which was
caught in the storm Wednesday, was
safely brought into port at Baeiue
with all well on board.
The barge Athens, in tow of the
steamer Pratt, went down in Lake
Erie, carrying with her Captain Mack
ey and six men. Off Toronto, Canada,
the steam barge Resolution foundered
with six men. The steamer Chauncey
Hurlbut is ashore off Leamington, but
her crew is safe; the same is report
ed of the steamer Conemaugh on
Point Pelee. The barge I). K. Clint, in
tow of the Hurlbut, is missing with
nine men. The steamer Panama was
wrecked on Mineral Beef point, and
her crew is safe.
Los of Ijife in a Collision.
Cherbourg. Nov. 23. Two big liners,
the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse and the
Orinoco, collided In the English chan
nel at night. As a result thirteen
steerage passengers and sailors were
killed, each vessel was seriously dam
aged, and the two steamers have re
turned to port for repairs. The pas
sengers of the German vessel will be
trans-shipped and leave France for
New York tomorrow.
"Jumbo" Torpedoes Explode.
Norfolk, Va., Nov. 23. Ten thou
sand "Jumbo" torpedoes exploded In
the store of the Four company, Roan
oke avenue, and wrecked the main
lioor of the building. A negro porter
who was packing the torpedoes for
storage until Christmas was severely
Bound to Have lO Per Cent.
Fall River, Mass., Nov. 23. The five
unions of cotton mill operatives here
voted to reject an offer of a fi per cent,
advance in wages and to go out on
strike next Monday morning unless the
demand for a 10 per cent- increase is
granted before that time.
"Agin" That Currency Plan.
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 23. The Nebras
ka Bankers' association, which has fin
ished a two days' convention, went on
record as opposed to the plan of cur
rency reform proposed by the commit
tee of the American Bankers' associa
tion. C, M. and St. P. Raises Wages.
Chicago, Nov. 23. Announcement 13
made here that the Chicago, Milwau
kee and St. Paul railway has granted
an Increase In wages of 4 cents an
hour to switchmen and yardmen on
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