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Dr. Taylor of Chicago, Con
fronted by Robbers,
Worsts Them.
Other Escapes But When Taylor Ap
pears to Prosecute, He Finds
Culprit in Court.
An attempted holdup which failed
through the Intended victim's presence
of mind and ability at self-defense, was
the chief topic of conversation in the
business district of the city last night.
John Logan of Newark, N. J., and
Frank Wiley, two former dock hands,
were the assailants of Dr. Harry Tay
lor. 121 Locust street, Chicago, while
the latter was walking along I'lummer
avenue, being on his way to the Michi
gan Central depot on his return home.
In the city court this morning Lo
gan and Wiley defiantly answered "not
guilty," and without further parley
were placed under $1,000 bonds with
Instructions to appear in the Lake
county superior court at its next ses
sion. Officer Whitaker arrested Logan
In Plummer avenue and it was due to
the station officer's alertness that it
was possible to hold Wiley, who tried
a bold scheme to get away.
' The- story that Dr. Taylor told In
the city court when he made his ac
cusation against Logan and Wiley this
morning was short.
Taylor Is n Mason.
Dr. Taylor Is a Mason and was spend
ing an hour in Hammond with lodge
brothers before returning to Chicago,
after making a short visit In South
Tn,i and other points.
"1 bad-beeoi in. Blcknell's drug store (
where 1 had been chatting with friends
until nearly train time," said Dr. Tay
lor this morning. "Walking along
Plummer avenuo I was approached by
a stranger, who asked me the time. I
told him that 1 was In a hurry, but
nevertheless pulled out my watch, In
tending to tell him as I walked along.
He was a little bit behind me and just
as I had my watch out he grabbed me
by my coat collar. Just then another
stranger, whom I had not noticed be
fore,, bumped into me. In a moment I
realized that an attempt was being
made to rob me. I got busy, first of
all dropping my suit case and wheel
ing around I handed a few to the man
who had asked the time and proved to
be Logan. He wouldn't let go. I hit
him repeatedly and finally I got hold
of his coat collar. Then I had him in
my power. Officer Whitaker just then
came along and I gave my assailant
into his custody. In the scuffle the
other highway man, whom I can now
Identify as Wiley, disappeared.
One Tnkes to Ills Heels.
"I remained In town In order to ap
pear In court this morning and you
may imagine my surprise when on my
arrival there I saw Wiley sitting in the
police station. I knew him at a
glance and the police were holding
him for my identification."
The credit for this work Is due en
tirely to the police, for Wiley tried a
bold scheme to escape them, so bold
In fact that only to a policeman would
It seem creditable.
A half hour after the holdup Wiley
had the nerve to step Into the police
station and ask for a night's lodging.
Such applications at this time of the
year are common, and although the
officers had their suspicions they de
cided to await developments until In
the morning. Wiley seemed to be very
much interested in Logan and even
asked Captain Bunde for a piece of
money In order to buy his new pal
something to eat. The roliee reason
ed that the two were old-time pals
and decided to hold Wiley until Dr.
Taylor should return. Their alert
ness was duly rewarded. Logan and
Wiley have worked together In Chi
and Cleveland as dock hands.
Their last position was in the Gibson
yards, where they have been worKing
for the last few days.
According to information from Xew
York the Knickerbocker Ice company.
Which owns an immense ice plant and
large interests in northern Indiana,
will soon be absorbed by the Western
Ice company, which is in process of
formation and will be chartered under
the laws of the state of New Jersey.
Other companies besides the Knicker
bocker company will join the "trust,"
as the proposed corporation is being
The town board of Tolleston has
opened negotiations with different
parties in order to secure a site for the
proposed town hall and jail. It is now
the intention to put the town hall and
jail under one roof and there has been
some speculation as to the feasibility
of buying the jail cells that were form
erly used In Hammond when its Jail
stood in the city hall building.
Hue' Want Ads Bring Results.
Lull at East Chicago Merely
Calm that Precedes
Storm to Come.
W. T. Carskaddon Will Appear In
Behalf of State and Matter Will
Be Fought to Bitter End.
There seems to have been a lull in
the proceedings relative to the
prosecution of the East Chicago ex-
polltlclans who are charged with
graft by W. T. Carskaddon of South
Mr. Carskaddon was called up by
telephone by a Lake Countt Times re
porter and told of the interest the peo
ple have in the case and questioned
as to the authenticity of the report
that the matter was to be dropped.
The former member of the National
Construction company referred the re
porter to members of the firm of
Knotts & Bomberger, who have the
case In charge and said that they would
give out any Information they thought
When pressed regarding his attitude
towards the men whom he had charged
with bribery Mr. Carskaddon said he
would certainly appear as a witness
for the state and the implication was
that the case would be carried into
Mr. Carskaddon seemed interested to
know that the people had not forgotten
the matter and the impression that
was given out was that it would be
carried to the bitter end and that the
reported compromises were not pos
sible. Asked, aboiiV. the report that the
statute of limitations would save both
O'Connell and Hartley Mr. Carskaddon
laughed and said, "Go and talk the
matter over with my attorney."
There is a story to the effect that
there is one man Implicated in the
graft charge whose name has never
been mentioned, and who told a sup
posed friend that he was guilty of re
ceiving some of the bribe money. He
was told without ceremony that if he
did not at once spilt the proceeds of
his graft and hand over part of 'it, the
lawyers In the case would be in
formed. The man whose Identity is a
mystery ponied up half the amount and
then the blackmailer made semi-public
his part in the transaction.
Price of the Golden Grease Has Ad
vanced to 35 Cents a Pound and
May be 50 Cents Before Winter Is
As the mercury goes down the price
of butter goes up and this year there
actually seems to be danger of a fam
ine in the golden grease. About three
days ago Jerry Brennan, one of the
local dealers in this commodity, was
compelled to raise the price of butter
from 32 to 33 cents and yesterday the
price Jumped to 35 cents all at once.
When asked what he thought the
price would be by the middle of the
winter Mr. Brennan said that it might
go as high as 50 cents before spring.
Housewives will have to reluctantly
go back to the good old colorless oleo
margerlne, that product of the G. H.
Hammond company that was the pride
of Patrick Riley, its maker.
A pound of butter is now worth
1-6S5 of a pound of gold, or In other
words, if your dairy will yield 6S5
pounds of butter a month you have as
good a thing as though you had a
gold mine producing a pound of gold
a month.
For one ton of butter you could buy
903 tons of coal, as expensive as that
is, and for one ton of coal you could
only purchase 22 V. pounds of butter,
and so there you are.
Let the children eat all of the Jelly
and jam they want, just so they do
not endanger their lives, for it is
cheaper by far.
Passed through Hammond This Morn-
Inpr in Charge of Sheriff Duugherty;
Will Occupy Cell In Penitentiary
Until Hanged.
Charles Daugherty, the county sheriff
was in Hammond this morning bringing
with him Constatine. Stathacopoulos
the condemned murderer of Demetrius
Kackelmanus. From the Erie depot he
was taken to the Michigan Central and
thence to Michigan City, where he will
be placed in the prison.
Stathacopoulos will be hanged at
the Michigan City prison on March 23,
unless Governor Hanley interferes and
commutes him to a life sentence or
gives him a new trial.
Advertisements In the colnmn of The
Lake County Times today are of
special benefit to all readers.
Officials of Drainage Board
.to Go to Washington
To See Taft.
Will Get Permission to Open Calu
met Auxiliary to Sanitary
Now there is agitation looking
toward the reversal of the flow of the
Calumet river so that its waters will
enter the drainage canal instead of
Lake Michigan.
Local real estate men are Interested
in the controversy between the sanitary
board and the war department. The
war department seems to be contem
plating a treaty with Canada that
will limit the flow of water In the
drainage canal and the sanitary board
seems to think that if the flow of water
is limited to 10,000 gallons a minute, it
will be impossible to drain the terri
tory south of 75th street and in the
Calumet -region.
President McCormlck and Chief En
gineer Randolph of the drainage board
returned from Washington, D. C, yes
terday, where they went last Wednes
day to attend the sessions of the Na
tional Water Ways convention.
While at "the capital President Mc
Cormick conferred witl$ Secretary of
War Taft, in regard to the issuance
of a permit for reversing the flow of
the Calumet river from Lake Michigan
to the sanitary district canal.
President McCormlck and Chief Engi
neer Randolph made an appointment to
take the matter up formally with Sec
retary Taft Dec. 19.
The drainage canal Is a project that
was carried to completion for the pur
pose of insuring the people of Chi
cago a pure water supply and the
members of the drainage board realize
that if the drainage of the Calumet
region is not carried off through this
canal the whole purpose of a costly
enterprise will be thwarted. These
circumstances alone insure Hammond
a drainage canal as it is believed the
people of Chicago will not tolerate the
jeopordizing of a pure water supply
when it has cost them so much to
secure it.
Manager Brooks has a good one this
week. The house was packed and 150
people stood up, not being able to get
a seat in the theatre. The show open
td up with a minstrel first part of
seventeen singers with songs, dances
and funny sayings.
Mr. and Mrs. Gale, singers, dancers
and comedians, had four encores.
Chatham Sisters have a neat and re
fined singing and dancing specialty.
Miss Cora Youngbloodsorson the
cuphoniam soloist, won hearty applause
and responded to several curtain calls.
The Red Girl company, of five peoplo
have special scenery and have one of
the best acts ever presented in the line
cf Western Indian life. All in all the
show is a good one and deserves a
racked house every r.ight.
Rend The Lake County Times lor
the latest Sportlns Xtns.
"The Lodge Is Lucky." Such
Is the thirty-six point head
lines which undlsnify the front
page of a local publication
which aspires to he the organ
of a number of Hammond's be
nevolent organizations).
The context which Inspires or
provokes the legend, relates two
of the most - pitiful tragedies
that have wroni? the hearts of
this community in ninny months
one the sad fate of Maurice
Quinn, who a few days ago met
death in the Hammond Elevator
compuny'a elevator in its most
agonising form, and the other
that of Frank Lawrence, whose
body, as the Dally Mnlaprop,
states "was fished out of the
St. Joe river in Michigan, last
Each of these tragedies oc
curred on the eve of the victim's
initiation into the local lodge of
Modern Maccabees, and the
spirit of the article throughout
is not one of commiseration for
the loss to the order of two
worthy applicants to member
ship, but congratulation on the
grounds of the lodge's escape
from obligation to pay the in
surance that would he owing1,
had the two prespective mem
bers been initiated before the
accident. The article in other
words is a sort of n hallelujah
from start to flnlMi over the
seasonable taking off of the
unfortunate men who met such
deplorable ends.
It Is now up to the Maccabees
to officially confirm or dlaclnlm
the spirit in the matter that the
publication in question has seen
fit to thrust upon them.
An organization whose found
ation Is supposed, to be laid in
the peaceful brotherhood of
man, in love, friendship and
helpfulness and all that in good
and noble, can scarcely be ex
pected to father the imputation
which this atrocity breathes.
It is up to the Hammond Mac
cabees to set themselves right
in this presumably false position
in which they have been placed,
for while some who have read
the article may take the source
into consideration and figure in
the discount, the applied grain
of salt will not entirely neu
tralize the bad flavor.
Incidentally the newspaper
which published the incredible
atrocity, has lifted itself out of
the dead level of mediocrity and
placed Itself upon n pinnacle in
a class all by Itself. It may
claim the distinction of having
given utterance to the most
diabolical solecism that any pa
per was probably ever guilty of.
The article will go down the
litres as an example of unique
newspaper effort, which it is to
be hoped will never find a
This Is not the first time The
Lake County Times has felt
called upon to deliver the mis
represented, (it trusts the ap
plication is not n misnomer in
the present instance) from their
fool friends.
Republic Steel common, so its friends
say, will be put on a 4 per cent basis
before steel common, the claim is made
that Republic is earning 30 per cent
more on Its capital stock than United
States Steel, and one of the ambitions
of Its owners is to have It cross the
steel common and pay higher dividends.
DotvahtM in Ciovelftod Plain Dealer.
Mrs. Bomberger Accosted
on Street by Stranger
Near Residence.
Young Woman Screams and Man
Flees; Dogs Her Steps to Home
Where He Tries Door.
Last night at about 9 o'clock Mrs.
Louden Bomberger, 120 Ogden street,
was returning to her home when she
was accosted by an unknown man on
South Ilohman street, who insisted on
walking along the street with her.
She Indicated in no uncertain manner
that she wanted him to leave her at
once. He did so but when she turned
down one of the side streets the man
! had gone around the block and was
in the alley way to meet her.
This time the woman screamed and
! th mnn fviAntlv hprnmlnff f r 1 irVi ton.
ed, disappeared. The lady went into
her own home only a few doors away
and had no more than removed her
wraps when she heard some one try
ing the door.
The police were notified at once and
an effort was made to locate the man,
but by this time he had left the
neighborhood apparently for good.
Later In the evening the woman's hus
band came home and when informed
of his wife's experience he made an
other effort to locate the prowler.
The ponce Deiieve that the young
woman's experience was a case of mis
taken identity and that the prowler
who accosted her was in search of a
notorious character who has been
known to frequent the vicinity, and in
whom a great many young men are
The whole neighborhood is aroused
over the affair, thinking It an outrage
that a respectable woman cannot go
out upon the streets in the residence
portion of town without being insulted
In fact, feeling is so strong that it
would go hard with the stranger if he
were caught in the act of approaching
a woman in the future.
The Simplex Benefit club, an organ
ization formed two years ago by the
employes of the Simplex company, held
its annual meeting last night in Roth's
hall and elected the following officers:
President. E. M. Lewis; vice president,
Nick Lynch; secretary, P. Ripley;
treasurer, W. Thomas; board of di
rectors, 11. F. Millies, C. Thiel, V. Kohl,
P. Fisher, II. Radloff. The club Is in
a very nourishing condition and prom
ises to render much aid in the coming
year to employes that may be taken
sick or be injured. Secy:
Ed Morton, Chicago 31
Sadie Porter, Chicago... 37
Edward J. Chilesky, Chicago 23
Jane Fishburn, Chicago ...19
Gabriel Davoust, Whiting, Ind 6t
Louise Hardouin, Whiting, Ind 4S
The Financial N'ews In The Lake
County Times is not only the latest, but
la authentic.
Meeting of Lake Co. Law
yers Accepts Bill Drafted
by the Committee.
Intention to Discuss the Measure
With Members of Porter and
XaPorte Bar.
With the exception of a few minor
details, the model bill for a continuous
session of the superior court in Ham
mond, which was drafted last Saturday
by a committee of seven, selected from
the members of the bar of the entire
county, was accepted last night when
representative lawyers of the county
met for a discussion of it.
It is now the intention of the pro
moters to discuss it with the members
of the bar of Porter and LaPorte coun
ties at a meeting which is to be called
in the near future.
Judging from reorts from Michigan
City and Porter county at large, there
seems to be opposition to such a bill on
the part of the lawyers from that coun
ty. The feeling there seems to be that
Lake County lawyers are deliberately
looking for trouble and are forgetting
that it was with Porter county's co
operation that Hammond secured the
superior court.
The lawyers of this county feel dif
ferently about the question. It seems
to them that after the Michigan City
lawyers and their associates under
stand the situation their objection will
cease and as far as Lake county
lawyers being ungrateful and forget
ting the help that Porter and LaPorte
counties gave they take the position
that it was through Lake county's help
also that the circuit was established
and furthermore that the drawing
away from Porter and LaPorte coun
ties would not disturb the circuit be
tween those two counties.
A special to The Lake Countt Times
this morning says:
The members of the bar In Crown
Point are unanimous In the desire to
see a continuous court at Hammond, and
also wish a longer term of the circuit
court here. Owing to the great amount
of criminal work this term, little civil
business will be transacted and much
Important litigation will have to ' be
postponed until the February term
with little prospects then of getting
the docket cleared.
Only Five Editors; A. J. Bowser of this
District One of Them. Business Men
in Third Place.
Of the 150 legislators, who will com
prise the House and Senate, Just one
fifth of them, or thirty, will be farmers,
twenty-six of them In the House and
four in the Senate. The farmer strength
in the Senate shows a decrease of one
vote from 1905, but In the House it
has Increased from eighteen to twenty-
Business men will hold third place,
numerically, in the House during the
coming session. The slxteei, who are
recorded as "business men," are mer
chants of various kinds, drygoods, drugs.
groceries, implements, etc. The Senate
has only three men classed as mer
chants. In the Senate there will be four
manufacturers and in the House one.
There will be five editors in the Gen
eral Assembly, three of them in the
House and two in the Senate. One of
the editors in the House is Daniel Mc
Donald of Plymouth, who has served In
the House off and on for more than
thirty years.
A. J. Bowser, editor of the Chester
ton Tribune, representing Lake and
Porter counties In the Senate is one of
the five editors.
Should any of the legislators be
come suddenly ill there will be plenty
of doctors within hailing distance.
The House has six and the Senate three.
The physicians are expected to push
such legislation looking to purer foods
and better sanitary conditions.
James Hawkes who, from appear
ance, is a floater, applied at the police
station last night for a night's lodg
ing, and while there was taken ser
iously 111. The police called in a doc
tor in order to give him medical aid
and sent him back to Chicago today
where he came from.
K. E, Blair, superintendent of the
western division of the Nickel Plate
road, and James Rogers, superintend
ent of construction were in Hammond
today In their private car. They came
from Fort Wayne this morning.
The Lake County- Times is delivered
dally by carriers to over 6,000 iub-
I seribers.
St. John Again Comes to
Front With 'Big Game'
Brought Down.
Reports Indicate Woods Again In
fested With Wild Creature
Huntsmen Long For.
Judging from the reports that com
from St. John and Its neighborhood It
seems that either the woods there
abouts are becoming alive with the
game that gives Joy to the hunter-
heart, or the young men there have
stepped into the first class of lucky
The latest report Is to the effect
that Joseph Gerlach shot a raccoon
weighing fifty pounds, and he shows
the animal itself as evidence. It is br
far the largest coon that has been kill
ed there In many years. The oldest
settlers even have to iro back man-r
years to tell of a time when It wai
as large as the one shot by Gerlach.
It was only a few weeks ago that
John Dewes, a young lad. succeeded la
shooting a fox, while his brother on the
same day brought down a large hawk,
The raccoon is becoming extinct la
these parts and many of the younger
generation who have not visited the
Lincoln park zoo In Chicago, have never
seen one..
The raccoon belongs to the bear fam
ily but Is entirely harmless unless he
cornered, when he will put up a
tame, fight. He generally has his nest
In a hollow tree whero he goes to sleep
In the winter time. His color Is grajf
and fclack and he has as a very promi
nent feature, a busyh tall.
The raccoon has a peculiarity that
few other animals have, that of wash
ing everything he eats, and therefore,
In German he is called, literally trans
lated, a "washbear."
I see they had a hlg blowout
over at the Aetna powder works
yesterday and there wns such a
big; large time that the people
all over the eounty felt the
shock. Son of thut job for me.
I would Just as leave work in
the niolaaaes factory they are
going to build over at Roberts
dale but when it comes to dnb
blluK in nitroglycerin and work
ing; around stuff that's likely to
blow you into heaven any min
ute I believe I would rather sell
papers. Now what if I was car
rying a dipper fall of that stuff
and should happen to stub my
toe and take a tumble. The
church bell would be ringing in
in Hammond and the preacher
would noon be telling the peo
ple what a good boy Artie was.
So jobs in the Aetna mills for
Artie. 'o slree.
Fair tonight and Wedneday
warmer; minimum temperature
tonight above the freezing point.
"The Gladiator" Fornake Fornakea
Heroic Drama and Finds Congenial
Comedy Fart.
Hammond theatre-goers may enjoy a
treat tomorrow evening at Towle'a
opera house when Robert Downing
presents the comedy, "Running for
Governor." The star will be assisted
by his own company, including Helena
Andree. Mr. Downing, however, will
be the attraction for h is a revelation
throughout the country as a comedian.
Contrary to the ways of professional
men, who turn from the light to heavy
Mr. Downing has turned from the
heavy to the light, having macle a suc
cess as Spartacus in "The Gladiator
the classic drama. To those who do
not know Mr. Downing personally,
this change would seem rather strange,
but critics in San Francisco and In oth
er cities as well as his personal friends
in Hammond, say that he made a suc
cess, as a heavy tragedian by hard
work and prserverance, but that he Ij
a natural born comedian and this to
gether with the study that he has
made of the stage, accounts for his
success In this line. Mr. Downing is'
making a tour of the United States
with his company, having started la
.,, ,,,,, ,, ,,.,.,
- jzfl&fr'. . Obser-
t i vations
: - f
7 . .
jfK- '-' Artie.
A LK-,,..-t. . .. ; .
J San Francisco on Hov. 1

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