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'Mondav, June 22, 1908.
Day's Grist in
South Chicago
East Siders Say They Are in
Need of at Least
Five More.
The East Side wants more police
men and an effort will be made next
month to get Chief Shippy to put on
at least five additional patrolmen in
the territory which comes under the
Jurisdiction of the East Side station.
At present there are thirty-seven
men in the station. Of this number
sixteen travel beats and the remaining
twenty-one are superior officers or
operators. With sixteen men 'traveling
beats this only gives the East Side,
Irondale and Hegewisch eight men
each evening to patrol the long, lone
some beats.
The population covered by the East
Side station will reach In the neigh
borhood of 30,000, and to cover this
territory with only eight men days
and the same number nights, is looked
upon as preposterous by other offi
cials through the city.
Yesterday Lieutenant Moore said that
the East Side alone ought to have five
more men to adequately cover the ter
ritory, but stated that he would be
eatisfled If he could get five more men.
When a person takes into consider
ation that an officer has to travel from
One Hundredth street to One Hundred
and Eighteenth street, part of the way
with bad streets, it is no wonder that
a policeman never can be found when
he is wanted.
If Chief Shippy would only come to
the East Side and personally take a
ride over the territory and see the
large amount of work for the small
number of men, it Is certain that the
East Side would receive a new batch
of cops.
Carries 200 "Grasshoppers"
From South Chicago
to Eiverdale.
The first trip of the "Tpurfst," one
of the South Shofe" Outing nd Trans
portation company's boats, was a huge
success and if every other trip of the
Bte&mer is on a par with last Satur
day's, the success of the new company
Is assured with no room for doubt.
With over two hundred people on
board, representing Swarm No. 1, Mod
ern Order of Grasshoppers, the "Tour
ist" pulled out of South Chicago for
RIverdale park at Riverdale, 111., where
the evening was spent in dancing and
other forms of amusement.
The return trip was made, leaving
Riverdale at 12 o'clock and steaming In
the South Chicago harbor at 1 o'clock.
On board the boat, both going and com
ing, a fine vaudeville entertainment was
given and was immensely enjoyed by
the Grasshoppers.
The boat was in charge of Captain
Long on her maiden trip..
The "South Shore," the senior boat,
owned by the South Shore Outing and
Transportation company, will make her
Initial trip next Sunday when she will
carry a crowd of local people to Mich
igan City.
Smith's theater, formerly known as
the Vaudette, located at 249 Ninety
second street, is undergoing a complete
remodeling this week and much is be
ing done on the inside to make the the
ater present an attractive appearance.
New seven foot aisles have been put
In, the ceiling has been changed from
common wallpaper to attractive steel
and In fact everything in the build
ing is being given a thorough renova
tion and redecoration.
Mr. Smith will open up the new the-
fainting and Decoratings
9033 Commercial Ave.
Tel. So. Chicago 212 SO, LrlllCagO
William A. Schoening
General Contractor and Builder
Fire Losses Adjusted
.robbing Promptly Attended to
IC520 TORRENCE AVE.. Chicago
Phone South Chicago 480
FeIBda.i doe, 148 1 Jne 43,
Seath Chiearo.
Boom 1, Commercial Block,
JS0I Commercial area no, - Chioago, 111
Residence 912tt Sxchaoars s-Tesue.
I South Chicago
ater next Saturday, ,at which all vlp
tors will be presented with carnations
as souvenirs, Iater In the season it
is the intention of Mr. Smith to stage
several comedy-dramas and vaudeville
Never resist and officer or tell him
he doesn't know what he is doing was
the advice given out Saturday by Judge
Stephen Foster at the South Chicago
branch of the Municipal court.
Officer Suerth last Friday noticed that
a dog belonging to Theo. Barbie was
running about on the streets unmuzzled
and without . a license, the officer po
litely told Mrs. Barblen that she would
have to tie the dog up until a license
and muzzle was procured, at this she
became very much incensed and told
the officer "where to head in at." Suerth
refused' to stand for this and arested
Barblen, taking him into court where
he was fined $2 and coms before Judge
Heath-Mulcahy Wedding.
Miss .Laura Heath, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. V. Heath, 6939 "Woodlawn
avenue, and Dan Mulcahy, one of
Edgewater's most popular young men,
were married Saturday morning at the
bride's home at their residence on the
north Lake Shore Drive. The marriage
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
Paul Harmon, who is a personal friend
of both the bride and gToom.
Immediately after the wedding cere
mony was over the couple left for Mil
waukee, where they will spend a week
with friends from there they will go
go to other points In Wisconsin. In
all Mr. and ' Mrs. Mulcahy expect to
be on their honeymoon for about two
The groom holds a responsible posi
tion with the city, being connected with
the health department.
West Pullman Camp Meeting.
West Pullman's big campmeeting
will open Saturday at Hover's Grove
and hundreds of religious followers
will assemble to hear the sermons.
Rev. C. W. Ruth, Rev. Will Huff and
Rev. L. G. Martin are the special
workers in the campmeetln. A record
breaking attendance is expected.
Minnesota Students Visit Steel Mills.
Prof. T. H. Christianson and a party
of twenty-five students from the Min
nesota school of Mines visited the
south works of the Illinois Steel com
pany's plant last week. The students,
under the leadership ?! of 4 Professor
Christtansori, are makingthelr annual
tour of the Industries of the west and
expect to take in the Jollet works of
the steel mill next week. Christian
son and his party also visited the
smelting works and the By-Products
Coke plant while in South Chicago.
McKee in South Chicago.
Jack McKee, one of Notre Dame's
pitchers, arrived in South Chicago yes
terday for a few week's visit with his
parents and friends who reside here.
Jack has had several offers to play
professional ball this year and will
probably accept one of them.
Booras Brothers Heady for Opening.
Booras brothers, who will optn up a
first class pool and billiard parlor at
Ninety-second street and Commercial
avenue, are getting everything in read
iness for their grand opening, which
will be July 4. Anthony Booras, the
manager of the new parlors, said yes
terday that the tables and everything
inside their place of business would
be on a par with Mussey's, down town.
Private cue lockers arrived yesterday
and are being Installed today.
Refrigerators best "7
in the country O
Iron Beds,
is Is. W li, to) ni L it m ju m 0 i luJuiU Mmi w k m
IT ,f y 1 " I
.. ' r
it TV ,
' ' i tii ' f L
t. ,
Two New Flat Buildings.
I J. Harvey, one of South Chicago's
,rauiu arcnuects, ha just finished
drawing up plans for two new flat
A four flat building for Mrs. II. Wag
ner, 9822 Avenue II, and a two story
frame for John Jaer at 10123 Avenue
Mr Harvey says that taking every
thing in consideration the business this
year has not been much below that of
(jasi, ana aurlng the last fow u-i,. ,oo
picked up ,to a remarkable extent.
Officer Suerth's Wife Seriously HI.
Mrs. Henry Suerth, 10434 Avenue L.
was attacked with hemorhage last
Thursday afternoon and since then has
been on the verge of death.
Some time ago Mrs. Suerth was bitten
by a horse belonging to A. Haack, an
East Side grocer, and since that time
has not been well.
Dr. C. C. Thomas la attending Mrs.
Falls From Roof of Home.
Joseph Slkstt, 4741 Loomis street, a
brick layer, narrowly escaped death
Saturday morning when he fell from
the roof of a house at 70S0 Loomls
street where he was putting In a chim
ney. In his fall he sustained a frac
tured skull and spin and other minor
Injuries. He was atat once taken to
the Union hospital where his wounds
were dressed. -
Dog Supposed To Be Mad Is Killed.
After chasing a dog which was run
ping Around town yesterday which
was mad, two men clubbed the animal
to death after they had cornered the
dog behind a woodshed In the rear of
9009 Greenbay avenue.
The dog was running along all after
noon and had acted very funny, and
about 2 o'clock he became vicious and
snapped at everybody that passed.
Fortunately he did not bite anybody.
The dog belonged to Patrick Finne
ger, 9080 Greenbay avenue.
Will Have Electric Lights.
At last, after long years of waiting,
Calumet Heights is to have gas and
electric light. Saturday the People's
Gas Light and Coke company had
started to pipe Calumet Heights for
gas and Friday the Edison company
had poles all ready Installed for elec
tric lights.
The Gas company had promised the
people of this suburb gas for the last
five years and after fruitless attempts
to get it put in, the people asked the
Edison company who at once put In
poles, which at once woke up the gas
company officials and they also Installed
their product.
' Purchases Few Outfit.
Dr. C. C. Thomas, who maintains his
purchased a new horse and buggy from
a Lake View livery. With his new
outfit Dr. Thomas is making quite a
splurge on the South Chicago streets.
Builds New Home.
Officer Charles Schrader of the Ea3t
Side police station is erecting a new
two story residence by the side of his
present home at 10424 Avenue I The
new residence is two stories frame with
a concrete foundation which when com
pleted, will be one of the model resi
dences on the East Side.
Attends Orieles' Convention.
Louis Francks of Parkside, 7010
Stony Island avenue, left yesterday for
Denver, where he will attend the Colo
rado convention of Orioles. Mr.
Francks expects to be gone about three
Judge Foster Supplanted.
Judge Stephen Foster of South Chi
cago, having gone on a three weeks
vacation, was supplanted by Oscar Tor-
Solid Oak
Rug Special
9x12 Brussel Rugs,
Tapestry Rug
We are offering tbe bigh-xrade
Tapestry Bruasel Rugs In an as
sortment of designs and colorings
which are very desirable. Tula Is
positively the beet ru Tain we
have ever offered. Special
ale price $12.75
A visit to ur enlarged Has and
Carpet Department Trill prove very
interesting and any purchase yu
mlgrht make will mean a saving to
9133-9135 Commercial Ave
South Chicago's
Leading Furniture Store
rison of the Englewood branch. While
this Is Judge Torrlson's first appear
ance on the bench in South Chicago,
his reputation has preceeded him, and
crooks and law-breakers who would
take liberties during Judge Foster's ab
sence will find him an equal terror to
that element for which Judge Foster
Is noted.
Eiot In Saloon.
Filled with the courage giving bever
age of South Deering and sorely af
fected by the heat, a number of young
fellows started a row in one of the
saloons of South Deering. Officers
O'Brien and Shrader made four ar
rests, taking three brothers and an
other fellow who will have a hearing
today before Judge Torrison. Those
who were arrested were: Michael, Boda
and John Kalashims and Daniel Bobolo.
Boilermaker Is Injured.
Ernest Huddelson, a boilermaker liv
ing at 9955 Avenue M, and employed in
the Hill Boiler works at One Hundred
and Seventh street and Avenue N, was
severely Injured this morning. He had
been at work only fifteen minutes.
Huddelson was standing beside a
hoisting grade, which at the time was
lifting a piece of iron weighing 200
pounds. When the iron was half way
up the crane chain snapped, leaving the
iron to drop. It fel upon Huddleson,
who by this time was standing square
ly underneath. The iron struck his
head and shoulders and bruised his en
tire body. He was Immediately re
moved to the South Chicago hospital,
where an examination was made to find
if any of the injuries would be fatal.
Huddelson has a wife and one child.
Better Than Trading
Real, Positive, Definite Money
Saver. And Why?
Our extraordinary Free Coupon lias an absolute definite value of $3.50. This
amount in money would not be any more satisfactory as first payment Your
selection is unrestricted and not confined to any particular kind of furniture
such as is ordinarily set aside specially for stamp savers.
You can select whatever you desire from the entire store knowing its value
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This extraordinary FREE COUPON has an absolute definite value of 3.50
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June 22,1908 9139-41 COMMERCIAL AVE. So, Chicago
The Real Mai
Copyright. 1903. by Associated Lit
erary Press.
Tolly was to take part in an amateur
"It's such fun," she announced on the
evening of the first rehearsal, "to act
with real men! At school, you know
well, at school we didn't hare any real
The "real men" laughed. There were
three of them. Two were old friends
and admirers of Polly. The third, Brad
ley Rogers, she approved the moment
he was introduced to her.
"Well," asked Tolly gayly, looking
over the printed cast in her hand,
"which of you Is my lover?"
Solemnly, with hands on their hearts,
all three bowed.
"You are all very silly," said Polly,
blushing. "Now, please be serious.
Which of you is to be 'Captain Wheel
er, Claire's lover, absent on the field?"
she continued, reading from the play.
"I am cast for that unfortunate
part," Bert Crawford answered.
"Unfortunate?" queried Polly, and
she raised her pretty eyebrows haugh
tily. "Unfortunate," Bert hastened to ex
plain, "because 'absent on the field' for
two whole acts, you notice, gives these
other fellows too much chance to cut
me out."
4"Oh," smiled Polly graciously, "then
Sir. Marshall and Mr. Rogers are rivals
for my hand, too Claire's hand, I
"Js'o; haven't the pleasure," sighed
Jim Marshall. "I'm only your brother."
"Never mind, Jim," said Polly com
fortingly. "I'll be a real eweet sister to
you. And what are you, Mr. Rogers?"
"Your father," answered Rogers la
conically. Polly found the admission exceeding
ly amusing.
"But what possible chance do my
father and brother have of cutting you
out?" she asked Bert suddenly.
"Oh," explained Bert carelessly, "I
meant they'll cut me out with the au
dience. No chance to win any bouquets
and that sort of thing."
"But you'll win me. I mean what's
her name? Claire."
"Oh, I'll come out strong in the fin
ish," Bert returned confidently, at
which Jim shot him a look that es
caped Polly's notice. It did not escape
Rogers' observation, however, and be
smiled at thu thought of the fun to
como behind the scenes.
"Who's to be my 'girl chum, Nata
lie? " asked Polly, again consulting
the printed cast
"Mrs. Rogers," Bert answered. "And
she'll be dandy in that part too. Where
is she tonight. Brad?"
"Couldn't come. The baby had the
croup or something or other."
Tolly wheeled around .suddenly on
the piano stool and faced Rogors.
"Do you mean to say," she asked ac
cusingly, "that you don't know what's
the matter with the baby?"
Rogers, taken by surprise, looked
very much embarrassed.
He began to stammer an explana
tion, but got no further than "Well,
you see, Miss Noyes," when the
"prompter" arrived and the reading
over of parts and the studying out of
stage business began in earnest.
As the rehearsals of the play pro
gressed Tolly found them absorbing
beyond all her expectations. As It
happened, Mrs. Rogers, owing to the
baby's Illness, had not been able to
take the pjrt of Natalie after all, and
Elsie Williams, Polly's intimate girl
friend, was prevailed upon to try it.
This change in the cast, simple as it
seemed, was the cause of other changes
far less simple.
For one thing. Bert Crawford, whom 1
Is Now Located in His New Building, 277 91st St.
Ceiling, Roofing and all Kinds of Sheet Metal Vork.
Telephone 894.
For Accident and Health Insur
ance. Exceptionally liberal poli
cies. Good contracts will be given
steady and reliable solicitors .
Address or, call by appointment oaiy
Room 17 Lincoln Bld., Souta Chicago
Federal Casualty Co.,
l tu no ouier. liny or your
Jrnil.t. Ask for lIWIIth-TEltS
years known as licat. Safest. Always Reliable
Tolly had grown through force of habit
to regard as one of her most effective
satellites, suddenly wavered from his
accustomed course and began to re
volve at a very dangerous speed around
Polly's friend Elsie.
Now, Polly ought not to have re
sented this, for she knew very well in
her heart that she never-intended Bert
to develop, so far as she was con
cerned, into anything beyond an obse
quious and ornamental attendant
However, since he was her lover in
the play, it piqued her not a little to
have him constantly missing his cue
while making love to Elsie behind the
scenes instead.
On one of these embarrassing occa
sions Jim Marshal came to the rescue
with what seemed toihim nothing sort
of an inspiration.
'ee here, Polly," he exclaimed Jo
vially as Polly, alone in the center of
the stage. Impatiently waited the dra
matic entry of Captadn Wheeler aft
er his "absence in the field," Tve got
a eimply corking idea. Bert and I will
change parts. You see, ofiC the stage
he's Elsie's lover, and on the stage he's
your's. Now, why not fix it as it really
is and let me be your lover on the
stage as well as off? Don't you think
that would work ut well? I'd be on
hand for this scene, you can bet your
But Polly received his suggestion
with anything but enthusiasm.
"Don't be foolish, Jim, and please
hunt Captain Wheeler," was all she
Accordingly Bert, alias the missing
captain, soon rushed in, and Polly ran
to meet him, "falling into his arms
with a cry of joy," as the stage direc
tions called for.
"Oh, that wlli never do at all," com
plained the prompter. "You don't act
as though you were really glad to see
him, Miss Noyes. And you don't stay
South Chicago Incorporations.
Among the corporations that were
licensed at Springfield last week are:
The Calumet Hospital association;
capitalied at $10,000, for the purpose of
conducting a hospital and training
school for nurses. The Incorporators
are S. Norsman, G. J. Stuart and Ber
ritt Pon.
Sokol rolski Stefana Czameckiegow,
of South Chicago, the new organization
will be for the purpose of conducting
gymnast! meets and also for social pur
poses. The incorporators are. J. S.
Derpa, W. F. Walkowlak and John
Lftdleal Arti jronr JrtiiBt for a
ilil-clioa-tei- Diamond Ira4V
JMlls in ttcd and ,olt roetalliAv
l-nxps. sealed with Uliie Ribbon.
i,m. mi -
Artistic Extension Table, substantially constructed of se
lected solid oak, beautifully hand polished, massivo center
liar and heavily carved, extends six feet and very heavy
F appearance, we could sell them , Q TC
in. 23.75, Sale price . Q. 0
South Chicago.
Seldom, if ever, have the people
of the Calumet .District had an
opportunity in selecting their
home furnishings from such a
complete line of high grade fur
niture all newand direct from
the factory as is now on sale in
! f
our big store, which covers nearly J
12,000 square feet. . . . .
We have a complete-line of Par
lor Suits, Bedsteads, Sideboards,
China Closets, Tables' (all descrip
tions), Chairs, Rockers, etc., to
select from. We can please your
and with credit terms to suit your
convenience. . ......
fl. L. Greenwaid &Co.
279-81-83 Hlnetyiecond St.
Lincoln . Theatre!
9103 Commercial Avel
Moving Pictures,
Illustrated Songs.
All Pictores First-Class.
We will cater to the family trade
especially, as nothing A B S O -
T TTT T? T V an sricvAtiA tiafirptt
will be exhibited that would pre- M
vent the mother as well as the t!
, .. . r ... f a
crmaren rrom attenainsr. . .
A. B. LANE, Prop. 6 Mgr.
Was formerly the Boston, 8203
Commercial Ave , Is under new
man&gement Easy access to the
popular play house. The best that
money can buy Is served at this
Tables for the Ladies
Courteous Treatment

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