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Saturday Julv 25, 190S.
Ijabor news !
Quebec Pageant "Court of Henry IV. at the Louvre.
A4blgrate convention of union labor
xnn will be held In Memphis, Tenn..
on. August 19, to nominate candidates
for the legislature. The convention
wtll consist of delegates from the labor
unions of Memphis and the farmers
unions of Shelby county.
It is expected that the Australian
commonwealth old age pension scheme
trill cost $9,000,000 yearly. All indi
2nt persons over 65 years of age who
have resided in the Commonwealth for
wenty years, will be entitled to a
.pension of $2.4v a week.
The Indianapolis labor organizations
have recently leased a farm of thirty
acres west of the city, which they ln-
. tend to improve and use for picnics
and outings. A park committee has
been formed, with a view of rals'ng
funds for the purchase of the beauti
ful natural park.
The International Brotherhood of
.teamsters will hold Its annual conven
tion In Detroit the week beg!
zust 3. At the same time th
"eamsters i' America will
annual convention in St- Louis. An
effort will be made to bring about tl e
consolidation of the two organizations.
The annual report of Ernest Mills,
secretary and treasurer of the West
ern Federation of Miners, which was
rutm!tted to the convention of that
organization recently, showed that the
organization had lost more than five
thousand members during the past
year. An effort will be made to ascer
tain the cause of the decline and to
stop It.
A settlement, affecting fully 10,000
men In Pennsylvania, Ohio. Wisconsin,
Michigan, Missouri and Illinois has re
cently been reached between the West
ern Bar Iron association and the Amal
gamated Association of Iron, Tin and
Steel "Workers, and the wage scale was
signed for the year ending June 30,
1909. By its terms the puddlers are
given a cut of about 8 per cent In
wages and the finishers an average re
duction of about 2 per cent.
New York, July 25. The announce
ment that Mrs. Pierre Liorlllard Ron
alds , and her daughter, Mrs. Ritchie,
wore among the passengers sailing on
theLusltanta for this city today, Is one
of geat Interest to New York society.
MrsjRonalds, though an American, has
beenfor many years the acknowledged
ruler i of London society on Its artistic
She is a member of King Edward's
set anda great friend of Queen Alex
andra. Her company visit will be the
first she-thas paid to the United States
In over -twenty years.
Mrs. Ronalds was Miss Mary Frances
Carter, of. Boston. Nearly fifty years
ago she married Pierre Lorillard Ron-
I ; !
'5i4mP I fill nXMhVxlT
nning Au- l-W4 TA
:he United K Jfr$ Tv f (Ufi?fe
tion to the welfare of her adojri
couclr;-, locg sjfo irt-n tha he.rts
the impulsive Spaniards, and In Ui3
fact as well as In the constant per
formance of acts of charity and ben-
; evolence. she finds perfect contentment
i i and enjoyment. The poor are especial
ly attached to her. They love her for
her deeds of kindness among them.
From the time she came to Spain irt
; 1S79 as the bride of the disreputable
, Alfonso XII., the conduct of Maria
I Christina In all things have been
: worthy of nay queen or woman. Gift-
ed with great intelligence and uncom
mon tact, she escaped all political pit
falls and fullfllled the duties of her
high position without partisanship.
Aided by a sound judarment and and ?.
noble character, she was able to dis
: charge her royal duties tM regent in I
simple, honorable way that u--n tha
prais of all Eurr53.
When she assumed tii functions of
queen regeat the gene: impression
in Efurope was that fpMw had agaiu
entered an era of revolutionary .-cita
tion, but Europe was mistaken. Ther.
were some troubles In Maid and mil
itary Insurrection bmk ut at pom
points in the provlneat ---nd. judging
by the prev!us history s? 'pain. these
migrft have caused the downfall of the
monarchy, had not the queen regent
been liberal as well as wise.
Marta Christina has one principal
hobby, the collecting of playing cards.
She possesses a large number of curi
ous packs, many of which have no little
historical interest. One set, made of
J I Ivory, is bel ieved to have belonged to
OSS1! Prince Eugenie, who fought with the
W"JH I Puke f Marlborough and to have ac-
it. m i compameci mm in a:i nis campaigns.
1 The collection also contains some ex-
W:Wffraiixa i T-
-v tteumiy rare tarus ui r.gypuan, y ra o-
Xs.. .v . I . . .....
lan, r rencn ana hpamsn manutacture.
Quebec, July 24. Glorious weather
attended the military review and the
ceremony attending the dedication of
the plains of Abraham as a national
battlefleld's park. The prince of Wales
and Lord Roberts rode out to the plains
together. They were constantly ac
claimed, the commander-in-chief shar
ing honors with the prince.
At the review 5,000 to 6.000 men from
the different ships iji the port and
12,000 troops marched past the review
stand. First in the line of march were
the sailors from the French ships, who
were given that position as a compli
ment to the French founders of the
country. The second place was given
to men from the United States war.ship
New Hampshire. Then came a num
ber of men from the British ships, af
ter which came the military organiza
tions, including two Canadian regi
ments, of which Lord Roberts la hon
orary colonel.
The dedication of the battlefields was
an informal affair. The prince of
Wales handed over a sum of $450,000
to the governor general, which he said
had been intrusted to him through the
patriotism of the British citizens of
Canada and the empire and the gen
erosity of French and American sym
pathizers, in order that the historic
battlefields might be acquired as pub-
aids, a cousin of Pierre Lorillard, the
millionaire tobacco man. She lived
eight years with her husband and they
had four children. Then they decided
that they were uncongenial and sepa
rated. It was not until a few years
ago. however, that they were divorced.
Mrs. Ronalds went abroad after the
sepration and played a brilliant part
In the court life of Napoleon I Ill's un
happy rule, and with the fall of that
feeble dynasty, went over to London to
dominate a second capital. Her wit and
grace, no less than her artistic talent
and Infinite tact, have given her a
power In London society, the Influence
of which It Is hard to estimate.
Madrid, July 25. Queen Maria Chrls-
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper wtll ba
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarh Cure
is the only positive cure now known
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh be
ing a constitutional disease, requires
a constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the sytem, thereby de
stroying the foundation of the disease,
ad giving the patient strength by,
building up the constitution and assist
ing nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its
curative powers that they offer One
Hundred lollars for any case that it
fails tu cure. Send for list of testi
monials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., To
ledo. O.
Sold In- nil Pruggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constU
One Original Saxon Crypt.
tlna, who successfully guided the dest- evidenced by the fact that the anni- 1 lic KJlilJ -ines
of Spain during the sixteen years ; versary of her birth was kept a gen- j Saxon crypt in Great Brlta.n 1? tfm at
between the death of her husband and : oral holiday. Hexham abbey, it being built wholly OS
the coming of age of her son. the pres- ! Maria Christina is perhaps the hap- 1 Roman Btone6, there being also many
11c possession . for all time.
In accepting the gift, so made on the
three hundredth birthday of Canada,
Earl Gray declared he accepted the
sacred trust in the name of the gov
ernment and the people of the do
minion. l'rlnee Decorntca Monuments.
This ended the ceremony and the
prince rode to both the Wolfe monu-
the fight in which the French arms
were successful, and deposited a wreath
on each.
Another enormous crowd of persons,
estimated at 10,000, attended this
evening's repetition of the pageant, the
smoothness of the performance being
greatly admired. Tonight the streets
are jammed with people, viewing the
illumination of the ships, city, and
ment and that erected in honor of ! harbor and going to and from the pro
Murray and Pe I vls, commemorating ! vlncial hall at parliament house.
ent king, celebrated her fiftieth birth- j piest of all the royal widows in Europe.
day this week,
which she is
The love and esteem in Her affection for her son and daughter
held by all classes was in-law, as well as her patriotic devo-
Saxon stoneB imbedded in
walls of he building.
the new:
(Bic Etisttge 2Hitttae.)
From the Opera "The Merry Widow."
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rpi a 22 j- - & jS
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G rati oan eon expressions.
Publishc4 by American Melody Sompany, N.York.
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