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Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1908.
Agreement is Reached.
The laborers employed by the Gary
Construction company on Baring ave
nue were yesterday granted the de
sired raise of 15 cents per hour and
are now receiving the 35-cent rate.
The agreement was reached late yes
terday and the men will all return to
work Immediately.
j Woman Socialist Talks.
Mrs. Gertrude Hunt, a powerful
Speaker on "Socialism," entertained an
audlenc of about 300 persons on Chi
cago avenue last evening for two hours
and a half. Mrs. Hunt made many
friends by her remarks but there was
a notable lack , of applause, convinc
ing evidence that the public is not yet
to be, won by, the rabid declarations
of the fiery orators. Mrs. Hunt wore
the conventional red badge of the so
cialist party. She will speak this
evening in South Eend, where a hall
has been engaged. She will also pre
side at two open air socialist meet
ings in the Oliver town.
Buildings Are Sold.
The old city hall and fire station, on
Forsyth avenue, have been sold. A. G.
Rundquist, a local house-mover, has
purchased the two relics and will dis
mantle them as soon as the new city
hall is completed. The city hall was
. .. , . , , A , a 1 T 1 I
purchased lor nu, wnne me ure imn
brought the exceedingly low ngure ui
$45. Citizens of East Chicago will be
heartily glad to see the buildings
moved away, as they have long been
an eye-sore to the public.
Miss Etta Dixon of Magoun avenue
Buffered a severe sprain in her ankle
while returning from Gary Monday
evening. She was barely able to walk
from the Lake Shore depot In Whiting
to the telephone exchange, where she
Is employed as night operator. Dr. W.
E. Putnam of Whiting was called and
lucceeded in reducing the sprain. Miss
Dixon is able to walk around but still
notices a slight pain when placing her
Toot on the ground.
Mrs. McNabb and son, Alexander, of
Olcott avenue, have returned from their
week's jaunt in Milwaukee.
a supper in the Elks hall tomorrow)
evening from 5 to 8 p. m. The ladles
have always been very successful in
their dinners and will doubtless retain
the distinction. A large attendance is
Misses Myrtle. Alexander, accom- ,
panied hy Misses Bernice Brackett and
Minnie Patton attended dancing school
at Hammond last evening.
Melvin Hascall and Miss Lelia Mer
cer witnessed Monday evening's per
formance of "The Broken Idol" at the
Whitney opera house.
The White Stars are endeavoring to
secure a game with the Crown Point
team for next Sunday, but Manager
McShane is unable to receive a reply
- from the captain of that team.
Through the medium of The Times he
wishes to issue a challenge to the
Crown Point boys.
The Tigers, East Chicago's aspirants
for gridiron honors, have commenced
diligent practice in the Central park
grounds. Jenson, a former Michigan
City high school star, ' has been se
cured to assist in the backs, while an
exceptionally heavy line is promised.
J. McShane will handle the quarter po
sition this season, shouldered by Rodg--ers,
Hascall ard the new man, Jenson.
The team will practice three evenings
each week and expect to be proficient
by the opening of the football season.
Mr. and Mrs. George Dixon of Ma
goun avenue are spending a fewdays
with relatives In Pullman, 111.
Messrs. Jack Evans and Harry Gough
left last night for a hunting trip in
The Story of a Medicine.
Its name "Golden Medical Discovery"
Was suggested by one of Its most Import
ant and valuable ingredients Golden
Seal root.
Nearly forty yeare ago, Dr. Pierce dis
covered that ho could, by the use of pure,
triple-refined glycerine, aided by a cer
tain degree of constantly maintained
teat and with the aid of apparatus and
appliances designed for that purpose, ex
tract from our most valuable native me
dicinal roots their curative properties
much better than by the use of alcohoT,
so generally employed. So the now world-
lamed "Golden Medical Discovery," lor
the cure of weak stomach. Indigestion, or
oyspepsla. torpid liver, or biliousness ana
It ever sinie has ben, without a partlclo
of alcohol In its mawe-up.
A elanceWAtke JuN list of its ineredl
ents, printed mpverv bottle-wrapper,
will show that it is niata from the most
valuable medicinal rooisMound growing
In nnr AmeriMn fnrp;MhJ All thse 1n-
gredients have received the"atrotgest.q:
corsPment irom ttie.ieaqjng roemrai ex
ben comoiled bv Dr. R. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo, K. Y., and will be mailed free to
finy OEe asking same by postal card, or
etter addressed to the Doctor as above.
From these endorsements, copied from
standard medical books of all the differ
pnt schools of cractice. it will be found
that the ingredients composing the "Gold
en Medical Discovery" are advised not
onlv for the cure of the above mentioned
diseases, but also for the cure of all ca
tarrhal, bronchial and throat anections,
sccom pained with catarrhal discharges,
hoarseness, sore throat. Hnsrering. or
hang-on-coughs, and all those wasting
affections which, if not promptly ana
rronerlv treated are liable to terminate
fn consumption. Take Dr. Pierce's Dis
covery in time and persevere in its use
until you give it a fair trial and it is not
likely "to disappoint. Too much must not
be expected of It. It will not perform
miracles. It will not cure consumption
in its advanced stages. No medicine will.
It will cure the affections that lead up to
consumption, v vuxn m umc.
MediCl who rfenmrnond thorn a ta ypry
tet, propel JL th filSfiltf,
ATTttlffbooii ol these endorsements
the neighborhood of Dune park. They
confiently expect to return with at least
a hundred ducks apiece.
Mr. and Mrs. William Creegan of
Pittsburg, Pa., who have been visit
ing at the Meehan home on Forsyth
avenue, returned home yesterday after
Anton Noeller of "Whiting was a
business visitor in East Chicago yes
terday. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hunt are spend
ing a few days in South Bend at the
home of relatives. Mr. Hunt, who is
connected with the Schleiker phar
macy, has been in ill health for sev
eral days and will take a short vaca
tion in an endeavor to recuperate.
David Campbell of the Ladd cigar
store, returned yesterday from a two
days' visit in Milwaukee, Wis.
Miss Florence Burns and . Winifred
Deathe of the Gary school system,
spent yesterday afternoon in East Chi
cago." 'Misses Deathe and Burns were
formerly connected with the Whiting
schools and will probably stay in this
city for several ' weeks before taking
up their residence in Gary.
Mrs. Welland will resume her danc
ing classes in Weiland hall this even-
lng, instruction being given until 10
o'clock. Reception for the older at-
tendants win follow until midnight 1
and, a large ..crowd is expected. Mrs.
Weiland completed a very successful
season last year, and gained unusual 1
. . . , . -I
iavor wun uie younger society set oil
me cuy, wno predict a repetition dur-
ing the coming season.
Misses Mary and Hanna Hastings,
Lauer, Lillis and Nora Artlby, and
Messrs. McKenna, Gorman, McShane,
Whelan and Riley attended the Mon-
day performance of the "Stubborn I
Cinderella" at the Princess theater. I
Assistant Citv Enfinwr ft O Rood
visited his parents in Michigan City
over Sunday and Monday.
Local lodge I. O. O. F. conferred the
Initiatory degree on one candidate last
Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Montgomery, of
Cynthiana, Ind., will arrive today to
spend several days at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. Willis E. Roe, of Ma-
goun avenue.
Mrs. James Kroupa of Chicago has
returned to her home after a few days'
visit with her son. James Kroupa of
Watllng street. She was accompanied
I 1 J ...- - , I
uy iicr usuguier, Louise kroupa, wno
. wu oi,CUu1I1s iew uays in
tiic riaroor. , r i
A. N. Chamberlain of Elkhart, Ind.,
was the guest of James Kroupa yes
terday afternoon.
T" V. lurx l I - i iui I
" . "Lc"uo e,ng
erected by Max Glass Is progressing
rapidly and will be ready for occu
pancy by Nov. 1. Mr. Glass will oper-
ate a model tailoring establishment on
part of the main floor, operating in
conjunction with his son, Walter Glass.
The latter will install a full line of
fancy millinery. The upper floor will
be used as a residence for the Glass
family. Mr. Glass was one of the plo-
neers of Indiana Harbor, settling here
almost six years ago. His success is
merited and his friends are all willing
to congratulate him upon the beauty
of his new building.
Manager Louis Greenfield of the
Elite theater has 'engaged the Joyce
sisters for his theater this week.
tit- o,i xf, T T,...i
ited the latter's mother In East Chi
cago yesterday afternoon.
Fred Gastel has returned
l Tl4. 1 1. - 1 , . 1
iv, I1C uas oeen spena-
ing a lew aays as me guest or mends.
Misses Mary Gaffey and Ella Brown
of Sterling, III., are spending a few
days at the home of their uncle. Of
ficer J. C. Weifenbach, of Watling
Mrs. Austin Perkins of Common-
weaun avenue, nas returned from a
two weeks' visit with relatives in Ches-
ter. Pa,
The ,! charge of rioting against the
four foreigners who engaged in a sa
loon fcrawl in Oklahoma Sunday night,
was dismissed at the request of. Prose-
cuting Attorney Boone's agent, who
came over from Hammond to personally
attend the trials. A warrant charsrinjr
Joe .Horwott with assault and battery
upon Louis Berty was issued and Hor
wott fined 5 and costs. He refused
legal assistance and will disburse the
Some 'one recently stole a bicycle
from Joseph Bremen of Watllng street
ana ior several aays tne police have
, ,..,.. - ,
been watching for the machine to make
... . . .
its appearance. They were surprised
. j , . .
yesterday to be informed that the
wheel was in the possession of Joseph
Stealer, 3S20 Deodar street. , Bremen
identifled parts of the wheel as his but
declared that they had been subsU-
luiea ana piacea on anotner wheel.
Stealer declares that he purchased the
wheel about a month ago from a man
Who was going back to Germany.
Attorney W. J. Riley was a Chicago
Visitor yesterday.
George W. Ross of the East Chicago
company, was a Chicago visitor yes
terday afternoon.
The Hammond local union, A. F. of
M.; who control all the musical or
ganizations of the county, have placed
Cohen's Auditorium hall on the unfair
list. Unionized musicians will not be
allowed to play in the hall until the
fiifflculties now existing are removed.
Building and Sidewalks
f Telrnfcoac JL U. CC2, Bea. tfh
Advice is Given to Rouman
ian Greek Orthodox
"Kick Lazar Sarich From Your House
As Though He Were a Serpent,"
. Advises Spiritual Leader.
(Special to The Times).
Indiana Harbor, Ind., Sept. 9. "If
Lazar Sarish, of his agents, attempt
to draw you from the republican parly
the Party which has always befriended
you, kick him from the house as though
he were a serpent," were the words of
Rev. Father Mihaltan of the local Rou
manian Greek Orthodox church to his
parishioners last Sunday morning.
Is President of Society.
Advice of the priest's sanction of
the republican doctrine and his belief
in their co-operation with his religious
precepts, was given The Times repre
sentative last evening. Rev. Mihaltan
is the president of a local republican
society and has constantly used his
priestly influence In bringing men to
a ciearer vision of political affairs. He
has been narticularly successful in this
worit anj haa gained a strong hold
upon the militant forces in republican
Stirs Priest's Ire.
Sarich is foreign exchange manager
for the Jonn R Farovoid company and
for several weeks has been engaged in
the preparation of a poll book for use
In the democratic party. On entering
the homes of his friends he is alleged
to have made derogatory remarks con
cernlng the priest's actions and de
clared that his Influence was not for
the best. It was this which ihas caused
the ire of the reverend gentleman and
the utterance of the command to his
Effects Are Seen.
The declaration was made at a spe-
ciai meeting of the church body, held
immediately after the regular services
on Sunday morning. 'Already it has
had It3 effect and Charles Sasko, who
is assisting Sarich in the preparation
of the poll list, has been forcibly
evicted from two Harbor saloons. The
proprietors of these saloons, Nick Ro-
ciu and Phil Holom, are active repub
licans and strongly resented the action
of Sasko in ridiculing their politics,
,e,ar , tw win onfnrr.. the
,nmnt.n,, f nriBt nnrf rpaont
tne aavances of any ally-seeking demo-
The blow will be a hard one to the
local democracy as they are desirous
of securing- a large foreign vote, which
Rev Mlhaltan.s edict,
The exclusion of this hall was made
following the refusal of Cohen to pass
upon a claim for money due De Briae's
East Chicago orchestra. De Briae s
nien played in the Cohen dance hall on
July 4 and despite the persistent de
mands, Cohen has refused to loosen
Officer Rybeckl last night arrested
John Meckovitch of Cedar street on a
charge of stealing a trunkful of
clothes from a friend living on One
Hundred and Thirty-seventh street
Meckovitch Intended to use the clothes
as Part of hls own wardrobe and was
about to leave for Europe on an ex-
tended visit. The friend, however,
heard Meckovitch moving the trunk
about the house and fired four shots
at him. The shots brought the atten
tion of the officer and Meckovitch. in-
gtead of enjoying a vacation tour
abroad will likely spend several days
llnf,.r Sheriff rartcr's nrotrtlon ,
Crown Point.
Miss Carrie Hill visited friends In
Hammond Labor Day.
Alfred Tlce of Louisville, Ky, is vis
,tinS his hister, Mrs. Neel. and expects
to remain here for several weeks.
Mrs. Bell of Englewood, Is visiting at
Mr. Beal's,
Mr. Peterson's family has moved in
tne house lately vacated by Mr. Erlck
I son-
Mr. and Mrs. Watkins spent Sunday
evenlne: at White City.
Miss Lizzie Jordan and a party of
friends went to White City Monday
Miss Hazel Livings was
friends in Chicago this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander and daugh-
ter were ln Hegewisch Sunday.
,, . TT . . ,. .
Monday the Hegewisch Colts and the
T , , T . .
Larkins Clover Leaf teams met on the
. TI , t . , a .
diamond at Hegewisch and for the first
olI (V,
standing 5 to-j in favor of' the Lark.
ins This was too much for the He-
wlaoll ttam Qr,fl a thv nntM iv..
being kickers, of course trouble began.
The Hegewisch umpire was so clearly
unfair that he was taken from the
diamond and another one was put in.
ThP larkins wpre n. fln lot of nlavers
I as well as a fine lot of boys, and with
fair play would evidently have won
the game, which closed 8 -to 6 in fa
for of Hegewisch.
Mr. and Mrs. Swan Olson of 1353
Buffalo avenue, were visiting Sunday
and Monday in St. Joseph, Mich., and
they had a very pleasant time.
Miss Anna Ganz of Hyde Parak, was
visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Drinnan
Sunday and Monday.
Miss Ruth Sundberg returned home
Saturday after spending a week with
her cousin. She had a very pleasant
time and visited Rivervie wand Lincoln
Parks while there.
A grand program will be rendered In
the Swedish Lutheran Lebanon church
of Hegewisch next Friday 4 evening,
11, under the auspices of the Ladles'
Aid society of the church.
Arrested in East Chicago
- and Investigation Will
Be Made.
Say They Are Out Merely to See the
Country and Seemingly Tell
a Truthful Story.
East Chicago, Ind., Sept. 9. Chief of
Police E. T. Higgins yesterday received
a communication from officials of the
Pere Marauette railroad' at Benton
Harhnr that the four young men ar-
. . .v.- ,i ht
restea oy me lucai f v.. ...vsuuaj
night for riding on j. i. x. ireigni
trains are wanted in mai cuy on me
t l,,,o-lc. The men nnnn
t..ii6r .-
of whom are over 24 years or age, de-
clare that they are merely making a
. .v.i ldii. tltlnl fnpwnrkV I
LUU1 UL III 1 0 ilci.vj ' "
They give tneir names as luuuwa.
William Tavlor. 516 Market street.
m iltiv.
- - I
uan swaria, lojia, xn-...
William Hayes, 258 Aginley street,
raniKtP Mich.
Harry Hayes, zos BL'1'
-r 1 1 x I
Manistee, Mich.
Special Qftleer w ill Anrlve.
A special oincer oi mo x-t-iC "-
m . - m a. T f M
quette railroad will arrive in Jast cm-
cago this evening to take charge of
j i T-axr will Ho I
tne aueseu um6i'. -"w
charged with entering several cars in
tho Ronton Harbor vards and stealing
v., ..,i , th.m
V (illiaUlt; jiiaiciiai v
The stories told by the lads are alike i
in every detail. They declare that they
were told to crawl into a salt car by
n employe of the railroad in the Pere
Marquette yards in Benton Harbor. - By
- thir wtro told thev WOU li
w., ---- -
escape apprenension at micmsan v.ny.
They claim to be of good parentage,
mainly well-to-do farmers in the north
ern part of Michigan. Chief of Police
Higigns is disposed to place some cred
ence in their stories and will invest!
gate the charges against them before
releasing mem.
Crown Point Farmer Meets
With Serious Mishap
, Last Night.
(Special to The Times).
Crown Point, Ind., Sept. 9. John
Wirtz, aged s-' years oia, a larmer,
living at the Wirtz milk stand on the
Erie railway, lies at his home there
dangerously hurt as the result of a
kick by a horse, which he sustained
last night. Mr. irtz was doing nis
evening chores at the time and a frac-
tlous horse kicked him squarely in
the face. His jawbone, cheekbone and
nose were broken and his Injuries are
critical. Members of his family picked
him up, unconscious, and Dr. W. F.
Houk of this city is caring for the
farmer, who has a wife and two chil
dren and is well known throughout
Lake county
. , - - m -rt t- tu I.
xne peopie ui De w.. nlu.Beu
one of the greatest parades on Labor
n xl A. AAlr 1 4-V.a KIctA vr I
ijay urn c.t. i ... mwi,
Ot mat village aiiu me aiiimja.ui la
bor organization. The parade formed
at Mr. Pearson's house and went west
as far as Joe Soma's. Mr. Flanagan
and Mr. Soma Joined in with two big
American flags, making the parade very
patriotic. They then went east as far
as Mr. Soma's pavilion and took re
freshments. The parade was headed by
"... . ... . ..
a hanil rnriQ ilT Tiff OT ft TTlOlin in Tflfl I
hands of Mr. Pearson, who rendered
patriotic music along the line of march
f - tha o-rpnt- flplpr.tfi tion of the npfi-
nlA. Mr Pearson bravely stuck to his
task while marching through sand to
h1 vnppj.
, ,
Mr. and Mrs. E Kegebeln are enter-
taining company from Chicago.
Mr .and Mrs. Long are entertaining
company from Indiana
Mr. and Mrs, William DeMick enter-
tained guests from Chicago yesterday,
Miss Ella Pohlers of Dolton was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lange
Miss Emily and Walter Vandenberg
spent Saturday and Sunday ln Blue Is
land. Miss Bertine Sddy of Harvey was the
buest of Miss Grace Int Hout Sunday.
Frank Homer is one of the delegates
from this part of the county to the
democratic state convetion. Mr. Homer
will probably attend If some one fur
nishes the where-with-all to pay his
William Busack has sold a piece of
property situated on the P. C. C. & St.
L. railroad across from his place to
the banker. It is rumored that the
price is $1,000 It is to be used as a site
for the new bank which Is at present
located next to Fred Wierk's dry goods
store. It Is a very desirable location for
a bank and It Is reported that the
building will be begun this fall.
It is reported that there has been
several attempted burglaries ln Lansing
and Oak Glen. Burglars have tried to
get into Mr. Bock's and Mr. Schmeus
er's homes and a suspicious looking
man was seen around the bank between
1 and 2 o'clock recently.
The Illinois Brick Company has
closed down for an Indefinite time until
the steam shovel can be repaired. The
shovel was put out of order by the cav
ing ln of a bank.
Otto Schulaz left Monday morning for
Valparaiso, where he expects to attend
the University the coming year.
Battling Nelson vs. Joe Cans,
25 rounds, at Colma, (or light-
wrtght championship.
Opening of annual horse show
in Hartford, Conn.
Annual meeting and tourna-
ment of Southern Checker as-
soclatlon at Atlanta.
Opening of annual horse show
at Petersburg, Vn.
Metropolitan A. A. V. track
and field championships at Trav- 4
era Island, N. Y.
Dominion bicycle champion-
ships at Toronto.
nnw York ...77 46
nusourg i
CllifagO 7H
Philadelphia 67
Cincinnati 61
Boston 54
OrOOKiyn 44
IO. 1 la ,14
Wl. V- U 1 O .-....II
uciruu la
gt- Louis 71
Cleveland 69
rmiaaeipnia bz
M-tKT iS IU 1A
Washington 54
New York 40
x d, R
Louisville 85 61
oiumDus j 6b
uituu .......ow uu
Minneanolls 7! 71
Kansas City ....69 78
Milwaukee 68 80
St- Paul .44 102
vansviiie 84 56
" . J
Fort Wavne '.'.'.'.'.li 66
Zanesville 71 69
"1l"u "1"U oo l
ITerre Haute 65 72
wheeling .....40 98
Chicago, 3: Cincinnati. 2.
Boston. 4: Philadelphia. 6.
New York, 1; Brooklyn, 0 (eleven
Pittsburg, 2: St. Louis. 0.
Detroit, 2; Chicaeo. 5.
Philadelphia, 6; New York, 5.
vvasnington, l; Boston, 3.
Cleveland, o; St. Louis, 2.
Detroit, Sept. 8. With their ancient
Jonah, "Doc" White, on the slab, the
Tigers were a somewhat subdued out
fit today and were handily beaten by
the White Sox, 5 to 2 being the figures.
The game was a rather listless affair,
the Sox, who by grabbing this one
could get back within striking: dis-
tance of the leaders, having about all
the pepper that was shown, and then
not being as kittenish as they usually
are when on the local lot. Too much
holiday making namely, hurry-up
jumps and double heading appeared to
have had its effect on both outfits
Apart from some very persistent
clouting by Freddie Farent, who got
three safeties and narrowly escaped
another, it was an absolutely feature-
less afternoon. Neither side had had
any opportunity for anything spectacu
I lar, and going through the game look-
ed like doing a day's work,
Little Jimmy Slagle, whose earnest
efforts In the Cubs' behalf have sel
rtnm drawn full moaRnrit it a nnroIa
I rv
ton from West glde fan. was the blg
show against the Reds yesterday and
bfiat thenjf 3 to 0
J. Evers was the
But for the excellent stlckwork of
those two clever chaps the Cubs would
have met certain defeat, as none of the
other champs contributed In any way
to Chicago's score. Reulbach helped
win by holding the Reds to two hits
but from the aggressive side there was
nothine- to it but James and John.
0111510 Buaneu ine umi iiiree neanny
blows and walked once. Evers drove
him home twice with clean hits. Once
Slagle was forced out at
third by
Schulte, but the other time up he
walked and scored tne winning run
all the way from first when Pitcher
Rowan flred the baU Jnt0 tfae d
stand trylng to cUch the nlmbe rab
bjt on nrst-
Sylvie Ferret! Accepts Jeffries'
for a Bout Oct. 14.
Hugo Kelly and Billy Papke will
meet again as the result of a bid made
by Jim Jeffries yesterday to Sylvie
Ferreti. Immediately following the
Papke-Ketchel bout at Los Angeles
Jeffries wired nere, orrering 45 per
cent of the gross receipts for a twen
ty-flve-round contest at 158 pounds, the
men to weigh in at 6 o'clock Oct. 14
This evidently means that the fight
will be held at night time. The ln
tense heat ln the arena Labor Day,
when the sun beat down on the rootles
inclosure, may have caused the change
ln time. Ferreti has accepted the offer.
Lowell, Ind.. Sept. 9. (Special) The
Saturday and Sunday baseball games at
Oakland park, between Thompson'
Colts, a traveling colored team, and th
Oaklands of Lowell resulted in two
large Bized victories for the Oaklands.
During the two games the Colts got
four while the Oaklands covered the
home plate with fifteen scores. The
locals found easy picking and did not
have to use any Jay Eye See bits to
break the colts ln at all. They could
not run away with anything, not even
off the home plate, because Walters,
Lowell's third baseman who up to Sat
urday was an unknown quantity was in
the box and the one, two, three order he
sent the colored gentry hack to the
bench was a surprise to all. His curves
Question of .Superiority to
Be Decisively Settled
This Afternoon.
Principals Joe Gans and Bat
tling Nelson.
Flaee San Francisco.
Club Jim CofT roth's Colma
Conditions Forty-five rounds
at 133 yonnds. Purse to be di
vided 65 and 35 per cent.
Honors at stake Lightweight
championship of the world.
Time About 3:15 coast time.
This will make It about 5tl5
Hammond time when the men
enter the rins.
San Francisco, Sept. 8. Joe Gans
and Battling Nelson, will clash for the
third time tomorrow afternoon in Jim
n.y Coffroth's arena for the lightweight
championship of the world.
In spite of the fact that pretty close
to $15,000 was expended by spectators
who witnessed the Attell-Moran go of
yesterday, it Is likely that a tremenous
house will see the coming battle. In
terest runs far higher than in the
featherweight contest of yesterday.
There is just one point where a mat
ter of doubt exists this is the condi
tion of Gans and the peculiar state of
betting affairs. The men who used to
get down heavily in the days of the
old "fight trust" regime are backing
Gans whenever they can get their
money covered. But to the time of
writing comparatively small sums have
been wagered.
and drops Ed Yates, the veteran, behind
the home plate says were Just the kind
that fools them all. And with the fine
support given the battery made victory
easy. Had the visitors given their
battery the same support the game
might have been a little different.
The Sunday game was also a one
sided affair with Walters back to his
third base position and Jarvls of Mo-
mence, in the box. Jarvls done effective
work at the home plate and had fine
support behind him. A large number
witnessed both games. Following is
the score by innings:
Colts 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 3
Oaklands 0 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 8
Batteries Colts, Renfroe and Wal
lace. Oaklands, Walters and Yates.
Colts 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
Oaklands 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 4 7
Batteries Colts, Baker and Wallace.
Oaklands, Jarvls and Yates.
Los Angeles, Sept. 8. Stanley Ket
chel, with his face a swollen mass and
both eyes blackened and puffed In spite
of the lancing to which they had been
subjected, admitted today that the first
blow Papke landed took the steam out
of him. He said he scarcely knew what
he was doing half the time he was
ln the ring. He wants return match
with Billy.
San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 8. The re
ceipts of the Attell-Moran fight were
$13,303. This was divided 60 per cent
to the fighters and 40 per cent to the
promoter. The featherweights having
fought a draw cut their end of the
purse 50 per cent each. This makes for
the men Interested: Promoter Coffroth,
$5,321; Abe Attell, $3,990, and Owen
Moran, $3990.
Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 8. According
to Baron Long, manager of the Jeffries
Athletic club, the total receipts of the
Fapke-Ketchel fight were $18,480
Papke gets $6,652 and Ketchel gets
At Paw Paw, 111. Mendota, 5; Paw
Paw, 1.
Montlcello, 0.
At Maquoklla, la. Maquokila, 8
At Centralia, 111. Centralia White
Sox, 7; Nebraska Indians, 1.
At Carlisle, Ind. Carlisle, 2; St
Franclsvllle, 4
At Hatfield, Ind. Hatfield, 13; Evans
vllle Nacrofts, 6.
At Huntington, Ind. Huntington, 5
Lincoln, 4.
At New Harmony, Ind. New Har
mony, 10 Poseyvllle, 6.
At Louisville, Ky. Louisville Stars
3; Evansville Athletics, 1.
At Mentone. .Tippecanoe, 22; Men
tone, 3.
At Warsaw Warsaw, 15; Goshen, 4
Devlne, the star half-mller who won
the Indiana championship for Notre
Dame ln the event this year, has de
cided to enter Purdue this fall. Notre
Dame will endeavor to coax him back,
however, acordlng to some of the track
I am sure that If a fairy bade me
choose between the sense of sight and
that of touch I would not part with
the warm, endearing contact of human
hands or the wealth of form, the no
bility and fullness that press into my
palms. Helen Keller, i ) Country Magazine.
Lake County Team to Meet
LaPorte in Second Game
of the Series.
Lowell, Ind., Sept. 9. (Special)-
What will undoubtedly prove to be the
most interesting ball game ever pulled
off in northern Indiana is scheduled
for next Sunday at Oakland park, Low
ell, when the fast Laporte team Jour
neys there to meet the T907 champions
In the second game of the northern
Indiana championship series. Baseball
matters have simmered down to that
point where the championship lies be
tween these two teams and the Lowell
contingent are determined that their
next year's stationery shall read
"Champions of Northern Indiana, 1907
8." While manager Wood of the Lowell
team is very guarded in taking of his
line up for this game enough has been
learned that it is safe to say Lowell
will go into battle with the best bunch
of ball players seen together ln this
part of the country for several years.
Irwin, the "Invincible," who struck out
12 of the Laporte players in the first
game will do slab honors as usual. The
infield as well as outfield will see sev
eral new faces and to a man up a tree it
looks like Lowell will keep up the rec
ord they feel so justly proud of and
which few teams can boast, viz.: Hav
ing won every game played on home
grounds this year. There is a great
deal of interest taken in this game from
all neighboring towns and if the weath
er man is on his good behavior It wll!
prove a record breaking ball crowd for
Lake county. Valparaiso, Leroy, He
bron, Crown Point. Hammond, Indiana
Harbor, Whiting, Rensselaer, Momence.
Grant park and Brook will each send
over a good sized delegation to root
for Lowell and Laporte Is trying to
make arrangements for two special
cars to be over the Lake Shore and
Monon railroads direct to Lowell. The
management -has hit upon a novel plan
of advertising, in sending out an end
less chain of post card Invitations to
the Lowell boys in Chicago and else
where and It Is safe to say that If
there is any person you want to Bee
come to the ball game that person
will be there.
Last Friday night two men tried to
enter the home of William Dunn ln
Roberts avenue, by the way of the pan
try window. They had raised the win
dow when they accidentally knocked
over a dinner pall which stood near.
The noise awakened Mrs. Dunn, who
quickly Jumped out of bed to see what
caused the noise. She saw the window
open and two men ln the yard. She
called for help, but before assistance
care, the men took to their, heels and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stross of Har
rison . avenue, were the guests of the
latter's mother, Mrs. Barbey In Chicago,
over Labor Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes of Highland Park,
are the guests of Mrs. Agnes Roberts.
John Blaul of Roberts avenue spent
Monday ln Bross Park, III., the guest of
his uncle, William Blaul.
Mrs. William Grisdale and Miss Mable
Wlchorst, spent the day with the form
er's sister, Mrs. Edwin Mlza of Jack
son Park.
Miss Amy Roberts Is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. F. R. Schaaf at their sum
mer home ln LaPorte, Ind.
The Ladles Aid of the Evangelical
church will meet at the church Thurs
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. All mem
bers are reqpuested to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Aman and mother.
Mrs. C. Smith, attended a dinner in
Auburn Park, Sunday
Mr .and Mrs. Nicholson and daughter.
Miss Violet, of Roberta avenue, enjoyed
a days' outing ln Lincoln Park, Monday.
Messrs. John Leverenz and Julius
Stross left Sunday for Milwaukee, Wis.,
where they will spend the week visit
ing friends.
Mrs. Henry Vis is confined to her
home ln Reese avenue on account ot
Fred Lahayn has moved his family
from Crocker, Ind., to the Eggers' home
ln Roberts avenue.
Miss Josephine Jewett of Indiana
boulevard, spent Monday visiting ln
Gary. j
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Goon were very
pleasantly surprised by a number of
their friends at their home ln Atchison
avenue Saturday evening. The party
was given in honor of Mr. Goon's birth
day. The evenlg was enjoyed with
games and social converse until a dain
ty luncheon was served. At a late hour
the guests departed wishing Mr. Goon
many more such happy blrthdayB.
Mrs. Robert Atchison Is quite 111 at
her home with an attack of erysipelas.
Carl Brookman of Harrison avenue
Is visiting out of town relatives.
Mrs. A. Bader was very badly burned
with boiling lard at her home in Harri
son avenue Friday morning. She was
pressing the lard through a colander
into a stone crock when the bottom of
the colander fell out and both her arms
went Into the boiling lard burning her
In a terrible manner. She is under the
care of Dr. Kohr and is getting along
as well as can be expected.
Mrs. Ed Engler and son Arthur, of
Indiana boulevard, spent the week end
visiting with relatives in Kouts, Ind.
RobeYs Atchison and daughter. Miss
Agnes, returned yesterday from their
summer home in Crocker, where they
spent several dayB visiting.
Vivian Rush went to Montlcello Tues
day for a visit
Mrs. R. E. Fuller and son, Oliver,
went to Shelby Tuesday for a week'a
visit with relatives.
John Brannan Jr., who was hurt on
a railway train some time age, is again
able to be out.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Holmes and daugh
ter, Grace, returned to their home la
Chicago Monday night.

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