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Thursday, August, 2, 1917.
Glad nws Jr gray ho-ulp!
During the reri.nl of the war. nnd
for fix months thorpnf ter, the Penn
sylvania Railnad ill suspend its
rule which prohibits the luring of
new employes above, the okp of 45
years, and will en gape men between
45 iind 70.
The?.? men will n -rlnce th younp
er employes who shortly will join the
colors for military service.
Official announcement of this
news was made yesterday. It was
added, however, that inasmuch as
this employment will not be consid
ered permanent, It will not carry
with it the pension privileges which
others employed by the Pennsylvania
Put there will be pood jobs, .nnd
their r.-w holders will at the sr. mo
time be performing a patriotic ser
vice in maintaining one of the na
tion's transportation, svstems.
"V- f"
w,..Wfc "-..
UeuL-CoL J. S. Dennis.
Lieut-CoL J. S. Dennis, assistant
to the president of the Canadian Pa
cific railway has volunteered to as
sist in the enlisting of recruits in
the United States for the British
and Canadian armies. Col. Dennis
is in charge of the western half of
the states and has his headquarters
at Chicago.
- coon
IXDIAN'ArOLIS, Ind., July 31.
"Cooks who guard the larder are true
soldiers," declared Harry E. Barnard,
Indiana food and drjp commissioner, to
day, in an appeal addressed to house
wives of the state, asking their co
operation In the food conservation tam
paign. "Every cook whs contrives a way
to save food is doing just as patriotic
a service as if she were enlisted in
Red Cross work, and in her efforts to
reduce the wast of fats or to use other
cereals instead of wheat flour, she is
helping the Sammies in Prance quite
as surely as if she were knitting socks,"
Barnard said.
"There i3 no doubt at all as to the
value of kitchen thrift. The difficulty
cornea with bringing: home to the cook
fcerself the vitally important part she
is playinp In putting: the excellent sug
gestions showered upon her into prac
tice. "But we know now that the crops our
fields are prowinp must sufiiee not only
for cur own needs and the heavy de--niands
of the boys whom we are send
ing 3 000 miles to the trenches, but per
haps the most important task ahead of
us is feeding the armies of our allies
in the field and the civilian population
in France. Belgium and England. And
so every pound of food we save from
wasteage is ammunition that will do
its part in bringing the war quickly
to an end. It does not matter where the
saving: is made. The little economies of
the working man's wife, who is alreauy
at her wits' end to feed her family, r.nd
the large savings in the household of
the millionaire are both needed. Xo
doubt the housewife who puis on her
gingham apron and groes into the kitchen
to superintend the preparation of food
can do more real service than the wom
en of wealth whose desire to help is
handicapped by the very size of the
retinue of servants she employs. But
there is need for every form cf economy
that will save an ounce of food, and
every cook is draft-id to the universal
Mr. Mike of Chicago, is here visit
ing with friends for a few days.
Mrs. Thomas was a Chicago visitor
Mri. Clara Stevens, who formerly
lived here, died at her home near Ia-p-rte
yt ster iay, following an operation
for pills-tones, which operation she un
derwent ;l week atro.
Mr and Mrs. Coons and -on Harry,
are spend in p the week at Indianapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. George S5rrna and
family spent the week-end with rela
tives at ! lg n.
Mi. and Mrs. Ray Purge cf Gary,
have purchased a home h:e on "Water
street and moved their family tc this
Jin oe y pt'i'ay,
I S16
Friday and Saturday
Sales Double Stamps
Friday and Saturday
Until Noon.
Friday and Saturday
Sales Double Stamps
Friday and Saturday
Until Noon.
Men's Union
Suits, poros mesh
knit and nain
sook, in Athletic
style, also ankle
length, short and
long sleeves, 34
to 46, at 59
Sale of Men's
Bathing Suits, 1-
piece, f a n c y
stripes in wors
ted, sizes 34 to
46 S3. 95
values in Paja
mas, nobby plain
colors and striped
materials. Onsale
at $1.15
Neckwear -Wash
Xeckwear a n d
full shape Silk
Ties, 3 for. . .$1
Each 35c
i ..S
f t 4i'r'Viir4i!
V "
. y, Sl- ;-. .11
Recent Arrival cf New Styles
in Plain and Novelty Weaves,
at :..$8.50 and $9.95
Outing Trousers, $2.50 to $G
Clean-Up Sale on all your
clothing needs for the present
and immediate future is now
at hand. Men's and Young
Men's Suits Reduced to
13.45 and 18.45
' U R R V J
It',. W
j " -i ' -x- 1
Trousers tailored from the short ends
of our spring suiting fabrics, many
patterns to match your coat. An ex
ceptional opportunity to prolong the
life of your old suit- Trousers at,
Pair - S3.95
Comfort and Satisfaction Wear
Waists and Middies
You cannot afford to be uncomfortable for a minute when you caa for so litti
money find apparel so well adarjted to your needs. Take Elevator Second Ploor.
S2.25 for Waists of rare value and
style; come in organdies, plain and
fancy voiles.
$8.95 for Ladies' All-Silk Jersey Skirt,
the ideal fabric for summer wear, serv
iceable and comfortable shades; rose,
.yellow and green.
69 for Middies of exceptional value
and style, easily worth $1.00; come in
sizes 6 to 16 years.
$1.25 for fine Middies, have every
thing that is new in style, some plain
white; others with fancv sport trim
Ask to see them.
Men's Oxfords Reduced
Men's $7.50 Oxfords $5.98
Mn's $7.00 Oxfords $5.48
Men's $8.00 Oxfords 84.98
Men's $5.00 and $4.00 Oxfords, re
duced to .$3.48
Men's White Canvas Oxfords in
stock with rubber or leather soles,
at $3.50 and $3.00
Men's Grey Canvas Oxfords, lea
ther soles, sizes 6 to 11 at. . .$1.49
Men's Comfort Oxfords, flexible,
sizes 6 to 10, real value $3.50. On
sale, special at $2.45
Men's White Sport Shoes Canvas
with rubber soles and heels, leath
er inner soles; in stock B to D, very
classv. Special at' only. . . .$3.50
Men's Shoes at $3.50 You still have an opportunity to buy a good shoe
at a very nominal price, all sizes, in button and lace. Ask to see
them at - S3. 50
Boys' Shoes at $3-50 The English Bal in gun metal calf, snappy list,
sizes 1 to 5H. A big bargain at S3. 50
Rot Weather Comforts
Ladies' Union Suits, very elastic,
fine rib, wide knee, lace trimmed,
sleeveless. Per suit "-29C
Ladies' Mercerized Batiste Union
Suits, flesh color, lace at knee and
yoke, cut size and regular sizes-
per suit Sl.OO
Children's Union Suit and Pantie
Waist Combination, bleached, no
sleeves, knee length, sizes 2 to 12
Each 29C
Made of good
quality checked
batiste; cooler
than the knitted,
sizes 4 to 16. Per
sult 29tf
Ladies' Hose, the
colors most want
ed for bathing,
highly mercer
ized. Pair....35
Children's Soy
Fancy cuff effect,
highly mercerized
in sizes 4 to 8M.
Per pair 29
To enjoy your "auto" rides and
other outdoor sports, buy real hu
man Hair Fashionetts Nets, two
for - - 25c
All-Linen Handkerchiefs, rolled
edges, plain white. Each 10
Fancy Ribbon in Taffeta and Mes
saline weaves; stripes, plaid3 and
floral designs; the proper widths
for bows and trimmings. Per
ard - 19
New Patent Leather Girdle, plain
and crush styles, large metal
buckle; sizes 26 to 36. Each 5Qc
Women's Pumps Reduced
Women's $8.00 Pumps, patent and
Glace kid, reduced to. i $6.75
Women's $7.50 Oxfords, fine glace
kid;' have medium low heels. Re
duced to . $8.25
Women's $6.00 Oxfords, fine kid,
Louis heels, a swell stvle, all sizes.
Reduced to . $4.98
Women's $5.00 Pumps, in patent and
dull, low or high heels. Reduced
to $3.9S
White Reign Skin Pumps, fine grade
with covered Louis heels; A to D.
Special $3.85
White Shoes Reign skin with iow or
Iyouis heels, in two srrades, A to D,
at $5.00 and $3.50
White Sport Oxfords with rubber or
Ivory soles; in stock B to I), at $1.00
and $3.00
White Shoes
Buck and Canvas But
ton, good shoes- Special
to close out at
House Slippers
Kid with one strap,
sizes 3 to 8. Special
White Pumps
Fine quality white
Reign Cloih, all sizes
Special at
Straw Hats
All $3 and $3.50 Straw Hats now re
duced to $1.8o
All $2.00 and $2.50 Straw Hats now re
duced to $1.2o
Genuine Madagascars now reduced to
onlv VS?
Big Sale of Caps, Sod and SI .35
Satin Stripe Tub
Siik Cl;an-Up
Sale, handsome
patterns, sizes 14
to 17- Choice
while they last
Low Pflces osi Foldlno GoCarfs
For thes.e warm summer days a
Folding Go-Cart adds to your com
forts. $13.50 Value,
Has full hood of imitation leather,
wood sides and front; folds up
complete into a small package.
Special price S9.95
. ? " SI i
Why worry to carry baby when a
Folding Go-Cart makes traveling a
$17.25 Value,
Covered hood of finest imitation
leather, reclining back, . spring
seat; folds up complete ii just a
few seconds. Special 12.95
Basement Specials
Ice Cream Freezer, White Mountain,
triple action, wooden tub 3. -19
Lawn Swing, 8 feet high, 4-passenger,
painted green, seats in natural color,
Electric Iron, highly nickeled
with detachable cord and
rlug, 0 pounds, guaranteed.
at - S
. If O
siz-s -
Mixer, made of extra
tin,' Universal, 4-loaf
Gas Ovens, will fit any kind
of stove, 2-burner, asbestos
lined, glass front S3. (JO
Mason Jars, 1 dozen rubbers
with each dozen jars; 1-quart
size, special 68
Electric Fan S-in.
blade, black japan
ned, one speed. Spe
cial $7.95
Garden Hose, the kind that
will not kink, moulded, in
jeither plain or corugalied.
You can buy any amount of
this hose at, per ft 1S
Preserving Kettle, white and
white enameled, 10-quart
size- Special --'-69
Coffee Pot, blue and white
enamel, tin cover, 3-quart
size. Special 59
lee Blanket, win last during
the summer; saves one-half
of your ice bill 10
Pure Aluminum
Percolator 6-cup
size, slass top. Spe
cial ! $2.49
Grocery Economies for Friday
and Saturday
I c
Home Grown Potatoes, good
cookers, per peck of fifteen
Poinds 3g
Best Granulated, with grocery
order of $1-50 or more (flour,
butter, soap, butterine or milk
not included), 10 lbs 83
Pet Brand Priced very low
Dor- baby cans, 85c; can.,1,
Doz. tall cans, $1.55; can -J3
Lemonola, for making
lemonade, pkg gi
Tetley's Green Label
Tea, Vi-lb. pkg...23
10 bars Crystal White
Laundry Soap.....'.
3 cans Cupid
Red Kidney
Fancy Hawaiian Sliced
PiieaFple, can ...
3 lbs. Fancy Hand
Picked Navy Beans'
at 7
Kirk's American Fam
ily or Fels Naphtha
Soap, 10 bars-
(with grocery order)
Tall can
3 pkgs- Savoy or Mon
arch Corn Flakes 29c
5-lb. box Argo Glosn
Starch .. 36
2 cartons Flotilla Toilet
Large Jar Conybear
Preserves 25
2 large pkgs- Grand
ma's Washing Powder
at 27C
Mlnas Blend Coffee
4 lbs 95c
Per lb- o-
'-Ib. can Yacht Club
Brand Salmon 15C
3 lbs. Fancy
Head Rice
3-lfc. can Bonita Brand
2 bottles Sauer's Lem
on or Vanilla Extract
at - - 23
2 small bottles Snider's
Catsup 28C
Gosman's Sarsaparilla
or Grape Juice, per hot
tie 9
2 cans Kitchen Klenzer
Scouring Powder .... 9
Quaker Roiled Oats
Special, three 12c pkgs.
at - 29c
Del Ray Tuna Fish for
sandwiches IOC
3 pkgs- Skinner's Cut
Spaghetti 32
2 cans Union Brand
Pork and Beans 29
2 cans Magnolia Brand
Fig Butter ...... 21
2 pkgs. Monarch White
or Yellow Corn Meal
at r 19c
4 rolls good Crepe
Toilet Paper 15
Buy Wash Togs Now
30c for Boys' Wash Suit of fine qual
ity plain Ciiaiubray in pink, blue and
green shades.
$1.95 buys a Boy's Wash Suit of very
line material, two pair pants, one plain
white; nifty styles and worth $2.50 to
$3.00 per suit.
wsjj pHF
i t
! S

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